Arsenal PR scramble to sell Emery as coup, not a last minute panic hire

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It’s really amusing to read the opinion police out in force when they read something they don’t like. I think the Unai Emery hire is bland, I laid out my reasons if you don’t like them, it’s really not a problem.

Here’s the thing, Emery is going to be far better than Arsene Wenger because anyone would bring improvements to us. I’ve been telling you for years that our ex-coach was dated and past it, so it’ll be really hard for anyone born of this era to not improve on 6th, no real analysis, no pressing system, and a poor grasp of coaching.

What I do find interesting is the lack of interrogation people are giving this signing. I mean, I guess people just want to feel safe knowing we’re going come out of hibernation as a club, which I’ve no doubt we will.

My issue is that Emery feels every inch the panic hire, namely, because he is.

Firstly, the reason no one had his name on their lips is that Arsenal was not interested in him until Emery’s agent took a punt on the job. The Spaniard has been in the consideration loop for about a week.

Mark Gonnella is feeding a narrative to the press that this was a well thought out and all part of a thorough process, but I’m struggling to see how you can claim that when your decision was to hire a manager who can barely muster a word of English.

It’s also being widely reported that Emery is planning on bringing at least 4 of his coaching staff and some analysts who also likely won’t be able to speak the language.

Think of the divide that causes from the off. English speaking players who can’t speak Spanish or French are on the back foot straight away, because all the comms will go through others.

For a man who is famed for his complex ideas and a rigid dedication to extensive video analysis, he certainly has his work cut out trying to educate players in an unfamiliar language. Neymar hated the 12 hours of analysis for every game, imagine how our players will feel having to do that through translators so early on? Also, you can’t take a translator into the dugout.

Carlo Ancelotti was very firm in his book about the importance of being able to speak in the native tongue. It’s an absolute basic of any job in a different culture. It’s also an impressive attribute that says you were focused on working in that country. If Emery was being considered properly, we’d have put the feelers out months ago when it was clear PSG were done with him, so he could start the English lessons.

People fob of the language as a footnote, but you only have to look at the good PR Pep got when he rolled out fluent German when he arrived in Munich. Scolari tanked at Chelsea having not mastered the language, legendary names like Neville and Moyes failed in Spain because they didn’t speeeeka da lingo. Bobby Robson had poor Spanish at Barca, and let Mourinho translate his tactics, rumour has it they used to reimagine the instructions in his own vision with Pep.

Explaining complex systems to players who have never worked in them, in Spanish, is going to be tough. Think back to what it was like being a kid in school learning how to say ‘my dog eats baked goods’ in German. Now imagine having a tactical masterclass explained to you in a foreign language?

Now multiply that challenge through the coaching staff he’s bringing and you can’t quite believe they’re doing this. If there is one unifyer at a club, it should, at the very least, be the language.

Who is vetting his coaching staff and analysts he’s bringing with him? Did we interview all of them in a week? Seems odd that the club went from wanting to own the infrastructure, to simply handing it back to the new manager by letting him replace the coaches we just fired. Also worth mentioning his assistant Carcedo wasn’t liked at PSG, Hatem Ben Arfa was caught shouting,

“You hurt my head. You are shouting too loudly. Let us play. Why do you shout like this?”

Old school journo’s and pundits will lap up that type of carry-on, but is that really the way to deal with players? Who knows. But our players are closer in persona to PSG than Sevilla or Almeria than they are to a tin-pot selling club in Spain. No one has mentioned that he also tanked at Spartak Moscow, getting fired in the dressing room. Did he know the language there? Notable that his main successes have come in La Liga, where he can quickly grasp the culture and express his ideas effectively.

It certainly didn’t work at PSG where they went backwards. The press bluster about this being a masterclass hire, or a coup seem self-aggrandizing.

‘Emery is meticulous’ they tell us, because apparently, he does 12 hours of video analysis before each game (try listening to an hour of a tactical podcast). Here’s the thing, all managers are meticulous at that level. It’s only exciting to Arsenal fans because Wenger wasn’t (despite furious denials when I told people that over the last ten years).

The club would have been prepared under Jardim, who bossed Emery in his first year at PSG with kids.

The club would have been well prepared under Antonio Conte, the so-called serial winner, who not only knows English, he’s won the Premier League.

For me, this signing is about Ivan protecting himself. It could be great, it could be terrible, my guess is it’ll be ok. A bit like Brexit will end up.

Regardless of what I think about the hire, ultimately, we’ll be seeing something very different this season. It sounds like the future is going to be built around Ramsey and Auba. I mean, I don’t know why people find this notion so groundbreaking… but what was interesting about the snippet of info that came from The Sun is it didn’t include Ozil.

We’ll see subs before 70minutes, we’ll see a change of tactics when we’re losing, we’ll see the ball played out of the back, we’ll learn how to press, we’ll be far more competitive, and I suspect we’ll probably win the Europa League in our first season.

Arsenal has hired a manager who, language skills pending (and the ability to adapt to the best league in the world), will be able to stabilise the decline. He’s going to coach players, they’ll learn under him, and they’ll have to work hard to survive. He’s a manager who makes players go to war for him, and I’m telling you, we’ll see a massive improvement in the effort, attitude, and footballing output.

