Juventus Sporting Director speaks on Allegri + thoughts on risk

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Arsene Wenger has switched his LinkedIn profile status to THIRSTY AS before the season is out.

“I don’t look very good on the beach,”

“How long would I like to work for? As long as I feel I want to. But overall people look at your age and make an issue of it. It becomes a bit of discrimination. They don’t really look how you work and perform. They look ‘oh he is old’. I can understand that as I thought the same when I was young.”

“I like the English saying: ‘you have to live every day like it is your last’ and one day you will be right.”

It’s like for a moment there, I thought there’d be some sort of self-reflection from our favourite old goat, but no… he’s militantly deluded until the very end.

No point in going hard at him, I’d like the man to land himself a job, I just feel like him casting this season off as some sort of age discrimination issue is missing the point.

It’s game over for him, so I should leave it.

But then you read a little further on in the interview and it makes you a little sad inside. He really loves the game. He’s totally desperate to be in the mixer again, and how could we deny him?

“You know I didn’t miss a training session in 22 years, I never stayed in my office. Every day I was out there. That is something that I will miss.”

“I keep myself fit, I can still play! If I was really objective then I would pick myself every week. We have staff games. I don’t play with the players, they are a bit too quick for me.”

The thing is, where can you find a job that’ll take you if you can’t perform in this era? The two longest-serving managers in the Premier League now are Sean Dyche and Eddie Howe. You can’t even take a job at Stoke now and expect to last out three years. Football has such high stakes these days. I wish he’d just listen to those around him and take a bit of time off. Write a book, do some punditry, get a radio show… there’s so much he could do with his life that’d give him status and celebrity. I just don’t see things working out positively at Everton or PSG.

Onto more exciting things… Arsenal fans have a favourite managerial candidate on their lips.

He has trophies by the truck, truck, truck
Tactics like what, what, what
Allegri move your butt, butt, butt.
I think I’ll sing it again

The suave Italian has piqued our interest, and everyone has him at the top of their list. My view? He has unfinished business in the CL with a team more than capable of winning it. Do we really think he’s going to leave a squad that needs minor tweaking before he’s won the biggest trophy of them all? I also think he’s angling for a big pay rise. He earns a pittance compared to the big dogs in the EPL.

Marotta looked to dampen the fire…

“With Allegri, we have a great rapport that has always worked well and still continues that way,”

“At the right time, after we accomplish the Scudetto, we will talk about the future, which I’m sure will be full of satisfaction together.”

He doesn’t seem too worried.

Allegri is tier one kinda guy, he’s an unbelievable coach, and he’s on top of his game, but it’s hard to ignore that he’s working in one of the most efficient structures in Europe. Juve are a dominant force, they can buy the best players, everything there is perfect for him. Things weren’t so great when he was at Milan. he won one title when Milan were the best team in a weak league, he choked the next season with the best squad, then he finished third after a summer of decimation because he signed Mad Mario, then he was fired. He nearly choked against us in the CL in the heat of the banter era. Milan fans don’t reflect on him fondly.

I am not saying he’d not turn us into a better proposition, but is he really built to deliver on an Arsenal brief? Certain managers work incredibly well under certain structures, with certain types of players, with a certain amount of money. Milan didn’t work for him, but he’s crushing Serie A under Juve conditions.

That’s why I love the idea of Jardim or Nagelsmann. The Portuguese is particularly adept at working with minimal resource, he’s a great coach, and he’s dynamic enough to work with what he has at his disposal. The same can be said of Paulo Fonseca who is at Shaktar, he’s a coach first and foremost. They look at the tools they have, and build something out of nothing. They’re not cheque-book managers, they proper coaches who work to improve what they have (bit like Poch).

Nagelsmann is also really interesting, he’s a student of coaching, having never played at the highest level due to injury. He’s proved his mettle taking a team in big trouble to the heights on Champions League football nearly two seasons in a row. If he can extract that much potential out of a crop of players with an average salary of £20k a week, imagine what he could do to our comparable megastars? He’s potentially the Jose Mourinho of 2018, and we have the chance to make the early first move on him.

You know my POV on the Arteta rumblings. What I like about him is he’s being raved about by Pep G, he’s won a Premier League in season two, he’s being credited with developing players, The Times report that City have him in line to take over from Pep G, and the whole vision of Pep football is geared around intense education of exacting ways to play the game, underpinned by ruthless discipline. Pair Arteta with an experienced assistant like Buvac (mysteriously moved on), and you might have a very exciting combination of aggressive innovative football.

