Arsene delivers style on and off the pitch in touching farewell

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What a party that was! I mean, I wasn’t quite there, but in spirit, we all were. Fans from around the world tuned in to bid Arsene Wenger farewell, and to say #MerciArsene.

The man came, he saw, he conquered… he went a bit off the rails for 8 odd years, but overall, I think in time we’ll forgive the banter years, and maybe even embrace them.

Yesterday’s beasting of Burnley was fitting. An exuberant show of football to see out 22 years. 5 excellent goals, beautiful clear skies, a packed house at The Emirates. It was lump-in-your throat time after the game as Wenger did his final lap of honour. What a career that man has had. What an impact he’s had on the clubs brand of football, he took us from boring, boring, Arsenal, to the must-see club in world football. His ability to keep the team afloat during the skint years will be looked back on as legendary. He’ll always have the honour of putting the first three trophies in the new grounds trophy cabinet.

He’s been a monumental part of our history. No doubt about that.


As for the football, well, it was all great fun. It was the testimonial match we’d been hoping for. Some interesting curiosities came out of the game, but before we get into the details, what about Mesut fucking Ozil? He missed training the day before, fretting over a back injury… sure mate, we’ve all been there ducking rugby class in sub-zero temperatures back in the day. You have to get it into your heads people, Mesut doesn’t give a fuck about Arsenal. The rest of the boys all paid their respects, Mesut wimped out. In fact, he’s so prolific at not turning up for games he doesn’t fancy, there’s a song doing the rounds.

The Oziltoligists excused the episode as a non-issue because the game didn’t mean anything. I have to back people up on that, firstly, yes the game did mean something, it was the difference between 7th and 6th, and it was Wenger’s farewell party. Finally, and most importantly, he’s our most handsomely paid player. He has a responsibility to lead by example. The man is a liability, I just can’t believe we gave him that much money to stay on. No way he’s going to get sold this summer. Hopefully, the next manager can whip him into shape. Going missing in tough away games cannot be this thing we deal with, having cheeky breaks away so regularly cannot continue to happen, going missing in big games needs to be a thing of the past.

Those that did show up put on a great performance. Iwobi combined in a lovely one-two with Lacazette, dinking a chip into his path, the Frenchman pirouetted into a shot he dragged across goal, with Auba foxing from a yard out.

Our second goal took 30minutes to arrive. Arsenal fans spent most of that time cooing over Mavrapanos, the Greek very much looking the part, sparking excitement that Diamon Eye is going to be a big deal. Strong in the air, fast on the ground, with a good range of passing. I know we always lose our minds over young players, but he looks a very good prospect.

At the death of the first half, Iwobi started the move for our second goal, he fed a teasing ball into Hector Bellerin on the right, the Spaniard clipped a ball to Lacazette at the front post, allowing him the chance to finish first time on the volley. A great goal, taken perfectly in his stride.

The third goal came from a powerful Jack Wilshere run from deep midfield, his acceleration allowed him to run at a retreating Burnley defence, he switched his pass out to the right, Kolasinac picked up the ball and launched it across goal past the hapless Nick Pope.

The game really did take a turn for the bizarre when Auba turned provider from the right, he cut a ball back to Iwobi in the box, the target shy Nigerian took one touch, made some space and launched his shot into the top corner. Majestical guys, that’s the word I’m making up to describe that goal.

The final goal came from some good work from Ramsey in midfield, Bellerin was found wide right, he found Auba with a teasing cross 8 yards out, with the man from Gabon doing what he does best, finding the net.

There was still plenty of fun to be had when he goals dried up. Wenger waited until the 71st minute to make his subs as usual. He brought on Per Mertesacker, a man we’ve all grown to love over the years. It was fun watching the players make sure he landed plenty of touches. Maybe a little uncomfortable for the German if truth be told, but it was all part of the carnival atmosphere.

The final whistle blew almost exactly on 70minutes, Wenger shook some hands readying himself for his final lap and his speech.

He definitely took in the moment, soaking up the applause and hearing his name being sung. A really beautiful thing to watch. Any upset you may have had over the years melted into nothing but respect.


‘Thank you for having me so long, I know that is not easy. But above all else, I’m like you, I am an Arsenal fan’

‘This is more than just watching football, it’s a way of life. It’s caring about the beautiful game, about the values we cherish, and as well, that something that goes for all our bodies in every cell of our bodies. We care, we worry, we are desperate, but when you come here, the theatre of dreams we realise what it means.’

‘I would like as well to thank everyone at the club who makes it so special, I would invite you, really push, support these players and the staff who remains behind me, these group of players has a special quality. Not only on the pitch, but off the pitch. Please, as you follow this team, support them next season because they deserve it.’

“I would like to finish in one simple sentence: I will miss you. Thank you all for having such an important part of my life, thank you all, well done, bye bye.”

God damn it Arsene, you got me all teary-eyed over here… I’LL MISS YOU TOO! x

Short and sweet, a man of class until the end.

Now we have to move forward. The Wenger chapter has closed. Our job as fans is to back the next manager with the same force we backed Wenger. It’ll be a rocky season next year, the main difference is it’ll all be in the name of progress.

You saw today that we have a lot of great talent to work with. Aaron Ramsey, Auba, Lacazette, Mavrapanos, Bellerin, Iwobi and even the young kids coming through are going to be given a new lease of life. We’ll hire someone who can coach, instil discipline, come armed with an exciting football philosophy, hopefully, one that involves some form of pressing. Ideally, we’ll bring in a manager who can unite the fanbase, the backroom team and the players.

This summer is going to be fucking crazy. Not only are you losing Wenger, we’ll likely see the back of a number of coaches and people who work behind the scenes. It’s hard to see futures for Boro, Peyton, Colbert, Priestly and a few of the others. Not only do we need to hire a brilliant mind to spearhead the next move, we need to gel that person with some of Europe’s elite coaching staff. It’ll be fun, but new ideas take time to bed in. Pep did fuck all in his first year at City, same can be said of Klopp. It’s all about laying foundations and building for the next three seasons.

I’m excited. If we’re shooting for a young buck like the LA Rams did, let’s hope the club does its due diligence. If we’re talking to one of the tier one managers, let’s hope they’re able to lead the club with care and attention. Whoever we hire, be sure of this, it’ll be a massive improvement and very much needed, and you’ll be jumping out of bed to get to the Arsenal on Saturday mornings.

That’s what football is all about. Shared joy. I can’t wait to write about it, and I’m excited to go on the ride with you all.

On that night, I shall tap out.

Thank you Arsene, you’re one of a kind, and we’ll miss you too. x

Have a great day everyone and stop crying at your desk.

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  1. HighburyLegend

    lol sal…
    Ok for the spuds, but I’d be really happy to see Liverpool destroy Madrid.

  2. Marc


    The only thing we need to be careful of with the new manager is an expectation of instant change / improvement.

    With the World Cup etc the new manager will not get much time with the squad before the season starts, we need to give him a few months to start getting something out of the players.

  3. salpardisenyc


    “I’d be really happy to see Liverpool destroy Madrid.”

    Fuck that I want post match tears, ideally red and falling to “You’ll never walk alone”.

  4. Marc


    The PL is a huge pull and you’re forgetting about ego. Arsenal are a huge club and being the guy to kick them on will be a real draw.

    I wonder if you’ll be so negative about the chances of Chelsea recruiting a new manager or the Spud’s if Poch moves on in the summer?

  5. Marc

    I hate Liverpool and all scouser’s are thieving murdering vermin.

    As much as I dislike Ronaldo I hope he tears them a new arsehole and the Ukrainian police are severely heavy handed in dealing with the scouse filth.

  6. salpardisenyc


    Looking at our back 5, imagine its going to be a slow burn for sure. Much work to do with this side, but there could also be the immediate response. Regardless were on the path.

