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Today, we’re going to talk social competence, because that’s often a consideration overlooked when fans think about a new leader for their club. We think tactics, trophies, hair density, how much they dance about on the sidelines.

Jokes aside, social competence is one of the most important aspects of a managers game, and quite often the defining factor in success. The man who represents your club sets the tone for how your brand is perceived, they can inspire sensational player to move to shitty areas, they can make average players believe they’re heroes.

Barcelona passed on Mourinho because he was a brand destroyer, but players like CR7 describe him as one of the best motivators in football. Jurgen Klopp has a band of average players on the verge of a Champions League final, those players feed off him. Leonardo Jardim took a group of inexperienced youth players and made them the most exciting attacking force in Europe. Social competence matters, and it comes in many different forms.

Arsenal and Arsene have tried to reflect their values in the squad, ultimately at the expense of trophies. Whether it’s keeping Diaby for 5 years too long, giving crap players massive wages to help with their feelings of inferiority, or keeping nice boys like Theo around… all were attempts at managing the psychology of the club for the better.

We celebrated values over accomplishment, and that has to stop. But there’s a clear demarcation line of the type of coach we could hire, it’s good versus evil (through the lens of Arsenal). We could opt for an out an out winner, who leads through fear, or we could hire a man of the people that motivate players and inspires fans by connecting to them on a human level.

Nagelsmann famously told Rapha Honigstein:

“Thirty percent of coaching is tactics, 70% social competence”

“Every player is motivated by different things and needs to be addressed accordingly. At this level, the quality of the players at your disposal will ensure that you play well within a good tactical set-up – if the psychological condition is right.”

The young prodigy was ironically mentored under Thomas Tuchel, a man famed for his football genius, not his people skills.

This is a comment from Antony Ujah comparing Tuchel to the new manager, Sandro Schwarz, at Mainz.

“Both are detail-obsessed and tactically very good, they do a lot of video analysis, so we need players to remember certain things, the difference is communication and human interaction.”

Ultimately, you can be a genius at extracting greatness from players on the pitch, but if you’re no good at the personal stuff, things break down very quickly. This was the commentary after his stint at Dortmund, his first major job.

“Even earlier, in January 2016, Tuchel had fallen out with head scout Sven Mislintat… being banished from Dortmund’s training facilities.

“More bridges were burned and the fall-out with the club and the fans continued. He already had parts of the team questioning him, when he hit out at Bayern-bound Hummels following his last match for BVB in the 2016 DFB Pokal final.”

“The coach also lost influential parts of Dortmund’s fan base. Jan-Henrik Gruszecki, notable fan and historian, told ESPN FC: “Tuchel never identified with the club.”

Even Mourinho admits his emotions have caused issues, and were something he tried to address.

“I believe that I am able to transmit this serenity to those who work with me, to my players. I have the same ambitions as before. The same involvement, the same professionalism, but I’m more in control of my emotions.”

His passion and inability to stay humble is why he rarely longers long than 3 seasons, but also maybe why he’s one of the most successful coaches in the world. He knows how to exract excellence for a short period of time before players and staff give into his social incompetence.

If you want to really nerd out, this quote takes you down an interesting rabbit hole from a football perspective.

“In 1988, Goleman analysed 188 global companies, where he tested and interviewed the star performers within them. He found that at managerial level, technical and cognitive skills were comparable, with emotional intelligence being the crucial factor that differentiated employee’s positions. Boyzatis, Goleman and Rhee (1999, p.3) define emotional intelligence as “When a person demonstrates the competencies that constitute self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and socials skills at appropriate times and ways in sufficient frequency to be effective in the situation.”

“It’s why a smart manager is gold in the game. Players usually turn into coaches. Most players are not taught to be real humans. They lack curiosity and don’t need social skills because they are fit, rich and good looking. Social skills are a rare commodity in football, so they are something our board should aspire to have in a new manager.”

