Arsenal #MAGA – Upcoming Scenarios and Solutions

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Oh man, someone re-upped this little beauty from my Twitter feed earlier.Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.59.34

That Tweet DID age well. I feel exactly the same way as I did 2 years ago. Very sad that the club are still bumbling their way around a decisive decision, but there you go.

There’s really not much rumbling in the news feeds, so you have to pick up little snippets where you can. Jezza Wilson is always a good place to look. Though he is Lord of the Yearly Warchest, he’s also a trusted sidekick of the establishment. He said this in an article yesterday.

No decision has yet been made on whether Wenger will continue as manager for what is the final year of his contract next season, but the pressure for change will become intense if they do not now win the Europa League.

 The club’s board have not yet made a decision and, while performances and the failure again to mount a Premier League title challenge will be of greatest concern, the general apathy of supporters will also be considered.

Recent home Premier League games have been notable for the large numbers of empty seats and, while that is partly explained by how relatively little there is to play for in the league, directors will be anxious to see those fans return.

Interesting that fan apathy is coming into the equation. I mean, really, that should be last on the shopping list of Wenger-inflicted-horrors. The fact that we’re heading into season two of Europa League on a technicality tells you all you need to know about how poor we’ve been. Outside of that, poor squad management, lack of identity, weak grasp of tactics, failure to develop young kids, crimes against zippers, failure to make our senior players better and a wage bill that greatly outstrips talent are just a few I could mention.

It’s nice the board care about the fans, but we know that’s a big fat lie. They barely care about the club. The only person they seem to worry about is Arsene Wenger, likely because he fattened all of their wallets over the years. Grown men, in positions of power, more worried about the feelings of another grown man versus the health of a club loved by millions. Incredible. If one of them were my granddad, I’d be the one busting out the slipper.

You can say that’s harsh to tar servants of Arsenal that way, but look, all the facts point in that direction. We’re utterly rudderless and there’s apparently still a decision to make on his future. There should be no decision. There has been no decision to make for years. This whole charade is being dragged out by people who don’t seem to grasp the basics of running a modern football club, or worse, people who don’t care beyond their titles.

Interesting that Martial wanted to have a chat with Arsenal last transfer window before Mikki joined us.

‘It is understood that Martial was disappointed at not having the chance to discuss a move to Arsenal in January, when the London club raised the possibility of including the forward in the swap deal that led to Henrikh Mkhitaryan leaving Old Trafford instead,’

Again, you always have to tally the excitement of a young prospect wanting in, with the reality of what Wenger would do to that talent. But great to read we’re still a draw. I know I keep banging on about it, but if we moved Wenger on, and brought in someone of Allegri’s stature, imagine what that would do to our reputation among players? We’d be an instant threat.

I really hope we’ve lined someone up already. We had done last summer and it didn’t leak, so it’s possible to keep big stories under wraps. I’m just not sure you can do that with a name as important as Allegri. Still, no one knows where Tuchel is going yet, so we can but dream.

What is apparent is there’s a big, fat, juicy excuse to keep Wenger…

‘We felt with the World Cup, shortened preseason, earlier transfer window and Europa Qualifiers, it was a bad time to introduce a new manager’

Oh man, when I wrote that it felt so real… like a Gazidis haunted ouija board just took over my soul and punched out those words.

Again, a large chunk of fans will fall for the logic, but the reality of that incoming statement is it’s a farce. It’d be the perfect time to chuck Wenger out. Bring in a new coach, give them a fluff season to experiment with the squad, build out the backroom team, work with Sven and Raul on a transfer plan, and implement ideas and a philosophy.

Next season, however it happens, is a write-off. If we win the Europa, we’ll fail because this squad finished 6th/7th with one game a week. If we finish in the Europa League positions, we’ll not be able to cope with zero prep time for the season ahead. If Wenger brings in new faces, they’ll be given the same old crappy ideas. Not just that, but remember, no one plays hard for a manager who is retiring at the end of the season.