    United good example of pitfalls.

  7. Marc


    Well one things for sure – we have a lot of players who’s comfort zone is about to disappear so I at least expect to see players fighting as if their career is on the line.

  8. Coach 15

    Never trust a scouser,it’s a life lesson every non scouse kid should be taught. Fucking horrible breed.

  9. Pierre

    Looks like ,reading Le grovellers comments that özil will be the new obsession..

    Sad really that people are so thick that they would now attack the player who has the most assists and created the most chances in the last 5 years….

    The özil obsessives….

  10. Coach 15


    Agree,you have to have experience of them to comprehend their vile nature.
    As I said never trust a scouser.

  11. HighburyLegend

    “The ITK I referred to yesterday reckons Allegri is done. Let’s see.”
    So Allegri to Chelsea, then.

    lol Auberjune strikes again, how was the mood on Untold ??

  12. HighburyLegend

    Allegri to Chelsea, that seems so much more logical, but of course I hope I’m wrong…

  13. salpardisenyc


    New obsession you must of missed out on those epic Ozil vs Erikson debates.

    I’ve supported Ozil but his actions yesterday were appalling and surely signal a larger problem, don’t care how many neat passes he’s made that were finished. It lacked class, respect and any sort of bravado one would hope on such an occasion. That after a nothing performance mid week.

    Where as BFG stayed after signing autographs with Ramsay.

  14. Pierre

    “I’ve supported Ozil but his actions yesterday were appalling and surely signal a larger problem,”

    What actions were appalling… Why would he want to miss Wengers last home game unless he was injured.
    I thought, if you read the özil obsessives comments, that yesterdays game was the type of game that özil would turn up for to pad out his stats so why would he want to miss it.

  15. Bob N16

    Has Ozil got a bad back? If yes, he’s getting unfair criticism.
    That being said, Keown laid into him massively, mate of Bould……

    Undoubtedly Ozil is now going get some of the shit that has been thrown at Wenger. A certain type does appear to enjoy focussing their bile on Arsenal targets, takes a all sorts I suppose.

    Found yesterday quite emotional, end of an era. For me it had echoes of leaving Highbury…time passed.

    Excited about the future. Announce new coach day next Monday, start sorting the squad out!

  16. Marko

    Pierre you do know that he had “illness” earlier in the season and just went to Turkey to spend time with the Mrs. Back injury my hole he’s done nothing of note the last month. You seem happy with him that probably speaks volumes of you. Also 8 assists this season and just 9 last year he’s not worth debating anymore

  17. James wood

    Fans fighting each other to buy the programme in bulk.
    Complimentary T Shirts being stolen of seats.
    The desperation to make a quick buck on E Bay.

  18. David Smith

    A few sop posed ITKs saying Allegri is done, good on them if they are right but will believe when I see

  19. Marko

    Christ almighty some of you positive types are honestly thick. What fuck is wrong with complaining about a player who doesn’t want to be here who’s only here for the money and who since getting the money has honestly contributed little. If you think he’s got a back injury you’re delusional. He’s just a giant pussy. Justified criticism

  20. Wallace


    “Undoubtedly Ozil is now going get some of the shit that has been thrown at Wenger. A certain type does appear to enjoy focussing their bile on Arsenal targets, takes a all sorts I suppose.”

    yes, guess this kind of fan has always existed, you’re just more aware of them with the internet.

  21. Marko

    You compare Ozil with Sanchez who hasn’t had a summer off in what 5 or 6 years you never hear him being out with “illness” and then pictured with his dogs in Ibiza getting “treatment”. The other thing is after the performance he put in against Madrid and the criticism he got wouldn’t you want to make a statement the next game to prove people wrong? He just keeps on wilting

  22. Jamie

    Dissenter –

    reached the CL final with Juve**

    Agreed, he isn’t coming. Forget ego, money, project Arsenal, or whatever the suggested allure might be.

    Not sure how many domestic cups he’s won with them, but I imagine it’s at least a couple.

    Marc –

    I’d be incredibly pessimistic about Spurs replacing Poch with anyone near his level. Chelsea, on the other hand, can attract box office if they want. They are a big club, not a pretend one.

  23. Wallace

    “More than the trophy wins, the cup finals, the great goals, sticking it to rivals etc, etc, that sense of suspending one’s critical faculties for a few hours and coming together is my favourite thing about going to football.

    That sense of unity has been missing at Arsenal matches for a while, for reasons that are well documented. It was great that everyone was able to throw themselves into the day and demonstrate why football is more than just numbers on a screen.

    The game is becoming increasingly po-faced and often talking about football on here can be a bit of a drag because of how determinedly po-faced many have become and insist others become.

    Most of all, I am glad Arsene got to see that even though the tide turned against him, the respect from the vast, vast, vast majority of us never eroded- that that underlying affection is untouchable and even when things got bad, that affection consciously remained.

    It is tempting (and convenient) to believe that those who shout the loudest are representative of all of us. There were grumbles, empty seats, some booing, some frustration. But not once was there a “Wenger Out” chant at the Emirates. Not once. (At away matches however…)

    That’s an important thing to remember. For the vast, vast majority, that respect remained and it’s a pity that we have given such agency and importance to the disrespectful minority. Many wanted him to leave but simply couldn’t bring themselves to take against him vocally.

    I don’t doubt the mood was also lighter because people are excited about the future again. But the majority of us got exactly what he have wanted for a long time now- for the bad feeling to disappear so that we could get the chance to show our gratitude. I loved every second.”

    – Tim Stillman on twitter (@stillberto)

    some of the main Arsenal bloggers have been excellent the last couple of days…

  24. Champagne charlie


    Disagree entirely. Why should Allegri’s supposed issues from 2000 and pre-Milan be of any consequence now in 2018?

    As relevant as Wenger going invincible with Arsenal, which I’m pretty certain you’ve dismissed as another era….

    Allegri did well at Cagliari, got scouted by Milan, delivered for them, got scouted by Juve, and delivered for them. Not sure what you’re getting at I’ll be honest.

  25. Pierre

    That’s an important thing to remember. For the vast, vast majority, that respect remained and it’s a pity that we have given such agency and importance to the disrespectful minority.

    How Very true….

  26. Marko

    That’s an important thing to remember. For the vast, vast majority, that respect remained and it’s a pity that we have given such agency and importance to the disrespectful minority.

    To be fair if it wasn’t for that vocal “minority” and the empty seats he’d likely be there another year possibly longer so go easy on them

  27. salpardisenyc

    Regardless of supporters vocalizations, empty seats etc its pretty clear the owners were happy to carry on with Wenger until he finished out of the top four money two season running, second season in worse position that previous. So much so they’re willing to eat the final year of his contract and start a new.

  28. Redtruth

    All those fans sitting on thèir hands for the past 10 years should not be allowed to benefit from the arrival of a new manager but instead should be expelled from the club

  29. Emiratesstroller


    It has been fairly obvious over last two years that most genuine supporters of
    the club who are season ticket holders were unhappy with the way the club
    were performing and that was reflected by the growing number of empty seats.

    However, unlike many posters on Le Grove there were few who attended matches who wanted to see Wenger sacked.

    Most season ticket holders [regular supporters] are fairly level headed people.
    Arsenal is a very different club from most of the others in EPL. They valued
    Wenger for his years of loyal service to the club.

    However, it was crystal clear that Wenger was past his sell by date and the
    team had a very poor season particularly in away games. There had to come a
    point when the Board and Wenger had to come to a decision for parting of
    the ways.

    Personally I am glad that this has been done amicably and in the correct way.

    What is now important is that the club makes the right decision on his successor and that he is given time to build a team and start competing at the top table. That is not going to happen overnight.