That moves me to my point. The two supposed lead candidates for the role at Arsenal are Luis Enrique and Mikael Arteta. The exBarcelona coach famously offered to resign because he couldn’t get on with Leo Messi, there were also lots of reports that he never really bonded with the players. Then there’s Mikael, who some rave about, but quite a few people in the ranks at Arsenal do not speak of him in favourable terms. Apparently, he’s not a galvanising force, he’s outspoken, he lacks humility on quite a grand scale, can be immensely difficult and he’s seen as one of Ivan’s boys.

At a club that suffers divisions in the dressing room, do we not think the club should be considering someone a bit longer in the tooth? A little more mature? Or someone who has a less controversial reputation amongst players and staff? Or someone known in the game for having a world-class approach to culture?

Or, do we see the genius? He’s turning ok players into world-class operators. He’s captivated the City players, Pep G loves him, and City are winning.

The club might want a change of pace. Maybe we want to hire a ruthless manager to bring discipline and focus to the squad. Maybe a bit of ‘telling it like it is’ is what’s needed in a team that’s lacked direction and leadership over the last ten years.

If he has a streak in him, is that just par the course of absolute excellence? Is elite sport not a place for the nice guys?

Well, there are managers like Jurgen Klopp who operate on the other side of the fence. A man who leads through passion and love for his players. He’ll go to war for all his boys, and they die out on the pitch for him. He brings the fans together, the players and everyone loves him. I think Diego Simeone is another manager who has that sort of reputation for bringing players together, he operates a siege mentality and not many push to leave his nest despite massive riches on offer elsewhere. One of the most successful managers in the world, Carlo Ancelotti, is one of the nicest guys in the game. Players love him, a people’s man, and an absolute winner.

There are two sides to the argument, the question is, right now, what do Arsenal need with limited funds and a squad that sits out of the Champions League?

Matt Law is reporting that Arsenal are not in for Allegri and Sarri, weirdly because they won’t bring the stay away fans back to the club. Seems like an odd thing to say about a two managers that are best in class for sexy football, and tactically unreal football, battling it out in the most interesting Serie A in years.

Interestingly, he’s the first journo to talk about Leonardo Jardim, who should be the frontrunner for the Arsenal job. Interestingly, Marcelo Gallardo who is managing Club Atlético River Plate at the moment, is being linked with the Monaco job. Could Jardim be a backdoor signing? Or could Juve, PSG or Chelsea be up to some back door planning?

Anyway, point of this post is there are so many layers to this hire, and so many people to consider. The health of a football club goes beyond the 11 people that line up on the pitch. If the focal point of the club isn’t a brand fit, it can be horrendous.

The big question for Ivan is this: Who does he want Arsenal to be in a post-Wenger era?

We’ll find out in due course.

Right, see you in the comments.

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We just won a trophy.
When is the last time we beat Chelsea for a reputable manager.

Really the papers have been saying that Enrique was Arsenal bound for at least 6 months. I’m glad the club had been talking to him for a long time.


Na South Americans always have that work permit shite/3rd party ownership complications don’t they?

It’s why they all sign for Italian, Spanish and Portuguese clubs coming over from SA.


“Is the German makret ripe with players?I personally think that the Bundsliga currently is complete shite, worst it’s been for a long time.I’d argue that Ligue 1 has more talent to choose from atm.”

Wouldn’t think much to argue. Ligue 1 it is.

What youngsters you like in Ligue 1 at present?



It’s over. Why you are still making these arguments, several of which rely upon falsehoods and distortions, I have no idea. Just leave it.

Wenger’s incompetence has been obvious to many supporters for years now; this and the club’s complacency are what drove the negativity. This negativity was completely and totally justified, as Wenger had long since ceased to be a good manager and the FA Cup is not the PL or the CL.

The arguments you are making are both moot and false.

Just leave it, mate. It’s over.


WengerEagle Coutinho and Dembele cost £16m combined……… ……..when they signed for Liverpool & Dortmund. Thats the big change that needs to happen (for all teams in world football). Teams need to get better at finding £100m players when they are £5m youths. Thats the main reason we brought Sven in. Transfer fees have become unsustainable so clubs will have to find a way to innovate. Look at 3 good wide attackers right now, Leon Bailey, Malcom and Hirving Lozano. They would cost £150m to buy right now, but in the last 2 years all moved for a combined £30m. Clubs… Read more »


“Teams need to get better at finding £100m players when they are £5m youths.”

