Arsenal, a bit sh*t, but is it part of a broader strategy? (serious)

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It feels so good for football to be back.

It feels even better to deliver a hammer blow to Paul Lambert’s Stoke in controversial circumstances. I mean, the penalty we were awarded wasn’t really that controversial, I thought Ozil was crunched in the box and the challenge from behind was certainly reckless.

The cooly slotted penalty reassured me Aubameyang is indeed the absolute man.

The man from Gabon dropped his second shortly after, smashing an outside of the boot low drive across goal. The Ozil corner nodded on from Mustafi at the front post felt like peak George Graham. You know it wasn’t planned, but one can dream.

The final goal gave me all the feels – like a young millennial seeing The Notebook for the first time. The cute story goes like this:

Lacazette who has been injured for months comes on, he plays real good, then he’s felled in the box. Everyone was like, OMG, and so was the ref. He gives a penalty. Aubameyang was on a hattrick, everyone expected him to take the kick, but he said, ‘no damn way babes, you take this.’

Laca steps up, buries it, and the whole world suddenly realises Pedro’s post about looking after those in need actually impacted player behaviour on the pitch. Un-fucking-real. Leftwing snowflake liberalism in full effect. What a moment.

The game played out, the fans left happy, Arsene Wenger racked up a 4th win in a row.

Was it a great game? No. It was utter shite. The first half was one of the flattest I’ve endured in a while. Simply put, we were clueless. Bereft of structure, character and desire. Stoke pressed us a little, and we fell apart. You can say the players were thinking about Thursday, but let’s be honest here, we’re 6th in the league in April, the issue of being predictably susceptible to a press is not new, and managements failure to counter the problem is why we’re so poor. Talent isn’t the issue. It’s the way the coach plans how we play.

Another issue we’ve suffered all season has been that we don’t supply our forwards with service. How can that be? We have Mesut Ozil, a player our fan base seems to think is the greatest creative talent in the world outside Messi. We have Jack Wilshere, the great white hope of English football, the man fans think will save our World Cup. We also have Aaron Ramsey, Roy of the Rovers extraordinaire, a stats god, a man with more untapped potential than a Zizou/Henry genetic engineering project perfectly executed.

How can we have a midfield with so much individual creative talent… yet we can’t pick out two of the most prolific strikers in Europe against a Stoke side so poor they’d conceded 58 goals before today?

Imagine what a good manager could do with the talent we have…

Still, the reality is we’re at the stage of the season Jose’s United was this time last season. Out of the mix for Europa places in the league, no chance of top 4. Our big bet is the next 5 games in the Europa League where we can make the Champions League via the back door. Do games like today even matter? Surely the only point is to survice 6th place and keep everyone fit? If Jose was doing this, the media would be celebrating him as a wily old fox.

A lot of fans dodged the game yesterday, it was brutally apparent on the TV. I saw a prominent AFC journo slate them.  A person whose main job perk over the last 30 years has been free tickets, expensed travel, and a complimentary sandwich platter on arrival. A statement of Bill Gates richness when you consider his role as the chief enabler of the ‘careful what you wish for’ narrative that’s once again served the paying fans a shit sandwich so grim, they’d rather stay at home than go to an event they’ve paid for.

Also, highlighting Newcastle fans as a bastion of great fandom? Please, they’re the biggest fucking myth in football. They bully managers out of the club, their fans have been top of the league for the most banning orders 3 seasons in a row, and they engage in all the same bullshit we do online and in the ground that we do (protests/banners). See how banging their attendances would be if they’d been forced to deal with 10 years of Steve Mcclaren.

Arsenal fans spend huge amounts on their season tickets, roughly double what Geordies pay. Factor in the cost of travel, eating, and drinking…  well, you have quite the expense. Arsenal offer up a toxic match day experience because they don’t match the effort for fans, yet promise them the world ever year. The club has no ambition. The only person who is important at Arsenal is the manager. He’s failing. Fans have known he’s failing for 5 years (some, 10). But he’s kept on. Who wants to put themselves in financial trouble for a serving of average in a season that’s basically over?

