Surprising Arsenal attacking stat shows decline in thinking

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'But can he defend at the near post?'

‘But can he defend at the near post?’

Arsenal stats geeks, get ready for this one… guess how many goals we’ve scored from counter attacks this season?


Some publication I can’t find reckons we’re one of 5 teams that’s failed to score from a counter attack this season. Quite staggering when you think we’ve had Alexis Sanchez, Ozil, Lacazette and Auba in our side.


It’s an interesting one to read into. Chelsea has only one counter-attacking goal to their name, but they’re in a similar boat to us, not the best of seasons. They also don’t have a fast striker. Liverpool lead the way with Spurs on 8 and 7 respectively.

The question this opens up for me is what do these numbers mean to us? Who do we want to be as a team? Should this number matter?

In my opinion, Arsene Wenger teams should be about power, pace and unpredictable attacking patterns. Though a lot of our goals should come from carefully crafted play in and around the box, we should have levels to our game that allow us to break from defence at pace, otherwise, there’d be no point in an Auba like body? What this number tells me is we don’t have a range to our attacking style, it shows that we’re stuck in a rut, it shows that Wenger hasn’t mastered an identity for us.

Another harsh fact coming our way, if we sneak into the Europa League, we’ll have to qualify in the proper shite group stages. That’ll mean our season starts 11 days after the World Cup.

What could possibly go wrong? You’d almost want to quit the competition before it started if that were the case. We’d have basically no preseason. What a nightmare situation. We’d have to add players to the squad as we go, unless Sven and Raul can make our summer happen in record-breaking fashion this year!

I was pondering to myself just how bad things are at Arsenal… then I started dreaming about Rafa Benitez coming to save us this summer. I hated the idea, but now I’m warming to it. I think that’s more a sign of the times than him genuinely being a great fit for the club, but one thing is for sure, he’d be better than Wenger.

I’m all in on Allegri. No doubt he’ll break my heart when he joins Chelsea, but it is what it is.

The other painful thing about this malaise is it’s hard to find things to write about. It’s a bit like being on international break permanently at the moment. Wenger is breaking the writers… sad times

Right, that’s me done! x

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  1. Marko

    You do know that there’s more managers attainable and that once Tuchel goes or Allegri stays we’re not so fucked it’s down to Rafa Benitez. Enrique is available Jardim and Marcelino are absolutely attainable. There’s also a couple of hot prospect young German managers attainable. Conte too this summer. Ancellotti is unemployed right now. Plenty of managerial options this summer. No excuse to be left with the idiot in charge

  2. Emiratesstroller

    Whatever has occurred before this season the major shareholder and board
    of directors have in my view no choice but to replace Wenger at the end of
    this season because:

    1. There is overwhelming evidence that season ticket holders such as myself are dissatisfied with the way the team is performing and more importantly the lack of input from the manager and coaching staff.

    2. The club has invested heavily in offensive players in recent seasons, but has
    scarcely scratched the surface when it comes to defence. We seem to look always for bargains rather than top calibre well established players. The stats I
    published yesterday about spending in two transfer windows confirms this.

    3. The team lacks leadership both on and off the field. That has been obvious
    for a very long time.

    4. Wenger is well past his sell by date. He is now a liability to further progress.

    5. The club has had many years to prepare for regime change. There are always excuses for not taking action.

  3. LINP

    The major problem of this team right now is not attack but defense. Just heard Wenger responded to a question: “What do you think about all the defensive errors made recently?
    This is what Wenger said,” They are good players. They should forget about this game and focus on the next game.”

    That tell me that Wenger doesn’t coach defense. He won’t study those errors and tries to make improvement. Instead, he’ll ask the players to go out and play as well as they can. I can see that our defense will continue to make silly mistakes.

  4. Leftsidesanch

    Those quotes are horrifyingly but unsurprising from Wenger. You can’t sweep the teams defensive frailties under the rug and look at the next game. The same type of mistakes keep occurring.