Worst case scenario, the next manager will have a group of players who are far more prepared for the rigors of elite football than they are now. Manager who takeover after LVG usually succeed becasue they’re fiercely disciplined, and just need a bit of love and a warm heart (which is why United should have hired Poch, not Mourinho).

My critique of this whole scenario is really centred around the fact that we could have been more ambitious. This is a low-hanging fruit kind of job for anyone; we were ripe to take a chance on a young coach, and we’d have been even more ripe for an elite coach. We opted for a solid operator, the middle ground, a manager at the back end of the top 10 in Europe. If it goes well, we’ll be top 3. If it goes badly, we’ll have to hire a so-called big name to appease a rabid fan base.

I worry we did what’s best for Ivan’s job security because the move was nowhere near the ‘bold and brave’ he promised. My biggest fear? Ivan Gazidis is the new Arsene Wenger. He’ll just plod the club along, hoover up that fat paycheck, and always create as little risk on a new manager as possible so he can put his hands up and say ‘I tried’ if things go wrong. You don’t make it in this game without taking a risk, either financially, or with personnel. Pep G famously told the Barca hierarchy, ‘you don’t have the cajones to hire me’, and the rest is history. Can’t help but think we blew it with Arteta, and blew it on the experience card. We hired a safe pair of hands when we needed to take a strategically sound risk.

Nice to see that Arteta didn’t lose out after Arsenal shafted him late in the game. The owner of City and Pep called him after the news broke, that’s good leadership and constitutes bold and brave planning for the future. They want him takeover after Pep, that’s the exec team who ran Barca during the good years. I think we’ve made a mistake there, but it is what it is. Not like Arsenal haven’t made a living out of passing-by elite coaching talent over the last 5 years.

In other news, I am very excited about Per Mertesacker looking after the kids. He’s a really smart player, and I can’t get enough of reading about the way he thinks. A modern leader who understands that mental health is important, and understands deeply what it takes to maintain levels in the game. I love his incredulity about players not asking him for advice, bringing in kids who have a curiosity about what it takes to succeed will hopefully inform the recruitment process.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments.

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    As I wrote yesterday Arsenal are more than capable of spending £100 million
    in this transfer window if required.

    Over past two years I have stated that Arsenal have had between £50-60 million to spend covered by our sponsorship with Emirates and Puma.

    That figure was covered with purchase of Lacazette in June. Since then we have received approximately £108 million on sales and made two purchases
    of just under £60 million on Aubameyang and Mavropanos.

    So even allowing for agents fees we have still got some unused budget in current financial year.

    When you analyse Arsenal’s annual net spending I think that averages around the two sponsorship deals, although it is possible that this season it could be
    slightly lower in view of lower European revenues.

    What is abundantly clear is that NOONE really knows what really goes on at Arsenal. Most negotiations are conducted under strict secrecy.

    Gazidis has made it clear that the club had discussions with 8 potential candidates for job before making their decision. So most of the statements made
    about job favourites e.g. Enrique, Allegri and Arteta were pure speculation and
    certainly not based on statements of the management at club.

  2. Leedsgunner

    I wonder how the players are feeling. Any comments from the squad on Twitter?

    It’ll be interesting to see if Ramsey extends and to see if players like Bellerin improve.

  3. gonsterous

    okay, we sell laca and start the PL with just auba and welbeck as our strikers ? that’s just being stupid. we want to buy a new striker. sure, sell one and get a second rate one. wenger eagle is wenger 2.0

  4. Samesong


    Was you impressed with Emery English. You’ve always made a thing about the manager having good english?

  5. Emiratesstroller


    It is suggested that Emery wants to keep Ramsey. If that is the case then I am
    sure that the club will make an offer to the player.

    What will be more interesting is whether Wilshere will be staying. Somehow
    I don’t think that the club plan to increase their offer to him.

  6. gonsterous

    we should not be giving Jack a contract.we should be looking for a replacement that doesn’t spend so much time in the physio room. also I don’t know who else we have in the squad cause wenger never used anyone outside his fav 15…

  7. Emiratesstroller


    English is adequate. Clearly better than has been suggested.

    As I wrote both yesterday and today I know absolutely nothing about Emery
    as I have not followed either PSG and Seville.

    My concern was on basis of what others have said and posted.

  8. UTarse

    There are other more pressing areas of urgent surgery needed ahead of whether auba plays wide (where it seems he enjoys the space and uses his pace more) with laca central…. the lack of balance is more evident in midfield which you have repeatedly pointed out. Auba/laca upfront isn’t broken whereas ozil/ Ramsey / xhaka is….

  9. Samesong

    Some of the people on here not only don’t have a sense of humour but can’t even understand that others might.

    Marc if you are addressing me which it looks like I misunderstood his comment that doesn’t mean I don’t have a sense of humour does it? for flips sake. If you aren’t addressing me then I will take that back.

  10. qna

    Elneny is utterly hopeless at the top level. Sell.

    Lacazette is not a £50m player. It was a desperate signing. I will never believe that any other club would have paid more than £35m for him. We are also overpaying him and we would be better off selling him if we can replace him properly. Money aside, There is nothing wrong with him as a squad striker. He is the level of striker that a club like Arsenal should have on the bench. To me he is an identical level of player to Giroud. A different type of player and a few years younger, but same level. Nothing wrong with that for the squad, but he should only drain wages accordingly.

