EUROPA GIVES ME LIFE – The Ramzil show

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Arsene Wenger knows when to dial up a season, and when to put on a show. His band of temperamental misfits pulled it together to a very empty stadium, and dropped CSKA from a great height onto a slab of polished concourse concrete.

Not even Arsenal can fuck up a 3 goal advantage.

The performance was dominated by Aaron Ramsey and Mesut Ozil. The Welshman was in full on ‘give me the Ozil money’ mode. He absolutely dominated the game with his energy and attacking instincts. He popped up with two goals and was unlucky to have an early attempt disallowed. Our German superstar was in his element, he was given free rein to pick out space and runs all evening. His three assists and an asisst to the assister gave him the MOM.

The first goal came when he found Bellerin on the right. The Spaniard fizzed a searching low first-time cross into the penalty area, it found Ramsey at the back post where he cooly smashed his shot past Akinfeev.

The second didn’t take long to arrive, and it went the way of CSKA. A shoddy Mustafi clearance, a weak header by Xhaka, and an aggressive clear up operation from Koscielny led to a freekick being given about 20 yards out. Golovin made no mistake, masterfully looping the ball over the wall and dipping it under the bar. Petr Cech had no chance.

It didn’t really feel like a game changer, we had all the momentum. Arsenal looked comfortable on the ball, we were definitely fitter, and we had way more talent. CSKA played the way Wenger needs teams to play to win. Totally open, zero agression, with no clear plan.

Our second came from a penalty after Ozil was felled in the box for the second time in a week. This time, the penalty was a bit more justified and the contact came before the ball was touched. Lacazette took the kick and scored his second of the week.

Our third was so good that I’m still waiting for my excitement to subside, you know what I’m saying, right?

Mesut Ozil picked out a Ramsey late run into the box with a diagonal lofted ball into the CSKA area, Ramsey pirouetted mid-air and turned the ball over the keeper with the side of his heel. Ballerina beauty. A Puskas nomination is surely forthcoming. Give him the keys to north London while you’re at it. Also, force him to sign a new deal.

The night was capped off with a slick move. Xhaka played a great ball down the left, Ozil put in a sprint of exceptional gusto, then rattled a ball across the box, he found Lacazette about 10 yards from goal, he controlled the ball with one touch and rattled home a precision strike back across goal. A real fox in the box strike.

The only shame of the night is we didn’t really make sure of the result (you know, to properly safe levels), but to be honest, CSKA were so off the pace, it’s hard to see how they’d come back into the game.

There were no major upsets in the other games. Leipzig beat Marseille 1-0 at home. Atletico dealt easily with Sporting with a 2-0 victory, they’re certainly in the semifinals. Lazio beat Salzburg 4-2. All the strongest teams look very likely heading into the next round.

… Just pray we don’t meet Atletico.

Right, that’s all I have, see you in the comments. x


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  1. Kay

    Pretty sure this is not the first time utd despite being shite but being clinical and snatch a win. They certainly did the same against us.

  2. Dissenter

    The pundits on legroom went overboard with all the superfluous praise of city.
    That’s my point.
    There was a time when they seemed invisible in the season but recently they have beeb grinding out some results.

    This is like out invincibles team. We were untouchable until united bullied us off the park in the FA cup semi-finals at Villa park. That bursted our momentum and we lost the next game to Chelsea in the CL quarter finals.
    That season we were the best in Europe but once momentum is gone, you’re back to ground level grinding it out like everyone else.

  3. Champagne Charlie

    “Ramsey was being played as a B2B CM last season, not as a CAM, so it makes no sense to assess him on goals and assists — and certainly not that alone. I just explained this; you have to look at his total contribution (all stats, both sides of the ball).“

    He’s played alongside Xhaka this season plenty of times, you’re unreal.

    Last season he averaged 0.9 tackles per game and 0.5 interceptions per game.

    Basically youre talking total rubbish

  4. Champagne Charlie


    They’ve earned that praise, you’re being precious about it for no reason at all.

    Big deal if Spurs and Liverpool have been in better form for the last month, they’re 80 points behind City because City have been unreal all season.

  5. loyika

    Citeh are Champs regardless but just makes proud of us winning the League at Anfield, OT and WHL all those years.

    Will be a bitter sweet moment for Citeh fans tonight.

  6. Samesong

    Yeah it’s to premature to elevate Ederson onto Dea Gea level yet he’s been here two minutes. Yes potentially see greatness but Dea Gea world class.

