Wenger closes out new record + Managerial shortlist slims dramatically

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Ahhh man, sometimes, fairytales end when the Princess drinks too much wine, slips on a glass shoe and falls out the window, landing on her pet dog.

That’s Arsene’s final year. A real harrowing experience. He’s currently setting the record for the worst away showing since Giroud met a model in Manchester hotel and forgot to flush her mobile down the toilet.

It was a tough game to watch, not because we were particularly shite, more because we were so easily carved up in defence. Simple penetrating balls and diagonal crosses into our defence provoked sheer panic and confusion.

Iheanacho opened the scoring after about 15 attempts to clear our area, Arsenal can’t even hoof properly. Superstar hero man-child Mavrapanos disgraced himself a minute later with a red card on 15 minutes. He tried to play a clever pass under pressure, slipped, then brought down his man. It was pretty clumsy, very Arsenal, and a deserved red even though it looked like there was cover to pick up his mistake. Remember the days we used to wear red cards like a badge of honour? I want those back…

Arsenal leveled through Auba in the second half, some powerful running and calm composure from AMN to deliver a cross, allowing Auba to score on his second attempt. The joy didn’t last, Jamie Vardy broke our hearts from the penalty spot after Mikki made a clutzy foul in the box. Mahrez capped things off with a surging run he shouldn’t have been able to make.

Wenger is on his way out, he’s not even working hard for excuses, he took time out to lament decisions and throw a skewer at the Premier League for voting against VAR.

“Overall I believe we played a great game today. Even with 10 against 11 we should win the game. I’m convinced what changed the game was the penalty. I have complaints about the red card as well but I think we dealt well with the situation. I would like to praise the team for the spirit they showed tonight.

“There is always a reason for the defeat, but if you isolate each game, it is unfortunate what happened tonight. I think the Premier League has voted against VAR and it is upsetting. It destroys me because we were in front of the rest of the world, and now we want to be behind.”

I’m not going to go hard at the man, he’s Everton’s problem now. All I will say is I’m happy he gave Jack a nudge in the right direction.

“I’ve given him only one (bit of) advice, stay at the club. The noises I have heard is that he will do it,”

Good news. I know he’s been rank average most of the season, but he’s never really been coached. Let’s see how he does under someone who can help him with his game, motivate him to love playing again, and rekindle some of that magic we know he has.

Onto the good stuff. Allegri won his title and made some interesting comments to the press that kind of lead you to believe that I am some sort of f*cking expert when it comes to calling the narrative. This from James Horncastle.

‘Allegri pretty chippy on RAI when asked if it’s the end of a cycle and what Juve’s limits are. Calls the line of questioning absurd, says the team can still improve, the [re]build is not over and “we’ll fight for the title next season.”‘

That man needs a CL on his resume, he has a great team at Juve, the club works around his skillset, and he’s a perfect match for them. A huge pay bump and a move to London is always going to be attractive, but he can take that move whenever he wants. I wonder whether he has the appetite for a rebuild at Arsenal? An incredible coach, the best we could land, I just really doubt the situation.

Jezza Wilson, messenger for the mid-West aristocracy that owns our club, just dropped some information uppers on us, and it reads fairly similar to what I’ve been ranting your way this week.

Arsenal do not want to approach managers in work at an inconvenient moment and so must wait until most of the major European leagues have finished before accelerating their process.

Arsenal are not settled yet on whether to go all out for an established current manager like Allegri or Monaco’s Leonardo Jardim or a younger head coach-style option. They want to conduct a full recruitment process and intend to make their appointment by at least the start of the World Cup next month.

You can just imagine tight Stan K sitting in the boardroom stroking his persian cat.

‘Oh the conundrum, £15m a year manager who will bring all his expensive friends or two young coaches we can house in Vik Akers cupboard. Whatever shall I do?’

JW goes on to talk through the challenges of GALACTICO managers versus the young bucks. A well-trodden path we’ve explored with you many times before in the past.

Mokbel of The Mail and JC at The Mirror are both going on a similar path with Allegri, Arteta and Vieira (probably sharing intel with each other). Below is where the combined journo-list is at.