My point in all of this is there’s no one right answer. Each manager flourishes in different scenarios, sometimes experience is needed, sometimes an injection of naivety and youthful exuberance does the trick. The key for me in all of this is Arsenal make sure they build the right team around whoever comes in. It really is a roll of the dice whether all the stars align to make magic happen. Look at Carlo, Champions League winner at Real, booted out of Bayern with rumours of relaxed training and a lack of tactical preparation. Look at Mourinho at United, an elite pair of safe hands that’s sucking the joy out of Sanchez, Pogba and Rashford. Even Conte, when given the chance to exact more power over transfers blasted £200m on utter dross, taking Chelsea from 1st to 5th inside a season.

Arsenal can make success with an elite manager at the top of his game, an experienced manager looking to cut it at the next level, or with a young buck with an exciting new vision of the game no one is prepared for.

Don’t write anything off, keep an open mind, and pray the club don’t fu*k things up by giving Alan Pardew a chance to make it in the big time.


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  1. Wenker-wanger

    All home fans love AW……they are happy….of course its easy to be sentimental when your team has stuffed the specialist in failure.Exit le fraud.

  2. useroz

    Best sub of the season… Welbeck off

    Ramsey was piss poor out of the 10

    Mikki was good and ran out of steam

    AMN had a good game

    Mustafi not good.

  3. Coach 15

    Mustafi is fucking pony,the defence rebuild must start with his transfer out of the club.
    His awareness and positional sense for that 3rd goal was comical.

  4. InsideRight

    Leicester hadn’t won in five games. They play Wenger’s Arsenal and coast to a 3-1 win. We make them look like title contenders.

    No away wins in 2018 but Wenger claims the offers are pouring in. If that’s true some football chairmen are off their fucking rockers.

  5. Danish Gooner

    Some of the really do play as if they have never touched a football before,shocking when you think that they earn a kings ransom.

  6. BacaryisGod

    Well, I’m going in another direction on this.

    First, hopefully some of you will now get off the Mavrapanos train and let him develop at a normal pace. He was shocking on the first goal and probably deserved the sending off after being reckless in losing it. Now to Mustafi. There’s a player in there. We’ve all seen it. He’s tough, good in the air and has decent technical ability. He’s just a complete headcase, though. His stupid, stupid clearance which lead to the penalty was a case in point and look at his decision-making for Leicester’s third goal. First, he plays Mahrez onside and then he chooses the 4th best option available to him as Mahrez was bearing down on goal. He could have stayed with Vardy but he left him wide open for a tap-in. He could have tried to cover behind check but he didn’t. And he could have aggressively run towards Mahrez to try to get a block. Npe, he decided to drift towards the trailing Leicester player when it really wouldn’t have made sense for Mahrez to make that pass anyway. I think Mustafi has the physical nature to play at th top level, but just not sure if he’s smart enough. Such a disappointment.

    On the flip side, I loved the effort of Iwobi, Aubameyang and Maitland-Niles.

    Mkhitaryan is still a puzzle. He’s capable of wonderful moments but also gives away possession way too much. It’s what made him disposable at United.
    He and Aubameyang also look for each other more often than they should. As anyone who has played even recreationally, this becomes really annoying to team-mates.

    It looks like Arsene wanted to give us a greatest hits performance today. Some fantastic flowing football alongside some abysmal defending. He reminded of us what we’ll miss but also showed why we’re all so ready to move on from him.

  7. Wenker-wanger

    Surely the akbs will follow their master wherever he goes?. Meanwhile us wobs will once again follow ARSENAL FC. Let’s hope the akbs stay loyal to their cult hero and don’t drift back to the club they put secondary to their wenger-love.

  8. Uk bubbler

    At this point you really have to ask yourself , how many of theses players would you actually keep?

    This is the reason we can’t have a rookie heacoach/manager IMO. The team needs ALOT of work, especially without the ball.

    Thank F**K it’s over on Sunday. This season will be known as the Death by 1000 cuts.

  9. Marc


    Some would say there’s a case to be made that you’re not a complete cunt – fortunately the seriously mentally ill are confined.

  10. Danish Gooner

    Here is my digits on the season.

