Spanish media stoke Jardim fires

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Rumours are heating up around Jardim, with Spanish and French outlets suggesting Arsenal prefer the Portuguese coach over Enrique. He has a contract with Monaco until 2020, so unless he quits, he might come with a fee. He’d make a lot of sense, the guy is understated and over delivers. He’d be perfect, and the career step would be on the ascension.

Chelsea are the immediate threat to this name if he does move, they’re in the market for a new person, and after the ego whipping they took from Conte, they’ll likely be looking for someone who can work in their well-oiled structure. I’d say they can offer more cash to a new coach, but they’re in the same boat as Arsenal. Chelsea operates like a business these days, so £250m net spend is likely off the cards.

If Jardim has any sense about him, he’ll want to work for a club where he has a future longer than 2 years. Arsenal are the plum job, lots of talent to work with, better young players, and the chance to build Arsenal into a superclub.

That said, he might fancy working with a club that’s very serious about winning things.

Either way, I’d be surprised if we don’t have a chat.

Here’s where we are currently:

Free Agents: Carlo, Enrique, Tuchel, Buvac

Contracted, rumoured to be available: Sarri, Allegri, Arteta, Vieira, Rafa, Jardim, Rangnick

Off the market: Nagelsmann

NO WAY DON’T: Brendy, Pards, Big Sam

Lots of movement, I just hope we don’t shit the bed and go for bland on toast.

A game that won’t have a hint of bland about it is the one tonight.

Arsene takes his team to the fortress of death… or something like that. He has one final chance at European glory, his odds are massively stacked against him. The only team to win at Atleti this season is Chelsea. Which means it’s possible, I’m just not sure it’s highly likely.

That said, we dominated the last game, with a bit more efficiency in front of goal, we’d have come away with a scalp. It was only a shoddy error and a hoof that gave Atleti an advantage. All we need is an early goal and we’re right back in the mix. No reason Ozil, Ramsey and Lacazette can’t pull something out the bag here.

It was interesting to read that Simeone planned to go to 10 men before the last game, rolling with 10vs11 in training. That’s mental preparedness.

Let’s hope this evening is an actual event, I can’t be dealing with a sloppy early goal and panic stations.

Give us hope Arsene, be a fucking hero, go out a king!

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  1. luke

    I’m not sure we have any players good enough for an AFC first eleven except Auba, Mikki and Ozil.

    Cech, Ospina, Bellerin, Chambers, Mustafi, Koscielny, Nacho, Ramsey, Wilshire, Xhaka, Welbeck, iwobi should all go. Of all of Wenger’s shortcomings, his transfer “strategy” and squad building is right up there.

  2. Guns of SF

    Jenas is basically supporting the idea that Ozil is a luxury player with his points. Stupid.

  3. Ishola70

    Rob from Arsenal Fan TV tweets he is angry about tonight.

    Nothing to be angry about really.

    All too predictable to get angry or upset.

  4. englandsbest

    Poor old Arsenal! This squad isn’t a patch on the squad Wenger inherited. It’s been a slow and steady fourteen year decline because, yes, Wenger has lingered far, far too long, and yes, he was given far, far too much power, and yes, he was paid far, far too much – but I guess Danny & Co had to give him whatever he asked for to keep him on. Wenger’s love affair has always been with himself.

    The signs are that none of that will happen again. It seems that the football management will be a tripartite effort, the manager with less power, Sven and Raul with more power. In other words, the manager is less important, the Bosnian or Arteta will do. Kroenke will approve: he’s getting three men for the price of one.

  5. Leedsgunner

    Known doesn’t do original thought , he just parrots the prevailing opinion after he sees the wind has changed direction after the fact. At the beginning of this season he was a ardent Wenger supporter.

    Great player boring pundit.

  6. Ishola70

    All Keown is doing is deflecting away from Wenger when he slates and focuses in on individual players.

    We all know there are problems with Ozil but how about saying that Wenger as a manager is not good enough.

    Too much for Keown to say that. He’d rather take the easy way out and slag one player.

  7. Herb's Army

    Our shameless board should be made to explain again to the fan-base, who they’ve happily fleeced for the last 12 years, why we moved stadium, because we’re a smaller, less significant force now than before we left Highbury.

  8. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Mercifully this season will conclude soon. For One Arsene Wenger there will be no glorious finale but rather a tepid conclusion, one that matches the last decade of his performance. For the Pro-Wenger supporters, and you know who you are, an equally fitting conclusion to your deluded half-baked decade of fruitless arguments based on past glories that simpky were that, past and gone.

    What’s left is a mess, not a bloody mess, but a mess requiring a better than good cleanup. That will be Wenger’s legacy, a tale of two decades – the good, bad and the ugly.

  9. Leedsgunner

    I don’t understand all this “The players let him down rubbish.”

    He bought every one of these players, supposedly trained every one.

    Who let who down?

    The manager let the club down and the fans down by sticking with these players.

    Don’t absolve Wenger of his responsibility!

  10. BacaryisGod

    Well, we have to assume Kozzer will be a non-factor next season. He’s at the age where an achilles recovery will be so much harder and it will be around January when he’s likely to come back anyway. Very sad, but he’s a shadow of the player who was so aggressive a few years ago.

  11. Marko

    Keown is absolutely right and he’s supposed to be a yes man. Ozil has been coasting by for ages now there’s no accountability at the club maybe if Wenger chewed out some of these cunts more often he’d still be in a job ffs. Amazing to think of how many “rests” and “illnesses” the google eyed fuck has had the last two years and he performs like that? He’s barely played any league games recently what a fuck up. Ramsey too he doesn’t get off litely either he was shocking tonight and another just coasting through games doing fuck all but he gets away with it with the occasional flick and goal. No fight for the cause. Do not give him a new contract him and most of them are a waste of a squad place

  12. Ishola70

    People would respect Keown more if he wasn’t such a Wenger groupie.