  11. gambon

    Aubameyang, since he moved into a central role, has averaged almost one goal per game.

    To play him wide, especially at 29, as one of the worlds best CFs would be complete and utter madness.

    We may as well sign Koulibaly and play him at right back.

  12. Leedsgunner

    With Colin Lewin and Wenger now out of the picture, I really really hope we can get to the bottom of our injury problems.

    Sure bad luck and injuries happen everywhere but for some reason or another we always seemed to be hit for longer and more severely.

    Has Wilshere signed his extension? If he hasn’t I wish him well, if he has I can’t wait to see what the new coach can do. He seems to be excellent in developing players… and to help them. Jack isn’t a kid anymore he needs to stop making excuses for himself.

  13. Receding Hairline

    ” I will never believe that any other club would have paid more than £35m for him. ”

    Atletico madrid and Simeone will beg to differ

    “We are also overpaying him and we would be better off selling him if we can replace him properly. ”

    Sell him to replace him properly??? Now that’s a weird one, its either u need two good strikers or you don’t ..make up your mind already.

  14. Emiratesstroller


    Lacazette did struggle in first half of season, but anyone who has watched him recently will see an intelligent, hard working and very decent finisher.

    I think that the combination of Aubameyang and Lacazette will score a lot of goals next season.

    Arsenal’s problems are not goalscoring, but our defending. We leaked like a
    sieve. That needs to be resolved.

  15. gambon

    “Arsenal’s problems are not goalscoring, but our defending. We leaked like a
    sieve. That needs to be resolved.”

    We conceded 24 more goals than the champions……and scored 32 less.

    I would say our issues are at both ends of the pitch.

    I would say we need a top attacker, a top midfielder and a few top defenders (including a GK).

    There were way too many games where we completely struggled to get going offensively.

    Dont let a few hammerings fool you, we were not a good attacking unit last season.

    Take away the 19 we scored against Everton (x2), Burnley who had nothing too play for, and West Ham, as well as easy home games against Watford (3) and Stoke (3) and we scored 49 goals in 32 games.

    We definitely need more quality in attack, especially in wide areas, with players that can do damage in one on one situations.

  16. Dissenter

    “Lacazette is not a £50m player. It was a desperate signing. I will never believe that any other club would have paid more than £35m for him”

    Atletico were ready to pay more for him but for their transfer ban.
    He’s easily worth 50 million. His record speaks for itself.

  17. Guns of Brixton

    We need some of dem naturaaal wingers y all.

    I would say Mahrez buh it ain’t 2016 no more

  18. Leedsgunner

    Lacazette is a class player and we should give him a season under this new manager before we deem him surplus.

    Welbeck, although clearly a hard worker, is clearly surplus, we need to get rid of him before we unload Lacazette. Other players like Campbell and Asano need to go too.

    Being the Europa League specialist I wonder if Emery will play first teamers a lot earlier in the competition than Wenger did.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Emery restores Perez back into the fold. to add more firepower in the Europa League I’ve felt he wasn’t given a fair crack by Wenger.

  19. Emiratesstroller


    We scored more goals than Man Utd, Spurs and Chelsea.Please don’t compare
    us with Man City, because their goalscoring this season was exceptional. I
    don’t think that any team got close to their figures since the Premier League was established.

    You should also factor in that Aubameyang and Lacazette played very few games together.

    The real concern was our brittle defence and capitulation in far too many away games and the large number of silly mistakes made in midfield and

  20. gambon

    As Guns of Brixton says, we desperately need natural wide players.

    We have Ozil who plays #10
    We have Mykhitaryan who drifts inside to the #10 position
    We have Iwobi who drifts inside to the #10 position
    We have Ramsey who drifts forward to the #10 position

    I think we need at least one, if not two natural wide players. We will have to sacrifice a few players to achieve more balance.

  21. Countryboy

    For posters who say Laca should be sold or benched because they don’t want Auba playing wide – have you seen Auba playing wide in the Prem last season.? The dude was being out muscled by defenders. Auba is simply not physically enough to lead the line on his own in the Prem. But with Laca in the side and him playing wide, he was stretching defences and still making his goalscoring numbers.
    IMHO they should both play as Laca is crucial to the press/hold-up play and Auba will stretch and score

  22. qna

    Emirates. Lacazette has been exactly what I predicted. As I said from the beginning he is a good squad level striker. He will never ever be the main man to lead a team to a premier league. And that’s what we have always needed. Wenger or no Wenger you need at least a top level striker to win the league.

    My comment was actually a compliment. I pretty much want to clear out everyone on our squad, yet I would keep Lacazette for the bench. I predicted he would be at this level from the beginning too. I actually think he is ok. Thought he would be good for 10-15 goals and not much else. And I think that was pretty much exactly what he was. Unlike Perez, Welbeck, Podolski, Park oand whoever else I have finally forgotten. I haven’t rated any striker we have bought since we sold Adebayor. Arguably I was wrong about Giroud as he was at least worthy of a place on the bench. But not what we needed.

