5 things Unai Emery must urgently address

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I’m sitting at my laptop, and I won’t moan.

But come on?

Just one!



Arsenal dropping the ‘Dog ate my designs’ 2018 away kit line.

What are the lads at Puma thinking?

This looks like the sort of sportswear my mum would buy for the start of year 8.

‘Well, I thought it looked natty’

Geez Mum, I’m already getting wedgied for the extra-special braces and velcro shoes, how could you do this to me?

FFS. I’m trying my hardest to button up the moaning, but it feels like every other day Puma drop a new monstrosity for the fuck-you-very-much victory lap.

Anyway, let’s crack into Unai Emery. I’m gonna go all Buzzfeed up in this bitch.

5 things that Unai Emery needs to address:

Aaron Ramsey:

The only superstar in Wales these days is down to the final year of his deal. There’s no doubt he’s looking at the fat mega pay cheque part-timer Mesut Ozil just dropped thinking, damn, I want to get me some of that sweet sugar.

Knowing that Arsenal can only raise their wage bill £7m a season, I find it highly unlikely we’re going to drop £300k a week on a player who spends a lot of time injured. The leak from The Sun claimed Unai wanted to build the squad around Aaron’s engine, so it’s going to be interesting to see what they do there.

My gut feel says he’ll be moved on so we can crank up that weak transfer pot and free up some cash money. We could easily get £50m for him, that’d be good dough.


Arsene Wenger didn’t believe in captains, which I always felt was an apt position to take from a man who showed a real lack of leadership in his last 5 years. We’ve cycled through Gallas, Arteta, Mertesacker, Cech and Koscielny. With the Frenchman out for the foreseeable, and our #1 likely on the chopping board, it’ll be very interesting to see who takes on the armband.

My preference is someone who actually plays, that’d be a good start. It looks like the options are basically Aaron, Ramsey, or Aaron Ramsey. I don’t see a lot of leadership outside those three.


Lord of the Spare Key, Granit Xhaka, had a pretty awful season last year. I think he had more assists than Ramsey, but, you know, for the opposition.


You sure are Pedro, you sure are.

The Swiss midfielder needs a career reboot, Emery is apparently a major fan according to legendary ITK Kike Marin, so it’ll be interesting to see how he develops him. The biggest challenge he has is physical, he has no acceleration, and he’s a bit of a ding-dong when it comes to positioning. A lot of that comes from having played in Lucian Favre system where you’d get screamed at for being 5 yards out of position in training, to playing under Wenger who had no tactical system outside ‘express yourself.’

Also, Xhaka is a very fit player, he always plays… captain material?

Meeeeesut Ozil:

The German international takes more short breaks than my retired Dad. I’m not sure the new man is going to take that sort of nonsense. It’s very doubtful he’ll afford him the same freedom to do what he wants on and off the pitch. The #10 is dead unless you want to be a workhorse, which isn’t Ozil’s bag. Will he opt for a wide right position? Will he play deeper? Or will the club try and shift him on for a fee?

The German won’t be tolerated in the new setup if he doesn’t pull his weight, and the new head coach will pull him off if his fitness or effort levels are flagging. Ozil is just one of many now, no special treatment for a player on so much damn cash.


Cech has been given the #1 jersey, but as John McEnroe would say, ‘HE CAN’T PLAY WITH HIS FEET AND HIS REFLEXES HAVE GONE’, so let’s see how long that lasts.

We need a keeper who can keep us in games, we need someone who can act as a sweeper, we need someone who can bring the ball down from 40 yards, stun it, and break the lines like a keeping version of peak Zidane.

The universe of great keeping passed Cech by, you’re not teaching someone those new skills in their mid-thirties. We need a modern take on a keeper, and that looks more like Allison and Ederson than it does Cech.

