Roma show what smart change can deliver + Reiss with the good news

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GREAT news coming from the Reiss Nelson camp, the young English speed merchant is making positive noises about signing a new deal. He had this to say on his season so far.

“It is a big achievement to sign for a big club like Arsenal so I’m just delighted with the contract and hopeful can sign it soon,” he said. “I did set one target – to make my first-team debut. I have done that, I have had 15 appearances.

“A Premier League start was on the cards but I think I need to score, that is the only one I haven’t achieved, so fingers crossed I can get a cheeky goal before the end of the season.

“I think a first-team start in the Premier League at a high level like this is always a step forward. I’ve just got to thank the boss and all my team-mates around me, pushing me and making me work harder and harder.”

GOOD WORDS my friend.

I don’t think he’s quite ripped up the season Lionel Messi style like we’d hoped, but hey, he’s playing in a shitty system with a poor manager. I’d love to see how a proper coach could take his core attributes and grow them over the next few years.

One player who has clearly already made it is Aubameyang, the man from Gabon as I like to call him because Gabon as a country is new to me, fueled average dreams we all have of him pairing up with the MIGHTY Alex Lacazette.

“I hope we will have the opportunity to play together – it’s something I said when I first arrived that I hoped to play with him.

“We have different styles, but I think they’re styles that complement each other – he’s a very good player and a very kind person.

“We were once rivals in our days in France, but we’re now friends and I hope we can play well together and score lots of goals.”

YES. I’d take some of that. I think if we had a Diego Simeone as our coach, he might make something like that happen. You have to be able to instil ruthless discipline into a side for them to rock an iteration of 4-4-2, so it’s possible, but not really under Wenger. I think we’d get horribly exposed if we played that way now, so I think the only way we see those two playing together is 4-3-3, with Auba heading out wide.

This Thursday, we’ll have no such luxury when it comes to 2 top strikers. We’ll just have the one, with Danny Welbeck taking up a wide position, or maybe even taking the lead role considering the age of the CSKA backline, and how far ahead we are. Keeping the legs of Lacazette fresh is smart.

Fraudiola watched from the stands as his side slipped out of the Champions League in embarrassing fashion. Losing 5-1 to a solid Liverpool side is next level bad. It’s not the first time he’s had his arse handed to him on the biggest stage. He lost to Real 5-0 a few years with Bayern. Anyway, well played Klopp and well played Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp was my poster boy manager back in the day, it’s great to see he’s having a strong resurgence with the Scousers. Let’s see if he can do it in the league next year with a proper keeper and Naby Keita.

Also, well played Roma. They hired Monchi, Spaletti quit, Di Francesco came in, they sold 11 players, brought in 12, they shifted on their best player to Liverpool (not to mention Paredes, Rudiger and Emerson), and now they’re in the Champions semi-finali final after humiliating Barcelona.

Who said be careful what you wish for when Wenger goes? Which manager said bringing in more than 3 players damages the balance of a squad? YOU KNOW THE ANSWERS.

On that note, I bid you farewell.

Until tomorrow, when we dine in Europa Hell!

Also, jump on the pod, it’s excellent.

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  1. Michael24


    “I miss the champions league music at the Emirates”

    Tell that to the 10-15000 late arrivals at each game.

    They never heard it anyway.

  2. azed

    Feels too good to be true, expecting a late Ronaldo dagger to the heart, maybe a PK


    You’ve read the script. A 80th minute dive by Cristano Inzagi

  3. Champagne Charlie

    Did say they missed Pjanic last time around, he makes that midfield work so much better. Quality player

  4. Marko

    CSKA Moscow watching all these comebacks and licking their lips.

    Wouldn’t be the biggest comeback of the week let’s be honest

  5. Marko

    He deserves that. Unbelievable Costa and Mandzukic running on fumes and Allegri does fuck all. Make a sub ffs. They might have actually won it. They blew it

  6. Marko

    I’m sorry but that’s on Allegri. He done fuck all the last half hour when his team dropped off and that’s what happens. And it was a pen defender is behind the player and doesn’t touch the ball

  7. Marko

    Dodgy penalties and offside goals are the reason Real Madrid have won back to back titles.

    Untold would love you Red

  8. Champagne Charlie


    You’re on one if you’re calling Allegri clueless for not making a sub mate. Madrid were being contained, Buffon didn’t have a save to make and extra time was on the cards.