Also, fans are critiqued for protesting, critiqued for being negative online, critiqued for not going to games. We can’t win. Maybe we’re too soft. Maybe we should be a little more like Geordies, who statistically specialise in being aggressive and hounding out managers they don’t like. Funny how when you’re northern, that’s salt of the earth behaviour, but when you’re southern, it’s a different narrative.

Big question I ask myself is this… how long are Sky going to keep playing us live when our ground is so visibly empty? If a fan that spends £2k on a season ticket would rather go fishing than watch Arsenal, why would anyone tune in on TV? All a bit Serie A… not a good look for Stan, who is too wrapped up in making the LA Rams elite. Still, at least Wenger was on point with his excuse.

“It’s just the fact it’s Easter and people have been away.

That’s me done for today.

We made a new podcast. There shall be another coming next Sunday. We are going BIG this month, one or two a week with a rotating cast.

Enjoy. Rate. Share.








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  1. Bankz

    Legrove gets more and more competitive by the day while Arsenal under Wenger gets shitier and shitier every day.
    Nice one guys

  2. MrT

    Lollll @ Boomslang highway robbery :))))
    If by some miracle we win the Europa League. Then we just may have saved next season but if we don’t win Europa and keep Wenger? Guys forget it. Next season we will finish 10th on the league table.

  3. Leftsidesanch

    Scarily hilarious and deluded quote from Wenger in regards to Easter.

    I shouldn’t be surprised but still find myself just that.

  4. Michael24


    “Maybe we’re too soft”.

    You’ve hit the nail on the head there Pedro!

    Arsenal fans are unique, but only in the negative sense.

    We plod along accepting the norm, content with the averageness of it all. We accept the experience, the cost, the complete and utter drudgery , but most of all we accept having a humbug as a leader.

    No other fanbase would have sat back as we have over the past decade without ruffling a few feathers.

    What a disgrace we are.

  5. bennydevito

    Morning Grovers,

    Great post Pedro and your point about Sky screening our games with empty stadiums is a good one – how does tv revenue work? Divided equally amongst all 20 teams or is it proportionate based on appearances?

    I wondered why Auba didn’t go for the hattrick, but seeing as Lacazette was the one who earnt it and was fresh back from injury, it was a great selfless team gesture and perhaps one that will give Lacazette some confidence that Auba hasn’t come to replace him and that they can forge a great partnership.

    Off to listen to the podcast.

  6. steve

    So Wenger is just going to use a new excuse for the low attendance for every home game from now on? What a pathetic fucking cunt.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    I made it clear in my last post on previous thread that there were not 50,000 spectators in the stadium. It might have been 40-45,000.

    The fact is where I sit most of the regulars did not turn up and I have been to
    only 4 games since mid December. The only occasion when regulars who sit around me turned up was against AC Milan.

    When you speak to these supporters their absence is not down to a protest,
    but rather the quality of the team’s football and entertainment value.

    Yesterday I left the stadium after 65 minutes and that is the first time in many years that I have done so.

    The football was turgid and playing Elneny in middle of park is a lesson in pedestrian back and square passing football. He may be fine if you want to bring him on for 5-10 minutes and hold onto a result in a tight game, but not
    if you want to win a game.

    Wilshire is a complete waste of space. The idea that he is turning down an offer of £90K pw plus incentive payments is ridiculous. As I said previously he
    should be paying me for the privilege of watching him.

    Arsenal need to rebuild their team in gk, defence and midfield. The problem is
    that there is very little transfer value if we offload players in those positions.

    We need at least 5 new players and the quality of players needed even if available is likely to cost you at least £250 Million.

    When you look at players like Chambers, Ramsey, Wilshire, Welbeck and Iwobi the club will be lucky to get £50-70 million in today’s market for these
    players as a collective.

    My view is that Arsenal need to focus on recruiting this summer three top quality players in GK, CB and CMF positions and gamble on bringing into
    squad Messrs Maitland-Niles, Nelson and Nkietah on a more regular basis.