  7. Dissenter

    You’re kissing my point though.
    I’m referring to the band wagon effect of people going overboard to excessively praise the team of the moment like form is permanent.
    Last season it was Conte that could do no wronging Guardiola was over-rated.
    There are ebbs and flows all through the season, city have been grinding out results lately, maybe they don’t have to work as hard I guess.

    I remember saying that the odds for Liverpool vs city being 50-50 and being laughed at. Liverpool progressively got better unlike city that surged like an elite sprinter.

  8. TR7

    Also a bit premature was all the talk of Pep improving Sterling’s finishing. Yes he has scored a few goals but never looked like his technique has improved.

  9. UTarse

    City in last 2 games have shown an air of complacent arrogance which has been rightly punished. They need to spank Liverpool now as the only means of redemption…. I’m sure they’re capable.

  10. loyika

    @ CC

    Dissenter has a point. Yes Citeh have been the cream of the crop this season in the league, but make no mistake this loss and that against Pool will hurt Pep and his team badly. I doubt they will go through against Pool mid week.

    Its like after Chelsea lost to us in the FAC (more the manner they lost and not the loss itself) and Comm Shield, things went belly up for Conte as it showed they were beatable. (See how they never beat us this season in any game)

    Citeh have to pick themselves up…winning is a habit but losing can also cause damage to confidence.

  11. Champagne Charlie

    “Pointless discussing things with some people.“

    You typically.

    You don’t like being wrong about things and that much is evident, lest we forget.

  12. London gunner


    True but he had to adjust his body. It was u orthodox and not a world ie save but still a top quality one.

    And rating dea gea is hardly knee hero he has been one of the top keepers in Europe for the last couple of seasons.

  13. Dissenter

    Ederson is not even the best Brazilian goalie.

    Allison Becker is widely rated by watchers of Brazil to be the best goal keeper Brazil has produced in the past 1-2 decades. The Brazilian goalkeeping coach, Taffarel has watched both and publicly stated this over and over again.

    Ederson will go to Madrid since De Tea has taken the 350k weekly deal from united. He will get his big stage there.

  14. Marko

    As I remember it, he was good last season, esp. towards the end.

    Ramsey decent in the worst two year period in the last 20+ years? Sounds about right.

  15. Dissenter

    There’s a reason the game has to be played; football makes big fools of ALL of us.

    Just admit that you under-estimated United and stop all excuses. It’s not city taking off their foot off the gas or being distracted. by the game next week.
    You got it wrong this time, we all get stuff wrong sometimes.

  16. Berg

    So What I can gather is that Ramsay doesn’t have a great goal scoring or assist record. Nor does he have a good assist or interception average. But still to some he is the second coming of Zidane!

  17. Champagne Charlie


    I didn’t say rating De Gea was knee jerk, but the fawning over him is predictable because he makes Hollywood saves.

    He also gave the ball away to Gundogan for City’s second which quickly gets swept under the carpet.

    Ederson is leagues better with the ball, and a more dominant/commanding figure. He’s a better GK for me.

  18. Dissenter

    Jeez, reading my posts.
    It seems I’m trying to re-invent the language. I’m being haunted by auto-complete.
    I know Mystic will come after me for using this excuse again.

  19. Marko

    Pointless discussing things with some people.

    If it’s about Ramsey or Neymar with you then we’re absolutely in agreement

  20. Bamford10


    “But still to some he is the second coming of Zidane!”

    Really dumb. No one here says anything of this sort re Ramsey.

  21. Champagne Charlie

    “Just admit that you under-estimated United and stop all excuses. It’s not city taking off their foot off the gas or being distracted. by the game next week.
    You got it wrong this time, we all get stuff wrong sometimes“

    What are you talking about?

    City were tearing them apart first half. They came out second half, got sucker punched, and never recovered.

    Credit to United for holding out, but that loss was down to City and not United being “underestimated”. You trying to angle it as a United masterclass or something? Lol

  22. Dissenter

    Ederson is the perfect Guardiola goalie.
    He has better ball playing skills than Welbeck and he’s going no where.
    Barca haven’t based their successes on goal keepers to be honest, they win by the sheer mass of there attack.

    Allison Becker is the one making the big move this summer. He’s headed to Madrid.

  23. Jamie

    Not sure who has been going ‘overboard’ with praising City.. They’ve been the in-form team of the league, not Liverpool or Spurs. City are almost 20!! points ahead of both Pool and Spurs.

