Wenger crafts his season failure excuse with catty precision

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Well, who fancies Allegri now? Useless.

It’s quite incredible to watch these elite European match-ups, the levels on display are breathtaking. Cristiano, a player whom the metaphoric black armbands were being dished out on account of his career death, turned up with one of the most spectacular bicycle kicks of all time. It was like watching a computer game. The guy has to go down as one of the most machine-like athletes of all time. Never injured, POW like guts, laser focus, and an audacity he should have lost when he was 18 and the English journos told him to leave his fancy shit at the gates of Selhurst Park.

To have spent so many years enjoying the Messi and Ronaldo matchup has been a pleasure.

Tonight, we’re going to be spoilt again. Liverpool vs City will be explosive. It’ll be lovely to see at least 1 English club in the semi-final this year. It’ll also be fascinating to watch Roma and Barca. The Italians did a lot of good business under Monchi last year, it’ll be interesting to see if they can bring his European cup competition magic dust to the occasion.

… but let’s be real here. The big show is tomorrow night when Arsenal take on the might of Russia in a showdown bigger than the rumble in the jungle, bigger than Jesse Owens in Berlin, more epic than Ivan Drago vs Rocky Balboa…

Yes, Mother Russia, versus good old Blighty!

I’m not quite sure what to expect. CSKA knocked Lyon out of the last round of the Europa League. They sit in a healthy 3rd in the Russian Premier League, just 5 points short of Lokomotiv Moscow. They’re in rich form as well, they’ve won 4 of their last 5 games.

However, I don’t expect the game to be that much of a problem. We’re the ultimate cup team. We have a crop of very talented players who can turn it on when they fancy it. The players aren’t just playing to erase the shame of our last season, they’re playing for Champions League bonuses. I expect a strong performance.

Wenger continues to sift for excuses for our substandard form this season in a bucket of drainpipe gunk.

“We were very disappointed with our result against [Manchester] City,”

“It takes time to grieve and to recover.”

My oh my, poor little babies.

Again, read between the lines.

‘My lions were licking the wounds of a cup final fail, you know, a cup final. Ask Pochettino about that’

Reality is, the players should have been coming to terms with losing to the kids at Nottingham Forst in the FA Cup, an out of form Bournemouth, Spurs at Wembley, and the band of misfits, Ostersunds, at home a few days before City decapitated us twice.

He went on…

“But because the mentality in the team is very good, strong and healthy – we’re recovered.

“I think always you judge a team by the way they come out of a crisis. On that front I believe that is very positive on our side.

“There’s some extra pressure on us to do extremely well in this competition but that’s part of being where we are.

“We have to see it in a way it’s an opportunity we want to take and keep the priorities right and of course focus on how well we play together, how we want to play.”

He cannot celebrate our mental strength, we have none. You cannot talk about coming out of a crisis when you’re sitting in 6th place in the league, fending off Burnley. Beating Milan twice is a noble effort, but they’re a shite side with a prestigious name that makes it feel like we toppled an elite giant of the game.

Wenger has been gifted by the cups in recent seasons. It looks like he’ll at least make a semi-final this season, and that’ll be passed off as a progress, despite us losing to bottom of the table Koln and a Swedish pub team along the way.

Still, if he makes a final and wins it, I’ll take it. I just hate the idea that he’ll earn a new deal. The club don’t look at the big picture. They look at moments in isolation. A bit like judging an Ozil season on his compilation videos, to the naked eye, he’s one of the greats, to the person that watches him week in week out, it’s absolutely clear why he’s stuck at Arsenal despite going into the final year of his contract and presenting himself to Europe all season. No one saved him. Do you think clubs are in the business of not scouting Ozil?

Anyway, I’ve been a moany bastard this week, I’m very much looking forward to the Arsene Wenger #SignDaTing tour moving one step closer to glory tomorrow night.








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  1. Leftsidesanch

    Desperate for some of these ITKs to be correct about him leaving this season barring a EL win but I fear we’ll be stuck with him for the foreseeable future.

  2. bennydevito

    Bollocks I was going to have a go today! Well done Boomslang and better luck next time Banks. Was it DM who beat your record and where’s he too?

  3. Ishola70

    Man City have played superb football in the EPL many times this season. Joy to behold.