  8. ArseneisaFraud

    Imagine what a good manager could do with the talent we have…

    This is what I have always believed. There are good players beneath all that crap out there waiting to be properly drilled and become a team with ambituon, worth watching and see winning.

    But do we really want to keep on accepting being served this shit sandwich week in week out ? I don’t.

    But I just wish we didn’t have to wait forever for AW to leave. Please can someone dissuade AW to not try and beat SAFs’ managerial longevity record?


  9. gonsterous

    2019 can’t come soon enough. people who think wengers going to leave are deluded. the only way leaves is if there’s an outburst from fans.. anyone see that happening ?? no ? well onto next season then….

  10. Bamford10


    I have no idea why you are arguing that Xhaka came on yesterday and made a profound difference in our play, in our midfield. He didn’t. And btw, Elneny had a good game. I don’t know that Xhaka was better than Elneny yesterday, though I will grant that he might have been better than Wilshere (who was a little ineffectual?).

    Regardless, maybe someone could post some Xhaka and Elneny “highlights” from yesterday so that we can review and scrutinize the tape. However, having watched the game, I don’t get where this Xhaka-came-on-and-changed-things narrative is coming from. Maybe Champagne is paying you to say this?

  11. Dissenter

    Officiating has been universally sub-par this season. It’s no wonder that no officials from the richest professional league were selected to participate in the WC.
    At least we won’t be getting stupid condescending articles from UK sporting tabloids about the quality of other countries referees.
    This weekend the officiating of the Liverpool vs Palace game was horrible, Mane should have been sent off for a second yellow card for grabbing the ball, the law is crystal clear yet the official choked. Erik Lamela, the Argentine thug should have been sent off as well for several stamps on Fabregas, the official was too scared.
    We all know Ozil shouldn’t have had that penalty because the tackle was clean, th official wasn’t placed properly.
    Referees need to be selected on merit and paid properly. They should earn the same top wages that assistant managers earn in the league

  12. Dissenter

    “I have said for a while, we should copy the Tottenham model in midfield in that their 2 central midfielders are never ahead of the ball, the play is always in front of them, meaning they are in control of the game and give a balance and solidity to the side”If anyone else had written that “we should copy the Tottenham model “, you would be using a flame thrower to burn them by now..
    You’re such a bloody hypocrite around these parts..

  13. Bamford10


    Don’t lose faith that we could be rid of Wenger this summer. While the end of this season might be more favorable to him than the first half of the season, we’ll still finish in sixth, we’ll still be missing out on £40m in CL money for a second year in a row, and another season under Wenger will mean finishing outside of the top four and missing out on that money for a third year in a row. That is a total of £120m in money he will have cost the club; this is real money, and it should move ownership.

    On top of this, as long as fans continue to stay away, he will have a half-empty stadium problem on his hands.

  14. Bob N16

    For me, Aubemayang replacing Welbeck out wide and Lacazette arriving in the middle was the significant change. Ozil woke up and then when Mkhitaryan arrived, suddenly a tiring Stoke couldn’t cope.


    First post today Bamford rubs up to Pedro.
    Second post he’s Baiting Champagne.

    This guy just cannot stop.

  16. HillWood

    If by some miracle Wenger wins Europa League And makes next years CahapionsLeague, what’s the point?
    Apart from the extra dosh
    Does anyone him expect him to improve on the last seven (or more) years?

  17. Bamford10

    Regarding the question of whether we will have to endure another season of Wenger, it is of the utmost importance that fans continue to stay away, including for this Thursday’s match. If we play Atletico or Leipzig at home in the semis, I think an exception should be made for the sake of the players and that fans should return for that match and just for that match. However, they should stay away for every other home match.

  18. Pierre

    Bamford re empty seats
    Arsenal fans are not used to watching home games with nothing riding on it (even if it was only for a champions league place)..That and the continued apathy and negativity surrounding the managerial situation at the club.
    Will probably be a decent crowd on Thursday though I know of a few people who normally take their kids who won’t go for the fear of crowd trouble from Russian fans.

