Wenger lets rip at ‘hurtful’ fans

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Well, the match day wasn’t quite the emotional response we expected from the players or the fans. Empty seats, a muted celebration of Wenger that only came when we were winning and a pretty bog standard 2017-18 game from the boys on the pitch.

The real interest was focused on the post-match comments. Wenger played the pity card, guilted a fan base he felt betrayed by and made it 100% clear the ‘resignation’ was not his idea.

Here’s the thing, there’s no point in getting riled by it. The man is broken by his firing, he’s still in shock, and I don’t think he’s ever been told he’s underperforming. No one likes to be told they’re dispensable and no one likes to lose their job, even if there’s a sweet £9m payout.

“I feel this club has a fantastic image and, for me, that is absolutely vital. We can speak and speak and speak but sport is about winning and losing and you [the supporters] have to accept you will lose games, even when I will not be here any more. But it is about something bigger than just winning or losing and that was always a worry: how the club is perceived worldwide, for kids playing in Africa, China and America and the dreams it can create for young children who want to play football.”

Bleating on about soft-targets that elevate the job of Arsenal manager close to religious leadership is great for the soundbite, but the reality is, football is about winning trophies. Sadly, the kids in Africa are more inclined to pay attention to the colour of the jersey lifting a Champions League trophy than they are to the intangible values Wenger trumps up every time things don’t go his way.

As I’ve said many times this year, there are no fallbacks this season. He failed on all fronts. He stopped making money, he showed his Midas touch with talent – young and old – had gone, and he had fans staying away from their prepaid tickets. Not just that, look at the state of our team. No direction, character, structure or joy. He’s left the squad a wreck, which is why we’ll be so incredibly appealing to every coach on the planet this summer. The only way is up.

The West Ham game didn’t offer up much we don’t already know. The player’s hearts are only in one competition this season, so anaemic performances in the Premier League outside United will be par the course.

Monreal, our superstar striker put us 1 up when he smashed home a left-footed volley from a Xhaka corner. A really tidy finish for a left back. Arnautovic drew West Ham back in 13 minutes later, a car crash of a goal that started from a classic Ospina punched clearance. He really is a shoddy keeper. Not that our defence or midfield showered themselves in glory in the ensuing melee of Sunday league defending.

Ramsey popped up with our second, scoring his oddest goal of the season when he tried to find Aubameyang with a flaccid cross that slipped through the West Ham defence past the hapless Joe Hart. God help us if he’s England’s #1 this summer.

Danny W started the move for our third, making a quick one-two with Xhaka, he found Auba who played in Lacazette at a tight angle, the Frenchman belted a deflected shot that beat Hart at his near post. More poor keeping if we’re honest.

The West Ham collapse was completed when Auba played Ramsey into the box, some silky quick feet from the Welshman and an incisive pass to Lacazette allowed for an easy 4th, taking his goal tally higher than Morata’s, 3 behind Lukaku and 2 behind Firmino. Not a bad return for a player who missed 2 months out injured.

A lot of the post-match whining from the press focused on the lack of singing from the fans. Please. This really has to stop, the never-ending gratitude some folk in the media think we should show Wenger is incredibly indulgent. The response was muted because he overstayed his welcome, he used his past glories to steal undeserved contracts and he sucked the joy out going to Arsenal for at least 6 seasons.

I love the notion that this is because of the ‘modern fan’. Average age of a Premier League season ticket holder was 43 last time I checked, old enough to have sat through the George Graham years. It’s such a bourgeois notion to think that Arsenal fans should just suck up the depressing 14-year decline because Wenger can titillate the Crouch End press core with occasional pithy anecdotes about philosophy or Brexit.

What is the expected behaviour? Start a 40-day celebration of Arsène? Sacrifice a few chickens in the ground? It’s very unique that Arsenal fans, who had the longest serving manager by 19 years, are critiqued as being bad fans so often.

Our loyalty to the manager was borderline sycophantic up until 2 seasons ago. We let him go 9 years without a trophy, 14 years without a league win (or even getting to March competing), 7 seasons not making it past the last 16 of the Champions League, as well as never winning a European trophy. Not to mention ‘Arsene knows’ became a religious turn of phrase amongst Arsenal fan to explain any and all of his actions.

Wenger’s comments on our fans had a few people finger wagging at AFTV.

‘Personally, I believe this club is respected all over the world, much more than in England … our fans did not give the image of unity that I want in the club all over the world, and that was hurtful. I feel the club is respected. Overall the image we gave of our club is not what it is and not what I like.’

I think people are giving Wenger a bit too much credit for his web browsing habits here. Bellerin gave you all the insight you needed about what the players/coaches think of AFTV. It’s football panto played by a group of fun characters. It’s not serious like the issues we’ve had in the ground with the banners, the planes, the empty seats, the booing, the shoddy atmosphere. That’s the message of unity he’d like us to have improved on.