    I’m not sure if its incompetence or negligence or a combo of both. Even if he’s assured a job for life, why isn’t he bothered about producing better results. Where’s the professional and personal pride?

  5. HighburyLegend

    “No doubt he’ll break my heart when he joins Chelsea”

    lol Pedro, at least you don’t lose your humour.

  6. Marko

    So if we finish 7th we’ll have Europa league qualifying games just 11 days after the world cup finishes. Holy fuck the impact on our whole summer

  7. HighburyLegend

    “That tell me that Wenger doesn’t coach defense.”

    That quote suggests that wenger is still actually able to coach his players for attack or pressing tactics… lol

  8. HighburyLegend

    “Holy fuck the impact on our whole summer”

    Why exactly ?? Something big was on the Arsenal agenda for this summer ??

  9. UTarse

    I can’t remember who said this rumour on here a couple of days ago about Joachim Loew…. but really with the available talent out there I hope this is yet another red herring. Give youth a chance….

  10. Guns of Hackney

    It’s funny what a few years can do to people’s memories. So…Rafa isn’t the ‘fat Spanish waiter’ anymore? Now he’s a good fit for us?

    The club is dead. The fans are brain dead morons.

    I doubt anyone would notice if arsenal closed the fucking doors and turned the lights off. We are irrelevant.

  11. Guns of Hackney

    I guess Wenger is daring the board to sack him. With his bizarre statements and ravings (mentally unfit) it can only mean one thing…he is saying to arsenal ‘back me or sack me’. But therein lies the Arsenal paradox. Arsene runs the club, so Arsene can’t really sack himself, can he?

    I suppose there is a rule that a manager couldn’t own the club…I suppose that’s where Kronke comes in. He’s essentially the puppet figurehead that appears to run the club.

    Maybe Wenger isn’t just a shit manager. He may actually own Arsenal. It may explain his reluctance to spend for all those years.

  12. Michael24


    Wengers quotes highlight one simple FACT.

    He is not fit for purpose and should be removed with immediate effect.

    I hope that those of you who still feel the need to support this guy, because that’s what you’re doing, voice your concerns the next time you visit the Emirates.

    Of course you will.


  13. Guns of Hackney

    How else could Wenger get away with this bullshit? His slapdown of Gazedis was embarrassing. Basically he just said to Ivan “remember who you are talking to”…has anyone heard from Ivan this season? No.

    I’m telling you. Wenger is more to arsenal than just a manager. There can’t be any other reason for Arsenal allowing this.

  14. Biggles

    You know the theory about Wisdom of Crowds?

    We should replace Wenger with lots of polls.

    * 4-5-1
    * 4-3-3

    * Xhaka + Ramsey
    * Elneny + Wilshere

    * bench
    * table

    You get the idea.

    Can’t be any worse than the crap we have at the moment.

  15. Dissenter

    Guns of Hackney,
    ” back me or sack me’

    I think you meant to write; “back me or I walk away”

    Back me or sack me is a false choice though. “It’s like saying heads I win, tails you lose”

    Wenger just wants to avoid retirement because he doesn’t know what to do with his life after Arsenal. He’s too boring to be a good TV studio personality and he will miss the press conferences.

  16. Dissenter

    The truth is that as bad as Wenger has been, too many people in the Arsenal hierarchy have immensely benefited from his mediocre but money making approach.

    How many times has Gazidis obtained a bonus because Wenger got 4th place.

    Too many people have lived in absolute comfort because Wenger brought home the bacon of CL qualification. It’s going top take a clear-out of back room staff and some players to put the club in reset mode.

  17. OleGunner

    Guns of Hackney,

    Wenger doesn’t own diddly squat at Arsenal but he is Emperor Supreme. No one can and will ever be able to challenge him on anything.

    I mean, the man is at liberty to award himself contract extensions as he sees fit.
    Expect another one in 2019.

  18. Champagne charlie

    I don’t get the disdain towards Benítez as a managerial option, think it says a lot about fashion in football tbh.

