Arsenal PR scramble to sell Emery as coup, not a last minute panic hire

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It’s really amusing to read the opinion police out in force when they read something they don’t like. I think the Unai Emery hire is bland, I laid out my reasons if you don’t like them, it’s really not a problem.

Here’s the thing, Emery is going to be far better than Arsene Wenger because anyone would bring improvements to us. I’ve been telling you for years that our ex-coach was dated and past it, so it’ll be really hard for anyone born of this era to not improve on 6th, no real analysis, no pressing system, and a poor grasp of coaching.

What I do find interesting is the lack of interrogation people are giving this signing. I mean, I guess people just want to feel safe knowing we’re going come out of hibernation as a club, which I’ve no doubt we will.

My issue is that Emery feels every inch the panic hire, namely, because he is.

Firstly, the reason no one had his name on their lips is that Arsenal was not interested in him until Emery’s agent took a punt on the job. The Spaniard has been in the consideration loop for about a week.

Mark Gonnella is feeding a narrative to the press that this was a well thought out and all part of a thorough process, but I’m struggling to see how you can claim that when your decision was to hire a manager who can barely muster a word of English.

It’s also being widely reported that Emery is planning on bringing at least 4 of his coaching staff and some analysts who also likely won’t be able to speak the language.

Think of the divide that causes from the off. English speaking players who can’t speak Spanish or French are on the back foot straight away, because all the comms will go through others.

For a man who is famed for his complex ideas and a rigid dedication to extensive video analysis, he certainly has his work cut out trying to educate players in an unfamiliar language. Neymar hated the 12 hours of analysis for every game, imagine how our players will feel having to do that through translators so early on? Also, you can’t take a translator into the dugout.

Carlo Ancelotti was very firm in his book about the importance of being able to speak in the native tongue. It’s an absolute basic of any job in a different culture. It’s also an impressive attribute that says you were focused on working in that country. If Emery was being considered properly, we’d have put the feelers out months ago when it was clear PSG were done with him, so he could start the English lessons.

People fob of the language as a footnote, but you only have to look at the good PR Pep got when he rolled out fluent German when he arrived in Munich. Scolari tanked at Chelsea having not mastered the language, legendary names like Neville and Moyes failed in Spain because they didn’t speeeeka da lingo. Bobby Robson had poor Spanish at Barca, and let Mourinho translate his tactics, rumour has it they used to reimagine the instructions in his own vision with Pep.

Explaining complex systems to players who have never worked in them, in Spanish, is going to be tough. Think back to what it was like being a kid in school learning how to say ‘my dog eats baked goods’ in German. Now imagine having a tactical masterclass explained to you in a foreign language?

Now multiply that challenge through the coaching staff he’s bringing and you can’t quite believe they’re doing this. If there is one unifyer at a club, it should, at the very least, be the language.

Who is vetting his coaching staff and analysts he’s bringing with him? Did we interview all of them in a week? Seems odd that the club went from wanting to own the infrastructure, to simply handing it back to the new manager by letting him replace the coaches we just fired. Also worth mentioning his assistant Carcedo wasn’t liked at PSG, Hatem Ben Arfa was caught shouting,

“You hurt my head. You are shouting too loudly. Let us play. Why do you shout like this?”

Old school journo’s and pundits will lap up that type of carry-on, but is that really the way to deal with players? Who knows. But our players are closer in persona to PSG than Sevilla or Almeria than they are to a tin-pot selling club in Spain. No one has mentioned that he also tanked at Spartak Moscow, getting fired in the dressing room. Did he know the language there? Notable that his main successes have come in La Liga, where he can quickly grasp the culture and express his ideas effectively.

It certainly didn’t work at PSG where they went backwards. The press bluster about this being a masterclass hire, or a coup seem self-aggrandizing.

‘Emery is meticulous’ they tell us, because apparently, he does 12 hours of video analysis before each game (try listening to an hour of a tactical podcast). Here’s the thing, all managers are meticulous at that level. It’s only exciting to Arsenal fans because Wenger wasn’t (despite furious denials when I told people that over the last ten years).

The club would have been prepared under Jardim, who bossed Emery in his first year at PSG with kids.

The club would have been well prepared under Antonio Conte, the so-called serial winner, who not only knows English, he’s won the Premier League.

For me, this signing is about Ivan protecting himself. It could be great, it could be terrible, my guess is it’ll be ok. A bit like Brexit will end up.

Regardless of what I think about the hire, ultimately, we’ll be seeing something very different this season. It sounds like the future is going to be built around Ramsey and Auba. I mean, I don’t know why people find this notion so groundbreaking… but what was interesting about the snippet of info that came from The Sun is it didn’t include Ozil.

