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Big Arsenal badge in case you were wondering.

Big Arsenal badge in case you were wondering.

Today’s post is brought to you via guest blogger, Kevin Coupland, who you can find on Twitter here @Kevin_Coupland.

Arsene’s tenure will be remembered for both the accolades and the style of football (a combination of monopolized possession and world-class combination play.) Here we break down 5 potential successors from a philosophical and tactical perspective:

Max Allegri – The Tactician

This appointment would reflect a cultural change. Allegri does follow a loose footballing philosophy however truly his strength sits with adopting his approach based on his opposition. Switching formation from 4-2-3-1 to 3-5-2 to 4-4-2 is not uncommon whilst neither is deploying players in unnatural positions (see Mandzukic as a left winger.) In terms of general team traits, Allegri does like to dominate possession (including a defence that plays out from the back and steps into midfield as required), slow probing attacks and fast-paced counter-attacks (as opportunities present themselves.) Allegri is likely to still employ a creative talent like Mesut Ozil in a free role but without defensive responsibly, with strong foundations around him to offset the imbalance. As expected from an Italian Manager, we can expect an improved defensive structure with two banks of four employed deep, at least one ball-retrieval expert in midfield and a reversion to a defensive block and counter-attacking approach when defending a lead. Allegri is the first choice for a number of Arsenal supporters given his tactical acumen, however, supporters will need to accept a less defined philosophy with an approach that changes almost weekly dependent on the opposition.

Carlo Ancelotti – The Adaptor

Ancelotti’s brilliance is that he doesn’t commit to one footballing philosophy but instead evaluates the strengths of a squad and devises a strategy accordingly. Given the makeup of the current squad, we can, therefore, expect a similar attacking approach with minor tweaks to improve efficiency (such as a reduction in possession in favour of faster transitions between the lines so to get the ball forwards more quickly.) Other common traits include attacking full backs and the deployment of several playmakers across a midfield that also includes at least one deep-lying (which could be good news for Granit Xhaka.) Whilst Ancelotti is generally considered a direct and attacking manager, he is renowned for prioritizing pragmatism over flair meaning personnel will be measured on their attacking output (goals and assists) and/or defensive contribution in what will most likely be a 4-4-2 (diamond), 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation. Ancelotti’s real unique selling point is his excellent man-management and impressive good recruitment record rather than a particular philosophy or approach. It is worth nothing that Ancelotti only stays at club’s short-term, so a longer-term plan would need to be developed if he is appointed.

Joachim Loew – The All-Rounder

Joachim Loew has managed the German National Side since 2004 with limited club management experience in the year’s prior (apart from stints in Turkey, Austria and the German Lower Leagues), making him a gamble given his lack of experience in recruiting and a building a competitive club side. What is exciting is his belief that a team should contain a variety of qualities to create a well-balanced proposition rather than being restricted by one specific philosophy. This would mean an Arsenal team that contains Mesut Ozil type players with flair and creativity but also players of work-rate and discipline (Thomas Muller types) to balance the approach. Germany and Loew are well known for their high energy game which allows for an exciting high press to win the ball high (therefore the type of manager who would bring the best out of Aaron Ramsey), but also domination of possession and the ability to launch devastating counter attacks as opportunities present. Typical German efficiency dictates a strong defensive platform within his preferred 4-2-3-1 formation, reverting into a compact 4-4-1-1 when defending deep (if the high press has failed), built around a well-formed centre-back partnership that contains both an aggressive commander and sweeper. Loew is likely to bring balance the balance to Arsenal that has been sorely lacking, however there is no doubting this represents a gamble given his lack of experience in club football.

Luis Enrique – The Individualist

A La Liga and Champions League winner achieved at a club renowned for playing the best football of its generation. Whilst that in itself appears compelling, the tactical approach involved a migration from Guardiolia’s tika taka football to a more direct style that relied on the individual brilliance of Messi, Suarez and Neymar. The philosophy transitioned from a systematic and collective attacking approach to one that focused on individual quality and improvision, the issue therefore being the lack of such elite quality at Arsenal. There are similarities to Arsenal’s current philosophy including a monopoly of possession (naturally occurring due to better quality players) and pacey counter attacks which naturally occur out of the directive to get the ball forwards quickly, however at present one would assume the system is likely to falter due to the difference in offensive quality and improved level of defending within the Premier League. Enrique could adapt his approach based on these mitigating factors but then we are moving into territory of the unknown rather than the approach that brought Enrique past success.

