Ball gets rolling on new manager talk, but is it real?

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The best type of ball is one that is rolling, and Matt Law appears to indicate that he’s heard that is what’s happening in the hunt for a new manager. His claim is that no one agrees on who should replace Wenger, a change that is expected to happen this season.


I’m still not getting my hopes up about Wenger going this summer, it’s bad for your health to make logical assumptions based on a robust dataset when it comes to Arsenal. However, if Josh has the balls we’re looking for (not rolling one’s if you get what I mean), then we’re in for a treat this summer.

The article states Ivan likes Jardim, Rodgers and Arteta. Mislintat likes Nagelsmann and Schalke’s Tedesco. With Raul loving a bit of Enrique. They fail to mention that Pedro from Le Grove likes Allegri and Big Sean Dyche.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to land on someone from Germany. I think Ivan is big into that Bundesliga scene. We know he was speaking to the hot shit on the bloc last season when he spoke to Schmidt, Hassenhutl and likely Thomas Tuchel. I think they’ve identified that they need a good gegenpress master to come in, they want someone they can make a king, and they want someone who can work within their structure.

I’m surprised Allegri isn’t on the list. He seems like the most qualified to take on the club, with a presence, experience and tactical toolkit fit to take the Premier League by storm. He also seems very much available with Chelsea looking likely to go for Sexy-Sarri football next season (jealous).

Jardim would no doubt be an excellent choice. He also has all the experience we’re looking for, great with young players, dynamic with his philosophy, and great at bringing the most out his teams (he’s also good at working under immense stress with Monaco being a selling club).

Whoever we end up with, the most important thing is we end up with someone new.

There’s  deep rot that’s taken hold at the club, so much so, I have West Ham fans messaging me asking how much money to put on them beating Arsenal this weekend. A group of fans on the edge of doing something stupid at every single game because their team is so utterly awful. Shows how uninterested our players are at this point when West Ham beating them at home is 50/50.

The club need to bring back the joy to the ground. You can’t land mega sponsorship deals in a depressed stadium, with shite players, and a crappy brand of football. I’d imagine a sharp change this summer will have that in mind…

‘We’re not there right now, but we’ll get there quickly, which is why we want X number’

Cannot wait to see Arsenal rocking a Macron kit next season.

It’s also going to be an interesting week. We really must beat West Ham to get off to a good start. Then we have Atleti at home on Thursday, followed by United at home, followed by Atleti away.


It’s weird trying to predict what you want out of this. Jose still has 2nd to play for, so there will be no giving us an inch this weekend, he’ll also be bang up for ending Wenger. I’m feeling a draw though…

Then there’s the European games.

First up, I have to state the obvious: We could win, there’s always a chance.

My gut says this:

  • Arsenal are rusty because we’re only interested in Europe
    • We lack intensity, discipline and focus
  • Atleti are playing hard at the moment, so they’re match fit
  • Atleti has better players and coaching staff

I think our Europa form has been flattering,  we beat big clubs that are shite (Milan) giving us a false illusion of great form, we’ve played small clubs and scrambled through (losing to Ostersunds at home), we’re basically where we are being carried on a wave of good fortune.

Atleti will want to kill us. They will have a plan. They will be very capable of executing it.

My fear? Anything that looks like glorious failure. A last gasp technicality type goal. I don’t want to lose on away goals, a dubious offside, a last minute penalty that’s unfair. We either win because we’re great, or we lose hard because this will be par the course for our season.

Do not give me Bayern away… Barcelona when Robin was sent off… or anything that Wenger can lean on to save his ass.

Unless he’s saving his ass by winning properly.

A big week for us. Let me know how you see this panning out in the comments!

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Frank Mc

I will forever remember you as the bringer of such a good news.

Been waiting years for this


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‘Penis’ the whining will start from le grovellers about who’s coming in…

Now starts the whining from the Akb cunts cause their God is gone




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