Arsene pushes player/fan apathy to new lows in entertaining sh*t show

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Everything good and bad about Danny W was on display yesterday as Arsenal bumbled their way past the worst Southampton side we’ve seen in 5 years. He missed an open goal so wide you could have squeezed Samir Nasri’s arse through it, he assisted with a delightful deft touch, and he banged in two goals, one with a scruffy deflection, the other with an opportunistic header at the back post.

It was Danny’s day, but it wasn’t one you’d look back on with a great deal of fondness. It was Arsenal at their most banterful. The ground was half empty, the players were preserving their legs on the off chance they could land a starting place in Russia this Thursday, and the output of the day was a touch bizarre.

We went one goal down early. Tadic and Cedric made mincemeat of Chambers and Kolasinac down the left, a speculative ball was fired at our front post with the curve moving away from the keeper, Mustafi just zoned out like he’d had a clean energy production epiphany, Shane Long nipped in and put it past Cech. A defensive error so very symptomatic of any Wenger side you could remember over the past fifteen years.

The German would likely be a machine under a proper manager who cared about defence, but he’s not with us. He’s clumsy, he’s a finger-wagger like Flamini, and he’s ever so average.

We clawed a goal back in a sumptuous move. Elneney found Auba from deep midfield, he laid off Iwobes who returned the pass, a quick one-two with WELBZ set the man from Gabon free to poke his shot inside the keepers post.

9 minutes later Danny W picked up a great ball from Iwobi, he cut inside right and rifled a deflected shot into the top corner from 20 yards. Has the man ever had a clean shot? Can we call this a strategy now? A great goal regardless.

Their second goal was a collection of very Arsenal fuck-ups. We weren’t alert to their quick freekick, we managed to get away with the first ball fizzed across our box, Jack Wilshere was pottering around and didn’t get close to Hojberg on the edge of the box. The Dane played a one-two with Tadic, crossed across a now packed box and found Charlie Austin for a near instant goal after he came on as a sub. Utterly embarrassing. I mean, I’m not even touching on Chambers shocking clearance, another player who looked off the pace all day. That £23m we rejected for him looking crazier by the day.

I thought we’d see out a point, but Danny Welbeck had other ideas, popping up to nod home a looping Iwobi cross in the 80th minute.

The game wasn’t finished from a drama perspective, Jack Wilshere had to make an impact the only way he knows how to these days. He had a tussle with Stephens just outside the Stoke box and didn’t like the outcome. He decided to track him down as he powered through the middle of the pitch, Jack ripped his shirt because he couldn’t keep pace with the centre back, and was instantly thrown to the floor in retaliation. Jack got up, protested, landed Stephens a red card, he managed to get away with a yellow. Then Elneney got involved in the mess and landed a red. A real joke of a situation that was completely unnecessary.

An entertaining afternoon, no doubt. But entertaining like a comical WWE bout. We shouldn’t be conceding 2 goals to relegation fodder under any circumstances, let alone at home. We shouldn’t be picking up late red cards in nothing matches. We shouldn’t be so flat. But we are. Arsenal is a weird old place at the moment.

Aubameayang is an interesting striker. He’s starting to settle into the rhythm of the first team, he’s offering up the runs our playmaker’s dream of, and he’s starting to connect better with the build-up play. His MO is goals, and pretty much just goals. I don’t think he wants to be involved in the play like a Thierry, Robin or Alexis would be. His end product outside of goals isn’t great, and I don’t expect we’ll be seeing much in the way of link-up play like a Giroud would offer. But, look, he scores goals. He’s now our most prolific striker over the first 7 games, beating out Davor Suker (Opta inventing stats to new levels). It would be a real shame not to give him a run with a proper manager, in a proper team. Next year is going to be him at his peak, we need to max out his value and that won’t be with Wenger.

Jack Wilshere was disappointing again. The apologists will say his head isn’t in the game at the moment as he’s thinking about his contract. Well, that never stopped Theo and it certainly isn’t stopping Ramsey pulling up trees (nor Ozil earlier in the season). I think it’s mostly because he doesn’t have the extra level we’d hoped would be there. He’s 26 now, and he’s no more interesting than he was when he was 18. At least when he was a kid, you felt he cared about the game, I look at him now and wonder if he’s just in it for the wages and the good life at home? He’s certainly not playing like he wants a new deal or a move to a better club. I’m not sure I’d be whacking £100k p/w on him based on what we’ve seen this year.