    People understand what he is saying but when it comes from him when you know his real primary aim is to deflect away from the manager it has less meaning and significance.

    I think he was an arsehole tonight tbh.

    Arsenal’s problems are more deeper than just about one player but such is Keown’s loyalty to Wenger and most probably his seniors he made it about one man tonight.

    Cheap and easy way out from Keown.

  13. Frankie Coffeecakes

    And Arsenal are stuck with him, Marko. Should have sold him for a song and a dance last August, now he’s sucking the life out of the budget. Could have had half a dozen useful players sharing on his salary alone. Thats bad business every night and every day.

  14. HighburyLegend

    “the best team didn’t progress.”
    Lol, same ol’ wenger till the end.

    @HillWood : yes my point was that, basically, he destroyed Highbury for nothing.
    (Excepted earning more money from the fans of course)

  15. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Pretty obvious that even if they wanted to, the players haven’t the skills nor desire to even give the guy who has given them their livelihoods a decent send off.

    Blow up the whole thing and rid yourselves of the stench that Wenger has left behind. This team is softer than a pitch filled with marshmallows.

  16. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Idiot spent all this time bad mouthing supporters and couldn’t even muster up anything to give the collective a proper middle finger. Thats cause its up his own backside!

  17. Pierre

    on Sunday sourness slates xhaka

    Tonight keown slates ozil

    One could argue that being non British means extra shit from the pundits .

    Wilshere or Ramsey never receive even a fraction of the criticism that those 2 do .
    Tonight , I thought Wilshere had a tidy game(nothing special) probably no better or no worse than ozil..
    Ramsey had a poor game similar to the United game at the weekend . In theory you would think playing Ramsey as the cam in midfield with Wilshere and xhaka behind , it would suit his style of play but for some reason he can’t quite come to terms with the role. His positional play is poor and he has been ineffective v United and Madrid in that role .
    Xhaka must have had a good game as no one has mentioned him (yes he did have a good game).
    Lacazette and welbeck should be asking themselves why they never managed to get on the end of one of those crosses . They were either not strong enough or not quick enough to create the space to score.

    Tonight’s game was pretty even , I don’t know why le grovellers have condemned the performance as Arsenal were much the better side over the 2 legs and I would say Atletico were never in control of the game , never….if Arsenal had been more clinical in and around the area the result could easily been different …Atletico’s defence deserve immense credit for their resolute defending and their ability to sense danger .

  18. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Sadly it would not surprise that Koscielny retires at seasons end. He’s given a lot to the team. May not go down as one of the best, but he tried more often than not and put in a good shift enough times to be noticed positively.

  19. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Atletico never had to be in control over two legs Pierre, they have that one thing that Arsenal could only ever dream about having, a defense. As it is with any sport, defense wins games more often than not.

    Its not about whomwere the better team, its about who were better overall – that would be Atletico and the final score does not lie.

  20. Herb's Army

    If it was up to me, I’d use Wenger’s pay-off to supplement Ozil’s wage. The club and it’s fans should not be held hostage to a sacked managers stupid decisions.
    But if they were considering Wenger’s position it makes even less sense to allow him to give Ozil a vastly over-inflated contract.
    We are in dire need of genuinely real football intelligence at Arsenal, something we haven’t had for years.

  21. John T.

    Let’s just get this season over with, hire a new coach, evaluate who goes and stays and move on. Should have been done 8 years ago.

  22. BacaryisGod

    Herb’s Army

    You’re a little off-base here. You can’t refuse to pay Wenger. It doesn’t work that way. He had a year left on his contract. There’s no way around that. What bothers me is that we’re paying him a fortune to disappear for next year but we don’t have a no-brainer candidate (someone like Klopp) to replace him. This seems mismanaged all the way through. As for Ozil, his new deal was signed off by the CEO and the owner, so of course the club should be held hostage. The fans have as much power as their percentage of ownership suggests when it comes to these matters.

  23. Herb's Army


    Yeah, I know how manager compensation works, it just seems so wrong that the club have to pay a fortune to rid themselves of someone so painfully useless.
    There are parasites and then there’s Wenger!

  24. Marko

    Tonight’s game was pretty even , I don’t know why le grovellers have condemned the performance as Arsenal were much the better side over the 2 legs and I would say Atletico were never in control of the game , never

    Never in control then you go on to talk about how immense their defence was. Yeah they were absolutely 100% in control tonight. Had the better chances and looked like a team comfortably going through. We had one shot on target and you thought it was even. Are you sure you saw the game

  25. China

    Pierre so this game was pretty equal and but we were much the better team over two legs?

    So what you’re saying is when we were a man up at home we managed to play better football than them? Brilliant achievement that is!

    It’s hard to say we were the better team over two legs if we were equal yesterday but only managed a draw at home with a man up in the first leg…

  26. Frankie Coffeecakes

    As I stated a couple of days ago Herb, Wenger is but a symptom of a much bigger problem at Arsenal.

  27. Herb's Army

    True Frankie, Arsenal don’t behave like a real football club anymore, that too was left behind at Highbury.
    Arsenal really are a horrible club to support, exacerbated by the way they use and abuse their supporters.

  28. China

    The club simply sees the fans as a resource and the purpose of resources is to be exploited

    Unfonrtunately they thought this bs would continue forever at no cost but now it’s finally sinking in that this arrogance and mismanagement has turned us from elite into nothing particularly more than a glorified mid table team with a big shiny stadium.

  29. China

    I’m really curious in general as to whether the apologists will remain apologists for the next manager in the name of ‘supporting the club’ or if their true loyalties just lie with the old goat in charge now

  30. BacaryisGod

    The way forward is pretty clear for next season even if we have a relatively limited transfer spend.

