Wenger closes out new record + Managerial shortlist slims dramatically

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Ahhh man, sometimes, fairytales end when the Princess drinks too much wine, slips on a glass shoe and falls out the window, landing on her pet dog.

That’s Arsene’s final year. A real harrowing experience. He’s currently setting the record for the worst away showing since Giroud met a model in Manchester hotel and forgot to flush her mobile down the toilet.

It was a tough game to watch, not because we were particularly shite, more because we were so easily carved up in defence. Simple penetrating balls and diagonal crosses into our defence provoked sheer panic and confusion.

Iheanacho opened the scoring after about 15 attempts to clear our area, Arsenal can’t even hoof properly. Superstar hero man-child Mavrapanos disgraced himself a minute later with a red card on 15 minutes. He tried to play a clever pass under pressure, slipped, then brought down his man. It was pretty clumsy, very Arsenal, and a deserved red even though it looked like there was cover to pick up his mistake. Remember the days we used to wear red cards like a badge of honour? I want those back…

Arsenal leveled through Auba in the second half, some powerful running and calm composure from AMN to deliver a cross, allowing Auba to score on his second attempt. The joy didn’t last, Jamie Vardy broke our hearts from the penalty spot after Mikki made a clutzy foul in the box. Mahrez capped things off with a surging run he shouldn’t have been able to make.

Wenger is on his way out, he’s not even working hard for excuses, he took time out to lament decisions and throw a skewer at the Premier League for voting against VAR.

“Overall I believe we played a great game today. Even with 10 against 11 we should win the game. I’m convinced what changed the game was the penalty. I have complaints about the red card as well but I think we dealt well with the situation. I would like to praise the team for the spirit they showed tonight.

“There is always a reason for the defeat, but if you isolate each game, it is unfortunate what happened tonight. I think the Premier League has voted against VAR and it is upsetting. It destroys me because we were in front of the rest of the world, and now we want to be behind.”

I’m not going to go hard at the man, he’s Everton’s problem now. All I will say is I’m happy he gave Jack a nudge in the right direction.

“I’ve given him only one (bit of) advice, stay at the club. The noises I have heard is that he will do it,”

Good news. I know he’s been rank average most of the season, but he’s never really been coached. Let’s see how he does under someone who can help him with his game, motivate him to love playing again, and rekindle some of that magic we know he has.

Onto the good stuff. Allegri won his title and made some interesting comments to the press that kind of lead you to believe that I am some sort of f*cking expert when it comes to calling the narrative. This from James Horncastle.

‘Allegri pretty chippy on RAI when asked if it’s the end of a cycle and what Juve’s limits are. Calls the line of questioning absurd, says the team can still improve, the [re]build is not over and “we’ll fight for the title next season.”‘

That man needs a CL on his resume, he has a great team at Juve, the club works around his skillset, and he’s a perfect match for them. A huge pay bump and a move to London is always going to be attractive, but he can take that move whenever he wants. I wonder whether he has the appetite for a rebuild at Arsenal? An incredible coach, the best we could land, I just really doubt the situation.

Jezza Wilson, messenger for the mid-West aristocracy that owns our club, just dropped some information uppers on us, and it reads fairly similar to what I’ve been ranting your way this week.

Arsenal do not want to approach managers in work at an inconvenient moment and so must wait until most of the major European leagues have finished before accelerating their process.

Arsenal are not settled yet on whether to go all out for an established current manager like Allegri or Monaco’s Leonardo Jardim or a younger head coach-style option. They want to conduct a full recruitment process and intend to make their appointment by at least the start of the World Cup next month.

You can just imagine tight Stan K sitting in the boardroom stroking his persian cat.

‘Oh the conundrum, £15m a year manager who will bring all his expensive friends or two young coaches we can house in Vik Akers cupboard. Whatever shall I do?’

JW goes on to talk through the challenges of GALACTICO managers versus the young bucks. A well-trodden path we’ve explored with you many times before in the past.

Mokbel of The Mail and JC at The Mirror are both going on a similar path with Allegri, Arteta and Vieira (probably sharing intel with each other). Below is where the combined journo-list is at.

  • Allegri
  • Jardim
  • Nagelsmann
  • Paddy
  • Arteta

Realistically, for me, it’s going to be the three I’ve highlighted in bold. I can’t see PV04 being in the mixer, I’m not sure he’s moved NYC on enough, though he does have a great tie to the fans. Allegri is going to be very expensive, and likely very demanding of the club, not just that, he’s kind of said he’ll be there next season.

Jardim has everything we need, but maybe lacks the excitement of a manager who has a sexy back story, but he’s ready and he’d do an incredible job. He’s worked under every condition imaginable, he beat Paris last year on a budget with young players, and he has built great defences in the past. He’s also pretty young, just one year short of Tuchel at 43 years old, pretty much the peak age top managers start winning big things.

Nagelsmann and Arteta have different superpowers. Nagelsmann has actually managed a club and proved a success. However, we can keep on banging on about him, but Rapha H reckons he’s too smart to move to Arsenal. He’s just in it for the ego kick with us, most likely with an eye on Bayern where he apparently fancies settling down with his lady friend. I’d love this guy, he oozes the ingredients you want. Enough experience to be dangerous, enough potential to rock the league. But if his club won’t let him go, it’s tough… that said, Arsenal knocking on your door with a once in a lifetime job in London replacing Wenger is pretty appealing and tough for any man to say no to.

I’m back defending Arteta today. Too many people critiquing him for the wrong reasons. The common one is he’s too much of a Wenger patsy. I think that notion is badly misguided. He’s a key member of Peps coaching staff who just won a Premier League by destroying the competition. City humiliated the most expensively assembled league in the world. They boast a better goal difference than United and Spurs combined.

… yet people still question Arteta’s talent and strength as a potential coach because he played out the final 5 years of his career in a Wenger banter team. You think Pep Guardiola would have a wet blanket Wenger clone into his coaching setup? You think he’d let a pushover run his training sessions? You think he chooses to lean on average thinkers in one of the most high-pressure jobs in the world? Please. You’re not landing a job with Pep (who fought off Pochettino for his signature) unless you bleed like him and can offer him something he doesn’t have himself. That’s the only way the elite coaches can survive in the modern era, they’re the sum of their team. He’d also come with the ‘everyone thinks I’m going to fail’ chip on his shoulder, which is a plus over someone like Allegri who doesn’t need to prove a thing. Sure, Arteta is inexperienced, he’d be the biggest risk on the list, there’d be a lot to learn on the job, but let’s not look at the suggestion of Arsenal hiring him like we’re zip lining in Gunnersaurus to have a crack.

