Big favourite out the running, one hanging around like a bad smell

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Well, if you were heading in to read another Arteta love in, you’ll be greatly disappointed, because I’ve changed my mind.

Bring. Back. Akers.

Just kidding.

There was more movement in the press yesterday. The one story that is slightly horrifying me is Brendan Rodgers name and how it’s hanging around betting circles like a bad smell that gets in your lungs leaving eggs that spiders come out leading to a painful death in which you drown in spider laughter.

There seems to be a lot of goodwill brewing for Arteta, I’d hate it if we lost our bottle and offered the most cringe manager in football a way back into the league with a panic offer.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a bad manager, but be real, he had to slink off to Scotland to get his mojo back. Winning a title there is pretty easy on account of next to no competition in the league. They’ve won 7 titles on the bounce. Interestingly, one of my Celtic pals messaged me to say the Arteta signing felt to him a little like the Neil Lennon hire for them back in the day.

Anyway, Brendan Rodgers would be by far the most offensive appointment we could make. He’s a cringe, we’d all start sending shit memes to each other, and our press conferences would become more embarrassing than some of the after-game AFTV shenanigans.

I don’t want him at Arsenal.

Another piece of news that slipped out of Sky was that Patrick Vieira landed a call from the club about the job, and he was disappointed by the call because he felt it was a token gesture.

I can’t lie, I’m over the moon that’s how he thought the call went. If you were really up for the job, wouldn’t you want to get in front of people? Who rocks a phone interview if they want a job? He didn’t even kick it up a notch and go for a Skype video conference vibe. Imagine that, going for an £8m a year job and having to restart your laptop because your screen froze with you looking like you’ve just come up at a Carl Cox closing party. Unbelievable carry on.

Meet for a coffee, make an effort, show you want the role! This is part of the issue you get with explayers, they think they’re owed a living. Maybe I’m being a little unfair, I just remember the outrage of the Class of 92 when the club started dropping hires. Ryan Giggs in particularly really irked me. There were even stories that crept into the press about his lacklustre interview process for Swansea.

Anyway, what this tells you is the process is still on-going. The Daily Mail are reporting that the players have been told it’s 90% likely to be Arteta, again, how ridiculous are these stories… Ivan G dropping texts to kids that he’s 90% certain he’s going to sign Mikel? Please. Players are just speculating like we are, which is kind of amusing in itself.

Here’s my view, the club likely do have a favourite, and it very likely is Arteta… but this move is a risk, and Ivan G can’t come back to the fans and press and say…

‘Hey guys, we spoke to 3 people, two weren’t interested, but here’s Arteta’

They have to do their due diligence. Ivan’s already been caught talking bollocks about his extensive managerial searches when he said last season the club had scoured Europe and Arsene was the best candidate for the club. According to Honigstein, he spoke to Tuchel, who was excited about Arsenal, but then we shit the bed and re-signed Wenger.

Anyway, Ivan has to do this properly. You wait for his press conference, I bet there’s a number involved.

‘We spoke to 16 of the best candidates in Europe’

Because if there isn’t, it’ll look like he’s just signed his mate.

Still, what is interesting is since I penned that Arteta article on Monday, everyone has come out the woodwork to corroborate my theory on him being a visionary signing. This Sammy Lee article really was an eye-opener for the doubters.

Indeed, Arteta’s most important contribution to City has been how he communicates with the squad. More often than not he has been the one charged with taking on board Guardiola’s demands and filtering them through to the players. He was the one who explained to Fabian Delph what was expected of him in his new role as a hybrid left-back/central midfielder.

He has spent hours getting the message across to the centre-backs, spelling out exactly how they need to position themselves on the pitch and how to shape their bodies when they receive the ball. At the end of last year Guardiola highlighted how Sterling’s finishing had improved as a result of extra hours spent on the training ground with Arteta.

Over the years Guardiola has occasionally referred to his “smell”, his sixth sense when it comes to making key decisions relating to his squad; he has used it in explaining why he sold Samuel Eto’o at Barcelona and Joe Hart at City.

And it seems that Arteta has a similar knack; after a couple of big wins this season Guardiola has said that he knew a good performance was coming because Arteta, taking charge of the pre-match warm-ups, and relayed how impressed he was with the players’ efforts ahead of kick-off.

