Big news in the managerial race + Wenger middle finger to Jose

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No sooner had I thrown the white towel in on the managerial race, than old Duncan Castles chimes in with a piece for The Sunday Times in which he declares the exec suite at Arsenal see Enrique as an inappropriate hire due to his money demands and his self-absorbed style of management.

That my friends, if true, is music to my ears.

Every manager who is linked to Arsenal needs a special superpower, for the life of me, I couldn’t work out what his was. Sure, he’s a good manager, but is he great? What could he bring to a broken group of players with very little money? I wasn’t sure…

The weird part about the story is the club are apparently interested in Sarri. I don’t quite get that. I mean, the guy creates masterful football, but he’s also an accused racist and homophobe. I’m not sure that alligns with the values of the club.

So that leaves the field shrinking.

My gut feel is this.

Ivan G wants to hire in Arteta, but that’s a massive risk and it’d take balls of steel to make a decision like that. The fans don’t love Arteta like they’d love a Vieira. I think most would see his hire as a mistake. It’d be an interesting move, but it’s not quite the same as Pep to Barca or Zidane to Madrid. I think it’d be a pretty exciting hire, but I’m not sure I have the appetite for extreme risk. It’d be an arrogant move fraught with danger, and really Ivan needs the fans united, and he certainly doesn’t want to be on the end of unpleasant op-eds if things go wrong.

It’s clear we’re not getting Allegri who is top 3 in the world for what he does. The only other elite manager who we could opt for is Conte (assuming Tuchel is off limits), and I’m not sure he’s our cup of tea if we’re looking for someone who behaves well and can keep their ego in check.

I think Vieira would be suicidal, the only superpower he has at the moment is his past as an amazing captain. That could be an Alan Shearer like mistake. You know what I think of the Geordies.

So that narrows the search down to Nagelsmann and Jardim.

I think the German feels like the right level of compromise if we want to go for an exciting young manager like the Rams did (good read on Hoffenheim here). He has experience, he is influenced by Rangnick, Tuchel, Klopp and Guardiola, he took a shite team to the Champions League, he’s personable and understands people dynamics, and it seems like there’s a fairly clear run for him.

I love Jardim, but I’m not sure how great his English is, and I wonder if the club want to make a splashier headline grabber for the fans.

Nagelsmann is the one for me. He checks all the boxes. He could be the next level, is the next level, is the next level.

Today’s game won’t be next level. We’re taking a b-squad up to United. It’s an opp to give our exciting kids the chance to rock it at Old Trafford. Someone said to me it’s almost a middle finger to Jose. Wenger doesn’t care about losing to him one last time, he’s all about the Europa League.

I’ll take anything better than losing 4-0.

It’s all about this coming Thursday.

I’m back on the pod this afternoon, if you want to listen, stay glued to Twitter and await my order.



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Champagne charlie

More ramblings from the resident cook


It’s astonishing how much Pep Gardiola has improved Sterling. That’s what is needed at Arsenal, a manager who can transform a talented player into a great one. Pep can also infuse total commitment and team spirit into a side. Yes, that’s the sort of guy needed. But because it is Arsenal, the guy must have another ability: to do it all without spending a great deal of money. Generally only young unproven managers have done that – Ferguson, Wenger, Mourinho are examples. And if they’re smart, they only need to it at one club because they move on to another… Read more »

David Smith

Could the departing PSG manager be a candidate?


Yesterday’s game should allow the club to prioritise those positions in the team, which are clearly in need of upgrade and not focus this summer on chasing after players who we are realistically unlikely to buy. The fact that we are going to play almost certainly in the Europa Cup means that we need to have a strong squad with cover in every position on the pitch and the club can no longer afford to carry PASSENGERS. The major weakness in the first team/squad is the GOALKEEPER position. It is clear to see that neither Cech nor Ospina are good… Read more »

Black Hei

“Nagelsmann is the one for me. He checks all the boxes. He could be the next level, is the next level, is the next level.”

