Spanish media stoke Jardim fires

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Rumours are heating up around Jardim, with Spanish and French outlets suggesting Arsenal prefer the Portuguese coach over Enrique. He has a contract with Monaco until 2020, so unless he quits, he might come with a fee. He’d make a lot of sense, the guy is understated and over delivers. He’d be perfect, and the career step would be on the ascension.

Chelsea are the immediate threat to this name if he does move, they’re in the market for a new person, and after the ego whipping they took from Conte, they’ll likely be looking for someone who can work in their well-oiled structure. I’d say they can offer more cash to a new coach, but they’re in the same boat as Arsenal. Chelsea operates like a business these days, so £250m net spend is likely off the cards.

If Jardim has any sense about him, he’ll want to work for a club where he has a future longer than 2 years. Arsenal are the plum job, lots of talent to work with, better young players, and the chance to build Arsenal into a superclub.

That said, he might fancy working with a club that’s very serious about winning things.

Either way, I’d be surprised if we don’t have a chat.

Here’s where we are currently:

Free Agents: Carlo, Enrique, Tuchel, Buvac

Contracted, rumoured to be available: Sarri, Allegri, Arteta, Vieira, Rafa, Jardim, Rangnick

Off the market: Nagelsmann

NO WAY DON’T: Brendy, Pards, Big Sam

Lots of movement, I just hope we don’t shit the bed and go for bland on toast.

A game that won’t have a hint of bland about it is the one tonight.

Arsene takes his team to the fortress of death… or something like that. He has one final chance at European glory, his odds are massively stacked against him. The only team to win at Atleti this season is Chelsea. Which means it’s possible, I’m just not sure it’s highly likely.

That said, we dominated the last game, with a bit more efficiency in front of goal, we’d have come away with a scalp. It was only a shoddy error and a hoof that gave Atleti an advantage. All we need is an early goal and we’re right back in the mix. No reason Ozil, Ramsey and Lacazette can’t pull something out the bag here.

It was interesting to read that Simeone planned to go to 10 men before the last game, rolling with 10vs11 in training. That’s mental preparedness.

Let’s hope this evening is an actual event, I can’t be dealing with a sloppy early goal and panic stations.

Give us hope Arsene, be a fucking hero, go out a king!

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Guns of Hackney


Wenger is to blame. You’ve taken that comment out of context a little bit.

He hires the players. He trains them. He pays them.

We are still getting terrible performances because Wenger built this squad. His finger prints will be all over Arsenal for a while…

Arsene deserves everything he gets I’m afraid. This is on him.


Really enjoyed the performance of the team in the 1st half (went to bed at half time) I thought Mustafi and Chambers gave a good account of themselves at the back. Notible mentions, Ramsey and Lacazette, both really got stuck in. The rest of them will get a deserved kick up the arse this summer.


Was thinking about Wenger’s send off for the last game.

I’d say we should treat him with the same curtesy he showed the fans at the last home game last season when the players did their lap thanking the supporters and Wenger?

He ran straight down the tunnel with no acknowledgement to the fans at all.

The fans should reciprocate and give him as many empty seats as is possible.

Guns of Hackney

Wrecking ball. Squad.

Fill in the blanks as you see fit.


No way we can afford to keep Bellerin in this team any longer. Ozil, under a good coach will be a hit that I’m sure of, all up to Ivan now to make the right move

Guns of Hackney


He has had good coaches. Ozil isn’t right in the head. He doesn’t have the stomach for it.


Ishola Guns


Keown is a legend who has tried to be as respectful to a manger who prolonged his career and won him trophies. I mean it’s pretty basic logic, it’s called being human.

On the other hand Ozil is an overpaid shirker, the very antithesis of a Keown or Adams.

Ozil needs calling out. Wrighty did it and Ozil told Wright to shut his mouth. This guy is over entitled and you are crying because an ex legend who would put his body on the line for Arsenal critiqued him.

The internet.



You’re “getting bored” of the discussion because you have no leg to stand on.

Keown calls Ozil out for what he is and you have a go at Keown because he doesn’t say bad words about Wenger. Well 90% of pundits and former players towed that same line but it doesn’t mean they can’t have an honest opinion about a player.

Honestly the quality has dipped on here big time.


For gods sake WIG

We are not crying over it.

We were calling out Ozil on here long before Martin Keown has decided to.

These guys do not walk on water or gods. They can be respected as what they did as players but that doesn’t mean they are forever feted and are beyond criticism themselves.


“The fans should reciprocate and give him as many empty seats as is possible.”

yes,right here is the Tony I know,thought you had some measure of objectivity last night,could’nt have been more wrong,like wtf do fans stand to gain in boycotting the remaining games,you truly think he doesn’t deserve a farewell?he is going anyway,my God,this is truly a petty mindset


WIG is upset because Keown is called a “sycophant” and a Wenger groupie,

You’ll get over it WIG.


Ishola You think this is the first time Keown has spoken about Ozil? Like really, he couldn’t see what we all have all this time? Again you’re being ridiculous. He’s called out Ozil because he’s has X amount of days off recently, he’s the most over payed person at the club, and when you need someone to step up on the big stage is it a stretch to expect a little more from him than what he gives? Keown said what is the reality about Ozil. So again please remind me why is it that we should critique him? Oh… Read more »


Keown was stating the bleeding obvious last night and going overboard.

As if we didn’t know that Ozil wouldn’t turn up.