    Sadly I expect many posters on Le Grove to allow him perhaps a dozen games
    to perform up to their expectation. If he fails to do so they will no doubt start
    hollering for him to be sacked.

  30. Ishola70

    Wenger did not make a decision to leave.

    He was forced into a corner and basically told his time was up. Forced out.

    In plain speak he was sacked.


  31. azed

    “That’s an important thing to remember. For the vast, vast majority, that respect remained and it’s a pity that we have given such agency and importance to the disrespectful minority. Many wanted him to leave but simply couldn’t bring themselves to take against him vocally.”

    Is there any dictionary with a more apt definition of “cowardice”?

  32. Jamie

    Let’s not forget that Wenger took a 9m severance package to walk a year early. Can’t cry about ‘lack of funds’ when he could’ve just accepted that he wasn’t the man for the job and walked without further damaging our finances.

    “50m war chest” becomes “+-60m war chest.”

  33. Ishola70

    What is the club coming to ES?

    First you said Arsenal would never deal with dodgy third party owners. Not the Arsenal way you said and then Arsenal sign Mhiki.

    And now we hear he wasn’t sacked he decided with the powers that be that he would go. Not the Arsenal way to sack managers. He was sacked, booted out. This season proved untenable for his position. When the announcement was first made of Arsenal parting ways with Wenger the man himself said it was not his wish to leave at this time. He was told to clear out.

  34. Ishola70

    Your man Vic has told us himself just recently that he was not happy to go at this time. Not his decision.

    Have you conveniently forgotten that?

  35. Ishola70

    There we go folks.

    History is being re-written even before Wenger manages his last game at Arsenal.

    It was an amicable joint decision between the powers that be and Arsene Wenger himself and this is why he left.

  36. Dissenter

    I’m just setting the records straight.
    Ask any AC Milan fan you know about Allegri’s tenure as manager. It will be a mixed record
    He was fired by Milan and replaced by Tassoti and then Seedof.
    The problems at Milan was essentially under-funding from Bellusconi who stopped splashing money once he realized he could not compete with the Russian/Chinese/Arab billionaires.

    Like You, I like Allegri. He’s my number one choice.
    It’s just that lets not go into this star-stricken; he’s had his own short-comings as well.

  37. steve


    “That sense of unity has been missing at Arsenal matches for a while, for reasons that are well documented. It was great that everyone was able to throw themselves into the day and demonstrate why football is more than just numbers on a screen.”

    Football is about winning you dimwit.

    “Many wanted him to leave but simply couldn’t bring themselves to take against him vocally.”

    Those people are pussies and should be banned from the club.


    Your man Wenger got sacked. He himself said it wasn’t his decision to go. Get over it.

    Thank God Wenger’s reign of terror will soon come to an end.

  38. Coach 15

    “most genuine supporters of
    the club who are season ticket holders”

    Yeah and 20 thousand took to a protest of not attending to force the club into a decision,unlike some who didn’t have the bollocks,though unhappy with Arsène,still went moaned about it on le grove to the underclass of Arsenal fans,and gave a running commentary on how many empty seats at the home games.
    Have a Fucking day off fella

  39. Champagne charlie


    Fair enough, it appeared you were picking holes in him as a candidate which I found a bit odd.

    There’s not sure thing, I honk that’s fair to say. I’m merely confident he’s the manager to take what we have, and make it better in the areas we sorely need it.

    Like players, managers need a good fit when it comes to their club.

  40. Ishola70

    “Sadly I expect many posters on Le Grove to allow him perhaps a dozen games
    to perform up to their expectation. If he fails to do so they will no doubt start
    hollering for him to be sacked.”

    I think many expect the Wenger worshippers to be the least patient and tell us all how stupid we were for wanting Wenger to leave if the new manager proves not to be an instant super-hero.

  41. Bob N16

    Steve, you are definitely representative of a vocal minority but most of us don’t agree with your vindictiveness. You’ll probably spin it that your the true supporter, ‘not standing for any shit’ type bravado.

    Good luck mate, your mentality is your own, run with it – the majority isn’t always right but I’m sure in this case they are!

  42. Freddie Ljungberg

    so the evening standard claims we’re targeting Evan, Allison and Doucoure and that will somehow make us compete with Man City.

    I would take Evans if complemented with a top CB or a top young prospect if we sell Chambers in addition to Mustafi.

    Allison would be nice, doubt it though.

    I’ve been for Doucoure for months so no problem there, but we need more.

    Can’t believe we’re not looking at wingers, it’s all good improving our defense and it’s about time but if we can’t break down tight defenses it’s going to be a lot of 0-0 in our future.
    We need to have that player that can create a goal by himself out of nothing, as much as I like having 2 top CFs neither of them are that kind of player.
    We need someone that can be decisive in the big matches, like Neymar is…

  43. James wood

    A special mention should also go to Vic Akers.
    A guy who is Arsenal through and through.
    A guy who formed Arsenal ladies and won 32
    Trophy’s ,
    Well done Vic and a great retirement.

  44. Wallace

    Freddie Ljungberg

    “We need someone that can be decisive in the big matches, like Neymar is…”

    we’ve got two quality goalscorers, and two quality playmakers, the guys who can do both, and who also always turn up for the big games, are pretty rare and pretty expensive.

  45. Jamie

    “We need someone that can be decisive in the big matches, like Neymar is…”

    Somewhere across the pond, Bamford’s head is exploding!

  46. Guns of Brixton

    If Allegri joins I want to see what he does with our midfield.

    That guy is a wizard. Gave Pirlo new life there, Pogbas best performances have come from under him…

    Point being I am eager to see if it is our players that are crap our is it the manager who made them like that.

  47. Marko

    I think many expect the Wenger worshippers to be the least patient and tell us all how stupid we were for wanting Wenger to leave if the new manager proves not to be an instant super-hero.

    Exactly. Bar an obviously poor appointment whoever the new manager is will be giving time. Time to fix the problems that he was left with we’ll be patient…not 10 years without a trophy or 14 years without a title challenge patient but patient. If the new guy at least appears to be trying that’ll be enough for a lot of people

  48. Freddie Ljungberg

    Fekir, Bailey, Malcom are all probably available this summer.

    They’re not going to be cheap, just saying we need players like that to complete our attack. Or we can play all our best attackers at the same time and hope they are always available and always in form and we never have to throw on a sub to change a game.

    Wouldn’t mind Guedes or Draxler either even if they don’t score as much, at least they can beat a man.

  49. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    No-one knows precisely what was discussed between Wenger and the CEO, but my guess is that Wenger was given an ultimatum to resign i.e. fall on his sword or be sacked.

    So my guess is that Wenger did just that and resigned. Call it semantics, but it
    was ultimately his own decision.

  50. Wallace

    a great wide man has to come third place in the list of priorities to a dominant CB and CM. I’d love one, but we have more urgent issues elsewhere.

  51. Emiratesstroller

    Coach 15

    Actually most of the season ticket holders around me did not stop going as a
    protest to force Wenger to resign.

    We stopped going, because the football was awful and it was no longer pleasurable to watch.

    The two games against Man City followed by loss to Newcastle were the final straw, which broke the camel’s back.

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    By any stretch of the imagination wenger has stolen a living on obscene man mounts of money for 5he last few years,,,
    As for the new board if they sanctioned ozil on 300:000 a week then the future ain’t bright

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Ozil. Must go

    Like Cech to coach

    That would free up a bit of spunking money

  54. Emiratesstroller


    GK + CB are the main priorities followed by a disciplined and mobile CMF. As
    I wrote earlier today Maitland-Niles might be the solution in midfield and that
    would save us money.

