Wenger says his final goodbye with an away win

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So there it is, the final chapter in has been penned, and Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal football club.

It’s hard to believe that after 22 years, the big man will no longer parade The Arsenal dugout.

No more 60th minute subs. No more zipper issues in the dugout. No debates about what the next steps should be.

The Huddersfield game gave the manager an away win on his final game, a beautiful 2-yard tap-in from Aubameyang coming from an Aaron Ramsey assist (likely to be Welshman’s last game as well).

I mean, let’s not talk about the game, we were lucky to escape with three points. The players were a disgrace in the final hurrah. Everyone has been tapped out of playing since February. Very disappointing, but I guess they don’t care about the club or fairytales like we do.

I don’t really know what to write, because I feel like a blew my goodbye load on his last home game.

Even though I’ve been vocally opposed to the manager for many years, I have a great amount of respect for him. He gave me some of the most exciting football of my life. Growing up during his peak offering to the masses is something no amount of banter years can ever take away.

My childhood plotted with heroes, elite moments and trophies galore. What an artist Wenger was when he first came over. He played the game like the gods wanted it played. He was the conductor of the most incredible symphony for a good ten years.

I’ll write more about that another day. We’ll also revisit the banter years as well, because even during the dark times, Wenger still pulled together squads 70% capable of delivering a trophy. Maybe a little more ambition post-2006 and things may have been a bit more trophy-laden.

For now though, it’s a thanks for the memories type of day.

I hope he finds a cushy job somewhere else, makes a boatload of cash, and plays football on the beach with the locals like a hero.

As for Arsenal? Well, the future is unpredictable. The next manager is still undecided. We could be in for a rocky couple of years, but look, it’ll all be in the name of progress and it’ll be exciting. The club has been chained to sentimentality for far too long, thankfully, that’s about to change.

The board need to bring back the excitement to the Arsenal season ticket and help us awaken the sleeping giant that’s been dormant since we moved to the new stadium.

For now, it’s goodbye Arsene. The club will forever be indebted for your outstanding dedication to the red and white of Arsenal.

Tune in a little later for a very long read on who I think the next manager should be, it’s a fine read I think.

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Bankz is here for the Tr4phy again


Bye arsene






Who is awake ?




I would like to retire this wanky 4th place trophy as the new manager will be trying to win and 4 the will not Eman anything




Where are you Bankz lol your shit trophy Boooom


“The club has been chained to sentimentality for far too long, thankfully, that’s about to change.”
Especially if we hire Arteta.


Highbury did you see the list on match of the day ? Damn only alegri in that list for me

Mark S

I made the bench tonight. Only 90 days until the opening weekend of the 2018/19 EPL Season.


Lovin’ the ‘Kroenke, You’re Next’ banner!


I have a feeling Poch is going to depart for Real Madrid this season.

Troy McClure

A new dark horse candidate emerges – Hamburg’s Christian Titz! Now that he couldn’t save Hamburg from relegation, a mission impossible, he will likely be available, so let’s Titz a look and a squeeze. He’s firm yet forgiving, keeps the lad’smorale up at all times, and will bounce back up .. it’s late, I’m tired, ran out of titz jokes, fill in your own.


Let’s hope Titz rack up a lot of appearances for us..

I’ll let myself out.


I really don’t think we will have a tough few years.
A new manager will immediately buy a DM and sort out that defense.
He will instill more discipline in the team, and hopefully improve the players both individually and as a team.

This is not a bad team, it needs some additions, DM and defense, Xhaka replaced, outside of that the midfield is in OK shape, and the attack is close to lethal.

I think the future is bright.

Guns of SF

Give us the read now Pedro I’m bored and it’s 722pm in California dude


Ramsay not looking to sign then? Can’t say I’m too bothered, particularly as he will bring in some funds that can be redistributed, but it will increase the transformation required to our first team.


I personally don’t hate Arteta(nobody does TBH) and IF he gets appointed, I will fully back him(IMO pretty much the whole club). What we’re against is the idea that a young inexperienced man taking in charge. Take a pragmatist to sort out the culture & mentality of the club first. No more dressing room selfies and signing of spineless players(I’m looking at you Ozil). We should stop treating defending us work burden and bring in some players who thinks defending is as good as attacking. What I’m saying is let’s learn to walk first before aiming at usain Bolt. IF… Read more »



Black Hei

I think we will have to look into the practicalities of the next appointment.

Whoever he is, he is primarily in charge of coaching and managing the first team. Something like the Chelsea manager, but with even less authority.

I guess we are all aching for an established name, but I don’t think an established name would want to play 2nd fiddle to Sven and Raul in the transfer and contract stakes.

So rather than some implosion dysfunctionality waiting to happen, I would rather go for an “Arteta” type appointment.


the new manager to appoint will be the head coach nothing more. he won’t have 100% say in transfers. so, there will be no ambiguity in terms of what his work entails. he is to work in tandem with mislintat and ranhelli. I would prefer allegri but if the reverse is the case then I will still support whosoever is appointed.


Tee n black how wud a coach not have aa say in transfers.daats setting him to fail knowing arteta is new to coaching.he will surely have a big say in who is bought.

Black Hei


We didn’t make it up. It is the club that is sending out these signals by briefing journos and media outlets.



I said 100%. That is, unlike the previous regime where the manager is the alpha omega of players’ transfer. Now, it will be a synergy of opinions


Looks like Allegri is staying at Juve:

“Juventus boss Max Allegri rules himself out of running to succeed Arsene Wenger at Arsenal”


What do they say? “A Fool and his money is easily parted”

Who you betting on next?