The close-mindedness of some fans is unreal. The same people who’ve spent 10 years enabling a failing manager who once blamed our ‘mysterious’ injury pileups on rogue hair pills, are now chiming in on what it takes to lead Arsenal to the next level, is the next level, is the next level. Where was all this knowledge when there was actually a debate about Arsene Wenger using tactics after our 46th straight defeat to a top 6 team? Astounding carry-on from the ‘The players let him down’ crew, and the ‘Who else is there?’ Crouch End Tourettes Brigade.

Anyway, those be my final words for today. If the MSM Arsenal insiders crew has the list right, we’ve got a group of men who can move us in the right direction next season, don’t let someone on Twitter called @SabrosaHamburguesaᵌ tell you otherwise.

Right, see you in the comments!


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  1. DM

    Nice one Bankz! Not sure how I was so late to the party today, v rare for me not to win the 9am post! Enjoy your tr4phy

  2. Bankz

    F*ck Wenger till the very end.
    Deluded old goat.
    Hope he leaves with all the AKB ass licking fans.
    I’ve waiting for this since like forever.
    Still can’t believe the universe finally granted our sole wish by getting Wenger off our hands.
    Can’t wait for the dawn of a new era under a better/vibrant manager

  3. Guns of Hackney

    I think the new manager will have to have more than just a superpower. We are 40 points from top.

    That. Is. Disgusting.

    I think the fucking Justice League would struggle with this shitty squad.

  4. Dream10

    Disappointing result. Thought young
    Marvin was unlucky to be sent off. Yet another match away from home where we score less than two goals. Defensive errors and shape can be improved thru organisation. But offensive output depends on coaching & especially talent. We need more passing, dribbling & pace. That costs money.

    Pretty certain we’re hiring Arteta. Gazidis is desperate to flex his muscles after his boss Arsène Wenger leaves the club.

  5. Samesong

    That red was harsh last night talk about ruining the lads confidence Monreal was clearly able to cover.

    I was thinking up until after Auba scores it was the hallmarks of that Madrid game but us being 1 man down.

    We played a team that thrive on counter attacking so I was a fool to think we could defend the draw. Was a touch unfortunate at times but defending woeful as always.

    Worst away record this season.

  6. Redtruth

    “The most obvious conclusion when you watch most games is that they attach more attention to offensive play and entertainment than the art of good defending.”

    Lol…..Arsenal haven’t scored more than one goal in each of the 7 away losses since the start of the New Year.

    If Arsenal’s offensive play was more potent then they would have avoided half of all those away losses since the New Year.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    The new manager of Arsenal needs to be the anthesis of Wenger and be able to sort out the defensive side of our game as a matter of urgency.

    It has been blindingly obvious over many years that Wenger did not have a clue how to build a solid defence. That has been absent in his philosophy.

    Tightening up your defence and instilling discipline and concentration is not
    rocket science and frankly you don’t need super stars to achieve this. There have been teams close to the relegation zone who are able to defend better than us this season.

    What has been clear for some time is that our experienced players such as Cech, Mertesacker, Koscielny and even Monreal are in decline and the players
    we have recruited apart from Mustafi have been cheap budget players or young inexperienced guys.

    As I wrote previously Manchester City had a defence in decline last season with most of the players in their 30s. They were ruthless and offloaded these
    players and threw £200 million+ at the problem.

    Arsenal were in a similar situation, but in contrast threw just £1.89 million at
    our defence.

    It is crystal clear to me that Arsenal under new manager/head coach needs to
    focus this summer on rebuilding our defence and more importantly deliver
    some stability. There has been far too much turnover of personnel, a poor
    tactical approach which has been much criticised over many seasons and
    a lack of concentration and discipline.

    Manchester City spent between £50-60 million on buying their goalkeeper and defenders and that is frankly what we need to pay to bring in the best.

    Clearly Arsenal cannot buy wholesale a defence like Man City have done, but
    we should be able to kick start the process by bringing in a top class goalkeeper and centre back.

    My view is that some of the other defenders at club are not beyond redemption and with proper tutelage can be brought up to scratch. Nevertheless changing the culture at the club is not going to happen overnight. It will be
    a 2-3 year process and cost a lot of money in the meantime.

    The midfield is also not brilliant, but would not be my priority in short term.
    Under right coach we have enough talent at club to improve this department.
    For a start I think that Maitland-Niles will be a great prospect in Central Midfield.

  8. Emiratesstroller


    That may be the case but we have scored 73 goals this season and that is more than Man Utd, Spurs and Chelsea.

    Moreover the club has introduced three new players in Aubameyang, Lacazette and Mkhitaryan and they have yet to bed into team as a collective.

    Goalscoring is not our major problem. I stick to what I have written above as
    the reason for our poor away form and the defensive errors that we make.

  9. Guns of Hackney

    We may have a few goals in attack but our midfield is appalling and the defence needs major surgery.

    It’s a complete defense and 90% of the middle.

    That’s massive.

  10. Redtruth

    “Goalscoring is not our major problem. I stick to what I have written above as
    the reason for our poor away form and the defensive errors that we make.”

    It is in away ganes lol

  11. Guns of Hackney

    The season is over so…we have to get the new chap in ASAP and let them get to work.

    The good thing is, most of our players aren’t going to the World Cup, so they can be sold nice and easily.

    Arsenal will need all of the close season to get this shit sorted.

  12. Redtruth

    We know as in previous seasons that the majority of Arsenal’s goals come against shit teams.

    This season Arsenal have only managed 10 goals sgainst top 6 opposition.

  13. Redtruth

    Arsenal scored 10 goals against Everton beat Huddesfield 5-0 and just beat Burnley 5-0 in a meaningless game.
    That’s 20 goals in 4 games ….what about the other 33 games…

  14. Emiratesstroller


    I am afraid that I disagree as usual with your opinion. Attack is not our problem.

    If you want to have clear evidence of Arsenal’s current problems take a look at
    the lack of stability in our defence. The only player who more or less starts our
    EPL Games is Bellerin at right back.

    We have played sofar no fewer than EIGHT different players in Centre Back
    positions this season i.e. Mustafi, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Chambers, Holding,
    Mavropanos, Monreal and Kolasinac.

    Do you think that is normal? If you play 3 or 4 at back you should know who are your first string players and perhaps one additional centre back on your
    books as backup.