The ultimate sin that killed Wenger wasn’t rage, it wasn’t over passionate displays of pantomime childishness, it was antipathy. When the fans stopped caring, that’s when the club had to act.

The comment also highlights that Wenger doesn’t really understand why this firing happened. He can’t see what he did wrong, he hates that his stellar reputation and past deeds can’t control fan feelings, he’s devastated he could no longer reimagine failure in a pithy sentence the fans would buy, he’s absolutely baffled that setting the bar isn’t enough, unless you can maintain it.

Ultimately, Arsenal fans have had 6 years to get used to the idea Wenger shouldn’t be manager. He’s been a bit of a squatter lately and a progress blocker, so good riddance is obviously going to be the vibe, and that’s why you’re not seeing disingenuous shows of gratitude right away. Still more comments like the one below will get the fans back on side.

“I’m happy when the fans are happy and I’m even ready to suffer to make them happy. If sometimes they make me happy as well [by singing his name], I will take it. Every single decision I made during my 22 years was for the good of Arsenal and every single decision was with the priority of doing well for the club. I tried to influence the club on structure, development of players and style of play. To combine the three is not always easy and I believe I leave a club that is in a very good position.

“My target was always to do that and give continuity to the guy who comes in after me so we can be better in the next 20 years. That’s my wish.”

I like the way he talks about sacrifice like he’s the Jesus of Arsenal. Hopefully, a godly performance against Atleti will see out his career!

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments x

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I am still wondering how Roma did it last summer. They changed the coach and NINE players and is doing so well.

Black Hei


There is actually one with a good track record. Jardim over at Monaco.

Given that he beat our ass and just about everyone else and sold the likes of Mbappe for zillions……

I think as far as Stan Kronke is concerned, he is a shoo in.

The only thing is that i think Jardim has enough of this pauper’s budget skit.

Take me back to Highbury

. They changed the coach and NINE players and is doing so well

Because it’s only Wenger bollocks that you can’t change more than a couple

And only akb bullshit to be careful what you wish for in changing managers

Champagne charlie


There’s no way of dressing up being a Sunday league manager over working daily with the best coach on the planet.

I mean there is, but your motives for doing so are piss poor. If neither Vieira/Arteta has any affinity with Arsenal then I’d wager almost everyone would favour the guy 2nd to Pep over the guy managing in the MLS.

Fans have a romantic connection when considering Vieira/Henry types as managers.


You have to be trolling with this Arteta love fest.
You really think being the second assistant at city makes Arteta Guardiola-esque. Even Guardiola has spent one season as manager of the Barcelona B team.

Why do you want Arsenal to be the place of an internship for Arteta?

Take me back to Highbury


Right now i wouldn’t take any of the 3 out of arteta, viera or Henry

Arteta at Arsenal was a failure. I don’t want what he brought to arsenal as a player to managing arsenal. He needs to show something of what his style is. Tactics are etc.


Given the choice of Arteta, I want Wenger to stay.
That’s how underwhelming and insulting this Arteta talk is.
So all is takes is to observe Pep for two seasons?

How about a manager who has shown competence managing a team in the top division?

Champagne charlie


Playing devils advocate, I stated as much when engaging with Marko.

I’ve not stated I want him to be manager.


I’m thinking 95% of Arsenal fans thought that it was time for Arsene to leave. That debate has been over a while now. I don’t quite understand the triumphant celebrations because frankly I think even a good choice is going to have a long battle getting back to even being close to Man City. So let’s take a quick look at the managers starting with Diego Someone at 18/1. Simeone: I can really see the appeal of having him at Arsenal but it just doesn’t look like it’s on the cards. My best guess is that he’s made it clear… Read more »


Only £50 million to spend on top of money generated from player sales?

Better get Jardim; he’s used to tight budgets at Monaco. Enrique was used to unlimited spending at Barca, can’t see him working out.


I think most would value being the right hand to Pep over being manager of a pub side in the states. Why did Pep seek Arteta and not just bring Vieira across the water? First off he’s like third in line on the bench and yes I think actually managing a club is better than being just another coach at City. Vieira is being groomed for the City job has been for years. Why wasn’t he brought back to be one of Pep’s assistants? Probably cause the higher up’s at City have bigger plans for him. The fact that you… Read more »


Bit disingenuous there, Wenger have a one line answer when literally asked about Vieira being ready to manager Arsenal. With Arteta he stated he hoped he goes on to be a coach because he has standout qualities (he was still a player at this point). Have to query this though with all due respect because I know there’s still a Wenger love in going on until the season ends but is he truly a good indicator of prospective coaches? Is his eye for coaching the same as his eye for talent? Cause you’ve heard stories of out dated approaches to… Read more »