    Buying a winger is as several have posted is an unnecessary and expensive luxury. We have players like Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan who need to be
    accommodated in starting lineup and I suspect Nelson will be promoted next
    season to the first team squad who will need also game time.

  55. Freddie Ljungberg

    Agreed, but Wenger is not in charge of transfers anymore, we can make more than 2-3 signings. If we sell well and are smart in our dealings we can do most of the work needed in one summer. Doubt we will though, but at least there’s hope now.

  56. Freddie Ljungberg

    Unnecessary luxury? Nelson?

    It’s absolutely essential if we want to compete for the title again anytime soon.

    Laca and Auba are CFs, they can rotate and sometimes play together, plenty of opportunity for both to play. Mikhi on one wing, and on the other? Iwobi, Welbeck? Not nearly good enough.
    Nelson is not ready for anything more han a bit part role next season. Him and Iwobi can be backups on each wing, nothing more.

    Like I said, if we play our cards right we can strengthen most of our problem positions this summer. Even if our net budget is only 50m, which I doubt.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Freddie Ljungberg

    Sales will depend on incoming manager and my gut feeling is that there will be no sudden decisions made.

    Somehow I don’t see Bellerin being sold this summer unless we receive an obscene offer from an overseas club. He is the only right back on our books.

    I am fairly sure that Arsenal will not sell Xhaka in the summer.

    Wilshere has a choice whether to sign a new contract on Arsenal’s terms or
    leave on Bosman. We get no transfer fee if he goes.

    So the only three players on our books who might conceivably generate additional funds are Mustafi, Ramsey and Welbeck. Somehow I don’t see Arsenal
    selling Welbeck this summer because you will be lucky to get £15 million
    for him.

  58. Emiratesstroller

    Freddie Ljungberg

    I am willing to bet that Arsenal will not be buying a winger this summer unless
    it is an exchange deal. There is not £50-70 million available for such a project.

    As Wallace and I have already suggested there are at least 3 other positions in
    the starting lineup which need prioritisation.

  59. kc

    Wenger was most definitely sacked. His employer told him his contributions were no longer wanted or needed. He had plenty of chances to walk away with his pride and legacy intact. But he greedily decided to milk the club for 8 million per season as the football got worse by the year. He was putting himself before the club and had to be stopped. Wenger’s gravy train should’ve ended years ago. Thank the Lord it’s finally over.

  60. salpardisenyc

    That Juve MF was done at cost as well, Marotta a genius signing Pirlo and Pogba on free’s Vidal for £7m with Marchisio coming from Academy. Then rebuilt it w/ Pjanic and Khedira coming in for minimal.

  61. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ospina 10m
    Mustafi + Chambers 40-45m ( offers of 22m for Chambers last summer and we don’t need 3 young CBs that are not ready yet. Holding and Mavro has more potential imo)

    If we want to improve in the middle of the park Xhaka needs to be the first out the door. 20-25m for him(Ramsey and Ozil are most likely staying so how do we improve if we change nothing?) Wilshere moves on as well I hope.

    I think we can easily get 20m for Wellbeck, he’s english, and can run, that’s usually enough.

    That’s an extra 90-100 mil without selling Bellerin, Ramsey or Ozil.
    Not saying we’re going to do this, but we should if we want to compete again…

  62. Ishola70

    We keep hearing that clubs are willing to pay big money for Bellerin.

    Well take the big money.

    He is a liability in the team and I don’t care if he becomes a world beater in three to four years time. Arsenal need dependable players and Bellerin is not one of them at this time.

    Personally I think the stories of clubs willing to pay big money for him are bullshit. The infamous Arsenal spin machine in full circle again.

  63. Freddie Ljungberg


    Gk: Lafont/Leno 15-20m

    Cb: Evans 3m (not a fan but hey) Manolas 32m

    Cm Doucoure + Meyer 30-40m

    Still plenty of cash left for a winger if we want to be ambitious, my guess is we won’t be but one can dream.

    The players above are just examples, insert your favorites if you want, I just used names we’ve been linked with that are realistic.

  64. Redtruth

    The defence is okay, it’s the Midfield that needs a revamp…

    For the fuck heads who need me to qualify my statement . WENGER is a useless coach hence a shit defence….

  65. N'Gambo

    Jesus Pedro – enough arse-ne licking!

    Here’s the real story from Arsenal Truth.

    The Fraud is no more! Wonderful! I am so so so enjoying seeing the AKBs crying into their Wenker duvets tonight, feels wonderful. Oh and it’s so obvious he was sacked, only an imbecile (i.e. an AKB) would say different. In his press conference yesterday he was saying he wanted to give Cazorla a new deal – even though contracts no longer have anything to do with him, since a new contracts guy (Huss Fami) was appointed. Cazorla FFS. Would have been another monumental waste of club money on a crock who is finished, same way his incompetence lumbered the club with the overrated underperforming circus act also known as Mesut Ozil.

    And in that same press conference he mentioned which targets he was looking at for summer transfers…again, even though Sven Mislintat was hired precisely to deal with all transfers. Right up to the very last minute he was trying to consolidate all power for himself!!! He even challenged the club to sack him, remember:

    “I NEVER walk away from contracts, I have never done that in my life”.

    Oh Dear. He was clearly pushed and it is 10 years overdue. Had he buggered off around 2008/9 I would have been able to write eulogies about him, but look, let us be brutally honest here, one of my biggest criticism’s of Arsenal’s spineless fan base is their inability to judge things on fact and performance, as opposed to sentiment. If I am being factual here: why the f*** should I feel a shred of remorse for Arsene Wenger? People are going on like this man sacrificed his life to deliver us from our sins. Get a fucking grip.

    Wenger has often sought to cast himself as this altruistic, deified immortal when the truth is, he is someone who has willfully abused his power and privilege and like all power-trippers, refused to let go. Why do I keep hearing about “what Wenger did for us”? Yes he won 3 league titles, that is very good. In 22 years though? That’s mediocrity personified, sorry. Was Wenger doing this for free or something? Oh right no, he wasn’t. If I recall, the man has cumulatively made over £100 million in wages over the past decade of failure (FA Cup? Please). In the meanwhile, far more successful managers across Europe have been sacked despite outperforming Wenger – Wenger has been immune and untouchable for years. Based on a season he had in 2004! And yet just to show the character of the man, he went on tv and claimed “age discrimination” was behind the fan movement to oust him. Unbelievable arrogance and delusion.

    Wenger had his chance to walk many times. 2014 FA Cup , you finally win a trophy, contract up. Time to go? Nope. Then there was last summer of course, when everyone wanted him gone and the club was factionally split…but it was more important to him to get an extra £10m and more power. Who cares if fans are miserable.

    Wenger was kicking about in Japan when Arsenal gave him a chance no other European club was willing to give him. Rescued him from football wilderness. He’s become a multi-millionaire many times over, he has had the easiest least pressured top-flight football job of anyone, he has managed to go 14 years without contesting for a PL title, and yet has picked up more and more money for himself.

    He has assembled and overpaid a heap of garbage like Diaby, Squillaci, Denilson, Eboue, Song, Bischoff, Chamakh, Bendtner etc…and when it was apparent that they were total rubbish, he decided to pay these players even more of the club’s money because…I am the great Arsene and it is my club. “I built the club” he so arrogantly claimed. Like f*** you did pal.

    He claimed a “socialist” wage policy errr…that somehow always saw him at the top of the financial pyramid, nobody allowed to earn more than him. Yep, your very own modern-day fucking Friedrich Engels don’t you think? Nah, sounds more Bernie Madoff to me I think.