    The fact that we have experimented with so many players tells you everything
    you need to know about the team’s instability.

  15. Guns of Hackney

    Let’s say PEA and Lacatallent get 20 each. Perhaps on a good day Mikki and Ramsay 8-10…I’m not sure where else we’re getting goals. Ozil? Forget it. Wilshere? The prick hasn’t scored 10 in 10 seasons.

    We are probably 30/40 goals shy per season than the very best.

  16. Emiratesstroller


    The last thing that Arsenal needs to do at moment is keep on spending on our

    We have invested in three new players this season and you can add in Nelson as a talented young winger prospect who will need game time next season.

    Aubameyang and Lacazette are both capable of scoring 25-30 goals a season +.
    There are not many other teams in EPL with that fire power.

  17. Dissenter

    Pep Guardiola won the league with an organization that’s not afriad to spend money.
    Would city have won without Arteta as assistant manager?
    Resounding YES

    Arteta needs a job with Deportivo La Curuna, not with Arsenal.

  18. Leftsidesanch

    Arteta is too much of a risk for me, and frankly underwhelming. Outside of that, I don’t mind who we get from that ‘shortlist’.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Was it not reported recently that Arteta fell out or didn’t get on with certain individuals at the club.? Too aloof

    I would go a puppet cos that’s what the baord want

  20. Leftsidesanch

    We don’t need a fancy, ‘look at us going for the risky option’ buy.

    We need a reliable pair of hands who has got his hands dirty before and some success to boot too.

    Arteta hasn’t even managed in the lower leagues, no way should Arsenal be his first job..

  21. Redtruth

    Martinez was touted as a potential Arsenal manager but he ended up as clueless as Wenger…

    Wengerball should be left on the playground where it belongs.

  22. Dissenter

    “Arsenal scored 10 goals against Everton beat Huddesfield 5-0 and just beat Burnley 5-0 in a meaningless game.
    That’s 20 goals in 4 games ….what about the other 33 games”

    Red just hit bulls eye with one throw.

  23. Emiratesstroller


    As usual you are being ridiculous.

    For the record Lacazette despite very limited number of games in first half of season still managed to score against both Manchester clubs.

    Do you seriously believe that Aubameyang once established and regularly playing in first team is not a top class goalscorer?

    I repeat what I have already said we have scored more goals in EPL than Man
    Utd, Spurs and Chelsea so goalscoring is not our problem.

    However a team which concedes 51 goals in EPL including probably at least 20+ which were avoidable is a major problem.

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I personally feel that one criteria the board makebon 5he new coach is that the youth players get a chance, thinking of the future where a sell can make payment for the future of the academy.

    Frankly I would be very surprised if the new team is not built on an axis of

    The Greek boy

    I personally think mustafi will be sold
    Xhara will be kept an made in to a payer which he is not.

    Welbeck will be. Sold

    Plus a few more to bring in da yoot

  25. Guns of Hackney


    I know. Ambitious. Even I don’t believe it.

    Arsenal are very short in every single department.

    Sixth or seventh is where we are.

    The new manager is going to have to sell an idea to potential candidates. It’s going to be very hard without CL for the next couple of seasons and having to pay jokers like Ozil and Jack £500,000 pw to stink up the place.

    This will be a massive achievement.

  26. Bamford10

    Bottom line is we have a lot of needs, but the most pressing needs are in defense. A new GK, CB and CDM, just to start.

  27. Guns of Hackney


    Thank you! The sweeper. A totally overlooked position these days. I think there should be a redux of this underrated position.

    Having said that, nowadays the GK acts as the sweeper. But I’m all for it.

  28. DM


    I think you misunderstand me, mate. Whilst I do agree with your overall point, I was just pointing out that your wording made it sound like Mkhi and Ramsey would score 8 or 10 each in ONE GAME. That’d be something quite special lol 😉

  29. Jamie

    Jesus, the Arteta delusion is real. Proteges don’t always meet, or indeed exceed the ability of the master. I’m fact, name 3′ managers in world football please. Didn’t work out so well with Giggs, who spent 20 years learning from Fergie, the most successful manager of the modern football era.

    Giving Arteta the gig with literally zero management experience (not even at managing a youth squad!) will be an absolute comedy show of errors until he loses the dressing room by Feb.

    Two years as a coach in Pep’s setup and he’s ready for the Arsenal job. Preposterous. Let Arteta work his ‘newly-acquired Pep knowledge’ to the test on the Man City under 23s and see what happens.

    The same Arteta who always looked for the safe backpass when we were chasing a goal to avoid being the guy to takes a risk.

    You’re much better than this, Pete! No to Viera while we’re at it.

  30. Mr Graham

    If all this rubbish about appointing Arteta, is because he’s spent 2 seasons sitting next to Guardiola. Then are we considering Steve McClaren!!!
    He spent 3 seasons sitting next to Sir Alex. Winning 3 X PL, 1 X FAC and 1 X Champions League?
    Thought not.

  31. Guns of Hackney

    The anti Arteta vibe just makes it an even better appointment.

    It will create a buzz and excitement.

    Arteta for me! If only piss people off.

  32. Mr. J

    “Arsenal remain the only side without an away point in ENGLISH LEAGUE FOOTBALL IN 2018…”

    The above is simply shocking.

    In fact, its way beyond shocking.

  33. steve

    “This season Arsenal have only managed 10 goals sgainst top 6 opposition.’


    Actually it’s even worse. Only 9 goals.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    RT/Guns of Hackney

    If I apply your logic to our goalscoring potential I suggest that you take a look at the stats of both Kane and Lukaku.

    Kane has managed just two goals against top 6 teams in EPL i.e. one each against Arsenal and Liverpool.

    Lukaku who has cost a staggering £76 million transfer fee has managed just
    one goal against a top 6 team i.e. against Chelsea.

    So Lacazette’s record in scoring against both Manchester City and United compares favourably particularly when you compare also the amount of game
    time he has played this season.

    Focus on the real problems at the club at the moment and the transfer priorities.

  35. steve

    Wenger continuing to brake records for all the wrong reasons. And the akb cunts still only wants to talk about the refs lolololol.