  9. Marko

    You’re on one if you’re calling Allegri clueless for not making a sub mate. Madrid were being contained, Buffon didn’t have a save to make and extra time was on the cards.

    Are you kidding me? Mandzukic and Costa were passengers the last 20 minutes. A sub or two and they might have actually won it. Being contained? They were dominant the whole game but then just handed over the dominance to Madrid for the last 20 minutes. That’s poor management I’m sorry. He could have brought on Cuadrado to run the channel and he might have penned back Marcelo a bit

  10. WengerEagle

    They went through, didn’t they? Set for a 3rd straight UCL title, hasn’t been done since the early 70’s which is before even your time old fella, LOL.

    You mad?

  11. Josip Skoblar

    Juve as per usual playing dirty. I’m glad they’re out of the competition. Ronaldo showing off after scoring the pen was hilarious. 🙂

  12. WengerEagle

    Bayern are our last hope at slaying the RM beast, they came close last season and would provide a great UCL SF showdown, also trust their bottle over Juventus with the amount of Germans in the team.

    Still think Madrid’s name is on the trophy.

  13. UTarse

    What’s being German gotta do with it ? I’m not a scouser either so why would I want Liverpool ?

  14. Michael24

    German, Spanish, Italian and English teams in the semi’s.

    The perfect scenario for UEFA and the coefficient.

  15. WengerEagle

    Kop media would be insufferable if Pool won the UCL, fuck that.

    Remember how bad it got towards the end of the 2014 BPL season when it looked like they had the title in the bag?

  16. mysticleaves

    WE, you notice how all the better Juve attacks went down the left because Marcelo was mostly no where to be found? That’s what happens when he faces good opposition. So for every Bayern match you cited then, there are always more matches like this

  17. WengerEagle


    It’s very rare that you’re going to come up against a wideman as good as Douglas Costa on 1 vs 1’s, he’s a top 5 dribbler in world football and yes, he had the beating of Marcelo.

    He does that to virtually every defender he faces though, wouldn’t hammer Marcelo for losing out in the battle with Costa tonight.

    He gives you far more matches where he’s one of RM’s top 3 performers than tonight tbf.

  18. Carts

    Michael Oliver is a fuckwit. Mark my words, before the season’s out, there’ll be an identical coming together in the penalty area, in a prem game and he’ll wave it away like he’s battling a colony of wasps.

  19. Michael24


    No I wouldn’t “peddle the same opinion if it was Jose and It’s” and neither would the vast majority of fans.

    However, Liverpool are different.

    Without Liverpool European football would not have been the same in the 70’s and 80’s.

    I hate Chelski and MU, but will never have that feeling for LFC.

    My personal opinion.

  20. Redtruth

    Fuck off that was never s penalty lol fucking joke.
    And to compound the mistake the blithering referee sends off the keeper which makes scoring the penalty a formality.

  21. Michael24

    Liverpool hold a key to many people’s hearts in the UK.

    Even housewives in the 70’s and 80’s had a soft spot for them.

    Brought up on Liverpool holding the flag for the country in Europe.

    If Nottingham Forest made a come back, I would see the in the same light.

    Great great nights, great great teams.

  22. UTarse

    I’m really happy for you that you have this affinity for Liverpool, but why do you feel the need to force that affinity on “the whole country” ?

    Bit pompous don’t you think ? To impose your view like it’s the standard that all should follow.

  23. Champagne Charlie


    Yea Michael comes across as an EDL ‘free’ lions on the shirt type with that nationalist bollocks.

    No thanks, I’m an Arsenal fan and will support Arsenal – and anyone playing against a domestic rival.

  24. TR7

    Wasn’t a penalty and definitely wasn’t a red card. Dodgy referees have ruined the game of football. You got to wonder why so many poor referring decisions go in favor of Real, Barça and United.

  25. Michael24

    UTarse and CC

    You obviously don’t have an “affinity” with this country and have absolutely no concept of football in the 70’s and 80’s.

    Good luck to the two of you.

    Fact of the matter is Liverpool will have the majority of fans/public support, except that is for those narrow-minded insular individuals, who think they know better.

    By any chance, were either one of you born before 1970?

  26. Michael24


    Agree with you…….. totally.

    Oliver made his decision based on the referees handbook and not his knowledge of the game.

  27. Wallace

    I grew up in the late 70s and f*ckin’ hated Liverpool. I really like Klopp and the team he’s putting together now, and wouldn’t mind at all if they win it this year, but wouldn’t be looking forward to their fans swamping the internet with all their bullsh*t.