    At least Lacazette was good to have for the squad. And now with Aubamayang I actually think we have the striker that we need. It will be handy to have Lacazette to bring on or cover injury. But forget about playing two up front. Auba number 1, Laca number 2.

  23. gonsterous

    I would say, sell like for like, you want a midfield, sell xhaka, el neny and Wilshire, buy in your proper replacement. want a third choice striker ? sell welbeck, promote a kid or get another.. want a defence, get rid of mustafi, chambers and debuchy (is he still here ?)

  24. qna

    Dissenter that is media and agent bullshit to push up the price. If Athletico wanted him for 50m they can pay us 60m out of the Griezemann money. They won’t even offer the 50m that was being mentioned.

  25. gonsterous

    priority for this window in the following order :

    1. central defence
    2. wide players
    3. cover for our defence
    4. GK
    5. strikers

  26. Leedsgunner

    I hear B. Leverkeusen is looking for strong central midfielders. Why don’t we offer Xhaka + cash for Leon Bailey?

    I have confidence that Ainsley Maitland Niles could become a regular… and take Xhaka’s spot.

  27. WengerEagle

    First team needs:

    GK, CB, CM, LF/RF.

    Bench: CF, CM, RB.

    Big ask with only £50 million to spend, going to need to pick up some decent fees for players.

  28. gambon

    I would say a new GK is the major priority surely.

    Didnt Cech make the most errors of any player in Europe last season?

  29. gambon

    With Emery talking about intense pressing, Im not sure if I can see Xhaka & Wilshere being involved.

    Xhaka covers a huge amount of ground, but very slowly. Wilshere is just a broken player.

    Big question mark over Ozil as well. Lazy fucker would probably rather pick up £50k pw at Besiktas than work hard for £300k pw at Arsenal.

  30. Gooner63

    priority for this window in the following order :1. central defence
    2. wide players
    3. cover for our defence
    4. GK
    5. strikers

    I would disagree
    priority would be

    1 established DM and 1 up and coming DM
    1 CB who is a leader
    1 younger wide player with potential
    1 GK

    we need to sort out how we are going to be playing and get in the right players ready for august – assuming 4-2-3-1 – that Emery likes

    after that we can bring in others as cover n replace the rest of the crap

  31. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal scored this season 74 goals despite all the disruption and the poor form
    of Sanchez.

    For interest Man Utd won their last 4 league titles under Fergie scoring
    2006/7 83 goals
    2007/8 80 goals
    2008/9 68 goals
    2010/11 78 goals

    We know that Arsenal are not good enough to win titles, but our goalscoring
    performance and potential is certainly good enough to get us in top four.

    However, not if we are losing matches the way we have done this season and
    conceding the number of goals we did.

    The priority of new Head Coach must be to sort out our back division and
    improve balance in midfield.

  32. grouvillegooner

    You do seem to be condemning Emery already which is the very thing that you were urging everyone not to do when Arteta was nailed on . I think that you will find that Emery will have a pretty decent command of English come mid July the Spanish earn English a lot quicker that vice versa, as the current Spanish PL players and coaches demonstrate.

  33. qna

    I would do a direct swap Lacazette for Dembele

    Barca take Griezemann and Athletico get Lacazette and some cash from Barca

  34. Receding Hairline

    “I would do a direct swap Lacazette for DembeleBarca take Griezemann and Athletico get Lacazette and some cash from Barca”

    Back with your computer game scenarios i see

    I would do a direct swap…….LOL…yea it all depends on what u would do

  35. Receding Hairline

    Lacazette is only worth 35m in your own words and is overpaid yet you will do a direct swap for him with a player that cost Barca 90m pounds last summer.

    Lacazette is not good enough for Arsenal in your own words he is just a short Giroud, yet Athletico will part with Greizmann and cash to get him from Barca

    You are all over the place QNA

  36. qna

    WE. Yeah but it’s the Catalan media machine that are generating all of the Dembele to Arsenal stories. That scenario only works if Barca are looking to cut their losses on him. They bring in Griezemann and there is no place for Dembele. When I say direct swap, I obviously mean we don’t have a net cost on two seperate deals. Say we agree £55m for Laca to Athletico but only if we can buy Dembele for £55m. There is no way Barca are going to get more than that for him now. His value is probably much lower than this.

    I think this works. Athletico get a AG replacement, Barca get a world class player and don’t have a 80m player on the bench looking like a waste of money. We don’t have a £50m player on our bench and we get Auba’s best ever provider and a much needed wide player.

  37. Leedsgunner


    1. CBs, at least 2 commanding centre backs.

    2. GK. No use upgrading your CBs if you don’t upgrade your GK. For too long we’ve been too pick and mix with our defence and goalkeepers. As a team we need to learn to defend as a coherent unit.

    3. A DM or two to shield the back four and to break up attacks. We haven’t had a genuine DM like this since G. Silva.

    4. Wingers

    It would be interesting to see if Emery makes more use of our outstanding youths like Reiss Nelson and Eddie Nketiah.

  38. champagne charlie

    “Different time Marc. Even up and coming talented strikers like Maxi Gomez at Celta Vigo or that Korean lad at Red Bull Salzburg Jwoon or something they’d likely fetch upwards of 30-40 million easily.”

