What will we argue about when Wenger goes? Plus Burnley preview

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This is au revoir

This is au revoir

Mixed feelings abound heading into Arsene Wenger’s final home game tomorrow.

On the one hand, finally seeing the old goat leave after five years of crying into my iPhone screen about him, will feel like a 200lb gorilla taking its knee off my windpipe.

On the other, even the most hardened Wenger Outters can’t avoid using the moment as an opportunity to reflect on all the good (and bad) the Frenchman has brought to the club.

Yes there was the success of the first seven years, but thanks to certain hipster football twitter accounts I’ve found myself yearning for the barren years of 2008/9 and the silky skills of Alex Hleb, whose lack of end product used to boil my piss on the regular, but I now miss like we were separated at birth.

But if this time is discombobulating for your average Le Grover, who could’ve qualified as a GP in the time between first thinking it might be nice if Wenger moved on and him actually leaving, imagine what it’s like for those who up until about six months ago were still saying Arsene Wenger deserves more time.

Those still languishing on the ‘Arsene Knows Best’ spectrum of football nostalgia range from the ‘Wenger is my dad’ types to those who see the flaws but just can’t stop saying thank you for the Invincibles.

The former are already going into meltdown about the lack of RESPKT being shown to a guy whose spent the last five years renegotiating massive contracts for himself while the organisation he led got worse and worse (no socialist wage structure at the top).

The latter’s position is more sympathetic. As years go by, Arsene’s early achievements and the Invincibles specifically, seem less and less likely to be bested and do become more impressive.

However the same people who laud those achievements now as a testament to endeavour and innovation, seem eerily fatalistic about our present mediocrity.

Bang average performances against any team with a manager slightly more technically refined than Alan Pardew have been written off in recent years with a ‘they’re just better than us, what can we do?’

I wonder if this attitude will continue into the new era or we’ll (rightly) demand more from a new coach?

What will become of the AKB/WOB divide in a post-Wenger era? Twitter’s most parochial schism is entering its own existential crisis.

I’d like to think people who wanted Wenger to go will be able to enjoy Arsenal again but still apply the same ruthless standards to whoever comes next.

Never again should the desire to win be subjugated to sentimental fawning and a lack of accountability, no matter how deserved that may seem.

I hope people who still love Wenger will do the same and not use every setback or defeat as an “I told you so” moment.

This isn’t about the club losing its class or its values, it’s about reviving winning ways and shaking the underdog mentality that’s enveloped it in recent years.


As for the game tomorrow, well it’s basically a testimonial so it’d be nice to see some liquid football.

A win would be great but what we really want to see is ridiculous showboating – players trying to walk the ball into the net, rabona corners, scorpion-kick saves etc

Let’s go out in a way that absolutely does define the last seven years, ludicrously good football in a complete dead rubber of a tie.

That after all, is what Arsene Wenger would’ve wanted.

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  1. Gunner2301


    Imagine where we could have been hed he moved with the times. Got ex players in like Keown around the first team who worked wonders with the defence in that run we had and there were more who could have contributed to the cause. And with those players gone so did our identuty, because it needed to all be about him. It makes me sad to see some of our great players coaching elsewhere.

  2. Gunner2301

    Herbs Army

    This is going to be one Summer where i dont care what charity match or coaching seminar he will be at on transfer dealine day. The arrogant prick.

  3. TheLegendaryDB10

    This is what pisses me off do much. We had so much momentum going for us yet AS was to happy to fall back on his laurels and do nothing to learn/ improve his knowledge. Even SAF changed his backroom staff to keep him in the game.

    And for those who think that SAF’s comments that AW was the greatest manager is pure banter of the highest order.

  4. Herb'sArmy

    Yeah, Gunner2301, some of our demons have been exorcised, now it’s over to Ivan to steer us in a totally new direction.
    I hope we cleanse ourselves of all Wengers influence.

  5. Bamford10


    And btw, I am no more dogmatic or arrogant than anyone else here. And where did I ever not allow someone to have a differing view? You’re just repeating empty, meaningless talking points.

    The last time someone here told you how to think was when Champagne Charlie told you to take your pro-Liverpool-in-the-CL-final view and fuck off. Perhaps you should aim your arrows at a more correct target, namely him. Cheers.

  6. Champagne charlie


    Stop making this place about you, you’re constantly displaying a total lack of humility, not to mention clear absence of humour.

