Arteta hype kicks up a gear

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We’ve moved into the final stretch of the hiring process.

Well, that’s what people will have you believe.

The internet at this point is a massive guessing game. Everyone wants to be the person that announced #WelcomeMikel. I’d take all of the nonsense with a very large pinch of salt. It’s clear that now there’s a favourite, and people are just looking at that and making educated guesses so they can say they landed there first.

I’ve no doubt Mikel is front of the queue at this time, but I have my doubts that he’s signed, sealed and delivered.

We’ll see though, the embarrassing desperation people have to be seen as ITK is quite incredible.

One article that really did get my back up was the one doing the rounds on Again, clearly there aren’t many journo’s who have an inside line on this deal, the club are playing their cards close to their chest on this one, so that either leads to people saying little or simply making it up.

Goal went all in, stating that not only had Arteta been hired, he was actively culling coaching staff and was responsible for the firing Head of Medical Services, Colin Lewin. Because he didn’t like him!

I went on a bit of rampage about this story yesterday, and they’ve changed it. It was really sloppy journalism that was sensationalising a manager who likely hasn’t even signed on yet.

Just to be clear. The new manager will have ZERO say on the clubs choice for medical services unless we’re hiring an elite manager with the qualifications to have a valid opinion. The club did not get rid of an all-conquering manager, simply to replace him with another all-conquering manager. Outside that, does anyone really think someone desperate for a new role would be making demands to sack a well-liked club medic as his first port of call, based on feelings? It’d not only be daft, it’d be incredibly petty.

The person in charge of firing anyone in the performance arm of the business is Darren Burgess. I’m not sure of exact reporting lines, but my guess is he’ll be feeding directing into Raul. The Spanish Sporting Director type figure will be in control of that side of the club. He’ll likely be responsible for hiring in the coaches. Our new manager will likely have a selection of names he can bring with him, but the team will be small. The club need to own the setup, so when a manager goes, he doesn’t bring the whole backroom staff with him.

Sven will also have his own group of staff that report into him, I’d guess mostly scouts and maybe some data analysts.

The club is moving towards a new model, and that’s been clear from last October. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, we’ve been writing about how proper clubs build out their infrastructures and we appear to be following a more modern path of decentralised power.

I find it really poor that when your one job is writing about football, you still can’t get it right.

One person who does get it right is David Ornstein, he wrote yesterday that the deal isn’t done yet, and there’s still an outside hope that Allegri is in the running. He also made note that all candidates will have been told of the transfer targets, and have agreed with them. As someone pointed out, when you’re looking for a new job, you’re unlikely to say, ‘fuck that mate, those names are shite.’ The rumours are we’re looking at a centre back, a holding midfielder and a world class keeper.

Another agenda item I want to quash is that the club knew they were going to hire Arteta, they’ve just gone through the process of speaking to people for the sake of it. Firstly, we haven’t hired anyone yet, secondly, I think that’s another guess from people disappointed in the prospect of hiring in a manager they know nothing about.

Remember this, United have hired 3 exceptionally experienced manager. Two out and out winners. One being Jose Mourinho. They’ve spent £600m and they’re still shite, finishing a mile off the top of the table, playing garbage football, getting knocked out of the CL by Ben Yedder, not knowing how to play with Sanchez, Lukaku and Paul Pogba. A ‘big name’ is a feeling of security, it’s not a guarantee off success.

Anyway, a fairly short post today. I’ll be back tomorrow, in the meantime, just remember, 16-year-olds on Twitter do not have a direct line into the club, insiders have been so off the mark the whole way through this process, so take their exclusives with a pinch of bollocks, and don’t believe anything that says people are already being fired by a manager who hasn’t been signed.


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  1. Graham62


    No problem.

    I was only highlighting the fact that @Victorious was questioning your loyalty and knowledge of the club based on your number of visits to Highbury and The Emirates. He was sort of gloating about his numerous visitations which he assumes make him a more knowledgeable fan. What a tosser.

    Sorry if I confused you.


