Arsene pushes player/fan apathy to new lows in entertaining sh*t show

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Everything good and bad about Danny W was on display yesterday as Arsenal bumbled their way past the worst Southampton side we’ve seen in 5 years. He missed an open goal so wide you could have squeezed Samir Nasri’s arse through it, he assisted with a delightful deft touch, and he banged in two goals, one with a scruffy deflection, the other with an opportunistic header at the back post.

It was Danny’s day, but it wasn’t one you’d look back on with a great deal of fondness. It was Arsenal at their most banterful. The ground was half empty, the players were preserving their legs on the off chance they could land a starting place in Russia this Thursday, and the output of the day was a touch bizarre.

We went one goal down early. Tadic and Cedric made mincemeat of Chambers and Kolasinac down the left, a speculative ball was fired at our front post with the curve moving away from the keeper, Mustafi just zoned out like he’d had a clean energy production epiphany, Shane Long nipped in and put it past Cech. A defensive error so very symptomatic of any Wenger side you could remember over the past fifteen years.

The German would likely be a machine under a proper manager who cared about defence, but he’s not with us. He’s clumsy, he’s a finger-wagger like Flamini, and he’s ever so average.

We clawed a goal back in a sumptuous move. Elneney found Auba from deep midfield, he laid off Iwobes who returned the pass, a quick one-two with WELBZ set the man from Gabon free to poke his shot inside the keepers post.

9 minutes later Danny W picked up a great ball from Iwobi, he cut inside right and rifled a deflected shot into the top corner from 20 yards. Has the man ever had a clean shot? Can we call this a strategy now? A great goal regardless.

Their second goal was a collection of very Arsenal fuck-ups. We weren’t alert to their quick freekick, we managed to get away with the first ball fizzed across our box, Jack Wilshere was pottering around and didn’t get close to Hojberg on the edge of the box. The Dane played a one-two with Tadic, crossed across a now packed box and found Charlie Austin for a near instant goal after he came on as a sub. Utterly embarrassing. I mean, I’m not even touching on Chambers shocking clearance, another player who looked off the pace all day. That £23m we rejected for him looking crazier by the day.

I thought we’d see out a point, but Danny Welbeck had other ideas, popping up to nod home a looping Iwobi cross in the 80th minute.

The game wasn’t finished from a drama perspective, Jack Wilshere had to make an impact the only way he knows how to these days. He had a tussle with Stephens just outside the Stoke box and didn’t like the outcome. He decided to track him down as he powered through the middle of the pitch, Jack ripped his shirt because he couldn’t keep pace with the centre back, and was instantly thrown to the floor in retaliation. Jack got up, protested, landed Stephens a red card, he managed to get away with a yellow. Then Elneney got involved in the mess and landed a red. A real joke of a situation that was completely unnecessary.

An entertaining afternoon, no doubt. But entertaining like a comical WWE bout. We shouldn’t be conceding 2 goals to relegation fodder under any circumstances, let alone at home. We shouldn’t be picking up late red cards in nothing matches. We shouldn’t be so flat. But we are. Arsenal is a weird old place at the moment.

Aubameayang is an interesting striker. He’s starting to settle into the rhythm of the first team, he’s offering up the runs our playmaker’s dream of, and he’s starting to connect better with the build-up play. His MO is goals, and pretty much just goals. I don’t think he wants to be involved in the play like a Thierry, Robin or Alexis would be. His end product outside of goals isn’t great, and I don’t expect we’ll be seeing much in the way of link-up play like a Giroud would offer. But, look, he scores goals. He’s now our most prolific striker over the first 7 games, beating out Davor Suker (Opta inventing stats to new levels). It would be a real shame not to give him a run with a proper manager, in a proper team. Next year is going to be him at his peak, we need to max out his value and that won’t be with Wenger.

