Austrian Arsenal spoke to last year leaves club, but for who?

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Atleti won the Europa League, Griezmann’s first major trophy… but it should have been ours!

I cannot believe we didn’t make 10 men at home count for more than nothing.

A lot of ‘why don’t we hire Diego’ after the game.

  • He likes Atletico
  • He likes Inter Milan
  • He doesn’t speak English

I’m also not sure if you’d want that sort of football at Arsenal. I mean, some fan now seem impervious to the idea of bringing negative football back to Arsenal, I can’t help but think they’d be disappointed in that.

Not that I’d be against Simeone, I’m just not sure we need to go there.

One manager the club certainly like is Ralph Hassenhutl, the German went on the record last year to say he’d spoken to Arsenal about the potential opening at the club. That’s three Bundesliga managers we know the club were interested in, having spoken to Schmidt and Tuchel the same summer. Anyway, point of the thread is the Austrian has quit his position at Leipzig after two seasons with the Redbull outfit. He finished an incredible second last year, but couldn’t quite replicate that form this year, dropping down to 6th.

The 50-year-old found managerial fame taking German minnows Ingolstadt to the Bundesliga with a promotion, then keeping them in the league with a powerful defensive system that made up for having the worst attack in the league.

It’s unclear who rang the change bell, Rangnick or the manager. But the post-firing commentary was very positive from their Sporting Director.

“I would have liked to go into the new season with Ralph Hasenhuttl as our head coach,”

“I came to the realisation that another year together to begin with would have been sufficient. For Ralph however, there was no alternative to a premature contract extension. It was his explicit wish to terminate the contract and we accepted that with a heavy heart.

“In the past few season, Ralph has been incredibly impressive with a huge contribution and put in a lot of work. I don’t see Ralph as just a very talented coach but he’s also an incredible person. From the bottom of my heart, I wish him all the best for the future, both professionally and privately.”

Where Hassenhutl is planning on going next is a mystery. He reckons he turned down Bayern in January.

“The fact is that today I spoke with no other club, except that I once had a loose contact with Bayern Munich.

“I said that I cannot imagine that I am not a solution for Bayern, because I lack the international experience.”

The coach who compares himself Klopp when it comes to philosophy made an odd choice considering he’s 50 years old, but who am I to judge? That’s why I wonder if he’d move to Arsenal?

Anyway, he fits our brief from a philosophical perspective. He’s very organised, knows how to drill a defence, his game is all about intense pressing, he’s had to coach young kids at Redbull (they pride themselves in developing the youth between 17-23), and he’s picked up some of the flair Rangnick was famous for.

He’d be a solid hire, not an overly exciting one… though he does run up and down the sideline, something fans equate with winnertivity I believe.

Interesting that Bayern Munich, a mega club who signed Carlo and Pep, have opted to sign the Frankfurt coach Niko Kovac. The German-born Croatian doesn’t have much of a CV, he played some exciting direct football under Frankfurt for the past two seasons, but he’s hardly WINNER like you might think Bayern would want after not winning the CL for a while. The big pull for them was having a German and that German having played for the club. He has that emotional tie to Bayern, and that’ll take the edge off them not landing a mega name.

Anyway, point is, they’re a bigger club than us, with better players, and they’re hiring someone who basically did a good job of not getting Frankfurt relegated.

The Galactico manager is a dying breed, unless they bring the magic football…

Not that I’d ever bring the post back to who I want Arsenal to sign.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Looks like de long is gonna be da keeper

    Anyone have any knowledge of him

    Good … flaky ?.

    Not sure bout the two cbs there looking at
    As for Evans ffs

  2. Ishola70

    Quote from the Daily Telegraph:

    “Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis is overseeing the recruitment process and believes that Arteta embodies the Wenger values that the club will seek to continue ”


  3. Berg

    Arteta is the cheap self sustainable option who won’t demand big name signings. It’s as simple as that

  4. Marko

    “Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis is overseeing the recruitment process and believes that Arteta embodies the Wenger values that the club will seek to continue ”

    Well fuck

  5. China

    For all we know the values are good! I don’t remember them ever actually telling us what the fuck our values are!!!

    It just got wheeled out to justify us being shit and why we shouldn’t be embarrassed about it.

    I don’t recall many more specifics than that. Maybe one day we’ll find out what these awesome values actually are!

  6. Guns of SF

    Values are
    Lying to fans
    Not spending to help team
    Overpaying shit players
    Being cheap
    4th place trophies
    Poor coaching leading to excuse making

    Just a few

  7. salparadisenyc

    It’s all media space fill at this stage. Clubs actions speak volumes about keeping Wengers values. Last transfer window was as UN Wenger as it gets. Just before he was sacked.

  8. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Articles appearing on Wenger’s coulda signed 11. Two things cone to mind in reading the article(s) – Wenger really is a mug of a goof and geez is he going to miss being the spotlight, as evidenced by his ridiculous never-ending comments. Good riddance already!

  9. Guns of SF

    Add to that list

    Blaming the fans for teams performance
    Causing team chaos by not revealing his extension to the club
    Being a selfish prick
    Self interests

  10. TonyD

    Another day manager-less with the transfer window open and our club in need of major surgery and changes in their loser culture and the world cup coming up fast.

    Way to go Gazidis.
    Guess you have all your excuses ready now …..
    too difficult to buy players during the world cup,
    manager couldn’t join us in time etc etc

    That’s what happens when you have inexperienced people in senior management.