  • Allegri
  • Jardim
  • Nagelsmann
  • Paddy
  • Arteta

Realistically, for me, it’s going to be the three I’ve highlighted in bold. I can’t see PV04 being in the mixer, I’m not sure he’s moved NYC on enough, though he does have a great tie to the fans. Allegri is going to be very expensive, and likely very demanding of the club, not just that, he’s kind of said he’ll be there next season.

Jardim has everything we need, but maybe lacks the excitement of a manager who has a sexy back story, but he’s ready and he’d do an incredible job. He’s worked under every condition imaginable, he beat Paris last year on a budget with young players, and he has built great defences in the past. He’s also pretty young, just one year short of Tuchel at 43 years old, pretty much the peak age top managers start winning big things.

Nagelsmann and Arteta have different superpowers. Nagelsmann has actually managed a club and proved a success. However, we can keep on banging on about him, but Rapha H reckons he’s too smart to move to Arsenal. He’s just in it for the ego kick with us, most likely with an eye on Bayern where he apparently fancies settling down with his lady friend. I’d love this guy, he oozes the ingredients you want. Enough experience to be dangerous, enough potential to rock the league. But if his club won’t let him go, it’s tough… that said, Arsenal knocking on your door with a once in a lifetime job in London replacing Wenger is pretty appealing and tough for any man to say no to.

I’m back defending Arteta today. Too many people critiquing him for the wrong reasons. The common one is he’s too much of a Wenger patsy. I think that notion is badly misguided. He’s a key member of Peps coaching staff who just won a Premier League by destroying the competition. City humiliated the most expensively assembled league in the world. They boast a better goal difference than United and Spurs combined.

… yet people still question Arteta’s talent and strength as a potential coach because he played out the final 5 years of his career in a Wenger banter team. You think Pep Guardiola would have a wet blanket Wenger clone into his coaching setup? You think he’d let a pushover run his training sessions? You think he chooses to lean on average thinkers in one of the most high-pressure jobs in the world? Please. You’re not landing a job with Pep (who fought off Pochettino for his signature) unless you bleed like him and can offer him something he doesn’t have himself. That’s the only way the elite coaches can survive in the modern era, they’re the sum of their team. He’d also come with the ‘everyone thinks I’m going to fail’ chip on his shoulder, which is a plus over someone like Allegri who doesn’t need to prove a thing. Sure, Arteta is inexperienced, he’d be the biggest risk on the list, there’d be a lot to learn on the job, but let’s not look at the suggestion of Arsenal hiring him like we’re zip lining in Gunnersaurus to have a crack.

The close-mindedness of some fans is unreal. The same people who’ve spent 10 years enabling a failing manager who once blamed our ‘mysterious’ injury pileups on rogue hair pills, are now chiming in on what it takes to lead Arsenal to the next level, is the next level, is the next level. Where was all this knowledge when there was actually a debate about Arsene Wenger using tactics after our 46th straight defeat to a top 6 team? Astounding carry-on from the ‘The players let him down’ crew, and the ‘Who else is there?’ Crouch End Tourettes Brigade.

Anyway, those be my final words for today. If the MSM Arsenal insiders crew has the list right, we’ve got a group of men who can move us in the right direction next season, don’t let someone on Twitter called @SabrosaHamburguesaᵌ tell you otherwise.

Right, see you in the comments!


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ok so Vieira is managing in a league where focus is on attack and style to the detriment of defence.

His own team NYCFC is very much like this too.

Sounds like an Arsene Wenger wet dream doesn’t it.

Plenty want to get away Mystic from this thought of football. They want to see adult football not we will score more goals than you football. That’s why many got pissed at Wenger. His disregard for defence.


This lame agenda to promote Arteta is already tired as hell. The absurd idea that a guy who’s never managed a single game in his life is going to be the one to stop this downwards Arsenal slide is not just ludicrous, it’s dangerous. At what point do we stop just throwing out names of people who once sat next to Pep? Have we checked with all the former water boys at Barca? What about Machin over at Girona? He’s the manager of a team owned by City and Pep’s brother. Can’t go wrong there. Ridiculous.


alexanderhenry A clubs profit/loss isnt the sign of whether they are self sustaining. Its an accountants job to make sure there isnt too much profit. A club can make a financial loss but make £50m in excess cash in the same season. For example Arsenal this season will have revenues of £400m with costs of £330m or so, which would leave £70m to spend on players even if we didnt sell anyone. However if we were to sign one £60m player on a 4 year deal without selling anyone we would make a loss of about £50m, due to how… Read more »



These are the kind of mentality that comes with a weak manager.