DM me, bruh:

Arsenal made a massive hash of a DM during Wenger’s terror reign. The club thought Xhaka and Coq would be a better alt than Kante, so we passed on the Frenchman. Oh how that stung. We need to address that deep-lying midfielder. We need someone with power, pace and smooth bald head. I think AMN is the future, he has it all. Recovery pace, aggression, footballing intelligence and that cool/calm composure usually only associated with elite riflemen. He could be the answer… or the club could go big with an unknown from the Bundesliga.

Will Arsenal take a chance on youth? Let’s see…

Right, that’s me done, see you tomorrow you sexy beasts. x

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I don’t see Arsenal making wholesale changes to our squad if you take a look at my posts on likely squad list earlier this morning.

I think that we will offload at most one of our Home Grown players e.g. Wilshire if he does not sign a new contract.

Welbeck is unlikely to be sold this summer. Arsenal have suggested that we
are not looking to buy offensive players. If that decision is reversed we could as I suggest register Nelson or Nkietah.


Red truth

De Gea

I could go on but it’s pointless as you have no football brain…


I too don’t think that there will be wholesale changes and don’t think the final make up of the squad will be a million miles away from your suggestion but for me there would be a massive question around the CB positions Far too risky for me having Holding and Chambers as you PL experienced players in that position


A change of subject. Isn’t it about time that the governing bodies of Football were disbanded and a new, all encompassing structure, to benefit the game in general, established. These money driven/corrupt bodies, continue to make a mockery of the game, making decisions and coming up with ideas and systems that leave us all shaking our heads in disbelief. After Platini and, more significantly, Blatter, you would have thought, and hoped, that things would improve. Infact, under Gianni Infantino, they seem to be getting worse. Coming up with an idea for an yet another international event in addition to the… Read more »


“for yet” NOT ‘for an yet”


Todays results.

Liverpool to win 4-2.

Fulham to beat Villa 2-1.



To be frank the home grown rules are fairly confusing.

Manchester City have on paper only 5 home grown players including Roberts
[aged 21] and Foden [17], but they have also got a quite small squad.


I agree with you, which is why Arsenal may have to bring in two established CBs this summer if Koscielny is out until Xmas. That is why I added ? after his name.

However, I don’t see Chambers and Holding offloaded since their contracts were renewed.


Happy St Thomas day to everyone ….

Still remember it like yesterday ….

Tonight about 9.50 I will raise my glass to that fine team


Like you I can’t see either Holding or Chambers going but for me it’s the Kos injury that changed everything and love him or hate him I personally believe that the risk of selling Mustafi at this point in time is a gamble that won’t be taken.


Buckhurst GunMay 26, 2018    08:14:25 “The same people who hailed Cech are now looking for a new keeper lol” We all hailed Cech , we thought he was world class , because he’d been world class for Chelsea , his first game for us showed we made a mistake – now we want a new keeper , not surprising is it ? / replying to a different poster, but using your comment. replace cech with unai in jan and we’ll find ourselves in the same boat. Pedro asked will the fans give it time? Laughable , this the most impatient,… Read more »


For the geezer who asked, “Till jan to do what” E54_May 26, 2018    03:04:09 ok ok so now we’re all over the almost disastrous appointment of Arteeta, lets be real about Unai. So he has a few milestones to reach from now until Jan. If for whatever reason he doesn’t address these extreamly high priority issues, I think it’ll be safe to say, dudes a dud. 1. Bellerin So far we’re seeing Lichtsteiner linked. If so, thats STRIKE 1 for unai. Not off to a good start. 2. Ozil Motivate or sell, there’s no middle ground here. You have to… Read more »


Asking an intellectual manager to sort out bellerin, cech, xhaka and the CB’s (he can have more time with ozil i guess) by Jan isn’t too much to ask.

Theres many many other things to address but these 3 shouldn’t take no time at all. If he’s serious..



Ten years of mismanagement by Wenger and you expect Emery to get things sorted by January.

Sorry mate, but lets see someone COACH these players first.

JHC, what is it with some of you. We all stood by and let Wenger fudge things up season in season out and now you’re holding a gun to Emery’s head if he doesn’t get things sorted before the end of the year.