    You’re always so desperate to end up ‘on top’ or presumed ‘right’. Give it up for the benefit of others, the consensus is clear yet you’re being that guy who keeps following a group of people as they move tables to avoid him. Shut up already

  7. TheLegendaryDB10

    You sure as hell can’t remember. How convenient.

    Trawling through the posts will be a bore but I am sure as hell that you went on a rant about Pedders anti-Kroenke stance. If you really want me too I will.

    What I am trying to get at is: learn humility. It will make you a much better person in life. Trust me, you can’t always be right. That’s is something that I have learnt through my own experiences.

  8. Marko

    Stop trying to set the record straight (however much your first statement was about the WC, the rest of the discussion was purely about Neymar being a game changer).

    Exactly. And you looking for an apology is gas considering the shit you’ve given someone like Alexander who’s respectful for months too

  9. TheLegendaryDB10

    No Bamford.

    He had a point. This is what you don’t get about football. Look up ‘pools history in the 80’s, particularly the fans. They were complete animals.

    Look CC knew that I was on about watching good football. Why do you think most of us watch MotD? We love football. The one thing we cannot do is cheer on the opposition. That is betraying who we support.

  10. Bamford10


    So I’m supposed to just accept your calling me a liar despite the fact that you’re the one who has it wrong, despite the fact that I didn’t lie about anything? Why would I do that?

    Why don’t you just acknowledge that you got it wrong and that I didn’t lie? I don’t think that’s all that much to ask. It’s a simple matter of honesty.

  11. Marko

    The whole incident was forgotten but you had to come back looking for an apology. Fine fine I’m sorry Bamford that it turns out that you know a lot less than you think you do. Sorry you’re so insecure that you can’t admit that you were wrong. And sorry everyone thinks you’re a twat (more so) after this whole incident

  12. alexanderhenry


    After rather a rough spell on here, our friend Bamford has regrouped, given himself a bit of a pep talk and is back , all guns blazing.

    So now this blog is all about him- again- and his pathetic, self serving agenda.

    Best to ignore the guy

  13. Coach 15

    “ Look up ‘pools history in the 80’s, particularly the fans. They were complete animals.”
    And still are,never trust a scouser,Fucking horrid bread of Englishman.

  14. Marko

    Why don’t you just acknowledge that you got it wrong and that I didn’t lie? I don’t think that’s all that much to ask. It’s a simple matter of honesty.

    Christ the argument was not decisive in big games then I and Weagle preceded to give you examples of him being decisive in big games and now I guess you’re trying to make it about him being decisive in a future world cup? Kindly fuck off. Like you’re actually such a small dickhead that you feel like you need an apology from a stranger on a blog. Even though you were wrong…you freak

  15. TheLegendaryDB10


    You just refused to accept that Neymar was a game changer even though facts were clearly described to you with the goals and assists he had provided. All you had to do was acknowledge that he was a game chsnger at club level that has now to prove himself on the WC stage.

  16. Bamford10


    No, actually, I didn’t do any such thing. I vaguely remember calling Pedro out (maybe?) for feeding the anti-Kroenke crowd, but it certainly was no rant. I don’t give Pedro a hard time; it’s his blog after all.

  17. Marko

    Alex it probably is best to ignore him but he’s such a weirdo he’d probably have debates (arguments) with himself

  18. Chika

    I used to think Bumford was a fictitious character created by Pedro to drive engagement. I never imagined anyone with such a shocking attitude on an anonymous blog.
    Dude is fucking unbelievable.

  19. Bamford10


    “game changer” isn’t actually the language we were arguing over, so no, you just have that wrong. I’m happy to admit I’m wrong when I have something wrong, but I’m not going to get bullied into saying I said something I didn’t say or into admitting I was “wrong” when I wasn’t wrong.

  20. Bamford10


    I have now pasted in my original remark twice and it is crystal clear that my comment was about what Neymar might do (or not do) in this summer’s coming World Cup.

    Are you claiming somehow to have missed this?

  21. Bamford10


    How am I being disingenuous? I am standing by what I said, and I have pasted in my very remarks here in order to straighten the record. In what fucking world is standing by one’s actual remarks “disingenuous”?

    What’s disingenuous is people distorting the record despite the actual record being placed right in front of them.

  22. Bamford10

    Because Marko continues to be dishonest about my Neymar remarks, I’m going to paste them in again below. This has nothing to do with making anything about me and everything to do with insisting that people be truthful and fair around here.