Diego Simeone – The Pragmatist

A Manager who has achieved European and Domestic success, competing against rival superpowers who hold a stronger financial advantage. Such success was achieved by creating one of the best defensive systems in Europe, involving a high press to disrupt the opposition playing from the back and then two deep compact banks of four should the ball transition into Atletico’s own half. This approach relies on a commitment to defensive excellence and therefore deployment of personnel with the required discipline and mindset, for example positionally aware central midfielders over flair players out wide. Goal scoring comes in the form of quick counter attacks or long balls (with expert hold up play) which relies on the opposition exposing themselves too high up the pitch or an individual piece of skill from a forward player, likely to be isolated without great levels of support. In fairness, recent times has seen Atletico begin to dominate possession against lesser sides however their defensive excellence is still the priority, foundation and platform of their success. Arsenal need to consider their willingness to adopt to a different style of play and their willingness to accept a transitional period to overhaul the current playing staff in order to adopt such a system (which likely to take a minimum of two years.)

These are five of the best Managers in world football, albeit with different philosophies and approaches, but all with proven success. Evaluating Arsenal’s current philosophy and considering the timescales each would need to execute their preferred strategy, Allegri, Ancelotti or Loew would appear to be the most logical candidates.

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  1. Pierre

    “Or you could see in this story that some real changes are being made at the club? What is so discrediting to the club about this?”

    Do you think that Reporting that the players are already annoyed with Arteta for making staff changes is not trying to stir it up.

  2. Freddie Ljungberg

    Honestly not a big fan, didn’t travel around any though, not a party destination that’s for sure.

    Apart from Myanmar (Burma) it’s my least favourite country I’ve been in SE Asia. I’m sure Borneo is nice and that but meh.

    If you want the beautiful landscape the Philippines is a better option, variety is greater there in activities as well.

    Vietnam and Cambodia is also getting more popular, Laos is nice.

    Malaysia is more developed and everyone speaks excellent english there but still, wouldn’t go back if I didn’t have to.
    My experience is limited to a couple of cities though.

  3. champagne charlie


    Yea Vietnam has always appealed, Cambodia too. I love Thailand, so I have lofty expectations of the rest of SE Asia tbh. Interesting that Malaysia isn’t your cuppa from what you’ve seen, appreciate the feedback

  4. Redtruth

    If it’s a straight choice between Wenger and Arteta then Arteta wins.
    If it’s a choice between Arteta and 10 other Managers then Arteta is bottom of the list.

  5. Coach 15

    Ballague also comments that Bellerin to expensive for Barca.
    Does anyone think Arteta may turn the offer down?
    It’s a massive risk on his behalf career wise should he bomb badly.

  6. champagne charlie


    Very true, but my feeling is if you have designs on being Arsenal manager at some point you have the mentality to embrace the job at hand instead of worry about failing and it tarnishing you early. Basically, I mean to say I imagine Arteta is confident enough to dismiss that eventuality.

  7. Freddie Ljungberg

    Malaysia is probably the country in the region that’s the least like Thailand.

    People not as friendly, everything more expensive, not much to do. Like I said, I would look elsewhere if it were me.

  8. champagne charlie

    Haven’t seen Xabi Alonso linked with being part of the coaching staff yet which is surprising. BFF’s with Arteta since nappies

  9. Coach 15

    Agreed,I dont see him turning it down, with the attacking element the squad has already,with a few additions in the defence-keeper,can’t see him finishing lower than we are now.
    If the remit is top four,it’s achievable,with proper attention to detail and coaching.

  10. Guns of SF

    Our squad is too weak. Arteta will need to clear out a lot of wood
    Our bench has been so weak.
    so much to be done in so short a time

  11. Freddie Ljungberg


    Good point about our bench, it’s been absolutely terrible this season, it only used to be that bad when we had 5 first XI players out injured.

    The squad has been so watered down the last couple of seasons. It’s good we cleared some deadwood but we’re now in the situation where we need to sell starters to get any money in to flesh out our meager budget so our bench will remain poor no matter what.

    Guess that’s where Sven needs to find some cheap top prospects, Nelson and Eddie alone isn’t going to cut it.

  12. Sanmi

    You wanted Wenger out, now you have it, suck it up.

    It’s apparent now that the problem is with the board.. always penny pinching. Couldn’t get a proper coach?

  13. Guns of SF

    Who the heck is our back up striker?
    What happens when Rambo goes out for weeks? Who is the cover?
    I would sell him preferably.
    Kos is done. Back up if anything.
    We need really talented youth. Sven has his work cut out for him…
    Personally I would like to see more south american players in the side!