Jack Wilshere was disappointing again. The apologists will say his head isn’t in the game at the moment as he’s thinking about his contract. Well, that never stopped Theo and it certainly isn’t stopping Ramsey pulling up trees (nor Ozil earlier in the season). I think it’s mostly because he doesn’t have the extra level we’d hoped would be there. He’s 26 now, and he’s no more interesting than he was when he was 18. At least when he was a kid, you felt he cared about the game, I look at him now and wonder if he’s just in it for the wages and the good life at home? He’s certainly not playing like he wants a new deal or a move to a better club. I’m not sure I’d be whacking £100k p/w on him based on what we’ve seen this year.

Arsene is clearly blowing all on zero at the roulette table. It’s the only way he saves this season. We’ll win on Thursday, and he’ll have a chance at a new deal because Stan and Josh don’t understand the context of failure. If he makes the final, he’ll have to avoid Atleti, who have so many levels to their game. I watched them respond to going 1 down at Madrid. They have many great players and a coach who can change the game from the touchline. We have no chance against them over two legs, and it’ll be a Chelsea like miracle over one game.

But we’ll see… this season is the Europa mission. A shame for the home fans, because the Premier League season is like watching paint dry. The apathy in the ground is met in the living rooms. Pray we don’t mess up Thursday.

See you in the comments, and watch our podcast where Matt and I discuss:

  • Aubameyeng: Hit or miss?
  • The case for our defence: Who stays or goes?
  • Iwobi: Hero in waiting, or another Nik B?
  • Jack Wilshere: What do you do with him?








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  1. Bamford10

    Asked his opinion re the best keepers in the world this morning, Ter Stegen named De Gea, Neuer, Buffon, Alisson and Ederson (leaving Courtois out).

  2. Bamford10

    I could see City getting two goals back tonight, maybe, but I don’t think Liverpool will allow them to get three back. It would be one thing if City were in scintillating form, but they seem a little unsure of themselves for the first time this season. Will be interesting to see what Pep does.

  3. Wallace

    the thing will be how many Liverpool are able to get. can easily see City scoring 3, 4 or more. they get 3 most games.

  4. Samesong

    I could see City getting two goals back tonight, maybe, but I don’t think Liverpool will allow them to get three back.

    I only see this if Aguero starts. I can see City actually going a goal down early doors.

  5. HighburyLegend

    Not only the vampire will get a contract extension, but Adidas will be our new sponsor, and I hate this brand lol

  6. Bob N16

    Great news if true Wallace. Could hopefully save us a lot of money, as well as obviously seeing a youth player come through. Needs to be encouraged to attack defenders. Loved the way he was clearly telling other players where to go/what to do…great signs from an 18 yr old.

  7. Uwot?

    Oh those were the days.jim “ fingers” furnell & “coco the clown “ banter with those two in goal.

  8. Bamford10

    “Nelson paid credit to Arsene Wenger for ensuring the academy talent is given a pathway to first team football.

    ‘He keeps pushing the youngsters – me, Eddie and Willock – I think he has got a bright future planned for us.‘ “

    If only Wenger had a bright future planned for ARSENAL. But of course he doesn’t, nor does he give a fuck. Finishing 6th is fine as far as Wenger is concerned (though he’ll mouth words to the contrary) so long as he gets to continue to run things in accordance with his cherished “values”.

    The guy is such a fucking loser.

    Wenger out.

  9. Wallace


    yes, very pleased it looks like he’s signing. our attack looks very good. only missing a wide player with speed and good dribbling skills. would be delighted if Nelson could fill that gap.

  10. Barking Arsene

    “Why Tuchel prefers to go to Paris instead of Arsenal, that’s a complete mystery to me.”

    Our new guy Sven and him have issues from their Dortmund days. Was never really likely Tuchel would want to work with him again.

  11. Wallace

    I didn’t see it, but how bad were City last week? I’m amazed at how many people seem to be expecting a comfortable passage for Liverpool.

  12. Samesong

    I didn’t see it, but how bad were City last week?

    City weren’t that bad they just got beat up like the last time they played Liverpool in the first half. liverpool front three is a handful for any team at the moment.

  13. alexanderhenry

    Good news that Reiss Nelson is signing . At least he runs at defenders. I have no idea why wenger hasn’t played him more this season.

