Arsenal vs Southampton – everything is a bit ‘meh’

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A bit of a nothing game against Southampton today. It’s at home, where we’re unbeaten in 22 games against them. They are also very deep in a relegation battle.

That said, Arsenal are having big problems focusing when games don’t matter. Burnley are right up our backsides again, with just 2 points in it (they have played one more games than us), so if we don’t want further humiliation, it’d make sense for us to try and create some daylight.

The Southampton story is an interesting one this year. They’ve relied heavily on their neverending supply of talented kids, along with their keen eye for scouting to see them through absolutely brutal summers. That strategy isn’t a long-term one, and this year, it initially seemed like they’d hired poorly, but now it just looks like they sold too many players and recruited badly. Puel went to Leicester and they’re having a solid season (despite losing to Newcastle yesterday), whilst the Saints flirt hard with relegation.

The game also carries a pointless milestone for us… if we win, it’d take our win total at the Emirates to 150. What a moment, bust me out a party popper and let’s celebrate with an expensive pint of Carlsberg.

Injury news is Mikki will not be making it, due to an injury on Thursday. Ospina wouldn’t be making it anyway, but he’s also injured. Southampton are missing Lemina, a player linked with us last year.

I’m hoping to see another rampaging Aaron Ramsey game. His season is looking like a fine one. As much as I love watching him devastate shite teams, I really think we should be looking to sell him in the summer at top whack. Replace him with someone who can maintain fitness all the time. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but I do think the fanbase are desperate to grab onto anything, and I’m just not quite sure I’m a believer.

No doubt in a smarter system, we’d get to see his true potential. If the Welshman has any sense, he’ll flee Arsenal if Wenger is offered a new deal. There is no excuse for wasting your prime years under the failing Frenchman, unless of course no one else will give you the money you want… then you’re not really in it for the right reasons. So whatever.

Right, that’s me done. Enjoy the game, we’ll be recording a podcast for your ears on Monday morning.


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Is that 100 square meter gym for real then?


Michael24April 9, 2018 06:12:53



Sorry, my mistake, that was @ Tony.

Too early in the morning for me.

Frank Mc

100 sq metre underground gym was a classic…


Poor JW, l know he lacks pace, but omg, he’s slower than my mother!

As for Danny, well, you’ve got to admire his perseverance.


Someone please put Antonio Conte out of his misery.

Has he been told he has only a week to live?!?



“No doubt in a smarter system we’d get to see” …….each and every players true potential.

It’s the equivalent of putting Diesel in a petrol engine!

Not that I’ve ever done this.


If you’d told me in 2006 that twelve years later I’d be watching a 6th placed substandard Arsenal, whilst Danny Boy milked his two goal salvo against relegation threatened Southampton, infront of a passionless 40000 crowd at the Emirates, I wouldn’t have believed you.

How life can change.


No problem.



Charlie schooled Bamford on the Ramsey star debate. Produced unrefutable evidence that Bamford clearly stated he would get back with stats and still he tries to sliver out of it by switching direction and narrative.

If there is one colour to describe Bamford. It’s yellow.


I started to doubt Wenger when the invincibles couldn’t win the UCL.

It was a slow downhill progression from there as United gained the ascendancy.

We’d had a long fight against Liverpool before then.

Then more moneymen came into the game and, for me, Wenger was found out for what he was: a complete fraud who fell on his feet with DD and the team he inherited.

I was disgusted that Wenger didn’t support DD when he was kicked out of the club, but it’s clear now what Wenger’s agenda was back then.

Frank Mc

“Charlie schooled Bamford on the Ramsey star debate. Produced unrefutable evidence that Bamford clearly stated he would get back with stats and still he tries to sliver out of it by switching direction and narrative.

If there is one colour to describe Bamford. It’s yellow.”



WrightIsGodApril 9, 2018 07:34:38
HahaCharlie schooled Bamford on the Ramsey star debate. Produced unrefutable evidence that Bamford clearly stated he would get back with stats and still he tries to sliver out of it by switching direction and narrative.

If there is one colour to describe Bamford. It’s yellow.
The colour would be dark brown-full of excrement in my humble opinion.

Cheers: -)


PhD is that what am thinking? Ewwww bro .


Maybe we should put “Bastardford” in some stocks in an amphitheatre, alongside his nemesis-Arsene.

In Bastardford’s words pelt both of them with rotten tomatoes.

And then Arsene can gaze into ” Bastardford’s” eyes and utter the following statement-
“Cette enflure qui veut être moi.”

Translation-This f***ing dipshit,that wants to be me,man.

Cheers. 🙂



One feels that this B10 thing is starting to consume your life.

Just take a deep breath and try to move on.