  36. E54_

    Where was all this knowledge when there was actually a debate about Arsene Wenger using tactics after our 46th straight defeat to a top 6 team? Astounding carry-on from the ‘The players let him down’ crew, and the ‘Who else is there?’ Crouch End Tourettes Brigade.
    The absolute cheek and audacity of these “true” Arsenal fans. Why aren’t you protesting him to stay. Since you love him so much, since “Theres nobody else who could do a better job than wenger” since it’s so hard to find a replacement. Day after day AKBs would say, “well who are you going to bring in if he goes”? Well i guess there’s no one so lets campaign to keep WENGER IN.. yeah come on! Wenger lovers unite, lets show these pesky WOBs how to do it, lets Get a plane saying WENGER-IN. In fact, he still has 1 year left and HE DECIDED *wink wink* he would leave.. not retire (lolz), just leave. Well if he can decide to leave then we can change his mind and convince him to stay.. right.. because we want him to stay….RIGHT????


  37. Bamford10

    By the way, I’m watching the Leicester match on replay and while Mavropanos’s mistake was obviously not a good moment for him, one has to ask who played that 30-yard hard, bouncing back-pass to a CB, a 20-year-old CB at that? Watch it again. Really dumb pass.

    Also, AMN gets all kinds of praise — and I grant that he is good on the ball — but he made at least two terrible decisions with the ball in our defensive third in the first 30 minutes. He’s not a defender for me at all. More a midfielder, but even then, what kind of midfielder? People will naturally praise his run and cross to set up Auba — a great play — but what kind of midfielder does that kind of thing? Certainly not a holding or defensive-minded one. Anyways, to me he’s another example of a player who has been played any number of places at Arsenal but will develop better if he is played in one position and one position alone.

  38. gambon

    One thing that will be massively important to the board will be getting the fans united and excited.

    As a result, I cant see Arteta coming in.

    It already seems that its mainly the AKBs that are excited about Arteta, because they base decisions on sentiment, not reality.

    Fact is the AKBs have now become the doom merchants, because they are picking holes in every managerial candidate, because they no longer support Arsenal FC…..that ship sailed a long time ago.

    Im gonna take a wild guess, that 99% of English AKBs are also Jeremy Corbyn fans as well. Seems to be a lot of similarities in these personality cults.

  39. Bamford10


    Ignore them. We were right, they were wrong. The whole time. And criticizing a manager is not equivalent to not supporting the team.

    These arguments are old and they are over. Wenger is dead. He should have been killed off a long time ago and we were the ones saying so.

    It’s over. There’s one guy who comes here simply to abuse other posters and he’ll be binned soon enough.

  40. Romford Pele

    “Also, AMN gets all kinds of praise — and I grant that he is good on the ball — but he made at least two terrible decisions with the ball in our defensive third in the first 30 minutes. He’s not a defender for me at all. More a midfielder, but even then, what kind of midfielder? People will naturally praise his run and cross to set up Auba — a great play — but what kind of midfielder does that kind of thing? Certainly not a holding or defensive-minded one. Anyways, to me he’s another example of a player who has been played any number of places at Arsenal but will develop better if he is played in one position and one position alone.”

    Funnily enough, I don’t think he’s that good on the ball to be playing in midfield. He has great physical qualities but is very lax/laid back in his approach. Probably one that needs a good manager to teach him discipline.

  41. Bamford10


    I’ve been saying that for a while: the fans who will be most critical of the new manager and negative about the new regime will be AKBs. They will see this as as opportunity to defend their fallen idol.

    I don’t see how Arteta would help unite the fans, though — maybe you’re being facetious? — as plenty of fans will regard this as a bad appointment.

  42. gambon


    I clearly stated that I dont think it will be Arteta, because he wont unite the fans.

    The club cant afford to get this wrong. Im sure it will be an Allegri/Ancelotti/Jardim/Enrique.

    I think Vieira is the only non obvious choice that will get a look in.

  43. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal fans in panic mode. Classic. This is why we are the worst fanbase in football.

    ANYONE would be an improvement after Wenger.

    Arteta could be great. He could be shit. The same goes for Allegri.

    A track record doesn’t guarantee success in another country, learning a new language, being in a
    new league and having really shitty players to work with.

    Go with the flow and enjoy the experience.

  44. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    Mavropanos and AMN are not Arsenal’s problem. Both are young inexperienced rookies.

    The problem at Arsenal over last two seasons has been the experienced players in team who have played badly and are clear for all to see are in decline.

    Everyone could see that Cech is no longer the player he was and as Pedro has
    posted umpteen times Ospina is not by any figment of imagination a first string goalkeeper.

    Koscielny was suffering from ligament problem last season and it was announced last summer that he could no longer play two games a week.

    Monreal started season as a Centre Back, because it was suggested that he
    could no longer perform as a Left Back. It was fairly obvious early in season that he lacked the height or physicality to play in that position.

    Mertesacker’s career was already over last season, but we still renewed his
    contract in December.

    Gabriel was sold without experienced replacement.

    That tells you everything you need to know about our defence. Poor management, poor coaching and players not fit for purpose.

  45. Romford Pele

    “The club cant afford to get this wrong. Im sure it will be an Allegri/Ancelotti/Jardim/Enrique.”

    I’m almost 100% sure it won’t be Ancelotti/Enrique – defo interest in Allegri/Jrdim/Arteta/Vieira.

    I get what’s being said about an appointment to unite the fanbase but Arsenal have never really been high-profile in the way we go about appointments so it wouldn’t surprise me if that was kept the same – especially as Gazidis said he wants the new coach to be able to work well with youngsters. With that in mind, and Per becoming Head of the Academy, the person would have to fit that role.

  46. Biggles

    Our defence is absolutely shocking this season. We’re at 51 goals conceded in the league. Last year it was 44. Season before that it was 36. That defence was predominantly Bellerin – Mert – Koscielny – Monreal.

    Unfortunately, Bellerin still hasn’t learned how to defend, but he might one day with an actual coach, so lets keep him. Mertesacker has retired and Mustafi whilst expensive, isn’t as good. Maybe he could be coached into half decency, but I’d tend to just sell him if we can get good money for him – he doesn’t seem any better than Holding to me. Kozzer has been decent, but he’s out for months and he was already in the twilight years. Have to plan for him being nothing more than a squad player if he ever regains fitness. Monreal is also getting a bit on the old side, but he’s still playing well.

    Whilst I’d like to see what our young defenders like Chambers, Holding and Mavropanos can do under a proper coach, I think it’s safe to say that we need to at least go out and buy a properly top notch CB. Not somebody with potential, not somebody who looks good in a diddy team, but an absolute beast who can shackle people like Diego Costa and not run away from him.