We’ll see subs before 70minutes, we’ll see a change of tactics when we’re losing, we’ll see the ball played out of the back, we’ll learn how to press, we’ll be far more competitive, and I suspect we’ll probably win the Europa League in our first season.

Arsenal has hired a manager who, language skills pending (and the ability to adapt to the best league in the world), will be able to stabilise the decline. He’s going to coach players, they’ll learn under him, and they’ll have to work hard to survive. He’s a manager who makes players go to war for him, and I’m telling you, we’ll see a massive improvement in the effort, attitude, and footballing output.

Worst case scenario, the next manager will have a group of players who are far more prepared for the rigors of elite football than they are now. Manager who takeover after LVG usually succeed becasue they’re fiercely disciplined, and just need a bit of love and a warm heart (which is why United should have hired Poch, not Mourinho).

My critique of this whole scenario is really centred around the fact that we could have been more ambitious. This is a low-hanging fruit kind of job for anyone; we were ripe to take a chance on a young coach, and we’d have been even more ripe for an elite coach. We opted for a solid operator, the middle ground, a manager at the back end of the top 10 in Europe. If it goes well, we’ll be top 3. If it goes badly, we’ll have to hire a so-called big name to appease a rabid fan base.

I worry we did what’s best for Ivan’s job security because the move was nowhere near the ‘bold and brave’ he promised. My biggest fear? Ivan Gazidis is the new Arsene Wenger. He’ll just plod the club along, hoover up that fat paycheck, and always create as little risk on a new manager as possible so he can put his hands up and say ‘I tried’ if things go wrong. You don’t make it in this game without taking a risk, either financially, or with personnel. Pep G famously told the Barca hierarchy, ‘you don’t have the cajones to hire me’, and the rest is history. Can’t help but think we blew it with Arteta, and blew it on the experience card. We hired a safe pair of hands when we needed to take a strategically sound risk.

Nice to see that Arteta didn’t lose out after Arsenal shafted him late in the game. The owner of City and Pep called him after the news broke, that’s good leadership and constitutes bold and brave planning for the future. They want him takeover after Pep, that’s the exec team who ran Barca during the good years. I think we’ve made a mistake there, but it is what it is. Not like Arsenal haven’t made a living out of passing-by elite coaching talent over the last 5 years.

In other news, I am very excited about Per Mertesacker looking after the kids. He’s a really smart player, and I can’t get enough of reading about the way he thinks. A modern leader who understands that mental health is important, and understands deeply what it takes to maintain levels in the game. I love his incredulity about players not asking him for advice, bringing in kids who have a curiosity about what it takes to succeed will hopefully inform the recruitment process.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments.

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  1. Guns of SF

    Bob im sure he sees it-I think most of our opponents know we have a soft middle and have exploited that.
    I would love a hard pressing game style. I would add Ozil to the list of those who cannot maintain that level of intensity

  2. Bob N16

    Tom Tom , accept we will habe to build over three or four windows. Kroenke is not going to start throwing money at it. With acquisitions of young players that we can develop, as well as encouraging youth players, this is the way we’ll compete.
    Liverpool are showing us the way we could compete not Man City.

  3. Redtruth

    Emery has the cushiest job in football.
    No relegation battle, no pressure to win the title.
    He can put his feet up and make top 4 in 1st gear.

  4. Tomtom

    Kroenke in a multi billionaire, he can easily afford to throw money at the problem but that’s not his style.
    He’s happy to see the clubs value rise steadily until the day comes where he sells his investment for a nice tidy profit.

  5. Bamford10


    It sounds like no managerial appointment would be worth getting excited about, IYO, because regardless of who is manager, we can’t compete without “massive” spending, according to you. That’s your view. So who cares who’s manager? Right?

    Two, Spurs finished top four. Did they spend “massively”? Liverpool finished top four. Did they spend “massively”?

    Three, as I say, we have enough money to compete; we simply need to use it intelligently and we need an excellent manager.

    Emery is a step in the right direction, and whining that we can’t spend 200m in every window is pointless. We have the money our operating revenues allow us. Deal with it.

  6. gambon

    ““why would anyone want Martial – poor mans HenryAverages a goal every 4 games – same as Theo”

    What a poor comment.

    Martial only played 1500 minutes this season.

    If he had played all 38 games, he would have scored 19 goals and got 11 assists

    Which would have made him young player of the year, and probably second to only Salah.

    Now how was Salah doing at 22 years old?