    Here’s what the bin dippers say about him:

    Further confirming what seems apparent to me about Benítez. He’s studious, flexible, driven, successful, and aligns himself with the needs and wants of the fans.

    Id be genuinely excited if we appointed Benítez, though I suspect the recent talk is merely down to his good season, our shit season, and the defeat Sunday. All in all though, Benítez is a quality manager.

  19. Barking Arsene


    It was me who heard something – absolutely nothing concrete though – it is just a rumour doing the rounds with some people inside or closely connected to the club.

    Like I said the other day, I’m no ITK!

    If true, it wouldn’t be my first choice – but if it’s him or Wenger I’d go Low….

  20. Champagne charlie

    “Any fan who turns up on Sunday for the West Ham game is a brain dead moron. That’s a FACT.”

    Nope, still an opinion Michael, and that’s even if you type it in capitals.

    It’s also an opinion in bold, italic, underlined, and in another font in case you’re wondering what the trick is.

  21. steve

    @Champagne Charlie

    Why would you attend games at this stage if it wasn’t to keep this tedious status quo going? And if you say to support the team that’s just supporting Wenger in the long run and that’s not helping things at all. Completely pointless unless you support this current situation.

  22. HighburyLegend

    “Any fan who turns up on Sunday for the West Ham game is a brain dead moron.”

    Not necessarily : there could be a lot of tourists if the weather is great.

  23. Gunner2301

    Arsene continiung to break records and not in a good way. I can imagine he will be shitting himself about Atletico he knows its a career ending tie if he loses. Cant wait to see his smug face when simeone hands him his arse on a stick.

  24. Buckhurst Gun

    Good article on Rafa there , I agree we could do way worse , I’d put him in the same bracket as an ancelloti appointment – someone to sort out the shit and get us moving in the right direction – would like to know wengers record against Rafa over the years ….

    I don’t think wengers tenure will solely be decided by attendance – you can’t seriously think that will —— yes it will help to remove him but I think we’re at the point now where it really doesn’t matter if we go to games or not , the game is up – it’s there for all to see , Stan Ivan whoever – we won’t win the Europa league and we will have just had our worst season ever , so putting it all on who turns up to watch is pretty silly —— I think the decision has been made and we just have to wait and see what happens – the 2 main journos are saying he’s staying and that’s with the poor attendance – I hope they’re wrong

  25. Danish Gooner

    I agree with Guns of Hackney,we have become totally irrelevant,it is an utter disgrace we are left so much behind by City.

  26. Guns of Hackney

    The Emirates is like the London Eye.

    Goes round in circles
    Full of tourists
    Costs lots to go on
    Goes round in circles…

    Oh, and on a really shitty day, you can’t see a thing but you still get charged the same.

  27. Guns of Hackney

    33 points behind the leaders. 10 wins!

    Shit, I thought we did badly when we came in 10 points from united back in the day.

    Oh how things have changed.

  28. Carts

    Wenger’s grip on Arsenal grew stronger the longer he was allowed to dictate the narrative on everything and everyone.
    He was given carte bblanche cos the pussys at the top lost sight of the objective.

    Wenger bamboozled the media with doublespeak; pulled on the heart string of Ty & co.

    Wenger systematically reduced the expectation of the supporter – this was made apparent when he coined the famous term “4thplace tropty”. In other, shut up and accept this.

    Wenger auroa has gone toxic, and his stauch supporters have now realised. However, the situation is compounded by the fact that Stan doesn’t give a flying fuck.

  29. Carts

    Benitez is no mug, but would we be looking to bring him in an interim capacity or to steady the ship.

    If it’s the former, then, personally, I don’t see the value. The latter: then again, I think the ship has been steadied, steadied to the point whereby we’ve comfortably established ourselves as a 5-7th place team.

  30. Champagne charlie


    I think Benítez has shown in his career that he’s there for the football team and fans. He’s a winner and he makes decisions that enable this.

    Arsenal’s priorities are questionable. Put Benítez in charge and personally speaking I’m content knowing we’re gunning for glory.

