Wenger crafts his season failure excuse with catty precision

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Well, who fancies Allegri now? Useless.

It’s quite incredible to watch these elite European match-ups, the levels on display are breathtaking. Cristiano, a player whom the metaphoric black armbands were being dished out on account of his career death, turned up with one of the most spectacular bicycle kicks of all time. It was like watching a computer game. The guy has to go down as one of the most machine-like athletes of all time. Never injured, POW like guts, laser focus, and an audacity he should have lost when he was 18 and the English journos told him to leave his fancy shit at the gates of Selhurst Park.

To have spent so many years enjoying the Messi and Ronaldo matchup has been a pleasure.

Tonight, we’re going to be spoilt again. Liverpool vs City will be explosive. It’ll be lovely to see at least 1 English club in the semi-final this year. It’ll also be fascinating to watch Roma and Barca. The Italians did a lot of good business under Monchi last year, it’ll be interesting to see if they can bring his European cup competition magic dust to the occasion.

… but let’s be real here. The big show is tomorrow night when Arsenal take on the might of Russia in a showdown bigger than the rumble in the jungle, bigger than Jesse Owens in Berlin, more epic than Ivan Drago vs Rocky Balboa…

Yes, Mother Russia, versus good old Blighty!

I’m not quite sure what to expect. CSKA knocked Lyon out of the last round of the Europa League. They sit in a healthy 3rd in the Russian Premier League, just 5 points short of Lokomotiv Moscow. They’re in rich form as well, they’ve won 4 of their last 5 games.

However, I don’t expect the game to be that much of a problem. We’re the ultimate cup team. We have a crop of very talented players who can turn it on when they fancy it. The players aren’t just playing to erase the shame of our last season, they’re playing for Champions League bonuses. I expect a strong performance.

Wenger continues to sift for excuses for our substandard form this season in a bucket of drainpipe gunk.

“We were very disappointed with our result against [Manchester] City,”

“It takes time to grieve and to recover.”

My oh my, poor little babies.

Again, read between the lines.

‘My lions were licking the wounds of a cup final fail, you know, a cup final. Ask Pochettino about that’

Reality is, the players should have been coming to terms with losing to the kids at Nottingham Forst in the FA Cup, an out of form Bournemouth, Spurs at Wembley, and the band of misfits, Ostersunds, at home a few days before City decapitated us twice.

He went on…

“But because the mentality in the team is very good, strong and healthy – we’re recovered.

“I think always you judge a team by the way they come out of a crisis. On that front I believe that is very positive on our side.

“There’s some extra pressure on us to do extremely well in this competition but that’s part of being where we are.

“We have to see it in a way it’s an opportunity we want to take and keep the priorities right and of course focus on how well we play together, how we want to play.”

He cannot celebrate our mental strength, we have none. You cannot talk about coming out of a crisis when you’re sitting in 6th place in the league, fending off Burnley. Beating Milan twice is a noble effort, but they’re a shite side with a prestigious name that makes it feel like we toppled an elite giant of the game.

Wenger has been gifted by the cups in recent seasons. It looks like he’ll at least make a semi-final this season, and that’ll be passed off as a progress, despite us losing to bottom of the table Koln and a Swedish pub team along the way.

Still, if he makes a final and wins it, I’ll take it. I just hate the idea that he’ll earn a new deal. The club don’t look at the big picture. They look at moments in isolation. A bit like judging an Ozil season on his compilation videos, to the naked eye, he’s one of the greats, to the person that watches him week in week out, it’s absolutely clear why he’s stuck at Arsenal despite going into the final year of his contract and presenting himself to Europe all season. No one saved him. Do you think clubs are in the business of not scouting Ozil?

Anyway, I’ve been a moany bastard this week, I’m very much looking forward to the Arsene Wenger #SignDaTing tour moving one step closer to glory tomorrow night.








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  1. HighburyLegend

    “Going to have to swerve the folk that think OX has become a super hero now he’s at Anfield, ”

    Of course, he would have progressed under wenger anyway…

  2. Guns of Hackney


    Settle down. I think Dissenter is referring to intimidation, not violence.

    I think you’ve got too used to seeing the funeral home that is the Emirates…graveyards are noisier.

    Don’t start mentioning bombs and severed limbs. No one said anything like that. You’re being deliberately obnoxious.