    Seems like the addidas deal is good news as well, but is it? It may mean more money but if we’re starting to lag behind chelsea it highlights how much the club has gone backwards since the stadium move.

  14. HighburyLegend

    ” I have no idea why wenger hasn’t played him more this season.”
    If that’s the only thing that bothers you…

  15. Wallace

    good article

    “It was also Ronaldo who came to mind during the rollicking Manchester derby on Saturday, as City were running United ragged and Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku were again being berated for failing to impose themselves. Because people used to say the same about Ronaldo, too: big‑game bottler; flat‑track bully; unable to dominate important games…

    All in all, Lukaku is shaping up to be a textbook example of a flat-track bully. Except I am no longer sure such a concept exists.

    We all instinctively know, of course, that scoring against better teams is harder for everyone. However, when Omar Chaudhuri, the head of football intelligence at 21st Club, analysed 15 years of Premier League scoring data, he found the differences were stark. The average forward scored 0.24 non-penalty goals per 90 minutes against sides finishing in the top six in a given season – pretty much one every four games – compared with 0.37 goals against everyone else. In other words, strikers typically score at a 35% lower rate in “big matches” – whether they are good or bad, supreme or indifferent.”

  16. Wallace

    “In fact, as Chaudhuri notes, labelling players based on their performances in big games makes for a great study in confirmation bias. Ronaldo has scored vital goals, so whenever he does he is labelled a “big‑game player” – ignoring the fact he has managed only one non-penalty goal in his last five against Barcelona. Lukaku is the opposite; when he does not score in a big match he is targeted – ignoring the fact he provided a goal and assist against Chelsea, or an assist against Liverpool.”

  17. HighburyLegend

    @alexander : please don’t talk to me like if I was your friend, you stupid akb.

    @wallace : indeed, fascinating article about a player and a team we don’t give a shit about, thanks.

  18. gambon

    Good news that Nelson may be extending. Hes the only youth that we have that is remotely interesting.

    That said, he has to push on now and start showing end product at senior level. This season is just about bedding in, next is about becoming a regular who starts 10-20 matches. Look at someone like Ryan Sessegnon for example, who is miles ahead of him.

    If the Adidas deal is £40m pa, then it really highlights the damage Wenger has done to this club, and how we are a fading force.

    UTD are in a league of their own, but for us to be accepting £20m pa less than Chelsea would be absolutely shocking, and yet more evidence of the huge mismanagement going on.

    The Emirates renewal was terrible itself, and it seems commercially, just like on the pitch, we are being left behind.

  19. Bob N16

    Highbury Legend, not everybody prefers the aggressive approach.

    Calling someone an AKB because they’re over familiar on a blog is a strange way of getting over your point of view.

    If you don’t like someone’s comments, regardless of topic, you accuse them of supporting Wenger. What’s that all about? It comes across as a bit playground name-calling.

  20. Bob N16

    Surely Gambon, the deals that the commercial department can negotiate at the moment are intrinsically linked to our recent performance/success on the pitch.

    You could argue that the commercial department will have done tolerable well under the circumstances.

    It certainly would be true that we’ve lagged behind for a fair few years commercially. Investment properly on the pitch, commercial success ought to follow- stating the obviousI suppose.

  21. gambon


    Liverpool have not won the league for over 25 years, have been in and out of the CL, and have not won a trophy for a long time, yet they are always comfortably ahead of us commercially.

    9 years ago we went out and hired an expensive commercial team, which promised to follow Man Utds example.

    At the time we were behind Man Utd and Liverpool commercially…..we’re now behind Utd, City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

    Its just all part of the incredible apathy that exists at the club. The fans have given up because they dont care any more, the players have stopped playing for a past it manager, the manager just sits on the bench frozen with fear, the board dont care, and the owner probably thinks we’re 6 points clear in the PL.

  22. gambon

    Whats worse however is the club celebrating our poor commercial achievements, and then in turn fans believing the club are in any way doing a good job commercially.

    The new deal with Emirates was awful, yet if you believe the club and some of the gullible fans, it was the deal of the century.