  31. Carts


    Can’t disagree with that. Benitez has earned his stripes. COuple hairy moments with Inter, Chelsea and Real Madrid but he’s solid.

    What would be Benitez’z short and long term objectives. I know you’ll probably say something like re-establishing Arsenal in the top 4, and challenging for titles. And I get that.

    But wouldn’t that make more sense by going for someone on the ascendacy?

  32. Carts

    Jardim, Saari, Allegri, Enrique, Fonseca, Tuchel…

    Like I said in the past: I’ve seen enough from close to a dozen managers/ coaches to not moan if any of them were to replace Wenger.

    It boils down to Wenger’s lack of pragmatism. Watching Arsenal in recent years has told me that Wenger has very little influnce on the players.

  33. Mr Man

    Is all fairly pointless speculation. Arsene isnt going anywhere unless the board sack him. Does anyone really think for one second they will??? Have they even given the slightest f*ck about fans sentiment and demands? Answer to both is a resounding NO. He will be the manager next season and our only hope is they dont offer another contract at the end of 2019. Until then, stop beating yourself up with false hope, its not good for you.

  34. azed

    “Jardim is my preference but honestly there’s another 10 managers I wouldn’t mind either”

    At this stage, given a choice between Wenger and Fat Sam, i’ll take Fat Sam.

  35. Michael24


    Scientifically speaking, your perceptions on Arsenal, just like your perceptions on life, are light years away from what the vast majority would consider normal.

    Stick to your incredibly narrow minded outlook on what you consider to be the norm and enjoy the show.

    Go to the Emirates and clap and cheer for your master. Look miserable, as most do these days and shake your head in disbelief when you witness yet another predictable cock up.

    This is not an opinion my friend, this is the reality of life at Arsene FC.

    Good luck to you.

  36. HighburyLegend

    “At this stage, given a choice between Wenger and Fat Sam, i’ll take Fat Sam.”

    How desperate we have become… lol
    (thanks to the mighty dictator.)

  37. Dissenter

    I just realized that the Europa league champions earn far less in the CL, even though they qualify directly into the group stages.

    United are set to earn 15 million less that Liverpool [up to the last 16 stages] because they didn’t qualify the normal; route.

    Wenger is bleeding the club dry by staying.]

  38. Champagne charlie


    Not sure how you think he had hairy moments at Chelsea and Inter? Only job Benítez hasn’t enjoyed success at is Madrid, and he was there for half a season which I feel like they won the CL but maybe wrong.

    He’s been subject of little to no backing at a few places, Liverpool and Inter most notable. At Chelsea he got dogs abuse even though he was an interim manager for the year, qualifying for the CL and winning the Europa.

    The ascendancy stuff is a funny one to me, it’s a fashion thing once again imo. Benítez know the league/country and has a proven track record of achieving. What would a hipster favourite bring to the party in excess of that? I’m not being dismissive there, genuinely asking.

  39. Champagne charlie


    You’ve no idea what you’re talking about mate. My perceptions of life? You don’t know me you melon haha.

    It’s really very simple, I base my opinions on fact and logical reasoning. You preach ‘fact’ based upon your personal experiences.

    But you call me narrow minded…. bless you

  40. Jim Lahey

    @Michael24 –

    “Any fan who cheers for Wenger(I mean the team!) “is a brain dead moron”Yet another FACT. ”

    Thats an opinion not a fact…

    “Scientifically speaking”

    Are you a scientist?

  41. PhilF

    If, as seems highly likely, that Wenger is still the manager next season I can only see us going one way and disappearing into mid table obscurity. Without the right management and investment (unlikely) the club risks becoming the next Newcastle, i.e big supporter base but no hope if winning anything. I suppose we can concentrate on the league each season and maybe the odd cup run? I just can’t believe there are STILL people willing to defend this fraud….

  42. Dissenter

    I’m with Charlie on the Benitez vs Bright young thing argument.