Absolutely. We need to get better at this.

Romford Pele

So refreshing having these discussions knowing change is finally afoot. Been a long time coming.


Wenge Eagle
“Na South Americans always have that work permit shite/3rd party ownership complications don’t they?”

Actually that’s why we pay people to negotiate contracts. There’s no big deal about third party. One just negotiates with both parties simultaneously.
We can’t afford the players once they be played in Europe becahsentheurbvaluensky-rockets. That’s why Juve and Roma are doing well. We have to get them from the outset.


Not sure how much their playing career affects their management, but Enrique is interesting in terms of being a player that could play everywhere bar Goalkeeper. Probably one of the most versatile players of all time.

He should in theory have a very complete football mind, but so far it hasn’t really worked out.



If the new manager is currently employed it won’t be announced until that clubs season is over.



Malcolm too looks mustard, then you have Fekir, Marseille’s Amavi (was very good for Villa over here too), the Monaco bunch in Lemar, Fabinho, Sidibe.

PSG will for sure have more significant shake-ups in the summer, no way all of Goncalo Guedes, Di Maria, Draxler are there next season, I would gladly take any of the three, preferably Guedes.

Romford Pele

“Teams need to get better at finding £100m players when they are £5m youths.”

Tbh this is quite hard. When Wenger first came we used to monopolise the French market especially. There’ so much more competition for players and every club has money so inflation is a natural by-product of this.


Would prefer Tousart to NDombele.

Get in a proper DM. The better defensively.


Romford “Central midfield is where we’re very weak and Enrique, going by his career thus far, doesn’t place much emphasis on it.” I feel like it would be a little strange if a former Barcelona player and manager didn’t place much emphasis upon central midfield; indeed, I think it would be strange if any competent manager today didn’t. Isn’t there a chance that those signings weren’t solely his idea? Do we know that the manager himself picks the signings at Barcelona? Isn’t it also possible that he just got a couple of signings wrong but that with Mislintat and Sanllehi’s… Read more »

Rambo Ramsey

Central and cerebral midfielders.

All too mechanical now. Where are the players who can carry the mantle of a Iniesta, Silva, Pirlo, Xabi Alonso, Cazorla, Schweinsteiger, Fabregas etc?

They don’t exist


Romford – Did I read correctly the other day? You’re handing in your Welbeck foundation fan club member’s club card? and want him sold?

Sad times.

Romford Pele

Eagle – yeah Malcom is great. Definitely fits our needs. Heard the deal was basically done in Jan but Bordeaux wanted him on loan until the summer, we didn’t wanna oblige.

Fekir is great although he’ another #10. showed more versatility in playing CM in recent times though.

I love Guedes, been mustard for Valencia this season. Having him and Malcom would be great wide. Draxler I still love though. PSG have far too much talent!


“i can gaurantee there will still be “fans” who will want Arsenal to lose tonight because they don’t want Wenger to go out on a high even though they know he is leaving… that putting the club first .”

You’re so full of shit.



Malcolm, N’Dombele has supposedly looked great, Bertrand Traore is another that I think will go on to be a very good player- former Chelsea lad, Jorge off of Monaco looks good, Rony Lopes another very promising player for Monaco, was a City player.


Still interested in hearing more about Enrique’s approach to the game, style, philosophy, what he seems to emphasize, not emphasize, etc. Is he just “Guardiola B” or “Guardiola with less charisma,” or is he a more complicated figure than that?


“Tbh this is quite hard. When Wenger first came we used to monopolise the French market especially. There’ so much more competition for players and every club has money so inflation is a natural by-product of this.” Dont agree, its just a lot of teams havent looked at it scientifically. There must be a way of using big data to reverse engineer what a top class CF/AM/CM looks like, stats wise, as a 19 year old. Look at Svens Mislintats record…….Auba, Pulisic, Lewandowski, Dembele, Kagawa, Hummells for a combined £25m or so. Steve Rowley just wouldnt have been capable of… Read more »

Romford Pele

Loooool Paulinho, yeah man but not because I don’t like him. He’s a very good tactical forward that can be used in big games even though his goal return is trash. Problem is that we don’ have much money and a massive wage bill so certain players need to be sold. Welbeck is one of those that will scope money as he’s English and still a decent age. And with a year left on his deal I think we’ll cash in. I do think it’s interesting though – if Gazidis knew Wenger was going, it’s a wonder he sanctioned the… Read more »


No love for Tousart WE?

lol I knew that Tousart would be overlooked for Ndombele .