  3. HighburyLegend

    Kim Jong Weng, answering a question about Ox who was brilliant last night :

    “well, I must admit that, for once, you are right to look at me like that, because I was the best teacher he could have had.”

  4. steve

    Hopefully there’s a lot of empty seats in the stadium today. But knowing the mindless sheep fans they will probably show up for this one because “it’s the quarter in EL” and “We have something to play for”. *smh*

  5. HighburyLegend

    Two things : first, the fact that Le Grove is so quiet, while we play in ELC tonight, is not a good sign (of the sad times for being a gooner).

    Second : Wenger said “the crisis was over”. The board is agree with him.
    This is the ultimate proof that he will be allowed to stay in charge until he died.

    Biggest problem is that vampires are eternal, so, I guess that calling Van Helsing for help is the only solution to save us.

  6. Guns of Hackney

    He took credit for Ronaldo’s development.

    The pyramids…yeah, that was based on his original concept.

    Relativity. Yup. That’s his.

    He predicted the crashes in 1929, early 90’s and 2008.

    …and Mars has already been conquered. Yes…Wenger did it in 1986 using an umbrella and leaf blower.


  7. Dissenter

    You’re such an idiot around here.
    Sometimes you behave with it any class at all and you’re old enough to be an elder statesman.
    I as referring to the to the traditional intimidation that a home football crowd ought to deliver to the visiting team.

    De Bruyne actually didn’t see anything wrong and he was on the team bus.
    “Asked what it was like on the bus, the Belgian said: “It was OK. I don’t mind supporters doing that – I’ve had it a couple of times for my team and it’s a nice feeling.

    “Breaking windows is probably not done but who am I to say something? I am fine with it as long as no-one gets hurt.”

    These buses have ballistic glass and reinforced hulls, they aren’t the ordinary coaches. A few pelting with beer bottles isn’t going to physically hurt anyone.

    Shame on you for twisting my comments. Don’t even try to suggest you were attempting sarcasm.

  8. Dissenter

    ***Sometimes you behave without any class at all and you’re old enough to be an elder statesman***

  9. Michael24


    That’s the whole point!

    You say it yourself -“if we had a capable manager”

    Structure/discipline/trust/belief, all the things Wenger promotes but never delivers.

    The Ox has clearly shown in the past few months that, given the right environment, progress is inevitable.

  10. Dissenter

    We need players who can dribble a player and seat him on his arse. The style that defenders will give a lot of space out of respect. Other than Ozil, I can’t think of anyone else capable of doing what Sadio Mane did to Otamendi last night.
    There’s talk that the home office has withdrawn Otamendi’s work permit after viewing this dribble.

  11. Bamford10

    The Mirror’s probable XI—

    Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Ramsey, Xhaka, Ozil, Wilshere, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette

    Wenger saying this morning that Lacazette’s goal drought in the first half of the season was down to his knee issue. We will see.

  12. Pierre

    “Don’t start mentioning bombs and severed limbs. No one said anything like that. You’re being deliberately obnoxious.”

    I was just getting into the spirit of things as dissenter seemed to be getting off on gratuitous violence…..Is a broken bottle or glass not a dangerous object?

  13. Pierre

    “These buses have ballistic glass and reinforced hulls, they aren’t the ordinary coaches. A few pelting with beer bottles isn’t going to physically hurt anyone.”

    Stupid comment..

    Someone throws a bottle ,it misses the bus and smashes someone in the face , putting them in hospital and probably scarred for life …..and you find that acceptable..

  14. Dissenter

    Like I said, you’re a disingenuous prick who’s always out to twist words beyond what’s intended.

    No one got hurt
    If you actually saw the videos, the crowd was cordoned off.
    De Bruyne didn’t see that much wrong with it.
    Gratuitous violence?
    I see you are well schooled in the quite ambience of supporting Arsenal in library-quite conditions.
    This was the typical home coming for the away team bus. Grow up and stop trying to be smart.
    I’m glad your stupidity got called out. It was a low blow trying to equate my comments with terrorism.

  15. Pierre

    And what is your opinion of 2 police officers being injured during this “welcome ceremony”…

  16. HighburyLegend

    “you’re a disingenuous prick who’s always out to twist words beyond what’s intended.”

