Big name drops out of running, Spaniard now the favourite

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via @t0wey (instagram)

via @t0wey (instagram)

Allegri has counted himself out of the running.

Now all of a sudden, the search for the next manager of Arsenal feels a little unsexy and a little bit too much like it’s only Enrique in the race.

Rumours of the Spaniard have been picking up pace, big newspapers are stating we’re deep in negotiations on money, and some places have gone far enough to say he’s bringing his old band back together, tapping into old coaches and scouts he wants to bring along.

I’m still a touch flat lined by this hire. I know he’s a great coach, I know he’s won a lot of things, I just don’t really know enough about him to get excited.

Some say he did a solid job at Roma, his Celta Vigo job was pretty good, and he did a great job with the B team. Maybe the hesitancy comes from him basically being good, but not Pep Guardiola?

There’s a problem with that kind of thinking in the sense that no one is as good as Pep, but then again, we’ve never seen them in the same league together, although we have seen Enrique win out in the Champions League over his exteam mate.

It’ll be a solid hire regardless. He’ll come in, inject new ways to train, he’ll build out some sort of vision of how we’d like to play, and he’ll shake up a club that’s lacking morale a bit depressed.

I would still love it if the club sprung a surprise, like Jardim or Nagelsmann. The man from Monaco because he has so much experience working under tough conditions and he’s very adaptable to the tools he has at his disposal. Nagelsmann because of all the influences on his game, that he could be the next big thing, and he has a lot of experience under his belt already.

Here’s how I’d imagine the order is panning out.

1. Enrique

2. Arteta

3. Jardim

4. Nagelsmann

5. Rangnick

All better than Wenger, who is now telling the press he could have gone to United in 2002. Also, total shocker, he’s being linked to China in a mega-money deal. No pressure, total control, all the cash. Perfect.

We still have some things to take care of in the league. We have a nasty away trip to United to deal with tomorrow. We’ve been absolutely pony on our away trips this year and I can’t help but think playing Atletico on a Thursday night is going to impact our energy levels and our focus… because all the minds will be on the return leg game and making sure no unfortunate injuries occur.

Jose is in full on regret mode about calling Wenger a pervert and a failure.

“There are little things where it would be obviously better without them,” he said. “Some gestures, some words would be better without it.

“I feel better now without it, no doubts about it but again when I arrive in England, 2004, Arsenal was the champion and the famous Invincibles, and I arrive.

“For the next couple of years was with them, [Dennis] Bergkamp, Thierry [Henry], [Sol] Campbell, amazing team. So again thank you very much for that, they pushed us to the limits.

“The two matches we played not at the Emirates but at amazing old stadium [Highbury], unforgettable. We had big matches, big fights, so thank you so much for that.

“Regret? Little negative episodes, yes I do,”

“And probably he also does.”

I’d love for the fairytale to end on Wenger at least beating Mourinho in a game Mourinho wants to win, but if the ‘see ya later’ tour has told us anything, it’s that sport doesn’t really give two fucks about reputation or what a nice way to exit would be.

So far, all that’s happened since we knew Wenger was leaving, is a doubling down of all the reasons he needed to go. Uncommitted performances, shoddy decisions and the inability to see out important games. Even the fans are uninterested. That’s the lesson, right? Learn to leave with dignity. Don’t overstay your welcome. Wenger has seriously damaged his reputation with fans over the years and that’s a real shame.

Before I go, there’s real disease going around Twitter, it’s called ‘insights without context.’ He’s completed 470 of 527 passes, recovered the ball 40 times, made 12 tackles, 15 clearances and created 9 chances. They sound great, but where is the context? How many of the passes were to the right players, how was his positional play, how often did his balls speed up play? How many mistakes did he make?

Xhaka’s numbers looked good against Atelti because they had 10 men and couldn’t pressure him. His numbers look great for him last 5 games because we’ve played no one of note. The guy is a car crash. I’m not sure a new manager can save him. But we’ll see.

I’d imagine it’ll be a bunch of kids and squad players lining up tomorrow. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Nelson, Willock or Eddie make the jump into this side at some point. Here’s the kicker… I really hope we don’t get humiliated.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. Jasongms

    Cazorla is a myth, I don’t remember challenging for the league or getting to the later stages of the CL with Cazorla in the team. But I do remember him being rolled over by teams because of his athletic limitations.

  2. China

    In fact Evans is already better than Mustafi and worth a fraction of his on the transfer market. Selling Mustafi for him or an equivalent type would make a lot of sense. I still want an elite CB as well though.

    Regardless we’d make a 20 odd mil profit and improve our defense immediately

  3. China

    Imo our 50 should be spent on an excellent CB and we use sales to fund a really good keeper and bargains for anything else we can do

  4. Freddie Ljungberg

    Yeah, we’re not going to win the title every other season by buying a bunch of 30 year olds every window, unless we get every buy spot on.

    No continuity just an endless rebuild job having to replace half the squad every 2 years or so. We better increase our commercials by a couple of 100m annually for that to work…

    I feel the same about Evans, HG, slight improvement on what we have and frees up funds for a top CB. Hard pass if he’s the only one coming in though.

  5. Pierre

    “Cazorla is a myth, I don’t remember challenging for the league or getting to the later stages of the CL with Cazorla in the team. But I do remember him being rolled over by teams because of his athletic limitations.”

    Nice of you to be so complimentary about, what I regard as , a quality footballer.

    And before anyone jumps in and accuses me of double standards… My opinion of Ramsey is down to his discipline and positional sense which in part (maybe a large part) is due to lack of instruction from the manager.
    Ramsey has ability, without a doubt, it’s all about finding a way for him and the team to be effective as possible .. Let’s hope the new manager can find the answer..

  6. Seg

    Does it mean Wilshere would leave with Wenger? I remember when he, Wilshere, threatens to leave if Wenger leaves.