    Right., but the idea is to identify the talents before they reach a 30mil level. The Korean lad didn’t come through the youth system of Salzburg unless it’s located just outside Seoul…

    They scouted him, developed him, and now he’s decent. We’ve simply done a poorer job of that lately compared to a few years ago.

  39. WengerEagle


    Dembele hasn’t had his value halved, that’s ridiculous to suggest.

    He’s scored 4 goals and notched 6 assists in just 12 matches worth of minutes played. He’s 20, has had to deal with a debilitating injury that threw off his adaption process and is in his debut season in a foreign league.

    I don’t know what people were expecting but he’s done just fine.

  40. qna

    WE. Why not, it was artificially doubled overnight as a result of the Neymar deal. Barca made that move as a direct result of Neymar to PSG. No other club in the world is linked to that valuation. Barca got that badly wrong. I am not saying they will sell him, but if they do, it won’t be at that artificial valuation. It will be at the same value he was before Neymar went to PSG. Actually less because since he moved to Barca his value had gone through the floor.

  41. Leedsgunner

    As much as I like Dembele, Barca are never going to accept anything less than £70m for him… and sadly unless we make huge windfalls on our sales we don’t have that kind of money. Frankly speaking we needed to buy Dembele last summer instead of dithering around with Lemar and finally settling on Lacazette.

    Emery was also brought in because historically he has overachieved in his posts without spending very much money.

    (Obviously the Neymar deal is the exception to the rule, and I don’t think Neymar was a manager led purchase anyways. It was an ego driven statement of intent by the Quatari owners of PSG.)

  42. Dissenter

    If Barca bring Greizmann on board then surely they have to sell Dembele.
    I agree with qna, the valuation was utter madness.
    Dortmund pulled a number out of their arse in anger after Barca pushed the young lad into going on strike. Barca stupidly met it in the aftermath of the Neymar move. It was about club honor not economics.

    His value was never 135 million, probably the 70 million he is being linked for to Liverpool for.

  43. champagne charlie

    Cech, Ospina

    Bellerin, Chambers, Mustafi, Kos, Holding, Monreal, Kolasinac, Mavropanos

    Xhaka, Elneny, Ramsey, Jack, Iwobi, Ozil, Mkhi, AMN

    Welbz, Laca, Auba, Perez

    Of that squad the only ones who don’t speak a word of Spanish/French are: Chambers, Holding, Kolasinac, Mavropanos?, Ramsey, Jack, Iwobi, AMN, Welbz

    Even if Emery came in without knowledge of the word ‘hello’ I struggle to see how that influences things greatly with our lot. Unless we’re creating an issue about how he’s going to speak to Ramsey? Plus Bellerin can earn his wage for a change and put his cockney Spanglish to good use for a couple of months. Massive overselling of the no English argument.

  44. gambon

    I think clubs would value Dembele at about £60-70m in todays market.

    As a result Barca wont be selling him. At best they will loan him out for a season or two then sell him, allowing them to actually make a profit on him.

    If they sold him for £70m now, they would lose £10m on him from an acconting point of view

    If they loan him out for 2 years at £5m PA, with an obligation to buy of £70m, they would make £40m profit on him, a £50m difference.

    I think they’ll give him another year anyway.

  45. Dissenter

    I just saw the video of Tuchel emerging from the meeting with Neymar.
    It has the semblance of a newly appointed ambassador presenting his/her credentials to the Queen at the court of St James.
    There can be no doubt as to who runs the team at PSG.

  46. champagne charlie

    “Barca stupidly met it in the aftermath of the Neymar move. It was about club honor not economics”

    Uhm actually it was exactly about economics, especially nuanced football economics. Barca received an absurd amount of money for Neymar and everyone was made aware of it. The second they went anywhere to replace him the sellers wanted bags of gold. Standard.

  47. qna

    Leeds. £70m is doable. Depends on how much Barca value Griezemann. And of course whether Athletico truly want Lacazette to replace him.

    Griezemann to Barca – £120m
    Lazazette to Athletico – £70m
    Dembele to Arsenal – £70m

    The figures are arbitrary. Barca have a shit load of money to spend every year. They got an unexpected (and unwanted) fortune from Neymar. If Griezemann comes in then where does that leave Dembele?

  48. Dissenter

    “Economics” in terms of market force, not in terms of Barca splurging the cash they wish they never had to take.
    I believe I was referring to Barca’s perspective

  49. Receding Hairline

    “It has the semblance of a newly appointed ambassador presenting his/her credentials to the Queen at the court of St James.”


    I thought Tuchel was meant to be the no nonsense innovator. At this rate if he does not dance to Neymar’s tune he will soon be on his way

    PSG is a mad house .

  50. Dissenter

    Dembele is notoriously very stubborn as is evidence by the way he went AWAOL at Dortmund until he was sold.
    He’s said to be very difficult in the Barca camp because he doesn’t give deference to anyone.
    He’s not going to sit around on the bench while Greizmann takes his place, aplace he doesn’t even have yet.

  51. WengerEagle

    Wait, how has Lacazette’s value gone up to £70 millio now? If anything his value would have dropped after this season given his struggles for large parts.

  52. WengerEagle

    ‘He’s said to be very difficult in the Barca camp because he doesn’t give deference to anyone.’

    According to who exactly?