    March 27, 2018 20:47:01

    It’s not about talent. It’s about how well-organized, cohesive and balanced the team is. The Brazil team Germany dismantled 6-0 was “talented”. That was irrelevant.

    As for Neymar, remind me what he did for PSG against Madrid in the CL? Nothing. Zilch. And he was criticized for immaturity and for not showing up in a big game afterward. Neymar has yet to show that he can be the best player on the field in the biggest games against the best players. Great talent, but he won’t be a decisive player in the WC, IMO. He’ll generate a lot of talk, undoubtedly, but in the end he’ll come up short in the bigger games.

    Germany and Spain, for me. Unless Brazil find a cohesiveness we haven’t seen from them in some time, as they do have a lot of talent.

  23. Champagne charlie


    Banford won’t be happy until you call me a cunt etc, he’s desperate for others to squabble.

    He doesn’t grasp however that sweary words on the interwebs are by and large noise for effect. I mean we’re talking about an individual that got riled up because I called people soggy biscuits hahaha

    Ive a feeling our dear friend wouldn’t know what to do with himself on English shores if bad language on the internet is so harrowing. Be at the US embassy in no time getting nursed back to full douche I reckon.

  24. Champagne charlie

    Football talk has gotten a bit lost amongst the performing monkey’s monologue of denial.

    Things taste sweeter today knowing Stoke are down 🙂

    Who does that leave as heir to the premier league thug crown?

  25. Bamford10


    Tell us more about how Wenger always spent what was available to him, about how he signed only Cech in the summer of 2015 because Kroenke wouldn’t allow him to spend any more than 11m.

    Seriously. Tell us more about that. That was really good stuff.

  26. Champagne charlie

    Oh fuck me the record is actually broken, look at the state of him.

    You must be raging Banford, usually you’re playing victim and claiming I’m simply a “hater” of yours. Bit awkward that it’s actually just the status quo..

    Please give it up, you were wrong on Neymar, you’re Stans PR man, it’s not that serious. Let the keys cool off

  27. Marc

    I seriously think everyone needs to lay off Bamford, he’s a teacher after all and the last thing anyone wants to see is another mass shooting at an American school, especially by a teacher.

    He’s really that close.

  28. TheLegendaryDB10


    You must re-read your own posts mate. As much as you did claim that he would not be a game changer for Brazil, you were most certainly shown up on the fact that he was a game changer at club level. C’mon mate stop digging yourself into another hole.

    And to point out: your record is incomplete. You are just showing your first post where you were making this statement. The following posts were all about Neymar being a game changer at club level. Mate, I followed the entire exchange cuz I was sympathetically trying to remind you of your own posts under the name of ArseneisaFraud.

  29. Ishola70

    Liverpool fans had big grudges against Italian clubs at the time of Heysel.

    The previous year they won the European Cup in Rome against Roma and there were absolute horror stories of Liverpool fans being attacked by locals with knives and clubs. Basically all the local hoodlums came out looking for Liverpool blood and that included among them families and children being attacked. Everything was game for the Roma hooligans to attack. Bad losers eh.

    The Heysel tragedy was as much about poor dilapidated stadium facilities, lack of proper segregation, disregard for the safety and comfort of fans attending stadiums as it was about a group of drunken Liverpool fans charging Juve supporters. These sort of scenes, “steaming” opposing fans on terracing was seen on a regular basis at English grounds before and at the time.

    I think people get a bit pissed off with Liverpool because the media have a love-in for them including their fans. It was and is all media induced. Those that actually attended games knew it was all bullshit as Liverpool fans could be as nasty as any other football fans on occasions.

  30. Champagne charlie


    Personally I get ticked off with Liverpool because of the entitlement they have.

    They talk and act like they’re at the same table as Real and Bayern, but they’ve not won a domestic title for over 25 years ffs.

    Then you’ve got Arsenal being absolutely cleaned out by the rial fans/press when we went 8/9 years with no silverware. Even now the bum licking Spurs have gotten is so so overboard, their trophy cabinet is a “we put the pressure on cup” and a couple of Kane golden boots.

    It’s nauseating.

  31. Bamford10


    But you’ve completely misunderstood the point. I’ve never claimed that the discussion wasn’t also about his club performances. Obviously it was, as I drew upon his disappointing performance against Madrid in my initial comment.