“Mustafi committed another error for a goal (his 2nd) and Arsenal continue to lead the League in both defensive errors (30) and defensive errors for goals (14).” – 7am kick off

Isn’t this a shame? when that goal happened, there was a collective head drop but the vibe was more of “I knew it would happen”. No one says anything about these things



“I started to doubt Wenger when the invincibles couldn’t win the UCL”

Same here.

His limited abilities, especially when it came to his tactical prowess, became evident even before then.

We gave him too much leeway which allowed him the freedom to continue on his merry way.

Our mistake, back then, was not to question what was becoming blatantly obvious.

The ultimate fraud!


According to Wenger Mikhi could be back for the United game, but out for Moscow, Newcastle and the next game who Wenger thought was West Ham but wasn’t sure.

Wenger not knowing his fixture list in the press, you couldn’t make it up.


Michael24April 9, 2018 08:01:22

Yeah,it would be nice to observe the commentaries,as a silent poster,without”said”posters total misrepresentations,spin and inane horse manure on a daily basis.Alongside the undermining,bullying and binning malarky.
It just does a disservice to Le-Grove and the respected posters that comment on here,that one could learn a lot from.

One is not God-The all knowing,all seeing,all judging.
Just be humble-that’s all.You never stop learning.

Cheers. 🙂



That’s because Arsenal can’t defend.

One journalist could ask –

“Why the fuck Arsene can’t Arsenal defend?”

But they never do.


“Our mistake, back then, was not to question what was becoming blatantly obvious.”

Hindsight is really a bitch. Arsenal through out history has not any period of sustained dominance like Liverpool in the 70/80s or Man utd in the 90s. And before then we had zero European championship/UCL trophies, we still have zero now. What Arsenal gave in his early years were actually better than what most before him had given so there was no room to doubt or to analyse properly without sentiments.


*Arsene….well he is Arsenal. one can use Arsenal in place of Arsene and would still be correct. Wasnt he the one that built the club from scratch? lol


I missed that Welbeck open goal. Was it that bad?


Can’t even find it on youtube.



Here you go:


Wow,just watched that clip.

Don’t know what to say.
A more clinical forward would have buried that,Or at least get it on target.

The only defense,I can make for DW in this case,was maybe the ball came at him at a high bounce and maybe his reaction,or anticipation was late.

That said,forwards,thrive in those type of situations.Anticipating,hunting for such opportunities.

It begs the question of people /posters calling to sell Lacaz..

And then left with DW as backup..???Seriously,honestly?

Shake my head sometimes..


Michael & Mystic
So true.

All we can do is wait for the new post Wenger era, but it’s not going to be without its pain because it is so needless and futile.


Thanks Jamie. OMG!!!!!!


Personally I am grateful to UTarse, and other STHs and others who don’t attend games.

Not much I can do from here 6000 miles away other than to not to spend on anything that helps Arsenal’s profits.


Once again RT choses to attack me for what I wrote yesterday about our defence. For the record I made no reference to timescale of our defensive frailties. I have always maintained that Wenger was neglectful of our defence. There is poor communication and decision making between all of them. As I pointed out previously the defenders we recruit are not necessarily bad players, but somehow they perform badly at Arsenal. Cech however is in serious decline. He reacts now very slowly and does not anticipate mistakes of our defence. He needs to be replaced. After the Moscow game I… Read more »

Frank Mc

@ ES why bite? It’s quite clear he’s not the full ticket…


EmiratesstrollerApril 9, 2018 08:55:09 After the Moscow game I suggested that Arsenal are heavily dependent on scoring a lot of goals in all our games in order to win. We will need our three goals advantage in Moscow because you cannot rely on us not conceding two or three goals there. So far we have conceded 60 goals this season in all competitions and that tells you just how poor we are in defence. ———————————— With all due respect,I think you are stating the bleeding obvious. Roll back,almost a decade-it’s never been any different under his tenure. Arsene’s dubious defensive… Read more »


ES I have to admit that sometimes you open yourself up to criticism because so many of your posts just state the bleddin obvious. For example, Arsenal’s defensive frailties have been evident for many many years. @RT often reacts out of frustration and disbelief, as it seems that many fans, like yourself, feel that you’re informing those of us who know nothing about football and, in particular, what is happening at AFC. I also find it amusing that fans who highlight so many things that are blindingly obvious to us all, don’t seem to grasp why we sometimes react in… Read more »


What has hurt me more than Wengers futile attempt
to be a modern manager 🙂 :):).


Michael 24 Forgive me but you are talking rubbish. Most of what RT is saying is delusional and purely contradictory for sake of it. Moreover he is very good at telling everyone else what they should be doing. Yet this is a guy who has contributed zero to supporting the club. I have yet to see evidence that he is remotely a supporter. Insofar as my making statements which you suggest are obvious I would suggest that this is no different from the majority of other posters who are concerned about the club’s welfare. Arsenal’s defending has been poor for… Read more »