    Martial would be the difference between us having a title winning attack, and an average one.

  7. Guns of SF

    Tom Tom
    If Cheapo Stan threw us 33M for the next 3 seasons, (100M total)
    That would buy some pretty decent players… Not too much to ask for, on top of what the club generates yearly. We would be comptetive in short time

  8. Bob N16

    Guns, Ozil needs to show up more consistently but I’ve always felt his languid style makes him appear less hard working than reality. As far as I understand he covers more ground than most, staistics I know but still.

  9. Bamford10


    You don’t say? And here I thought we had an owner who was going to just start writing checks out of his own personal accounts.

    We already knew that a long time ago, mate. What’s the fucking point of complaining about this reality? If you want a club with unlimited resources, you’ve picked the wrong club to support.

  10. TheBayingMob

    We all said that the first and major part of the problem was Wenger

    That has now been addressed.

    Whoever came in, there would be pros and cons to it, overall I’m OK with Unai even though I agree he seems a ‘safe pair of hands’. Given to what we thought was happening with Wenger, that shouldn’t be a big problem.

    At this point, it’s important for me that the Gazidis show is given a chance.

    Now it maybe that Ivan the Twat is as bigger part of the problem as Wenger was, maybe not.

    Now is the time to find that out.

    I’m also OK with the 50m budget, even though we could conceivably spend more. I think the new man should be given direction to clean the squad up, it’s desperately needed. Goodbye Jack, even thought we love the chav like pashun.

    Now is the time for Gazidis to show he has the balls to run the club as an elite enterprise, because if it’s a Wenger-esque shit show, then unseating him and the board members will be a lot more difficult with the l1mp wristed fanbase we have at the Emirates …

  11. Bamford10

    Martial is great. He’s just not a good fit with Mourinho at United. Played correctly, he could be fantastic.

  12. Tomtom

    We need an initial major investment though as we have a lot of dead wood to clear out.
    We need to build a strong spine to the squad and that will take a lot of money at first.
    New Keeper, centre back, midfielder at the very least.

  13. Pierre

    Rambo Ramsey
    “Arsenal needs more Champions like Ramsey who keep fighting until the final whistle no matter the situation.”

    Do you mean the Aaron Ramsey who, despite playing in midfield, spent the last 15 minutes at centre forward in the last match of the season v Huddersfield when we were supposed to be protecting the lead.. Is that what you mean by fighting to the final whistle in the hope of getting on the scoresheet.
    The only person he is interested in is Aaron Ramsey, the team mean nothing to him…. Lets hope that Emery can install some discipline into his play and give him more understanding of the game and what is needed at particular points in a match as he sure struggles with that part at the moment… Let’s hope so as he could be a great asset to the team.

  14. Bamford10


    What evidence is there that Gazidis is a problem at all? I don’t get this line of argument. He was clearly angling for change under Wenger, he is behind bringing in Sanllehi and Mislintat, and he’s just helped to make a smart hire in Emery.

    How is Gazidis a problem? Please explain.

  15. Bob N16

    I’m just looking forward to hopefully seeing a coach who does not put square pegs in round holes. This misplaced loyalty in players and a lack of defensive organisation is bound to be addressed.

    Realistically, who are the three players we’ll offload. Mine, with generating cash in mind:
    Mustafi, Xhaka, Welbeck

    and Wilshere doesn’t get a contract.(unless we sign him up and then sell him!)

  16. Bamford10

    Oh God. Pierre’s back to beating up Aaron Ramsey with the discipline drum. Jesus Christ; I thought
    we were free of that.

    Relax, Pierre; Emery is quite demanding; if Ramsey does not play in a disciplined way, he’ll have Unai to answer to. We won’t need you hounding him about it.

  17. TR7


    ”Three, as I say, we have enough money to compete; we simply need to use it intelligently and we need an excellent manager.”

    Klopp and Poch are excellent managers and use their money intelligently. Pep has an amazing team. Mourinho will spend another 150M if needed. Sarri , possibly the next Chelsea manager, is a smart guy as well. So what is it about our intelligent spending that will help us pip 2 teams out of that lot?

  18. gambon

    Martial played 1500 mins and got 9 goals, 5 assists

    Welbeck and Iwobi combined in 3000 mins got 8 goals and 7 assists.

    So Martial alone is twice as effective as two of our players.

    We won’t improve until we start looking at things objectively….something Wenger wasn’t capable of.

    As well as sorting the defence….a quality productive goalscoring wide player is a MUST.

    Iwobi and Welbeck just don’t cut it. At best they should be back up.