    Unless, wait, are we celebrating the Wenger “We Played the Best Football in the 2nd Half of the Season” Trophy? If yes, then praise be to Liverpool/Spurs.

    City deserve plaudits for their form over the course of the entire season. They’ve smashed the league, and they’ve played some delightful stuff at times, including the 1st half of this game.

  24. London gunner


    Dea gea has better reflexes and has world class saves and is better at collecting the ball from corners.

    Ederson is better with the ball and distrubition is top notch but he isn’t an elite saver and is a bit rusty at collecting the ball from corners.

    Apples and oranges.

  25. Marko

    No way Alisson is a better keeper than Ederson. I’m sorry but there’s a reason City paid a fortune for the lad a reason they targeted him instead of Alisson

  26. Champagne Charlie


    Don’t share your view about De Gea with crosses. I rate Ederson more here, he’s decisive, crazy brave, and physically massive.

    De Gea is a shotstopper predominantly, I think his footwork is suspect and he’s merely good with crosses. He’s top drawer clearly, I happen to rate Ederson as a better overall player.

    Give me the choice of both and it’s Ederson. Though I’m hardly sad at the options.

  27. Dissenter

    “You trying to angle it as a United masterclass or something? Lol”

    Oh dear
    City needed a good response to the disastrous result at Anfield. This was not some insignificant game, it was a derby. They had to clear their heads. Now they are going into the second leg against Liverpool with two consecutive results.

    You don’t think ANY TEAM coming back from 0-2 down in the first half to beat the champions-in-waiting is a special result?

  28. Dissenter

    “No way Alisson is a better keeper than Ederson. I’m sorry but there’s a reason City paid a fortune for the lad a reason they targeted him instead of Alisson”

    When did you start watching Edelson?
    Claudio Taffarel, the Brazilian national team goal keeping coach and WC winner has seen both players all through their careers and he disagrees with you.

    Will you change your mind when Madrid pay Roma a world record fee for a goal keeper in the summer?

  29. Champagne Charlie


    Obviously it’s a good result for United.

    Not sure why you’re failing to see in what I’m saying though. It was self inflicted on City’s part, they were playing party football going in at half time and quite visibly re-emerged thinking game over.

    United upped their intensity and after two goals in two minutes City were rocked. That being said, United never dominated the game at any stage, they scored from nothing and any further chances ame from City pushing up for the win.

    Idk what we’re even discussing frankly. City fucked it up is my point.

  30. Marko

    Both Liverpool and City today put more of an emphasis on Tuesday and both their respective performances suffered because of it. The only difference is whereas Liverpool were playing a piece of shit Everton side City were playing a United side with more of a backbone than Fat Sam’s team. They were very lucky if we’re being honest though prior to that Pogba smash and grab they not once looked like scoring

  31. Champagne Charlie


    Nothing to say re: Ramsey after I shared his defensive numbers from last season?

    Curious what your ‘reasoning’ is.. or are facts still something you dismiss when it suits?

  32. HillWood

    Watching the old codgers knock their balls around Augusta with their walking sticks for hours on end sill to come
    Gawd bless Sky Sports

  33. Marko

    Claudio Taffarel, the Brazilian national team goal keeping coach and WC winner has seen both players all through their careers and he disagrees with you

    Sure he disagrees with a certain Pep Guardiola too. No one’s denying that he’s not a good keeper too but I just think Ederson is better from what I’ve seen. I think if Madrid end up signing Alisson it probably means they weren’t as arsed getting DeGea honestly more than Alisson being an elite keeper. Imo

  34. Champagne Charlie


    Bit of rain last night, that should play very much into Rory’s hands with how far and high he carries it

  35. Bamford10

    United should never have been in position to come back in that match. City should’ve had a penalty and Young a red card for the latter’s early hand ball in the box, and Sterling should have finished one of those good chances to put it out of reach. A false dawn of sorts, IMO, for United, who still still seem less than the sum of their parts to me.

  36. Champagne Charlie

    The leaderboard at Augusta is seeing the cream rise, quality top 15 battling it out here.

    What a weekend ahead

  37. Champagne Charlie


    Ahhh, off you trot and find some to suit your narrative then.

    No, I won’t base my judgement on one game thank you. I also remember Per was superb in the cup final but he did nothing all season.

    I’ll say again, so you don’t confuse (or rewrite the argument), Ramsey was largely ineffective last season. I say this because you’re only mentioning this season as a point of judgement when discussing Ramsey.