Many joys await… the best solution? Rip that plaster/band-aid/prosthetic-leg/gangrenous-leg off and get on with making Arsenal great again (Actually #MAGA < should we not be taking over that hashtag?)

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    Tony D

    Wenger’s management career at Arsenal has to end, because to postpone it
    will not only impact on attendances, but also potentially on commercial sponsorship as Puma Contract ends next season.

    Reverting to what I wrote about player recruitment in first two years when Wenger arrived the club did not go overboard with incoming transfers.

    John Ludic [aged 36]
    Remi Garde [aged 30]
    Patrick Vieira [aged 21]
    Nicolas Anelka [18]
    Boa Morte
    Overmars [aged 24]
    Petit [aged 27]

    However, rather like this season the club did make considerable clearout of
    deadwood with departures of Dickov,McGoldrick,Hillier,Harrison,Linighan,

  2. Aubergine14


    ‘Actually it’s really about his pride and his ego. Banford is an immensely arrogant person; despite everything, he still thinks he is right, and he still thinks he can prove his critics wrong. And even if there is a little voice in his head telling him that he can’t turn things around, that his critics might be right, he would rather deny this and continue to fail at life and on Ke Grove than give his critics the pleasure of seeing him step aside or admit that he has been wrong. That is one thing Banford will never, ever do. He will insist that he was correct all along until his dying day. He is a very sad man, in a way, and he is a very delusional.’

    Fixed it for you. Seek help Banford it’s a cry for help if I’ve ever seen one.

  3. TonyD

    I’ve been posting for a long time about the loss of or reduction in sponsorship deals by keeping Wenger.

    What’s also important is the loss of branding world wide particularly the younger generation of new supporters from the age of around 7 onwards that are not going to be following Arsenal.

    Today’s younger generations are more inclined to make their own minds up who to support: they have much more access to the sport from the Internet/TV than earlier generations. Therefore, not so many kids today follow family generations in staying with a club supported by their fathers and grandfathers.

    I’m not so concerned about the clear out but who the next manager is going to be.

    The decline has to stop now and Ivan and the BoD/Kroenke have to put the club first over their greedy financial interests.

    Ultimately the aforementioned will reap more profits from the club’s successes in the EPL and CL than they are now, but they are either too dumb to realize this or just not up to the job of managing a modern day football club.

    Obviously Wenger has to go but equally Ivan/BoD are not up to the standards of the CEO/BoDs from Spuds, Liverpool, Chelsea United and City or we wouldn’t be in this mess we find ourselves in.

    Of course Kroenke has to shoulder the real blame because of his interfering by continually giving Wenger contract extensions.

    This from a supposedly hands-off owner.

    I think it was PhD07 who earlier outlined the smart owners, such as RA who knew little about the running of elite clubs and brought in highly successful and experienced CEOs, which Gazidis isn’t!

    I never wanted Gazidis (Mr. MLS) in the first place for exactly that reason (no experience this side of the pond), but Wenger got to pick his man who wouldn’t pose Him a problem. I think at that time we could have had the United CEO, but Wenger vectored it.

    Not only should Wenger go now but also Gazidis and the old BoD cronies. Then if Kroenke proves to continue to be a problem, he should be hounded out as well.

    Any CEO who says they couldn’t find anyone better than Wenger and that we were over achieving last season clearly has no idea about running an elite club and what real success on the pitch means.

  4. alexanderhenry

    Lets get real chaps, wenger’s not getting fired this season whether he deserves it or not.

    Kroenke and the Board will try and get him to resign. If he won’t go of his own accord, they’ll have to sack him.

  5. alexanderhenry


    ‘Not only should Wenger go now but also Gazidis and the old BoD cronies. Then if Kroenke proves to continue to be a problem, he should be hounded out as well.’