    It was a deal that leaves us at a real disadvantage with our rivals, or maybe not, as it seems the club has decided it would be easier to rival Everton and Burnley rather than the other ambitious clubs.

  23. Bob N16

    Gambon, I don’t think public self-congratulation from AFC is too surprising but completely take your point.

    As I’m sure you’d agree Gambon, Liverpool have always had a much larger global support than us. Their 70s, 80s success with 4 CLs established them worldwide on a scale that allowed them to maintain a commercial clout that belied their lack of league titles.

    Chelsea and City have had loads of success that has translated into great commercial deals.

    I do believe we can compete, with a new manger and subsequent success.

  24. Champagne Charlie

    Bob N16

    I’d skip discourse with Highburylegend, he’s like a shit version of Red. Offers nothing and just here to insult others.

  25. Michael24


    Arsenal’s commercial image has floundered considerably these past few years.

    From a team of invincibles we’ve become a team of predictables.

    Kids see Arsenal as being the proverbial losers.

    Any supporter under the age of twenty knows nothing but mediocrity and regular embarrassments.

    Is it not surprising we lag so far behind MU, MC, CHELSKI and LIVERPOOL.

    Wenger has played a major role in our commercial demise.

    Who else is there to blame?

    “Our expensive commercial team” are only as good as the product they are promoting.

    Well done Arsene.

  26. Josip Skoblar

    PSG have approached Tuchel and Conte who are both interested in the managerial position. PSG will be making a choice shortly (Source: L’Equipe).

  27. Carts

    So our Adidas deal represents a £10m p/a increase to £40m compared to our current Puma deal of £30m.

    Does anyone know the details relating to sleeve deal?

  28. Victorious

    “I’d skip discourse with Highburylegend, he’s like a shit version of Red. Offers nothing and just here to insult others.”

    Nail and head there mate,bullshit Legend must be 12 or just an unfortunate imbecile,bit unfair on Red though who shits on him in all ramifications of what makes an ‘internet troll’

  29. Carts


    Chelsea are begging that PSG opt for Conte. They’re not keen on paying him that hefty compensation if they have to sack him. Can blame them.

    However, stylistically, I’d like to see what Tuchel does for PSG. Conte’s style, imo, has more similarities to Blanc and Emery.

    I think PSG are looking for something a bit more entertaining.

  30. Champagne Charlie

    Michael 24

    Have you got some figures that show our commercial image has floundered?

    It’s a very measureable commodity is the commercial side of football. Forgive my skepticism, but it seems like you’re spouting a half baked opinion rather than a truth.

    Happy to learn though, can’t say I’m up to speed with our commercial standings. Where are you sourcing your views?

  31. BacaryisGod

    It’s interesting seeing all of the criticism thrown at Mustafi. He’s had a few good games but for the most part he’s shown himself to be needless reckless and can swith off too often.

    It made me think about Man City for a moment. Look at their top 7 defenders: Walker, Danilo, Mendy, Laporte, Stones, Otamendi and Kompany. Of those, Otamendi and Stones have come in for criticism in recent years. They also bought Mangala who flopped and is now at Everton. Between those 7 defenders and Mangala, Man City invested about 300 million in transfer fees alone or about nearly 40m per player. They nearly all came within the last couple of years.

    Now look at Arsenal’s 7 most frequently used defenders. Bellerin (free), Monreal (8.3m), Kolasinac (free), Koscielny (7m), Mustafi (35m), Holding (3m), Chambers (16m) . That’s a total transfer fee outlay of about 70m or around 10m per player.

    Essentially, Man City can afford for a player like Mangala to flop because they can just buy someone like Laporte for even more money. It’s a huge margin of error that they have.

    Now, I’m not playing the poor card on behalf of Arsenal. We’re a wealthy club but what they’ve spent on defenders is just staggering. Their average spend on defenders is greater than our highest spend on Mustafi and Mustafi cost more than the rest of our defenders put together. No wonder there’s so much pressure on the man.