  14. englandsbest

    What says a lot about the sad state of Arsenal is how much the focus is on money. And I am talking about us fans. It shows how brain-washed we are. Money hardly crosses the mind of, say, Man U, Man C, Chelsea fans because they know that if the manager wants a player, the club will get him. As for the rest (with one or two exceptions), the fans know that the club will do the utmost it can, given the limitations of a smaller club. That’s why they hardly talk about money, they stick to football.

    That is the way it used to be at Arsenal. We didn’t talk about money all the time, we talked football. And if we missed out on a signing, too bad, we moved on. I remember when GG matched Man U’s five mill for Roy Keane. He chose Fergie, too bad, later we moved on to Vieira.

    Like us, the fans of one or two other clubs talk about money, West Ham and Newcastle for example, and for the same reason: they are not getting a fair deal from the people who own the clubs. But we are the saddest of all because we know that Arsenal have the greatest potential of all. Arsenal could be, and should be, back amongst the elite.

    Money, of course, is why Arteta is likely to be the new manager. Big-name big-spending managers are out. IMO Gazidis is doing the best he can under the circumstances: he is betting on a highly skilled back-up to Arteta. I have an odd feeling that he will succeed. But then, I am an optimist.

  15. Guns of SF

    Danny has to go. sell
    Wilshere go
    Sell Rambo
    Find a buyer for xhaka- hope he does well in the WC- more sell on value

    Meyer Free
    find the money for Malcolm
    Nice attackers right there… young too

  16. Ray in LA


    “Good point about our bench, it’s been absolutely terrible this season, it only used to be that bad when we had 5 first XI players out injured.”

    That’s about our status this past year…except we never had the 5 first XI players to begin with 🙂

  17. Paul Mc Daid

    Peter Hill Wood fucked this club by sacking Dein, Run by complete clowns now, No football knowledge

  18. leon

    I thi k all those managers mentioned will want have a fear amount of control and what I understand who ever comes will not have too much say on which players come in and out at all. We have a technical director now. And in January the players that were signed Wenger had no say in the matter that’s the way it’s you g to be now.

  19. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, our starting XI needs a lot of work too, that’s a given.

    I don’t subscribe to this idea that a new manager is going to come in and make Xhaka faster, or give Mustafi a brain. Sure, there’s improvement to be done in updated coaching methods, tactics, menatlity etc, but you can’t expect miracles. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and bring in a better player, that’s just how it is.

    Still, even with the reported 50m net spend we supposedly have we could make vast improvements if we are ambitious and smart enough, and sell well.
    Biggest worry with getting someone like Arteta in is what is the draw for top players? Used to be CL and Wenger, what is it now? EL and a rookie manager? Not very exciting is it.

  20. TonyD

    What type of holiday are you looking for?

    Family / beach or party scene destination.

    I’ve been to most countries in SE Asia including Bali, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Japan since being out here since 1999.

    For people living in Thailand those countries are like your Europe – nothing more than 4 hours by air except Japan.

  21. Freddie Ljungberg

    I hope the next clearout is at board level, time to get some football people in there.
    Is it a lifetime appointment so someone has to die for a new member to come in or is there votes, how does it work? They’re all ancient. Can’t remember if there’s been any changes recently apart from when Kroenke bought the club.

  22. leon

    In my opinion it’s just a matter of which players that comes in it’s what type of manager they bring. I have always fears that the board would bring in a yes man. I have no dought if had finished in top 4 Wenger would still be here. The managers mentioned are going ruffle feathers and I just don’t thi k they want that, bottom line I don’t thi k the board have the ambition

  23. HillWood

    A lot of towns in Vietnam are being taken over by Chinese gamblers. Casinos springing up everywhere. Small bar owners being forced to relocate

  24. champagne charlie

    What type of holiday are you looking for?”

    Bit of a culture vulture, that with the beach/natural offerings will do us nicely. Thailand consisted of Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi, ending in Koh Yao Yai when we went for a relax

  25. TheLegendaryDB10


    Do you think that Reporting that the players are already annoyed with Arteta for making staff changes is not trying to stir it up.

    Yeah I looked it up more thoroughly afterwards and, yeah, all papers are stating what you’ve said. Shit stirring, I agree. Weird that they would do that when, IMO, this is a clear out or a purge… who knows. If in the long this is beneficial, who cares what the papers say.