    They are not favourites to win the CL though and it wouldn’t be a massive huge shock if Liverpool sneaked through as they themselves have a proud european tradition. If they did fail in CL does that negate their season as failure? Not a chance. Only those who have the bitter taste of envy would see it as such.

    There are two competitions now that are seen as the serious ones in top level football for the serious clubs to go for. Domestic title and CL.

    Man City have done awfully well in one of the them the EPL and this will be the case whatever happens to them in the CL. Not too shabby at all.

  4. HighburyLegend

    “I just hate the idea that he’ll earn a new deal. ”

    Well… all we can do is deal with it.

  5. DM


    Correct indeed, I’m the current record holder, but on holiday at the moment so not competing. Back next weds so I should be competing again on Thurs I reckon!

  6. Ishola70

    He will earn a new deal because some are still yes still would you believe narrating that losing in a second tier cup final is not that far off being big double digits ahead of your opponent in the competition that is more valued and is the bread and butter for a club.

    As long as we have the foolish pride around the Kroenke/Wenger show rolls on.

  7. Michael24

    There is absolutely no way that Wenger will wangle a new deal for himself.

    Then again, back in 2006, I remember saying there is absolutely no way Wenger will still be Arsenal manager in 2010.

    If he does manage to pull it off, I think we can all agree that the club, as a whole, will be totally fcuked!

    Hail the almighty Arsene!!

  8. Michael24


    There is nothing Wenger says that makes sense to me anymore.

    The utter crap that he comes out with just beggars belief.

    I would take a loss to CSKA now, if it meant an end to all this garbage.

  9. englandsbest

    A crop of very talented players? I don’t think so. Certainly not with the talent of the five teams above us in the premiership. And a million miles away from the big-hitters in Europe. And nowhere near comparable with the side Wenger inherited.

    To get close to those levels there is a need for at the very least five outstanding players: a GK at his peak, a dominating centre-back, a RB who can defend, a fearsome midfielder, a proper winger.

    We’ve been through too many (failed) slow-builds to take another. Big money must be spent, then. Certainly no proven top manager would contemplate the job without the promise of near unlimited transfer funds.

    Will the majority owner come through? Not on his past record. So it’s likely he’ll keep Wenger next year (and probably longer). And then probably hire a young manager who wants to prove himself (like at LA Rams).

  10. Michael24

    Are there any of you out there who are looking forward to tonight’s clash at Anfield more than tomorrow night’s game at the Emirates?

    Just wondering

  11. TheBayingMob

    First up, kudos to Pedro really. We all have a pop at him every now and then but to be churning out light hearted easy reading with the purgatory in mediocrity that is Arsenal these days, it’s no easy feat. I know I couldn’t do it, I would have cried off bored a long time ago.

    Secondly, Wilkins, RIP and all that, but since when was Ray Wilkins a fucking visionary within the game? Can someone show me one thing he changed? He was the original crab footballer before Denilson took the title.

    He was good, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see why respectful comments and condolences for well liked man has to turn into spouting crap …

  12. PhD07

    Michael24April 4, 2018 17:57:27
    Are there any of you out there who are looking forward to tonight’s clash at Anfield more than tomorrow night’s game at the Emirates?Just wondering


    Yep,looking forward to tonight’s clash between Liverpool and Man City.
    Expect it to be a goal festival..

    Might being overly optimistic..But expecting over 4 goals tonight..
    3-2/3-1/3-3/4-3 either way.

    Might be wrong.But we will see.

  13. Samesong

    Secondly, Wilkins, RIP and all that, but since when was Ray Wilkins a fucking visionary within the game? Can someone show me one thing he changed?

    Baying Mob the guy captained Chelsea at the age of 18 won 84 caps played for various big clubs including those in Europe and has been a mentor for loads of youngsters in the game and players we see now. So I don’t quite get your what has he changed? Question. the guy was one of the nice guys in football. Met him a few times.

  14. Michael24


    Show some dignity and respect.

    Ray Wilkins became captain of Chelsea at 18 and represented his country 84 times.

    A genuinely nice day who would go out of his way to help others.


