Bookies playing the crowd with new favourite as lvan’s shortlist grows

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Tongues wagging super hard that Allegri has the milkshake that’ll bring Ivan to the yard.

Myles Palmer and a few others are saying he’s Josh and Ivan’s total favourite, and that’ll we’ll go hard to bring the dreamy Italian over this summer.

A few things to undampen those red and white panties.

There will be such thing as a favourite at this point in time, but there’s no way we’re anywhere near hiring yet.

A few reasons why.

Firstly, we only fired Wenger a week and a half ago, his caterpillar coat isn’t even cold yet. The club were very keen to stress that they wanted to run a proper search and select process, and that’s no doubt what they’ll be doing.

The only people I’d imagine they’ve had serious meetings with thus far would be the managers out of a job. I’d expect they’ve had formal conversations with Enrique, possibly Carlo who met with a club at a Rome hotel last week, maybe even Tommy Tuchel and certainly Pards.

As for the rest of the managers on our hotlist, no way.

The club will be hiring based on an in-depth interview. This won’t be a ‘do I like the cut of his jib’ hire. This will be the sort of role a decent manager will want to prepare for. No way Allegri has been moonlighting between games to speak to Ivan Gazidis. Well, that’s my educated guess. It’d look pretty shoddy if an elite manager was caught on the roof of Shoreditch House crushing watermelon margs with Ivan and Raul in a pair of swanky Speedos.

Sure, we may have sounded out his agent, but I’d imagine most decent managers in jobs will be waiting until the season is over before sliding knee deep into interviews.

I could be totally wrong of course, but I think the forest fire of speculation around 15 or so managers we’re interested in is likely the sort of PR Arsenal were hoping for. Truth is, no one has a fucking clue what the club is up to at the moment.

That said, I think I made a mistake in stating Allegri was off the radar, I misread his quotes. He’s apparently still available, and the club would be utterly mad not to have him at the top of the list.

  • He has stage presence
  • He can rejuvenate old players
  • He can shape young one’s
  • He’s not afraid to bomb of bad actors, even if they’re incredible players (Bonnucci)
  • He’s a winner
  • He’s used to working in a structure
  • He has an abundance of experience and he knows how to deal with the pressure of a big job, and the pressure of a nurturing a big name

Signing him would be an absolutely exquisite move. Without doubt, he’s the best coach we could hire, and one of the few who could go toe-to-toe with Pep Guardiola for thinking.

A lot of people are fussing over us hiring a young manager because we’re cheap. As a Grover in the comments smartly said… the club hired the best scout on the planet as head of recruitment, and they have a Sporting Director who signed Neymar and Suarez. We’re not going to go cheap on a manager.

However, it’s worth noting, Juve work at break-even season after season, they are no big spenders.

The worry would be that Allegri isn’t going to be working with players who have elite mentalties and a strong work ethic. He’d have to build a winning culture from nothing. He’s have to spend a year explaining how football in 2018 is played. It’d be a very tough job he might not have the patience for… but look, his salary is £6m, amazing what the lure of London and a pay bump can do for persuasion (also been learning English).

Myles made the suggestion that Arsenal should grant Allegri all the power he demands because Chelsea fucked it with Conte by restricting his decision making (Chelsea refute this). My view is if Allegri wants too much power, we should look elsewhere. Arsenal needs to be run properly, the manager is a cog. We cannot allow a king ever again. Conte is a prime example of what can happen when a manager rules by ego, he alone fucked Cheslea’s season, you knew it was coming based on the preseason preparation. We cannot hire a manager who thinks they are bigger than the club. It is an honour to manage The Arsenal, it is not an honour for us to have anyone as a manager. Always remember that.

I’m very excited to hear we’re considering Paulo Fonseca, Shaktar play great football (good read here), and his resume has all the key items we’re looking for… can do a lot with a little, tactically flexible, a developer of talent, and someone who has managed to go beyond the last 16 of the CL.