    I suppose they were expecting us to sign a big name manager. It does seem that after all the milking (press conference benefits they get … free drinks etc) throughout the AW years, they still do not get how The Arsenal work.

  26. Ray in LA

    There are thorns and berries about Arteta as the new manager…on balance I can see him doing a fine job, but would not be surprised if he floundered

    My major concern is would he be able to deal with Ozil — something Wenger failed abjectly with — get him to show up for the game and to show up in the game…basically to put in the kind of performance you’d expect from our marquis player, yes I know it’s marquee, but he behaves as if he’s so far above the rest

    Ozil sucks up a huge share of our resources and as such should be a major focus of the new manager/coach — I’d be as happy to see him move on and free up 4 x 90,000 salaries

  27. Steiner

    What’s the point of this article?
    Most of these guys have long been discounted and will never be manager.

  28. Guns of SF


    Get a life you pathetic moron.
    You add nothing but shit to any comment you post
    Try moving to another blog you dumb fuck

  29. Pierre

    Ozil really is the least of our worries , stop focusing on what he earns and take him from what he is …..a quality playmaker who will create chance after chance but is defensively weak , his work rate is on par with the rest (despite what is being reported) but don’t expect him to take the game by the scruff of the neck and yes I know fans will expect more due to his high wages but again that it’s important to focus on what he brings to the side ..

    It’s more important to get a solid midfield behind the front 4 .

  30. Graham62

    What’s the point on passing comment on anything when you have a shit for brains poster like eggshapedfruit14 deliberately attacking anyone who has differing opinions from his own.

    A vile and obnoxious little turd with nothing better to do.

    Your plastic supporter gags are wearing a bit thin………………mate

    Infact you have little or no concept of what your talking about.

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Alll but announced now that Arteta it is

    Someone said to me that Ian Wright may join the coaching staff

    Hop its true

  32. azed

    “It’s more important to get a solid midfield behind the front 4 .”

    Getting a solid midfield would cost some money.

  33. Guns of SF


    get a life you little prick. Go do your homework you dumb ass troll.
    Just so you know, since you are too dumb to figure it out. No one cares for your opinion on here nor your BS that you spout daily.
    Now run home,… finish your homework little boy

  34. Graham62

    Let’s all agree A14 is not worth the time or space and accept that whatever abusive garbage he comes out with next, is only a carbon copy of his own sorrowful existence.

  35. Guns of SF


    I guess he wasn’t held enough as a baby. Too bad, he might have actually turned out ok.

    I agree, he just wants attention…. perhaps he should try getting a girlfriend or maybe even a life.

  36. Guns of SF


    Run along now. Isn’t it bed time where you live? Get your homework done?
    Perhaps you should check around… your posts have zero support.
    Delusional and of course stupid.
    Keep yapping….. nothing better to do with your sad life loser

  37. Dissenter

    Aubergine/Northern/eggplant is still launching personal attacks at other posters
    It must be a happy day after all.

  38. Goldinho

    Did I just see in one of the comments the Arsenal referred to as a fucking franchise.im crying in my beer.
    I’ve got maximum respect for any Arsenal supporter whether they’re from the calley or from bogota,but don’t call us a fucking franchise you cunt,we’re a football club

  39. Dissenter

    We need to sell Ramsey very quickly if he doesn’t sign an extension. This should not be left to the new manager to decide.
    We cannot afford another distraction, talk less of the loss of income.

  40. Coach 15

    Are you close to Atalanta? Only asking as I watched a documentary on the construction of the new falcons stadium.
    What a stadium that is,petal shaped retractable roof ,30 ft high halo screen,with some seats 300ft from pitch side.

  41. Dissenter

    Guns of SF did not refer to Arsenal as a “franchise”
    The repeated use of “franchise” is Aubergine’s (aka village idiot) way of digging at Guns of SF’s nationality.
    He’s deduced that “SF” means San Francisco so he will keep throwing “franchise” out there.

  42. Frost

    Cazorla, Henry, Arteta, Pires, Lehmann, tf is this.. Ex players retreat?

    We better stop this emotional bullshit & go get the best hands for the job.

  43. Guns of SF

    Little Aubershit’s world is slowly collapsing on him. its just too much for him, to know that there are Arsenal fans worldwide. he uses the words Franchise, but its only he who says them but blames others for saying it. clearly he cannot use his own eyes, or does not know how to read, or is just plain dumb or all of the above.