Too basic eh?

He would be good as a pure DM though.

Buckhurst Gun


I know it’s a pretty big gamble but I’ve been seduced by Nagelsmann , my ultimate pick would be allegri

As much as I want to vouch for him , I Can’t hide the thought that Nagelsmann could turn out like villas boas did at Chelsea

Ultimately , whoever comes in will be bringing some fresh ideas to the club



We used to constantly sign quality players for low fees we just need to get back to doing this but also being able to add in a marquee player as well.


We won’t sign loads of South American players for the simple reason that we’re restricted to the number of non EU players we can have in the squad.


Would genuinely prefer Brenda Rogers over Enrique.


Rambo “Arsenal aren’t gonna announce a new name maybe because it’d be a distraction?” I disagree somewhat. We can’t announce the name until the semifinals are done, win or lose against Atletico However we need to make a formal announcement for commercial purposes and also because you can’t hold a secret that big for too long. A new manager means a spouse looking for an elegant London home, international school for kids not to mention all the assistant coaches that need to move as well. The word is going to get out. Then you have agents of the players preferred… Read more »



Not disagreeing, we need to improve big time on this.

Coutinho’s cost £8million in Jan 2013 though, that’s a long time ago in the footy market.

That’s where I wouldn’t have much faith in Sanhelli or Enrique though, all their best work was top of the range marquee signings such as Neymar, Suarez, Stegen (huge player already with a massive rep) and Rakitic (again same).


Liverpool are widely regarded as a major club but they are still second class in terms of current reputation compared with the elite teams. Same category as arsenal. A major club with rich history, a big stadium, big brand, rarely competitive for major trophies dating back ages besides occasional good seasons

This season liverpool are in the ascendency and arsenal have fallen badly, but in the grand scheme of things we’re similar ball park Id say


Tousart is actually rated higher in transfer value than NDombele.

Tousart the younger player by a year.

Can’t be that basic then.

Romford Pele

Bamford – He prefers to place emphasis on the front three so the central midfield will naturally suffer.

Rambo – At the top clubs, the likes of Isco, Thiago, Verrati, Kovacic, Rabiot, Silva, KDB. But there are loads of up and coming ones, like Ceballos, Golovin, Aouar, Ndombele, Lopez, Fornals, Soler, Pellegrini, SMS etc. Obviously none of these guys are world class but with development they can reach that level. Also we’re not in the bracket where we can buy top shelf CMs straight away.


‘Isn’t it also possible that he just got a couple of signings wrong but that with Mislintat and Sanllehi’s help he’ll manage to do better going forward?’

Eh they were more than just ‘a couple’ of bad signings, and Sanhelli was the man that he signed them with!


Romford – Yeah I get it. It’s the injuries with him that also make it likely he will be sold.

I expect him to be an absolute monster in two games versus Atletico though. That mixture of athleticism and underrated technique could be a nightmare for Madrid,who probably come across more limited, but much more efficient players in their league.

Guns of Hackney

Isn’t Enrique impossible to judge based on what we know?

He managed Barca
He had Messi

I mean…that’s it. I could manage Barca…Peter Reid could manage Barca.

Enrique is really grinding my gears a bit. If we’re going for someone, let’s go for someone who either hasn’t managed (Arteta) or someone who has done things with massive limitations (Baglesmann, Tuchel).

Enrique has had the best team on the planet to work with…and now he’ll have to manage this shit show? Yuk. Welbeck and Iwobi ain’t Messi or Suarez.



The Ozil, Aba and Mikki contract’s were all about sending a signal to fans about ambition / placate them.