    I am not going to fall into this pathetic peasants’ servitude and gratitude nonsense. Hogwash. Let us be honest, there are real heroes in various walks of life deserving of praise. People who fight for civil rights, people who resist, people who sacrifice themselves for a cause and get no financial reward for it, public servants whose stories we never hear of etc etc….I’ll be damned if some arrogant overpaid despot, who remember, was the ONLY PL manager to famously defend the high ticket prices fans were paying…I’ll be damned if I am going to shed a tear for such an arrogant, self-entitled egomaniac. Even right up to the very last, his arrogance and megalomania shone through. Claiming he would give Cazorla a new deal (when he was in no position to), claiming he had targets in mind for summer (when that isn’t his area) – and my favourite, claiming “the ground has been full all season”.

    He has treated Arsenal fans like absolute turnips for over a decade and they have in turn, thanked him for it! LOL.

    One thing I will sign off on is this. Remember all those years on here AT, when you would have excuse…after excuse…after excuse…for inaction from spineless Arsenal fans? “Oooooh what can we do to remove Arsene, I will renew my ST, there’s nothing I can do someone else will take my place blabla”….”Oooh Kroenke it’s all down to him, the awful defending, shocking transfers, pathetic tactical organisation is all on Kroenke and Gazidis”….”we cannot compete with oil money” etc….

    Well guess what> After 12 years of sitting with their cocks in hand, and becoming London’s third team and having to watch Spurs look good on tv in the CL etc….the Arsenal fans FINALLY did something and spent 2 months boycotting matches. The empty stadiums became a recurring media theme every single matchday. Wenger was questioned about it before every match, the board read about it, European papers picked it up and it damaged the Arsenal brand. As I’ve always said, it was always in the hands of Arsenal fans to get rid of Wenger – they were just too cowardly to do it. 2 months of empty seats, and Wenger got booted out. After 22 years, it took just 2 months to get rid of him. Making a mockery of all the pathetic excuses this fanbase had for doing nothing.

    I also have to say well played Kroenke and Gazidis. It is long overdue but AKBs can’t say Wenger never got backing. He was given perfect conditions to succeed and he Failed. Miserably. Watching a £110m strikeforce in Auba and Lacazette get a lesson from Ayoze Perez and Newcastle just last week was hilarious. Wenher had FOURTEEN YEARS to challenge for the PL title and has come nowhere near it.

    He has never won the CL, the biggest trophy in football. In fact, his final CL game for Arsenal was a 10-2 rout at the hands of Bayern. Wow. Some way to bow out eh!

    No back-to-back titles, ever.

    The Invincibles was an unforgettable season and that season will forever be remembered – though, like Ranieri at Leicester – it was a one-off season. He still gets credit for that. And the 2 Doubles of course.

    For me though, all that credit is netted out not just because he failed to win things but because the worse things got, the more arrogant and determined to ignore everybody he became. He would do crazy things just to prove his power – like that ridiculous Suarez + £1 offer that shamed the club. That could have been the difference between a serious PL title team, and not. But more important was Wenger making a point about his ego. Pathetic.

    I also will not forget the fact that he NEVER EVER TOOK RESPONSIBILITY.

    I’ve seen him lose 6-3 at Citeh, 6-0 at the Bridge, 5-1 at Anfield, 3-0 at Everton ALL in the same season, and every single match was explained away as “special circumstances”. When you fail to take responsibility, naturally you don’t look at yourself ever because it’s always oil money…or the ref…or the weather… etc. He lost 8-2 at OT because he wanted to gamble by spending nothing in the transfer window. He risked humiliation on the club to play his own games, tells you everything about him.

    Arsenal was Wenger’s personal fiefdom, his plaything, and he didn’t give a shit what fans thought. If he ever had, he would have walked in 2014 when a majority wanted him gone, and he had failed to do anything for a whole Decade. So Wenger can spare me the farewell humility, he has none.

    I am sick of hearing about what he has done for Arsenal. I prefer to think about what Arsenal has done for HIM. He leaves a multi multi millionaire. He’s gone 14 years without a PL title, and has never won a CL but has sat back and watched more successful managers like Ranieri, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Benitez etc. all be sacked from their jobs because they work on the basis of accountability.

    Wenger has spent so long telling us about all the clubs he’s turned down…so I am guessing Barca, Madrid and Juve will have his phone ringing non-stop…right? LOL, good one!I would rather save my sympathy for anyone truly deserving of it, who is going through hardship. Not some overpaid, unaccountable, arrogant, egotistical and overrated, underachieving football manager who has spent 14 years mailing it in. F*** that.

    I feel sorrier for the fans who work hard, earn humble amounts, and have had the joy of supporting their club sucked out of them whilst being condescended and talked down to by some despot in his ivory tower.

    Au revoir Arsene, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  66. DaveB666

    I think we should raid Crystal Palace – Loftus Cheek and Zaha would both fit the Arsenal way!

    Got to say even though I have been Wenger Out for years he showed class yesterday, especially when in his big moment out on the pitch the first thing he did was send his best to Fergie. Thanks for the good memories Arsene – I’ll try and forget the past few years 🙂

  67. salpardisenyc

    On this day in 2006 jesus played his last competitive match for the Arsenal, hung up his boots and retired from football.

    If you find yourself in a bar, toast the great one and ask yourself why he was an unused substitute in that Champions league final. I’d of put him on instead of Reyes. when magic was required.

  68. scotsgooner

    Well N’Gambo you have practically nailed it on the head.

    Wenger was a busted flush a good few years ago – the worst for me personally was that he said at the start of the season that he would make the team more competitive and progressive than last year – he would spend only if there was top top qualidee available and could improve a position within the team.

    He actually said this every season for the last 10 years and now look where we are – a big fat 6th with fuck all to show for it.

    I’ve never seen a decline as much as wenger at arsenal – always flattering to deceive.

    I would never take back what he gave for the club – the first 10 years were sensational but i am glad his time is up.

  69. Dissenter

    You keep saying a new manager wont sell this player or that player blah blah blah

    The new manager won’t have the eternal; goodwill of Arsenal. He has to perform and perform quickly. There won’t be gentlemanly Nic ties being thrown around. It’s step up or you’re gone.
    We’ve been too patient with too many players.
    I can see Alegri ditching 4-5 starters to make his point.

  70. Marko

    I can see Alegri ditching 4-5 starters to make his point.

    Yep. Some players just ain’t going to improve at least not enough to warrant keeping around

  71. jasongms


    No point in keeping Mustafi and Xahka especially since they are still football relevant and would warrant a decent return. Ramsey also fits into this category and should be sold if his wage demands are excessively high, which they most likely are considering what Ozil is being paid. Both Chambers and Welbeck should also be sold and not forgetting Bellerin if the reported valuation of 40+mil is true, then there’s another one on the list.

    I still see a huge problem fitting both Lacca and Aubaubameyang in the same team. Then there’s the problem of accommodating Ozil, Mikhi, Ramsey, Iwobi and Wilshere. All of which and I’ve said this many times now are (or want to be) no10’s and not natural wingers.
    This has been the main reason the last few seasons the team when attacking gravitates towards the centre, the natural inclination of said players to come inside and occupy the centre instead of naturally wanting to keep wide and either cross or try to beat their man. Of course, this was also due to the dire tactical approach of the former manager.

    Mustafi and Xahka ______50mil
    Ramsey _________________40mil
    Webeck and Chambers__40mil
    Possible return_________ £170mil
    Europa League monies __40mil
    transfer kitty____________50mil


    If somehow the DOF can work his magic and move on Ozil, we should then do all we can to bring in Dembele of Barca. Regardless, Martial who I believe is in his last year at United should be a serious target.

  72. TonyD

    I hope the club offering Wilshire an improved contract offer is part of the plan to sell him after he signs.

    Can’t see any reason to keep him whatsoever

  73. Thanos

    Oh this morning I can, been having a nightmare trying to post on here for the last week. One day my posts show one day they dont, in all the years I have been coming on here that has never happened before.