    Yes Im from the San Francisco Bay Area. A great freaking place to be from…

    Little Aubershit would not know. I bet hes not ventured to far from home…I bet his mommy did give him a cell phone to call when he gets lost or upset.

    Pathetic loser. Crawl back under that rock you came from.

  44. Dissenter

    Guns of SF
    I told you a while ago. That’s Aubergine’s modus operandi. He has been binned several times for these personal attacks.
    “Aubergine” is perhaps his 5th moniker as far as I can recall.

  45. Guns of SF


    Good to know. I find it kind of weird that someone would spend so much time and energy on posting hateful and negative shit towards Arsenal fans. Its not like he even has a point of view… just a reactionary POS.

    Its just pathetic…

  46. Marko

    Haven’t seen Xabi Alonso linked with being part of the coaching staff yet which is surprising. BFF’s with Arteta since nappies

    Now there’s someone who came across as a potential coach for sure. Also what ex professionals aren’t being linked with a job at Arsenal. Probably going to be some committee come the end of it all

  47. Frost

    While I’m still here, who tf thinks about hiring a total novice for a Job as big as being manager of Arsenal? We Hoffenheim now? Literally none of our competitors would be this stupid. None. Hell even United were sensible enough to do a U-turn on giggs who btw was as smart & had more experience on being a winner.

    One argument I see that keeps coming up re arteta is “Pep says he’d be perfect for us” really? A rival coach with literally no affiliation to the club tells you “yeh make this guy your manager.. He’d be the best decision you could ever make” and you just go’n go ahead & take his word for it?

    Are we really that stupid now? If he was so integral to Pep’s back room staff at City, why is the Catalan pretty much guiding him to the exit door?

    I’d maybe be able to live with the decision if we had barca or munich like players who could cover up the inadequacies of the coach but we don’t. Hell if anything, we need a manager who knows how to build broken squads to come in & do the Job and some think that guy is a guy who’s never done it in his life?

    If you think a novice is gonna out-think Klopp, Mou. Pep, & Poch to champions league football you really are living in cuckoo land. Really frustrating supporting this club.

  48. Guns of SF

    Little Aubershit- look what I found as well online!

    noun: aubergine; plural noun: aubergines

    another term for eggplant.
    a dark purple color like that of eggplant.

    Hey little aubershit…. just waiting so eagerly for me to post something…
    you pathetic loser. get a life.

    By the way, eggplant color! Got to give it to you…. great name. Seems very fitting…
    Now I have a visual when you post stupid shit that is only drivel and has no point of view…. you are the eggplant behind the keyboard.

    Small minded little prick. Dont let mommy catch you up too late. Go to bed.

  49. Guns of SF

    This is hilarious…. this is our little pest Aubershit….got to give it to you…. great handle!

    Quick little aubershit… change your handle! Can you take manage this?

  50. Elmo

    Guillem Balague claiming that Arsenal are fighting to convince Arteta to take the job, with Arteta requiring assurances over the weekend from the club on the scope of his power, funds available, ability to recruit staff etc, before making a decision at the start of next week.

    Just imagine if Arteta turns us down!

  51. Henry Root

    Balague is speaking crap.
    The deal is agreed- Arteta with Alonso and Henry . It will take time to settle but we will move forward enormously in coaching terms

  52. salparadisenyc

    Commnets sections rocking at a very low level, I’m thinking of SFO and the Eggplant.

    On the up, the hair combo of Arteta and Xabi Alongo is sexy as F.

  53. Guns of SF

    It’s all good. Augershit will he banned and change his eggplant name again. Useless poster and a bigot too. Just preaching to the choir here. He is a very insecure person.

    Goodnight eggplant

  54. China

    Obviously it’s not Malaysia or quite as far south as you’re looking CC, but I feel obliged to recommend Hong Kong if you’ve never been and are looking for a great south East Asian place to visit

    Heat, the harbour, the skyline, the sea, beaches, island forest hikes, hills, great food, an amazing atmosphere.

    It’s a brilliant place

  55. Dissenter

    Why would Henry serve under Arteta as assistant manager?
    Henry is probably being interviewed for a place on the board. It’s time to start moving out the old guard.

  56. Moray

    Are we seriously so unattractive a proposition that we have to beg a novice to be our manager and promise the world? If nobody’s jumping at the chance then wait till after the WC. What have these fuckwits done to Arsenal Football Club?