    And let’s not pretend that Aubameyang didn’t pull similar antics to get sold from Dortmund as well.

  53. Marko

    Didnt Cech make the most errors of any player in Europe last season?

    Seen that. Yeah priorities for me have to be a keeper two starting CB’s two starting midfielders one a DM. And a legitimate winger. The whole playing our best striker out of position so we can play our other striker toois stupid it unbalances the team and it hinders arguably our most important player. I imagine that will stop now that Wenger is gone

  54. Dissenter

    PSG is Neymar’s team
    This is Emery speaking last year after Neymar joined PSG. The original interview is in French.
    “One day, Jorge Valdano [former player, coach and director at Real Madrid] made me the following reflection, ‘At Barcelona the leader is [Lionel] Messi; at Madrid it is [president] Florentino Perez, and the Atletico de Madrid [leader] is [Diego] Simeone,”
    “”A player, a president and a coach. Each time, a different leader profile. I know when I’m the main person in a group and when I’m not.
    “It’s a process that every coach has to live and internalize, it’s something you learn with time and experience.
    “In each club you must know what role you play and what role you assign to the rest of the group. My opinion is that at PSG the leader is called Neymar.
    “Or more exactly, the leader will be called Neymar, because that is what he is becoming. Neymar came to PSG to be the leader, to live the necessary process to become the world’s number one.
    “This is a process that still needs a little bit of time to consolidate. In Manchester City, the chief is Pep [Guardiola]. At PSG, the leader must be Neymar.”

    That’s the untenable situation the manager of PSG has to work under.

  55. qna

    WE. It hasn’t. I said the figures are arbitrary. This only happens if Barca want it to. In which case we only get a seat at the table if we have something that Barca want, apparently Lacazette as grease to pry Griezemann from Athletico’s cold dead hands. The figures are arbitrary as basically Barca would have to overpay to get Griezemann. If they then decide to overpay us to get Laca then we might do that if we knew we could get someone we wanted. Eg Dembele.

    I can’t even see Athletico being interested in Lacazette in the first place. Doesn’t seem to fit that team.

  56. Leedsgunner

    Who would pay £70m for Lacazette? If he won the Golden Boot maybe this year in the EPL but on present form? No way.

    I’m not writing him off, and I would keep him in the squad but after his first season, the best we can hope for regarding his valuation is that he has stayed the same imo.

  57. Guns of SF

    If we are going to be pressing…. we need the legs for that.
    that means young, strong and non injury prone! ( that rhymes)

    I hate Pool, but there relentless pressing and blitzkreig attack has sunk many teams – Madrid will likely find out on Saturday.

    Anyhow, if this means selling our slower players, im for it. The team has lost speed since selling Theo and Ox. We need some of that back too.

  58. Dissenter

    Nope. Auba did not do what Dembele did.
    Dembele disappeared and was not seen again in training at the club until the transfer went through.
    He packed his bags and left

  59. Receding Hairline

    “That’s the untenable situation the manager of PSG has to work under.”

    Good luck winning the champions league with that mindset. Yet we are made to believe that emery failed there, I wonder if in two years Tuchel does not win it if he will be called a failure too?

  60. Marko

    We’d get about 50+ million for Lacazette his value wouldn’t have dropped really. Even with the struggles of Arsenal this season he still managed 18 goals and top scorer. Down from his usual 30 mark but first time playing outside of France

  61. Guns of SF

    Tuchel in the hot seat now….
    Lets see what happens…
    The Diva Neymar being cited as a source of difficulty in so many media outlets.
    He really is a circus show.

  62. Receding Hairline

    “Nope. Auba did not do what Dembele did.
    Dembele disappeared and was not seen again in training at the club until the transfer went through.
    He packed his bags and left”

    For a 20 year old who has just spent a season at Dortmund that was filthy behavior.

  63. WengerEagle


    You’re splitting hairs, Aubameyang after flirting with AC Milan, RM, us and others was withdrawn from the team and suspended on multiple occasions for disciplinary reasons.

    Quote from Watzke, Dortmund’s CEO on Aubameyang- “Not with the fans, not with the team. Too much had been damaged through his behaviour.”

  64. Leedsgunner

    Per for academy? Good appointment or bad? I admit, I liked Per until he gave that awful interview in the middle of the season when he said basically he was ready to retire. Such a weak interview for a captain to give… and giving the job to Per smelt of patronage on Wenger’s part.

    Hopefully he’ll step up to the mark in his new role… and prove me wrong.

  65. Guns of SF

    Its Wengers sentimentality that led to Per getting this undeserved job. His final 2 games were a joke too. Another player that represents the Wenger era.
    I cannot imagine any game outside of the FA cup final where he really stood out to me… He is 6’6 so that was always a plus but never an elite defender at all

  66. Thomas


    Sidibe/Meunier Shawcross Sokratis Monreal

    Fabinho Ramsey

    Zaha/Shaqiri/Mahrez Ozil Mkhitaryan


  67. champagne charlie

    WTF are you putting Shawcross/Shaquiri into any potential player lists Thomas?

    Having Shaquiri next to Mahrez is insulting.