Amen to that Peds. I am in absolute agreement


Mustafi (15m)
Cech (8m)
Welbeck (15m)
Wilshere (20m)

+50m is 108m in available cash without weakening our squad really at all. That can buy us 2 great players, 1 really good one and some bargains. I’d be happy with that


China You would want least 25mil for Mustafi. I’d like to flog Ozil off to China or the like for 30mil also, which would allow Mikhi to play the central role and invest in a decent winger. Still not so sure about playing Aubameyang and Lacca together, when it’s evident that they are both principally no9’s. I know it’s not popular here, but I would look at selling one of them to fund elsewhere. If we plan right, we could have in excess of 150mil to build out a decent first 11, with the following season building out a decent… Read more »


25 for Mustafi sounds nice but will anyone pay that after such an error prone season? I think we have to be conservative in our expectations coming off such a poor season I really don’t have an answer about laca and auba but I’m uncomfortable about selling either this summer. We haven’t had a top striker since RVP left and *maybe* we now finally have two. I really struggle to see how they can play together but if we want to challenge for titles I believe we need more than one serious striker. If we sell auba for example and… Read more »


One thing you can say is that incredibly few teams manage to challenge near the top echelons of football with only one top striker. I’d say 2 top strikers and a good alternative is the standard most/all clubs are aiming for


A final comment on laca/auba. If we sell one of them and the other doesn’t deliver the goods in the end, we’ll need to fork out for another elite striker and these guys command the highest fees in football.

Given the constant value hikes it worries me that we’ll find ourselves a year from now with zero elite strikers and the global price tag will be ridiculous to get in a new one


I think a new manager will sort out mustafi and xhaka. people here so ready to replace a player like they are playing PES or Fifa on their Ps… the new manager would probably hold on to as many players as he can while bringing in one or 2 signing of his own…


Spot on gonestrous. Yesterday was the clearest indication that there’s life in Chambers and I am absolutely sure the guy will go on to be a good defender. If the fans get their wish, it won’t be at Arsenal. Mustafa and Xhaka are not that bad too, their mistakes can easily be worked upon. Xhaka was in the bundesliga team of the season before we signed him.

Really loved what I saw of Mavro and I hope he gets a sniff next season.


China Wilshire is worth zero, because he can leave this summer on Bosman when his current contract ends. Cech is also worth peanuts. He is 35 going on 36 and on a huge salary of almost £100K pw. Somehow I don’t think that Welbeck will be leaving, because he is versatile and a workhorse. When you analyse carefully the squad the only player who is saleable and might generate a decent transfer fee apart from those who came in this season is Ramsey. He will need to be sold this summer if he does not sign a new contract, because… Read more »


China Although only speculative, I tend to agree with pretty much everything you’ve written. I’d only add that if we were to sell either of the two strikers. We could possibly generate something in the order of 50mil+. We could then go for someone like Martial for roughly 30mil, saving us up to 20mil. Add to that his versatility, quality, age and output would be a better solution than having two no9’s (although of good quality) that are not as versatile and need to play in their prefered position to be effective. so summing up, sell either Lacca or Aubameyang,… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg

Martial is rumored to be 60m. Why mess with the only position where we have good strength? Possibly the only good thing Wenger did for the new manager is getting 2 top strikers in. Why sell Laca for 50m when we can get 20-25 for Wellbz solely based on the fact he’s english? Ramsey is our best CM no matter what anyone thinks of him, I’m not against selling if he doesn’t sign a new contract or wants too high of a salary but we still need to replace Xhaka as well. Anyone that thinks he will suddenly get faster… Read more »


Personally, I don’t think Martial sells for more than 40mil and as for Welbeck, 15 or maybe 18mil max as he makes less of an appeal than Walcott who went for 25mil. And dude don’t get me wrong I would love us to keep both Lacca and Aubameyang, but I just don’t see how they fit into a team that lacks shape and penetration when they both start. And can we really afford to have one of either coming off the bench? We have a similar situation with Ozil and Mikhi, both want to play in the no10 role as… Read more »


one of the few good things about this season has been watching some of the youth kids get chances to impress. quite important for me that the new guy continues with this, which is one of my main question marks over Luis Enrique.


youth kid got a chance to impress ? hardly saw any youth player get games…



We don’t have the luxury of playing kids, Arsene made sure of that with his profligacy. The first thing that needs to happen is for the new manager to get us playing at a level where we become relevant again, don’t see how that can happen accommodating kids.