A source close to the coaching staff says Arteta is a “professor”, although he is no shrinking violet, as evidenced when he confronted Lionel Messi in the tunnel at Camp Nou last season, helping to spark a mass brawl.

Everywhere you look, people are leaking that we’re hiring a leader, a fantastic coach and an innovator. Sad times that Mikel managed the City team that beat us. But whatever, I can forgive. Just bring me juego de posicion.

Anyway, the timeline seems to be that the club are rattling off interview this week. That might rollover to the following week if we’re planning on talking to Allegri (though the leaks suggest that’s not on). Then we’re into decision time. Ivan has to go to the board that has no power and tell them that they’re voting for the manager that he, Josh, Sven and Raul like.

Then it’s go go go…


Just remember, Brendan Rodgers. #NotMyManager

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Interesting that Flapianski has become a better keeper since leaving Arsenal.

Ospina needs to be given a more consistent run in the team.

Cech is a liability.

Martinez and Macey could also be given more opportunities.

Now that Wenger and his cronies are out of the picture, I feel far more upbeat about things.

It’s a fresh start for all the players and I’m convinced that this in itself will help to generate a marked improvement in players performances.

Black Hei

End of the day, its all about the money, money, money.

Signing Arteta as Wenger’s replacement is always about ensuring that we don’t get a coach that demands 200m to “turn us into title contenders”.

But with an outside chance of making to the champions league.

In fact the rumor mill have Sven making all the signings before Arteta is even appointed.


One thing that was noticeable last weekend, was that when city scored their late winner and the manager, coaching staff and players were going berserk, Arteta was nowhere to be seen celebrating, even though he was on the bench (well I never saw him anyway)… That sort of tells me that his head was somewhere else and didn’t want to be seen over celebrating knowing that the Arsenal job is a possibility.

Guns of Brixton

“IN Arteta we TRUST”….


Not doing that crap again


If it’s Arteta, which looks increasingly likely, we should all give 100% support for the guy.

The most important thing in all of this is that Wenger has gone. The stale stench of predictabilty and boredom no longer exists.

Give Arteta a chance.

Black Hei


I get to continue as an AKB if we sign Allegri or Arteta



surprised to see you back again,could remember vividly announced vividly you were ‘jumping ship’ to fulham?when will you switch off your support again?


The appointment of Manager [Head Coach] has to be the priority this summer
along with rebuilding the coaching team and staff.

As I posted before the staffing was not only stale, but also in my view too large.
You need a coaching team which takes full responsibility for the jobs that they are supposed to do.

It seemed to some observers that many of the jobs were more in the “gift” of
Wenger than actually being needed or productive. In other words it was often unclear what some people were actually doing at the club.


I get to continue as an AKB if we sign Allegri or Arteta

who would have thought it, we’ll all become AKB once more,exciting times right


Apparently there’s no reasonable candidate to replace wenger? Really?

Arteta won’t work!!

Coach 15

EmiratesstrollerMay 17, 2018 06:01:50
The priority this summer has to be in sorting out our defence, which was not
only unstable but leaked like a sieve.

EmiratesstrollerMay 17, 2018 07:41:16
The appointment of Manager [Head Coach] has to be the priority this summer
along with rebuilding the coaching team and staff.

Make your mind up fella,you seem a little confused about your priorities.



Yep, if Wenger had stayed, Fulham or Brighton would have been a convenient alternative.

As it stands, Wenger has gone, Brighton stayed up and Fulham are in with more than a shout.

A win, win, win.

Sorry, but after nearly 50 years of club allegiance, another year of supporting Wenger FC would have been a pointless exercise.


“Apparently there’s no reasonable candidate to replace wenger? Really?”

seeing as you’re the only ‘reasonable’ candidate available,why don’t you put a word in for the job? oh yeah I know why,you’d be rightly thought as a village idiot.


agreed, ES priorities seems all over the place


The priority this summer is to fumigate the club and start again.

Freddie Ljungberg


I bump into a few, mostly Man U and Liverpool still, though Chelsea and City is on the rise a bit ,still behind us from what I can see. That will change in the future if we continue like this.


“Yep, if Wenger had stayed, Fulham or Brighton would have been a convenient alternative”

hang your head in shame

comments like this makes you come across as a ‘plastic fan’
switching allegiance from clubs like its tap or something,you and your likes are only in it for the good times, the moment we are seemingly on a rough path and off you go pledging allegiance to the new flavor in town,pathetic.