  68. Marko

    Sidibe/Meunier Shawcross Sokratis Monreal

    SHAWCROSS!!! Gross. And Butland? Should we do all our shopping in Stoke

  69. qna


    Leno/Butland/Sidibe/Meunier Shawcross/Sokratis/Fabinho/Zaha/Shaqiri

    One of these names are not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong.

  70. Leedsgunner

    Apparently Javi Garcia, the GK coach of PSG wants to join Emery. What’s Lollichon, Cech’s old coach doing?

  71. G8

    So Pedro, Pochettino , conte, ranieri and mancini all spoke perfect English then ha?
    Hell, most of foreign managers speak funny english and that includes Jose and pep.
    You don’t need to be that fluent to get your message across in football

    Don’t think your argument for Arteta over
    Emery has any logic or facts to support it.
    It’s all ifs and buts romantic nonsense!

  72. qna

    Thomas: Okay remove Shawcross and put in Alderweireld.

    Fabinho and Mahrez on a different level to the rest. Shawcross and Butland also in a different level, but Not in a good way. Give me Leno, Fabinho and Mahrez and I am a happy man. Don’t want Sokratis but need at least one CB. Alderwield no. Old defenders that miss a season – never buy.

  73. Marc

    The fact he put Zaha in the list is the one most has missed. Decent player but with the English premium would cost circa £40 plus million – a huge chunk of our budget. You can get a player from the continent who’ll do more for half the price.

  74. Marc

    Alderweireld’s a symptom of what the Spud’s are going to have to cope with for some time now especially since it came out of Levy is earning. “Sorry I’d love to pay you market wages but the club is short of money and can only afford XXXX” Yeah mate whilst you’re on £6 million pa.

  75. Dissenter

    Rabiot is reported to have rejected to be on standby for the world cup. He deserves to be starting or be slightly behind Pogba in the pecking order.
    He is wrong to refuse to be on standby for the world cup. Schneiderlin got his call-up when there was an injury last world cup.

  76. Samesong

    Heard it several times from Spanish journalists that cover Barca, on BeIN sports.

    Dembele doesn’t come across as the stubborn type maybe that’s his agent talking to him. The guy’s only 20 and I wouldn’t believe the hype of the Spanish journalist they are jokers!

  77. Akilan

    Martial is available for ~50m. I prefer a goalscoring winger to a creative one. For all his skills and tricks, Dembele isn’t a goalscorer.

    I know, Dembele has a higher ceiling but would prefer Martial. A PL proven one.

  78. Pierre

    Ah yes…. Music to my ears

    Emery is excited about working with our most talented player… Mesut Özil….

    What a perceptive man he is…

  79. Guns of SF

    Werent Manure interested in Rambo? hate to say it, but Rambo is a our most sellable asset right now

  80. Akilan

    I don’t know, he has only two years left in his contract. He’s not been playing at all and is probably gonna leave anyway this summer.

    Zaha IMO would cost more than Martial IMO. Mahrez would cost almost 60m.

  81. TR7

    Watched Unai’s presser

    1. Unai already speaks better English than Conte and Ranieri, two guys who have won league titles.

    2. I get the impression we conducted a very thorough recruitment process akin to the standard process in corporate world.

    3. Reading between the lines of what Ivan said he sees Emery as someone who can improve our current lot through rigorous training and tactics.He also stopped short of suggesting things were very cosy under Wenger and that players needed a kick up their arse.

    4. Unai seems very clear as to what he wants from our team. Most likely he will play Klopp style football at Arsenal. Xhaka, Jack and Ozil will have a hard time adjusting to his style. Interesting that Santi announced his departure as soon as Emery appointment was sealed, perhaps he and Unai both realized his body would not cope up with the intensity Unai demands.

  82. Dissenter

    “why would anyone want Martial – poor mans HenryAverages a goal every 4 games – same as Theo

    He does step-overs when he runs into cul de sacs, that is until he loses the ball.
    Theo just runs into them face first

  83. Akilan

    Mourinho still fancies Ozil I think. Before he signed the contract, there were lot of rumours of him going to United. He will probably have a decent WC and we may mug them off. Worth a try.

    My fav player at the club but he’s the symbol of everything that is wrong with Arsenal.

  84. Guns of SF

    I cannot see Ozil pressing the way the Emery would like to.
    His poor body will be more susceptible to the flu!

    rambo, I can see – with his engine
    We really dont have a very athletic midfield. Kind of average dudes.

  85. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘My fav player at the club but he’s the symbol of everything that is wrong with Arsenal.’

    Agree. His standard shoulders slumped ,face-puffed-up expression when things aren’t going well is unbearable.

    Arsenal needs more Champions like Ramsey who keep fighting until the final whistle no matter the situation.

  86. Guns of SF

    Cannot see Ozil being with the club much longer if we play that style of game – he is one of the most physically weak players we have. how many times have I seen him looking like a heart attack waiting to happen. His face gets that puffy red thingy happening. He looks exasperated at times.

    There was a reason that Madrid subbed him at 70 mins every game.

    If by some miracle Emery can get the most out of him, then great. hope so…

  87. TR7

    I used to be a proper fanboy of Martial but I am beginning to feel he is mentally weak, a bit like Morata in this aspect.