    That’s not the point, mate. When I re-explained the whole thing for Romford’s benefit, Marko said I was “lying” when I said that the context for the discussion was this summer’s coming World Cup. Except that it was, and I was just stating facts. That he and WE went on to talk exclusively about Neymar’s club performances does not for one moment change the context of my remarks, and in no way, shape or form did I lie when relaying any of this to Romford.

    And sorry, but I still don’t regard any of their cited performances as evidence that Neymar has shown that he can be “the decisive player” in the biggest matches against the best players. So I don’t accept your interpretation of that discussion.

    All I am asking for is honesty and fairness re the record. That is all. Cheers.

  32. Marc


    It’s not a bizarre comment – I’m genuinely worried about your mental health and the effect on anyone you might come into contact with.

    I’m just relived I’m several thousand miles away.

  33. Bamford10


    One other thing: are you saying that you will now be pulling for Madrid in the final?

  34. Ishola70

    “Then why are Liverpool fans always at the heart of football massacre’s involving an English club?”

    You mean Hillsborough as well as Heysel. Two occasions.

    Believe these sort of tragedies were just waiting to happen and Liverpool on two occasions just happened to be involved.

    So many matches just escaped these tragedies. Close shaves and matches not involving Liverpool.

    Again it boiled down to complete disregard for the safety of fans attending matches. Fans were treated like cattle.

  35. alexanderhenry


    That is a fair point. There is a lot of press adulation for liverpool and spurs.. off the back of what exactly?

    Having said that, I’d be quite happy to see Liverpool beat Real madrid in the final.

  36. Ishola70

    Plenty of broken bones Marc in terracing at matches and because of the same situation.

    Fans too many of them being squeezed into an area that is not suitable.

    You used to see on TV those surges from fans on the terraces. The surging downwards. It looked a bit of fun on TV but the reality in being in it and hundreds of people pressing down on each other and some poor souls stuck on the end of it or being crushed on the leaning pole areas that used to be in some of the terracing.

    With Heysel as said opposing fans used to attack each other and “steam” opposition in grounds quite regularly. Some hooligans used to take pride in what they termed taking the home end of the opposing team. Basically running into a crowded area of home fans kicking and punching and on plenty of occasions pandemonium breaking lose.

  37. TheLegendaryDB10

    Scouser’s are vermin.

    I will second that. As much as I will sound awful, they ended up getting what they deserved. The OB got their revenge with Hillsborough. The OB hated Liverpool for their constant trouble making. They let Hillsborough happen as a fuck you to their supporters. Sad but true.

    For those who do not know what Old Bill stands for, Google it.

  38. Ishola70

    Man United hooligans were far more troublesome than Liverpool when they were at their worst.

    To get an idea of how bad Man United fans were in their behaviour you only have to realise that the birth of West Ham hooligan groups came to pass because of what they saw from Man United hooligans at the Old Upton Park.

    They absolutely terrorised towns and cities they visited.

  39. Champagne charlie


    Not for me mate, I get DB10’s argument about objectively watching the game as a would be neutral, but I can’t wish a rival well over a continental opponent.

    Rival vs rival and I’ll pick a lesser evil, but if Arsenal aren’t winning the competition then I don’t want another English side winning.

    My objectivity extends to an appreciation that United and Liverpool are built on tradition and organic historical successes. To that end I dislike City/Chelsea more than United/Liverpool, whom I respect. But they can all fuck themselves against a team like Real, Barca, Atletico, Bayern et al.

  40. Marko

    Neymar has yet to show that he can be the best player on the field in the biggest games against the best players.

    A quote by you.

    Marko said I was “lying” when I said that the context for the discussion was this summer’s coming World Cup.

    Why would the discussion be about a future event? How could anyone possibly know what’s going to happen in the future.

    Again and for the last time the discussion was about you saying he wasn’t decisive in big matches. You were duly proven wrong and put in your place and now shamelessly try to change the narrative. Kindly stop

  41. Leedsgunner

    Under normal circumstances it’s not gentlemanly to celebrate the misfortune of others but when it comes to Ryan Shawcross and Stoke I will make a huge exception. Stoke relegated. Sounds good saying it, it rolls off the tongue doesn’t?

    See you losers. May you drop down the leagues and be forgotten… good riddance.

    What about Nick Pope or Tom Heaton as GK targets as alternatives to Butland?