Getting the next manager that cures our mental and defensive weaknesses is crucial. Jardim might well be the guy, seeing that Allegri may stay on at Juve.

james wood

Re post -and Jack never been coached properly.?
Perhaps a new coach might install his verve again
and his general game might be helped ? Well?
Old saying say’s you cant teach an old dog new tricks.


That article by Allegri is an interesting insight of the man, quite philosophical in some ways similar to what Wenger would say with one crucial difference. Allegri has the track record and trophies now to back up his words…

Wenger just talks philosophy because he knows that football wise he has nothing to boast about especially if you want to talk about European trophies and league titles after the advent of YouTube.



Yeah I can’t get your link to open properly but let’s talk net transfer spend?


Wenger just spouts “values” these days, but these “values” change every year dependent on how far we have slipped.

– In 2004 winning was the important value
– in 2008 playing CL football was the important value
– In 2010 giving youths a chance was the important value
– In 2014 making sure 600 employees got paid was the important value
– In 2018 giving money to charity is the important value


Up 4 grabs now

We’ve only scored 6 away goals since the New Year plonker.


“I am sometimes perceived as cold, but in reality, that’s a decision on my part. You must have a certain detachment as a manager in order to keep moving. I love football, and I find joy in my work — it’s why I keep returning to it every morning — but it’s not my life 24 hours a day. The most important time of my day, no matter what, is 9 a.m. Well, actually, the most important time of my day is 7 a.m., when I have my espresso. But the second most important time is 9 a.m., when I… Read more »


gambonMay 10, 2018

Never knew that’s how it works. Sweet!


People on here moan for the sake of it, he is going which is what we wanted now let’s see who comes in whoever it is we need to support them. Out of all the managers being linked anyone is better than Wenger let’s all celebrate that



Every club in the PL bar Sunderland was in profit before tax over the most recent period where all have released audited accounts (i.e whatever financial year they operate to within 16/17).

comment image:large



Did you go to SLU?



A few of the cash rich clubs pay for a player up front. The majority buy a player in effect on HP. Those that pay up front get the player a little cheaper. Arsenal are probably alone in that when they buy a player they buy them on terms but from the cash reserves ring fence the balanced owed .
Yes it’s ludicrous to suggest that Arsenal will only have £50 million available but if they are to follow the same and probably unique version of trading sustainability then the £50 million is probably correct.

Up 4 grabs now

And how many home goals. We are the third highest scorers in the league with the 10th or 11th worst defence. And 5-6 goals off from having conceded what the bottom five have.

Yes our away form is shocking, that’s a given.
Successful and title winning teams win with a solid defence, usually paired with a great attack.

We have a good attack which needs improving. And a shocking defence which needs a complete overhaul.

Clear enough for you Rodney?

Herb's Army

Spending significant sums of money is key to success, there is no short-cut. I remember years ago, Wenger saying that Arsenal would compete with the monied clubs by spending ‘intelligently’. Wenger did the opposite. He is a greedy narcissist who wasted £millions on total dross. Arsenal lost Sanchez for pretty much the same reasons they lost van Persie. Because we’re miles away from the PL title. If Arsenal continue with this safety-first risk averse self-sustaining model, they’re bailing out of the competition. Arsenal won’t be winning the PL or CL because they won’t be trying. They’ll want top-four and CL… Read more »


Hang on

Was the move to the promised land meant to be our entry in to the riches of the elite…. 12 years on we are worse of than had we stayed at our proper home wollwich … sorry Highbury

Guns of SF

Sorry hectic day at work and just logging on…
I saw this…. Ozil agent hammering Keown

HE brings up an interesting point of Ozil playing despite being told not too. I wonder what the back story is on this… could be BS as well

Guns of SF

whomever we get as manager cannot work the measily budget we have. its more of the same then. We need someone who can demand the club find the funds to get better players. Will Arteta do that? Will Jardim, who operated on a meager budget too? Im sure the club would be happy to have someone who sits on their hands and not ask for additional $ Any coach would fail without the correct funding. I posit that the new coach needs to be someone who can attract the players we need- that means a bigger named coach. Allright…. Jardim… Read more »



‘If you look into the numbers as well, you realise that the idea we can only spend £50m this year is ludicrous.’