  19. Pierre

    Alan Smith must have had a bet on Ramsey to be voted man of the match yesterday… I had a number of family and friends texting me during the game and the 2 most consistent words were “Ramsey” and “shit”

  20. Rambo Ramsey


    Ramsey’s performances against Stoke tend to stir up emotions in people because of the history there.

    Get over it already, you obsessive freak.

  21. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “Imagine what a good manager could do with the talent we have…”

    Thats all anyone can do these days cause sure as shit Wenger’s going nowhere, and that may be for a long time to come.

  22. Bamford10


    Get a grip, guy. One, this is a good post. And many people say “good post” when they rate one of Pedro’s pieces; this is called showing some appreciation for the work he puts into the blog. Two, I was being playful with the comment to Pierre re Champagne; I wasn’t trying to dig out Champagne.

    I am tempted to offer a few choice words to describe what I think of you and your “contributions” here, but I will be nice and simply say that I think you have misunderstood my post. Cheers.

  23. Bamford10


    Then your friends are infected with the same illness some others here are: for the moment I’ll call this sickness “Bad-Ramsey-itis”. This illness causes the sufferer to see “Bad Ramsey” when “Bad Ramsey” isn’t even on display. Ramsey was good yesterday —- even if he didn’t follow some people here’s instructions on how to play his position — and he was personally responsible for some of the nicer moments of the match. His two Cruyff turns, for example. You anti-Ramsey lot need to get a grip as well.

  24. Bamford10

    Reports continue to link us with Wilfred Ndidi. What do people think of this guy? A little rough around the edges, maybe, first touch a little unreliable at times, but could develop into precisely the kind of defensive CM we need, I think. Transfermarkt has him at £16m at the moment.

  25. raptora

    With all due respect in that sh*tty, boring, tedious, anti-football, anti-human first half Ramsey was the only one who actually tried to do ANYTHING football related. Guy should be given a medal for it. Also to all of us who resisted the urge to end their lives prematurely.

  26. James wood

    Your sarcasm seems to be Incessant, your constant put downs of other posters views I find irritating.
    You seem like you need to right on all matters.?
    I enjoy the blog and post seldomly..
    As regards your opening remarks today to Champagne being banter
    well only you would be privy to that.
    Have I misunderstood you -well I doubt it.
    I will leave it there.

  27. Dissenter

    Alan Pardew leaves West Brom after just one win and eight points from 18 Premier League matches in charge

    It’s impossible to forget all those years that Pardew was yelling from the mountain top that British coaching talent were being denied opportunities.
    It’s obvious that the reason young British managers won’t get their opportunities is because doucebags like Pardew continue to clog up the system.
    I’m sure he will meritoriously get another appointment soon.

  28. Bamford10


    Well, I assure you that it really was just playful banter. Beyond that, I will do what I can to irritate your ilk less, but in the end I must be me. Cheers.

  29. Dissenter

    Ndidi won’t be sold by Leicester, he’s a starter for them and the transfer quote is clearly wrong.
    He’s better off goinh some where else that he can continue to start games. There’s no point coming to Arsenal when the Ramsey/Xhaka/Wilshere debate is going on.
    Frankly until we let go of any two of the flawed midfield trio, we should stop dropping names.

  30. Bamford10


    OK, except that Ndidi might be the kind of player who can settle that debate, whether in one direction or the other. For example, those who like Xhaka might see Ndidi playing alongside Xhaka with Ozil or Ramsey in front of them. Or those who dislike Xhaka might see Ndidi playing alongside Ramsey with Ozil in front of them. Or maybe they see Ndidi + a new CM with Ozil or Ramsey in front of them.

    I guess my q is whether people think he’s good enough for our XI, as he is definitely being linked with us.

  31. HighburyLegend

    “It just the fact it’s Easter and people have been away.”

    Did he really said that ??

