Bookies playing the crowd with new favourite as lvan’s shortlist grows

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Tongues wagging super hard that Allegri has the milkshake that’ll bring Ivan to the yard.

Myles Palmer and a few others are saying he’s Josh and Ivan’s total favourite, and that’ll we’ll go hard to bring the dreamy Italian over this summer.

A few things to undampen those red and white panties.

There will be such thing as a favourite at this point in time, but there’s no way we’re anywhere near hiring yet.

A few reasons why.

Firstly, we only fired Wenger a week and a half ago, his caterpillar coat isn’t even cold yet. The club were very keen to stress that they wanted to run a proper search and select process, and that’s no doubt what they’ll be doing.

The only people I’d imagine they’ve had serious meetings with thus far would be the managers out of a job. I’d expect they’ve had formal conversations with Enrique, possibly Carlo who met with a club at a Rome hotel last week, maybe even Tommy Tuchel and certainly Pards.

As for the rest of the managers on our hotlist, no way.

The club will be hiring based on an in-depth interview. This won’t be a ‘do I like the cut of his jib’ hire. This will be the sort of role a decent manager will want to prepare for. No way Allegri has been moonlighting between games to speak to Ivan Gazidis. Well, that’s my educated guess. It’d look pretty shoddy if an elite manager was caught on the roof of Shoreditch House crushing watermelon margs with Ivan and Raul in a pair of swanky Speedos.

Sure, we may have sounded out his agent, but I’d imagine most decent managers in jobs will be waiting until the season is over before sliding knee deep into interviews.

I could be totally wrong of course, but I think the forest fire of speculation around 15 or so managers we’re interested in is likely the sort of PR Arsenal were hoping for. Truth is, no one has a fucking clue what the club is up to at the moment.

That said, I think I made a mistake in stating Allegri was off the radar, I misread his quotes. He’s apparently still available, and the club would be utterly mad not to have him at the top of the list.

  • He has stage presence
  • He can rejuvenate old players
  • He can shape young one’s
  • He’s not afraid to bomb of bad actors, even if they’re incredible players (Bonnucci)
  • He’s a winner
  • He’s used to working in a structure
  • He has an abundance of experience and he knows how to deal with the pressure of a big job, and the pressure of a nurturing a big name

Signing him would be an absolutely exquisite move. Without doubt, he’s the best coach we could hire, and one of the few who could go toe-to-toe with Pep Guardiola for thinking.

A lot of people are fussing over us hiring a young manager because we’re cheap. As a Grover in the comments smartly said… the club hired the best scout on the planet as head of recruitment, and they have a Sporting Director who signed Neymar and Suarez. We’re not going to go cheap on a manager.

However, it’s worth noting, Juve work at break-even season after season, they are no big spenders.

The worry would be that Allegri isn’t going to be working with players who have elite mentalties and a strong work ethic. He’d have to build a winning culture from nothing. He’s have to spend a year explaining how football in 2018 is played. It’d be a very tough job he might not have the patience for… but look, his salary is £6m, amazing what the lure of London and a pay bump can do for persuasion (also been learning English).

Myles made the suggestion that Arsenal should grant Allegri all the power he demands because Chelsea fucked it with Conte by restricting his decision making (Chelsea refute this). My view is if Allegri wants too much power, we should look elsewhere. Arsenal needs to be run properly, the manager is a cog. We cannot allow a king ever again. Conte is a prime example of what can happen when a manager rules by ego, he alone fucked Cheslea’s season, you knew it was coming based on the preseason preparation. We cannot hire a manager who thinks they are bigger than the club. It is an honour to manage The Arsenal, it is not an honour for us to have anyone as a manager. Always remember that.

I’m very excited to hear we’re considering Paulo Fonseca, Shaktar play great football (good read here), and his resume has all the key items we’re looking for… can do a lot with a little, tactically flexible, a developer of talent, and someone who has managed to go beyond the last 16 of the CL.

I think The Mail have our shortlist at 14 names, they have Rui Faria on there, the pugnacious assistant of Jose Mourinho… disgusting.

Anyway, we’ll search high and low and I’m hoping the decision is a really good one.

Gut says Ivan Gazidis and Josh want to do something PR worthy like the LA Rams did in America. I’d say Raul probably wants to go for someone experienced. Sven, someone German because that’s the smartest guess I could make. Again, who knows, I’m just shooting in the dark like the rest of you.

Just don’t fall for the people telling you who it’s going to be, because I know that much for sure, the club are doing this properly… it’s been a long time coming for Ivan, no way he’s going to rush this decision.

Right, that’s me tapping out. See you in the comments.


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