    We need a manager with extreme nous when Wenger leave, one to stabilize the club after 5 years of stagnation and to maximize the current players, despite the squad imbalance.
    I’ve always admired Rafa fore the manner he comported himself when he got the Chelsea job. He’s obviously a humble bloke because he was willing to work in the championship.
    He wont be free for too long because if Mike Ashley sells like it’s being reported then he will have good money to spend at Newcastle next season.

  43. Guns of Hackney

    Eddie Howe would get Arsenal relegated.


    Arsenal need a young gun with a point to prove. The fans need to be excited.

    But Wenger won’t leave so…

  44. PhD07

    Carts/CC/Dissenter and everyone else.

    People are so short term in their view of Benitez on here..

    Wow,just wow..
    He’s a fantastic manager..

    People forget about his time at Valencia.Where he broke up the dominance of
    RM & Barca.Leading Valencia to their first title in 31 years during the 2001-2002 season.And then again,winning La Liga during the 2003/2004 season.

    If anyone,saw that Valencia team during that period,they were phenomenal.
    Hence,why Liverpool went after him..

    He signed players like Alonso,Garcia,Torres(at his peak),Riise,Benayoun et al..
    Went on to reach two CL Finals,within a 2 year time period.He won 1,lost 1.
    Dealt with the Hicks & Gillet crap and was somewhat jettisoned.

    Rocks up at Chelsea as a caretaker manager to steady the ship,and wins a UEFA Cup.In the face of vitriol from the fans,who did not want him there.

    Rocks up at Napoli-wins Coppa Italia-2013/2014

    Rocks up at Newcastle wins the Championship Division(2016-2017)
    Is dealing with a prat of a chairman currently,given a budget of £25 million for the year to survive on in the Premiership.

    What planet are some of you guys on..Even beginning to question Benitez.
    Just look at his time at Valencia.
    If you are a real football purist,you saw his talent then.

    It’s not even a debate,about his quality.

  45. PhD07

    And I’m sure John Carew was in Benitez’s team at Valencia,that used to cause mayhem in the CL.A one man wrecking ball.

    I stand corrected though.

  46. alexanderhenry


    Regarding Benitez, he’s not my first choice but right now, I’d take him.
    At least he’d introduce some shape, discipline and steel into the team.

    Considering what he’s had to work with at newcastle, he’s done very well.

  47. Uwot?

    That’s it sorted then It’s Rafa.has all the necessary credentials reqd.give him a shed load of dosh & we’re laughing….

  48. Akilan

    I’ve called you out twice on you claiming that Wenger is our most successful manager. You didn’t reply. I thought you didn’t read my post. Now you’re again saying that he’s our most successful manager. How?

    You can’t make statements like that and expect others to take you seriously.

  49. UTarse

    Barking Arsene,
    “If true, it wouldn’t be my first choice – but if it’s him or Wenger I’d go Low….”

    Mate, if it’s Mickey Mouse or wenger I’d take the former !

    As for Benitez , the argument isn’t him v wenger, that’s a given who we’d all take…, it’s him v Allegri, Jardim, Enrique, etc…. and in all of those match ups, I wouldn’t take Benitez

  50. Leftsidesanch

    Wonder if they’ll paint this season as one that’s shown progress. Nevermind we’ve lost more games, won fewer games, scored less goal and given up more goals.

    They can fool themselves that our attendance is down to nothing being at stake but it was always going to be this way from the moment that old minger signed his contract. Expecting them to get shot of him is far fetched considering he was out of contract and that would have been the most opportune time to part ways amicably at the end of last season.

  51. Moe

    I too like Benitez a lot and rate him higher than most of these names being rumore. He knows English Football, and most importantly he knows the EPL

  52. englandsbest

    It’s not that Wenger doesn’t know all there is to know about football tactics – after thirty odd years as a manager, he’d be an utter fool if he didn’t. His problem is choices: he made up his mind ages ago how to play the game, and he has stuck to the system pretty much ever since. Thus Arsenal are utterly predictable.