  19. Sancho Monzorla

    Read a report that United wouldn’t sell Martial to a domestic club. Shame if that is the case, would love for Arsenal to go in for him.

  20. TheBayingMob

    And Unai clearly dyes his hair, any man that tries to defy the aging process is a real man in my book.

    You gotta love a painted hair line or a Charlton comb over, that’s fucking balls for you, that is …

  21. Bob N16

    Red, with a limited budget, how long should he get before winning title? Not realistic for at least two years. Liverpool have been trying for a while!

  22. Bamford10


    Just because there are bad defenders being hawked at 35m doesn’t mean there aren’t good defenders who can be had for a lot less.

    Liverpool finished fourth and are in the CL final. Remind me how much their fullbacks cost them?

  23. Redtruth

    It seems the board are hiding behind self sustainability
    I have no doubt Emery will make top 4 with ease as their are no demands for anything higher.
    Emery is on easy street and is more or less taking a two year vacation in London..

  24. Bamford10


    Did Klopp’s Liverpool cost as much as Pep’s City? No. Not even close.

    Did Klopp pip Pep in the CL? Yes. He did.

    Sometimes the team with less money wins.

    We have less money, and nothing is going to change that. Whining here isn’t going to change that.

    We will have to find a way to win with a bit less money.

    Will it be difficult? Sure. Is it impossible? No. Not at all.

    Others have done it; so can we.

  25. Marc

    Fucking hell what is wrong with people who expect Kroenke to put his own money into the club? It’s never going to happen.

    The only club in the PL who is being subsidised by a sugar daddy owner at the moment is City. In an arms race with their owners Kroenke cannot win, can we compete with Liverpool and the Spud’s – yes I’m pretty sure we can out spend them net, Liverpool will have some extra cash this summer due to the CL run but that’s a one off, in the long run we have been generating more cash. Utd will always have money to spend people have just got to learn to live with it.

  26. Bamford10


    Finishing top four in today’s environment is “easy”? Really? With City, United, Liverpool and Chelsea to compete with?

    Nah, it’s a challenge, but I think Emery is up to it.

  27. Redtruth

    19 other Premier league Managers will have more pressure than Emery.
    Liverpool have raised expectations as have Spurs. Chelsea Managers have a short shelf life and both Manchester clubs will be expected to do better…….

  28. TR7

    ‘We will have to find a way to win with a bit less money. Will it be difficult? Sure. Is it impossible? No. Not at all.’

    Very generic and vague.

    You don’t realize City, Pool,United and Spurs already have a head start over us .We can’t match two of them in spending and possibly can’t use our money in a smarter way than the rest two. So how do we beat them?

    P. S : In a knock out cup competition, any team can beat a superior team. City were miles ahead of Pool in the league table.

  29. gambon

    You don’t need to spend a lot on players to get a good team together….you do however need to pay big wages.

    The best players don’t cost the most all the time.

    The best players will always want the best wages however.

    De Gea, Alderweireld, VanDijk , Kante, Salah & Mahrez originally came to the PL for a combined £58m.

    They would now be worth £400m.

    If you’re going to work to a model of finding these talents you need to be able to satisfy their ambitions and pay them big bucks once they have become world class.

  30. Marc


    “19 other Premier league Managers will have more pressure than Emery.
    Liverpool have raised expectations as have Spurs. Chelsea Managers have a short shelf life and both Manchester clubs will be expected to do better…….”

    I’m stunned – a coherent and dare I say it reasonable even positive comment from you. Bearing in mind that previously you’d complain about a blow job from a pretty girl on a summers day this is real progress. That therapist / new drug is something else!

  31. Marc


    The talk is Alderweireld was looking for £180k per week – by no means peanuts but not a huge sum in todays football world either.

  32. Bob N16

    You’re right Gambon and to expect to sell the odd World Class player to bolster transfer budget within that model.

  33. Bamford10


    What the fuck is your point, mate? That it’s impossible? Is that what you’re saying? No, it’s not. It’s difficult, but it’s not impossible.

    Leicester did it with far smaller resources. Atlético did it. Dortmund did it. Monaco did it.

    I don’t get this fatalistic, defeatist bullshit.

    “Oh, when will a sugar-daddy come and save us?” You lot are almost as bad as AKBs.

  34. Graham62

    I already like the guy.

    OK, he may have revised a bit, but I’ve heard far worse spoken English from people born and bred here.

    Even IG came out of it well.

    So nice to hear someone speaking with a genuine passion and yet be so humble and sincere at the same time. Jesus, I don’t miss Wenger one little bit.

    The feel good factor is just fantastic. It’s like having a new club.