    I’m not sure who that player is, I’m not sure who would be available if we tried to sign them. I wanted Van Dijk years ago, but that boat has sailed. He had a great partnership with Jason Denayer who never broke through at Manchester City and I wanted to sign him if we could but that was 3 years ago and we’ve since signed people like Holding and Mavropanos, so we’re sorted in the potential-for-the-future department. Maybe we could persuade somebody like Umtiti or Varane if we massively upped their pay, maybe if he’s being frozen out at United we could land Eric Bailly. Dunno who, but somebody of that calibre. I’d also take Jonny Evans for £3m so that if we can’t get something good out of Chambers/Holding/Mavropanos then we at least have somebody decent to play alongside our expensive manbeast.

    The next big signing I’d make is goalkeeper. Cech and Ospina just do not cut it. Sure, I’d love Jan Oblak. Failing that, Donnarumma. But since we’ll never go and sign two world class players in the one window, I’d settle for Nick Pope. He’s got a high save percentage and surely that has to be the number one consideration for a keeper. I don’t care about playing out from the back and how far they can kick from a goalkick – none of it matters IF YOU CAN’T STOP THE BALL GOING INTO THE NET.

    Honestly, I’m strongly in favour of not going mental in the first transfer window. I think it’s hard to judge who actually needs replaced since we’ve not bothered having an actual coach for years.

  47. gambon

    “but Arsenal have never really been high-profile in the way we go about appointments”

    Yeah, but to be fair the current Arsenal have very few links to the past.

    Its Stan, Josh & Ivan in charge now.

    And if you look at the recent appointments of Sven & Raul, we are very much going out there and bringing big names in from big European clubs.

    Im not sure you follow up these hires, and spending £105m on 2 strikers, by bringing a rookie like Arteta in.

    This team desperately needs discipline, standards, effort and a winning mentality, not a work experience guy learning on the job.

  48. Romford Pele

    “This team desperately needs discipline, standards, effort and a winning mentality, not a work experience guy learning on the job.”

    These two comments are not mutually exclusive and considering the rebuild needed, it wouldn’t surprise to see a younger option (not that Allegri is old mind you) but let’s see how this stuff pans out.

  49. gambon

    The problem is I dont think a rookie is the best person to handle a rebuild.

    This isnt like when Man Utd lost Fergie. We are at rock bottom really, I think it will take a lot of experience to know who needs to be moved on, who needs to come in etc.

  50. Romford Pele

    “The problem is I dont think a rookie is the best person to handle a rebuild.”

    It’s a fair point and more than valid. Either way this situation isn’t comparable to Fergie leaving United at all. Like you said, Arsenal are probably as low as they can get right now, but because of that, fan expectation is also quite low. My vision is that it’ll probably take a couple of seasons to get back to where we should be, so whether the person is massively experienced or not, as long as they have a good plan and ideas that the fanbase can buy into, they’ll get backing IMO.

  51. Ishola70

    For shame to those that keep peddling Arteta and Vieira for the job.

    Shame on you.

    We keep hearing how great Arteta is at coaching with Man City, Where is the evidence that he coaches all players there including the defensive side of the game? Where is the evidence that he has a clue about overall team tactics rather than just working with individual players? All we have heard is that he worked individually with Sterling to improve him.

    Vieira is just a Man City guinea pig at Man City. He is under no pressure at all to succeed there. He’s on holiday there. All his remit is is to blueprint Man City’s game on the New York team and at this time he is very green doing it.

    Just because the club are daft enough to think these rookies are a good idea doesn’t mean that they are championed.

  52. Leedsgunner

    Unless there is a world wide crash in the football transfer market — which seems unlikely… our new manager should be an expert at developing young talents and bringing them through… because frankly £35m for Mustafi and Xhaka looks like a huge waste of money…

    On that criteria Jardim has to be a top contender for what he did in Monaco… ironic considering Wenger managed there too at the beginning of his career.

    Yes, yes, yes, I suppose it would be another Project Youth, but this time with a manager that actually knew what he was doing… rather than picking up cheap buys for the sake of it… and trying to convince anyone that would be listen that he was right.

    Plus we have Sven’s eye and Sanhelli’s contact book to make it work.

  53. Ishola70

    “I don’t see how Arteta would help unite the fans, though — maybe you’re being facetious? — as plenty of fans will regard this as a bad appointment.”

    The Wengerites will be ok with Arteta. You only have to see on here Wallace giving his blessing to the appointment to realise this.

    And hipsters.

    Wengerites and hipsters will be ok with it.

    Oh and those that will eat anything the club say or do.

  54. Emiratesstroller


    I have no issue in recruiting young talented players to build up a successful development programme.

    However, that should never be at the expense of recruiting top quality players
    for the first team particularly when you see that experienced players are in decline and there is no-one at club to replace them.

    In recent years Arsenal’s transfer strategy has been haphazard. One year we spend a decent amount and then the next year we spend virtually nothing.

    It was fairly obvious at the end of last season that the club had accumulated a
    lot of dross and the club was right in disposing as much as they could.

    However, what the club failed to do over several seasons was to update contracts on players we wanted to keep. We paid for this with the mess over Sanchez, Ozil, Ox and Wilshire. We still don’t know whether Ramsey’s contract
    will be renewed or he will be sold this summer.

    Personally I do think that the acquisition of both Lacazette and Aubameyang
    was a positive outcome. I need to be convinced about Mkhitaryan, but in the
    circumstances it was the best of a very bad situation.

    Arsenal cannot operate in transfer market like Man City or United. There are limitations to our budget. I have always maintained that we have a net budget
    of around £50 million per season.

    This season we managed to generate a chunk of money from sales which was then spent mainly on Aubameyang.

    That prospect is less likely to happen this summer. If we are selling players then it will be the likes of Bellerin, Mustafi or Ramsey. If they are leaving it
    will require us to bring in at least 5 new automatic first team players

    Apart from RB,CB and CMF we would still need to buy a new GK and additional CB to replace Cech AND Koscielny.

    I doubt that Bellerin will leave and Mustafi is the only regular CB on our books
    so I don’t think that Arsenal will sell him this summer. Ramsey depends on his
    contract renewal. If it is not renewed this summer then Arsenal might sell
    and replace him.

  55. Leedsgunner

    Talented youngsters always have to be complemented with experienced pros because otherwise they stop progressing because they think they’ve made it… when it reality they have just started.

    This is where WEnger went wrong with project youth, he brought in the youth like Cesc and Fabregas but didn’t supplement them with class pros to teach them about the ethos of hard work, winning and professionalism.