Can you imagine it on here if we’d have sold Sanchez for £30 odd million, not brought in any replacement, be in a position to lose our record signing on a free in the summer and only have one striker as the club.

Don’t we want Sanllehi to be able to walk into sponsorship / commercial meetings with at least something on his side?

Romford Pele

“Tousart is actually rated higher in transfer value than NDombele.”

Ndombele is much better. Physical demon with ball carrying skills although the two are different players mind you.

Gambon – not disagreeing with the method we should be taking at all. The proof will be in the pudding. Let’s see if Sven can earn his coin.



Haven’t watched too much of Lyon mate, mostly watch PSG, Marseille and Monaco.

Tousart a baller?


“or someone who has done things with massive limitations (Baglesmann, Tuchel).”

I think that would be a dreadful idea, these guys are bridesmaids, massively content with finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

If its not gonna be an ex club man, it needs to be an experienced winner.

Allegri, Conte, Emery, Enrique all have experience of winning, and will demand high standards.

I would hate someone like Nagelsmann, who doesnt have any undertanding of the sacfrifice and effort required to win.


I do think Enrique has a some pull as well. There are certain types of players who will want to come and play for him. Of all the names mentioned as leading choices, he is the one who is able to call a player up and be instantly noticed. After all he did coach Leo Messi and Neymar. He’s managed at Barca. I don’t think he will back away from any argument with the senior players. I’m not sure he’s emotionally ready for the premier league and it’s media party though. He’s easily buttt hurt and never learned how to… Read more »


Henry over Enrique as well.

Don’t see the point of not taking on managers due to lack of experience when the other more acceptable ones have barely any either.

Anyway, for me, football understanding and intuition trumps experience anyway. Managers seem to have a progressively short shelf life, and Wenger has shown that simply doing something for a long time doesn’t make you more effective at it. Also certain managers can do well at certain clubs, and fail at others. It’s a all a crapshoot to a large extent.

Romford Pele

Paulinho – yeah agreed. As unorthodox as he can be, his mixture of power and pace will be needed against Atleti’s low block. Hope he does start and he should but can see Wenger leaving him on the bench for insurance as we don’t have any other forward options. But another positive for Welbeck is that he offsets Lacazette’s physical limitations and is another threat in behind. In between those two and Ramsey, that’s where our goals will come from.

Marc – very true! Both valid points. For our brand we had to do something when Alexis left.


No he is not a baller Tousart WE.

and that’s why RP rates Ndombele as much better.

Tousart is better defensively than NDombele has a very good engine and better concentration levels than NDombele .

Romford Pele

“Anyway, for me, football understanding and intuition trumps experience anyway. Managers seem to have a progressively short shelf life, and Wenger has shown that simply doing something for a long time doesn’t make you more effective at it. Also certain managers can do well at certain clubs, and fail at others. It’s a all a crapshoot to a large extent.”



Whatever we do or whomsoever we bring in as manger,
Let Jack go.
That’s how we let change start. I don’t want anyone still living off one game in 2011 around.


See the problem too is that we’re living in the social media era and the streaming era, nobody is a secret anymore.

Alex Hleb was a total unknown in the BPL as was Rosicky to the larger audience (footy hipsters would have known him from his Czech Republic performances) and they were both bought for modest fees, despite both already being big stars in the Bundesliga (Rosicky WON the Bundesliga).

Now you have players looking brilliant for one season and they’re going to be worth nearer £100 million in Bailey and Malcolm and Guedes.


Yeah Jack is a mid table player these days, has to go.

Whoever comes in will have a hell of a lot to do.

Wenger has left a squad that is a complete mess.

No decent GK, terrible defence, midfielders that are absolutely terrible physically, about 14 number 10’s, no wide players at all.

You actually wonder if Wenger has been sleeping at the wheel for the last 3 years.


Are you happy that Henry preferred the lush comforts of a studio than be in the tumble of real club management?

Henry is just another Gary Neville-goes-to-Valencia waiting to happen.
We need to realize that management is different from commenting a nice studio. Henry took the easy path, why should we reward him with a job that’s too big for him.


If we’re being clever about who we sign I would look to Italy. Clubs there simply can’t afford to be financially picky.