    Nor is his method a bad one – on the contrary. But to play it well, he needs players of outstanding ability. And here, of course, is the supreme irony: players of that quality adapt to circumstance instinctively and produce the magic that wins games for him. Players like Bergkamp or Henry.

    Sadly, Wenger is not a coach, he cannot produce great players. Bergkamp, Henry, RVP, Cesc, etc, were exceptional before he laid a hand on them. Indeed, given young players with innate flair, like Walcott, say, or Reiss, he manages to bring out the ordinary in them.

  53. Carts


    I’m pretty sure Benitez was dismissed from his position at Inter, Chelsea and Real?

    Again, I’m not knocking him at all. He’s proven himself, nor would I be adverse to him coming in to replace Wenger.

    Maybe it comes across a tad hipster-ish to go for a higher profile manager or a young upstart. I dunno.


    fair points there. Can’t argue that.

  54. Champagne charlie


    Ironically I watched a 45min piece about Benítez just recently on Bein. He wasn’t dismissed at Chelsea, he was only ever a caretaker manager until Mourinho was due to take over in the summer. Didn’t stop the chav fans from holding “Rafa Out” signs at every game as he won them the Europa and got them CL football. Classy bunch.

    At Inter he left by mutual consent because he gave the board an ultimatum of ‘they buy him players or they get a new manager’.

    He was sacked at Real Madrid after 6 months, not sure anything can be taken from that though. It’s Real Madrid after all and they don’t half go through managers/players.

    As PhD said, his Valencia side was superb, he won the CL with Liverpool, and he’s won trophies everywhere he’s went. The balls on him to go to Newcastle, get promoted first time as champs, and then finish near enough mid table with that squad is seriously impressive for me.

    I just happen to think fans can get tied up in the glitz of a name sometimes, talking managers/players. Benítez for me brings all the tools to the table that we need at Arsenal, plus premier league experience which is a nice bonus. Jardim, Tuchel, even Allegri whom I’ve touted would be great options – though I’d be lying if I could tell you why they’re better than Rafa.

  55. Champagne charlie

    “As for Benitez , the argument isn’t him v wenger, that’s a given who we’d all take…, it’s him v Allegri, Jardim, Enrique, etc…. and in all of those match ups, I wouldn’t take Benitez“

    What do each of them have over Benítez?

  56. PhD07

    CartsApril 17, 2018 22:52:07

    Honestly,as a football purist.Look at that Valencia team he coached.
    They were wrecking shop…

    That’s when he became a force to be reckoned with.

    Offer me Benitez right now,I’d bite your hand off.
    He will win you trophies galore,in a pragmatic way,with the resources,location,fan support that Arsene currently enjoys.

    My gosh,he will tear it up.
    Benitez,will overwhelm Arsene’s (crap)legacy of 20 years in 2 years.

    It will be Arsene who?

    Anyway,that’s just my humble opinion.

  57. PhD07

    Champagne charlieApril 17, 2018 23:03:15
    I just happen to think fans can get tied up in the glitz of a name sometimes, talking managers/players. Benítez for me brings all the tools to the table that we need at Arsenal, plus premier league experience which is a nice bonus
    Thank you.Exactly.

  58. PhD07

    *They were a wrecking shop,but also played sublime football.

    Anyone that disputes that, does not know their football,in my humble opinion.

    Was it not John Carew that caused us problems in the CL?Was it under Benitez?

  59. Charlie Nick

    Id take Rafa in a heart beat. I’d love to see how/ if he improves players like Chambers, Xhaka, Mustafi, etc.
    Mustafi is joining a long line of players who were good on arrival and went back rapidly under wenger. This list goes all the way back to Arshavin.

  60. Wallace

    Champagne charlie

    “Id be genuinely excited if we appointed Benítez, though I suspect the recent talk is merely down to his good season, our shit season, and the defeat Sunday. All in all though, Benítez is a quality manager.”

    yes, no doubt about it. i’d be very happy if we appointed him. there might be a couple of sexier candidates, but Benitez will get far more out of this squad than Wenger has the last 2/3yrs.