    Anyway hope it is max Alegri coming he would take what we have to the next level , we can then see what if any talent people like Iwobi have.

  74. Pierre

    “I still see a huge problem fitting both Lacca and Aubaubameyang in the same team.”

    Yes,it’s quite a problem having 2 players who both love playing together and seem to have an instant chemistry in that they are both scoring and assisting each other . …..we wouldn’t want that now would we.

  75. Ishola70

    Allegri is now clear favourite with the bookies.

    First time since odds opened that there has been such a clear favourite with all bookies.

    As thought the Buvak link was a ruse. From previous favourite now drifted out to best price 12/1

    For the first time since betting opened on this we see an odds on price from one of the bookies. That being William Hill @ 8/11.

    Bet365 who were previously showing odds on next manager have closed books on it. No longer showing.

    In fact out of 27 bookmakers shown 13 no longer show a price for Allegri to be next manager.

  76. Ishola70

    These prices shown now indicate that the stories of Arsenal wanting and courting Allegri to be next Arsenal manager are correct.

    Now it is a case of whether Allegri is interested and accepts the overtures from Arsenal.

  77. Terraloon


    There’s no doubt that a number of players need moving on and there’s no doubt that some will generate funds but I suspect even in this inflated market it won’t be anywhere near the sum you are hoping for.
    The hints around £50 million being available would have in all probability already factored in money from the EL so I think its almost certain that sum can be excluded from the calculations.
    With Mertesacker retiring he will need to be replaced likewise the suggestion is that Kos is out for 8 months for me it would be madness to sell Mustafi and Chambers for that means you would only have two very inexperienced and as yet unproven CB as starters . Even keeping things as they are there is probably the need for two experienced CB get rid of Mustafi and for me that increases to three. Is that likely?
    Xhaka for me is a liability and really isn’t a player who should be a regular starter at a club with CL aspirations he has value but who really is going to pay big for him? His wages and ability significantly deflate that value. I can’t see him going anywhere
    Welbeck could and probably should be sold but again his value is significantly reduced due to his wage and likely destination after all who is going to buy a striker that in what 11 seasons has scored circa 40 league goals?
    Bellerin flatters to deceive he has no idea how to defend his default play is always to get forward without any thought about defending. Would anyone really pay £40 million for him ? I would snatch someone’s hand off if they came in with £25m offer.
    Ramsey is an interesting one. The fact that he is just about to enter the last year of his contract. He will no doubt be adopting the Ozil stance of let’s wait and see. If he isn’t sold in the next window the club yet again are having their hand forced. There is nothing the club can do if he says I am not going anywhere. If I was his agent I would be advising stay put and see what happens with Wilshie
    I have no idea what is going to happen re Santi but if he is offered even a 12 month contract and with it a squad place then the club have gone mad.
    There are so many issues that have to be dealt with, so many skeletons that will now see the light of day following AWs departure It will be fascinating to see how things progress but I would suggest everyone dampens down their expectations.
    As for what the transfer budget is , whatever it is, it’s not going to be enough.

  78. Ishola70

    Looking at the odds of next Chelsea manager Allegri is third favourite best priced 8/1.

    Sarri has been installed as favourite with an inconvincing price of 5/2 with sky bet.

    Of course there would be better indicators in this certain market if Conte had actually informed of his future.

    Only 4 bookmakers showing prices at this time for next Chelsea manager.

  79. Emiratesstroller


    Do you believe seriously that a new manager is going to make wholesale changes to playing personnel in the first transfer window without having first worked with the players?

    I would imagine that the first changes likely to be made are in the backroom staff. We know already that several coaches are likely to leave with Wenger.

    The club does need to make some replacements by necessity, because Mertesacker and most probably Cazorla will retire or not have their contracts renewed.

    We know also that Koscielny has a long term injury so that means that the club will be without two of its most experienced centre backs at start of season.

    Also I am fairly certain that Arsenal will bring in a first string goalkeeper when you look at the performances of Cech who will be 35 and Ospina.

    Replacement of both a Goalkeeper and Centre Back are likely to cost at least
    £50 Million if you are talking about upgrades.

    Frankly for once I agree with RT that under a new manager some of our defenders might show an upgrade in their performance so I would be surprised
    if their are this summer major changes in personnel. Would Arsenal get rid
    of a second Centre Back in Mustafi whilst Koscielny is out with long term injury?

    When it comes to midfield the club seems to be focussing on renewing contract of Wilshire and the club will most definitely need to find a role for Maitland-Niles in his favoured position. I would be surprised if Xhaka is sold this

    So the one uncertainty in midfield is Ramsey who will be in final year of contract. That might generate additional transfer budget, but would a new manager want to sell him?

    I made the case that I did not think that Arsenal would make major changes in
    our offensive department. First because we have offloaded already several players in last 12 months i.e. Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott, Peres and Ox, but also because we have recruited Lacazette, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan.

    How many changes do you think that Arsenal should make there? The club
    is not short of goals. Despite making these changes we have scored more than
    Man Utd, Spurs and Chelsea.

  80. Champagne charlie

    “These prices shown now indicate that the stories of Arsenal wanting and courting Allegri to be next Arsenal manager are correct.“

    No they don’t, betting prices only ever indicate that money is being put on a certain outcome.

    Whether there’s truth in that outcome is unknown, however likely/unlikely.

  81. Pierre

    Obviously ozil needs to show the world a letter from the doctors as proof that he has a bad back .

    Ozil decided that he would rather sit in the stands and have a fake injury at the weekend instead of participating in the demolition of Burnley…that would get the fans onside wouldn’t it .

    Has anybody stopped to think that maybe he played the match v Atletico with a back injury and maybe needed pain killers or injections as he has an ongoing problem at the moment.

    Of course that could all be bullshit and the club are just allowing him to swan around deciding if he is going to grace us with his presence in the team ….though that doesn’t quite sound feasible to me ..

  82. Ishola70

    These are the priority signings in my opinion in importance and need.

    First priority. Replace Xhaka in the first team with new signing. There is no-one currently at the club that can do the job of last midfielder.

    I would say that the replacement of Xhaka is absolutely paramount.

    The other positions are not of such grave need of replacement. And yes that includes Cech and the CB positions.

    As far as I am concerned Mustafi plays like a rookie so can eat bench time and Arsenal promote from within the Greek kid and Holding promoted. Chambers and Mustafi as back up.

    Cech is not as absolutely dire as some like to make out. You could squeeze another season out of him.

    Of course we would all like to see new signings at GK, CB and DM/CM positions but a new signing at DM/CM is absolutely critical and of the most pressing concern.

  83. Ishola70

    Champagne charlie
    “No they don’t, betting prices only ever indicate that money is being put on a certain outcome. Whether there’s truth in that outcome is unknown, however likely/unlikely.”

    In my opinion of course.

  84. Ishola70

    There were rumours of Mustafi wanting to leave last season.

    That is the player that should be earmarked for sale along with Xhaka.

    And the club go out and buy first teamers for those positions as replacements.

    In a perfect world Arsenal get decent money for Bellerin and he is also replaced by a more mature fullback but he is the least concern out of all the positions that have been identified as a problem.

  85. Freddie Ljungberg


    So we should only replace the retiring players and raise 0 funds by selling anyone? Hope we’re hiring Gandalf as manager then because we’re scrapping for 6th again if not.

  86. Champagne charlie

    Xhaka as the first issue to address?

    Let’s ignore the GK, CB, and the fact Xhaka hasn’t played alongside anyone decent all year. Just replace the best CM at the club.

    What are the odds Allegri doesn’t do that Ishola?

  87. Emiratesstroller


    Yes there are concerns about Ozil. First he was ill and now injured.