    1.Cech. 3 out of 10 a terrible season for the once so coveted keeper,slow of the line cost us points not gaining us any,his legs are gone/get rid off.

    2.Ospina. 5 out of 10 nothing spectacular about him but better then cech,accident prone not what you want in a top keeper.very suspect at corners.

    3.Bellerin 2 out of 10 at this moment i feel the cunt can fuck right off,with his hipster attitude and his poor defending,someone need to clip this guy by the ear and set him straight otherwise he is gonna turn in to a really,really poor defender at the moment he is only poor.His terrible back tracking would make Brian Clough turn in his grave.

    4.Koscielny 4 out of 10 sorry to say it kos but you failed like the rest of the defense ,cost us on several counts in big games,starting to get dominated in the air like never before,poor showing for an otherwise decent defender.

    5.Mustafi, 1 out of 10,a terrible defender,unsure,shaky accident prone you just can not say enough bad about him,sell,sell,sell !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6.Monreal, 5 out of 10 largely did ok but his bottom level is real,real bottom sometimes he makes the most simple mistake and sometimes he is a lion,very inconsistent .

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    There is going to be a bit of turbelance over the next season

    Got to be positive

  12. Marc


    I think Mavrapanos looked like a player with real potential in his first 2 games – only idiots start to think a 20 year old is the messiah. Same goes for Rob Holding – the guy had 20 minutes first team experience when we signed him from Bolton – since then what defensive training has he had?

    On next season I think that Cech has to be replaced as number 1 (could he be a solid back up?) and we need a replacement for Kos, outside of that the only player I won’t give some time to under a new coach is Xhaka – I don’t think he’s necessarily a bad player but he’s just not cut out for the PL.

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I honestly thought Wenger would have played more youth players in the final games

    At least starting to show we do have talent ? If he thinks we have

  14. Wenker-wanger

    This season is the culmination of absurd neglect. Neglect of the owner to keep faith with a deluded incompetent loser. With a squad of expensive players , internationals , this team struggled miserably away from home and got stuffed by the mancs home and away.
    “There’s only one arsene Wenger”??????
    Fckin hell has football become that feeble now, that such stark failure is forgotten in a soppy haze of sentimentality?
    Maybe this is part of the “everyone is a winner” mentality that society seems to promote?
    I just find it quite sickeningly cheesy.

  15. Seg

    I remember the debate here about the red card Atletico Madrid got against Arsenal being an advantage or not. Definitely an advantage to Leicester this game.

  16. BacaryisGod

    Agreed Marc. Under no circumstances should Cech be #1 and Ospina has more transfer value than Cech. Sell Ospina and bring in the best available option. Cech can sit on the bench for a year until his contract expires.

  17. Redtruth

    The dud signings, the sustained heavy losses and repeating the same mistakes over and over again, make Wenger a candidate for Arsenal’s worst ever Manager.

  18. BacaryisGod

    I think right now you can sing ‘There’s only one Arsene Wenger’ and it’s like a Rorschach test. That chant can mean all kinds of things if you think about it.

  19. Dissenter

    Cech shouldn’t even be a back-up at this point. He’s done and toasted.

    Ishola placed replacing Xhaka ahead of replacing out central defenders and goal keepers.

  20. Danish Gooner

    Ramsey 6 out of 10 a real conundrum here,i am convinced he could be as influential as Paul Scholes but he needs a good teacher,his season has been ravaged by injury like always but often he is our fulcrum when he plays,altough have a very irritating tendency to disappear in some games must improve on his consistency,especially away from home.

    Xhaha 3 out of 10 holy crap who the fuck scouted this one,there might be a superman hiding underneath but it is really well hidden,so,so slow in tougth,accident prone have cost at least 5 goals this season soly on his decision making,a really poor midfielder sell,sell,sell.

    Jack 4 out 10 he really,really tries and good on him,i still cant get my head around the fact that he got himself a brand new shiny contract,very limited in control on ball,very limited all around infact,

    Ozil 1 out of 10 doesnt give a shit,wonderful footballer no doubt,a terrible work ratio,gets bullied to easily sell,sell.

  21. E54_

    May 9, 2018    21:50:19


    ‘holy moly i turned over at 1-1 as i thought well, at least we’ve drawn. At least we have our 1st away point. I turn back to check on the score….’