  61. Victorious

    I’ve called you out twice on you claiming that Wenger is our most successful manager. You didn’t reply. I thought you didn’t read my post. Now you’re again saying that he’s our most successful manager. How?

    apologies for the belated reply,being a tad very busy lately,regardless of the fact the word ‘successful’ is overly subjective and measurable,there is bound to be argument on what different folks measure as success:

    regardless of that,and generally speaking,Wenger has done much more for the club than Chapman,GG combined.. ..his first 10 years was simply just outrageous:

    3 league titles
    a season unbeaten(dont see it ever replicated in EPL)
    7 FA cups(most successful manager and team of the tourney)
    20 straight years of champions league football
    5 community shields,he really is Arsenal’s manager with highest number of trophies to his name,

    Also don’t forget the emirates stadium built under his stewardship while still competing at the top level,mesmerizing football on display,coulld really go on and on, etc,HE is our most successful manager is’nt even debatable,just the simple’d be hard-pressed to churn out anything better than that,imo

  62. Victorious

    “My gosh,he will tear it up.
    Benitez,will overwhelm Arsene’s (crap)legacy of 20 years in 2 years.”

    oh dear,things that get posted on here,you really should stick to bantering Binford.

  63. UTarse

    12 year old,
    If you think the above is basic English, look in the mirror to see the moron.

    Then look at the drivel you spout by claiming wengers achievements to be “outrageous” in the first 10 years then list his achievements over 22 years. You utter dumb arse.

  64. Leftsidesanch

    You know your desperate when your citing community shields as part of a manager’s trophy haul. Curious to know also, when have we competed at the top level whilst being at the Emirates?

  65. Emiratesstroller

    The stadium has absolutely nothing to do with Arsenal’s performance level and it is high time that people including the Manager stop finding excuses for the demise of the club.

    When you analyse Arsenal’s current problems you see a team which is ill
    prepared AND predictable. Virtually every team we now play knows how to beat us. That was demonstrated on Saturday.

    At the moment we have a Goalkeeper and Defence which is exceedingly poor.
    The goalkeeper has made a load of mistakes and the defence seldom plays as
    a unit or with any understanding or communication. The two full backs or
    wing backs depending on your interpretation of their role are too often out of

    Our midfield may be fit for purpose in the way that they play offensively, but
    are woeful when it comes to defending. When I see Wilshire pushed off the
    ball as easily as he is and then spend 5 minutes on the ground sulking rather
    than get up and try to recover the ball I know that we have major problems.

    The Manager and Coaching staff sit during games like dummies in contrast
    to most other managers who are generally proactive throughout games.

    However, the club’s major weaknesses going back many years is that they fail
    to anticipate situations whether it is decline of players or the tactical game of
    opposition. We appear always to be reactive.

    There have been clear messages from Arsenal Supporters who attend matches that they are exceedingly unhappy with the way that the club is operating
    at the moment.

    Despite comments about fair weather supporters the fact is that most season
    ticket holders like myself are fed up with the poor standard football and club’s
    lack of ambition.

    In contrast to most posters on Le Grove the concern is not whether we win titles on an annual basis,which is frankly unrealistic but rather whether Arsenal are competitive at the top level of game.

    This season we are no better than a mid table team and closer to relegation than the league title.

    The excuses must end and the Manager needs to go. If he does not chose to go
    voluntarily then he should be sacked.

    I made the case that his departure should be announced once we are out of
    Europa Cup and certainly by the end of this season.

    Season Ticket Holders need to know before renewals that the Club is doing
    something about current situation. If they do not then I fear that many season
    ticket holders will not be renewing and the club will then be faced with empty
    seats and loss of revenue all next season.

  66. Michael24

    1996-2006 Successful but underachieved in Europe.
    2006-2018 Definitely not successful( taking into account resources available) and once again underachieved in Europe.
    2015-2018 Destructive and negligent.

    Since 2006 the fans have been fed so much spin on the lack of funds to invest, but the reality was we always had enough quality, just not the right leader and systems set in place.