    I agree, but that’s wishful thinking I’m afraid. We’re stuck with Stan and co unless the club starts losing money.
    It’s difficult to ‘hound’ a man who doesn’t live here, doesn’t ever say anything and doesn’t have any input apart from repeatedly hiring the wrong people and insisting on self sustainability.

    Also, there is the possibility that they might get it right post wenger.

  6. Aubergine14


    ‘I think at that time we could have had the United CEO, but Wenger vectored it’

    You think? More like you’ve just made it up.

    David Gill was at United, when IG joined us in 2008/09, overseeing the hugely successful back 9 of fergies career at the biggest and most successful club in England but you think we could have ‘had’ him?

    What makes you think that exactly? A hunch? Something you heard in the pub? Why people make things up I’ll never know.

    Stick to copy and pasting the daily fail. Put the whisky down and have a cup of reality instead.

  7. Leftsidesanch

    Well I see he’s already up to his excuses about incomings with it being a World cup year and all.

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Tony D

    There is no question that at the beginning of 21st Century Arsenal were in a very strong position to MATCH Manchester United as the major football club in UK.

    The club were producing results, recruiting some of the best players, had built
    a state of the art training ground and were in process of building a 60,000 + stadium.

    So one may ask what went wrong with the club’s plans to become a dominant
    force in EPL and European Football?

    I think that our demise is a combination of bad luck and poor decisions.

    1. David Dein went behind the back of Board to first attempt to recruit Kroenke
    to buy control of club and was effectively sacked.

    2. The stadium was a very complex enterprise and the club made the decision
    to build flats to generate additional revenue. This project was hit by banking
    crisis and recession.

    3. Danny Fiszman the real power at Arsenal became terminally ill with no planned succession. He made the decision along with co-directors to sell his
    shares to Kroenke rather than Usmanov and thus Kroenke took control of club.

    4. Arsenal decided to hold onto Wenger despite his declining performance and more importantly refused to invest properly in the team.

    5. Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool and Spurs who have not been saddled with our
    baggage have come onto the scene and are now outperforming us.

    Effectively there are now five clubs in EPL who are outperforming us and at least three of these have the resources and are willing to outspend us as well.

    Whilst we were in a fantastic position to dominate in UK the commercial and
    marketing prospects the club has failed to do so.

    Keeping Wenger has also impacted on the club, because in my view he has
    allowed the club to stagnate because of his stubbornness and inflexibility.

    The situation has been compounded by Kroenke’s disinterest in football and
    an ageing Board who maintain old school values of loyalty to the Manager.

    My view is that Arsenal is still a major force in English Football. There are plenty of top managers and coaches who would jump at the opportunity of running the club and it still has market appeal, because of its position in
    London Market, Stability and History.

    However, for that to continue the club needs to react quickly before the rot
    is irreversible.

    My view is that Wenger must leave this summer. There is no point continuing
    to throw a lot of money at the problem whilst he is there and more importantly keeping him on whilst we are negotiating our major commercial contract
    with Adidas, Nike or Puma as the case may be.

  9. TonyD

    A14 or Northern Goon?
    Same shit different day from you.

    There was another successful CEO who Wenger didn’t want. Perhaps he was an ex United guy. I just can’t remember, which is why I said I think.

    I know intelligence is beyond you but try to read all posts people write and understand the context of what is being said.

    Work at it you might get there. You’ve probably got 3 years before Wenger departs so there’s a small chance maybe.

    Probably not, though.

  10. Victorious

    “I know intelligence is beyond you but try to read all posts people write and understand the context of what is being said.”

    Says the guy who rarely or ever write/constructs anything reasonable himself except to copy and paste tedious BS from Daily shit.

  11. Aubergine14



    Autocorrect turns tony into tiny and now I’m someone else? Ok mate.

    Haven’t you got a 1000 acre gym to be working out in?

  12. UTarse

    But first just one more from Arsene Wenger when asked if he was concerned about low attendances at home games.

    “We are sold out in every single game so I don’t know what the problem is at the moment.