Salah was bought for less than £40 million despite two excellent seasons at Roma and a very good half season spell at Fiorentina.

Players like Felipe Anderson, Alejandro Gomez, Perisic, Perotti, Mertens could be got for relatively cheap, all would improve us.

Guns of Hackney

Going to jump in on Jack here myself. Horrible little player with absolutely no class to his game.

He reminds me of the Sunday leaguer who for 6 days a week is an estate agent but on a Sunday turns up attempting to boss the entire Hackney Marshes.

Jack is a mid table player…just not a prem mid table player. Championship is his level. Possibly the evo stick league.


Wenger Eagle
I have to say that everything I see Roberto Firmino play for Liverpool, I just remember all th the good things you used to say about him 3 years befor he came to England
You were the Firmino guy before anyone else I know.
You’re right, nothing is a secret anymore. The scout is overrated these days.


“Would genuinely prefer Brenda Rogers over Enrique.”

lol this surely tops your ‘Welbeck is an exceptional player’ in rating your pearlers on here

Enrique is far and away the better manager,i’m genuinely taken back to some posters take on Enrique,he was behind the famous MSN attack that wow the football world.


Wenger Eagle
The days of cheap findings from Italy are over because Serie A is back again.
Chelsea discovered that with trying to sign Sandro last summer. The Salah sale was to fulfill FFT rules, he had to go by a certain day and besides he was in the last year of his contract.

Serie A now has four CL qualifiers permanently allocated like any of the other top three teams.


Anyway, I’m quite excited about tonight. Now that we know Big Weng is going, can actually enjoy this European semi as arguably our most meaningful knock-out match in a decade, even if it is the European Losers’ Cup. Winning a European trophy brings some prestige to the club, and the CL qualification will be a big boost to the new regime.

Hope the team can show something and it’s not another embarrassment at the high stakes table. No reason for there not to be a good atmosphere at the stadium and full backing of the team.



Certainly true of the top 5 European leagues.

It’s getting to the stage where people will have to look at places like Austria, Belgium, Switzerland to find these kind of gems before they blow up.

Look at RB Salzburg for example, they’ve stunned everyone in the EL this season and are full of goals and inventive football.

Leon Bailey (Belgium), Mo Salah (Switzerland), Sadio Mane (Austria), Ivan Perisic (Belgium) are only a few of the players that made their name in these countries.


Victorious – Wow, what a genius. Must have taken him a long time to identify those players, and have the foresight to see that they would be good together.

He was shit at Roma, and that is better platform to judge his abilities than managing Barcelona. It’s like trying to give a leg-up to Apollo 11 and taking credit for it launching.

Guns of Hackney

Enrique had to take a sabbatical after a couple of seasons…maybe he doesn’t have the stomach for a prem season dealing with Wengers bullshit.


Sorry I am replying late, like anyone cares lol. “Don’t rate any of the Arda Turan, Aleix Vidal (he’s absolutely dire, amazing how he has not been binned), Alcacer, Andre Gomes (lol he’s pathetic), Cillessen, Digne, Mathieu, etc. At the times these transfers were made each one of them would have improved our first 11. Make no mistake we aren’t Barca and their situation is way different from ours. Their first team is riddled with world class players. It’s harder buying those players knowing that the players they are supposed to replace are still at their peak. How does Gomes… Read more »

Champagne charlie

Been told word is Allegri to Arsenal is quietly being agreed (nothing signed), no announcement or leaks about it because all parties involved want to avoid it being seen as a distraction to Juventus’ title run-in. Sunday’s result made the landscape more tense.

The names doing the rounds have been leaked by Arsenal to the press, who they may/may not hold interest in, but it’s a red herring type affair currently.

Dubious, but that would be welcome!



The problem wasn’t that they couldn’t displace those players, it was the fact that the drop-off in quality was so steep from the first team because these players simply are not good enough to wear the Barca shirt.

Andre Gomes is shite, not sure what player you have been watching. Same goes for Vidal and Digne.

Alcacer is a good penalty box CF, in the right team I reckon he’s capable of 15-20 goals a season but he’s still not good enough.