    Proper supporter you are. With the lads til the end eh?
    hahaha the lads he says. The lads yeah? Who are these lads you’re so fond of? The pieces of shyte (footballing ability wise shyte) that have led Arsenal to having the WORST away record in the entire country in 2018? Those Lads?
    All the while being paid to play yet they down tools? Those lads?
    I support Arsenal. The players play FOR arsenal. THEY are not THE Arsenal.
    Arsenal will still be here when all these trash players are gone.

  22. Uk bubbler

    wenger say’s we’re 3/4 players away from competing next season. 37 points from the league leaders, might be 40 by sunday.

    Who says this????

  23. Danish Gooner

    Welbeck or his nickname Well wide 3 out of 10 out for much of the season anonymous for the rest sell,sell,sell.

    Auba: 8 out of 10 scores when he feels like it,you get what you pay for wil with the right manager set Mo salah alight next year.

    Laca.7 out of 10 Seemed terrible but had a real injury after injury improve a lot could be lethal with auba and acouple of capable wingers.

    Miki 6 out of 10 very inconsistent but when dominating out standing,fine start for a guy at new club.

  24. Wenker-wanger

    I agree the worst ever manager. What league titles would he have won without Adams and co.?

  25. Danish Gooner

    Conclusion : A shit season sees the end a terible Arsenal team as bad as some of those playing in the start of the eighties,rubbish defending,rubbish midfield and annoying sideways passing ,no leaders,no passion,no guts season gets 2 out of 10.

  26. Danish Gooner

    Wenger 0 out 10

    What a turd of a season for our manager,showed no ability to rattle his troops didnt even use his usual bravado “We have learnt our lesson” because Arsenal ran in to one embarrassing defeat after another,he just sat there on his bench watching one horror show after another without being able to do anything about it and on 10 mil a season a real embarrassment for our once untouchable leader.

  27. BacaryisGod

    What a critical summer this is going to turn out to be. Here are the key questions:

    1) Will we bring in the right man for the manager position?
    2) Can we fix our keeper problem?
    3) Can we fix our center back issues?
    4) Can we find a serious upgrade for Xhaka?
    5) Will we renew Ramsey’s contract?
    6) Will the new manager get the best out of Ozil?

    If I’m the new manager, I think I would make a gut decision on Ozil. I would renew Ramsey’s deal and put him in Ozil’s position. Then sell Ozil to supplement our investment needs in the goalkeeper, central defence and central midfield areas. WIth Ramsey in the Ozil position we could then seriously press from the front without leaving ourselves exposed in central midfield.

  28. Ishola70

    “Ishola placed replacing Xhaka ahead of replacing out central defenders and goal keepers.”

    That’s right Dissenter.

    And there have been articles on the net stating as such along the lines of Xhaka should be the first out of the door on other blogs as well. A poster on here agreed with me.

    We all know they should both be replaced but I was providing a situation of priority over another.

    Marko pointed out to you that Xhaka has been solely individually responsible for Arsenal conceding goals on a basis comparable to Cech if not more which is absolutely shocking if we compare the positions of an outfield player and a GK . A GK has far more in-play situations where he finds himself in one one situations, make or break situations where it is fail or succeed. You ignored his point if I remember correctly. Cech has actually kept the score down in matches. There have been more plays this season where we could be thankful to Cech for a play in comparison to Xhaka.

    So please don’t post as if this statement is the most outlandish thing ever said and no-one is in agreement.

    Just for you I will give you an example of the view which you seem to think is unthinkable and too ludicrous for anyone else to adhere to:


  29. Ishola70

    I didn’t even watch this game.

    Arsenal lost away again eh?

    Why should anyone be surprised considering the away record.

    Some individual players just not good enough simple as that.

  30. jasongms

    Hang on, did we just go a man down away from home and concede 3 goals? Some would say that Leicester had an advantage, but oh no, that couldn’t possibly be true according to the loudest fucking imbecile on this board.

  31. Ishola70

    who said they didn’t have an advantage jasongms?

    who was it? tell me. what a buffoon eh.

    Can’t the man count.

  32. Sancho Monzorla

    How does whether Wenger signed Vieira before or after he got to Arsenal have anything to do with Jack Wilshere or a phantom manager in waiting?

  33. jasongms

    Xhaka and Mustafi have to be the first two players sold, period.