Again Keown should be asking how Wenger has managed to stack up such players as Ozil and Xhaka.

Ultimately the blame lies on Wenger.


it must be wonderful in the world you live in with all the fluffy bunnies and no wrongs in the world.

Just saying give Wenger the same treatment as he has given the fans.

By the way we lost last night with the same poor uninterested performance we’ve been delivering away from home all season.

Thought you might not have realised.

Guns of Hackney

Arsenal will be the only professional team in sport to never win away in a calendar year.


Still making and breaking the records.

Champagne charlie

Not sure I get the Ozil guff, flat performance quite clearly, but if there’s one thing Wenger has done re:Ozil it’s indulge. That isn’t an isolated issue, but he’s the most alienated player at the club and his output has been allowed to waver. There’s a good number who need put in place, take your pick of names. But listen, that’s why we have a new manager coming so I’m choosing to believe this is obvious to him and he’ll start at the club in the manner in which he means to continue. Ozils contract is the clubs fault btw,… Read more »


Thought Özil did alright last night. Worked hard defensively. Led the team in ball recoveries. The most damning thing is: yet again away from home we scored less than two goals against a decent side. Over the last 18 months, our strikers have rarely bailed us out. Next to no shot production away from the Emirates. Giroud, Alexis and Walcott played like Ronaldo of Brazil on home turf and offered very little away. Costa and Griezmann had the mobility, pace and ability to create shots for themselves. Lacazette & Welbeck can’t do it at the highest level against robust rearguards.… Read more »


Ishola This must mean you think all the ex-Arsenal pundits are rubbish then. Because they all skirt around actually critiquing Wenger directly. I agree Keown has been one of the softest but it does not make his point about Ozil any less valid. And yes Wenger has mismanaged and Ozil is his fault, but Ozil is also a human being and can take responsibility for himself. He doesn’t do that. Keown has called him out. So get over it. Keown was 100% right in what he said. If he wasn’t please say so. If he was you have no leg… Read more »


btw WIG there is a difference between having respect for a man and feting him.

Keown has been guilty of feting over Wenger more than any other ex-player.

Well remember those hurt looks he gave in the studio when it was discussed whether Wenger should be got rid of and his infamous utterances of Wenger goes when he wants to go.

Guns of Hackney

Let’s make an effigy of Ozil and beat it with sticks.

I say he’s a witch!!! Booooooo.

Le Grove, even without Wenger, is still scwabbling. Keep up the good work guys!


Ishola I agree Keown has infuriated me on occasion in the past on the subject of Wenger leaving. It was his old gaffer, although I didn’t agree I can understand it. No one respectful human being wants to put down the old dog despite the vets expert diagnosis. Some people are more attached than others. We’ve seen this with the AKB vs WOB. However, one thing he is not wrong on is Ozil. And yes as I said before there are other players; Xhaka, Welbz, Ramsey, Bellerin, Wilshere. But Ozil is the horrid manifestation of Wengers last decade in the… Read more »


“But Ozil is the horrid manifestation of Wengers last decade in the flesh.”

And by this I mean weak, overpaid and underperforming.


‘Wenger is to blame. You’ve taken that comment out of context a little bit.’

partly to blame yes.but there’s so much a coach can do,have you ever thought if some of these players are thick as shit,Kos bottled the first leg,thats largely on the player, Bellerin a complicit for the second, leg, the players has to take some measure of blame also, totally let him down this time.


When all is said and done WIG Keown’s words will have no great real affect on who you would wish it to have an affect on and that is Ozil himself.

This is just the Ozil character and he isn’t going to change now. It is just who he is and his make-up as a player.

Jenas was trying to explain that to Keown last night.

So these words from Keown mean nowt.

Arsenal are stuck with him.


Ishola That I agree with but this is exactly why Keown said what he said because he wants it to be heard. And also it is true. (A point you still haven’t been able to admit because it makes your whole counter argument against his comments pointless) Keown is exactly the type of leader you should want in the dressing room. The Adams, Keown, Henry, Viera, Petit would have told Ozil to his face. That’s the frustration Keown has because he knows, even under a clueless manager like Wenger, and perhaps through his own experience with Wenger, characters can carry… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg

New post


So being a good pundit means you have to be a good player as well.

These guys all know the fundamentals of the game and they don’t blabber on too much in great detail in a studio at half time or full time. For one there isn’t enough time and for another it would bore the viewers.

They are there to give soundbites and basic commentary.

That’s why you shouldn’t swoon over anything Keown uttered last night.

He was stating the bleeding obvious and doing a Victorious in wanting to slate individual players over the manager.


” Ozil is the horrid manifestation of Wengers last decade in the flesh.”



Ozil’s attitude is an issue, but for me it’s just that he is way more limited as a player than people realise.

All this attitude talk deflects away from the real issue, which is that he is limited in several areas and becomes extremely predictable and one-dimensional against a certain standard of defensive structure.

No amount of effort from him will change that. In fact the more he tries to force things the worse he gets.


Why is everyon getting so upset over the fact that Ozil isn’t a leader? He wasn’t on Real Madrid but then they had Ramos and Ronaldo to set the tone. He’s a spupremely gifted attacking midfielder that doesn’t have a great cast around him. You could see how good he was when he and Alexis were firing on all cylinders. The talent is clearly there and often the effort too. Just because his body language is horrendous doesn’t mean that his teammates don’t appreciate him. Hate to say it but Arsene is right. If we bring in a top, top… Read more »

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