    God bless one and all.

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    My feeling is that Arteta would have been a watered down clone of wenger
    Exciting .?
    Not sure having Arteta so soon after he left is like having a work colleGue who you had more seniority than, finding out he is coming back as yet boss.

    Not sure this bunch needed that

    Maybe in 5 years time

    the emery cloth will rub away the cracks in the squad .

  36. Redtruth

    I want Gazidis to be more of a team player, rather than expecting Emery to fart around with players who wouldn’t make the Bournemouth bench.

  37. Graham62

    I hope each and every member of Arsenal’s first team squad are up to the task ahead.

    The hard work begins now.

  38. Redtruth

    All Gazidis had to say was ” We believe we can win the title with Emery, he is a proven winner and the best manager in the league”

    That sends out a message to fans and the manager of the clubs intent…

  39. champagne charlie

    “We already knew that a long time ago, mate. What’s the fucking point of complaining about this reality? If you want a club with unlimited resources, you’ve picked the wrong club to support.”

    These kind of comments tickle me. Coming from a guy that took 20 years to choose a team, now lecturing others on their choice? Uhm…maybe skip the classroom attitude on here at times.

  40. BillikenGooner

    Don’t know if this was answered or guessed at already, but any ideas on who the other… 5 were? I think Arteta and Vieira were known to be interviewed.

    Gazidis said, “All of those eight people that we targeted were interested in the position. All of those eight people took part in extensive in-person interviews with the three of us. And none of them at any stage withdrew their interest.”

  41. Dissenter

    “That is the worst Arsenal shirt ever. Fucking pink”
    Yes the shirt id samn ugly…Puma’s revenge it seems

    “And who the fuck wants to visit Rwanda”
    Speak for yourself
    It’ll be a good choice for some. I know an American couple who went and called it one of their best vacations ever. The genocide sites are bone chilling.
    Arsenal got handsomely paid though, the deal is the largest so far in football for sleeve sponsorships. That’s what matters.

  42. Sanmi

    I don’t get the love for Pochettino here, he’s so overrated. Probably the only coach that has won nothing and he’s been rated above coaches that have won loads

  43. Guns of SF

    i wouldnt mind visiting Rwanda.
    But the important thing is the $$ the club is getting in….
    I dont mind pink either on the shirt.
    those things are not as important… the team can wear polka dots for all I care, as long as they compete and bust their ass out there

  44. Redtruth

    The eight people who took part in the interview: Arteta, Vieira, Team Coach Driver, Bould’s Hair Dresser, Coco the Clown, Raffle Ticket Winner, Kroenke’s friend Kirk Douglas and Emery…..

  45. TheLegendaryDB10


    That is the worst Arsenal shirt ever. 

    Agreed. This is one shirt I will not be rushing to get anytime soon. Absolutely awful design.

  46. HillWood

    Guns of sf
    Maybe pink is all the rage where you are but it don’t look good on that Arsenal shirt

  47. Sanmi

    Juande Ramos, won trophies with Robbie keane as striker.
    Poch has the best striker in the league and can’t even win capital one

  48. Buckhurst Gun

    “Juande Ramos, won trophies with Robbie keane as striker.
    Poch has the best striker in the league and can’t even win capital one”

    Didn’t Ramos get the sack after 8 games ?

  49. Gooner63

    Poch has the best striker in the league and can’t even win capital one

    prolly coz their aim isnt the league cup – they want regular champions league

  50. Guns of SF

    I liked the black away shirt this last season it had a pinkish lining to it.
    I guess Puma is promoting more pink
    I remember Juventus and madrid wearing all pink shirts at some point.

    At least its the last year with Puma. I hope for Nike again next year.

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Puma woul not put out a top they don’t think will sell,,,

    It wants the money from it

    Cmon think lads

  52. London gunner

    The arsenal kit looks like like

    I don’t even mind pink but pink and red and white… Pink armbands it looks a mess utter mess.

    Pink and black work or pink and grey not this monstrosity

  53. Guns of SF

    Puma was not the best with their shirt designs… I have enjoyed the nike designs better. However, Puma was a lifeline for us, during the last 4 years.
    We could have been Liverpool and ended up with NB or UA
    or the Chinese brand- I forget
    Im ok with Adidas too. Would love to those 2 bigs to battle it out and we end up getting more $$$ per year.

  54. Guns of SF

    i think more of the squad wears Nike. PEA is a promotable Nike guy, Ozil adidas. Rambo-NB
    So will be interesting…

  55. BacaryisGod

    So you have Gazidis and two exceptionally experienced and talented interviewers. The three of them held a secret ballot after limiting conversations between themselves during the interview process and all three selected Emery as #1.