Patience my friend.


You have allow a new Head Coach at least 6 months evaluation period, which is why I don’t see Emery making wholesale changes this summer. If you are going to BUY players we should be spending it on players who are likely to start in First Team and not squad players. I can understand the case for recruiting Lichtensteiner if he is being recruited as a BOSMAN. He is an experienced RB who will presumably understudy Bellerin. Having said that I would prefer to offload players in our current squad once they reach 32+. Experience is one thing, but if… Read more »

Frankie Coffeecakes

Thanks for the laugh today, Red. Ospina a great keeper – you bust me up! A keeper whose first move off the line is always backwards into the goal and he’s the best? You are having a laugh, no doubt.

E54 – you have given Emery until January? Which year? Im giving him as long as needed to rid the club of the ridiculous stench that Wenger left behind.


For me, Ospina ahead of Cech.

Cech becoming a liability.

As for Ospina being the best GK in the league…………I don’t think so!

Bring back Martinez and Macey.


Emery has said more positive things in the space of a few days, than Wenger said in a decade.

I love him already.

Alex Cutter

For the Americans — Fulham v. Villa is on the new ESPN+, which is offering a free one-week subscription.


Redtruth is just trolling about Ospina. I find it difficult to believe that someone actually scouted Ospina/ watched him play before bringing him to Arsenal.

Coach 15

‘Happy St Thomas day to everyone ….Still remember it like yesterday ….Tonight about 9.50 I will raise my glass to that fine team‘

Best day of my football supporting life,I’ll be raising a glass to that day in May,just after Madrid do the scousers.

Come on Madrid,fucking hate scousers.



I can’t wait for the crime statistics to treble in Washington and that’s just one scouse family turning up.

Vile scum.


God forbid if Liverpool were to lift the champions league tonight


“The following goalkeepers are most certainly rated better than Ospina”

De Gea

Now you are just being silly.

Coach 15

Yesterday’s media love in with the club and it’s fans was pathetic.

As soon as I hear that accent I’m concerned,never trust a scouser,as you say Marc,a vile breed of Englishman.
Come on Madrid.


May 26th 1989

One of the most fantastic days of my life …
R.I.P Rocky


No GK we can find to buy will be better than the one talent that Wenger has ruined for this club, which is Szczesny.

Wenger’s inability to handle ‘characters’ has been a serious hindrance for us. Here’s hoping UE will do much better in this department. For they are the ones that win you stuff.


Come on Liverpool.


Courtois- 6′ 6″ streak of piss
De Gea- Is okay, has his moments
Ederson- Rubbish
Lloris- Mare keeper
Pickford- Who? lol
Butland- Who? lol

Coach 15

To win at Anfield in those days was very rare,and by two clear goals almost impossible.
That made the achievement very special.
George Graham thank you for the memory.

Coach 15

Come on Liverpool,and Fulham and Brighton.


Prior to 1989 Arsenal’s last victory at Anfield came in 1974.


How any right minded fan can cheer a rival team to victory in Europe is a joke.
However Real Madrid are an abomination so i hope they lose.


I will be very very surprised if Emery doesn’t make Ospina his first choice keeper.

Alex James

Hala Madrid. The thought of the scousers winning another CL/EC sickens me, as it should any Arsenal fan.


Coach 15

Of course.

Coach 15

Alan Ball with a brace and Brady with the 3rd.
Ray Kennedy for the scousers.
There’s a you tube clip of the return game at Highbury,doesn’t include any goals if any ,but the state of the pitch and some of the challenges are shocking.the one on keegan by the touch line was shocking.

Coach 15

G 62
Fair play,sorry couldn’t resist.



Sorry, the thought of RM winning the CL again will devalue the competition even more.



No GK we can find to buy will be better than the one talent that Wenger has ruined for this club, which is Szczesny.

still trying to figure out how Wenger ruined Szczesny.

he was our no. 1 for a whole season and was shipped out due to his attitude.

it’s always funny when gooners bash certain player of ours but start to cry foul play when that same player is shipped out.