    However, the reality is he is unsaleable with the hike in his wages. The new manager needs to motivate this player and not for everyone to keep on slagging him.

    Ishola 70

    Xhaka is not half as bad as many suggest. If there is a more disciplined approach in both midfield and defence there will be an upgrade in performance.
    This has been a “collective” problem and not down to just one player.

    Maitland-Niles will need more game time next season so I will be surprised
    if Arsenal recruit in midfield unless either Ramsey or Wilshire leave this

  88. Ishola70

    There have been plenty of commentators Charlie that have said that Xhaka should be the first player shown out of the door when a new manager comes in.

    That you don’t personally like that idea yourself doesn’t make that notion nonsensical.

    If he does stay I would doubt that it is a case of a new manager highly rating him. Rather as others have said more a case of not being able to get rid of him due to contract and current wages. But if there is a real will there is a way.

  89. Ishola70

    I’m sorry ES but you have been contradicting yourself regarding Xhaka.

    Around a month ago you signified on here that you didn’t really rate the guy highly but thought he was unlikely to be sold. Not because he is seen as a good player but as others have said difficulties in moving him on.

    If the best you can say about Xhaka is that he is not that bad then that just highlights the problems Arsenal have in that certain position.

  90. Emiratesstroller

    Freddie Ljungberg

    We offloaded last Summer and in January a large number of players and there
    are likely to be at least eight from the first team squad leaving or loaned out this summer i.e.
    Ospina [assuming new gk recruited]

    As I said I think that further sales will depend on contract negotiations with
    Ramsey and Wilshire.

  91. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    No you are wrong I have never said that I did not rate Xhaka. Indeed I suggested
    recently that I thought his performance had improved.

  92. Champagne charlie


    Don’t hide behind platitudes because you’re unable to qualify an opinion you have. I’m questioning your idea that Xhaka is the most important player to replace this summer, nobody else’s.

    I’d love to understand the ‘logic’ of how Xhaka represents the primary concern for Arsenal.

  93. Ishola70

    Sorry ES but you did.

    Did you enjoy his performance at Old Trafford?

    Or did his performance away against Atletico sway you when Atletico sat for the majority behind the ball allowing Xhaka time and space he needs.

    By all means ES you carry on with Xhaka but there will not be a happy ending with this player.

  94. Ishola70


    My thoughts on Xhaka as a player are well documented on here and the feeling of him being the biggest weak link in the team. No need to go over it for the millionth time.

    I’m in total agreement with the commentators that have pronounced that Xhaka should be the first player that is shown the door when a new manager comes in. Closely followed by Mustafi.

  95. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    If you refer back to recent games I pointed out that Xhaka was in fact showing
    some leadership qualities on the pitch.

    We know that Xhaka does make some silly errors, but so do most of the other
    players in team as well. The lack of discipline has been a COLLECTIVE problem.

    You should not forget that Xhaka was highly rated in both Germany and Switzerland. The fact that he has not improved at Arsenal is down to the
    overall performance of team. When he arrived at Arsenal he was rated one
    of best defensive midfielders in Europe albeit lacking in discipline.

    Let’s judge him under a different manager.

  96. Champagne charlie


    As expected, you’ve nothing to elaborate because it’s superficial, vendetta driven nonsense.

    Your projections about me “not personally liking the idea” are flawed, I have football reasons to fall back on as to why Xhaka isn’t a concern. Your “reasons” are emotional drivel clearly.

  97. Ishola70

    Same mutterings over and over again about Xhaka.

    He was rated previously so he must be good. Never mind that we have had several seasons now to judge him as an individual player in an Arsenal shirt.

    We hear the same thing about Mustafi. Oh he has been a Germain international so he must be good.

    It’s like you guys think that just because a player is an international or former international player and was previously rated elsewhere (though really not the case with Mustafi) then he must be alright for Arsenal Football Club.

    It’s not always that simple guys. Look back in history and you will see dud signings being made by clubs and yes dud international player signings.

  98. Ishola70

    Nonsense Charlie

    If you have reasons to rate Xhaka as a player then I have shown on here previously that I have as much reason not to rate him and like yourself from a player perspective.

    That you are now trying to insinuate that I have a personal grudge against Xhaka away from his actual worth to Arsenal as a football player is not only wrong but very unfortunate. I have been bleating on about Xhaka from virtually day one because I see him as a very flawed football player.

  99. Black Hei

    While fans would love to see the back of the likes of Xhaka and Mustafi…….

    I think the Arsenal hierarchy will not allow them to go unless they can recoup a significant outlay of transfer fee.

    In other words, they will still be at Arsenal next season.

  100. tee

    @CC, I’m with you on the Xhaka debate. ishola already is preparing a soft landing for himself by saying ” If he does stay I would doubt that it is a case of a new manager highly rating him. Rather as others have said more a case of not being able to get rid of him due to contract and current wages”. He knows the next manager won’t sell Xhaka and this will make him look stupid. so, to cushion the blow effect he will reverse to the above statement and start painting it as fact.

  101. Champagne charlie


    I don’t much care for you view of him as a footballer, you’re entitled to whatever thoughts you have about him.

    My point is very clear, to suggest Xhaka is number one priority this summer is ridiculous, and suggests a very clear agenda against him.

    We don’t have a first choice GK and Kos is out until December. To get from the current landscape that Xhaka is the priority is nothing short of daft. Not even considering players in the side that have contributed little to none.

  102. TallestTiz

    I’m glad almost none of us here will have the chance to Manage Arsenal FC. Whack and shit decision making would be our theme song

  103. Rambo Ramsey

    Absolutely, Xhaka should be one of those that need to be let go. Midfielder with mobility issues= No,no for the Premier league.

    Ignore the fangirls.

  104. Champagne charlie


    Agreed, that didn’t go unnoticed. It’s often the way some people operate on here to safeguard their point of view.

  105. Black Hei

    Our middle mid biggest problem is that the personnel there are not good with duels.

    Remember the much maligned Coquelin? His defensive stats were one of the best in Europe. Though somehow his output is only high next to Carzola.

    Elneny, Ramsey, Wilshire and Xhaka are too easily dribbled.

    That has led to our “soft” underbelly.

    BTW, Carzola “dribbled against” stats is low, despite him being a small fella. He nicks the ball well, recovers the ball well and protects the ball well.

  106. Pierre

    The question is, will the new manager suit the players to the system or the system to the players.
    Will he come in with pre conceived ideas of which system he wants to play and decide he needs a number of players to suit that system , if that is the case then there will be a lot of comings and goings in a short period of time.

    If he decides to suit the system to the players that are already at the club then there will be maybe just one or 2 signings and the new manager will slowly bring his philosophy to the team.
    I’m expecting this option as very rarely does a team with many new signings gel so the process could take 2 to 3 years unless next season we hit the ground running and then the feel good factor factor quickly returns around the team/ground , which I feel is important in moving the club forward.

  107. Ishola70


    Tell us all how Xhaka is going to propel this Arsenal team forward not only top four but greater glories in the future.

    Tell us his great attributes that will see Arsenal advance onto greater things. Xhaka is in a very influential position on the pitch.

    Allay our fears and concerns about Xhaka.

  108. tee

    it’s super idiotic to say Xhaka is the first priority this summer. Gk, Df combative CM, if possible a true winger.

  109. Rambo Ramsey



    Additional options:

    Bellerin- if we get a good offer
    Ramsey-if he holds the club ransom
    Lacazette-if we want to raise money

  110. Emiratesstroller

    For the record Switzerland are ranked 6th best national team in the world and
    ahead of England.

    Xhaka is rated their best and most valuable player by Transfermarkt.

    As I said let’s judge him once a new manager comes in and hopefully sorts out our defensive frailties.