    Just like our manager.

  17. Dissenter

    “I was just getting into the spirit of things”= “I was trying to be a dick”
    Why not just respond to the comment in good faith or ignore it.

  18. Pierre

    “No one got hurt”

    The police offers more than likely have a wife and kids at home and yes it is gratuitous violence ….what else would you call it..

  19. Rambo Ramsey

    Just goes to show how ludicrous the society is become.

    People throwing dangerous objects is ‘not a big deal’, ‘a proper welcome’, ‘just banter stuff’ etc

    Whereas if someone/somegroup had uttered racist/homophobic slurs-mere words- then the Internet and all the World would be frothing at the mouth, the cries of outrage would be heard to the moon and multiple full blown investigations would be launched.

  20. Pierre

    “This was the typical home coming for the away team bus.”

    Have you ever been to a football match or do you just watch clips on YouTube.

  21. Bamford10

    Relax, everyone. Glass bottles, broken windows and injured police officers aside, there was something great and powerful about the atmosphere created by the Liverpool home supporters, and this likely had a psychological impact on City. This was Dissenter’s point. He wasn’t celebrating lawlessness or the use of violence.

  22. HighburyLegend

    Jardim to quit Monaco this summer ??

    Of course he is kim jong’s favourite to replace him.

  23. Dissenter

    When is the last time you went to an Arsenal game?. You are a keyboard warrior in that context too.
    Home fans have been intimidating away team buses forever. Away fans have been blasting music and throwing noisy laser light parties in front of the away team hotel for decades.
    Your sanctimony is just for show.

    Do you think what happened last night has the equivalence of the attack on the Dortmund team bus.
    Please enlighten me.

  24. Victorious

    chads cvnt
    “Hopefully there’s a lot of empty seats in the stadium today. But knowing the mindless sheep fans they will probably show up for this one because “it’s the quarter in EL” and “We have something to play for”. *smh*”

    Would’nt it be your best interest to worry about your hapless chavs team floundering in 5th place in the EPL and absolutely nothing else to play for this season than kick your head against the war about how Arsenal fans fill the stadium?,of course not

  25. Bamford10


    In a certain sense, a hurled racial slur is in fact worse than a thrown bottle. Imagine, for example, that the Nigerian national team came to play England at Wembley. What would be more concerning: England fans throwing bottles at the Nigerian team bus as it arrived, or England fans shouting racist taunts at the Nigerian team bus? Both would represent bad behavior obviously — the former criminal — but which would be more concerning? I think an argument can be made that the latter would. An interesting question, I think.

  26. Dissenter

    There was a beauty to that Bus procession.
    About 10,000 fans awaited the City bus with flares chanting “we are Liverpool”.

    It was a pretty sight to behold, that’s why the game is so beautiful. Fans that most likely didn’t have tickets to watch the game just wanted to remind the city players about their fortress.

    A few fans went overboard and tossed cans and bottles. There weren’t that many and the players weren’t hurt. The crowd was even cordoned off properly.

    Yet all that Pierre wanted to highlight was equate my comment to supporting terrorism.
    That’s why I insist you’re a sexagenarian dick head.
    There can’t be hope for folks who are still pricks in their 60’s.

  27. Rambo Ramsey

    Bamford, words are wind, you feel it on the surface but whether you let them hurt is up to you. Whereas you’ll definitely feel a glass bottle if it lands on your head.

    You are right, both are wrong. Just pointing out the different approaches that society takes towards them. The more dangerous one is almost accepted as ‘part of the game’ but the other one wildly condemned. Both of those have been in practice since forever, but does that make one okay and the other not?

  28. mysticleaves

    Before the team bus arrived, I think the most important point to make was that Klopp called on the fans to put up an intimidating atmosphere and they duly delivered. That atmosphere alone helped Liverpool win. We need to be like that. Not throwing bottles anyway but generally reminding away teams that we are the Arsenal of Values lol lol

  29. Victorious

    I hope my presence in the stadium today ensures a convincing whalopping of the Moscow team,had to attend since I was in London visiting,really been long I had the opportunity

  30. Pierre

    I’ve been to more games than you have had hot dinners and I have never witnessed an away coach being attacked and I used to go during the hooligan era,so it’s not a ” typical welcome ” ,that is a comment of ignorance.