Interesting article in Telegraph, which is on the whole more balanced and accurate in its reportage. APPOINTMENT OF MANAGER They are going through a normal recruitment process even if there are favourites. My guess is that there is not unanimity although I was informed on Sunday that favoured candidate at Board level was Luis Enrique. New manager will have more restricted role at club than Wenger and will need to be more disciplined with players particularly younger ones than Wenger has been. TRANSFER BUDGET The summer budget will be restricted to £50 million net. That is in line with the… Read more »


“I have no idea if Vieira was asked to come join Pep, but only two options are at play and neither make Patrick sound elite. 1. Didn’t get the call, too busy making sure Arteta was on board 2. Got the call but preferred to work daily with league two talents, and not the elites of football. Ambition” Or 3/ decided to stay in order to work on his own theories/ philosophy so as to refine them empirically, instead of hiding behind the coat tales of pep.. I don’t feel as a club with the current squad, that a manager… Read more »


I accept the Arteta would be solely concerned with team matters: tactics, selection and training. However, this a big problem to fix for a rookie manager. He has to change the negative culture of the club and weak mentality of a poorly constructed squad many of whom have limited ability and should never have been brought into the club. Having said previously my feelings are Gazidis also isn’t an experienced elite club CEO and have yet to be proved wrong. Equally the BoD are only really concerned with the bottom line and their financial gains. As Jason says things could… Read more »


If we’re looking at a young and innovative manager then why not Zardim or Nagelsman who have been there and done that ? Choosing a tyro who has never managed a club to take over from someone who has been micro managing everything at Arsenal sounds very risky to me. Arteta could be a masterstroke for all I know but we are taking a big risk here.


weird how even when the subject isn’t Wenger the same divisions remain. I’m with CC in thinking Arteta would be a bold, exciting choice. has the edge over Nagelsmann in having experienced life at a big club, and his familiarity with the PL.



“I’ve seen nothing to convince me otherwise. There’s no evidence right now that he’s an up and coming manager.”

apart from his being an important part of a coaching staff on a team that is about to smash every PL record going?


Oi pedro!looks like you’re going to have to have a serious word in gazidis shell like.£50 million transfer budget outside of sales?they’re taking the piss already out of a new manager.this is a major rebuild job & you can’t throw shirt buttons at it.if gazidis & Stan aren’t seeing to be pulling their finger out.they are next on the elbow list & i’d Imagine that would kick in a lot sooner than it did for Wenger .they have been warned….


Off topic..
Pochettino…. Does anyone think his record wipes the floor of Harry redknapp… If you do you’d be wrong…

Pochettino 4 seasons
3 top 4 finishes
2 fa cup semis
1 league cup final
2nd round champions league exit.

Redknapp under 4 seasons
2 top 4 finishes
2 fa cup semis
1 league cup final
I champions league quarter final

And Pochettino spent much more money on players.

Pochettino doesn’t look so good now, not quite revolutionary is he…. Overrated I would say.

Guns of Brixton

Carlo Ancelotti been offered the Italy Job


Would wait to see who our manager is before reading too much into the press reports on budgets etc. They’re saying Enrique is favourite, meaning it will probably be Allegri or something.


Wallace of course, you want Arteta, would suit the pending narrative if things go askew. So anyway let’s way up the pro’s and con’s Pro’s 1| Intimate with the club, familiar with the structure and knows the players. 2| Understudy to one of if not the best manager in world football today, so, therefore, privy to Peps tactical approach to training and game day routine. 3| Working on a day to day basis with elite players and being part of a winning premiership club/team. Con’s 1| The unknown, has NEVER coached a team at any level on his own (not… Read more »


Arteta would be Martinez Mark II ….shit manager….


1. Redknapp had inherited two world class players in Bale and Modric whereas Poch has built the team from scratch, giving opportunities to unknown players.

2. Poch’s team is easily the best Tottenham team in over a decade. Good quality players in every position, better depth.

3. Poch has been comfortably qualifying for top 4 when it’s been more difficult than ever to qualify.

4. Under Poch Spurs have been involved in title races, this wasn’t the case under Harry.


Spurs are top 4 material only because both Man Utd and Chelsea are are not the force they once were…


£50m gets you 2 prospect > good players.

This is why I said it’ll take at least 2-3 transfer windows before there’s any real measurable changes.

Rambo Ramsey

So much bullshit in TR7’s post. Wow


The same goes with Arsenal who have declined even further these last 3 seasons allowing Spurs to move above them.


“Spurs are top 4 material only because both Man Utd and Chelsea are are not the force they once were”

Actually, Spuds are top 4 material in spite of a resurgent United and Liverpool. One has to give credit to Poch here.