    So if we’re remembering things, let’s also remember that in case you try and are this somewhere else entirely.


  38. loyika

    @ Berg,

    Well we would never know that, but why can’t he?

    Delph plays for Citeh, Ox and Henderson play for Liverpool? Or are we saying Spurs midfield could not do with a Ramsey if he were available?

    Even teams like Barca have players that might not be special as long as they do a job for them….Jeez Alex Song played for Barca if your memory fails you.

    Could we stop with the Rambo bashing please.

  39. Berg

    Loyika. Have you ever seen delph play in midfield for Man City?

    Would Ramsay have the free role at Liverpool? Would just get in the way of Salah and Mane!!

    Alex song didn’t last long at Barca now did he and there a reason for that but was in Arsenal midfield for years

  40. loyika

    Your statement said would he get in and that holds no water as Managers don’t think like we punters.

    The fact that Barca bought Song alone speaks volumes to this, even if it was only 1 game he played for them makes no damn difference, its on his resume (with the trophies he won there)

    Ok let me give you anothet name – Vermaleen!?

    The point is, folks are hard on Rambo (and most of our players) because he plays for us. Does he have his faults? Yes plenty, but lets not make it seem as if a Top Manager won’t look his way if his contract runs down.

    We can’t trully say he won’t be snapped up by one of the big team here or in Europe.

  41. loyika

    Any good Manager will be able to fit Rambo into his plans if he do chooses too. Aaron might not be first choice, but are you telling me if given a chance he would not jump to a team like Citeh even if to be part of the squad?

    The thing is any Manager that buys him will give him his chance and might even coach him properly on the defensive part of his game.

    Ox wasn’t trusted by Arsene to play in the middle where he wanted to play but Klopp gives him the chances.

    If Klopp didn’t go for Ox (and Conte) we could also use your statement in that;”Would Ox get a game at a big club”

    If Arsenal let Rambo run down his contract lets see who he moves to, I would be surprised if none of the big teams takes him on the free. Even if Arsenal decided to sell.

    Ramsey is a good player, despite his flaws (which player doesn’t have any flaws)

  42. Champagne Charlie


    Ramsey is quality, but how many teams would put him on 200k+ do you think?

    I’m not sure any would do that (bosman aside), and my hesitation comes in tying up funds by doing exactly that.

  43. Dissenter

    “Ramsey is quality, but how many teams would put him on 200k+ do you think?”

    I’m a big critic of Ramsey. He has that whiff of Hollywood about him; he loves the limelight. Sometimes you just want him to be the one to make the gears work properly. He has to sho that he’s capable of making other’s around him better not just seeking stats. [This will make the Ramsey-lites mad]
    That said, If Ozil is on 300-350k weekly and Myki is on 170k weekly, then Ramsey is bang on to push for a 170-200k weekly wage.
    That’s his dues because he’s been integral to every “success” we’ve had in the last five years. Every FA cup trophy has gone through him.
    Yes, I think Ramsey should aggressively push for 200k weekly since we’ve decided to play father Christmas for Ozil. He should play a game of brinksmanship like Ozil did.

    I just wish we had a chance to sell Wilshere. I really don’t care if he leaves for free. I din’t like seeing Wenger play him ahead of Elneny. Ramsey is holding back to avoid injury – that’s a no-no that good managers shouldn’t tolerate..

  44. Dissenter

    **”WILSHERE is holding back to avoid injury – that’s a no-no that good managers shouldn’t tolerate..”

  45. Redtruth

    Ramsey produced his best spell with Arsenal before falling foul with injury in December 2013 yet Arsenal still went on and made their customery top 4 and added an FA Cup too.

  46. Dissenter

    “Ramsey produced his best spell with Arsenal before falling foul with injury in December 2013 yet Arsenal still went on and made their customery top 4 and added an FA Cup too”

    Who came on to score the winning goal against Hull city?

  47. Redtruth

    Opponents say that golf better meets the definition of “game” than “sport,” does not require rigorous physical activity, and can be played professionally by people who are overweight, injured, or non-athletic.

  48. Champagne Charlie


    That’s all he does. Pretty questionable mental state for someone to do that daily as a form of interacting with strangers imo.

  49. PhD07

    PhD07April 8, 2018 18:05:44
    Bamford10April 8, 2018 16:03:31
    One, please cite these many games and moments when Ramsey was “cluelessly” out of position to the detriment of the team. We would all like to review and scrutinize these.
    Look to the last decade-dick head..