    If the “welcome” was limited to a shouting and singing ,fair enough, but throwing bottles and objects is the height of stupidity as they could actually injure their own supporters.

    I would have thought that if any set of supporters should learn from previous experiences it would be Liverpool supporters.

  31. mysticleaves

    Bamford, the world has gone very soft and so politically correct that things like slurs are given a higher significance than it should. I would much rather you call me whatever you wish than you attack me with a bottle or Peeble.

    How you let the first one get to you is in the head, on what you have been fed all through but the latter will physically leave scars.

    Call me m*nkey I call you h*nky and we all move on.

  32. Dissenter

    I agree with your sentiments
    I wish I had your eloquence though to avoid some people taking cheap shots at me
    Liverpool, I think have made a decision to stick to Anfield and will extend the capacity to 61,000 soon.
    You can’t replace the atmosphere you can generate from your original grounds. The environment they generate for home games probably adds 10% to their commercial value.

  33. Pierre

    I will be there tonight ….expecting a decent game with a decent atmosphere.

    Shall we all meet up and start throwing bottles at the Moscow team bus to try and create an intimidating atmosphere …..and then when our fans go out there they will be annihilated by the Russian hooligans ,but that doesn’t matter does it as long as we create a hostile environment for the Russians !!

  34. Dissenter

    Why did you make a silly equivalence of terrorism to my comment?

    I’ve seen away team buses harassed (not like Dormund’s) all the time.
    Welcoming and trying to intimidate the away team is part of the game. Teams mess with the away team comfort all the time; their dressing room room temp, shower temp, anything to jolt them out their comfort zones. all the time.
    You’ve been around the tranquil middle class ambience of Arsenal F..C. for too long.

  35. Victorious

    “Shall we all meet up and start throwing bottles at the Moscow team bus to try and create an intimidating atmosphere …..and then when our fans go out there they will be annihilated by the Russian hooligans ,but that doesn’t matter does it as long as we create a hostile environment for the Russians !!”

    The more reason I find Dissenter’s take on this issue a bit puzzling,the ancient adage”people who live in glass houses don’t throw stones “has never been more apt

  36. Pierre

    “I’ve seen away team buses harassed (not like Dormund’s) all the time.”

    If you have ( which I doubt) that still doesn’t make what the Liverpool fans did last night OK.

  37. Michael24

    The main reason Lacazette had a goal drought was specifically down to Wenger’s excellent man management.

  38. Champagne Charlie


    Are you arguing that the fan behaviour last night was normal or just?

    You’re an absolute plonker if so. If you’re ok with any of that then that tells me you’re someone who rarely, if ever, goes to a football match.

  39. Champagne Charlie


    I just said I don’t think Ox has improved at all and is benefitting simply from having a position and accountability.

    As a footballer he’s the same guy who was at Arsenal. Wenger just never put him in the middle, which is hard to falter given we have Ramsey and Mesut who operate centrally.

  40. GoonerDave

    Words as harmful as broken glass? Just shows the sheltered little lives some have been fortunate enough to live.
    What a snowflake.

  41. Dissenter

    “Dissenter ,Are you arguing that the fan behaviour last night was normal or just?”

    I can assure you that I’m not a plonker.
    I was referring to the total fan atmosphere of welcoming the away team. I just think there’s a beauty about it. I believe the away team should be placed in an intimidating atmosphere with lots of fans creating a bee-hive of color and noise. The home team should get a massive ovation for even driving into the stadium. It’s all about the home fans becoming the 12 man for the team. All massive teams have ultra/hard-core fans who are willing to do stuff like that.
    I certainly don’t condone wanton acts of violence, not like the Dortmund incident that Pierre attributed my quotes to.

    Are you against home fans welcoming the away team with fanfare and gusto?
    Why is is that you’re solely focused on the few beer bottles/cans that were pelted at the team bus.
    FYI- I wasn’t aware that some officers were injured but that doesn’t distract from the fan atmosphere that the ‘pool fans generated.

  42. HighburyLegend

    Sometimes I wish we could have the same ambiance at the ES than Anfield…
    Then I wake up and find out it was just a dream.

  43. HighburyLegend

    Merson : “That Arsenal performance against Stoke in the first half was the worst I’d seen for many a year, many, many a year.”

    lol so f*cking true.