    While it’s true that this allows Gazidis to reflect some of the blame if Emery flops, there’s no way he would publicly say this if it didn’t happen.

    I just can’t understand Pedro’s thinking on this. It may not be his ideal candidate but considering the season has been barely over and Arsene resigned about a month ago, the recruitment process was handled efficiently and professionally.

    If there were 8 candidates and Ivan said none of them pulled out before the final decision, this probably means that Enrique was out of the running from the start.
    I love seeing the Independent article from April 20th listing 10 candidates and none of whom were Emery. Then there’s who listed 19 managers without thinking of Emery.

    So the question really is ‘who were the other 7 candidates?’

    I’m assuming Enrique ruled himself out early because of his salary and transfer fund needs, Sarri because racist and homophobic comments might not represent the values Arsene and Ivan espoused and probably Germany’s Low because it would be a nightmare transition in a World Cup year plus he might stay on regardless. Nagelsmann also ruled himself out, I believe.

    I can see Arteta, Vieira, Rodgers, Jardim, Allegri, Buvac and Ancelloti being the other seven. To show how under the radar Emery was, here were the May 4th odds for next manager:


    Zeljko Buvac: 4/1
    Carlo Ancelotti: 6/1
    Massimiliano Allegri: 6/1
    Brendan Rodgers: 12/1
    Luis Enrique: 14/1
    Eddie Howe: 20/1
    Leonardo Jardim: 22/1
    Joachim Loew: 25/1
    Mikel Arteta: 25/1
    Patrick Vieira: 28/1
    Paulo Fonseca: 33/1
    Rui Faria: 33/1

    Sky Bet

    Zeljko Buvac: 2/1
    Massimiliano Allegri: 4/1
    Carlo Ancelotti: 6/1
    Luis Enrique: 7/1
    Brendan Rodgers: 8/1
    Joachim Loew: 9/1
    Eddie Howe: 12/1
    Mikel Arteta: 12/1
    Patrick Vieira: 14/1
    Leonardo Jardim: 16/1


    Carlo Ancelotti: 4/1
    Zeljko Buvac: 4/1
    Massimiliano Allegri: 6/1
    Brendan Rodgers: 10/1
    Luis Enrique: 14/1
    Eddie Howe: 14/1
    Joachim Low: 16/1

    With nothing leaking about Emery, it’s almost as if they had him under wraps much earlier than they would have us believe. He announced he was leaving PSG on April 27th but was informed before then that his two year contract would not be renewed.

    Another benefit for Arsenal was that there would be no settlement due with Emery, unlike Jardim or a few others.

  56. Rocko

    “The Spaniard has been in the consideration loop for about a week.”

    That’s not true. He’d had several interviews over a number of weeks.

  57. BacaryisGod

    As for the new shirt, Arsenal have final approval on designs-no chance of sabotage from Puma here.

  58. Emiratesstroller

    Barry is God

    Interesting list of odds.

    Also omitted from list was Thierry Henry. It was rumoured that club were interviewing him.

    Perhaps the purpose was not to appoint him as Head Coach, but to see whether he was prepared to rejoin coaching team.

  59. gonsterous

    It would be madness to sell ozil. he’s the pull we have when we are trying to buy a youngster. “you’ll be playing with world beaters like ramsay, welbeck and el neny” doesn’t have the same tune as given the chance to learn from “ozil”…

    also, can we somehow nab pogba ? the guys a beast and will dominate next season…

  60. TonyD

    “So Pedro is Emery Out from the first day . Nice going.”

    Any way of binning Pedro until he comes to his senses?

    Just kidding

  61. gonsterous

    I don’t know what’s Pedro on about. I’ve just seen Emerys press conference and he speaks English Better than Harry Kane…

  62. Tai

    Not sure what your problem is with this appointment . You would rather take Arteta with zero experience over a guy with a track record ?. I have read your blog for a while and i find your comments strange many a times. You come across as you own the club when all you are is just one concerned fan just like the rest of us

  63. Gunner damu

    I feel sorry for you Pedro.The new ship has already sailed and most of us fans are on-board .This is what we have been waiting for the last 10 years or so.Pleae join us in this journey and support our new captain Unai Emery!!

  64. Graham62

    @Pedro is entitled to his point of view, just like the rest of us. At least it adds a bit of spice to the daily blogs.

    I personally have no problem with his take on the subject. I’m just greatful that the club is energised once again.