And when I say relevant I don’t mean 4th place and an FA cup run, unless of course, you’re happy to tread water.


the squad needs youngsters, but before that we may need some winners in the side….


mysticleaves ” Yesterday was the clearest indication that there’s life in Chambers and I am absolutely sure the guy will go on to be a good defender. If the fans get their wish, it won’t be at Arsenal” With all due respect Mystic it is not a clear indication that Chambers is a good defender based on yesterdays game. Most observers and neutrals as well commented that yesterdays match was a subdued one and Man United were not at all really intense in their play. Are we really to forget and sweep away those matches where Chambers has looked an… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg

All the rumors have been 60m, guess we just have to see. Would love to see a speedy winger come in, think that’s one of the priorities, we’re so flat and unimaginative and can’t break down packed defenses. Selling any of our top players is a no for me, that includes our strikers and Ozil, we need to add to our quality, not replace it. Get rid of the weakest links and upgrade there instead, even with a 50m budget that’s more than possible. Regarding the strikers I don’t think they should start too many games together if we get… Read more »



“And when I say relevant I don’t mean 4th place and an FA cup run, unless of course, you’re happy to tread water.”

currently we’re 6th, miles back. I’d be quite happy with 4th next season. ain’t catching City, or Liverpool, I’d imagine, and Utd will probably drop another 200m this summer.

we need some quality, for sure, but I’d also hope for a new guy whose primary asset is his ability to improve players. not just buy them ready made.

Paddy got bored

To be honest the fact he’s going just makes me wake-up with a smile each day..
My take on new boss is provided he doesn’t continue with this tippie tappy shit and insisting every signing has the physicality of Tom Daley we should be fine
Just need the Syrip out now

Black Hei


Lol, next you will have us signing WWE rosters.

Don’t let Wenger’s failure make you cynical about attacking football.

We don’t need to be London-Stoke.

Paddy got bored

Oh no you got me wrong I love attacking football but it’s gotta have an edge. Midfield has to have physicality ie Viera and Petit
Centre backs have to be able to tackle and have a voice.
As you say maybe I’m in Wenger rehab lol

Black Hei

Paddy Actually, I would disagree. The 4-2-3-1 with Carzola and Coquelin in the mid was truly inspired and tremendously effective. It utilizes the high pressing with great possessional security (basically the anti-press) to snuff the life out of opposing teams. Everyone in the starting 11 wasn’t big or burly. Instead they were all very mobile, good stamina and good in possession; cept for Walcott whose job was his work off the ball instead. That was a team that gave me belief. And then Wenger balls it up by getting Xhaka as a Carzola replacement. Xhaka is the very opposite. Big,… Read more »


Yesterday we were given a flavour as to what can be expected of Arsenal going forward. The old men of the squad have no real value and they clearly won’t walk unless they receive a wedge. That means Kos, Cech are around for a while yet . The £50 million kitty if correct is an insult and a worry for what does that say about the clubs ambition and indeed the real state of finances. For me there is going to be little added to the pot from sales because quite simply selling say Welbeck or Mustafi really isn’t going… Read more »


Arsenal may be recruiting a new manager/head coach with different ideas to Wenger, but I doubt that the club will be making wholesale changes this summer to their current squad. When Wenger arrived at the club the only recruitment made was the arrival of Remi Garde, Patrick Vieira and Nicholas Anelka. My personal view is that Arsenal will continue the process of offloading the dross and then promote perhaps three youngsters to first team squad and recruit perhaps two to three new players. One suspects that they will try and recruit in midfield a Bosman like Meyer or a low… Read more »


I was going to add Perez to the list of players we could sell and actually make a bit of cash on. We’re not going to recoup all of the £17m spent on him, but hopefully we’re at more than £10m.



There is absolutely no chance that Arsenal will sell this summer Lacazette,
Aubameyang or Mkhitaryan.

Arsenal would make a huge loss on these players if they did try to sell them , because
a] None of these players would be of interest to any major club in EPL or Europe.
b] They are on very large wages which would be beyond the budgets of most
other clubs.
c] Highly unlikely that any of these players would want to leave after just half/
full season.
d] There is no indication that the club would want to offload these players.


The paltry sum of £50 million banded about by the media might just possibly be a smokescreen to try & keep excessive transfer fees demanded down.letting others know we’re not point screaming we have a £200 million war chest or whatever.prob is it would be so very Arsenal for it to be true?


Uwot Arsenal by virtue of being a club that will not spend money it doesn’t have be that by way of borrowing more or by way of owners investing means clubs selling to Arsenal will know 100% what Arsenal can afford Simply tracking the decline in cash reserves which some on here don’t accept but is a reality ,tells the story for me and whilst money was spent this season it was only spent because sales were extremely high indeed it’s still reported a £10 million profit but I really can’t see where significant income can be generated from those… Read more »


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