  44. mysticleaves

    “I just said I don’t think Ox has improved at all and is benefitting simply from having a position and accountability.”

    CC playing in a position and having accountability is improvement already because it allows you to perform to (close to) the best of your abilities

  45. James wood

    The FC Koln fans come to mind last year they took over
    Oxford st area before descending on the Emirates.
    I believe there where less arrests than a normal match day.

    How many arrests at the Kop last night.?

  46. Champagne Charlie

    Hooliganism isn’t fanfare mate, chop it and serve it up any way you like. There’s no place for that scummy behaviour in football. Sends a terrible message.

    No it isn’t mate. As I stated, Ox couldn’t get in our team centrally because Ramsey and Mesut shit on him.

    He also couldn’t get into Liverpool’s team centrally because Coutinho shits on him. The rhetoric being spewed about him is a bit cringeworthy, but you can see why it’s being touted by either side.

  47. DaleDaGooner

    “Those on here who said The Ox was nothing are being made to eat a lot of humble pie at present.”

    As much as most feel Arsene has run his course and should leave, it often amazes me when some of you sing the praise of players, who added to our mediocrity, who you rightly abused when they look the part as shite, then all of a sudden they’re world class footballers when the leave Arsenel…

    How many times have we seen Ox play out of his skin in one game and then returns to being powder puff , unintelligent fooballer? Just cause he seems to be doing well this season at Liverpool doesn’t take away from the fact that he was shite a lot of times for us and caused us a lot of games. He’s got a screamer or two in him, even for us, but he’s still not up to par.

  48. Michael24


    “I don’t think the Ox has improved at all”

    Sorry my friend, but you can’t keep making statements like this without backing it up with facts.

    The fact is The Ox is happy because he is playing for a club and manager that is willing and able to install confidence and belief into his game. It has little to do with him playing in “the middle”, as you put it.

    He is clearly not the same guy who used to trudge out for Arsenal on a regular basis, with little or no motivation and desire, as so many other players have done over the years.

    Wenger PLAYED with him, as he does with so many others, whereas Klopp USES him to benefit a constructive system. Something that hasn’t been evident at AFC for about ten years.

    It doesn’t take an Einstein to see that OC has improved in his short time at LFC.


  49. Michael24


    Who the hell is saying “world class”?

    Do you and @CC attend the same school of nonsensical thought?

    Read the posts and stop highlighting things that are not being said.

  50. Michael24

    Highbury Legend

    I feel you’re wasting your breath with this lot?

    Reminds me of the film ‘Me, Myself and Irene’.

    Don’t know who they are and always in conflict with themselves.

  51. Champagne Charlie


    You’re projecting an opinion mate, saying “FACT” after it doesn’t actually turn it into one.

    Ox is doing nothing he wouldn’t have done at Arsenal if played through the middle. Difference being he couldn’t get in te team here because Rambo and Ozil are better and this he was shunted wide.

    He’s playing in a better team in better form than Arsenal. Really not that hard to grasp. This idea he’s come on leaps and bounds is fan/media generated. You’ve latched ono it to use as another stick to beat Wenger with, others are doing so to blow smoke up Klopp, others to perpetuate the idea Engerrland have ballers.

    You’re free to think he’s improved, I don’t see it at all.

  52. Victorious

    bullshit Legend
    “there’s only one kim jong weng!!”
    the brainless sheeps are ready to sing…

    absolutely no smidgen of doubt left in me,you really must be 12 or just some lame duck troll,why don’t you fvck off and do something better with your time?you’v be on steady for days now, take a break,ffs

  53. TR7

    Ramsey shits over Ox in central midfield? What rubbish! Ox has a high ceiling -he can dribble, can press high, has a good shot on him, his passing is mediocre but can be improved. Ramsey knows nothing else except making a run in the box.

  54. DaleDaGooner

    Michael you’re entitled to your own opinion…I know it’s fashionable to say everything is Arsenal fault or Arsene’s fault…i just can’t stand people who try to down their own to prove a point.

    If CR7 had the same attitude as Ox, he’d have been garbage under Benitez and every manager that didn’t suit him. The fact that Ramsey and Ox and the likes can’t be assed to up their game at Arsenal, and need baby-touches at Liverpool and plays one off here and there doesn’t make him any better than how he was at Arsenal.