Arsene is clearly blowing all on zero at the roulette table. It’s the only way he saves this season. We’ll win on Thursday, and he’ll have a chance at a new deal because Stan and Josh don’t understand the context of failure. If he makes the final, he’ll have to avoid Atleti, who have so many levels to their game. I watched them respond to going 1 down at Madrid. They have many great players and a coach who can change the game from the touchline. We have no chance against them over two legs, and it’ll be a Chelsea like miracle over one game.

But we’ll see… this season is the Europa mission. A shame for the home fans, because the Premier League season is like watching paint dry. The apathy in the ground is met in the living rooms. Pray we don’t mess up Thursday.

See you in the comments, and watch our podcast where Matt and I discuss:

  • Aubameyeng: Hit or miss?
  • The case for our defence: Who stays or goes?
  • Iwobi: Hero in waiting, or another Nik B?
  • Jack Wilshere: What do you do with him?








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  1. gambon

    As TR7 says, once you get to the latter stages of a cup competition, its a high variance game.

    Alex Ferguson is the greatest manager in the history of football, and he won 2 CLs in almost 30 years.

    Guardiolas league record reads:


    Clearly we are talking about the best ever first 10 years of management in football.

  2. Marko

    Marko, you are really a pathetic little bitch.I ignored your ‘Ramsey’ ankle biting attempts for the past few days but here you are again

    Apologies jesus honestly you take the Ramsey stuff too personal. I just don’t get the logic behind thinking Pep is a fraud and overrated all while having Ramsey debates endlessly. I just don’t get it

  3. WengerEagle


    He’s a quality CF, physical presence that is terrifc aerially, scores all types of goals including being very proficient with his weak left peg, and is deceptively quick for a man of 6 foot 4.

    Cons being he’s incredibly wasteful, prone to being streaky and he doesn’t physically dominate in the way that he perhaps should.

  4. WengerEagle

    Must be the worst 6 days of Pep’s footy life.

    Smashed 5-1 over 2 legs by the Bin Dippers and beaten 3-2 at home to your arch nemesis and rival team after being 2-0 up with the reward being celebrating your league title win in their faces.

  5. Marko

    Good to see Strootman back to his best again. Lad was on course to be one of the top midfielders in Europe before two knee injuries set him back some

  6. WengerEagle

    Allison has a tonne of hype behind him, haven’t got around to watching much of him but pretty incredible given he’s only been their starting GK since the start of the season.

    He’s being rated as a top 5 GK by plenty, including one Ter Stegen.

  7. Rambo Ramsey

    Marko, you are a thick cvnt, its why you struggle with stuff.

    I call Pep a fraud as a counter to the over the top praise that is only reserved for him. He is a fraud in the sense that he can’t live up to that reputation.

    As I said earlier, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. He’s at the similar level to all the other great managers.

    Now stop biting at my ankles.

  8. Paulinho

    Still think that early winner at Bournemouth set the tone for their season. Fair play to them for riding the wave, but they were lucky that day and if they had dropped points I think the season could’ve turned out very different. Also the Brighton match where Sterling fluked that winner massively helped them mentally and gave them breathing space.

    I don’ think they will get anywhere near the same total next season.

  9. UTarse

    “still not convinced Pep is a better tactician than Allegri,Simeoni,Klopp?he always walk the leagues but then comes short in Europe..why is that?”

    Vicky, even by your pathetically low standards, this comment shows just how stupid you really are.

  10. Marko

    WE Dzeko has been prolific for so long streaky or not he’s been a brilliant striker his entire career. He’s like the striker Giroud could have been

  11. Bamford10

    Roma signed Manolas for £11m; Arsenal signed Mustafi for £36m. The former just scored the winning goal against Barca in the CL QF; the latter is something of a fucking joke — or at least he has played like something of a fucking joke since arriving at Arsenal.

  12. Marko

    I agree Paulinho. I don’t buy into the idea that City will walk away with title after title. They’ll win more I think but they’ll be contested better I believe.