    Here are the 5 top priorities:

    1. Get a new starting goalkeeper.

    Ospina and Cech are both average back-up keepers. We need to find someone who will lock down the starting spot for a number of years and provide a solid foundation for the defence. Let’s not forget how City struggled for a reliable keeper until they arrived at Ederson.

    2. Make signing a top centre back the other major priority.

    Kozzer could very well be done for his career. For a defender in his thirties who has relied on pace to get a torn achilles is beyond brutal. He was struggling for the last couple of seasons as it was. He also has two years left on his contract. At best, he’ll be a back-up for us for the rest of his career and probably won’t play again until early 2019. This means that for all his flaws, Mustafi has to stay but we simply can’t build our back four around him.

    3. Clear out almost every single loan player. If they are still under contract do whatever we can to subsidize them at other clubs but get them out of Arsenal.

    Here’s the current list of loan flops: Martinez, Jenkinson, Reine-Adelaide, Campbell, Asano, Lucas Perez, Akpom, Mavididi, Bola, Sheaf, Bielik, Bramall, Plegueuzelo.

    That’s 13 absolute ‘must leave’ loanees. I’d be tempted to keep Nwakali and give him another year on loan and Tafari Moore has shown promise on his loan spell.

    Joining Nwakali and Moore on loan should be Holding, Macey, Zelalem, Willock, Nelson, Fortune and Nketiah. That’s 8 decent players on loan and let’s see who shines.

    4. It’s painful, but we can’t afford to lose too many more players. Let’s hope the following players will be improved under a new manager because they are likely not going anywhere: Iwobi, Chambers, Kolasinac and Bellerin for example.

    5. Do whatever is necessary to keep Aaron but say goodbye to Jack-it’s time. You take his injury history and add his recent mediocrity and there’s no reason to sign him to a long-term deal. The only reason to keep him is if we simply won’t spend the money on a replacement. However, if we get a player like Max Meyer on a free then there’s no possible explanation for keeping Jack at the club.

    I think the smart money is on Aaron leaving and maybe we will have to sanction a summer sale. He’s flirted with leaving before (his Barcelona comments) and seeing Ox thrive away from the club will only encourage him to go.

    So where does this leave us? Well, not in great shape but not as terrible as some might think.

    We should compete well with a starting XI that consists of Bellerin, Mustafi, Montreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Mikhitaryan, Aubamayang, Ozil, Lacazette plus a new starting keeper and center back. But those new signings have to hit the ground running in a very big way. In an ideal world, we get a new central midfielder but if the talk of limited funds are true, then we should see a new keeper and CB as the top priorities.

    Our subs can be pulled from Cech, Chambers, Mavrapanos, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Kolasinac (should sell but his salary too high to offload) Elneny, Iwobi and Welbeck. I’m sure there’ll be a couple of lesser of free signings to add to our depth (Soyuncu, Meyer perhaps).

    We should be saying a fond farewell to Santi, Mertesacker and Wilshere.

  31. Guns of SF

    Kos is done folks. Keep as a back up perhaps or sell. Heard he wanted to move back to France

  32. gnarleygeorge9

    Hopefully now The Club signs a manager for potential silverware he can win & not potential dividends & profits for the Board & owners.

    Oh, & btw, Arsene Wenger has left the team worse off than when he arrived 22 years ago.

  33. jasongms

    We lost this in the first leg, you don’t come away 1-1 when you’re playing at home, the opposition has a man sent off early on and their manager is sent to the stands.

    You also had a manager to fearful or vacuous to make a sub during the whole game to try to counter their plainly obvious defensive stratagem.

    This defeat hurt and made me realise why the fuck I became so anti-Wenger to begin with. 22 years in Europe, NO European Cup.

    Duplicity is alive and well in Islington.

  34. LINP

    Now that the remaining games become meaningless, those world cup bound players will probably save themselves for the world cup. We should give our youngsters opportunities to gain PL experiences.

    In the mean time, speedup hiring the new manager and coaches that can train young players and have knowledge of a balance team formation. Wenger’s formation requires the FB/RB to play like wingers. There is no surprise that Costa toke advantage of that.

    Football is a team sport. The coaches should also be responsible when our defense is making critical errors every game. When our offense can’t breakdown a team parking the bus, it is not the problem of one player. It is the problem of the whole team, including the manager and the coaches. Now that the club has already made the first move, I am waiting to see how big is the CHANGE going to be.

  35. gonsterous

    I hope the stadium is empty on Saturday. except for that twat DT, who will show up just so he can rant on arsenal fan TV after…

  36. guns of sf

    What struck me about Keown is not so much his parrot like commentary, but what he said about Ozil not playing the rest of the season after having an emotional meltdown. Striking… TBH I have felt the flu days were really mental health days for him…. I wonder about how resilient he really is, and how he can handle the pressure of being the top earner and delivering on that.
    I have serious doubts…. to a point where Im thinking what a huge mistake we made resigning him… We were caught in a very bad positon with Sanchez, and also needing someone to help us win “something” this year.
    We bent over to him

    Now, the catering needs to stop pronto… the new manager needs to have a a very fast and tough talk with him. We cannot have out leader living life like a King with nothing to show for it. If this continues =bite the bullet and sell him

    He needs to diversify his game. He has been indulged and as a result, feels no need to change to fit the needs of the team. He is the team specialist, the superstar so no need.

    ITs this rotten attitude that goes to the core of the team

  37. marc

    Xhaka is a shit show. He is the worst ever midfielder ive ever seen. Denilson was better than him. I hope he is the first player to leave in the off season.
    Cape town gooner

  38. Leedsgunner

    So Bellerin says says “Everyone is really sad.”

    I can’t believe he has gall to say anything since it was his mistake that directly led to Costa’s goal.

    After a single breakout season where he showed promise he has regressed. I would keep him just to see how he responds to the new coach. If he remains the same, he needs to go. He believes his own press too much.

    Wasn’t he the one that slated fans earlier this season dressed like a stuffed peacock? What a real knob of butter of a defender.