Turan doesn’t piss all over anyone, he did at Atleti perhaps.


Get outta here Mystic lol

Nagelsmann a worse recruitment than Arteta.

Nagelsmann has actually been managing a football team in one of the top european divisions and not only that getting plenty of plaudits for it.

What has Arteta been doing in comparison? Being Pep’s puppy dog that’s what.

Romford Pele

Mystic – I think you have your wires twisted because Messi has never played on the left. It was Neymar there, Suarez in the centre and Messi from the right. Logistically that works so it’s not a big problem. Messi has played there loads before so it’s not a problem, it’s also where he broke through into the Barca team. Pep played him as a false 9 but Messi wasn’t wedded to it. And there’s no way in hell any board is ever picking Luis Enrique over Messi lol. There may have been tensions between the two but that’s normal… Read more »

Vintage Gun

Wenger Eagle
“I have to say that everything I see Roberto Firmino play for Liverpool, I just remember all th the good things you used to say about him 3 years before he came to England”

I also remember W’ Eagle banging the Firmino drum also.
Credit where it’s due


*right not left


I like technical, talented, control-the-game midfielders as much as anyone, but if you look, for example, at what Klopp is doing at Liverpool at the moment, his central midfielders really aren’t that; they are really more like athletic role players and facilitators. Their principal job is to defend and then, when they do win the ball, find the feet of one of the front three players. They then make overlapping runs off of these players to help with the attack, but none of Milner, Winaldjum or Henderson are “great” central midfielders. They’re serviceable, athletic guys who work hard, can play… Read more »


Allegri would be fabulous.



If your right (and I hope you are) then I’ll buy you a cold beer in the sunshine mate.

Romford Pele

Allegri is such a shift from 22 years of Wenger but it’d be a breath of fresh air to see us so organised!


Romford Pele
“Allegri is such a shift from 22 years of Wenger but”

Never mind the buts RP lol

Such a shift from Wenger.

Those thoughts are sweet music to many people’s ears.


We won’t go far wrong with Allegri that’s fo sure…

Back to the days of the George Graham era of an immaculately turned out classy manager( no fumbling around with zips for him) who knows how to organise and prepare a team but maybe with a little more flair than George (hopefully).

Park Chu-young's left testicle

Now that Wenger is on his way out I wonder what the position is on that Wilshere contract. If I were the club I would withdraw the offer. No point having a player on the books that the new manager might not play.

Champagne charlie


Not my words mate, guy I know at Arsenal does get close to the action but he has said it’s been so closed doors the week running up to the announcement by Wenger. Normally he’s sure about saying anything, but he’s been reduced to a bit of hearsay and stated the absolute truth is being kept very much at the top.

Told me previous that whenever Josh Kroenke is in-house the place is on lockdown and the usual activity around the building is limited. Make of that what you will.


Weagle my post said at the time those signings were made meaning Turan was signed off of Atletico. Even if he came now he would start in our middle. Ramsey bring a ball under control with one touch, Wilshire is dire, Xhaka will start because there’s no replacement for him and Mo is a sub at best. If Turan were to come to Arsenal now he would start. Gomes is so young and with what he did at Valencia you could discount his barca days as a spin off. Dembele might still go the same way at Barca. Maybe players… Read more »


Mystic I don’t choose Nagelsmann.

If you read properly you would see I said I would want Allegri, Jardim over him.

Not keen on Enrique.

That you seem to rate Arteta higher than Nagelsmann is worrying. There is nothing absolutely nothing that suggests at this point that Arteta would be a better appointment than Nagelsmann.

Champagne charlie

Timo Horn choosing to stay at Koln regardless of their season, opted against triggering his release clause.

One option down, Bernd Leno looking the prime candidate for us this summer if rumours are true



Not much presence CC.


Surely they can do better than Leno.

Champagne charlie


Vintage Gun

Jack Wilshere is cooked at the elite level.
His mentality, attitude, self entitlement, bad habits (on and off the pitch) along with the obvious injuries have left him a bang average injury prone CM with a dubious aura. West Ham seems about right.

Sad but true

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