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  1. Bamford10

    Charlie is back to telling other posters to “wind their necks in”. And here I thought those days were gone. As I said, this guy is the worst.

  2. WengerEagle


    That’s one way to look at it, another way is that their team mates pander to them, the likes of Benzema, Bale, Neymar and Suarez were all the alpha and the main man for their previous sides and tailored their game to indulging Messi and Ronaldo.

    Well not too much I imagine, haha. Not very good players.

    You will struggle to find a manager that can be successful with a poor group of players, it’s why Fergie was so heralded and even he benefitted in 2012/13 from adding the best player in the league in RVP to an already decent side with prime Rooney and from Citeh imploding.

    Simeone is probably the best at it, comes at a cost of the quality/entertainment of their football though.

  3. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “You found this outrageous and fomented about how his comment — bog standard for Le Grove — was one of the worst remarks ever made here.”

    No, i would say that your comments regarding Neymar pretty much has that award locked down for a lifetime.

  4. Champagne charlie


    I’m telling you to do that, no other. But you continue to play to a crowd and address them about me, nobody cares.

    You have an issue because you’re inferior, nothing more. 🙂

  5. Frankie Coffeecakes

    CC may be many things to many people, entertaining for certain. The same however cannot be said for you, Bamford. You remain unopposed as an over-officious jerk that steadily continues to make enemies with each passing day. Not quite the God-like messiah you pictured for yourself, is it?

  6. Carts


    With Zidane rumoured to be out of a job come summer ’18, I’d be pervious to him taking the hot seat at Arsenal. It’s imperatiive that Wenger is relived of his duties – whether or not we win the EL.

  7. Leedsgunner

    We need to keep our heads and not to concede soft soft goals.

    If we can win at the Emirates and keep a clean sheet — it’s all to play for.

    Everyone at Arsenal has to bring their “A” game for both games.

  8. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I am reading that there will be no VAR next season in the Premier League. One thing is for certain, referees in the EPL need help – they have been next to abysmal this season.

  9. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Correct Leeds, a clean sheet is paramount to a trip to the final. Arsenal really need to focus on their defending, its beyond calamitous.

  10. Samesong

    I am reading that there will be no VAR next season in the Premier League.

    Don’t worry I’m sure a certain poster will talk about it once they have finished obsessing over a certain player.

  11. Victorious

    You never learn do you?I myself questioned your ‘sanity’ when you had the #NeymarGate# meltdown,thought you’d take a step back and re-evaluate your knowledge of the game., How wrong was I,now you’ve got the nerves to question the mental state of Wenger…how ironic when yourself are a parody of the man

    by all means be a strong critic of Wenger’s managerial style,have a go at his flaws,blablabala but to resort to personal slights makes you lot pathetic and juvenile.

  12. Leedsgunner

    No matter what happens in Europa we need to completely overhaul or defence next season including the GK.

  13. Bamford10


    I have already explained that many, many people here have long been saying that Wenger is not all there mentally. For you or Charlie or any other “respect Wenger” type to come here and tell others not to insult Wenger is absurd.

  14. Carts

    Why not have goal line officasl to circumvent the lack of VAR till that supernintendo of a system is ready.

    Just occured to me that a very simple rebuttal would be “well, the CL has goal line officials and there usless as fuck”.

    Fucked if I know.

  15. Guns of Hackney

    I’m not sure what Wenger has done to earn ‘respect’. He does a job and is paid very well for it. Win lose or draw he gets paid. Underperform for a decade…no problem, have another £2m extra on top of your salary.

    Like most dictators, he’ll take credit for wins but deflects blame for the losses onto everyone else.

    Wenger is awful. Sad old man with nothing except arsenal. Boo fucking hoo.

    Wenger does not deserve respect. He never earned it.

    3 league’s in 22 years? Pathetic.
    0 European success. Pathetic.
    25 fa cups. So what.

  16. Champagne charlie


    So in 2004 Wenger hadn’t earned respect for his near decade with the club to that point?

    It’s comments like that where you show yourself up imo. Nothing wrong with criticising how things are now, or have been in recent seasons, but to dismiss the obvious good displays a lack of balance.

