Surprising Arsenal attacking stat shows decline in thinking

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'But can he defend at the near post?'

‘But can he defend at the near post?’

Arsenal stats geeks, get ready for this one… guess how many goals we’ve scored from counter attacks this season?


Some publication I can’t find reckons we’re one of 5 teams that’s failed to score from a counter attack this season. Quite staggering when you think we’ve had Alexis Sanchez, Ozil, Lacazette and Auba in our side.


It’s an interesting one to read into. Chelsea has only one counter-attacking goal to their name, but they’re in a similar boat to us, not the best of seasons. They also don’t have a fast striker. Liverpool lead the way with Spurs on 8 and 7 respectively.

The question this opens up for me is what do these numbers mean to us? Who do we want to be as a team? Should this number matter?

In my opinion, Arsene Wenger teams should be about power, pace and unpredictable attacking patterns. Though a lot of our goals should come from carefully crafted play in and around the box, we should have levels to our game that allow us to break from defence at pace, otherwise, there’d be no point in an Auba like body? What this number tells me is we don’t have a range to our attacking style, it shows that we’re stuck in a rut, it shows that Wenger hasn’t mastered an identity for us.

Another harsh fact coming our way, if we sneak into the Europa League, we’ll have to qualify in the proper shite group stages. That’ll mean our season starts 11 days after the World Cup.

What could possibly go wrong? You’d almost want to quit the competition before it started if that were the case. We’d have basically no preseason. What a nightmare situation. We’d have to add players to the squad as we go, unless Sven and Raul can make our summer happen in record-breaking fashion this year!

I was pondering to myself just how bad things are at Arsenal… then I started dreaming about Rafa Benitez coming to save us this summer. I hated the idea, but now I’m warming to it. I think that’s more a sign of the times than him genuinely being a great fit for the club, but one thing is for sure, he’d be better than Wenger.

I’m all in on Allegri. No doubt he’ll break my heart when he joins Chelsea, but it is what it is.

The other painful thing about this malaise is it’s hard to find things to write about. It’s a bit like being on international break permanently at the moment. Wenger is breaking the writers… sad times

Right, that’s me done! x

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Chavs cunt

Doesn’t make any difference,the argument was/is Arsenal’s most successful manager,Wenger happens to be that man,guess that fact gives you nightmares,Muppet.


@ Ems

That’s wrong. Pool bought Ox and The Chavs bought Giroud (lets forget that they are having an off season, they are still a top team)

Teams buy differing players for differing reasons and we don’t really have bad players as such, just that they are not being coached properly at present.

Ramsey, Ozil, Monreal, Hector and Niles could get into any of the Top teams here in my opinion (might not be first 11 options though)


@ Biggles

You are right as I don’t really count the “Shield” as a trophy myself, but to be fair, Jose and SAF list it among their trophy hauls though!?


Somebody should update Bertie Mees wiki page to reflect him winning the London Challenge Cup then. It was harder to win!

Thing is, whilst Jose and SAF might list the shield as a trophy, Wenger counts top 4 as one….


Another Gr8 post Pedro

If Arsene Wenger is allowed to see out his 2 year extension, validated circa 11 months ago then the owner, the Board & the dumb arse Arsenal supporters who still adore him should be certified. No need to say anymore really!


loyika Ox and Giroud are not in our current squad and the same applies also to Sanchez. I excluded Chelsea from my list of clubs, because I think that they are currently in a similar situation to us. In hindsight perhaps I am being harsh. Maybe the clubs ahead of us might be interested in Ramsey and Bellerin, but I think that there are unlikely to be any others on their list. I could not conceive any of top 5 going out and recruiting Wilshire!!! The main point is that most of the other clubs ranked above us are unlikely… Read more »


thought we all agreed Herbert Chapman was the best manager the other night. back to this debate again ???


“All” doesn’t include imbeciles such as the 12 year old.


I wonder if Arsenal FC might follow Everton FC lead and send a questionnaire to their fans to judge the managers performance ? pigs might fly