  65. Graham62

    “This is ball, ball is nice.
    Keep ball, don’t lose ball.
    Lose ball, get ball back.
    Work hard.
    Play hard.
    Attack together.
    Defend together.
    No selfies!”

    This is the only English Emery needs to perfect.

  66. TitsMcGee

    For all the talk of “no English Emery” he certainly seems to know more English than he was given credit for. Obviously it’s not perfect English but it’s passable.

  67. TitsMcGee

    20k votes on ESPN of whether Emery is good or bad hire. 84% say good.

    Obviously that doesn’t mean jack squat at the end of the day but change from the monotony of Wenger is a step in the right direction.

  68. TitsMcGee

    “What we do know is that Mikel Arteta was in the running — to the point that some papers expected him to be appointed this week. Sky Sports reported that Arteta withdrew from the process and that he “wanted assurances over the role he [would] play in Arsenal’s transfer policy before agreeing to join the club as a head coach.”

    Did Emery get the job because Arteta withdrew? Did Arteta withdraw because he wasn’t convinced by Arsenal’s transfer architecture with Raul Sanllehi and Sven Mislinstat calling the shots? Or was Emery the “unanimous choice” all along?

    We probably won’t know for some time. What we do know is that enough people care about how this is perceived that they’re leaking stuff, stuff that might or might not be accurate. Or, like Rashomon, might be accurate only based on your perception.

    What’s obvious is that if it was a binary decision between Arteta and Emery, then the latter is the safe pair of hands for what Arsenal have become. No longer an autocracy but an oligarchy in which creative tension is encouraged and decisions are, ideally, made by consensus (with chief executive Ivan Gazidis, you presume, the ultimate tiebreaker — at least for anything not worth bothering the Kroenkes over.)”

  69. kc

    The people who know won’t tell, and the people who tell won’t know. Loved that line. Emery actually spoke passable English which will only get better with time. Excited for the future.

  70. qna

    Good discussions guys. This (and all other) blog has been a tedious rinse cycle for years. It’s finally interesting again. Happy days for me.

    My take on the Kroenke thing is that it should never had to come to this. Years of false economy buying Gervinho’s instead of Hazards and so on has led us to this situation. Pedro’s man Ivan has had to make do with selling the value of top 4, a hard sell. But top 4 in the worlds most commercially appealing league and 20 consecutive years in the champions league and this club should have had 30%-50% more revenues from commercial deals than Ivan has managed.

    No more rocks for him to hide under. We should see some more, but will he be ruthless enough to demand more. We have been world footballs underachievers in commercials, suckling on the teets of loyal fans instead.

    The issue is not whether Stan should put in his own money. But rather will he back in the team by allowing us to spend what we have and remove the safety net. On field success will catapult our earnings to another level where we would have one of the largest annual transfer budgets in world football, independent of Stan’s personal money.

  71. Graham62


    Also excited.

    For me, Arteta returning to Arsenal so soon after leaving would have been a slight negative.

    Familiarity breeds contempt, which happened under Wenger and, imo, there are too many players on easy street at Arsenal at present who need a bloody kick up the backside.

    Emery will do this. Arteta, I’m not so sure.

  72. Freddie Ljungberg

    I hope we are going to take advantage of Emerys knowledge of the French market, I’m sure he has dossiers aplenty and he’s been studying these players for 2 years. So much talent in Ligue 1.

    Or we can just buy all the players from Dortmund…

  73. Jeff

    Emery will want to prove his worth. He’s relatively young and knows that his only remit at Arsenal will be success. None of the other bullshit that Wenger used to have autonomy over – like wages, transfer dealings, staff, finances and all the rest of it. We will have no more of this “values” crap and more “tactics” and “motivation”. The manager’s job is to win football matches, not make excuses.

    Arteta would have been an unmitigated disaster.

  74. Confidentgoner

    Good comments, guys!

    I think Pedro of Legrove was disappointed his sexy punt on Arteta did not materialize. It’s human, let’s not crucify him.

    From Gazidis statements we know 8 managers were interviewed and none of them withdrew at any time. Allegri was still on. It appears the approach to Henry then was to see if he could work with a managerial pick.

    I think they did a good job and Pedro going on about language misses the point. Within this month, the manager can pick up enough English to coach effectively. Poch did not speak much English initially.

    Let’s support the manager. My interest will be to see how he stiffens our spine, increases our lethality in attack, varies our playing style by making use of width , etc.

    The culling of the dross and the players to go on loan or be part of the squad!

    Looks exciting to be an Arsenal fan ATM.