  32. Victorious

    Everybody waiting on Micheal24 the fountain of knowledge to share more lights or rather back up his opinions with more credible facts on why he thinks our commercial image has floundered.. wont hold my breath though

  33. TonyD

    Why don’t you do the research and prove Michael24 wrong or are you not bright enough?

    Probably the latter. Tangible posts are not in your remit.

  34. Michael24


    Feeling confused?

    I Know that 1 + 1 = 3 in your world.

    I also have come to realize that basic logic doesn’t apply to you victorious

    As I said yesterday, a nine year old has more understanding than some on here.

    Ok, clever clogs, what’s your take on why AFC’s commercial identity has been eroded over these past twelve years?

  35. BacaryisGod

    Now for the good news:

    We finally have a core of attacking players who can scare the hell out of nearly any team: Aubameyang, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Ramsey and Lacazette give us so many options and Welbeck and Iwobi are good squad players for domestic cup competitions and weaker premier league opposition.

    Central midfield is still an area of concern. Xhaka has definitely improved this season but his lack of mobility is still a probem. Wilshere looks to be on his way out if recent performances are any indication. Elneny is a reliable squad player and Maitland-Niles has been earmarked for the future. Ramsey’s attacking instincts leave us vulnerable to the counter-attack. Cazorla is sadly finished.

    Here’s the problem. Player sales have typically been used to offset incoming transfers. Right now, we barely have any assets that make sense to sell. Cech and Ospina will hardly fetch anything but we desperately need a new starting keeper. In defence, Mustafi and Bellerin will have buyers but they would need to be replaced at an equal or greater cost.

    Ramsey is too valuable to sell. We have to pay a premium to keep him in the fold. Wilshere can leave on a free which is what I think he’ll do if we’re able to land Max Meyer from Schalke on a free (although our Europa League status won’t help us against rivals like Liverpool).

    So how many players are we away from properly competing for the title?

    I would argue 4 quality players. A new keeper, two defenders and a central midfielder will put us at least back in the Top 4. We can lose one of our current keepers, one of Chambers or Holding and Wilshere can go on a free. Everyone else would need to stay.

  36. Victorious

    Except I didn’t make those assertions but your buddy,so the nous is on him to back them up with facts,you could even refer him to the my earlier post directed to you on this same subject,maybe then he will have some clue,still won’t hold my breath anyway

  37. alexanderhenry


    Wenger is an employee of arsenal. He doesn’t own the club.

    We have a majority shareholder with a controlling stake who decides whether wenger remains in his job or not.

    Last season, wenger reached the end of his contract. Kroenke didn’t even need to fire him
    He could let him go with no fuss and no compensation.
    Instead, our great owner flew in personally and without even consulting anyone else at the club, gave wenger a new two year deal.

  38. Victorious

    cool it down mate,your obsession with Wenger is clouding your judgement,you’r writing in vague and passing opinions as gospel truth, remove the ‘Wenger obsessive spectacle’ then maybe you’ll get some clarity and absorb what my 10 year old son would grasp within seconds

  39. Michael24


    Did you go out and buy a shirt after Arsenal’s regular humiliations?

    Yeh, we lost 10-2 to BM but surely shirt sails must be up!

    Simple enough for you?

  40. champagne charlie

    Michael 24

    Those commercial sources?

    How much down are we in recent seasons given we’re “floundering”?

  41. Michael24


    Blah! blah! blah! blah!!

    ………and the fans keep protecting Wenger.

    There’s always an excuse.


  42. champagne charlie


    Not sure you grasp the meaning of the word “excuse”…

    Kroenke offering Wenger a new deal isn’t an “excuse” for Wenger, it’s a simple statement of fact. Wenger had no contract with the club in the summer, Kroenke offered him a two-year contract.

    Not sure where any “excuse” comes into play

  43. steve

    Poor Vicuntious. He probably believes Arsenal are doing great these days. “Crisis? What crisis? We’ve won five straight”. Lol

  44. Michael24

    The rat pack are out in force!

    Let me put it to you another way –

    Are Arsenal FC as commercially attractive in 2018 as they were in 2006?

    Yes? No?

    Don’t forget to take into account inflation etc.