I think The Mail have our shortlist at 14 names, they have Rui Faria on there, the pugnacious assistant of Jose Mourinho… disgusting.

Anyway, we’ll search high and low and I’m hoping the decision is a really good one.

Gut says Ivan Gazidis and Josh want to do something PR worthy like the LA Rams did in America. I’d say Raul probably wants to go for someone experienced. Sven, someone German because that’s the smartest guess I could make. Again, who knows, I’m just shooting in the dark like the rest of you.

Just don’t fall for the people telling you who it’s going to be, because I know that much for sure, the club are doing this properly… it’s been a long time coming for Ivan, no way he’s going to rush this decision.

Right, that’s me tapping out. See you in the comments.


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I am beginning to wonder whether this will be the last season of Koscielny at the club. We know already that he plans to retire from international football and is also struggling to play two games a week on account of an injury problem. Arsenal renewed earlier this season the contract of Chambers and today it was announced that Holding’s contract has been extended as well. If you add in Mavropanos who arrived in January and Mustafi we have five centre backs on books even after Mertesacker has retired. We know also that Arsenal are still looking for a Centre… Read more »



We are not in the CL. So who gives a fuck who has a preference whether an English teams wins it. Can you not be objective when it comes to a semi-/final of the CL? The year Chelski won the CL, and beat FCB in the semi’s, I was “happy” that, from an English perspective, they brought home the CL cup. Just as a reminder: I fucking hate Chelski.


The away goals rule should be scrapped as the increase in foreign players for each team negates any home advantage


English perspective….? The Chelsea team was full of foreigners..



Lol. OK, OK, But I am sure you catch my drift… I mean technically speaking Chelski are an English club (albeit not being owned by one… this does make things complicated……….).


Take your chances against Real Madrid and they seem to crumble.


“Always makes me chuckle seeing Arsenal fans want other English teams to win things.”

I’m with you on that one …the only other teams I want to see do well is any team with the word Arsenal in it .
Arsenal reserves
Arsenal ladies
Arsenal youth

I even quite like the fact there is a team in Argentina called Arsenal something or other ….


I wouldn’t write kosielny off quite yet. …I know he only looks fit for the knackers yard at the moment but if he can have a good few weeks off , rest his Achilles, we may get one ,maybe two more seasons out of him ….hopefully he won’t be a starter for France in the World Cup .



Can you not appreciate football in general? Can’t you make the difference between supporting your team and watching a good game of football?

Champagne charlie


Objective? Yea…I can objectively want our prem rivals to get tonked whenever they play. Fuck off with your “English” bollocks,

I don’t pick up my Arsenal allegiance and put it down when it suits. I want Arsenal to win, then if we lose I want our rivals out asap so I can enjoy some continental stuff.

Ohhh they’re English…yea, I’ll remind you of that when they’re slapping their smug shit across our faces at every opportunity. Fuck anyone else in England that isn’t Arsenal. Especially the new money mafia.


CC So you can’t appreciate watching, on some occasions, like a CL semi-/ final, that an English team can win it? …. You are all so brainwashed that you all seem incapable of watching objectively another team play. Fuck me, watching Liverpool play football does not make me a scouser. If I want to watch a good game of football, so be it. At the end of the day, I do not give a shit whether they do win it or not. But for that night, I will be happy to see Liverpool do one over RM. I take it… Read more »

Champagne charlie

DB10 How are RM our rivals? We can go a decade without playing them. We play Liverpool at least twice a year, and share workspace with their fans. You really don’t get the tribal side of football if this is lost on you and you can sit there with your cup of tea hitting Liverpool with a golf clap when they win the CL. I can very much enjoy football without Arsenal involved, but you an bet your arse I’ll be praying to the Portuguese god that he blesses me with a Liverpool slap down. Away you go with your… Read more »


CC You do not get it do you? I am not talking about tree hugging anyone. It’s just appreciating football as a sport in general. Yes we may be playing the scousers twice a year, but them winning the CL is not going to impact us on any level isn’t it? Certainly considering the level that we are at at the moment. For me the 1-1 draw against Atleti epitomised what was wrong with out current squad. We were incapable at the end to make the fact that they were one man down count. A properly well drilled team, would… Read more »

Champagne charlie


Lol I get it perfectly well thanks. There’s no football without the tribalism involved.