  75. Black Snake

    i think people have been so fed up of what Arsenal have been that they are willing to accept an appointment out of leftfield and not be dragged down with negativity which is what this blog has become.

  76. tee

    May 24, 2018 07:40:10
    It all seemed to change when Wenger endorsed Arteta.
    Just saying.

    here they come. always trying to involve Wenger – to elongate their moaning gate. the same Wenger was asked about Emery and he said it’s a good hire, citing all his achievements in the game.

  77. Wallace


    “My issue is that Emery feels every inch the panic hire, namely, because he is.”

    mate, take a break. clear your head. get someone else to knock out a few articles. you’re absolutely tanking at the minute.

  78. Bob N16

    Completely agree Tee. Prolonging the anti Wenger narrative is boring, particularly since there is so much more interesting discussions to be had.

    Looking forward to transfer announcements. Can we expect news before ST renewals on 1st June?

  79. HighburyLegend

    “wanted assurances over the role he [would] play in Arsenal’s transfer policy before agreeing to join the club as a head coach.”

    Ah ah ah, of course he wanted total control.
    He had a very good teacher when he was at Arsenal.

    Good morning by the way, where is Pedro’s new post ??

  80. Ishola70

    Our Dickie looks like he has got a temper on him. Looks the emotional type in that presser.

    “You had a temper like my jealousy
    Too hot, too greedy”

    The oranges will be flying across the dressing room at half time if he is not happy.

    Will be different to Wengz.

  81. Ishola70

    What was the message in that presser?

    We have great players, not much is needed in regards new personnel to improve. We will improve existing players as well as the team as a whole.

    Don’t buy it Dickie.

  82. DivineSherlock

    Here is what I think happened with Arteta .
    He was among the 8 interviewed thoroughly as suggested by Gazidis . We dont know the identity of 6 others. Someone on the inside got news that Arteta is being interviewed , they let the cat out of the bag and media lapped it up & made it a big story. Meanwhile Arsenal were still conducting interviews. By that process Emery got selected.

  83. Ishola70

    I’ll say this if Unai gets in top four next season without going into the transfer market in any notable way then he is indeed a very good football manager.

  84. Freddie Ljungberg


    I doubt that he does, considering he had extensive dossiers on all the players he has to know some are lost cases.


    Sounds much more likely than the whole “panic buy” scenario painted by the press and some bloggers that shan’t be named:)

    Pedros man Ivan even described the hiring process in detail and still most people are going with the presumption that Arteta was nailed on and Emery slid in on a banana skin.

  85. Gabe

    Just watched everything I could on Arsenal TV.

    F&*k his English is terrible. If you are a poke player, your would be loving some of those reads he gives you struggling with the language.
    Would love to know who the 8 interviewees were.

    I can’t believe, after a decade of ground hog day despair, I am actually watching this!

    I am completely aware that my feelings of excitement are purely based on gratitude that finally we have cut the cancer completely out, and the future that I have been imagining for 10 years begins now.

    This is truly a beautiful moment in the clubs history
    OK maybe we could have got someone better
    But we are absolutely better off right now
    I am genuinely exited without that feeling of ground hog day ‘Wenger will ultimately f&%k it up dread’.

    He wasn’t on my radar, but I am on the band wagon.
    My sense of the interview is:
    – His is going to make the players work hard
    – He honestly likes some of the talent he has to work with
    – He understands how big an opportunity this is for him and intends to fight
    – Possibly he was the best fit for the structure in place

  86. DivineSherlock

    I dont get it why Pedro is so pissed at Emery and Arsenal. I was disappointed too , My choice was Allegri. But looking at Emery it does feels like he is a good choice. Especially when you look at his La Liga teams. And lets Face it PSG when theey bought Neymar shot themselves in the foot , too many egos in the dressing room. Even Mourinho botched it at Madrid. And between Arteta and Emery there is only one clear winner.

  87. HighburyLegend

    “we have cut the cancer completely out,”

    Even if Big Stan K. is still running the house ??

  88. englandsbest

    There are two alternatives: either the squad is as talented as Wenger says, or they are not.

    In Wenger’s view only three players are needed. Is he truthful? Or is he trying to tell us how close he came, and that the Club should have stuck by him?

    My impression is that Emery will find he needs at the very least five players to get into the CL. He is competing with the two Manchester sides and Liverpool, not to mention Chelsea and Spurs.

    Can he do it in his first season? The answer is yes, given an unlimited transfer budget. Otherwise, a very tough task indeed.

    If there is serious intent, a surgical procedure should get under way immediately. No doubt Gazidis & Co have a hit-list prepared. I hope Bellerin and Ozil are on it.