  32. Dissenter

    My point is that Ndidi will be ruined if he’s just benched for Xhaka or Wilshere because they have more confidence from Wenger. He’s the type of player that has to play to get better.
    We have to let any two of Ramsey/Wilshere/Xhaka leave for any midfielder to work at Arsenal.

    Is he good enough?
    Of course he is but it depends on what we want him for. It’s the same as erroneously trying to use Xhaka as a box to box CMF.

  33. S Asoa

    Maybe we are too soft…
    Actually we are flaccid- succinctly put, no pleasure , no use. Just plain AKB

  34. Samesong

    I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. – Pablo Picasso

    Which players does this quote reference in our team?

  35. Champagne Charlie

    “Maybe Champagne is paying you to say this?“


    Bore off with the “banter” remark. You were unequivocal the other day stating I’M the biggest problem on Le Grove, don’t now pretend you were engaging in playful banter because someone told you to reel it in.

    Stick to football, because you sure as hell need to learn a few things on that subject.

  36. Champagne Charlie

    Arsenal are a bit of a nothingness right now understandably.

    For me yesterday saw further examples of some of the following:

    – Elneny is tidy, but isn’t a first XI player

    – Bellerin is Theo II, all athleticism and little football nous

    – Ramsey at CM is a square peg for a round hole

    – we need a GK

    – Jack doesn’t warrant more than being offered

    – Not having Welbz/Iwobi wide is the way to go

    A bit Debbie I know, but I look at us needing to have a big summer and prefer to be a bit on the cynical side of things heading into it.

    Hoping Laca can be a resurgent force in the Europa for us from now, he’s a quality player and we’ll need a bit of that as things progress.

  37. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry but Elneny is a Championship standard midfield player.

    He looks always to be busy and full of energy, but the reality is that he plays one pace football and most of his passes are short and either backwards or square.

    That was not how we should have been playing yesterday against Stoke who are second bottom in EPL with virtually no threat up front.

    Butland did not have a proper shot to save in first half and Welbeck and Aubameyang received hardly a pass in the first 45 minutes.

    Ramsey might get onto the bench of one of the top 4 teams in EPL, but I doubt
    that any of the other central midfielders at the club would do so based on how
    they have played this season.

  38. Danny

    Butland did not have a proper shot to save in first half
    Didn’t Ramsey hit the bar?

  39. Michael24


    Wenger thinks because it was Easter and Arsenal are faltering in the League, the fans are staying away.

    Sorry Arsene, the main reason that fans are turning their backs on the club is because they are bored senseless by you, your predictable rhetoric, your useless tactics, your BS and your mere presence.

    Fact, if a new manager had arrived on Good Friday, 60000 would have turned up for the game.

    Now just piss off and leave us be.

  40. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “I wonder if Wenger is aware of the existence of Le Grove and has an occasional sneaky peak”


  41. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Pardew and West Brom parting ways by mutual consent. These are words you will never see or hear in relation to Arsene Wenger, “By Mutual Consent”.

  42. UTarse

    Best post for a while, spot on. Unfortunately I’m starting to think that he serves his last year of the contract no matter what happens, 6th and CSKA defeat will make not a jot of difference.

  43. Akilan

    You’re a bit harsh on Elneny, mate. I understand he has his limitations, but it was not like he was the only reason for our shiteness. The likes of Ramsey, Jack and Ozil is one paced too and don’t offer dynamism and try to do the same thing with varied success rate. The midfield was congested and we had no outlets. Our only outlet HB usually receives the ball, checks his run and passes the ball back to Jack or Elneny. I genuinely thought Welbeck hid from the ball and lost it, made wrong decisions or executed poorly when making the correct passes.

    When Auba went wide and Lacazette entered, we started creating chances. Auba genuinely played like a wide player, tracked back and was always available to the ball. It made the job of Ozil and Xhaka easier. Ozil immediately looked a threat after the introduction of Lacazette and played a dream through ball to Auba. Xhaka IMO walked into a game made for him. Stoke were chasing the game so there was a lot of gaps but couldn’t press high as they were tired.