    Who is responsible for maintaining the club’s image and commercial identity?

    I already know what’s coming.

  45. Victorious

    ‘Not sure you grasp the meaning of the word “excuse”…’

    Not sure he grasps the meaning of ANYTHING,he sure knows how to scream’Wenger out’ on an Arsenal’s site though,very myopic and naive poster giving steve(chavs cunt) a run for his money

  46. Barking Arsene

    Leno – £20m release clause
    Giminez – £60m? Release clause
    Max Meyer – free

    Surely that isn’t too much to ask over the summer? To at least make an effort for those players.

    I mean if we really wanted to we could also try for Martial, although I very much doubt we would.

  47. Bamford10


    “Instead, our great owner flew in personally and without even consulting anyone else at the club, gave Wenger a new two year deal.”

    Right, because like Charlie and thousands of other Arsenal supporters, Kroenke erroneously believed that Wenger was still capable of challenging for titles.

  48. champagne charlie

    “Are Arsenal FC as commercially attractive in 2018 as they were in 2006?”

    No idea, haven’t seen the figures that measure whether we are or not. You presumably have to make your assertions, so perhaps you can share what they are? Unless you’ve not done any digging are are simply stating an opinion as fact…


    “Who is responsible for maintaining the club’s image and commercial identity?”

    Ivan Gazidis deals with the commercial aspects of Arsenal FC, he is the Chief Executive Officer at the club.

  49. Pierre

    “Poor Vicuntious. He probably believes Arsenal are doing great these days. “Crisis? What crisis? We’ve won five straight”. Lol”


  50. champagne charlie

    According to that article from January 2018, Arsenal are in the top 6 for revenue generated in world football. Those figures are courtesy of Deloitte. I find your “floundering” comment to lack some substance Michael. I will say however, the above was courtesy of a 2 minute google search so I’m open to being wrong. Do enlighten.


    “Right, because like Charlie and thousands of other Arsenal supporters, Kroenke erroneously believed that Wenger was still capable of challenging for titles.”

    There’s Mr “I have never lied once” continuing with the same lie about me from the summer.

    Hope those of you see the ridiculous nature in which he operates. He’s stated this same thing maybe 15 times now, and I’ve refuted it every time. Just a measure of how he lies about what others post on here. 🙂

  51. Victorious

    ‘Right, because like Charlie and thousands of other Arsenal supporters, Kroenke erroneously believed that Wenger was still capable of challenging for titles.’

    Kroenke “erroneously believed”that Wenger was still capable of challenging for titles NOT because of fans Like CC but because HE is absolutely out of touch with reality,i mean a fan could be forgiven for holding some form of affection for the club’s greatest ever manager but a supposedly ‘business man’s with money as his utmost goal to allow revenues and global brand of his asset depreciate Slowly and steady over the years has ZERO excuse. nice try though,still not good enough

  52. steve

    “No way United let us have Martial,honestly think the lad would explode with us,Boringho would sooner offload him to China though”


    Yep he’ll explode alright. In the sense his career would be finished being coached by the specialist in failure.

    Beggars belief how stupid this Vicuntious is. Dumber then Ty even.

  53. Victorious

    Chavs cunt
    Apparently you’re not just a daft cunt but an obsessive one,why not get your dumb head outta my ass and go show some support to your ‘floundering’ chavs team?..there you go boy

  54. steve

    The type that still inhabits Emirates Stadium at this stage are typical Vicuntious type of cunts. Wenger FC supporters. Daft cunts.

  55. TR7

    Pep Guardiola is also obstinate just like Wenger. How on earth can he pick Jesus ahead of Agueuro in a tie as big as this one? Jesus has done little to justify the hype around him.

  56. Samesong

    El Neny gets off ban, surprising but good news!

    Wow didn’t see nothing about that all day until I read Le-grove cheers Bob for the info.

  57. London gunner

    Yeah aguero is a complete striker can do it all. Jesus at this point is just a tap in merchant.

    You’d think pep would like a striker like aguero a striker who can be involved in the build up play.

    I have a feeling pep just doesn’t like aguero.