  55. DaleDaGooner

    and if he aint world class, then why are you singing his praises? It’s either he is in a situation that we have missed a player of his caliber or he’s just same ol same ol….so, if you’re hyping him up and his move to Liverpool, he must be on his way to being world class, cause that’s what we require now, not an inconsistent body who fancies it when he fancies it. We’ already got too many Ox’s in the squad, better for us and better for him.

  56. Victorious

    “Ramsey shits over Ox in central midfield? What rubbish! Ox has a high ceiling -he can dribble, can press high, has a good shot on him, his passing is mediocre but can be improved. Ramsey knows nothing else except making a run in the box.”

    Just wow!this post is rather very ridiculous,dont just know where to begin from,by all means have a dig at Ramsey’s ability but using Ox as a form of measure on whom the better CM is makes me speechless,ox has a decent game against city and he is suddenly Pirlo,oops..flip flopping at is best here.

    and this again:

    Ramsey knows nothing else except making a run in the box.”


  57. TR7


    No flip flopping from me. I have always believed in his abilities.

    By all means laugh at me if he doesn’t prove his doubters wrong in another year or so.

  58. HighburyLegend

    @Vicuntious of nothing : keep on sucking wenger, you miserable troll, you ugly piece of shit of a false fan.

  59. Michael24


    I agree, opinions are what it’s all about but, in this particular case, you haven’t got a leg to stand on( similar to AW).

    You keep using the phrase “world class” which, at no time during my communications, have I mentioned.

    Of course I blame Wenger. Who else is there to blame? The Ox himself? I find your perceptions on things exceptionally confusing as you always seem to have a defense for Wenger, even though you admit there are “too many Ox’s in the squad”.

    Your arguments don’t highlight the obvious, as no matter what you may think, Arsene Wenger is the reason for OC’s departure from the club, as he was for the departures of so many others over the past twelve years.

    Personally, I like the Ox. I would have loved him to stay at Arsenal but, at the end of the day, I understand totally why he left Arsenal.

    It seems you don’t.

  60. Ishola70

    Poor Ospina is going to be dropped from Europa League matches from now on as we enter into the later knockout stages?

    So Wenger hints.

    Don’t tell Redtruth lol

    Maybe Wenger’s continuation as Arsenal manager does hinge on Europa League Cup success. Or maybe not.

  61. Ishola70

    Liverpool have some bad boys in their support?

    You don’t say. Always been the way.

    But overall you have to give them respect for the atmosphere they generate in the big games at Anfield and the reputation they have in world football among other fans. It just didn’t happen by chance. It’s in their genes.

    So respect to them overall. That’s if you are not jealous of them of course.

  62. Elmo

    Is there a fair argument that Welbz should start up top instead of Lacazette tonight?

    Obviously he’s absolutely useless in front of goal and has a touch like a brontosaurus, but we know what we’ll get from him (workrate, pressing, running the channels, some physicality / height) and that our better players around him can be effective at this level (EL, not PL) with him at CF.

    With Lacazette, we just don’t know where we stand. We’ve been terrible so many times this season and he has often been absolutely anonymous (sometimes through little fault of his own); we can’t afford a single game in the rest of the competition where we have a CF who can’t get into the game. To be viable, Lacazette has to be straight up to speed without any post-injury sluggishness.

    The argument in his favour would be that Lacazette is a more talented player than Welbz, and that to beat Atletico (if we progress), we need a scoring CF in the team.

    Lacazette should start tonight, but we should be ready to switch his role to super-sub in future EL games if we see another performance where he struggles to be constantly involved in the game.

  63. Michael24

    Comparing AR with OC doesn’t work for me.

    Both underachieved at Arsenal. The common factor being a certain Mr Wenger.

    If Ramsey went to work under a half decent coach, he would also progress.

    Another “opinion”.

  64. Ishola70

    We had posters slating Ramsey on here before but when the Ox is brought into the discussion of course the usual lot run to the Arsenal flag.

    Kroenke/Wenger/Gazidis are looking on at your continued loyalty with a combination of amusement and thankfulness.

  65. DaleDaGooner

    Lacazette in place to score a goal, albeit offsides, Ramsey steals the ball from him and scores….who was watching the midfield in case there was a counter????