    Jack for me was poor. He simply isn’t athletic enough to be a EPL midfielder. Should go to Italy or Spain. Ramsey isn’t in the team to maintain tempo or build up play. He plays to make a difference at both the ends of the game. He was erratic and probably a bit shit but then again could have scored a couple of goals if not for the bar and an excellent save by their keeper.

  44. Marko

    For me yesterday saw further examples of some of the following:– Elneny is tidy, but isn’t a first XI player– Bellerin is Theo II, all athleticism and little football nous– Ramsey at CM is a square peg for a round hole– we need a GK– Jack doesn’t warrant more than being offered– Not having Welbz/Iwobi wide is the way to go

    Agree. I would also have added for the vast majority of the game the enigma known as Ozil literally didn’t give one single fuck and was pretty shocking. Which is unbelievable when you consider Germany gave him the second friendly off and he had more of a rest than others

  45. Zfree

    These are the kind of performances we need from Jack – the kind that make it blatantly obvious we should not budge on the offer (shit, maybe even drop it down to £75k pw). They also make it pretty damn clear that he shouldn’t sniff the starting XI but for injuries or the side competitions.

    With nothing left to play for in the league (other than holding off Burnley which is a hilarious thing to be typing), when will we see more Holding, AMN, Reiss Nelson, Eddie? Don’t need to see much more iwobi, jack, Welbeck, etc this season, please.

  46. Champagne Charlie


    Agreed, would rather see AMN get some games in his preferred CM role for the remaining league games.

    Same with Reiss going wide and Eddie getting minutes up top.

  47. Champagne Charlie


    I’m not going to slate Ozil for half arsing a meaningless game. I wouldn’t slate any of them for playing at a pedestrian level in the league frankly.

    Much rather they save the legs for the Europa.

  48. Marko

    I’m not going to slate Ozil for half arsing a meaningless game. I wouldn’t slate any of them for playing at a pedestrian level in the league frankly.

    Why not we slate Ramsey and Bellerin for the same thing. I’m not sure why you’re justifiably critical of Ramsey but give Ozil a pass? Ozil showed once again he isn’t dependable for me. Not dependable in big games and you can’t even depend on him to show up against weaker opposition. Only turns up when he wants and considering the empty stadium you’d think that he’d want to put on a show and get people back in the seats

  49. Champagne Charlie


    I’m not criticising Ramsey and Bellerin based on effort or application. Neither show the relative ability necessary to play their specific roles to the benefit of the team.

    Bellerin continues to show he’s a speed merchant unable to beat a man and deliver.

    Ramsey continues to show CM is not where he should be.

    Ozil playing in 2nd gear isn’t the same criticism, it could be argued they all half arsed it (which I don’t blame as I stated). But if you’re trying to suggest to me that Ozils ability to be a difference maker is a concern in this side then you best give that up because I don’t buy it.

    Ozil is at arsenal to create, same as Auba is there to score. Both are doing it more than anyone else in the team. If you’ve got nuanced issues with Ozil then you’re either ignoring greater concerns or think we’re privileged enough to deconstruct our team to that degree. We certainly aren’t imo, not even close.

  50. Victorious

    pretty clear at this stage the Europa league has much more significance for a variety of reasons compared to the Epl which has us firmly rooted at 6th regardless of our performance for the rest of the season

    it becomes logical fans would rather turn up for a Europa league tie as against the deadrubbers EPL matches,simply put,i’d be totally gobsmacked if the turn up doesn’t improve against CSKA

  51. Pierre

    Same.. Will be disappointed if there is not a decent crowd there.
    It will show how deep the apathy is within the fan base.

    I think the reason Wenger isn’t using the kids in the prem is because he needs the victories and he rightly or wrongly doesn’t want to risk it.

    If he wants to get some of the fans back and he isn’t going to play the kids then it would be a good idea to play özil, lacazette, Aubameyang and mkhitarayan from the start as they have shown in the limited time they have played together that they could get the bums back on seats.
    Fans will not turn up to watch Welbeck and Iwobi up front.