  88. Daz

    Ozil isn’t going anywhere as far as i can see, 350k a week big transfer fee who will want him? think he is staying put and will likely be injured a fair bit no doubt

  89. WengerEagle

    Morata’s been found out as average.

    Never got the hype around him, he was a 1 in 3 CF before the Chelsea move which is absolutely unremarkable.

    Giroud has done more even if Morata is more talented.

  90. Akilan

    11goals + 9 assists is a decent tally, especially when you consider he’s been playing second fiddle to the piano boy.

    Fact is Martial was one of their best players until Alexis showed up. Alexis despite stinking up the old toilet always plays. It looks like Mou never fancied Martial anyway.

  91. Rambo Ramsey

    TR7, I said that about Martial ages ago. Talent isn’t all there is in sport, mentality is what gives one the platform to succeed.

    Fergie the master of management, instilled Champion mentality in donkey players.

  92. WengerEagle

    Martial has crazy potential and he’s still young at 22 but he’d want to be making a move at this stage if he hasn’t got Mou’s full backing, which it would appear he doesn’t.

    Should be pushing on to that next level right about now from 22-24, he’s got 4 full seasons of top level footy under his belt.

  93. TR7

    No I am not suggesting Martial is not a very very talented player, he certainly is. I am merely saying he needs to have more belief in his own abilities, seems to lack that edge top players generally have.

  94. Akilan

    Well KDB was exactly at the same situation at Chelsea when Mou was their coach. I remember chav fanboys questioning his work ethics and thought he was lazy.

  95. Guns of SF

    mou likely bought Martial as Wenger was interested in him apparently. Would be typical Mou to do something stupid like that

  96. Rambo Ramsey

    Anyone remember how the likes of Ji-Sung-Park, Nani, heck even Welbeck used to play with the swagger of a Ronaldo?

    Fuck me

  97. Akilan

    It was LVG who brought Martial to the PL. Had an excellent debut season. In his 2nd season he struggled a bit. It looked like he was back to his best this season, then he disappeared from the starting 11.

  98. WengerEagle

    Yeah, nothing was more frustrating as an Arsenal supporter over the years than watching the likes of Darren Fletcher and Ji-Sung Park Daddy-dick us around repeatedly even when we had a far superior midfield with Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky, Nasri over the years.

    Nani juggling the ball on his head getting kicked by Gilberto Silva in the 4-0 FA Cup humbling at OT in 2008 is still a nasty abiding footy memory of mine.

  99. Guns of SF

    Thanks for the correction. I thought Mou for some reason. Mostly because that is something stupid and spiteful he would do

  100. TheBayingMob

    LeedsgunnerMay 23, 2018 16:31:18
    With Colin Lewin and Wenger now out of the picture, I really really hope we can get to the bottom of our injury problems.Sure bad luck and injuries happen everywhere but for some reason or another we always seemed to be hit for longer and more severely.”

    To be honest, I didn’t think our injury problems had been half as bad the last two seasons as the four or five that preceded that.

  101. Gooner63

    To be honest, I didn’t think our injury problems had been half as bad the last two seasons as the four or five that preceded that.

    probably because we got rid of diaby, rosicky and theo

  102. TheLegendaryDB10

    But I do think that RR has a point, from what we have seen do far, Ramsey definitively looks like the one to have more energy than Ozil. I am curious to see what Emery does.

  103. leon

    To be honest I could not careless if the manager has a panic last minute thing. The only thing that matters is will he successful coach or not. It’s a fresh start

  104. Tomtom

    Gazidis talking about the new managers ability to develop young talent and his values on and off the pitch really do make you think that he will be given a very limited budget

  105. TR7

    ‘Gazidis talking about the new managers ability to develop young talent and his values on and off the pitch really do make you think that he will be given a very limited budget’

    Yes, very very apparent from his statements.

  106. Bamford10


    No, it just means we will have to have a blended approach. We can’t simply spend our way to the top. We don’t have those resources.

  107. Tomtom

    It’s very plain to see that the boards just want him to keep a steady ship.
    I hope he does well but I’d be surprised to see us make the top 4 next season.

  108. Tomtom


    The club needs to spend big in order to compete.
    You are kidding yourself if you think we can get back near the top without massive investment, something Kroenke is not willing to do.
    It’s an upgrade on Wenger but nothing to get excited about

  109. Bamford10

    To keep a steady ship at 6th place? Why would they want that? What exactly do you mean by “a steady ship”? If you mean a properly managed squad, then, yes, it will be nice to have that for a change. If you mean staying in sixth place and trying to get back into the four, no, that’s not what they’re looking for. Why would they?

  110. Tomtom

    They won’t invest in order to compete for first place.
    They will spend maybe 60 million and hope that we sneak into fourth place.
    We are pretty far behind the top 5 at the moment and it’s hard to see that gap closing without major investment.
    They want to finish in the top four of course but are not willing to back it up with investment.

  111. Bob N16

    As has been said, Wilshere and Xhaka are not physically able to play a pressing game. AMN, Ramsay, Elneny need two more CDM types. Very interesting to see if Emery recognises this already or will need a pre season. With little WC involvement I reckon we’ll be up for a fast start. Very excited….

  112. Bamford10


    They can’t invest money they don’t have. And we have enough money to finish top four. Your doom and gloom fatalism is nonsense.