  39. Guns of Hackney

    Well the curtain has been drawn on the most overrated managerial career in world football. Thank bloody god.

    I couldn’t give a shit about Kos. He was done anyway but not a nice way to leave.

    I post here regularly and state that Arsenal will have to spend enormous amounts of cash to become competitive…people rebuff that and seem to think that a new manager will be able to shape this squad into something. No.

    The rot is so deep, nothing but major surgery will be needed to male us winning again.

    The defence is shot. We need a whole new one.

    The midfield is unbalanced and weak. Who survives this? Perhaps Ramsay but even that is optimistic as I don’t really rate him. New midfield.

    Wingers? No. We need some.

    Attack. Looks good on paper with Laca and PEA but I’m not so sure. Where’s the muscle? The explosive strength and finishing? Mikki is too inconsistent.

    I think this would be close to a £400m rebuilding job. Arsenal are a decade behind the best teams.

    What a pathetic way to end a 22 year career.

  40. Leedsgunner

    Just when I start to dream about Arsenal again this team reminds me it’s better left until Wenger goes.

    Thank goodness we do not have to endure his incredible incompetence.

    Even in the Europa League Wenger demonstrates he really doesn’t understand Europe.

    Laughable he says the “better team” didn’t go through. How ungracious.

    The ironic thing is even if we were the better team why didn’t we go through? Because they had the better manager and we had him.

  41. Guns of Hackney

    Just like Bayern weren’t the best team even after scoring ten against us.

    I will not miss Arsene. It’s a shame he can’t take his pieces of shit with him.

    Ozil is a disgrace to professional sport. I’d cancel that bastards contract ASAP. Horrid little man.

  42. Leedsgunner

    “I think this would be close to a £400m rebuilding job. Arsenal are a decade behind the best teams.”

    This is WITH the Emirates built since 2006. Wasn’t the new stadium supposed to put us ahead of our rivals not behind?!? What an absolute shambles.

    Wenger has spent hundreds of millions and he has nothing to show for it as far as league titles and Europe is concerned.

  43. Guns of Hackney


    Yup. Wasted players, monster contracts. Utter joke.

    We are so far behind I doubt if we can catch up if they keep building. We will get there but the danger is that we won’t be able to get back into the CL for years. City, Liverpool, United, Chelsea and Spurs are all a lot better than us.

    Wenger has done more damage to arsenal than I think people realise.

    The Wenger out people saw the damage being done but we weren’t listened to. Well…

  44. Guns of Hackney

    Ozil will cost Arsenal £46,800,000 for three years.

    Let that sink it for a bit.

    This is Arsene’s legacy.

  45. Freddie Ljungberg

    Wenger doesn’t think the team needs a major rebuild over the summer, that’s a shocker.
    Thank god he’s gone so we hopefully can move on some of this dross and start competing again.

  46. WrightIsGod

    Must say the quality of commentators on this page has declined over the years.

    People digging out Keown for stating the obvious about Ozil. How is he deflecting from Wenger. If you listen he says Wenger should have called him out ages ago and it will be up to the new manager to do it now.

    Ozil is a cancer, he opitimizes everything about a modern Wenger team; flashy, spoilt, wasted potential, soft underbelly, weak, bottle job, shirker.

    The Ozil apologists are modern hipster fans who seem to accept a player who takes REGULAR days off, travels away whilst his team mates play, clearly has mental issues, thinks he doesn’t have to muck in etc.

    For all his ability I genuinely cannot stand Ozil. His attitude and mental state is a contributing factor to why we are what we are. Wenger won’t dig him out, the players won’t dig him out, so it’s up to the new man.

    Keown 100% right.

  47. Guns of Hackney

    For me, selling the players has to start immediately to raise funds.

    Under no circumstances should Wilshere get a contract.

    Ozil has to be offered to anyone.

    Iwobi, Welbeck, Xhaka etc offloaded for small change.

    Cech and Ospina. Gone.

    This is not a good squad. It really isn’t.

  48. WrightIsGod

    And I’ll repeat what I’ve said in the last few years.

    Wenger has damaged this team physically and psychologically.

    There is a mountain for the new man to climb. Everything has to change at Colney, everything.

    This will be a bloody hard job for the new man but I admit there is a foundation from which to work from.

    My immediate worry is Cech, Koscielny, Monreal because of age (and declining quality).

    Then you’ve got Bellerin, Holding, Mustafi, Kolasinac and Chambers who are either rubbish or coached incredibly bad.

    If the new man wants to overhaul this area of the field, which he needs to, he’s going to need more than a few pennies and a faith healer.

  49. WrightIsGod


    That’s the issue with Ozil. We are stuck with him. NO TEAM will pay his wages.

    He’s not totally a lost cause though under a different regime.

    My worry is that if an authoritarian came in and berated Ozil he’d have a full on breakdown and spend the rest of his career on the bench. When I look at him, that’s the kind of coward he is.

  50. Ishola70


    We all know the problems with Ozil.

    But Keown is a Wenger lick arse who hardly ever calls Wenger out and if he does it is very reluctantly.

    He is playing the who to slag off by seniority,

    Arsenal’s problems are not just Ozil. It was poor from Keown to savage one player like that when Wenger for so many years has been a problem collectively.

    I think Keown is a poor pundit who takes the easy way out and judging by twitter comments plenty to be of the same opinion and Arsenal fans as well. Pedro in his twitter line agrees with a comment from an outside tweet basically saying the same.

    That you don’t agree doesn’t make it poor commentary.

  51. mysticleaves

    I saw how Paulinho dug out Ozil in the first page for being “useless again”. Wonder what he thought of Ramsey. You know, the only player that had balls to make runs into the box LOL.

    It’s funny how Arsenal played the first tough opposition in the competition and they were booted out quite comfortably, players turned to shit. Goes to show the standard of the EL.