I agree. I’m no accountant but now as in the past, Arsenal fc could and should spend more.



That I did. Back in the Brian McBride days.


For a club like Arsenal paying-your-way AND signing top players should never have been a problem. And if David Dein had been listened to, there never would have been a problem, a Rights Issue would have provided the cash. Using the cost of a new stadium does not wash as an excuse. Watch THFC this summer. Despite their new stadium, they will sign the players they need. And even without a Rights issue, the Club could have managed both if the owners – past and present – hadn’t been so greedy. It became not just a matter of paying-your-way but… Read more »


Damn. Pedro doesn’t shut the fuck up about Arteta. The fucking mental gymnastics needed to justify the insanity of appointing Arteta to rebuild Arsenal after Wenger is unreal.

Europa league football and working under Arteta. Lmao. Every player’s dream come true.

Guns of SF

Pedro, You are an optimist like me, but I am also confounded on the whole Arteta thing. There is no logical explanation behind it, unless you know something we all do not know…. hmmm Arteta needs to coach somewhere else first before ANY team decides to hire him. So he has smelled Peps farts so much, that he has the power of Pep now? Just working with someone is not enough. makes no sense Pedro. Arteta fails, IG gets sacked. Its about self preservation for IG and his turn to make his mark on Arsenal Mk2. Will Arteta put butts… Read more »


Wenger defiant until the very end that this group of players are “special” and that they are only “two or three additions away from the league.” Except he’s been saying that since 2008. He said the same last year when we finished fifth. Ahh, there’s a good point. He said the same thing last year when we slumped into ifThis. He added 2/3 players and we’ve done even worse. Conclusion? Even by his logic the problem must be him! Not that he’ll admit it! Ps – how he can say such a thing when this squad haven’t picked up a… Read more »


*slmpef into fth


*third time lucky… slumped into fifth…


If we bought Mahrez, I’d sell Ozil. In fact I’d sell Ozil anyway and buy pretty much any attacking player. I think Ozil upsets team spirit. we have star players at the club and we don’t NEED Ozil to progress. Sure he’s talented but he brings just as many problems as he solves.


How are you lads? Keep up the good work


up 4 grabs now

Where was the flowing attack against Atletico..thick cunt.

Sancho Monzorla

Ozil has certainly left something to desire with his performance this season. But just like some of us have hope that the youngsters or Jack will do better under new management, maybe Ozil can fall into that category too. He was considered one of the best playmaking midfielders in the world at Madrid and now he finally has a decent forward to feed in Aubemeyang. It could be a good partnership next year as long as the rest of the team’s needs (GK, CB, DM) and a good system is put into place.

Guns of SF

Not only does Ozil stand out as the superstar, I think he probably does get along with his teammates fairly well. I mean he is like them, a selfie driven, fancy clothed, weak minded player lacking leadership skills. So, I think he fits right in. Its with the fans, that he cannot control the rage against him. He fails to see the connection between being highly paid, and the hardest worker on the team. Jenas just fucked us all with his “Ozil doesnt play defense shit” For a team struggling, all players need to adjust, and tweak their games to… Read more »


Hold on, Wenger actually said we’re a few players shy of winning the league?

Did he say this recently, or didn’t someone regurgitate this nonsense from 10 years go??



Quote about winning the league within the article:


Wenger says he believes we can win the league based on our home form…

Hilariously, in doing so he unintentionally draws attention to our appalling away form because on that we would get laughed at relegated!! Laughable he still says rubbish like this and thinks he’s credible.


*laughed at and…



And it’s because of those platitudes as to why I stopped caring about Wenger.

Just glad I’ll never have to hear a post match interview by that delusional fool


But for the shittiest players that are knocking around, I think we should reserve final judgement until the new manager is installed and running. What is clear is that players whom we’ve seen perform very well suddenly stop performing. Everything under Wenger was wrong and has to be put right. Until that happens, every player deserves the benefit of the doubt. That’s my view.