    Mustafi has all the qualities to be a decent footballer except one, he has the footballing intellect equivalent to a 5-year old child.

  34. Ishola70

    Absolutely shocking first goal conceded.

    Error upon defensive error.

    First Kolasinac shows why people have concerns about him defensively letting the man beat him so easily on the inside and getting a cross in the first place.

    Then we see a criminal act from Holding passing the ball to Mav inside his own penalty area in a danger spot. Shooting offence.

    Then Mav plays a more than poor clearance.

    Both defenders turn theirs backs weakly when the goal flies in.

    Horrible, horrible.

    Saying that most of these boys are on their hols now.

  35. jasongms


    Not naming names, Just your standard Wenger aficionado trying to deflect any criticism away from their messiah with the usual excuses.


  36. Champagne charlie


    Really don’t get your Xhaka drivel, you keep trying to qualify it by citing other opinions that agree with yours.

    For every article you post like that I could post one with the opposite view. Since when did it become the norm to defend n opinion by saying “other people have this opinion too”. Really odd.

    Objectively you’d struggle to make a genuine case for having Xhaka as the summers priority. Key word is objectively, because in these debates we know that gets tossed out good and proper.

    Arsenal need an unequivocal top class GK before they do anything else for me. Then they need to address the fact Kos is out until December, and Per is retired.

  37. Ishola70


    My response was to Dissenter as he is looking to porttray that the idea of Xhaka first out of the door is absolutely ludicrous and outlandish and no-one else has this thought. Just merely pointing out this is not the case.

    In fact we just had now poster jason saying as such.

    No interest in going over old ground again and again.

  38. Ishola70

    A forwards challenge in the box by Mhiki for their penalty.

    Or should we say an Arsenal defenders challenge in the box for their penalty.

  39. Ishola70

    Third goal irrelevant.

    Arsenal clearly caught up field looking for the equaliser and caught on the break.


  40. Elmo

    Just seen those, Seg. Savage from Ozil’s agent.

    “He was an Arsenal reserve so left for Everton and Aston Villa because he wasn’t good enough.”

    “He returned to Arsenal but was still a reserve – always in the shadow of Adams, Bould, Dixon, Winterburn and then Campbell, Toure, Lauren, Cole.”

    “In the 2004 Invincible season, Arsene Wenger let him play the last minute vs Leicester to qualify for a winner’s medal.”

    “Otherwise he would not be an Invincible because he didn’t play enough games. He wasn’t a real part of the team.”

    “Even Keown said publicly he would have killed Wenger if he did not let him come on the pitch against Leicester.”

    “This is again representative of the behaviour against Manchester United – he claims passion, whilst it is really aggression.”

    “He spent time helping coach the defenders at London Colney some time ago but then it stopped. Why would it stop if he was so good and knew so much about the game?”

    “Was it that Arsene Wenger, the players and staff did not want him there?”

    “Since then, he has remained an outside from the club – he has very little knowledge of the internal events at the club, and is in no position to comment with such confidence. Does he have access to medical records… no.”

    “He spent many years criticising Wenger. Then it is announced Wenger is leaving and Keown starts to say nice things about Wenger.”

    “He questions Mesut’s loyalty, but can’t stick behind his own arguments – how can his opinion be trusted or validated?”

    I guess having taken a healthy cut of that £350k pw, as an agent the least you can do is be a willing attack dog. I assume he’s not an Arsenal fan and actually researched all that himself!

  41. Buckhurst Gun

    Surely the new manager will buy a new GK the first minute he starts working at Arsenal , then in the second minute he has to buy a back up keeper – in the third minute he’ll buy a CB and in the fourth minute he’ll sell xhaka … one can dream …

  42. Ishola70

    Buckhurst Gun
    “Surely the new manager will buy a new GK the first minute he starts working at Arsenal , then in the second minute he has to buy a back up keeper – in the third minute he’ll buy a CB and in the fourth minute he’ll sell xhaka … one can dream”

    lol yeah we are having silly arguments about which player is priority to be sold which one first but really they should be dumped in a bin all together at one time. One fell swoop.

  43. Alex James

    Grim West Moyes beat Leicester comfortably, whereas we gift it to them. Chelsea are rubbish too. They have given the Tots a CL place to welcome in their new stadium. Hope I am wrong but we shall undoubtedly appoint the wrong manager. My preference is for Carlo but my fear is a young bloke. Wenger was young but had Tony and co, to bail him out. We don’t have that luxury. And on it goes.