  67. Michael24


    Actually, when you get between 30-60000 turning up, who have little or no enthusiasm to attend, it becomes a huge factor.

    The fans know it and the players sense it. The apathy feeds to the team and the consequences are, therefore, self explanatory.

    The body language of the team is visibly negative, but when you look into the stands and see the fans projecting the same negativity and lack of interest/desire, why are people surprised when things go wrong?

  68. Michael24

    In my opinion, a manager should project positivity to his team at all times.

    Wenger fails miserably in this regard.

    Agree 100% Emirates. By sitting “like dummies” Wenger and his team are letting us all down.

    Show some fucking passion and then maybe, just maybe, it will inspire

  69. Emiratesstroller

    To elaborate on one point that we are now a mid table team.

    There is not a single player in our squad who would make the bench let alone
    starting lineup at Man City.

    I would also venture to suggest that there would not be a queue of clubs in the
    top 4 of EPL looking to buy players in our first team squad.

    Players like Cech, Mertesacker and Cazorla are costing collectively Arsenal
    almost £15 million pa in wages and you can probably add another £8 million
    with Koscielny and Monreal both of whom are coming to end of career.

    In January we recruited Aubameyang aged 28 and Mkhitaryan aged 29 to our
    squad. Both are good players BUT they are not investments.

    Clubs like Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and Spurs are now recruiting players
    aged 20-25 who are likely to be in their prime. If they do not work out then at
    least they have a resale value.

  70. steve


    You really are fucking dim. First you talk about his first 10 years and then you proceed to mention things that happened AFTER that timeframe. Pathetic.

  71. Biggles


    You can’t realistically count the shields – it’s a pre-season game and it’s ONE game to win a trophy. That’s like giving yourself a trophy for beating West Brom on a Monday night.

    So then… you have Wenger with 10 trophies in 21 years and Graham with 6 trophies in 8 years. Sure, Wenger has more in total, but it’s a much worse ratio.

  72. Victorious

    Chavs cunt

    Doesn’t make any difference,the argument was/is Arsenal’s most successful manager,Wenger happens to be that man,guess that fact gives you nightmares,Muppet.

  73. loyika

    @ Ems

    That’s wrong. Pool bought Ox and The Chavs bought Giroud (lets forget that they are having an off season, they are still a top team)

    Teams buy differing players for differing reasons and we don’t really have bad players as such, just that they are not being coached properly at present.

    Ramsey, Ozil, Monreal, Hector and Niles could get into any of the Top teams here in my opinion (might not be first 11 options though)

  74. loyika

    @ Biggles

    You are right as I don’t really count the “Shield” as a trophy myself, but to be fair, Jose and SAF list it among their trophy hauls though!?

  75. Biggles

    Somebody should update Bertie Mees wiki page to reflect him winning the London Challenge Cup then. It was harder to win!

    Thing is, whilst Jose and SAF might list the shield as a trophy, Wenger counts top 4 as one….

  76. gnarleygeorge9

    Another Gr8 post Pedro

    If Arsene Wenger is allowed to see out his 2 year extension, validated circa 11 months ago then the owner, the Board & the dumb arse Arsenal supporters who still adore him should be certified. No need to say anymore really!

  77. Emiratesstroller


    Ox and Giroud are not in our current squad and the same applies also to Sanchez.

    I excluded Chelsea from my list of clubs, because I think that they are currently in a similar situation to us.

    In hindsight perhaps I am being harsh. Maybe the clubs ahead of us might be
    interested in Ramsey and Bellerin, but I think that there are unlikely to be any
    others on their list. I could not conceive any of top 5 going out and recruiting

    The main point is that most of the other clubs ranked above us are unlikely to
    spend £50 million+ on 28-29 year olds.

  78. gonsterous

    thought we all agreed Herbert Chapman was the best manager the other night. back to this debate again ???

  79. UTarse

    I wonder if Arsenal FC might follow Everton FC lead and send a questionnaire to their fans to judge the managers performance ? pigs might fly