  2. HillWood


    I hope people understand that Mislintat and Sanllehi’s job do not extend into the dressing room. They are going to steer clear of the coaches job.“

    Thank you for educating us ignorant plebs

  3. Dissenter

    “I hope people understand that Mislintat and Sanllehi’s job do not extend into the dressing room. They are going to steer clear of the coaches job.“Thank you for educating us ignorant plebs”

    I made the comment because people keep saying that Sanllehi and Mlinistat will be there to “guide” or “help” Arteta. My point is that there wouldn’t be diffusion of responsibilities. You took the statement out of context, there were other conversations that led up to it.

  4. Guns of SF

    I hope the away shirt is better and has good luck symbols all over it

    When do we get the sleeve sponsor?

  5. SUGA3

    Not going to dash to get this top, that’s for sure…

    Just read that Wenger is supportive of Arteta taking over. Thought it had the Fergie/Moyes situation written all over it. Shame we end up with a rookie, as most managers would easily upstage Wenger with the same squad.

  6. Guns of SF

    Speaking is shirts
    Any news on the latest deal with adidas or mike? Last heard that nike is back in the mix

    I think a lot of this has to do with who we pick up in the summer and which company wants to get behind us

    Hopefully we can get a good deal about 40 plus and then the sleeve sponsor

    We are going to look a Ligue 1 side soon to get more money with a ton of sponsors on the shirt lol

    Gazidis needs to work on the revenues streams like a mofo the next few yrs

  7. Relieable Sauce

    Evening proles.
    Not much changes around here I see.

    Pedro still desperate to absolve Ivan of all responsibility.
    Punters still ravenous for something to pin their misguided hopes to.

    No surprise CA quit. Always thought he was one of the smartest posters on here.

  8. Relieable Sauce

    The brilliant, the outstanding, Mark Passio.

    Listen and learn or ignore and remain ignorant…your choice.

  9. Relieable Sauce

    Perhaps CA is wrestling with the paradox of studying a set of laws (mans) which are essentially irrelevant…???

    Morals are constant. Lawyers are incentivised to be moral relevatists and therein lies the problem with humanity.

    What do you call 10 000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?…

    : /

  10. China

    What concerns me about the reports of us signing Dortmund’s CB are that it would be on a 2 year deal.

    So basically if he’s good for us his contract situation becomes a problem after a single year. This doesn’t seem clever at all.

    Surely 3 years is the bare minimum you can sign a first team player for

  11. China

    That two year deal is the most arsenal style of mismanagement ever

    Wenger might be walking out the door but the goons remaining need to use their fucking heads if we’re going to be smart moving forwards

  12. HighburyLegend

    “Don’t know which is worse”

    Maybe this :
    “Unai Emery has emerged as a shock last-minute candidate to take over as the new Arsenal manager.” ?? lol

  13. Moray

    It seems PSG are not interested in Wenger as DoF.

    If Wenger fails to get a role he considers worthy of him, by the start of next season, I wonder how he will spin it.

  14. Graham62


    Wenger will not “get a role he considers worthy of him” because the rest of the footballing world knows he has long past his sell by date.

  15. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger has such an absurdly high opinion of himself that any future position he gets will be way above his abilities. PSG?….are they run by lunatics? Surely not.

  16. TitsMcGee

    That two year deal is the most arsenal style of mismanagement ever”

    Wenger knew he was done and knew he wouldn’t be able to turn the titanic around. He greedily signed on knowing he wouldn’t see it through. Idiocy and greed all around.

  17. Wenker-wanger

    In addition, I would say that personally wenger can run real Madrid….as long as he clears his desk at the emirates and doesn’t return in any managerial/administration capacity..

  18. Jim Lahey

    Under no circumstances should Wilshere be offered a new contract, the man has lived off his hype for the past 10 years while contributing nothing to the club. He is the very definition of “nicking a living”.

  19. Jim Lahey

    I thought with Wenger gone the club would move away from extending contracts for sentimental reasons. It seems like we are the only club in Europe where if you join and keep your head down you can making a living for 10+ years without having to actually earn anything.

  20. Gooner63

    im happy to be in my own dream

    where Allegri is the new manager and is given 250mill to rebuild the squad

    where we sign top top players

    where we beat man city 4-0 on the opening game of the season

    but i know i will wake up

    Arteta will be manager

    Our only signing will be jonny evans

    Wilshire will renew

    Arsenal are beaten 4-0 at home by Cardiff on the opening day