  44. Ishola70

    What players did Arteta get praise for regarding his coaching at Man City?

    I’m sure Sterling was one mentioned. Any other attacking players?

    This praise looks to be about one on one individual player coaching and not even in areas where Arsenal have the most obvious weaknesses.

    Has he been praised for coaching defenders at Man City?

    Has he been praised for coaching defensive mids?

    Has he even been praised for his coaching at Man City on an overall team basis rather than players individually?

    All questions that need to be asked for those that think Arteta is a good idea.

  45. Ishola70


    This is the praise that Arteta got regarding Sterling.

    “Mikel Arteta is working many, many hours and days after training specifically about the last action on the pitch – that control in the last moment to make the right movement in the final three or four metres.”

    That’s about coaching a player individually in the attacking sense.

    Who is getting the praise at Man City for working many, many hours with the defending?

    Who is getting praise at Man City for working many, many hours on their off the ball work?

    Who is getting praise at Man City for working many, many hours on their midfielders in a defensive sense?

    Who is getting praise for Man City functioning and gelling as a team as a whole?

    Well we know the answer to the last one. That is Pep.

  46. TheLegendaryDB10


    That is my fear. The club will appoint the easy option to keep their top 4 no real success approach.

    My worry is will Arteta be able to impose himself on the other players????

  47. Bamford10

    Arteta may be smart and he may become a good manager, but given that he has never really managed before, there is no reason for him to be our first manager post-Wenger.

    I see some of Charlie’s points re why he might be preferable to a Vieira or Henry, but we shouldn’t really be looking at any of these guys, IMO.

    Allegri, Jardim, Conte, Ancelotti.

    Otherwise a smart, young tactical type who has at least a few years of experience.

  48. Bamford10

    Yeah, no matter how you look at it, it looks like we need at least 4 new starting XI players. GK, CB, CDM and a LB. Bare minimum.

    But not every one of these needs to be (or can be) a 40m signing.

    Sven & co. will need to be smart.

  49. Frankie Coffeecakes

    The result really is of little consequence. Nothing new was revealed that pretty much everyone was already aware of. Fundamental mistakes remain the hallmark of this team and until a new manager is put in place will that person have an idea of what they have to work with. Its not all bad, but equally its not all good as well. Change is coming and that alone is why no one should fret over just how really poor this team really is.

    Management made the absolute correct call in seeking a managerial change as equally it is beyond obvious to everyone but Wenger, that he is a lost cause as a manager.

    Better days ahead for certain, these last games mean absolutely nothing as even the players have given up on their manager and themselves. A season to absolutely forget.

  50. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Arsenal are in no position to be appointing a novice manager. They need immediate stability before they can entertain taking such risks. Again, Arsenal are in no position to dick around. They stand to lose more of their fanbase if they screw this appointment up.

  51. Alex Cutter

    “The Arsenal don’t need cunts like you associated with them turning your support on and off like a tap. You’re a joke.”

    Your “passion” as a true fan of a corporate entity that doesn’t give a shit about you — and other than in name has no remaining ties to the club you once loved — is as pathetic as an iPhone zealot disparaging someone who prefers using Android

  52. Alex Cutter

    “Some would say that Leicester had an advantage…”

    If you’re referring to the manager, agree 100%;

  53. Dissenter

    Wayne Rooney is as thick as peas soup.
    I just heard that he’s joining DC United.
    He should know that there’s nothing exotic about DC besides nasty traffic and hot muggy summers. I live in the DC area and can’t even understand why he’s moving here.
    Why isn’t he moving to the NYC, Florida or California MLS organizations?. He’s Wayne Rooney and he would have had his pick.

  54. gonsterous

    I guess we can add the “we are 2/3 players away from winning the league” line to Wengers list of never ending excuse. he’s been using that line since 2008, along with the we’ll only strengthen if we find quality players…

  55. Ishola70

    My goodness we have Josh Kroenke calling the shots on the next manager and we forever hear about a young american football manager in the states as if that is of relevance at Arsenal.

    What a circus.

    Any sane person should surely want Jardim ahead of all these rookies.

  56. Ishola70

    For those that think Vieira is a good idea well he is just a Man City guinea pig at New York.