Black Hei


I am with you. Let’s give the players a chance.

New manager with new ideas might lead to new performances.

Black Hei

“If you look into the numbers as well, you realise that the idea we can only spend £50m this year is ludicrous.” I think it was Ken Friar who came out recently and confirmed that Wenger operated on a budget decided upon by the board. And Allegri is going to Chelsea. Don’t need a prophet to know that. He will be utterly pure to come to a place like Arsenal. “I wanna prove myself to the world by working on a smaller budget, with less pay and a bunch of pampered buffons with all the attention of the world on… Read more »

Guns of SF


Black Hei


There are quite a few here that suggest Wenger sets his own budget because he is the all powerful dictator and he chooses to penny pinch in order to make himself look better.

I am copying from Gambon’s post btw.


“The Arsenal we support today is a horrible incarnation of something we once loved and left behind at Highbury.”

By far the truest comment on here for years!


Pedro I firmly believe your advocation for Arteta is wrong in the same way your belief in Gazidis was. The McClaren and United analogy posted here perfectly sums up the situation. We need Jardim who is the right fit for our financial ability right now and who can work with youth. The only good thing about Arteta being appointed is that when he fails Gazidis should be shown the door when Arteta is kicked out. Arteta will not unite the fan base, which is what is really needed now. I’m ok with Allegri and Nagelsmann but I can see PV… Read more »


man I love that rant from the agent.. I have nothing against keown but props to that guy…

Black Hei

TonyD To be fair to Peds, our situation is different from United. Ivan had a year to prep for Wenger’s departure and he brought in 2 high profile senior personnel in Sven and Raul to help with the process. I hear that we are retaining Bould and Lehman, letting go only the older staff who are more tied in with Wenger. So the new guy can concentrate on coaching duties. United on the other hand had to find someone to take over Fergie’s role entirely. And Moyes made the job harder by bringing in his own backroom staff. I am… Read more »

Guns of SF

That rant reduced him to a litttle pea

The ozil injury part might be just bs as theee is no verification of his needing to sit out and him refusing


The official line about wenger’s budget has always been a contradictory splurge of lies Wenger used to always say the board will back him in the transfer market The board always openly said wenger can get whomever he wants within reason (assuming not Ronaldo/Messi types naturally) Then when under pressure and doing badly wenger saidbe has to work on a tight budget The story about our budget has always changed to suit whichever shitty narrative the club have wanted to push ie either to fool gullible fans into renewing their season tickets or to justify the absolute filth we’ve watched… Read more »


The board and wenger lies so many times that I’m not even sure if they know what the fuck our budget and finances look like anymore

It’s just been one lie after another


*straight after ems move*

We have money to spend and I want to just find the right super super quality players to buy! – *Doesn’t buy shit*

We don’t need to sell! – * sells cesc and nasri *

We have do have money trust me! – *complains that he had to work under a tight budget during ems move*

If my son told half as many lies as those fuckers I’d give him a clip round the ear.


Wenger was thrown out because he spent 90m last summer but still couldnt achieve a top 4 finish. After last season, he shamelessly said that top 4 in no longer important for revenue in today’s world. This came from a same man who has used the top 4 ranking as an excuse to remain in the job for 12 years. Gazidis wanted to kick him out last year itself, but the cunning old man somehow convinced Stan to give him an extension. Things started going downhill for Wenger when Stan’s son Josh started looking into the club affairs. Sanhelli and… Read more »


If we put in Arteta it would be for no reason other than being cheap and perhaps trying to recover some of the severance being paid to Wenger for the final year of his contract after his sacking. But that would truly be a case of out of the fire and into the frying pan. A rookie isn’t what Arsenal needs right now. We need an ace manager with pedigree, experience and one who hasn’t already failed in the PL. So far as Gazidis is concerned, I neither trust or like him very much at all. The past lies, deception… Read more »


Remember Gazidis’ “catalyst for change” and “transition” bollocks. And what about this pile of shit:


I’m surprised anyone here trusts Gazidis as far as they can throw him.