  13. azed

    “I call Pep a fraud as a counter to the over the top praise that is only reserved for him. He is a fraud in the sense that he can’t live up to that reputation.”

    Says the guy with the moniker Rambo Ramsey.

    Who’s the greater Fraud Pep or Ramsey?

  14. TR7

    I don’t think loss to United will worry him. City thoroughly outplayed United ,lost the game due to complacency. Defeat in the CL will haunt him though. I still believe he missed a trick ,you don’t bench Kun and Kompany in the biggest game of your season. The guy is a bit strange and whimsical which is the case with most geniuses.

  15. WengerEagle


    He had one prolific season, last season with 39 goals.

    Besides that he hasn’t really been prolific since his Wolfsburg days which were a long time ago.

    Good CF all the same, certainly better than Giroud.

  16. Bamford10


    You should stop calling Pep a “fraud,” then, as doing so suggests that you are making a much stronger claim than you’re actually making. You’re basically saying you think he’s very, very good, but that people should cool it with the “best ever” talk. Fine, but that’s a very different thing from being a “fraud”. To say he’s a “fraud” is to say he isn’t actually good at all.

  17. Marko

    I call Pep a fraud as a counter to the over the top praise that is only reserved for him. He is a fraud in the sense that he can’t live up to that reputation.

    Right and I do exactly the same thing with the over the top praise that comes Ramsey’s way. Only whereas with Pep the praise is mostly justified

  18. Marko

    He had one prolific season, last season with 39 goals.

    Nah that was one amazing season. He’s generally hit around the 20 mark which is the minimum for success for a striker to me. The only reason he only scored 50 goals at City was they rotated the fuck out of him.

  19. Elmo

    “Jurgen Klopp showing Arsene Wenger up as a complete fraud.

    Wenger repeatedly insisting that getting knocked out at the R16 is a great achievement with limited funds.”

    Yep – just goes to show the extent that Wenger has degraded our club and been allowed to lower expectations to embarrassing levels to protect his position and his cronies.

    We had lost the previous 7 consecutive CL R16 ties, losing every first leg by at least 2 goals. What happens once we’re no longer in the competition? The other English clubs may have stumbled (United at Sevilla), but every team went into the R16 second leg in a fair position to progress.

    Wenger repeatedly claimed we couldn’t progress due to the latter stages being a closed shop preserved for the super-elite. Why can Roma knock out Barca and Liverpool knock out City, while we’re told by our manager and a sub-set of our fans that a 10-2 defeat to Bayern is par for the course for anyone but 3 or 4 clubs in Europe. Why can Besiktas make a better account of themselves in CL knock-out football against Bayern than us?

    Under Wenger, the EL is truly our level. The more you think about it, the more you remember that there’s simply no point in us qualifying for CL next season; it only has any relevance to the club once he’s gone. Winning the EL is solely about some European glory for the club’s history, and the fans. Sadly the consequences of winning it are guaranteed further regression as that selfish man rots the club from the inside out.

  20. Bamford10

    I would just like to point out that I always rated Dzeko and always said he was better than our French lamppost, even when people here told me they were more or less the same. Just sayin’.

  21. WengerEagle


    Giroud put up similar numbers for us.

    Dzeko clearly has the higher ceiling in terms of ability but over the course of a season, he’s not that much better goalscoring wise which is why I maintain that he’s largely been streaky and inconsistent.

    For me prolific is anything above 30, unless we’re talking unusually low apps tallies like Aguero’s 28 in 34 a few years back.

  22. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Who’s the greater Fraud Pep or Ramsey?’

    Neither. Probably the teachers who passed you out of school. /s

  23. Pierre

    I said a few months ago that Raheem Sterling is doing a Martin Hayes in that he is having a season when every miss hit is ending up in the back of the net and people start believing he is a goal scorer , he’s not and neither was Martin Hayes even though he scored ,I think it was, 27 goals in one season in the late 80’s and then faded into obscurity .

    Obviously ,sterling is a better player than Hayes but I don’t believe he will repeat his goal scoring feats of this season …..he will be a 10/12 goal a season man , it wouldn’t surprise me if pep sold him .

    Maybe welbeck will fool us all by having that stand out season when every deflected shot will find the back of the net and I’m sure he will shin a few goals as well….