  15. Stuart Anderson

    why would you be happy pedro to have an english club in the semi final who gives a shit about city and liverpool it’s namby pamby fans like you that take the atmosphere away from football (not that you even go anymore ) it should only be about THE Arsenal i hope the rest win nothing abroad next you’ll be hoping the scum win the cup coz they play good football what a toby uve become

  16. mysticleaves

    “He will earn a new deal because some are still yes still would you believe narrating… ”

    Nonsense, lay off the fans, he will get a new deal because Kroenke will give him one. At least you can explain fanbase having (misguided) faith in a failing legend, the greatest manager of the club they have seen but can you explain why the owner of a franchise will keep faith in a failing employee?

  17. London gunner

    Have to give it to klopp milner ox and salah all have seen massive up turn in their performances

  18. London gunner

    Ox first touch and decision making has dramatically increased

    Got to give it to the guy was offered more money to stay at arsenal left for Liverpool as he wanted to progress and had some heart and ambition

  19. DaleDaGooner

    I guess Gervinho scared Wenger into going in for a player like Saido Mane…..we could use players like him

  20. London gunner

    Glad to see man City losing

    It just comes across as kind of unfair when they win as they have an almost fifa game mode to transfers

  21. London gunner


    Mane is nothing like gervinho.

    Truth is wenger is toothless in the transfer market

    Hence missing out on salah and mane

  22. Samesong


    Karius has actually improved recently what he has 5 clean sheets in the champions league. Yes he had a shit spell but he’s now showing what a decent keeper he is now.

  23. Paulinho

    Guardiola team again found wanting in a knock out competition.

    It was so obvious at Bayern he had a massive issue with it, yet incredible how people in football continually overlook it and never discuss it.

  24. London gunner

    I wouldn’t be suprised if larousse keeps improving

    Klopp and his team seem to have that effect on their players

  25. Elmo


    He’d have to improve A LOT from a very low base. The majority of games I’ve watched where his team has been under pressure, his decision making has been terrible, and that has filtered into indecision and lack of confidence amongst the defenders. Will keep an eye out to see his improvement.

  26. Champagne Charlie

    Kompany is a good yard off the pace here.

    Klopps approach stifles Guardiolas, Pep needs to find a way to deal with the press better.

    This is classic psychology, Liverpool players knows their role and have the mental approach to perform. Arsenal constantly look like deer in the headlights.

  27. mysticleaves

    The amount of flip flopping here. Let Please have an average game and you will start seeing things like “returned to shit”…

  28. TR7

    For me Liverpool were the favorites to win this game anyway. Even in the 2 league games Liverpool caused a lot of difficulty to Citeh. Liverpool actually beat them once and were going toe to toe with them until Mane was wrongly sent off in the other game.

  29. WengerEagle

    Liverpool at Anfield are always capable of flattening an opponent with their front 3, 3 goals from 4 shots on target, surgical stuff.

    Expect Citeh to come hard for that away goal in the 2nd half, could play right into Liverpool’s hands if they take the chances that will undoubtedly come their way.

  30. Rambo Ramsey

    How embarrassing. If it were Arsenal under Wenger, we’d be ripping into him. Fraudiola with his billion pound team.

  31. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘It was so obvious at Bayern he had a massive issue with it, yet incredible how people in football continually overlook it and never discuss it.’

    Atleast in Bayern, his investment in players was minimum and they came up against sides of calibre of Barca and Madrid.

    But this? Hundreds of millions spunked to build a team as he wanted, going 3-0 down in 30 minutes to fvcking Liverpool?

    But we know Klopp managed sides’ weaknesses as well. Expect this to be a tennis score.

  32. London gunner


    Ox has been quietly brilliant all season pop on a Liverpool match, jump on a Liverpool forum or chat to a scouser and you’d know this.

    Hardly flip flopping to concede head dramatically improved as a player since he joined Liverpool.

    Its obvious to see klopp has increased his football Intelligence

  33. TR7


    At least I can’t be accused of flip flopping on Ox 🙂 I have always said he is a good player who was mismanaged by Wenger.

  34. Paulinho

    City are perfect for Chamberlain. They can’t defend and just let him do what he’s best at, which is barrelling forward in straight lines and taking shots on goal.

    He hasn’t been that good at all in general, and has struggled for them in much the same way as he did for us against teams that block the spaces. United away showed that he hasn’t really developed his game at all in that regard.