    Only take away is that Xhaka showed we can definitely work with him. Chambers didn’t do his chances any harm either. Onto next season. Maybe we can win the thing next season with a proper manager in place.

  52. Ishola70

    Please, please do not make this just about Ozil.

    There is other problems in addition to Ozil.

    But this is typical of the football fan.

    They will reduce the problems and in this case reduce it to one player because that is easier to cope with then confronting the reality that Ozil is just but one problem.

  53. WrightIsGod


    I’ve watched Keowns comments last night more than once and he says, and I quote:

  54. Guns of Hackney


    Personally I’d rather Ozil not be on the field. Let the ass rot in the reserves. He can kiss his Germany career goodbye.

    He is mentally weak and that’s something one can’t train.

    Wenger knee this which is why he kept him around. Wenger loves his weak boys.

  55. Carts

    Wenger cut a desperate figure on the touch line, last night – bereft of the required attributes to prove any of his doubters wrong; or inspire his cohort of mediocrity.

    A good domestics manager some 15 years ago but nothing more than a great pretender when it came to European football.

    Pacing up up and down the touch line looking like a teen on work experience who was given the keys to the city.

    It’s sad, because the man really should’ve tapped out after the Hull FA Cup game, but his delusion had him genuinely believe that he was due European silverware because he loves Arsenal so much and he always respect his contracts.

    We can easily lose the next 2/3 games. That will truly cement his legacy. An arrogant fool suffering with delusion of grandeur.

  56. WrightIsGod


    I’ve watched Keowns comments last night more than once and he says, and I quote:

    “Maybe Arsene Wenger should come out and say more about these players because THEY should have performed for him and he is one that hasn’t”

    I think it’s fair game to single out a player who is the highest paid at the club and is supposed to be accounted for in the dressing room.

  57. Ishola70

    WrightIsGod I do not care if Keown is finally having a go or digging Wenger,

    He can be easier with his words now the man is going.

    Keown was known for being a Wenger groupie previously and I hated his words which he kept repeating that Wenger would go when he wanted to,

    Well Keown was absolutely wrong, Wenger did not decide when he wanted to leave. He was pushed and forced out. So much for Martin Keown.

    Wenger apart it is poor to savage one player in any case when there are multiple problems with the team and Keown was poor.

    Respected him as a player but got no time for him as a commentator/pundit.

  58. Freddie Ljungberg

    Xhaka only plays well when the opponents doesn’t press, that’s why he’s looked like a decent footballer the last month or so.

    Not good enough if we want more than 6th, revoke Jacks new contract too, we need better.

  59. Guns of Hackney

    Ozil is basically costing us a million a game.

    One game a month? I bet he goes sick again until the end of the season.

    Ozil schooled arsenal over his contract. He is the Winston Bogarde of the 2000’s.

    Wilshere will also do the same.

    Arsenal: the gift that keeps giving.

  60. Ishola70

    It was perfect for Xhaka last night.

    Atletico Madrid got behind the ball and only occasionally pressed higher up the pitch.

    But of course we will hear Xhaka is good and Xhaka will be the business.

  61. WrightIsGod


    Correct me if I’m wrong but you were a Wenger apologist up until last year if I remember.

    Also what is the use in still blaming Wenger. He’s out the door. Now we need to look at the players that have perpetuated the rot and how we can improve our team.

    The likes of Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Wilshere, Bellerin, Ramsey, Welbeck.

    If I come in as manager they’re the types of players that either improve or walk.

    So if I want to make it about those players or Ozil in particular I will.

  62. mysticleaves

    Also wanted to say big thanks to everyone that wished me well yesterday for the interview. I owned it. The ball is in my court now as I have to make a decision to accept or reject today, thanks guys

  63. Ishola70

    lol no WIG

    You must confuse me with someone else.

    I have been anti-Wenger since I have posted on here.

    And to say that Keown was a Wenger groupie is not blaming Wenger.

    And yes I know Ozil is a problem but again he is not the only problem.

    Glad you listed other players there.

  64. Ishola70

    Did anyone truly believe that Ozil would put in a match winning performance last night?

    He goes missing so many times when the going gets a bit tougher.

    Said for years he is a luxury player par excellence.

    But one of several problems in the team.

    But he will produce now and again against the average Premier Division dross. That’s when he is not taking holidays or sickies.

  65. WrightIsGod


    “All Keown is doing is deflecting away from Wenger when he slates and focuses in on individual players.”

    Your words earlier.

    There is no point in discussing Wenger anymore. If we want to discuss players who should or shouldn’t be at Arsenal we should be allowed to.

    If an ex-arsenal legend wants to discuss the performance of the over paid and overrated truent…. It’s 100% fair game.

    But according to you he’s not allowed because we should blame Wenger. Those were your words dude.

  66. TitsMcGee

    I don’t understand all this “The players let him down rubbish.”

    When you are desperate you’ll throw anything to the wall and see if it sticks. According to the AKBs Wenger is the most unlucky man in the history of the earth.

    If it wasn’t for those big bad “money clubs” he would have conquered the footballing world.

    If it wasn’t for the referees and their conspiracy against us he would have won the league every year.

    If it wasn’t for the players(his players) we would have won XYZ game.

    If it wasn’t for Pep,Mourinhno, Fergie, Klopp, Pochettino he would be blah blah blah.

    It’s a shame people are that stupid tbh.

  67. Ishola70

    Of course he is allowed to. As others are allowed to,

    That’s why he said what he did because he can.

    You are missing the point entirely.

    I have said for years that Ozil is a luxury player but for the umpteenth time he is not the only problem. Wenger has sen to that.

    And due to Keown’s past of being a Wenger groupie it was no surprise that he took the option of savaging an individual player.

    I don’t care if Keown is an Arsenal legend. If I think he is the wrong or deflecting I will call him out. Respected him as a player but as said no time for him as a pundit.