Alex James

Graham62.. Don’t care. We are light years away anyway, so not an issue for me. Pool, Mancs, Spurs and Chelsea winning anything grates like no other thing for me. Whoever wrote that awful scouse anthem wants shooting.



It is the expectantly thing at the club,,,

There’s more but these are players we were informed had the cred to make it.

Now either wenger or th3 dark side got in the head because we never saw or will see the best of them.


And theres my proof. You’re not actually reading what im saying. You’re assuming something thats already out there, in the atmosphere. I never said he must win anything, reach any particular position or produce anything. i simply stated he must address these particular issues. whether those changes are successful or not is not being debated here. its whether or not he even ADDRESSES the 4 failings i listed. ok so to make it clearer. We have a Bellerin problem. We need another RB yes? Ok so just going into the season with just bellerin is a bad decision. This is… Read more »


Cech Bellerin 2 CBs Xhaka.

If you notice, this is the entire defence bar Monreal. Are you saying it’s ok for Unai to not make sensible moves regarding our defence for years ? You’re willing to wait YEARS for him to make intelligent decisions about our defence?
This defensive issue must be addressed immediately


Great day of sport
Monaco Qualifying
Championship Play offs
Champions League Final


i’ve always rated Ospina very highly. Incredibly talented goalkeeper.

Wenger disturbing that position by signing Cech was an incredibly dumb thing to do.



I know a lot of people are down on Bellerin here, but I really don’t think he’s one of our principal weaknesses at the moment, not by a long shot.

Bellerin is pacy, hard-working and reasonably sound on the ball. Provided Emery and staff improve his defensive positioning, he can be a perfectly adequate piece of a sound defense.

Our real issues are our center back play and our central defensive midfield play. RB is way down the list, IMO.


We will see if Bellerin can be improved under the new regime.

By saying this weakness in the team is way down the list is presuming that the new regime will fix him.

Bellerin has been a pain and a weakness in the team defensively on one too many occasions and he is seen as a problem in the side at this present time.



Wouldn’t argue re Bellerin – I think there’s a good player in there just needs some coaching. The link to Lichtsteiner might be about bringing in some experienced back up and maybe allowing us to move Chambers on. Didn’t Middlesbrough offer us £20 something million last summer?


And before we get all this Wenger is gone so all is well narrative regarding individual players we will see how it pans out.

All we can go on is what we have seen up to this point.

RB, CB position, holding midfield position, GK all seen as weaknesses in the side.



Are you saying Bellerin should be moved on now or that we should see if he can improve under the new coach?


This guy makes some good points about why signing Lichsteiner would make sense.



Szczesny was mishandled: too much, too young, no competition, shit coaching. Went to Juve and he is fucking ace there. Pretty sure he has learned his lesson and may emulate Buffon and play there for the rest of his career. The problem I had during Wenger’s tenure was mostly about the poor handling of maverick players that were a bit rough around the edges. That, and being unable to grab the team by the neck when the going was tough. No discipline. It is not secret that it was the case. Ozil’s sickies is just a recent story and, i.e.… Read more »


Marc “Are you saying Bellerin should be moved on now or that we should see if he can improve under the new coach?” Wouldn’t care if he was moved on and get in a more mature RB but Licht is a bit extreme in that regard. He is one that can be seen to get more of the benefit of the doubt because he has shown more positives at times overall than say Mustafi or Xhaka but he is still on the as charged guilty list until he shows everyone defensive improvement. The run around he got by Sane was… Read more »


Bellerin is a horrible footballer but has a great engine, can rise to the occasion, and is mentally strong.

Horrible to watch though. Plays in right straight lines and can’t curve a run. When Debuchy did play he was actually a refreshing change in that respect. An actual footballer, who could run at an angle.


*rigid straight lines.


lol Bamford

fvck off with that Josh Sippie.

He is seen as a joke with his comments and is some soppy emo who has only started following football the last couple of years. Also a huge Xhaka fan.