  42. Marko

    And sorry, but I still don’t regard any of their cited performances as evidence that Neymar has shown that he can be “the decisive player” in the biggest matches against the best players. So I don’t accept your interpretation of that discussion.


  43. Relieable Sauce

    TheLegendaryDB10 May 5, 2018 23:46:37

    Scouser’s are vermin.

    I will second that. As much as I will sound awful, they ended up getting what they deserved.


    98 people deserved to get crushed to death…WOW.

    I’d worry if I had that lack of empathy.

    Come on Liverpool !

  44. Elmo

    We’ve waited so long to finally be rid of the deadweight of Wenger, but with it being his final home game today it’s impossible not to remember where you were for those amazing moments in the past, like Wiltord’s goal at Old Trafford on that Wednesday night in 2002 to win the league. No chance I’ll be singing 1AW, but it does bring back the memories of those amazing times in the early years.

    Let’s hope we can rise to have those experiences again.

  45. China

    I’d like Liverpool to beat Madrid because ultimately it’s good for English football and the PL.

    The stronger our league, the more european trophies we compete/win as a country, the more top talent the PL can attract. And I want arsenal to win the strongest possible league.

    We had to suffer our top players fawning over Madrid and Barca for absolutely ages. I’d very much like to see more players coming from them to the PL instead

  46. gonsterous

    . I’d very much like to see more players coming from them to the PL instead

    the PL attracts a lot of Spanish players. arsenal get the rejects though…

  47. Dissenter

    Sir Alex just had emergency brain surgery and is still,in. Avery critical condition
    That’s what the sporting world will be focused on tomorrow not on any extravagant send off ceremonies. I hope we gone it down.

  48. Bamford10


    “Why would the discussion be about a future event? How could anyone possibly know what’s going to happen in the future.”

    Are you simply not reading my original comment which I’ve now pasted in three times? Because it’s quite clear that I was making a prediction about how Neymar would perform this summer.

    The original, yet again: “[A] great talent, but he won’t be a decisive player in the WC, IMO. He’ll generate a lot of talk, undoubtedly, but in the end he’ll come up short in the bigger games.”

    See that? It’s a prediction about this summer. That was the context of my remark.

    As for your instructing me to “stop,” please go fuck yourself. Who the fuck do you think you are? You get to tell me to stop discussing something, when you’re the one who has misrepresented the situation? No, that’s how things work.

    I have a better idea: why don’t you retract your bogus allegation that I was lying about the context of the discussion, seeing as anyone who reads my original comment can plainly see that you were wrong about that and that I was right?

    Yeah, that sounds like the right way to proceed.

  49. TR7

    A brilliant documentary on Arsene Vs Ferguson feud. It corroborates my belief that Ferguson,although a great manager , massively used his influence on referees to win trophies. United players in this documentary admit getting favorable decisions from referees. That’s why I don’t quite revere Fergie. Wenger even with his shortcomings could have achieved more if not for poor referring decisions and poorly timed move from Highbury to Emirates.


  50. gonsterous

    what annoyed me most about wenger was when he used to say, he would strengthen only if necessary (which was evident we needed strengthening) and he used to give that smirk as though, he’s just discovered the new ronaldo..

  51. China

    Gonsterous it’s not so much the Spanish players I’m interested in, just the star names

    That’s why I think it’s great that the league has pep, Mourinho, Klopp, Poch, wenger and BIG SAM all at the same time (just kidding about Sam)

    Even though wenger is an empty vessel of management, he’s still a household name in world football. I hope zidane is straight over to England after he inevitably gets sacked for one unsuccessful season.

    Fuck Madrid and Barca for their relentlessly tapping up top PL talent in the press. Fuck them for being the darlings of eufa and getting far too many big decisions from CL refs over the years. I hate the cunts more than any British team

  52. China

    It pisses me off to no end the extent to which the refs worked for Barca even during the peak of their powers

    They were clearly the best team on the planet. They had probably the best player of all time and his very best. And that wasn’t enough for eufa. Playing them was 80% of the time a match against 12 men.

    The sending off of rvp was just one such blatant example of it. They were probably going to win anyway. There was no need to do that. But of course he did and he was clearly loving every second of it.

    Worthless scum.

  53. China

    Superhero movies are mostly a big let down so no major surprises

    With a few genuinely excellent exceptions (such as the Dark Knight) they’re almost all average or worse.