    Klopp is just great at getting him amped up for games like this against teams that will let him run with the ball.

  35. TR7

    Paulinho most players struggle if spaces to move are blocked. Also if City were that easy an opponent to score against, they wouldn’t be sitting comfortably at the top of league table.

  36. mysticleaves

    TR, LG I am with you guys, but then theres Paulinho. A watered down version of Redtruth if am honest. Apart from Ramsey, who runs in straight lines and shoots every match, I am yet to say who he rates as a footballer..

  37. london gunner

    Ox deffo has improved.

    His performances for liverpool and night and day compared to most of his time at Arsenal.

    He doesn’t just barrel forward and take shots, he wins the ball back, physically dominates in the middle with his athleticism, power, pace and strength and even ticks overplay quite nicely with cute passes.

    Not saying he is suddenly a miastro but he is showing real quality.

    At Arsenal he was headless chicken, now he plays with intelligence and uses his physical qualities in much more useful and efficent ways.

    Also, he used to have a toilet first touch seems to have improved in this area.

  38. Paulinho

    TR7 – They leave space continually in front of their back four. Chamberlain has a great shot and can take advantage, which is to his credit, but they’ve got De Bruyne and Silva in central midfield. They are always going to leave spaces in there.

  39. london gunner


    Ox is playing as a CM, not as the striker on the shoulder, shouldn’t be looking to make runs. That would be undisciplined and leave the central midfield hopelessly undefended…abit like ramsey does..

  40. mysticleaves

    “Ramsey makes runs off the ball. Unlike Chamberlain.”

    I am a bit dense yet making runs off the ball is the hallmark of your favorite CM. How dense does that make you?

    Oxlade plays like a CM is supposed to which is what Ramsey cannot do

  41. mysticleaves

    “Remember when some people here told us that Klopp was no better than Wenger?”

    Who said? Am pretty sure that’s not what was said

  42. london gunner

    “I am a bit dense yet making runs off the ball is the hallmark of your favorite CM.

    How dense does that make you?Oxlade plays like a CM is supposed to which is what Ramsey cannot do”

    Perfect comment. OX does what he is supposed to.
    Ramsey looks good at the expensive of the central midfield.
    Ramsey is a luxury player/highlight reel mr hollywood, not a dependable CM.

    Making runs off the ball should never be the benchmark for a CM. To believe so is farcical.

  43. Bamford10


    You must’ve missed it, then. That used to be a common refrain here, along with the Klopp-is-Wenger-2.0, which is and was equally bullshit.

    Not a big deal, though, but I used to catch all kinds of shit here for rating Klopp.

  44. Paulinho

    London – Tell that to all the great central midfielders. Vieira, Petit, Keane, Scholes…. list goes on.

    They ALL made runs off the ball, consistently so as well. That was playing in a 4-4-2 with two strikers and often two out and out wingers, or at least one.

    The idea that all central midfielders just sit in the middle, staying behind the ball, is complete bollocks. It is becoming more and more common, and the quality of football is slowly going down the toilet because of it. Teams like this current Holland team will be the future if things continue the way they are.

  45. london gunner


    It was me who said Klopp was Wenger 2.0

    I am man enough to concede he was wrong, but Klopp still has some glaring weaknesses that hold him back /his team from greatness.

  46. Bamford10

    I also used to catch all kinds of shit, btw, for defending the idea that Oxlade Chamberlain had quality and potential. Also not a big deal, though.

  47. Champagne Charlie

    What’s the verdict re: David Silva?

    Think I know the what folk would be saying if it was Mesut.

  48. Rambo Ramsey

    Ramsey is a very intelligent player. Chamberlain… deary me, some of you must be taking the piss.

  49. Paulinho

    Yes Mystic, It is perfectly reasonable, and completely normal, to rate a central midfielder for their off the ball runs.

    It’s only the modern muppet fan that is brainwashed into thinking otherwise by stat nerds who think players should just sit there and spend the whole game behind the ball. Which simply creates a one-dimensional linear dull game of football.

  50. Bamford10

    David Silva is fantastic, even if he hasn’t been great tonight. Like WE, I too would take him over Ozil.

  51. london gunner


    You can’t compare Ramsey to those greats, he isn’t fit to tie their laces.