Fuck me, SUGA3 is back on. Things must be looking up. It seems people are still looking at the new manager to see what signings we’re going to make. Ivan has been quite clear on this; we are now working under a European operating model which puts the manager in an advisory role only when it comes to transfers. I suspect we will see a couple of marquee signings to bolster the new guy (probably a GK like Leno, which is marquee enough for us) and prob a DM or CB. Then there will be some young talents for our… Read more »


James Now that the joy of following my team has returned, after years of abject boredom, I will still be hoping that Liverpool put an end to Madrids monopoly of the ECL. By the way, if you mean YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE by Gerry and the Pacemakers, hold you head in shame. Written by Rodgers and Hammerstein in 1945, it was made famous by G&TPM in 1963. An iconic and inspirational Anthem, sung by many fans around the world, including Celtic and Borussia Dortmund. Although I agree with you regarding Chelski, MU, Spuds, I’m afraid when it comes to Liverpool,… Read more »


Paulinho, time will tell what these players can do with some proper coaching, technically and motivationally. I agree Bellerin is flaky, but so are most of the young kids we’ve had the last 20 years through the club. While exceptional talents like Fabregas would have come through in a shitpile, what Wenger’s coaching set up noticeably failed to do was to to turn good into exceptional.


Ishola – Oh dear, not one of those who in his first season was saying “you see, Xhaka is what is known as a regista……..”


“Oh dear, not one of those who in his first season was saying “you see, Xhaka is what is known as a regista……..”

He’s one of the worst Xhaka worshippers around.

Always gets pelted in the comments section underneath his articles.


Fuck off Moray.


Moray – Yeah I agree. Bellerin is someone I’ve never had a huge problem with. Called him out as overrated when I first came in to the team, but actually think it’s gone too far the other way now. He’s not that bad.

Emery will hopefully bring out his strengths and stop being so hesitant and stop start, but I do find him an eyesore compared to the dulcet darts of Lauren through the midfield, and I think that’s just the way he is physically. Stiff hips so moves in straight lines.


Things looking up. They sure are. We have got rid of he incompetent leech and I am looking forward to the next season with anticipation since fuck knows when. Probably for about a decade.



‘And before we get all this Wenger is gone so all is well narrative regarding individual players we will see how it pans out.’

Absolutely! It’s almost as if we had a great team under Wenger which failed solely due to him. There are a few rank average players who need to be shipped out.

Nw9 gooner

The agent of Seri has said that we were interested in him last year but had to balance our books and hence dithered. We made a profit on players deals last year and have only £50 m this year. Even West Ham are said to be spending £75m this window. Get top four and just compete with others- that seems to be the mantra as can be seen during the last 10-15 years. I am sure that if AW had got us top 4 he would have got a bloody extension.


oh shit.. back to red truth telling us ospina is better than messi…


red truth

we know you are crushing on ospinas sister… just let it go man…

Alex James

Graham. I have been to Anfield to watch Arsenal over the years, and Ibrox to see okd firm games . I was in my early teens when the Pacemakers’ song came out but thought it was overrated. Guys from the south like me much preferred the Stones. I have no sentimental ties to Liverpool or Liverpool FC. If anything, I have always preferred Everton. The local fan base of the Blues makes the club more representative of the city in my view. Let’s leave things at this. After all, it is only the Arsenal that matters, which has been my… Read more »


“Great interview with Emery.”

Interesting his comments regarding the holding/defensive midfielder.

Basically says doesn’t matter if he doesn’t track back because the most important aspect is possession of the ball and as long as you have possession of that football for the most part you are not going to get caught out too many times defensively.

No different to Wenger thinking really for that certain area of the pitch.



“That’s why your defensive midfielder’s output during moments where you don’t have the ball is less important.”

Oh dear Dickie.

Let’s just hope it was a bad day with that interview.

Otherwise there are going to be continuing concerns with this position especially if Xhaka is indulged in and not brought to task to improve off the ball.