One priority is to rebuild the management and staffing at the club.

The other priority is the recruitment of players within the club’s transfer budget.

I don’t think that is difficult to understand. Both are entirely different, but
must be priorities before the season starts.



You said the same thing on here before and I’m not going to explain to someone like you WHY, because you’d never understand.

If you were prepared to continue to accept the destruction of the club, that was your choice. I, on the otherhand, will not cheer for something that is fundamentally flawed.

Going to come out with your weak argument for supporting the lads again?


Part of the problem at Arsenal for a very long time is that there has not been a coherent plan whether it is recruitment of staff or players. The point I made about staffing is not just my opinion but that of a number of others who know the set up of the club. It was also pointed out to me that our Academy programme does not compare favourably with that of either Chelsea or Spurs. There are a lot of different opinions on Le Grove about the players we need to recruit. Some think that money is no object… Read more »


@Victorious, haven’t missed your drivel.

“the moment we are seemingly on a rough path”

You mean from 2008-2018?!?!

You’re the “pathetic” one.

Coach 15

I definitely understand what the word means,and I totally agree with you,but with your posts I was getting confused,having to re read again.
I would have thought that replacing the manager was the first job on the list,not something that had to be stated.


So it turned out that Arsene Wenger was irreplaceable as Arsenal manager.

Gazidis said this to us before so maybe we should have taken heed.

Legenda Arsene.


I keep reading we only have a budget of £50 million for transfers this summer,so my question is how can you expect a new manager whomever he is to possibly re-build a team with that constraint? A world class centre half or DM will cost you that alone!We need a goalkeeper,two centre halves,a world class DM and a winger at the very least,so that’s got to be £200 million out the window. Even if he sells some of the squad it won’t raise enough! Arteta will be the new manager and he won’t spend what’s needed so it will be… Read more »


Coach 15

“Priority” means getting things done quickly and before the start of next season which is less than 90 days.

Of course the recruitment of new manager/head coach should be first matter
to resolve on list.

However, with an enlarged senior management team of Gazidis, Sanllehi and
Mislintat it should be possible to deal with all these matters in time.

A club of Arsenal’s size should be able to “multi task”.

Coach 15

Stanley has been taking the piss for a decade now,it doesn’t really matter who’s coaching the team,bottom line is minimal investment for profit.
The only reason they have changed manager was the threat of lost revenue from lack of ST renewals.


It seems fans are still a bit confused.

Arsenal are a self-sustaining football club and spend what they generate in income.

That means no pumping in of money from any other source and that includes owner of self-sustaining football club.


‘You said the same thing on here before and I’m not going to explain to someone like you WHY, because you’d never understand.’ why? try me or more likely you really don’t have any explanations to back such myopic opinion of how to be a fan. “If you were prepared to continue to accept the destruction of the club, that was your choice. I, on the otherhand, will not cheer for something that is fundamentally flawed.” there you go again,nailing your colour to the mast on WHY you’re a glory hunter,you might not realize but there’s always ‘tough periods’ for… Read more »



You’re absolutely right of course

However, this is how Arsenal fc is run.
It won’t change.
it is possible for the club to progress despite the financial constraints. Difficult but possible.

I’m prepared to back Arteta to begin with. Let’s see what he can do.

Also, if it goes wrong fans patience will run out very quickly



The so-called budget figure is £50 Million Net. It does not factor in monies generated from transfer sales and I suspect that the club can spend more if required.

However, there is no magic money box at Arsenal. We do not have owners like those at Chelsea and Man City who will write out annually cheques for £100-200 million.

Personally I do think that Arsenal will spend more this summer than the
so-called transfer budget, because we did not use our net budget in last
financial year. Our sales exceeded acquisitions.


ES I’ll be surprised if we spend as much as £50 million net to be honest. You have to factor in a second year of no CL football remember. Also, who are we going to sell to generate extra cash? We already sold giroud, the ox and Walcott. Ozil won’t want to leave because no other team in Europe will pay him £350 grand a week. Players like mustafi and xhaka are now worth a lot less than we paid for them. The one player we might get a decent amount for is ramsay but he hasn’t signed and is… Read more »


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