It was dreadful when Chelsea won the CL.

When they lifted that trophy they became the first London club to win it and they are not shy to remind people of it.



I do get what tribalism is all about. Among other things, it is all about the banter that goes with it.

But I was talking about watching the sport from an objective eye. If you can’t understand this then, that’s that. Stay in your closed little world and fail to appreciate what others do.

Are you just another human who is incapable of understanding someone/something different? How closed minded you are, if you do.


Lovers of the beautiful game should want anyone but Real Madrid..

Champagne charlie

DB10 Off your high horse you bellend, you’re trying to preach some elevated football fandom whilst contradicting the very nature of what it means to be a fan of a football team. I’m an Arsenal fan, every domestic rival is precisely that and I hope they all fail in their goals. I can appreciate and respect the level they’re playing, but stating you’d be happy with Liverpool winning as it “doesn’t affect us” is pure ignorance. Bet all the Barca/Atletico fans are at home waving their spanish flags screaming vamos Real. You know, or not because they’re actually fans of… Read more »


Nobody in their right minds should want Liverpool to win it.

We’ve got enough ground to make up as it is, without adding a CL win on top of it.

Alex James

Don’t want any English club to win the CL, except for us. I shall be pumping for RM, if Liverpool reach the final. Detest Pool, Utd Chelsea and Spurs. Can’t see how any Gooner could think otherwise.

El Tel

Here Here Alex James

Fuck them Scousers gloating again.

I don’t give a Shit about RM and won’t watch it anyway.

Hate Ronaldo with a passion but rather them win it than Liverfool.

We got turfed out the European Cup when we had our greatest chance of winning it under GG thanks to them and their truly scum fans.

They were at it again the other week pelting the Citeh bus and intimidating them. They are such scum bags but never tneir fault.

Northern pricks ruin it for all of our clubs


There’s nothing objective about the scallies doing well in the Champions League. It’s not even as though we will qualify through the extra place.

Anyone who lives through the 80s will detest Liverpool FC with a passion and all they represent.

Black Hei

I think Liverpool will do something stupid and get knocked out by Roma tonight.

If I am right, you heard it here first.

If I am wrong, forget what I said.


You lot here are all ostriches hiding your comment on buvac cos yyour god Pedro has not mentioned it.what scams you lot are.Ivan sven Raul will get a big coach.Infact guardiola is coming.what a laugh arsenals getting buvac and I belief it.arsenal never signs d Pedro will claim he’s d next tin to Jurgen so is cool and you lot will join in.le grove knows nothing of arsenal just makes noises

Black Hei


Back off my friend. You haven’t met my pal Redtruth yet.

He is like the Red Hulk.


Interesting that Buvac takes leave right before a decisive Liverpool UCL semi final and suddenly all these Arsenal rumours emerge… coincidental?

The Dortmund links are too strong to ignore — although like a good detective novel that’s what they might want us to think… a good smokescreen?


Honestly, wtf is it with “supporting English teams” ? My dad supported Liverpool, but I still won’t be hoping they win it ffs.


Allegri, I can live with that. Yep, let’s do it.


Leeds, I doubt Buvac is anything to do with us. No way any club could ask him to take leave just before the final couple of games in the season just to join them. The timing suggests to me this is a fit of pique; someone feeling unloved. Failing that, potentially personal/family issues.

Nevertheless let’s see. I don’t think AFC is in a position to lowball our expectations with regard to the new manager. It has to be a signing everyone can get behind and will lift the club.