    We have a CEO who has never hired a manager who came from the MLS when it was a bigger joke of a league than it is now.

    How did we end up with Gazidis? I believe we have to thank Wenger another part of his wonderful legacy.

    The search for a manager is ridiculously boring now and seriously heading towards undermining our 2018/19 season.

    Still we are the kings of the underprepared for new seasons, aren’t we?

  11. gonsterous

    that Moyes move to United not only got them out of the CL but also left utd in very bad shape. they have been undoing moyes till last season. arteta is moyes 2.0.. I’ll just sit back and wait for this to blow up in all the” Arti Knows Best” fans

  12. Guns of SF

    Gazidis has played this card so safe…. Tony and others have rightly pointed out… this is a safe pick for him, because when we fail, he will have a field day with excuses.
    He better watch himself, as I think the teams demise will lead to his very soon.
    He will be joining Wenger for high tea somewhere laughing at the fleecing they have done to this team

  13. Black Hei


    I don’t think Ivan is clueless at all. In fact, he is very on course for his objective.

    Emulating the strategy of the likes of Dortmund, Athletico and Monaco but making money closer to the scale of Manchester United.

    In that sense, I think he has been quite successful.

  14. Sid

    Arteta as manager and Santi Cazorla as his assistant. This is really shocking to say the least. Is any Arsenal player going to take these 2 seriously? Its better to hire Carlo Ancelotti and make Arteta his assistant if Gazidis loves Arteta so much.

  15. Jeff

    For a start any world class player is going to think twice about coming to Arsenal and playing for a novice manager and any that we already have is going to think twice about staying. Every time I think about Arteta being on the touchline a part of me dies a little.

  16. Moray

    Well, we signed Arteta the player three years too late. Now it looks like we’ve signed Arteta the manager three years too early…

  17. Redtruth

    Making top 4 with a rookie Manager would seem to gormless fans like overachieving.
    I’d rather have a proven competent Manager who made top 4 and fans who still felt let down.

  18. Redtruth

    Top 4 is not a goal, winning the title is a goal.
    Making up the numbers in the Champions league is not a goal, actually winning it is a goal.

  19. gonsterous

    red truth is out with his “the world is ending ” ” the end is nigh ” sign boards early today… wonder what the occasion is ?

  20. Black Hei

    “Well, we signed Arteta the player three years too late. Now it looks like we’ve signed Arteta the manager three years too early…”


    I hope Arteta is like good beer. It is never too early to have one.

  21. Graham62

    If you had to make a pie chart based on Arsenal’s season ending objectives, what would be the numerical proportion for all the relevant issues?

    1. Get Wenger out.
    2. Win Europa League.
    3. Hire a new and appropriate manager.
    4. Terminate the services of the entireWenger brigade.
    5. Revamp the squad.

    What percentages would you give?

  22. Guns of Hackney

    Our £56m forward didn’t make the French squad but our (ex) utterly garbage, tongue out hair model did…if I’m Lacazette this morning…I might be a bottle of gin down and looking at the next one. Embarrassing.

    On a side note. We should absolutely it be offering Wilshere a contract. Not at all.

  23. TonyD

    Black Hei
    Gazidis is not clueless he’s just very good at masking things, hiding behind others and excuses and living to his own agenda far and removed from what our club needs.

    He’s in it for the money – his money first and foremost.

    He’s learnt from the master of spin – your messiah: Wenger!

    We need a knowledgeable CEO football man with many years experience in the PL and CL. Gazidis has only leant ion the job from a very poor teacher – again: Wenger.

    Try to see the woods for the trees Black Hei; the answers are for all to see.

  24. Terraloon

    I am totally confused with the possibility of Arteta or indeed any coach who hasn’t been tested at the highest level taking over .For me the little snippets suggest that there simply isn’t a long queue of tried and tested coaches prepared to pick up the baton and that has forced Arsenal to take a different and for me a far more risky path.

    AW states that Arteta has qualities to be an Arsenal manager. Really why not say he has the qualities to be a manager? Ok most on here think Arsenal are that special club but when it comes to a first team coach surely the skill set should be pretty similar and ok you’d want a certain type of football to be played but we cant comment on how Arteta sets up to play. So what are those qualities.?

    If I am correct then its all about the make up and lack of quality in the current squad.Would any top coach look at that squad and say yep just two or three additions and we will be in with a shot at the league? Theron is the problem AW who displays those special Arsenal qualities is saying that so the board are adopting that stance and are happy to fund those one or two players with a transfer pot of £50 million. That figure isn’t made up it’s been put out there deliberately by the club
    The expectation of the board would be a s a minimum top four, after all AW tells us the league title with just a tweak of the squad is achievable but top coaches will know that ain’t gonna happen. Would they be that desperate to get the Arsenal gig knowing that the resources to re build and challenge even for top four is highly unlikely ?

  25. TonyD

    Accountability is what our club needs beginning with Gazidis.

    Firmly set out goals with strong non negotiable or excuse ridden KPIs with a measured time-bound target frame.

    Never happen, though.

  26. Steiner

    Zoet should be our new keeper.
    He catches a ridiculous amount of balls I a team that has a leaky defense and is not afraid to commit to be a sweeper of necessary.

    15 M for Rambo, you drunk or high???