    Wenger will leave when he wants to indeed Mr Keown.

  68. TitsMcGee

    Keown has defended Wenger for years. Even after it was obvious Wenger was an old man on his way out. Have to take his credibility with a grain of salt.

  69. TonyD

    “Tonight’s game was pretty even , I don’t know why le grovellers have condemned the performance as Arsenal were much the better side over the 2 legs and I would say Atletico were never in control of the game , never….if Arsenal had been more clinical in and around the area the result could easily been different …Atletico’s defence deserve immense credit for their resolute defending and their ability to sense danger .”

    You sound me Pierre along with Victoria.

    What game did you watch?

    1 shot on goal and you call that pretty even.

    Maybe you and Victoria should sail off in the sunset with Wenger or at least read Charlie’s comments – he got it right.

  70. WrightIsGod


    You are using pre text from Keown’s past as a reason why him slating a player must mean he has an alterior motive to protect Wenger.

    It’s crazy and more than a little far fetched.

    The irony is you are singling Keown our when up until the last year all apart from Stuart Robson would avoid badmouthing Wenger. And you’re wrong I’ve heard Keown with my own ears say he thinks Wenger should walk away.

    What’s happening here is, you don’t like Keown as a pundit, so you’re looking to undermine his opinion.

    It’s a bit weak.

  71. TitsMcGee

    Wenger cut a desperate figure on the touch line, last night – bereft of the required attributes to prove any of his doubters wrong; or inspire his cohort of mediocrity.”

    He’s cut a desperate figure on the touchline for about a decade. Unless he is up against an opponent that we just outclass(bottom feeders) 9/10 he’s gonna come up short.He got away with it for a decade or so. Competition in the league has increased so he can’t just trot out any old squad and finish top 4 by default anymore.

    Only the most blinkered bought his “i’m rejuvenated” spiel after he slithered to Kroenke and begged for more money. He knew he was done but he was just greedy. I feel no sympathy for him.

    It’s poetic justice that he can’t even win a watered down tournament like the Europa League. The “great” Wenger.

  72. WrightIsGod


    Henry, bould, Merson, Nicholas, Dixon, Wright, Viera, hell Lehman works for him atm.

    They’ve all towed the company line in the past. They were doing the honourable thing for their gaffer.

    This singling Keown out is nonsense.

    Still bottom line is, if he wants to dig a player out he can he has no ties to that player.

  73. TitsMcGee

    “Tonight’s game was pretty even , I don’t know why le grovellers have condemned the performance as Arsenal were much the better side over the 2 legs and I would say Atletico were never in control of the game , never”

    The mating cry/call of the idiotic.

    Always some excuse. Always some “we should have won but…..” or “we would have won if…..” Been hearing it since 2006 or so.

    It’s amazing people that stupid can even get up and function during the day.

  74. Ishola70

    It’s not far fetched WIG.

    In fact it is typical Keown to only slate individual players and hardly ever question or call out Wenger himself.

    Ozil is just but one of several symptoms that Arsenal ail from.

    But because Keown decided to call out Ozil last night then all of a sudden all eyes on Ozil and no-one else.

    A couple of weeks ago it was Xhaka he was digging out.

  75. TitsMcGee

    Mercifully this season will conclude soon. For One Arsene Wenger there will be no glorious finale but rather a tepid conclusion, one that matches the last decade of his performance. For the Pro-Wenger supporters, and you know who you are, an equally fitting conclusion to your deluded half-baked decade of fruitless arguments based on past glories that simpky were that, past and gone.”

    It’s poetic justice.

  76. TonyD

    “As I stated a couple of days ago Herb, Wenger is but a symptom of a much bigger problem at Arsenal.”

    That has been my viewpoint for many years now. I never isolated Wenger as the whole problem, but definitely for all matters on the pitch and recruitment.

    I don’t subscribe to Pedro’s beliefs that Ivan and co are doing all Pedro claims is being done.

    We need a manager to be named now, and for him to be at least working behind the scenes to sort the rebuild strategy with Sven & Raul out in the first instance.

    The season is over, it doesn’t matter if we lose our remaining games, which i don’t think will happen.

    The time to act decisively is NOW but procrastination is Ivan’s middle name along with the board and Kroenke. The only time when there is no procrastination is when the club is picking the pockets of its supporters.

  77. WrightIsGod


    Bloody hell its a pundits job to critique players.

    Keown also mentioned Monreal and Kos from the last game, he mentioned Bellerin’s mistake this game.

    What more do you want?

    Was what he said about Ozil incorrect in any way?

  78. Ishola70

    I take my stance on Keown because of his past arselicking of Arsene Wenger and to me Keown was OTT last night about Ozil.

    We have known for years that Ozil is a luxury player that doesn’t turn up in the big matches enough so why the big crying game about it all of a sudden? It’s no surprise to anybody.

    Maybe Keown should be asking and querying why Wenger brought such a player.

    I know too well about Ozil. That’s why I wasn’t keen on bringing Mhiki in. Another lightweight who can go missing.

  79. Guns of Hackney

    Guys, pack it in.

    Keown is a sycophant.

    Ozil is wet and symptomatic of larger issues at Arsenal but he isn’t the only one.

    Let’s move on and get back to discussing the managers we won’t hire!!!

  80. Sid

    Buvac would be a ridiculous choice. Jardim would be a good choice if we are looking for a manager with tactics and good football. I feel Ancelotti is the best available option to put things back on track for 2-3 years.

  81. Victorious

    “Also what is the use in still blaming Wenger. He’s out the door. Now we need to look at the players that have perpetuated the rot and how we can improve our team.”