    They may have made runs but their game wasn’t exclusively based on that, they brought far more qualities to the table.

    Ramsey is a one trick pony and doesn’t offer enough alongside his penchant for making decent runs. A CM needs discipline and awareness. A CM isn’t an auxiliary striker a CM is supposed to tie the team together. A CM is the ultimate team player, not someone who plays for themselves.

  52. Rambo Ramsey

    Klopp always aces big games. Its against midtable, bottom sides that his tactics hit the skids because they don’t try to match the frenetic tempo that his teams thrive in.

  53. mysticleaves

    “They ALL made runs off the ball, consistently so as well.”

    And also had put the team before their own glory. None was found jogging back into position when the opposition were in counter attack. All were proper DMs/CMs

    What a dense example to us. Petit, Viera, Keane, Scholes

    Actually I remember, I challenged your idea on it once when you said Wenger couldn’t have done what Klopp did with Dortmund or that he just needs to challenge to have done more than Wenger in 10years or something in that light.

    But of course, Klopp is better than Wenger now. Many people are better than Wenger.

  54. WengerEagle



    His teams generally are capable of incredible high levels of performance, struggle for consistency though.

    Much better suited to knockout competitions.

  55. london gunner


    He has an eye for a pass (no way on the level of Ozil or Cazorla)

    Has a good instinct for making the runs, but he isn’t brimming with intelligence, like a xavi, messi, paul scholes or pirlo (or even a carrick lol)

    Not a dumb player but not very intelligent either.

    Don’t think anyone has said Ox is a miastro or that he is even very intelligent just that his in-game intelligence has improved since he has joined Liverpool which arguably has.

  56. Paulinho

    London – You’re still trotting out the myth that he plays for himself. Deary me…..

    You’re changing the goal posts I see. Earlier you claimed top quality central midfielders don’t make runs forward at all, now you concede that the great ones did but……they also did other stuff.

  57. mysticleaves

    Ramsey is intelligent though. And kinda thinks outside of the box, often times than not, his execution doesn’t match his brains, which is already major let down for a grade A CAM

  58. london gunner

    The only problem for Liverpool is they don’t have the ability to shut up shop for the next tie.

    You can expect City to score a few.

    Still though 3+ is a healthy advantage.

  59. Paulinho

    They made off the ball runs.

    Deal with it.

    Jogging back or running back is completely irrelevant.

    Anyway, Ramsey at full throttle does run back and defend, so that’s more nonsense.

  60. mysticleaves

    Paulinho, not my fault you can’t read. Am not even bashing Ramsey, just can’t understand how you have bad things to say for even the most polished players but yet can’t see no wrong in Ramsey. It’s intriguing.

  61. london gunner


    Haven’t changed anything, said Great CM’s don’t base their game on runs which they don’t and I stand by that.

    Face it ramsey isn’t good enough. He leaves the centre a mess going on his roy of the rovers exploits. Sometimes it pays off, but most times it doesn’t hence his goal tally which isn’t great by a far margin.

  62. mysticleaves

    “Jogging back or running back is completely irrelevant.”

    Lol, winner. Coming from someone who says am a bit dense

  63. london gunner


    You are a bizarre block slated Cazorla and Sanchez for their shortcomings yet make constant mistakes for Ramseys.

    It’s like you are incapable of being objective about the bloke.

  64. Wenker-wanger

    Absolutely love klopp….he has great passion and charisma, belief in his attacking football and a great motivator of players.
    Look at the ox go!….
    Just makes me sad we still have the senile tactically inept fraud still in charge.

  65. mysticleaves

    I maintain it, making runs off the ball can’t be the hallmark of your CM, its pretty stupid. Someone pointed out how Ramsey left only Xhaka in the middle and joined forwards against Stoke, not caring about protecting the 1 nil lead we had. Scholes, Keane, Petit or Viera won’t do that.

  66. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Don’t think anyone has said Ox is a miastro or that he is even very intelligent just that his in-game intelligence has improved since he has joined Liverpool which arguably has.’

    He was like bottom of the barrel at Arsenal, dumbest player in the team. I suppose the only way was up.

  67. mysticleaves

    You are a bizarre block slated Cazorla and Sanchez for their shortcomings yet make constant mistakes for Ramseys.
    It’s like you are incapable of being objective about the bloke.”