  24. Bamford10

    Oh Jesus. No one goes over the top praising Ramsey. Saying he deserves a new contract or is a good footballer is not “over the top” praise.

  25. Samesong

    Maybe welbeck will fool us all by having that stand out season when every deflected shot will find the back of the net and I’m sure he will shin a few goals as well….

    You are the fool for even writing this, not us.

  26. Pierre

    Mesut ozil by common consensus is a flat track bully and goes missing in big games and David Silva by common consensus is a player that never goes missing in big games ,a big game player they say.

    Are they right ….lets have a look .

    Ozil stats v Munich, Dortmund ,Man U ,city , Liverpool ,Spurs ,Chelsea and Barca

    95 games, 13 goals, 27 assists.

    That’s a direct goal involvement rate of 2.375.

    David Silva,

    He has played 108 games against Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, Liverpool, United, Real Madrid and Tottenham.

    He has 14 goals and 30 assists giving him a direct goal involvement rate of 3.176 – worse than Mesut Ozil.

    So the common consensus is actually wrong ,ozil performs in the big games at a higher level than David Silva I surprised , not really .

    I would imagine that if we had stats of all the playmakers in the top teams that ozil would come out quite favourably…

  27. Bamford10

    The Roma starting XI that beat Barcelona tonight was assembled for a total of £83m. Xhaka, Mustafi and Calum Chambers alone cost Arsenal £92m.

  28. Pierre


    If Martin Hayes can score 27 goals in a season then welbeck can fool a few people as well .

    Did you ever see Martin Hayes play .

    He was actually on the pitch (and Perry groves) when Michael Thomas scored the goal to clinch the title in 89…

  29. Pierre

    What’s the point of comparing the cost of players to Arsenals ..

    Of course Roma have done well but you can just as easily compare them to city ,United and Chelsea and the differential would be much larger.

  30. Marko

    For me prolific is anything above 30, unless we’re talking unusually low apps tallies like Aguero’s 28 in 34 a few years back.

    Nah mate it’s because we’ve been so used to Ronaldo and Messi scoring fantasy amounts of goals that you think that. For me the bare minimum for a striker has always been 20 goals minimum preferably league goals. Anything above that he’s had a very good season. Prolific is 20 not 30 for me. We’ve been spoilt this generation I think

  31. Marko

    Oh Jesus. No one goes over the top praising Ramsey. Saying he deserves a new contract or is a good footballer is not “over the top” praise.

    Over the top praise is saying that he’s been good the last two seasons and is good enough to start CM in a title challenging side. He’s honestly been getting over the top praise for simply being better than Xhaka.

  32. Rambo Ramsey

    You know, all I heard of Valverde in the media was how he introduced steel and defensive nous to Barca.

    This result makes it especially hilarious.

  33. Champagne Charlie

    “I would just like to point out that I always rated Dzeko and always said he was better than our French lamppost, even when people here told me they were more or less the same. Just sayin’.“


    Your scales are still mightily weighted toward “football moron”. Just sayin’.

  34. Champagne Charlie

    “The Roma starting XI that beat Barcelona tonight was assembled for a total of £83m. Xhaka, Mustafi and Calum Chambers alone cost Arsenal £92m.”

    Pogba cost more himself, Morata cost 70.

    More nonsense comparisons about Arsenal from the fountain of fuck all knowledge.

  35. Champagne Charlie


    He would, Ozil is elite despite what some daft fans like to spout.

    The flat track bully line about players always makes me laugh anyway, they’re 90% if the teams you face each season.

    Much better served turning up against those teams than only doing the business in 6 games a season.

  36. GuNZ

    The CSKA Moscow Supporters Club (Auckland North Shore chapter) has released its April 2018 pamphlet in which their Chairperson, Imgonna Charmemorlova, has strenuously denied accusations I made in the NZ media that the Russian Federation has, for years now, been attempting to poison my liver with vodka.

  37. GuNZ

    Light snow and breezy, a balmy minus five degrees in Moscow as I write. Not a problem for our sterling boys, though, with that 3 goal lead to defend. What could possibly go wrong? Ahaaahaaahaaaaaa.