    Precisely my point all along,Wenger has been the shield covering these shit players,taking blames for Koscielny been a weak tissue in the first leg,Bellerin being a bellend,etc,now he’s gone the beam light are firmly on how rubbish these players are,unbelievable the amount of dross we have in the first team,…major rebuild needed to become relevant again,dont trust the board at all to be up to the task(Buvac who?) .

    bit of a shame for us to bow out like that,tie was truly lost in the first leg, Kos must be gutted,sad to his career ebb away like this, he’d look back at his howler in the first leg and the capital one cup final with regrets,and wonder if he could have done more for the manager,club and fans, knew all along ATM was the team to beat to take home the trophy,really a shame Wenger will bow out like this,regardless of the amount of hatred and vitriol he receives,bowing out with the cup would have been utterly deserved.

  82. Ishola70

    Guns of Hackney:

    “Keown is a sycophant.”

    Thank you. I was getting bored of the discussion as well

  83. TitsMcGee

    Even this guy at ESPN gets it:

    “That has been one of the problems at Arsenal during the autumn of Wenger’s reign, which will now officially come to an end at the John Smith’s Stadium against Huddersfield Town on May 13. For too long, they have indulged the idea that Wenger’s way will come good in the end and silence all of those doubters who have long suspected that there was a footballing version of the Emperor’s New Clothes being played out at the Emirates.”

  84. Coach 15

    I’d be surprised if the new appointment isn’t announced until they have an angle on ST renewals.
    The major factor in firing Wenger was the empty seats.
    If they make there BOLD appointment,and carry on with their limited net budgets for player purchases,they know they will quickly back to empty stadium situation again.
    This job is far to gone for a top manager to risk his reputation on,I fear an Arteta type appointment is on the cards.

  85. TonyD

    You’ll never get it. Try taking your dick out of Wenger’s arse.

    These player are Wenger’s players who have never been properly coached, been played constantly out of their true positions and never heard of the word: Tactics.

  86. Guns of Hackney


    Wenger is to blame. You’ve taken that comment out of context a little bit.

    He hires the players. He trains them. He pays them.

    We are still getting terrible performances because Wenger built this squad. His finger prints will be all over Arsenal for a while…

    Arsene deserves everything he gets I’m afraid. This is on him.

  87. Steveyg87

    Really enjoyed the performance of the team in the 1st half (went to bed at half time) I thought Mustafi and Chambers gave a good account of themselves at the back. Notible mentions, Ramsey and Lacazette, both really got stuck in. The rest of them will get a deserved kick up the arse this summer.

  88. TonyD

    Was thinking about Wenger’s send off for the last game.

    I’d say we should treat him with the same curtesy he showed the fans at the last home game last season when the players did their lap thanking the supporters and Wenger?

    He ran straight down the tunnel with no acknowledgement to the fans at all.

    The fans should reciprocate and give him as many empty seats as is possible.

  89. Steveyg87

    No way we can afford to keep Bellerin in this team any longer. Ozil, under a good coach will be a hit that I’m sure of, all up to Ivan now to make the right move

  90. Guns of Hackney


    He has had good coaches. Ozil isn’t right in the head. He doesn’t have the stomach for it.

  91. WrightIsGod

    Ishola Guns


    Keown is a legend who has tried to be as respectful to a manger who prolonged his career and won him trophies. I mean it’s pretty basic logic, it’s called being human.

    On the other hand Ozil is an overpaid shirker, the very antithesis of a Keown or Adams.

    Ozil needs calling out. Wrighty did it and Ozil told Wright to shut his mouth. This guy is over entitled and you are crying because an ex legend who would put his body on the line for Arsenal critiqued him.

    The internet.

  92. WrightIsGod


    You’re “getting bored” of the discussion because you have no leg to stand on.

    Keown calls Ozil out for what he is and you have a go at Keown because he doesn’t say bad words about Wenger. Well 90% of pundits and former players towed that same line but it doesn’t mean they can’t have an honest opinion about a player.

    Honestly the quality has dipped on here big time.

  93. Ishola70

    For gods sake WIG

    We are not crying over it.

    We were calling out Ozil on here long before Martin Keown has decided to.

    These guys do not walk on water or gods. They can be respected as what they did as players but that doesn’t mean they are forever feted and are beyond criticism themselves.

  94. Victorious

    “The fans should reciprocate and give him as many empty seats as is possible.”

    yes,right here is the Tony I know,thought you had some measure of objectivity last night,could’nt have been more wrong,like wtf do fans stand to gain in boycotting the remaining games,you truly think he doesn’t deserve a farewell?he is going anyway,my God,this is truly a petty mindset

  95. Ishola70

    WIG is upset because Keown is called a “sycophant” and a Wenger groupie,

    You’ll get over it WIG.

  96. WrightIsGod


    You think this is the first time Keown has spoken about Ozil? Like really, he couldn’t see what we all have all this time? Again you’re being ridiculous.

    He’s called out Ozil because he’s has X amount of days off recently, he’s the most over payed person at the club, and when you need someone to step up on the big stage is it a stretch to expect a little more from him than what he gives?

    Keown said what is the reality about Ozil. So again please remind me why is it that we should critique him? Oh yeah because he’s been nice to Wenger.

    Well 90% of media and ex arsenal pundits have been nice to Wenger.

    It doesn’t make his point about Ozil any less valid.

    Does this make sense to you?

  97. Ishola70

    Keown was stating the bleeding obvious last night and going overboard.

    As if we didn’t know that Ozil wouldn’t turn up.

    Again Keown should be asking how Wenger has managed to stack up such players as Ozil and Xhaka.

    Ultimately the blame lies on Wenger.

  98. TonyD

    it must be wonderful in the world you live in with all the fluffy bunnies and no wrongs in the world.

    Just saying give Wenger the same treatment as he has given the fans.

    By the way we lost last night with the same poor uninterested performance we’ve been delivering away from home all season.

    Thought you might not have realised.

  99. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal will be the only professional team in sport to never win away in a calendar year.


    Still making and breaking the records.

  100. Champagne charlie

    Not sure I get the Ozil guff, flat performance quite clearly, but if there’s one thing Wenger has done re:Ozil it’s indulge.