    ‘With our numbers and how much people want to renew tickets, I don’t believe we have a major problem. The biggest problem is not being in a position to challenge for the title.”

    If the Wenger apologists don’t see this as arrogance or an insult to even the most limited IQ, then our beloved club will be suffering a further decline before any potential addressing of the problems.

  13. Bamford10


    Thanks for that article, except that both Elmo and I had already shared that article on the previous page. Do you not read prior comments before posting your own? If so, that actually would explain a number of things. Good to see your view is changing, though. Cheers.

  14. Michael24


    Decided to give it a rest today in regards to my Wenger rants…………….Then you had to spoil it!

    Best to leave it the Wenger purists to analyse this one as I don’t have the relevant “IQ” to deal with it.

  15. Bamford10


    Good post. It is comments like that one that reveal Wenger’s utter contempt for the supporters, for the public, for the truth. In his mind, he can ignore all of that, spout utter nonsense and smile. After all, he is Arsene Wenger. This is precisely why he deserves no one’s respect or good will, regardless of what he achieved 14+ years ago. What is he today? An utter scoundrel.

  16. OleGunner


    Despicable comments from Wenger once again. Part of why I’ve not watched him do an interview (apart from the insanity that was next level is the next level is the next level with Jake Humphrey) for years.

    He really does like to bury his head in the sand. There could be one person in the stadium and he’d still refuse to accept why its empty, blaming it on the weather or some sort.
    He has also played his hand by saying the seats are already sold, showing that he doesn’t give fuck as the money is already taken in.

    Someone take him out back and do the necessary….please…

  17. Champagne charlie

    “Thanks for that article, except that both Elmo and I had already shared that article on the previous page. Do you not read prior comments before posting your own?“

    You really are an insufferable prick. Matt Law if the Telegraph wrote the article, you don’t have some ownership over it you imbecile. Alex posted it because he ducking wanted to cite it and give his opinion on it.

    Doesn’t need your input or pathetic quip about having already posted it like it’s some competition. You really do nibble at his ankles incessantly.

    Oh, and you were wrong about Sanllehi being the guy to pick the new manager; as I pointed out it’s pretty much a free for all with everyone suggesting people and Stan making the final decision. So nothing “obvious” about it as you arrogantly suggested.

  18. David Smith

    Wengers decline looks to me to be exponential.
    If the board or maybe the owners priority is loyalty or a dignified exit for Wenger, if they drag their heels and he stays, this club is going to find itself in a whole world of pain.
    This manager, as his decline accelerates could relegate this team at worst, mid table at best, he really is that bad. Its only decent players who have kept the team where it has been in recent years.
    If Stan Kroenke, and it will be Stan Kroenke, puts one declining man over the future of the club, time for something else.
    Sadly, our best hope is that Kroenke Jr is a bit more engaged, and has a bit more about him than his dad, but in business and many walks of life, kids inheriting power can often make things even worse.
    A lot will rest on the likes of Sven, Raul, and hopefully other football people to be placed on the board.
    Stan and Wenger are close to wrecking a club that still, for now has a lot of potential, stadium, decent people behind the scenes, good finances, good players, now Wenger has been told to butt out, things going well at youth and academy level, but get it wrong this summer and it may be a very long time before the club comes out of it, in that event, will probably need a new investor

  19. alexanderhenry


    Quite right.
    Unlike others on here I don’t have the time or desire to read through every single post, or insult posters at every opportunity in order to satisfy a somewhat pathological and creepy need for attention.

    Those who do, need to get out more. Or seek professional, medical help. I’ve heard prozac is a good option.


    I’ve already wasted five minutes of my precious life even addressing this.

    The good news is that it appears as if the pressures is mounting. The typical ‘do nothing, say nothing’ Arsenal approach won’t work this time.