    Exactly, Paulinho is the most objective poster here when it comes to even the most polished footballers except when their name is Aaron Ramsey

  68. Paulinho

    Mystic – You made a silly point about Ramsey struggling when the spaces are closed in the same way Chamberlain struggles, when as I’ve said numerous times before, Ramsey can deal with that by running beyond the ball and troubling teams with his off the ball movement.

    Chamberlain is simply not capable of that. He always needs to be behind or parallel to the ball, and once he gets it in space then he can do damage.

  69. Marko

    Wasn’t disappointed that we got rid of him by any means but massive respect and kudos for Oxlade Chamberlain. Playing and scoring in a champions league quarter final that is what it’s all about and he wasn’t going to be doing that here so in that respect he was right to leave. Can’t begrudge him at all when all he wanted to do was better his career

    Those Wenger quotes are hilarious by the way.

  70. mysticleaves

    “He was like bottom of the barrel at Arsenal, dumbest player in the team. I suppose the only way was up.”

    I wonder when Ramsey will realise he is in the same situation Ox was… seeing as he already has you believing he is Zidane

  71. Bamford10


    That bit about Ramsey leaving the center wide open irresponsibly isn’t even true. He was asked to hold in both matches against AC Milan and he did so responsibly. The narrative many of you use against Ramsey today just isn’t accurate. It also ignores how he would play under a manager who always gave him specific and explicit instructions vs. how he has played in the past under a manager who generally doesn’t.

    Regardless, I’m glad I’m not the only one defending Ramsey any more. Cheers, Paulinho.

  72. mysticleaves

    Paulinho, as a footballer which is easier? A CM that runs without the ball or a CM that runs with the ball and works with it?

  73. Paulinho

    Mystic – Jogging back is irrelevant.

    Scholes running forward used to leave United extremely open at the back, and was never the best at tracking runners.

    But that’s what made players like him and teams like United great. They imposed their game on the opposition, and didn’t spend the whole match sitting deep in midfield afraid of leaving space.

  74. mysticleaves

    I shouldn’t even be blaming Ramsey, he has an enabler in Lord Wenger. Ox was right to jump ship, massive kudos to him.

  75. Dissenter

    Liverpool 3 – City 0

    The score line isn’t surprising at all.
    Liverpool have been the better team in the league for the past few weeks. The tie came at the right time for them.
    That’s why I think next season will be the best in the premier league era. United, City and Spuds will truly compete for the title.
    Arsenal will fall further behind if Wenger stays on board.

  76. Rambo Ramsey

    I want to see Ramsey under a Conte/Allegri or Simeone. Think he’ll thrive in the systems they like to play.

  77. luke

    You’ve got to say Liverpool deserved the win but Salah was offside for the first goal, and City had Sane called for offside incorrectly as he set up a goal. Could have been 2-1 easily.

  78. Bamford10


    You’re right that Ox isn’t the world’s most intelligent player, but he is quick, technical and powerful. With proper instruction, he could’ve been a very good player for Arsenal.

    He is another player whom Wenger failed.

  79. Paulinho

    Mystic – Effectively?

    Both equally as difficult. Why there are so few of either of them.

    Chamberlain is not top class at running with it, because he can’t do it in restricted space or against well drilled sides.

    Definitely more and more players dropping deep and coming towards the ball though, and football in general is definitely not improving because of it so I give more credit to the off the ball types like Lampard, Alli, and Ramsey.

  80. mysticleaves

    “I want to see Ramsey under a Conte/Allegri or Simeone. Think he’ll thrive in the systems they like to play.”

    True. i want to see all our players under a different coach, they would be all better

  81. Dissenter

    See what Klopp is doing to young British players? Alexander Arnold looks like the real deal.
    That’s proper British core development.

    I’ve always thought Wynaldum was a tidy player but he’s now second choice to Oxlade at Liverpool.
    I’m glad for Oxalde, now he has a manager who believes in him as a midfielder.

  82. mysticleaves

    I give more credit to the off the ball types like Lampard, Alli, and Ramsey.

    Alli plays behind the striker, not a CM. Lampard was as good making play as he was making runs off the ball. Lampard is all Ramsey can be with a proper manager.