    He has no real repercussions at all there or consequences for any failure. All his remit is is to blueprint the Pep way of playing football on this particular team and himself to get into groove for this type of style of football management. And he is very green.

    No-one should want Arteta or Vieira to be next Arsenal manager. They are nowhere near qualified or experienced enough for the position and to be even linked to them is really quite unfortunate. If all that piques interest in these two are that they are ex Arsenal players then that in no way should be seen as a factor. Not when one is so green in Vieira and the other Arteta not even green. No colour at all yet.

  57. Pierre

    We didn’t learn much from last nights game ..

    Our defence had no real protection other than xhaka …..normal

    Our defending was sloppy(especially for the all important first goal)……normal

    Our midfield had no balance…..normal….we were in effect playing with 2 CAMS with Ramsey and Iwobi….

    Aubamayang and mhkitarean look good signings …..

    The officials gave us absolutely nothing …..normal.

  58. TonyD

    Sanity left Arsenal when Dein and fiszman no longer had influence.

    Now we have the 3 stooges plus Kranki junior all wanting to be alpha males and secure their power base.

    As a penny pinching club Jardim is the perfect fit with Nagelsmann a close 2nd.

    The 3 stooges have had problems with power: Ivan with Wenger, Sven with Tuchel and there were reports that Raul was persona non grata in the end at Barca.

    Then Josh probably with Krankie senior.

    I’m convinced once they have finally come to a split managerial decision they will micro manage the shit out of the new manager.

    Victory through harmony, right?

  59. TonyD

    Yup Pierre normal Wenger & ref’s conspiracy service resumed, right?

    Still waiting for your boy Mihki to do something other than give the ball away or go missing against top teams.

    He gave us nothing in the semi after coming on or City games etc

    Still I’ll wait until we get the new manager.

  60. Ishola70

    Yeah Tony

    Stan has given to his son Josh a new play toy = Arsenal FC.

    Now we should be thankful that this has entailed the departure of Wenger but getting rid of someone is easier than appointing and appointing correctly.

  61. Wenker-wanger

    No not Enrique, surely that’s a whole load of prima Donna chaos?
    We need a tough no-nonsense committed manager with no massive ego.

  62. TonyD

    Still at least we have Charlie’s analogy of Gates vs Arteta and snapping away at everyone who doesn’t agree with him.

    Pierre being Pierre and Northern Veg brining new levels to obnoxiousness.

    Wish Victoria would come back to complete the comedy act.

    Can’t wait until the next season.

  63. Pierre

    You are entitled to your opinion (even if it is wrong ) on mhkitarean ….you have chosen to mention him coming on late in the game v Atletico but failed to mention his fine performance v United despite it being his first game back after injury.

    Because you took the early stance of not rating him then ,of course you will find it very difficult to change that stance despite very encouraging performances from him. …….normal.

    Though I think Aubamayang and Mhkitarean have shown many positives in their few months at the club , it will be next season that hopefully we will see the best of them.
    Taking into account the lack of continuity in selection since they arrived due to both being unavailable for cup competitions and injuries also to lacazette and ozil, the attacking third has shown the potential to be very productive.
    Hopefully the new manager will give the team a solid base in midfield enabling aubamayang , mhkitarean ,ozil and lacazette to do the business up front.

  64. TonyD

    I have no problem reevaluating my Mihki thinking next season, which s why I said I’ll wait until the new manager has had time to work with the team.

    I didn’t see the United game; I was in Bangkok.

    Mihki is beginning to combine well with Auba but my concern is that Mihki only does well against low level teams and he does give the ball away too much.

    Like I said let’s see after the first 10 games next season, and I ‘ll pass final judgement then. Even then it’s only an opinion that affects nothing.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll happily admit as much because Mihki will be adding value to the team’s performance to win games.

    Banter is one fun thing, but at then end of the day we all want our club winning matches and challenging for top honours.

    Like everyone else I just want this manager saga over, and also like many here I have my concerns with Ivan and co. It was never just about Wenger with me. He had to go, but I would also like to see a real footballing man as CEO. Such a man would never had made the press comments Gazidis did.

    As for the Kroenkes next season will tell us all we need to know about them.

  65. Ishola70

    If Arteta or Vieira are appointed then there is going to be disappoint from some.