    Some posters need to stand back and make their judgments once the new regime has come in.

  111. Ishola70

    No I don’t agree.

    Xhaka and Cech are both problems in the team.

    Cech is nowhere near as dire as some like to portray. He can eek one more season.

    Having a DM/CM that is physically inept and can’t tackle properly on too many occasions is of more concern overall than an ageing goalkeeper.

  112. tee

    @ishola, you are like a man that neglects leprosy to cure ringworm. I don’t tucking care about your childish feeling against Xhaka. A I’m saying is that Xhaka can, will shall not be the first priority. there are other more important areas to tackle like the gk, df, combative mf and if possible a true winger. spare me all these tell me tell me music of yours

  113. Rambo Ramsey

    Emiratesstroller, we’ve had two full seasons to judge Xhaka. The player is not suited to the pace of the PL, no manager can change that. Stop trying to delay the inevitable. He needs to go.

  114. Champagne charlie


    So you’re going to ignore how important a Gk is to a side, and swerve the fact we don’t have even a top 20 GK playing for us?

    How about the CB’s? Our best one is crocked until December and might have seen his best days already anyway, our club captain is retiring, and our only remaining senior CB is Mustafi who’s been heavily criticised.

    No, none of that…it’s Xhaka we need to focus on? Bizarre commentary.

  115. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘All I’m saying is that Xhaka can, will shall not be the first priority. there are other more important areas to tackle like the gk, df, combative mf and if possible a true winger’

    tee, Xhaka is our defensive/combative midfielder you clown.

  116. Ishola70

    Why is it a childish feeling tee?

    My thoughts are that Xhaka is the weakest link in the Arsenal team so it is not absurd at all in that case to feel that he should be number one priority to leave and be replaced.

    Are you sure it is not yourself that is being childish in not being able to grasp at all that concept? That it is a totally outlandish thought.

    You speak of a combative MF as a priority. Yes a combative MF to replace Xhaka.

  117. tee

    Xhaka fangirls fussing over semantics, who do you think you are fooling?
    Even from the lists you posted Xhaka ain’t the first on the list which is what I’m trying to iron out with ishola. I hope you won’t shite you pant when you find Xhaka in the first eleven of the next manager?

  118. Ishola70


    Some of these guys on here should realise that we are not that harsh on Xhaka compared to other sites.

    For example if they read what posters on Online Gooner predominately think of Xhaka as a footballer they would have seizures. They absolutely savage him on there.

    We are pussy cats in our criticism of Xhaka compared to those lot.

    Bur it is out there. Xhaka no good, Cut him up for fire wood.

  119. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘ I hope you won’t shite you pant when you find Xhaka in the first eleven of the next manager?’

    I actually will, cause my hopes for the season will be dashed. We’ll achieve nothing with an inadequate player holding such an important position in the side.

  120. Emiratesstroller

    Rambo Ramsey

    Stop blaming one player who you clearly dislike for the collective problems of
    the team.

    So far this season posters have criticised every player in our back division, central midfield and even offensive positions.

    I will place a bet that there is not a single player in the team/squad who has
    not been called rubbish and should be sold/offloaded.

    The reality is that Arsenal are not going to make wholesale offloads. The
    priorities are fairly obvious and are most definitely GK and experienced CB now that Koscielny is out until at least December, which has been confirmed today following surgery.

    Any material changes in CMF/DMF will be dependent on whether Ramsey and Wilshire renew contracts.

    That is not to say that I would not wish to upgrade in that department, but I doubt that will be the priority this summer.

  121. tee

    isn’t it funny that ramble didn’t put Ramsey in his list. to him Ramsey has done well to hold a starting eleven spot but lacazette should be shown the way out. in your myopic mind Ramsey is the one who will take us to the next level. hogwash

  122. BacaryisGod

    Just curious but does anyone have a list of the 100 appearance players that came to the Burnley game?

    It didn’t look like that many came, but I’m guessing the tv footage only caught a few of them. I’m assuming Vieira didn’t make it from NYFC as they had a game the day before and we all know about Thierry.

    What about Dennis? Tony Adams, Bacary (of course)

  123. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Stop blaming one player who you clearly dislike for the collective problems of
    the team.’

    What sort of an argument is this. Yes, I dislike the player because he’s not good enough however that does not mean valid criticism I level at the player should be ignored.

    And collective problems originate in part when a team is built with inherent weak-links and like it or not, Xhaka is one.

    I don’t care what Arsenal are going to do, I’m pointing out what needs to be done. This squad needs a major surgery before it can start challenging for big prizes. No getting away from this.

  124. Marko

    As I said let’s judge him once a new manager comes in and hopefully sorts out our defensive frailties.

    Let’s wait and judge him and not judge him the last two seasons is that it? Truth is this is the worst group of midfielders this club has had in nearly a decade and sorting that out and the defence out ARE the priorities for the summer. You can’t make an argument for selling Bellerin or Mustafi or even Ramsey because they’d fetch a decent amount of money in the current market without adding Xhaka to the list. He’s not been a good signing he’s not been good for two years so why should he be given more time?

  125. gambon

    Xhaka isnt great, but I could see how he could work, as long as he isnt the last line of defence. He has to stop the shooting from 56 yards though.

    Allegri for example likes to play a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 where he has a tactical DM next to a ball circulator. Xhaka could do the circulator role.

    He just cannot play as the deepest midfielder in the PL because he is poor defensively.

    The problem we always have in midfield is there is no balance, there hasnt been for years.

    Xhaka is poor physically and cant defend, Ramsey constantly runs forward and shirks defensive responsibility, Wilshere neither attacks or defends, Elneny is so lightweight he should be playing for the U17s.

    What we need is a powerful, physical presence with good tactical instruction. Someone that can defend, dribble to avoid being pressed by the top teams, and allow the other CMs to play a more attacking game.

    I still dont think Ramsey or Wilshere can play in a 2 man midfield.

    This is what Arsene Wenger has done in recent years, just thrown loads of physically weak number 10s on the pitch and hoped it worked. He just refuses to accept the need for a balanced team.

    For example, we used to play with Mertesacker in CB and Giroud at CF. Even a shit manager would understand how poor that is. It means we can neither play a deep block or a high pressing game, which meant the gaps in the team were huge, and our top 4/6 rivals easily exploited that.

  126. Marko

    Any material changes in CMF/DMF will be dependent on whether Ramsey and Wilshire renew contracts.

    You’re suggesting that the only way we’re going to address a problem area and the worst midfield we’ve had in years is if someone leaves otherwise it’s as is? That’s ridiculous. Then I hope Allegri or whoever has no intentions of challenging anytime soon. We do nothing to the middle and continue with Xhaka and Ramsey and Wilshere in midfield next season and we’re doing fuck all

  127. tee

    @ishola, you are the one who shot yourself in the leg. No one is saying Xhaka is flawless but CC tried to correct your stance that Xhaka should be the first priority this summer instead of gk, df. I stated I’m in support of CC but you later changed the whole thing to Xhaka fanboys are defending him. for the umpteenth time, Xhaka cannot be the first priority but gk,df and cm. nothing spoils if we buy a combative CM and still keep Xhaka. other big teams have enough fire power. only arsenal fans think buying to replace instead of buying to add is strengthening.

  128. Ishola70


    It’s no good trying to tell me which is the correct opinion.

    A certain person has one opinion while I have another along with others who are in agreement another.

    You are in agreement with Charlie.

    That doesn’t make your views the correct one.

    It’s called differing opinions.

  129. Marko

    nothing spoils if we buy a combative CM and still keep Xhaka.

    Define combative? Are you talking ball winning DM like? If so that is a priority but then Xhaka beside one of them as the box to box midfielder isn’t the best. He’s not got the legs for box to box