  57. TonyD

    Langkawi – Malaysia is decent – maybe mix with a few days in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur

    Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang for the beach in Vietnam (you have to fly to Da Nang from HCM)

    Japan is a fabulous country and the bullet trains get you everywhere you want to explore very comfortably; been there twice and going back for more

    Korea is on our hit list for Seoul and winter Skiing

    Maldives is more of a couples paradise and extremely expensive, but worth doing at least once

    Wouldn’t recommend Sri Lanka but Seychelles is cool

    Philippines is more of a guys playground

    Only been to Phnom Penh on business, so can’t recommend beach resort areas there, heard mix reviews, but obviously Angkor Wat is one of the world’s wonders

    My wife goes to Myanmar on business and hates it, but she has an office in Singapore, so we go there often. Marina Bay Sands is a cool hotel and you have a decent water park and Universal studios.

    We use Hong Kong more for shopping for things we can’t get in Bangkok, crazy city with little Las Vegas (Macau) just a ferry ride

    Bali is a cool place to holiday, I have friends there; one who own 5 resorts

    You still have some good places to visit in Thailand too:

    Chaing Mai (Doi Suthep Temple at top of the mountain, unbelievable wood carving museum and elephant hospital)
    Bangkok has a lot to see and do and Cha Am 3 hours drive south has some nice beach resorts –

    Flights are cheap here from Bangkok around Thailand and S E Asia, especially if you book them yourself with Air Asia or Nok Air online; always deals to be had.

    As you moved around Thailand a bit maybe go for Thailand then Bali for a week arriving in Bangkok as your hub and then back to Bangkok to fly home

    Bali is just under 4 hours from Bangkok – Ho Chi Minh is 2 hours, KL about 90 minutes, Japan 6 hours, Phenom Penh 1 hour, Singapore 2 hours. Bangkok to Chaing Mai 1 hour, Philippines 3 hours, Maldives 4 hours

    Food for thought, Charlie, holidays are always very subjective. When friends come over from Europe they often stop in Dubai for a few days either on their way home or to Bangkok.

    All depends on your budget but the places you visited here are probably the most expensive places in Thailand to visit, but at least the time you visit is the low season.

    Hope this helps in some way

  58. Henry Root

    Coaches need to build experience and Henry has very little. Wenger threw him out at Arsenal but he loves the club unlike some of the posters on here.
    He won’t be going onto the board he is a favoured choice of Josh Kroenke to revamp the team . It could be a flop or it could be brilliant but it’s not tge turgid Wenger, Bould, Banfield set-up which so needed changing.
    The big change is we have two big-hitters setting up deals not Wenger dithering over who to buy and sell. We wasted the summer faffing around over Sanchez and wasting money. Ramsey signs or he is out, likewise Welbeck. Both can definitely be replaced. I’d put Nketiah into the squad and sell Welbeck. I’d also sell, Bellerin, Mustafi, Ospina and Xhaka, send Holding , Macey and Nelson on loan to get more football.
    Leno will replace Cech who I would make goalkeeping coach

  59. Gunner2301


    The photo was changed when a lot of us changed our pictures in support of Pedro. Frankly id fogotten about it.

    How long you been posting here?

    When was it you figured out we needed Wenger Out? Go back through the history of Le-Grove I was one of the early ones. You fucking Johnny Come Lately.

    I noticed how you operate on here. Like i said to you before ignore my posts. You probably havent been around long enough to remember Keyser we had many arguments with him 1 argument could last a week. As an antagonist goes your a very pale shadow of him, not fit to lick his ball sack.

    How long you been supporting the club? COCK!

  60. Gunner2301

    🙂 🙂

    So you changed your name? LOL. Banned how many times? And your still not getting the message?

    Just call yourself Keyser Wannabe if your trying to replace him.

  61. Gunner2301

    Maybe im not focussing on that. I liike the Batique print your wearing by the way. Nothing associated with the club you could think of? Or no point changing it because you been banned so many times theres no point because youll be onto your next name soon.

    Who did you used to be? The first time i mean.

  62. TheBayingMob

    The 50m makes sense, forcing the coach to buy to sell hence starting the cleanup of Wenger’s fucking mess of an overpaid squad …

  63. China

    You’re a well travelled guy Tony!

    Singapore is pretty cool, agreed. Though I think 4 days is more than enough there before you run out of things to do

    If we’ll talk about eastern rather than south east Asia then agreed on Japan. Best food in Asia, great service, very clean. A thoroughly enjoyable visit.

    Shanghai is a brilliant place to check out, it’s probably second only to Hong Kong on my favourite city list.