    But that disappointment can be allayed by actions straight after the appointment by the manager or the team whatever way you want to term it meaning signings made in the summer and certain players replaced. If this is done then those initial fears and disappointment can be put aside and real optimism can be felt.

    But if one of these rookies are appointed and we as well see no real affirmative actions in regards bringing suitable players in to address weaknesses then any real optimism will be subdued.

    For example the latest signing Arsenal were linked with this Turkish CB kid from Freiburg well he is rash and not the full package. Signings of this ilk will not cut it. I admit I was suggesting a CB partnership of an experienced and younger player the other day but looking at Mav’s performance last night I now admit that this was just hopeful thinking.

  66. Emiratesstroller

    It is clear that some very difficult decisions need to be made when the new manager/head coach comes in, because our away form + the number of goals we have conceded this season are shocking.

    Had we played in similar fashion in our home games the club would be relegated.

    Clearly the manager, coaches and squad are collectively all to blame for what
    goes on on the pitch. The most obvious conclusion when you watch most games is that they attach more attention to offensive play and entertainment than the art of good defending.

    Teams who play in that fashion seldom win titles and that has been Wenger’s
    main weakness during his tenure at running the club. It has shown also in our
    transfer policy where the club invests competitively in our attack, but neglects
    to spend properly in the defence.

    This season our total spend on defence has been £1.89 million on Mavropanos
    despite clear weaknesses being already apparent the previous season.

    Mavropanos may be a super talent, but at 20 years of age and with no first team experience at top level he is going to make mistakes as he did yesterday.

    The bottom line is that Arsenal needs to rebuild its defence. Unlike Manchester City who were in similar situation in last 2 seasons the club does not
    have the financial clout to spend £200 Million + on the problem in one season.

    However, we do have the capacity to spend £100 million on a new goalkeeper and experienced centre back. That may result in a short term financial loss,
    but will in the long term get the team back on track.

    One thing is for sure and that is that our reckless “gungho” approach to playing needs to stop. There needs to be more discipline and focus in the way we play.

  67. Ishola70

    Not just about fee though is it ES in regards bringing in a CB.

    Profile of the player is more important. That being a mature CB with the necessary experience and suitable attributes.

    Mustafi was signed for over 30m and is seen by most as a disappointing signing. Plays like a teenager in defence.

    Not just about fee.

  68. Guns of Hackney

    So that Greek lad is shit.

    £50m transfer kitty…lol. Add a zero.

    Wenger has misappropriated funds for years. Arsenal should never give that piece of shit anymore cash.


  69. Guns of Hackney

    GK x 2
    Sign Stones, Shawcross and maybe Evans (last two to see us through next season).
    Sell Mustafi, Bellerin. Release Kos.
    New midfield
    Sell Xhaka, Wilshere, Elneny, Ozil
    Enquire about Pogba
    Get Dembele from Celtic

    Time to fucking act.

  70. Champagne charlie


    I know who he is, he’s fucking shite mate that’s the concern in your suggestion..

  71. Guns of Hackney

    We need a bit of youth.

    I’m all for the rollacoaster…anything is better than the turgid shit served up for the last ten years.

  72. Pierre

    “Mihki only does well against low level teams and he does give the ball away too much”

    Some Arsenal fans need to make up their mind what they want..
    They complain about tippy tappy /crab football but a player like mihkatarhan arrives and is prepared to take risks with the ball and their still not happy.

    If mihkatyrean passed sideways and backwards you would be the first to complain but he is a player who is looking to play the killer ball and sometimes it doesn’t come off(similar to sanchez).. But I like the positive way he receives the ball in the final 3rd and more often than not will try and get a shot away or play someone in instead of taking the easy option..
    Next season I can see him scoring 15 goals with 15 assists minimum.

  73. Guns of Hackney

    I’m more worried about Mikki’s weight. He’s a monster. 17 stone if a pound. Only 5’9 as well. Carries the weight around his stomach.

    I hear his studs only last one game before they need replacing.

  74. Redtruth

    “The most obvious conclusion when you watch most games is that they attach more attention to offensive play and entertainment than the art of good defending.”

    Lol…..Arsenal haven’t scored more than one goal in each of the 7 away losses since the start of the New Year.

  75. David Bolo

    Our away form this season is only better than that of the three relegated teams and Brighton. Wenger out! You can’t make this up!