  38. GuNZ

    Oh fuck, it’s only Wednesday morning in Moscow. I’m a day and a half early. Fuck it! Sorry chaps. Back to the Bacardi (decided to let the Cuban communists have a crack at poisoning me today).

  39. TonyD

    Bob N16
    Not sure why you’re asking me the question, but apologies for late reply as the time difference between UK and here is 6 hours.

    Wenger does what Wenger wants as was plain when he ran to Stan for his extension.

    He says that he will leave the club when He decides.

    Therefore, I can only conclude that he is an employee who dictates to His employer.

    Guess we have to wait until the summer to see who really has the power, but my money is very reluctantly on Wenger.

    To All
    Looks like I missed some great football last night and controversies.

    Wonder if Barca will be looking for a new manager after the Roma loss. Perhaps Wenger can submit his CV.

    From what has been reported City should have been 2:0 up at half time as the disallowed goal was good.

    Pep’s been on the wrong end of refs’ decision lately. What happened to VAR?

    Thought this was an interesting part of the match report by the DM Sport:

    “In reality it was probably over some 26 minutes earlier in the evening, when referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz, from Spain, informed Pep Guardiola he would spend the remainder of the match in the stand.

    There is a reason an orchestra has a conductor. He does not play a solo, not even an instrument, but he shapes the performance of those who do. He sets the tempo, he harnesses the energy of the group.”

    Wenger could never understand that!!!

    Didn’t matter to me who went through.

    Maybe Liverpool can grab another UCL trophy – stranger things have happened, and as Gambon said it’s those trophies where they can increase their world brand through – not dummy FA cup wins.

    Klopp is doing a great job and has a supportive BoD and owner unlike Arsenal.

    It’s all about the money for Arsenal, which is why we can expect another 3 years for Wenger.

  40. GuNZ

    Tell you what, though. I do like that new boy Ramsey. Where did we get him from? He reminds me of that other bloke Ramsey we had who was always pulling hammies and sometimes ran around like a headless chook. He’s also really similar to a bloke we had playing for us a few seasons back who was banging in screamer after screamer until he broke something. Let’s hope this one comes with a guarantee.

  41. TonyD

    The guarantee this one comes with will run out when he gets his new mega pay deal, then he will resort back to kind like Ozil.

  42. mysticleaves

    “Where was that overrated clown Busquets.”

    Says the clown, Paulinho, who thinks Ramsey is THE CM. has never had a go at the inefficiencies of Ramsey but calls Busquets overrated. Who, despite being a DM, pisses all over Ramsey in CM play

  43. mysticleaves

    “You know, all I heard of Valverde in the media was how he introduced steel and defensive nous to Barca.
    This result makes it especially hilarious.”

    What’s hilarious is always basing judgement on one game. Like calling Pep a fraud because of one knock out round in a season he has beasted the whole league, won two competitions already and would probably break all the English league record bar goals conceded.

    And then the Barcelona tripe, check their season conceded goals all competitions, am sure it’s under 25goals and under 18 goals conceded in the league.

  44. Michael24

    Was Aguero not fit? One of the best strikers in world football over the past decade, left on the bench. Why?

    Glad Liverpool went through.

    Serious contenders now.

  45. mysticleaves

    Word on Dzeko, his excellence at Roma can also be attributed to his coach. Found out what works for him and set up the team to maximise his skill set. It would have been hilarious trying to make Dzeko play a different kind of way, it would be like watching Giroud try to play for Arsenal.

    Giroud was a target man that’s very good with his head. Never was the team tailor made for his skill sets. Yet he achieved the kind of goal returns he had playing in a completely different way and in a harder league. Big props to Big Ollie.

  46. mysticleaves

    Micheal, I said it when Jesuscame in in January and scored all those goals, that he wasn’t much better than Iheanacho. Both were poachers. Both had same game. If Pep starts Jesus ahead of Aguero (who is a premier great, the best epl number 9 of the last decade and who is still very good and firing) why did he sell Iheanacho?

  47. Michael24

    Relieable Sauce

    Where are your links regarding the Moon landing and the Holocaust.

    Are you one of those conspiracy theory freaks?

  48. Michael24

    Those of us who remember the great Liverpool teams of the 70’s and 80’s will always have a soft spot for the scousers.

    I hope they go on and win the CL.