  20. alexanderhenry


    ‘Stan and Wenger are close to wrecking a club that still, for now has a lot of potential, stadium, decent people behind the scenes, good finances, good players, now Wenger has been told to butt out, things going well at youth and academy level, but get it wrong this summer and it may be a very long time before the club comes out of it, in that event, will probably need a new investor.’

    Yes, that’s pretty much the state of play.

    The frustrating thing for me is that unlike say Newcastle, Arsenal fc even in its current state remains a hugely attractive proposition for would be investors.
    London based, a 60,000 seat stadium, huge fan base, the name, the history etc.
    It’s all there.

    An ambitious, pro active owner could turn this club around very quickly and achieve so much.

  21. Bamford10


    One, I didn’t say Sanllehi would “pick” the next manager; I said he would scout and help to select the next manager. Indeed, that’s precisely one of the roles he was hired to perform. And I made my comment on this point in reply to your silly quip about Gazidis (and Gazidis alone) being charged with identifying the next manager, a comment which seemed to suggest you had no idea that Arsenal had hired Raul Sanllehi, former Director of Football at Barcelona.

    Two, my point about Alexanderhenry’s post was that two posters had already shared that same article, making it unnecessary to share it again. Of course he and anyone else is free to comment on it. That wasn’t my point. That he felt it necessary to share it, however, suggests that he hadn’t even bothered to read the prior comments before pasting it in, something most people here do.

    You keep twisting what I say to try to score points, though. Cheers.

  22. PhD07

    Champagne charlieApril 19, 2018 09:48:39
    Oh my gosh,this is beyond pathetic.There is something clearly wrong with him.
    He’s emotionally and psychologically stunted.

    Now the justification for having a go at AH over posting a link.
    incredible.Could not make it up.

    I’m done and I’m out.

  23. Samesong

    The Bamford and Champagne show is dominating this blog too much now. Too much tic for tac going on. Why don’ you guys just ignore each other?

  24. Bamford10

    Wow. Now Alexanderhenry is throwing around clinical depression / take your meds insults. Interesting.

    I thought you would be above that kind of thing, Alexander.

    And you made this quip, btw, to try to excuse the fact that you don’t really follow the discussion on Le Grove; you just come here to post your latest thoughts and move on.

    No wonder you have long been so oblivious to certain basic facts at Arsenal.

  25. Bamford10

    The FA has decided to ban Marcos Alonso for three matches on account of that stomp he gave to Shane Long’s achilles tendon. Good decision.

  26. Bamford10

    Mhikitaryan could be available for Atletico, which would be helpful. Reports, also, that Wilshere has told friends that he will reject Arsenal’s offer and move elsewhere this summer. That is fine.

  27. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘The FA has decided to ban Marcos Alonso for three matches on account of that stomp he gave to Shane Long’s achilles tendon. Good decision.’

    What has this gotta do with the topics being discussed?

    Try and follow up rather than budging in, adding totally unrelated matter and ruining the discourse.

  28. Bamford10


    The discussion here is wide-ranging and can involve a great many different football matters. Just skip a post if it isn’t of interest to you.

  29. Victorious

    “The Bamford and Champagne show is dominating this blog too much now. Too much tic for tac going on. Why don’ you guys just ignore each other?”

    Leave them be,its quite the only entertaining back and forth I look forward to everyday.never a dull moment with those two,would rather read them than hurt my eyes with the balderdash, utASS,Tony,Micheal etc would have us go through everyday

  30. Aubergine14


    I’ve never addressed or spoken to you before but after reading the site for a while it’s apparent that you’re the #1 dickhead on here.

    Aren’t you the one humiliated over your awful take on Neymar and the guy without a clue about football unless you read it?

    Weren’t you the only person that would ever fall for the Arseblog April fools that made you look like an even bigger moron than you already are? Aaron Ramsey’s contract negotiations are stalling on an insistence that a % of his earning goes to a fucking owl sanctuary. You seriously believed and posted it here as a legit arsenal story. Total lemon.

    Crawl back under your rock please…you have ZERO credibility.