3 things: 1. Wenger is a fucking deluded liar. He lost all the respect i had for him 10 years ago where he also lost his marbles. Last year he said we could win the league with our away form because our home form was shit, well this year it is the other way round. I honestly cant wait for him to just fuck off, i wish we could fast forward and just have this season end already. He has left and he is still pissing me off with his senile comments. 2. Pedro should just drop this whole Arteta… Read more »


Wondered why there wasn’t more interest on here in Tedesco. Seems fans have gone for what is seen as the more attacking manager in Nagelsmann. Tedesco’s profile and what he has done at Schalke is more associated with fixing Arsenal’s weaknesses than Nagelsmann. Tedesco stronger on defence. Both though are unlikely to want to move from their present clubs and that is even with the extra wedge they would get at Arsenal. Both young managers that have plenty of time ahead of them and their respective clubs are in good places atm. But Tedesco has shown more than Nagelsmann that… Read more »


“We need an ace manager with pedigree, experience…”

I agree jeff, but with no UCL next season, a limited budget, lots of overpaid shit players, a lot to rebuild… do you seriously think any “ace manager” would like to come in a heartbeat, with all the shit that wenger leave behind him ??



I see no issue with certain players being kept on under a new manager.

Sadly, I’ve seen so much shite from a lot of these players that I don’t even want to see them at all.

Some players need to just leave: Wilshere, Kos, Cech.

Some could perform better with decent coaching: Bellerin, Ramsey, Xhaka


The only real pedigree manager that would be more likely to go to Arsenal who is currently tied up with a club would be Jardim. Even though his club have CL football Monaco is not a big club. Big on the footballing front in France but not as a club as a whole . We have seen this with players taken away from that club in recent times and the same would apply to the manager as well. So if it is pedigree manager currently at a club then Jardim. You have other pedigree managers not tied to clubs like… Read more »


I forgot Enrique of course. Unattached and would be seen as long term but that ship seems to have sailed. Not overly mad about him anyway tbh. For me how you could want Arteta or Vieira ahead of Jardim is puzzling. Jardim can be got simple as that. If Arsenal choose Arteta or Vieira ahead of Jardim then I would find that choice very conservative. Some have pronounced an appointment of Arteta as exciting. Not for me. Not when you can land Jardim. Conservative move rather than exciting. Consevative being “the Arsenal way” a term some like to use. I’d… Read more »


The most important thing has been done – getting rid of wenger – but I have a bad feeling about the board’s decision concerning who’s next…

The next level will be the next level!!


Black Hei “I am willing to give a young manager a chance since he does have backup from experienced people.” Keeping Bould and Lehman? Why? Neither have done anything except be ‘Yes” men to Wenger and look how that turned out. Sorry BH we need experience not young hopefuls. Any new manager worth his salt will want his own backroom staff and coaches. If what you say is fact about Bouldy and Lehman then that seriously points towards either Paddy or Arteta and while you might believe in them, I don’t for the simple reason they don’t have the experience.… Read more »


‘Emery has been linked lol. Dear god please no.’

quite surprised you scoff at Emery,would take him in a heartbeat, had PSG playing unbelievable football just this last season and would admit he’s not my most preferred candidate but he isn’t really far off and I think he’s very much underrated considering his achievements at both Sevilla and PSG,he could certainly do a better job than Nagelsman,Tedesco,Arteta,viera


Agreed with other Le Grove posters that Pedro’s obsession with Arteta being appointed is quite frankly bizarre.

He’s not ready after only a year of coaching experience even at Man City.
The needed rebuild job at Arsenal is immense and requires a touch of grit, experience and a proper winning mentality.

I cannot imagine Arteta getting our pampered babies in line. In fact, I think Arteta would send us carening even further downwards.


Man there is something really poetically sad about all of this. Could have been avoided if it wasn’t for greed.


I think that Arsenal’s net annual budget is almost certainly the money we receive in sponsorship from Emirates and Puma and that is around £50-60 million. Some years we spend more than that and in other years less. Arsenal spent last summer just under £50 million on Lacazette. Kolasinac was a freebie. Arsenal then proceeded to sell Szczesny, Gabriel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Coquelin, Walcott and Giroud. That generated over £100 million. Aubameyang cost £60 million and Mkhitaryan arrived as an exchange for Sanchez. However, my guess is that Arsenal landed up with a substantial ‘agent’ cost over the exchange of the two… Read more »