  54. useroz

    Hope the dust around a guard of honour had settled. Honour? Fergie left Manure in good though not great shape but our squad and financial are shocking for a ‘top 5’ club in global football (whatever the metric). Not even top 5 in PL as a ‘football’ team!

    If they really wanted to put on such fanfare, don’t bother today’s playing squad. Use Wenger kids (eg U10 academy) or better still his abundance of ex-Captains surely have 50+ of those.

    If we wanted to showcase Wengerball today, let’s score with backpass, backheel, backflips, etc Hollywood stuff. That would b fun lol

  55. TonyD

    SAF is a marmite guy, but I sincerely hope he recovers from his health problems.

    A true legend in football unlike Wenger.

    Looks like the press will be full now of Fergie recovering rather than Wenger’s last day’s truly underserved and unnecessary farewell pomp

  56. Freddie Ljungberg

    Buvac would only make sense as an assistant manager to someone like Vieira.

    He’s apparently brilliant tactically and as a coach but very quiet and unassuming, hasn’t managed since 2001 and doesn’t talk to the media.
    Would be exactly the kind of help Vieira would need if he took over. Much rather him than Arteta if we’re going that route .

    Arteta played with a lot of the players in the squad so don’t think he would be ruthless enough, he’s also one of the biggest examples of Wengers failing transfer acumen and he stayed too long.

    Still would prefer Allegri or Jardim but if the club goes cheap and young Arteta is a no for me…

  57. useroz

    Whatever the angles i’d very much like to see how RM and Barca flare in the PL for 3 seasons. That’s a real test for most of their so called elite players.

  58. gonsterous


    no disrespect but I won’t take opinions about a super hero movie from a middle age man seriously.. not that you don’t have taste.. just The age 🙂

  59. Pierre

    I see that the usual idiots are using Alex Ferguson ‘s brain surgery as a reason to have a dig at Wenger by suggesting that the press /media will be focusing on Ferguson and not Wenger.

    That was lucky wasn’t it… Alex Ferguson having a brain hemorrhage and possibly close to death has come at just the right time for the obsessives.

  60. Terraloon

    What we do know is that the WC final is on 15 July and the 2018/19 PL season kicks off on 11 August.
    Players having participated in a tournament normally get three week s off once their participation in a tournament comes to an end.
    The team that finishes 5th in the PL goes straight into the group stages of the EL the 6th placed team plays their first EL qualifying game on 26th July and although not determined it’s possible the 7th placed team will play the first qualifying game on 12 July.
    Its possible that , although not likely that Arsenal can still finish 5th. Irrespective it’s critical that Arsenal go into today’s game full throttle, there really shouldn’t be any gamble, there really shouldn’t be any sentiment. Even though there is no trophy on offer failure to win today to could have a major impact on season 2018/19.

  61. TR7


    ‘I see that the usual idiots are using Alex Ferguson ‘s brain surgery as a reason to have a dig at Wenger by suggesting that the press /media will be focusing on Ferguson and not Wenger. That was lucky wasn’t it… Alex Ferguson having a brain hemorrhage and possibly close to death has come at just the right time for the obsessives.’

    Yes, really bizarre commentary from a few people seeing the two events -Wenger’s farewell and Ferguson’s illness – from media coverage perspective and then drawing some sort of pleasure that the former event won’t get adequate coverage.

  62. steve


    Lol you’re so desperate talking about the “obsessives”. Who’s the obsessive one?

  63. China

    My age? I’m 28! I might look middle aged after some of the shit I’ve had to live through mind

    And nah aubergine apologies for having my own opinions and not caring whether you agree with them or not

    Liverpool are not even the team we should be focusing on, it should be city. I’ve never hated Liverpool anyway as they’ve broadly been irrelevant to arsenal in the premier league era

    As I said, give me a strong, competitive and prestigious PL over the alternative any day of the week. If I wanted to sit back and enjoy every one of my team’s rivals flounder around and fail I’d just watch the German or French leagues instead. One horse races and a league with only shit rivals are full as fuck

  64. Emiratesstroller

    For the record Switzerland are ranked 6th by FIFA ahead of England and Xhaka
    is rated their best and most valuable player.

    So whilst he may have been underwhelming at Arsenal his performance rating
    elsewhere has been different.

    Arsenal’s defence has been shit as a collective and not because of individuals.