It is interesting to see how the player contract situation has changed since the start of last season when almost half the players on our books had contracts, which were due to expire in June 2018 or 2019. That has now changed with departures, new players coming in and contract renewals. The only players now on our books in that situation are: 2018 Mertesacker in 30s announced retirement. Cazorla in 30s and injury prone likely to retire. Wilshire ongoing contract negotiations and wants to stay. 2019 Cech in Mid 30s Ospina moving into 30s Monreal in 30s Ramsey Welbeck Bluntly… Read more »


Concerning Allegri…
I seriously can’t see why he wouldn’t stay at Turin, at least until they win the UCL.


I feel no threat if Liverpool win another Championz league just joy if they beat those wankers at Real Madrid..


The ideal scenario would see Roma beat Liverpool but i just can’t see those clowns beating Real Madrid in the Final.


I think we need to go for Carlo Ancelotti. It looks like he has rejected Italy job and is apparently desperate to land the Arsenal job. He has won everything at the highest level and is only 58 as of now.


“apparently desperate to land the Arsenal job”

I don’t want a coach who is “only” desperate to find a job well paid.


Wenger and only Wenger is the reason i for the first time have wanted Arsenal to lose games, so i will always acknowledge Wenger as pond life and scum


“I don’t want a coach who is “only” desperate to find a job well paid.”

How do you know he is only after the money? Also, who in your opinion should get the job?


Leg end
Do you really think Ancellotti needs the money and that money would be his prime reason for joining the club ….I doubt it somehow

He could easily get a well paid managers job anywhere in the world due to his impressive CV.


The only reason I wouldn’t want Ancelotti is that he didn’t really succeed in the PL and he’s been moved on too often. I’d like to see a no nonsense driven personality who will actually give a job to each player and instil structure, purpose, incentive and above all tactical nous. We’re desperate for some PASSION as well – something we haven’t had in a long time.


“Wenger and only Wenger is the reason i for the first time have wanted Arsenal to lose games, so i will always acknowledge Wenger as pond life and scum”

Ruth, did you regard Wenger as “pond life and scum” during his most successful times or has this feeling only surfaced during the leaner times .

What about tomorrow night , do you want the team to win and qualify for the final and go on and win it , taking into account that win or lose makes no difference to Wenger’s position.


I may be wrong but I am sure ancellotti was the manager of Chelsea when they won the league and my recollection of it was that the football they played was probably the best football ,entertainment wise ,during that era for Chelsea.



I’d be very sad if we didn’t extend Monreal’s contract. He’s our best striker!


Ancelotti was outstanding in the Premier League.

Not sure I want him, but he is the definition of a safe pair of hands. He may not usher in a new era of trophies, but he would easily get us back into the CHamps League and sort out the mess Arsene is leaving.


No big club in Europe seems to be interested by Carlo since he was fired from Bayern, just sayin’…


@Pierre : “Leg end” once again, seriously ?? Maybe one day you will you notice that you make nobody laugh but yourself with that ??


I’d also prefer RM to win that Liverpool, I don’t mind RM as much, I detest the likes of Barcelona however.


Wondering what people’s predictions are for tomorrow in Madrid?


“No big club in Europe seems to be interested by Carlo since he was fired from Bayern, just sayin’…”

He was sacked this season, and the big clubs already have managers.

He has also managed 5 of the 10 biggest clubs in Europe, so he doesnt have a huge list of options.


Ancelotti won the double in his first season at Chelsea. And finish 2nd in his 2nd season. Carlo is a very safe bet and the most practical option to get us back to playing in Europe and challenging for the trophies. And his teams play really good football.


Leg end
Not trying to make anyone laugh ,it’s just my belief!!!


finished * 2nd


3-2 on pens after a 1-1 draw 🙂


I think we’ll be on the end of a 2-0 defeat.


New post.


Redruuth is soo lonely life must be bad for takes a scum to know a scuum which means hes a scum too.such a looser

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