  28. Michael24

    You know what pisses me off about bloggers on here, like CC and UTarse, is they come on and preach to all and sundry about their so called expert knowledge of the game/life, but in reality neither one of them have a clue about the practical aspects of the game of football and the actual realities placed infront of them.

    Look at them. Apart from themselves, there are about four other posters on here who all hold hands and dance around the maypole together when anything spicy or contentious gets posted.

    I don’t give a shit whether you think I’m an EDL nationalist- which I’m not – it’s just that I know what I’m talking about unlike those who have to read books and analyse spreadsheets to put their points across.

    Too reliant on your SatNav and GPS systems to get through life. Try using your A-Z brains on occasions.

    You never know, you may learn something.

    What is it with these people.

  29. gonsterous

    definitely a penalty for me. if it was outside the box, it would have been a foul, so yes, definitely a penalty. he should have given buffon a yellow, red just spoilt the game. but then again when a ref is getting paid 25 grand a month, what can you expect…

  30. Michael24


    By the law………agree.

    However, in the penalty area we all know that defenders often get the benefit of the doubt. Look at manhandling incidents. Defenders, for the most part, get away with things.

    Lucas Vasquez knew what he was doing and was looking for the foul/contact. Benatia had no option. It was minimal contact. Dickhead referee Oliver though applied theory rather than basic common sense, as most English refs do.

    Anyway, at least Oliver now knows. he’ll be on the mafias hit list for the foreseeable future.

  31. UTarse

    Let me get this straight, you think that the whole country should back Liverpool and accuse me of preaching ? Dear oh dear….

  32. Victorious

    Just wondering if Someone should probably do legrove a favour and put ‘Micheal24’ in a ‘straitjacket’,Lad has been on a tirade like a loony lucky enough to get access on the internet and have a go at absolute strangers instead of having an opinion on Arsenal and moving along,baffling

  33. Victorious

    Last night was magical,Juv almost replicated the feat pulled by Roma the other night,except this time there was a certain ‘CR7’ who ensured the old ladies left Spain wondering what might have been

    admittedly the PK decision was soft(but still a PK nonetheless)and those are the small margins that tends to decides these big games,cr7 proved what a beastly mentality he has,and why many would likely still vote him ahead of Messi as World Best next year

  34. Michael24


    There’s no show without punch.

    “And the academy award for best supporting leech goes to……………………………………………. VICTORIOUS!!!!!”

    Master of nothing, follower of many.

    Teacher’s pet or teachers pest?

    The choice is yours folks.

    PS: My opinions have been clear from day one. Note, MY OPINIONS!


  35. Michael24


    No, what I’m saying is that you, not just with your perceptions on Liverpool, are in the minority.

    Deal with it.

  36. Samesong

    Michael I kinda get what your saying about Liverpool. But some people hate them because of their fans egos, commentators etc.

  37. UTarse

    Turn it fella. What are my perceptions on Liverpool exactly ? You do ramble on and on and make silly accusations and pluck data points from your arse. You’re very self righteous aren’t you M24 ?

    I opined that I would like to see Bayern win the champs league, deal with it. And ffs grow up.

  38. Michael24


    Out of respect, I’ll say no more on the subject, as it basically goes over your head anyway.

    Never did respond though to my were you born before 1970 question.

    Also, are you based in UK? Don’t have to answer if you don’t want.

    No doubt you’ve got your sports almanac to hand to cover all eventualities.

  39. UTarse

    You really are juvenile.
    I was born in 1971, just turned 47 actually. Yes I’m based in the U.K. I don’t have a “sports almanac” to hand, just a modicum of intelligence that you repeatedly show that you lack.

    You love to pick fights for absolutely no reason don’t you ?

  40. raptora

    I’m an absolute neutral towards RM except for the fact that I prefer them to Farcelona any day of the week. Still I enjoyed them breaking the hearts of all Juve fans. The club from Turin was so dirty it’s not even real. I think they fouled Ronaldo around 10 times and all of the fouls were cynical. The 6 yellows and a red was the least they got away with. 19 fouls committed by Juve to 9 by RM speaks a volume as well. It’s clear how one of the teams had an obvious goal to foul their opponents no matter what, thus not playing football but another sport. Last year Madrid were helped by the ref vs Bayern and didn’t really deserve to win the trophy, but this year I think it’s not the case and they deservedly are on the semis and are the big favorites for winning the cup yet again.