    Beijing is a very interesting place as well. It’s not an attractive city in many ways but it’s absolutely bursting with culture and for me is more ‘Chinese’ than HK and Shanghai which are more international

  64. leon

    The more I thi k about it’s clear who ever comes will just be a coach not manager, they will not have any say who comes. I would love Alegri to come but he will win that 200 million bet least which is never going to happen plus he will want stamp his own authority on the team which means bringing there type of players.. The very top managers are going to pick there own players and have real say on who comes in and out of the club

  65. EdTheRed

    Pedro, if you’re struggling for a subject to write about, perhaps you should consider writing down the list of all the assistant coaches who became great managers – shouldn’t take you long I’d imagine.

  66. EdTheRed

    Also, living a stone throw from Highbury, I can confirm I’m yet to speak to an Arsenal fan who thinks Arteta as Arsenal manager is a good idea.

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    If it’s to be Arteta then let’s go with the flow, the club has needed a shake down in coaching n medince so roll the dice an hope for a six…

    It will be ok

  68. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Know one knows how it will turn out

    We’ve all agreed the clubs been stale

    Well this idea is fresh out the oven

    Give them a chance

  69. leon

    I guess the big question is if Arteter were to come would he change things up or maintain the status quo

  70. London gunner

    A sixth placed arsenal no CL football Arteta at the helm…

    We appear as if we are turning into a mid table club.

    What WC top quality elite player is going to sign up with Arteta a complete unknown

  71. Coach 15


    Maybe the board think Henry on the staff may have that gravitas,without paying the big buck.

    I agree we seem content with top 6 with this appointment,and gambling it may have better results than recent seasons.

    I think if it’s Arteta.,he shouldn’t finish any lower than we are now,even without any experience,so see why the board are prepared to take this risk.

    Not my preference but will just have to roll with it.

  72. HighburyLegend

    ” We appear as if we are turning into a mid table club.”

    We are already a mid table club, since a few seasons now.

  73. TonyD

    Never been one to let the grass grow as they say.

    Totally agree 4 days is enough in Singapore. I think Hong Kong is a bit marmite, you either love or hate it. I really like it.

    Although I haven’t been there yet, I was going to mention Shanghai as it’s another place on our hit list I’ve heard a lot of good things about.

    Almost went to Beijing a few times because a close friend (brother) was the VP of the Mad Dogs MC there, but he preferred coming on rides here with the Thailand chapter. Mad Dogs also in Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan and Singapore, so we have brothers everywhere so to speak.

    My 20 year old daughter is a foodie as are my wife and I, so we tend to choose locations now for food first whether it’s footpath food or Michelin star and anywhere in-between.

    As you say Japan is a gastronomic delight even at their main stations.

    I guess when you have beaches like we have in Thailand, beach resorts elsewhere are a busman’s holiday these days. We prefer a countrie’s culture, heritage and food to sun, sea and sand.

    Bangkok is a very vibrant and crazy city so if you ever get over, let me know. I’m often in the city and can fly down in 45 minutes or drive in 3.5 hours depending on what’s on the agenda when I get down there.

    That said I still miss Europe at times and certain areas in the States.

    Guess there’s no news on the manager search.

  74. Coach 15

    ‘the club has needed a shake down in coaching n medicine’

    I’ll be intrigued to see how the first team fair with injury in the coming season,with a new medical team in place.

  75. Ishola70


    Dick Emery coming with a late run on the rails.

    Nobody has told him though the race is finished.

  76. Boomslang

    “I guess the big question is if Arteter were to come would he change things up or maintain the status quo”

    Well, he got Wenger’s approval, and likely recommendation to the board. Which means he is fully subscribed to ‘Arsenal Values’.

  77. Northbanker

    I enjoy reading the lead posts on this site but the poor level of debate and pessimism on this site is ridiculous. Arteta is untried but so was Guardiola when Barcelona took a punt back in the day. So too was Kenny Dalglish earlier still and go back earlier who was Bob Paisley when Shankly retired?

    This probable apppointment is exciting and innovative and rather than moan on this site start getting excited you miserable bastards.
    FFS some of you are never happy. I’d hate to see what your home lives are like!

  78. RJM

    Typical Gazidis/Kronke bullshit descision.

    Our own little Guardiola clone who’s never managed anywhere. Only real experience is under Wenger and Pep, neither care about defending. Only way Pep is successful (like Wenger) is if he has head and shoulders the best players. Otherwise his arty farty football (like Wengers) gets found out.

    Arteta is never going to have the best players. Not with 50m net to spend!