    You can appreciate and respect the job he did to a point, and then criticise the remainder. Doesn’t make you any cooler to try and rewrite history with Wemger as some villain from the start. Same with Paulinho stating 96-04 was a series of fortunate events instead of managerial ability – it’s cringeorthy levels of reaching.

  17. Champagne charlie


    I’d hate to see Liverpool win it, praying for them to get knocked out tbh.

    How confident are you with Atletico? I reckon it’s about 60-40 them.

  18. Carts

    In all honesty, wouldn’t mind Liverpool winning it. Fuck it, why not.

    Cue Wenger’s response when asked to comment on Liverpool being crowned European champions:

    Reporter: “Arsene, thoughts on Liverpool’s success..”

    Wenger : “Well, errrr, they didn’t win the Premier league so they are not the best. Manchester City is the best, no?”

    Reporter: “Liverpool comfortably beat City across two legs, though. So technically they are?”

    Wenger: “When Leicester won the league we beat them twice. We did our job. The other teams didn’t do their job. We technically won the premier league. You people forget this. Respect me, please”.

    Reporter: “Wait, what?”

    Wenger: “Liverpool spent £75m on VVD. We have Chamber and Holding. People forget how young they both are. You must not forget this. me, respect me!”.

    Report: “Say what, now?”

  19. Confidentgoner

    The problem with this team is its imbalance. It reared it’s head again in Moscow. Also certain players need to be dropped, Jack being one.

    Must say Elneny impressed as did Wellbeck too.

    The issue starts with our midfield. Ozil is a 10, not a winger. Ramsey is a 10 as well, but a different type of 10. We loose something by not having proper wingers in the team.

    Jack, Ramsey, Ozil all play a similar role. We use Bellerin and Nancho for width. No successful team does that. You create gaps to be exploited.

    We need structural adjustments. Sell Jack, sell Ramsey, Sell Xhaka since we have given Ozil a contract.

    Get a DM , a goal scoring CM, a CB and two wingers.

    Why sell Ramsey with all his goals? He bombs forward and sometimes gets goals, but his defensive awareness is limited.

    He is also at a stage contractually where he would want mega bucks, seeing we foolishly gave 200k to Mikki.

  20. Bob N16

    Off to Madrid! Got a good mate to stay with so selfishly happy with the draw.

    CC – I reckon 70-30 in favour of Atletico. Hope we don’t get embarrassed but they’ll be an obvious silver lining if Wenger doesn’t manage CL qualification.

  21. Guns of Hackney


    The players won it for Wenger.

    At no point in Wenger’s tenure has he ever been labelled a ‘tactical’ master.

    What we are seeing now is the result of having shit players and a shit manager. In the past, he had good players. You know the rest.

    A better manager would have won a lot more with that golden set of players. If Ferguson had that team…forget about it.

    Sorry, Wenger is and always was, a fraud.

  22. Carts

    “Confident…good analysis. Always thought Wenger stockpiles No 10s and shoehorns them in.”

    Exactly. As Wenger figures that with all that creativity on the pitch, surely, just surely we’ll be able to find the goal necessary to win.

  23. Wallace


    “How confident are you with Atletico? I reckon it’s about 60-40 them.”

    yeah, I’d go along with that. if we turn up over both legs I think we can take them.

  24. Wallace


    “The issue starts with our midfield. Ozil is a 10, not a winger. Ramsey is a 10 as well, but a different type of 10. We loose something by not having proper wingers in the team.”

    I think Ozil’s found his niche now starting wide in a 3 man attack. I’d play Ramsey the most advanced of a midfield 3. would prefer a proper wide man on the other side to Ozil, but happy for Mkhi to play there meantime. I have been impressed with his running since joining. more powerful than I’d previously thought.

  25. Wallace


    “Always thought Wenger stockpiles No 10s and shoehorns them in.”

    yeah, would like him to take a leaf out of Guardiola’s book and get himself a proper winger or two.

  26. Bamford10


    Agreed. Ozil is good as a “wide player” with a free role. And we are better with three genuine CMs in midfield, although Wilshere has to go.

  27. HillWood

    This may sound a bit weird but I actually want Arsenal to win every competition they’re in
    But as always
    Wenger Out