    That isn’t an isolated issue, but he’s the most alienated player at the club and his output has been allowed to waver.

    There’s a good number who need put in place, take your pick of names. But listen, that’s why we have a new manager coming so I’m choosing to believe this is obvious to him and he’ll start at the club in the manner in which he means to continue.

    Ozils contract is the clubs fault btw, we let him get into the last 6 months and created a storm in a teacup where he could command excess wages. Get over it, because that bed has been made.

  101. Dream10

    Thought Özil did alright last night. Worked hard defensively. Led the team in ball recoveries.

    The most damning thing is: yet again away from home we scored less than two goals against a decent side. Over the last 18 months, our strikers have rarely bailed us out. Next to no shot production away from the Emirates. Giroud, Alexis and Walcott played like Ronaldo of Brazil on home turf and offered very little away. Costa and Griezmann had the mobility, pace and ability to create shots for themselves. Lacazette & Welbeck can’t do it at the highest level against robust rearguards.

    I like Lacazette more than most, but away from hime, he has too many matches where has 0 or 1 shot on goal.

    Don’t forget the stat away from home in the PL:
    Arsenal avg just over a goal per game
    Liverpool avg two goals per game
    Man City avg three per match (a guess)

    Attacking reinforcements NEEDED

  102. WrightIsGod


    This must mean you think all the ex-Arsenal pundits are rubbish then.

    Because they all skirt around actually critiquing Wenger directly. I agree Keown has been one of the softest but it does not make his point about Ozil any less valid.

    And yes Wenger has mismanaged and Ozil is his fault, but Ozil is also a human being and can take responsibility for himself.

    He doesn’t do that. Keown has called him out. So get over it.

    Keown was 100% right in what he said. If he wasn’t please say so.

    If he was you have no leg to stand on.

  103. Ishola70

    btw WIG there is a difference between having respect for a man and feting him.

    Keown has been guilty of feting over Wenger more than any other ex-player.

    Well remember those hurt looks he gave in the studio when it was discussed whether Wenger should be got rid of and his infamous utterances of Wenger goes when he wants to go.

  104. Guns of Hackney

    Let’s make an effigy of Ozil and beat it with sticks.

    I say he’s a witch!!! Booooooo.

    Le Grove, even without Wenger, is still scwabbling. Keep up the good work guys!

  105. WrightIsGod


    I agree Keown has infuriated me on occasion in the past on the subject of Wenger leaving. It was his old gaffer, although I didn’t agree I can understand it.

    No one respectful human being wants to put down the old dog despite the vets expert diagnosis. Some people are more attached than others. We’ve seen this with the AKB vs WOB.

    However, one thing he is not wrong on is Ozil.

    And yes as I said before there are other players; Xhaka, Welbz, Ramsey, Bellerin, Wilshere.

    But Ozil is the horrid manifestation of Wengers last decade in the flesh.

    And it should be front and centre for all to see.

  106. WrightIsGod

    “But Ozil is the horrid manifestation of Wengers last decade in the flesh.”

    And by this I mean weak, overpaid and underperforming.

  107. Victorious

    ‘Wenger is to blame. You’ve taken that comment out of context a little bit.’

    partly to blame yes.but there’s so much a coach can do,have you ever thought if some of these players are thick as shit,Kos bottled the first leg,thats largely on the player, Bellerin a complicit for the second, leg, the players has to take some measure of blame also, totally let him down this time.

  108. Ishola70

    When all is said and done WIG Keown’s words will have no great real affect on who you would wish it to have an affect on and that is Ozil himself.

    This is just the Ozil character and he isn’t going to change now. It is just who he is and his make-up as a player.

    Jenas was trying to explain that to Keown last night.

    So these words from Keown mean nowt.

    Arsenal are stuck with him.

  109. WrightIsGod


    That I agree with but this is exactly why Keown said what he said because he wants it to be heard.

    And also it is true. (A point you still haven’t been able to admit because it makes your whole counter argument against his comments pointless)

    Keown is exactly the type of leader you should want in the dressing room. The Adams, Keown, Henry, Viera, Petit would have told Ozil to his face.

    That’s the frustration Keown has because he knows, even under a clueless manager like Wenger, and perhaps through his own experience with Wenger, characters can carry a team.

    His rant yesterday was his frustration as an ex player actually playing the game and being in that spot.

    Jenas played a handful of games and won nothing. Now if you want to compare them as pundits I’d have to laugh.

  110. Ishola70

    So being a good pundit means you have to be a good player as well.

    These guys all know the fundamentals of the game and they don’t blabber on too much in great detail in a studio at half time or full time. For one there isn’t enough time and for another it would bore the viewers.

    They are there to give soundbites and basic commentary.

    That’s why you shouldn’t swoon over anything Keown uttered last night.

    He was stating the bleeding obvious and doing a Victorious in wanting to slate individual players over the manager.

  111. Paulinho

    Ozil’s attitude is an issue, but for me it’s just that he is way more limited as a player than people realise.

    All this attitude talk deflects away from the real issue, which is that he is limited in several areas and becomes extremely predictable and one-dimensional against a certain standard of defensive structure.

    No amount of effort from him will change that. In fact the more he tries to force things the worse he gets.

  112. BacaryisGod

    Why is everyon getting so upset over the fact that Ozil isn’t a leader? He wasn’t on Real Madrid but then they had Ramos and Ronaldo to set the tone. He’s a spupremely gifted attacking midfielder that doesn’t have a great cast around him. You could see how good he was when he and Alexis were firing on all cylinders. The talent is clearly there and often the effort too. Just because his body language is horrendous doesn’t mean that his teammates don’t appreciate him.

    Hate to say it but Arsene is right. If we bring in a top, top keeper and leadership at center back and midfield, then we’re competing a lot better next season.

    Very few defences will be able to handle Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Ramsey next season.