Also interesting that the interviewer highlighted PSG’s weakness in their team as holding/defensive midfielder.


Ishola – He will soon realise that what Xhaka supposedly brings in terms of possession is nowhere near enough to compensate for his flaws. He seems too switched on not to notice that what should become a pretty obvious after a few games.

He knows you can only play with an immobile, slow deeper midfielder if what’s going on ahead of him is sharp enough technically.


When you look at it
Emery really don’t have much pressure other than the style of football we play,
But even that in the last few years was dubious.

The face he’s got the clay with S&M we can model something exciting for the club?..

Bear with is the new Moto we should adhere too.


Hers my back 4

Maynard Kitchener lampwick


your hoping your ages if you remember it


You think so Paulinho?

If there is one thing that Xhaka is half decent at that is keeping the ball ticking over.

Maybe that will be enough for Emery.



Disagree Emery’s under a lot of pressure. I think the fans will give him 6 months to bed in but if it’s still looking chaotic etc early 2019 the empty seats will reappear, if top 4 is out of the window come spring he could be in trouble.



It’s not going to be easy to get in top four.

It’s how you miss out on it and the way Wenger missed out this season was not acceptable.

If Emery gets closer to the top four and you can see he has improved areas that are seen as weaknesses but he still finishes outside those positions then he deserves support going forward.

Not encouraged with his DM talk though.


Ishola – I don’t think he really is that good at it – ticking the ball over that is. It becomes too contrived after a while when you realise that’s all he can do, apart from when a full back makes an obvious run,and then he might try a lofted pass over the top in that case. I think Emery will get frustrated at the continual tennis ball machine like lateral passes that don’t progress us enough, and Xhaka’s lack of ability to mix things up with a surging run once in a while to draw players towards him. The… Read more »



I didn’t say it was going to be easy. My point is if the defending is all over the place, if we’re dropping stupid points we should be comfortably taking. If players look like the shirt doesn’t even need washing after 90 minutes – i.e. not much different from recent seasons he’ll be out on his arse.

Fortunately I think he’s going to have a real impact. We won’t just stroll to a league win but I see things on the up.


To change the subject what does anyone else make of this visa thing and Abramovich. Sky News is reporting he’s looking at applying for Israeli citizenship. He’s had Chelsea operating on a far more self sustaining basis now for some time could this royally fuck Chelsea up?



I disagree

Replacing a person after 22 years

The pressure is off

He will be given time but his strength in management. Will be notic3d early on

If he gas that then. …

Then all cool



Loved the interview.

I was ambivalent towards or rather critical of Unai’s appointment but looks like he has a great understanding of the game.

Freddie Ljungberg

Strong links to Dennis Praet of Sampdoria today, 22 years old, CM?
Anyone watched him extensively? Did some grimandtubing and he seems like much of the same as we already have.

Also heavily linked with Emil Forsberg.

At least he’s a winger and that’s a position where we have 0 players atm, but I’m not impressed with what I see. Despite being Swedish I haven’t followed him much but at 26 he’s unlikely to get much better.

I don’t know, a lot of meh players linked recently.


New post


Marc, good to see the UK govt growing some balls with regard to Russia. They’ve been taking the piss for ages and have taken the UK for a victim to pick off since Brexit. The UK’s been supporting money laundering for years and no nationality more than the Russians have benefited from that. The problem is the UK GDP is skewed towards London, which itself is skewed to wards Finance, which lobbies for less and less regulation. Therefore, I don’t expect the stance to last and , even if it does, when you’re a billionaire, there are any number of… Read more »


Moray Abramovich has beeen moving Chelsea toward a sustainable model for a while and the days of their £100m losses are a thing of the past. I read the other day that based of Forbes valuation of Chelsea, which is significantly less than the latest KPMG estimates should he sale he would re- coup all the money he has put in and them some and the way he has structured ownership of the football club is quite smart in that there remains a debt owed to him but not by the club but the holding company that owns as part… Read more »