  56. Jamie

    Cool, so I’m not crazy or alone in thinking appointing Arteta would be an unmitigated disaster.

    Was typing on my phone earlier, so the editing is a little off.

    I think Allegri is a pipe dream. He’s in a much more prestigious (and successful) role at Juve.

    Jardim is a possibility, because we’re a step up (albeit a small one at this point) from Monaco.

    Nagelsmann is still a little raw for me, and of course so is Viera.

    If things had gone differently against Atletico, we might have had a shot at Simeone. I love Simeone. If nothing else, he’d instill some fucking discipline in the squad.

    To think the board passed on Pep, then Klopp in exchange for a few lousy FA cups. Those two are legacy-building.

  57. China

    I strongly suspect this summers changes will be far less sweeping than most of us would like

    My gut feeling is two signings and a kid or two

  58. Ishola70

    “Cool, so I’m not crazy or alone in thinking appointing Arteta would be an unmitigated disaster.”

    He’ll most probably be a greener more inexperienced version of Wenger himself. His strengths will be all about when the team have the ball and offensive focus. No evidence at all to suggest he can improve obvious Arsenal weaknesses such as off the ball and defensively.

    The only way he would improve matters is to show in the transfer market that he intends to right wrongs in the Arsenal team.

  59. China

    Leeds I totally agree apart from the cesc example

    Cesc didn’t need coaching and was basically a complete product by the age of 19 or so

    You’re right in general but cesc isn’t the best example because he was fucking amazing even without coaching

  60. Guns of Hackney

    Why is everyone wetting themselves about Allegri? What has he done outside of the best clubs in Italy?

    Has he managed abroad? No.

    Look at conte. Won the league and has totally bombed.

    Just because Allegri is everyone’s choice doesn’t mean to say that the appointment is bulletproof.

    I’d like to think that if Arteta got the job, he would be welcomed.


  61. Jamie

    Ishola –

    He’s definitely more green than Wenger was. Arteta hasn’t even managed a youth squad. Like being a coach for 2 seasons under Pep (who also gets it wrong in Europe) somehow qualifies him to manage a club the size of Arsenal, even if we are on our knees at the moment.

    Hiring Arteta would put us on our asses before Christmas. Hope I’m proved utterly wrong if we do end up appointing him.

  62. Edd

    I am still at a loss how Alex Iwobi gets into the team week in week out. He, Ramsey and Holding to some extent were really poor against a Leicester team who were there for the taking.

  63. China

    If we think of a manager as being like a CEO in a regular company – would a regular company employ someone with no experience as CEO in a major corporation just because they have a reference of a world reknowned CEO in another company? Only a small company would consider that imo

    Arteta *might* be brilliant but the single evidence we have of this is a few quotes from his boss. And at the end of the day, he operates without half the pressure of pep. All eyes are on pep and he is the one responsible for 80% of what happens. I don’t doubt Arteta helps but there is a very big difference between supporting a top guy an extra 10-15% and being the manager carrying the 80-85% burden.

    Very very big difference

  64. englandsbest

    With you all the way on Arteta as manager – except you forgot to mention two of his best points: he knows the score at Arsenal (thus won’t moan all season long, like Conte, about not being able to make expensive signings), and his wife is gorgeous.

  65. China

    There’s a really senior manager in my company who rates me very highly because I contribute ideas he’d not have considered. I can add 10% to his work despite not reporting to him.

    He would give me a glowing reference on a heartbeat

    But – that doesn’t mean I could actually do what he does and carry the responsibility he does. In reality in can’t. Not yet anyway

  66. Guns of Hackney

    So if Bagelsmann rolled up at 30 would that be okay?

    Yes he’s been great but only over two seasons.

    Let’s not forget that Wenger came in with fuck all under his belt. A bit of Monaco. A couple of sackings and the J League.


    The guy hasn’t been appointed and already there is another split in the arsenal fan base.

    We’re worse than the scouse bastards.

  67. Zfree

    Comments section and pedro’s Posts are so repetitive these days. Can’t wait for the fuggin announcement to be made and window to open.

  68. Micheal

    It was quite nostalgic watching last night. It was 90 minutes of totally predictable play which summed up the Wenger era of the past 10 years.


  69. Micheal

    It was quite nostalgic watching last night. It was 90 minutes of totally predictable play which summed up the Wenger era of the past 10 years.

    1. Lots of pretty, tippy-tappy stuffy in the middle of the park and no end product.
    2. Shocking schoolboy defending – where was Kolisanac for their 3rd ?
    3. Debateable sending off
    4. “We played with great spirit…….” – and Lost !

  70. Ishola70

    “A bit at Monaco” GH?

    He won the French League, French Cup, final of a European Cup, later stages of the old Champions League and was managing seasoned international players.

    Wenger’s resume pisses all over Vieira and Arteta when Arsenal first appointed him.

  71. Guns of Hackney



    He managed Glen Hoddle who hates disabled people…

    Whatever. The point is…it was Arsene who.

    Allegri has done nothing outside of Juve. Tanked at AC and is currently with the best and richest club.

    I hope we do hire Arteta just because it will freak the arsenal fans out.

  72. Leedsgunner

    I don’t get the hype with Arteta?!?

    I might be completely wrong but I think there’s a degree of genius by association going on here.

    Yes, Pep says he’s good. So what?(He’s hardly going to say otherwise, is he, about someone on his staff)

    Would anyone even notice him if he was working in the same role, somewhere like Aberdeen? or Stoke? Look beyond the Man City label, and I think he is nowhere near qualified or ready for a world wide club like Arsenal.

    Sure Arteta was a former player but we have other more iconic players who have much more relevant coaching experience… DB10 for example.

    Until recently he’s been a good assistant manager at Ajax for years… considering Ajax is traditionally an excellent producer of of youth players, why aren’t we talking to him?!?

    Frankly if we are looking to former players I would rather have a Bergkamp and Patrick combo in our dugout before we bring in Arteta.

    Arteta came to us as a panic buy player after we were trounced 8-2 by United.

    Let’s not make him our panic buy manager.

    We don’t need to. We need to get this right, because it will affect our world wide brand even more if we get it wrong.

  73. Guns of Hackney

    Give Jose a billion and he’d sort it out.

    He would be so motivated to trounce Wenger.

    Jose in!

  74. Leedsgunner


    I agree, PV4 wouldn’t be my first choice but he would be streets ahead of Arteta if we were considering managerial newbi,es.