    We needed a manager who we know could turn us from currently one of thel worst EPL teams off the ball to one of the best.

    We needed an Allegri, a Simeone… Our players need to be drilled on how to defend as a team. Arteta? Do me a favour!

    Wenger and his power trip is over only to be replaced by that snake Ivan’s…..

  79. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Some reports saying Henry won’t come back because he don5 wan4 to be assistant

    Is he that egotistical

  80. kc

    Absolutely love when people try to compare Arteta taking over this train wreck to Pep taking over Barcelona. He only had Xavi, Iniesta, and Messi to help in that transition. Night and Day.

  81. Leftsidesanch


    No offence intended but that’s nonsense. Arteta hasn’t managed anywhere that is the elephant in the room here. An unknown quantity would be a manager who has promise and some managerial experience to boot. Arteta may have promise as a coach but he is untested at any level.

    It’s a case of Arsenal doing things on the cheap while trying to be the smartest guys in the room yet again. It also speaks of their ambition/lack of.

    What player worth his salt will respect Arteta or want to sign to play under him? Because we’re the mighty Arsenal right? We’re not half as big as our fans delude themselves to think.

    Every single manager we face next season will fancy his chances against an Arteta led Arsenal. This was our chance to show we mean business and this is the best we can muster. You’d think AFC thrive off having a divided fanbase.

  82. Leftsidesanch

    Ivans a shiny headed twat, who has left himself no wriggle room should we appoint Arteta and it goes wrong. We’ll see.

  83. China

    Anyone who likes Hong Kong will like shanghai. They’re far from identical but they’re the same ball park in terms of the vertical bustling megapolis with a lot of attention put on quality, food and service

    Beijing is really worth it to see ‘real’ China but that does unfortunately mean a sacrifice in terms of quality in just about every way compared with HK and SH

    In terms of food, China is wildly inconsistent in quality imo – both in terms of what’s on offer and from place to place

    The food culture here is vastly overrated in general, as it lacks any particular cohesion. Cold mashed potato w/jam for one mouthful, then a bite of birthday cake, before some marinated spicy broccoli sums up how random a Chinese meal can be (some good individual dishes mind)

    But Japan. Now there is a country that gets it spot on with food!

  84. S Asoa

    Guardiola doing everything to move Arteta to Arsenal. After all Iniesta is available and a far better option.
    This is called being ruthless

  85. China

    It goes without saying that there are plenty of exceptions here mind.

    Some top tier restaurants and places here, just a lot of tat as well

  86. salparadisenyc

    Hong Kong is a 10, but local knowledge is required.

    Arteta won’t be finishing in a worse position than Wenger this season, not with 30 goals in PEA and defensive strength. Wager he hits first target, which is of course every Arenal supporters birth right; the top four trophy.

  87. Ishola70


    ” Arteta won’t be finishing in a worse position than Wenger this season.”

    Hope not.

    It’s a six team league with Arsenal lagging behind the rest atm.

    If he falls out of top six that can only be termed poor and there may even be consequences for him if that happened.

    He would really have to balls it up on a major scale not to get in top six.

  88. Freddie Ljungberg

    Is Pedro in another peroni induced coma?
    Not that there’s much to write about anyway.

    Looks like Max Meyer is joining Hoffenheim. They have CL and a real manager, guess that makes sense. One less freebie we can snap up.

    I’m completely against Arteta, reeks of the cheap option, but if we have a good window we should still be doing better than in the last couple of seasons. If we’re not going to show any ambition at all with our manager hiring then we better do it in the transfer market or things will get ugly fast…

  89. Guns of SF


    Good points about the transfer window but with the budget being thrown out as 50m that makes it hard. I’m a little skeptical of the 50m figure I do think we have more than that perfect whole number.

    Sales of the deadwood is the only way to buy some better players

    Too bad for max I don’t blame him for overlooking us

    Convincing an prospects to join the arsenal project will be challenging. There needs to be a catch or selling point.

    I’ve accepted that Arteta will be it. Hard to do but no point in fighting it. Not my pick at all

  90. Freddie Ljungberg

    Even if it’s “only” 50m we can still strengthen massively.

    We can get decent money for Chambers and Welbeck since they’re english, Mustafi and Xhaka would also fetch a decent sum.

    Add in a couple of the loanees and Ospina and we’re looking at an extra 100m without touching our most valuable (and sellable) assets in Bellerin and Ramsey.

    Buy smart and relatively young (except for 1 experienced CB maybe) and we’ll look a lot better.