We are or should be recruiting a First Team Head Coach and not a Wenger type Manager. Therefore the person recruited needs coaching experience rather than admin background. The club has already recruited people with the necessary skills to work on the administrative side. There are far too many posting on here who know absolutely nothing about most of the coaches we could be looking at apart from the clubs where they worked. I find it laughable when I read RTs usual negative pearls of wisdom. He knows absolutely nothing about football let alone the candidates. I would put money… Read more »


Arsenal’s flat track bully form deserted them which is the only reason they are out of the top 4.


@ red

Sure but, Spurs haven’t overtaken us by pure luck. It was due to the footballing direction the two opposing managers took their respective teams.


With a limited budget & the expectation of blooding youth, Jardim should be #1 choice. People bang on about our poor defensive record, but we’re not a great offensive team, especially away from home. This was the case last year when our two main goalscorers Giroud & Sanchez couldn’t/or weren’t willing to run in behind. Lack of pace and penetration meant no easy chance creation. I think Jardim can address thru purchases and change of style. We average a goal per game away from home. Should be double that. We’ll gain more points away from home with scoring more rather… Read more »


Chelsea won the league last season ,so I wouldn’t say they have declined. It’s just that competition for top 4 places is fierce now leading to one or two out of Chelsea, United, Arsenal missing out on it. Spurs close to their 3rd consecutive qualification for CL.

Rambo, it would be better if you could enlighten me which part of my post was bullshit and what’s your factual or logical counter to the points I made.




Rebuilding team will be at least 3 year job.

However, that does not prevent the new coach from at least improving in short
term the tactics and discipline which have been so lacking in recent years.

The defence does need investment, but it requires also organisation and focus.
That can be achieved even with existing personnel.



“Wallace of course, you want Arteta, would suit the pending narrative if things go askew.”

that we should have stuck with Wenger? not at all, I will always want us to be successful. the day I sink to wanting us to lose games I’ll look for something else to do with my free time.

and Arteta isn’t my preferred choice, that would be Benitez or Jardim, but he is an interesting candidate.


Arteta was a team mate of most of the current players in our squad. Will he be able to take ruthless decisions against them for the good of the club?


‘”But Arsenal fans decide to boycott games after losing to the best team in the league in yet another final..”

The best team in the league who Liverpool slaughtered a week or two later…


Arsenal need to focus on the recruitment of three new players namely GK,CB
and CMF. So that is likely to cost the club more than £50 million.

This means that the club will need to find most probably at least an additional
£50 million from sales.

Personally I don’t think that will be easy when you look at the players most likely to be offloaded this summer.


With the right manager and cash injection Arsenal can win the league next season..


Wenger got sacked for pissing £200m worth of transfers up the wall.


Cech, Ospina, Jenkinson, Chambers, Lucas, Campbell, Akpom…lucky to make 50m out of that bunch.


Arteta and a £50 mill transfer budget will be high time to campaign to get gazidis out next


They want to stay in wenger’s “style”, I will be disgusted if this is Arteta.
(and please don’t tell me that he has learned a lot with Pep lol)


Wenger’s a greedy unprincipled cunt who is only staying on for the remainder of the season so as he can collect his £9m salary….


“At this early stage, both Brendan Rodgers and Rafa Benitez are not thought to be strong candidates.”

At least, one good news…

Guns of Brixton

Really love Redtruths use of the Ellipsis.



I agree. I’ve always said that even the least desired manager/coach we could employee will make a noticeable difference in player approach and tactics. But sadly, I don’t even think that will be enough. We might blag in for 10 games then we’d get found out due to the limitation of our players, imho.

But yeah, 2-3 transfer windows will be the absolute minimum for any new manager/coach. We could probably raise £30m a time across player sales. Getting rid of all the players necessary won’t happen in one window.


If a £50 million budget is all arsenal are prepared to give an incoming manager, everyone can forget an elite coach like allegri coming to the club. It indicates strongly that an arteta type appoint is far more likely. I think that’s what gazidis was alluding to when he said the club needed to be’ bold’. He’s basically saying, look were not going to spend big so we’re not getting an elite coach. Let’s roll the dice and get someone young in. Someone looking to prove themselves. Well, it may work but that’s a hard road arsenal have chosen. Also… Read more »

emmanuel nwaneri

So well said bro! “…he talks about sacrifice like he’s the Jesus of Arsenal”. What a dreamer. No mention of the odd $15-18m he pockets every year; no mention of the $11m he’ll be happily walking away with as pension money. Instead, poor old Arsene who never saw anything wrong in his inability to win trophies, is now bleating about how the fans were not united behind the club(!) A club he destroyed by his cluelessness???
What a sad man!

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