    Just imagine PV4 as manager raising his first trophy with us… I get the chills just thinking about it!!!

    If Arteta wants to be a manager, tell him to go to Everton — he is more their hero than ours!

  75. Jim Lahey

    Not sure if someone has already covered these, but…..

    A couple of points from the game yesterday, Mavrapanos sending off, was a red thats fine, but as soon as he began to complain to the ref Cech runs up and tries to usher him off the field as quickly as possible.. why? Would Roy Keane at United have done the same? Doubt it, my guess is Keane and several other players would be in the refs face.. not at Arsenal though..

    So its the dying moments of the first half and we are a goal down and on the attack, have lost all 6 away games already this year and a Leicester player is on the ground, not a head injury mind you, and Iwobi (after being told by another leicester player..) kicks the ball out of play. Enough of this shit, if a player is legitimately injured the players will know. Every time some fucker goes down the players can’t kick the ball out fast enough in some grandiose gesture of fair play.. and what a shock the player was up and fine 30 seconds later.

    Mkhitaryan about 5 minutes after we have conceded a penalty bursts into the box, Leicester player runs across the back of him, enough for him to miscontrol the ball and then dive into a challenge.. why didn’t he just go down?

    Also our player gets sent off then Fuchs puts in a high challenge that was at least a yellow, our players just stand there like fucking idiots. No pressure on the ref at all…

    Once again would Keane have stood for that at United, doubt it he was a winner, unlike what is at Arsenal at the moment.

  76. Champagne charlie

    “I agree, PV4 wouldn’t be my first choice but he would be streets ahead of Arteta if we were considering managerial newbi,es.“

    Streets ahead because you want to see Vieira lift a trophy for us again? What criteria?

  77. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I agree
    I think a sweeper would allow to push further up the park, if we are going to play the pressie game ..,

    De Jong
    Greek boy
    Bell chambo holds new lb

    Nelson amn Mikhi
    Lackof bang bang

    An example would allow cb to push up an boss mid

  78. mysticleaves

    Senderous and Djoruou was our CB pairing at some point. Both were u23. In hindsight that was a total disregard for the defence.

    As for the manager, I have no doubt that if we are going left field, then Jardim and not Arteta or Nagelsman is who we will get. And I will be overjoyed. There’s a pattern also. Won the league once, reach the UCL semi, has he won any cups in France? He’d be a great hire.

    Imagine Jardim rolling in with his side kick, Fabinho.

  79. Negation

    It’s a no for me on Arteta as well. Hell no, in fact. I don’t care how good or bad Patrick Vieira is right now; if he’s not ready, neither is Arteta. I mean, NOBODY knows what he does for City. I’m sure he does something, but what? And I have zero pleasant memories of him at Arsenal, so that sentimentality angle must be for some other fan.

    Arsenal don’t just need another manager, they need somebody who will justify and vindicate Wenger’s sacking. And people, please look around: Arsenal DNA, whatever that means, must die if Arsenal are to move forward. Because the so-called DNA belongs to Pep and Pep alone. If we can’t get Pep, or at the very least that dude at Napoli, then let’s talk about another direction of football. And I do not want to see any manager who has no defensive credibilities to speak of. Please.

    My hope is for Arsenal to pick Nagelsmann, Enrique or Simeone ( I grew up with Graham, so yes, I want this).

  80. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    When the club made the decision to rid Wenger I for one presumed that they had a replacement lined up.
    I don’t see reason to change my mind.

    I believe that they know whom they want and have put in a provisional offer to him.

    This new set up font want to start off by dilly dallying

  81. mysticleaves

    I hear Jose Gayas release clause falls down to around 24m in the summer. I know we just bought Kola but we should be making that deal. I haven’t seen much lately about Gaya but he was the shit about 2 years back.

  82. kelvin

    WTF… I can’t believe nobody is talking about Ozil’s agent comments on Keown.

    My faint love for Ozil just dissapeared, i wish he fucks off after this season.

  83. Moray

    RSPC, don’t think for one minute the left hand knows what the right hand is doing at Arsenal. I suspect Ivan probably had someone lined up last year but the Wenger retirement was Josh Kroenke making the decision and I suspect came as a bit of a shock.

    Whether the recent excellent hires into our management team are a sign of what we can expect with our managerial appointment or whether they are going to be limiting, we shall see.

  84. Jamie

    Ozil isn’t going anywhere. 350k a week over 4 years says so.

    Only if we find a club willing to match is wages, which will cost them almost 75m to cover over the course of his contract, then we can release him on a free and cut our losses.

  85. mysticleaves

    Kelvin sod off. You don’t think if you were a player your manager wont protect you against comments like that of Keown on Ozil. He just got a piece back. His attack on Ozil was not measured to be fair. And I am surprised Ozil himself didn’t reply him.

  86. Ishola70

    “If a former Arsenal hero was managing a team doing so so in a third rate league would we be keen for him to join?”

    It’s just not about being a third rate league.

    Vieira is on a jolly in New York.

    He has no pressure at all to succeed.

    All he has to do is try to implement in the New York team the style of football Man City play. That’s all his remit is there.

  87. David Bolo

    40 points. 40 fu**ing points behind the league winners!! I know it’s 37 now but we have an away match left so it will be 40. Surely any half decent manager would be an improvement.

  88. gambon

    “Vieira is just a Man City guinea pig at Man City. He is under no pressure at all to succeed there. He’s on holiday there. All his remit is is to blueprint Man City’s game on the New York team and at this time he is very green doing it.”

    Im sorry ishola but this just isnt true.

    You think career professional footballers, with millions in the bank and 25 years in the game take jobs to “be on holiday”.

    He has more than enough money to never work again.

    From what I hear of Vieira he is unbelievably hard working.

  89. Marc


    That makes it even worse – what if he decided that Arsenal was too much hard work? Fuck I can’t be bothered to push the team today?

  90. azed

    “He’s a key member of Peps coaching staff who just won a Premier League by destroying the competition.”

    Lets assume Arteta is 30% of Peps team at City, how would we complete the other 70%?

    We can’t match City for money, we have a poorer squad so going for Pep light cannot and should not be an option.

  91. gambon

    I hope Keown literally beats the shit out of Ozil next time he sees him, then throws his agent off the roof of the Emirates.

    Keown jealous of Ozil?

    Keown played nearly 500 games for Arsenal, won 3 league titles and is considered a legend.