  58. Victorious

    I could see why Kompany can’t be trusted in games of this magnitude,sadly his injury record is shocking,he hasn’t got the legs,an early injury that’s a spanner in the works for pep who clearly wants an all round attacking game

  59. azed

    City are playing 3-5-2.

    Keeping Liverpools 2 CB’s occupied. I guess Pep’s mind is “we are already out, why not go for it”.

  60. WengerEagle

    A 2nd for Citeh would make things very interesting, two goal lead atm for Pool is still comfortable.

    A 2nd would make Pool very unsure of whether to defend the lead or risk going for that away goal.

  61. TR7

    Wijanaldum is so poor,the game just passes by him and he can’t do anything about it. Henderson at least has energy and presence if not skills. Can a big miss as well.

  62. Akilan

    It seems like Anthony Martial is off this summer. Throw HB at them Raul/Sven/who ever the fuck on charge of transfers. Get the guy. He solves 2 of our problems.

  63. Victorious

    “We finally agree on something.”

    hahah,long overdue mate,you certainly are a big fan of Martial,likewise me,would give united, Bellerin,Mustafi, Wilshere and a pack over chips to have him,a sleeping giant of a player,imo

  64. TR7

    ‘Thunderstorm” from City as Klopp had predicted it. Pool lucky to be just one down. Klopp should take one of the attackers off and put one more man in the midfield. That midfield of theirs is getting throughly exposed.

  65. Paulinho

    I swear commentators have forgotten what the offside rule is.

    McManaman incredibly saying offide when it quite clearly isn’t. Even read some dozy fans pointing out it came off Milner when it was onside regardless of who it came hit it.

  66. champagne charlie

    City can feel aggrieved there, clearly off Milner and not at all difficult to spot. Could have made a huge difference going in 2-0 up.

    Ashley Young “pen” Sunday to boot, not getting decisions they really should get. Poor officiating once again

  67. Paulinho

    “@azed, Champagne CharlieOnly one Liverpool player behind their goalkeeper.”

    Does there need to be at least 2?

  68. WengerEagle

    ‘Even read some dozy fans pointing out it came off Milner when it was onside regardless of who it came hit it.’

    Kilbane was spouting the same shit on TV3.

    Even if it was off the City player, there was a Pool player level with Sane keeping him onside.

  69. Samesong


    The longer the game goes on and city don’t score they will become frustrated all it takes is one of those counter attack’s and Liverpool score game over.

  70. Akilan

    If you’re ahead of the opponent goalie, you need to be behind 2 outfield players to be onside, I think. No idea if it is true though.

  71. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    To be honest Jesus goal was basic, aguero would have scored that and been more of a threat.

  72. champagne charlie

    “Even read some dozy fans pointing out it came off Milner when it was onside regardless of who it came hit it.”

    No it wasn’t, there was only one man between Sane and the goal. There needs to be two

  73. Samesong

    A player is in an offside position if: he is nearer to his opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second last opponent.

    Googled it

  74. Paulinho

    The refereee (Chris Foy) on BT doesn’t seem to even know this two player rule, and says it’s onside.

  75. champagne charlie

    “What about those goals you see scored when one outfield player squares it back to another one after he beats the GK?”

    The player is normally behind the ball, not ahead of it.

  76. englandsbest

    Wenger has been wrong about so many things that it’s more than likely he will be wrong about Spurs new stadium. He said that Pocchettini would be plunged into austerity by the stadium debt (just as he was.) He also has said that RVP would not be leaving the Club, that UEFA’s fairplay rules would transform Arsenal into title-winners, that his current squad is his best-ever, that…..well, the list is endless, but you get the drift.

  77. steve

    “@azed, Champagne CharlieOnly one Liverpool player behind their goalkeeper.”Does there need to be at least 2?

    That’s correct


    In that case the player is behind the ball.

  78. Paulinho

    City definitely need Aguero.

    The rest of the City players don’t look convincing. De Bruyne doesn’t look confident, overthinking too much, and Sterling is back on full on spaz mode in front of goal.