  49. mysticleaves

    Congrats to Oxlade Chamberlain, he’s in his first UCL semi final and played a huge part in making it happen.

    Seville vs Bayern tie is not over yet, if this is the UCL of upsets i think 1 more is still in the offing. Ben Yedder has been very clinical in the UCL this season.

    Or could it be Juve hitting Madrid for 3 without conceeding? One can dream

  50. Michael24


    Can’t understand it.

    Why would you leave your most potent player on the bench.

    Liverpool must have been delighted.

  51. TonyD

    I echo those sentiments.

    Scousers I’ve met seem to be realists and you can enjoy banter with them, especially back in those days. A scouser I met recently in Singapore I asked him there were any scouters left in Liverpool, they’re like the Chinese – everywhere.

    If you met them after a game or watched a game in a pub with them, they were always good value for a laugh .

    I’d love them to win the UCL and keep it English.

  52. Wallace

    fascinating game last night. credit to Klopp & Liverpool, they took a battering and, with a bit of help from the ref, survived it. Pep leaving out Aguero was a weird one. feels like City are just starting to tire/wind down while Liverpool are on the up. great for the CL although don’t see them making up the 20pt deficit in the league.

  53. mysticleaves

    When the season finishes, Adrien Rabiot will be in his last year, Max Meyer and Ozyakup will be free agents, Lemina and Johnny Evans will be relegated. A lot of players that will be cheap this summer.

  54. Michael24


    Why is that you think I went on a “Google search” to justify things.

    Arsenal’s revenue sources have only been maintained through corporate deals and attracting non-gooners, or as I like to call them, the visa gang, to the table.

    Statistics, generally, are established to cover the shit and we all know Arsenal FC have been experts at doing that over the past twelve years.

    I wonder how many Gooners, who invested regularly in the club in 2006, are still financially attached to the club? Don’t need to do a “Google search” to find the answer to that one.

    Wenger and his cronies may promote a commercially viable product, but the reality is they are only covering over the numerous cracks that we all know exist.

    Believe what you want to believe but the truth of the matter is that Arsenal are, as it stands, a “rubbish” ( a nine year olds perception remember)commercial entity, as all genuine fans know.

    True Arsenal fans go on their gut feelings and don’t go on a sexed-up Google searches, to find the answers.

    Not just an opinion and you know it.

  55. Rambo Ramsey


    How often do you see Barca imploding in the fashion you saw last night? To do so against Roma- who are second tier with all respect – under Valvarde’s ‘defensively responsible’ team…

    Yeah, it was sorta hilarious.

  56. Pierre

    “I was born just down the road in Chester.
    Great place, great people, great outlook on life.”

    I suppose you’re the exception to the rule.

  57. Michael24

    And the Oscar for the top leech on Le Grove goes to…………………………………………….. VICTORIOUS!!

    The follower of others, the opinions of absolutely no one.

    Can only construct sentences with the word “cnut” thrown in.

    Only responds when he knows he has his few friends watching his back.

    A total disgrace.

  58. Dissenter

    The Roma victory should give CSKA Moscow some belief that they can turn it around.
    They had some very good chances at the Emirates if they had some composure they could have scored more.

  59. mysticleaves

    “Mystic – Yeah Busquets is amazing at playing the same ball over and over again to Messi.”

    Paulinho – Yeah Ramsey is so amazing who consistently forgetting how to play CM and making runs into the box to score goals


  60. DivineSherlock

    So the path is clear for Madrid to win the CL, yaaawn . I hope Bayern doesnt screw up againts Sevilla.

  61. DivineSherlock


    Messi about to win La Liga undefeated this season . He is gonna be an invincible. Onlyy one who can stop them is Madrid.

  62. Confidentgoner


    Re: your comments below

    I didn’t state how much of an output we’d see from Wenger under a new owner, just that a new owner would have an effect on him.



    1) Wenger’s £10m salary is not sufficient to put a fire in him?

    2) His promise to take us to the next level should be discounted?

    3) His inability to win back the EPL after 15 years is not enough incentive?

    4) His club’s top of the range wage bill show he received support, but efficiency or competency is lacking in every aspect.

    5) What do you like about Wenger’s coaching? Will love to know.

    Confident he