    Ozil is a goggle eyed freak who has a sick day every 3rd game, and doesnt seem to care where he finishes.

    Keown was part of a team that went a season unbeaten, and a season unbeaten away from home. Ozil is part of a team that has lost the same amount of games away as West Brom.

    Keown as a coach trained a defence that got to the CL final.

    Its noticeable that Madrid started winning the CL once they kicked the lazy cunt out.

    The fact that his agent starts talking about jealousy of money shows where he, and Ozils priorities lie.

  92. Ishola70


    I am not saying Vieira is lazy.

    What I’m saying is that his job at New York is not primarily about winning available trophies there. He was told by Man City to go there and implement their style of football. Winning trophies along with it is seen as a nice bonus.

    Of course he could be sacked if he was absolutely useless there but his main remit is to implement their style of football on that team.

  93. Dennis

    About Arteta i s’m saying , like.. if he’s performing a specialist attacking coahc role at mancity, this is different than an overall management position.. how many specialist coaches does city have.. attacking coach (‘extra yard focus’)<> head coach/ manager / overseer… ..? hmm..
    seems could be pretty quick , far jump/leap… though people who can do it,, lol could do it..?

  94. Ishola70

    Dennis this is what I have been saying.

    All we have heard in the media is that Arteta worked individually with certain players that included Sterling and that work was all about the final third of the pitch meaning attacking side of the game.

    How is this going to help Arsenal and the weaknesses we all know about?

    Nobody seems to have any answers.

  95. Leedsgunner

    Why was Özil’s agent spouting off anyway?

    Can’t he speak for himself? Fight his own battles? Has his lost his voice? If he’s not careful he’s going to poison his relationship with the fans making his position untenable.

    No man is bigger than the club, no matter how much you earn.

  96. China

    what authority to city have over Vieira to tell him to do this and set this as his remit?

    I don’t think city care much what Vieira is doing at New York.

  97. gambon

    Of course Ozil cant fight his own battles.

    Hes got the mentality of a 10 year old child, as we see on the pitch every time things get tough.

    Keown went to war for this club over 400 times, Ozil makes a few key passes against teams like Watford and Sunderland, and his hipster fans lap it up.

    Has anyone noticed almost all the hardcore Ozil fans are also hardcore Wenger fans, that actually despise the club itself. They back a few hipster individuals but care little for the success of Arsenal FC.

  98. HighburyLegend

    Just one thing Pedro forgot to said in his praise for Arteta…
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the f*cking Kroenke family are looking for some stability and a “long term deal” with the next coach, so we would be stuck with him for a long time, even if he don’t succeed after a couple of seasons.

    Fingers crossed and hoping that they’ll do the right choice, and mostly, hoping that the ivan/minslat/raul trio will have the main influence for the choice.

  99. englandsbest

    Nobody is saying that Arteta (or Patrick, etc) is their number one choice as manager. Mine would be Pep, others would pick Enrique or Simeone or Allegri…or whoever. But they all have one thing in common: none of them will take on the job, even if they fancy it, because it’s too big a task without a huge transfer pot.

    Gaziidis knew this ages ago, I’d be surprised if he even bothered to approach any of the top echelon managers. Instead he hired Raul and Sven. The implication is obvious: a much smaller role for the next manager. And no wonder, after Arsene.

    So the question becomes: who will fit into the trio? Well, none of the big names, we know that much

    How about a tier 2 name, such as Benitez? , But such a person, a man with managerial experience, would inevitably dilute the influence of Sven and Raul, not to mention Ivan himself. Heaven forbid!,

    So who does fit, who is Ivan looking for?

    I’d say a young guy, presentable, intelligent, who can handle interviews. A person with some managerial experience, but not much. Someone who showed leadership qualities as a pro football player. A man who spent the best part of his career at Arsenal, and remains a committed fan.

  100. Ishola70

    “what authority to city have over Vieira to tell him to do this and set this as his remit?I don’t think city care much what Vieira is doing at New York.”

    China New York City is a sister club of Manchester City.

  101. Negation

    “I’d say a young guy, presentable, intelligent, who can handle interviews. A person with some managerial experience, but not much. Someone who showed leadership qualities as a pro football player. A man who spent the best part of his career at Arsenal, and remains a committed fan.”

    I hear you, englandsbest, but to add to the paragraph above, the person must

    1.) Be a realist. No more rose-tinted shenanigans
    2.) Understand and respect the art of defending. As far as i’m concerned, in the world of football management only Pep has earned the right to sound bored when talking about defending. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with that attitude.

  102. Marc


    There’s one major flaw to your argument if Arsenal can’t compete then why would Sanllehi join us?

    It’d be like Pep leaving City to take over at Stoke.

  103. gonsterous

    if arteta or veira comes in, I’m done with the club.. more of the 1 step forward, 2 steps back policy. this team needs a proper manager, give me eddie howe over those two…

  104. mysticleaves

    If my agent/manager ain’t protecting me I’d fire him. Keown was doing his job, Ozils agent was doing his job. Keown was over board for attacking Ozil like that, what did he expect? kiss and hugs from Ozils camp?

    Of course Keown was champion, a legend. He played so much games and was under a working system for almost all his time with us. He would know how incredibly difficult and clueless a lack of system can make a star player look.

  105. Ishola70

    “There’s one major flaw to your argument if Arsenal can’t compete then why would Sanllehi join us?”


    Would bet he is on a better wage than he was at Barca.

  106. Dennis

    Ishola.. Agreed..!

    and picking up read a thread i read here – Viera vs Arteta

    would Vieira be ready for a jump similarly..? At least he has some managerial experience.. ..?

    Funnily could there be a situation where depending re framing, Arsenal become testing ground for man city project managers.. Lol..?

    (or city invest in arsenal future managers .. )

  107. mysticleaves

    “Of course he could be sacked if he was absolutely useless there but his main remit is to implement their style of football on that team.”

    Ishola if we brought in a coach that would implement City’s style of play I will be over the moon. I wonder how you try to demean a coach with a full time job

  108. Doublethink

    So it seems like you’re calling the people that don’t agree with you about Arteta being a good choice close minded, or have I misunderstood?

  109. Marc


    There are a couple of flaws to your comment

    1) So we can pay a DOF but not a manager big money (our transfer spend the last few years has been new the top of the PL)

    2) Guy’s like Sanllehi whilst motivated by money are just as interested in achieving things. Coming into sail a dingy because it’s good fun when you’ve been used to sailing the QE2 just doesn’t make sense.