  52. ArseneisaFraud


    Don’t you think that if good football was on show people would turn up to watch on a regular basis regardless of whether it is a dead rubber?

    I know I would. (Just in case you don’t know I’ve put my money where my mouth is and cancelled my Red Membership 2 years ago.) For me these type of games will still attract people. The number of times I was able to buy tickets for such games in the past (5-10 years ago) and rarely saw the ground empty then. So for me some Gooners are getting fed up at watching how poorly we play.

  53. Pierre


    In your expert opinion, looking forward to next season, do you think özil, lacazette, Aubameyang, and mkhitarayan should/could play together.

    If so, what type of midfield would you like to see behind them.

    If not, who would you play in the final third and what formation.

  54. DaveB666

    The classless Stoke fans were out in force again – vile Ramsey chants. Hope they stay in the Championship.

  55. Pierre


    The Arsenal crowd at the Emirates have always been apathetic in my opinion.

    1)they can’t be bothered to arrive on time for Ko
    2)before half time the crowd disappear and normally return 5 minutes after the start of the 2nd half
    3) they leave up to ten minutes before the end of the match.

    So it should be no surprise that many can’t be arsed to turn up as probably 20% of them miss 20 odd minutes of the game anyway.

  56. Pierre

    “. So for me some Gooners are getting fed up at watching how poorly we play.”

    There have been a few poor games lately but before Christmas there were some cracking games at the Emirates… Leicester, Liverpool, spurs and man United spring to mind plus Chelsea in the league cup final..

    I think it is, amongst other things, to do with the fact there is nothing riding on the games in the prem… Arsenal fans have got used seeing us compete until the end of the season even if it is just for a champions league spot.

    Also, maybe Ufraud is paying a few to stay away as he was becoming a bit desperate with his boycott the game protest.

  57. Michael24

    No longer go to games, out of principle, but when I did go, never got to a game late, except the 2007 Carling Cup Final v Chelski(bloody trains!) and have never ever left early.

    Too many fans go to games to satisfy their own self esteem and not the genuine love of football.

    “Yeh, at least I went to the game, even though I was 20 mins late and left 10 mins early”


  58. Marko

    But if you’re trying to suggest to me that Ozils ability to be a difference maker is a concern in this side then you best give that up because I don’t buy it

    I’m trying to suggest that he only gives a fuck when he wants to give a fuck. What’s the point in having someone who can be a difference maker if he doesn’t show it in big games (City, Cup final, United at home) or against weaker teams (yesterday, away against Brighton/West Brom/Swansea). I mean I’m not questioning his qualities but more his fucking application and fight ffs. I mean yesterday was a prime example of Ozil only showing up when he wants to and yet we’re going on about Xhaka and Ramsey and Bellerin and Iwobi and he honestly gets away with it because I suppose his stat tell a bit of a lie about him. You look at him for 90 minutes yesterday and it becomes clear why no other clubs were busting a gut to try to sign him on a free transfer. Now you can point to league games as being irrelevant now and I can point to plenty of games that were relevant that had the same or similar type of performances as yesterday.

  59. champagne charlie

    The Emirates crowd experience is fucking tripe, I think we can all agree to that from anyone who’s a goer or been before.

    One of my pet hates is the corporate Arsenal view towards match day antics, it’s disgustingly upper class.

    We should have two fuck off faux cannons booming either side as the players walking out the tunnels, a singing section, encouragement for participation, booze – its a bloody spectacle!!!!

    But nah, we get some fluorescent cunt telling folk to “sit down and watch the game” like it’s the crucible.

  60. Pierre

    Michael 24
    I think it shows that they are not what I would call proper fans..

    I can understand fans leaving a little early to beat the rush but to continually arrive after the KO is pointless.

    There is no other club whose ground is still filling up ten minutes after KO..

    Those season ticket holders should forego their tickets (Ufraud) to allow new season ticket holders the chance to support the team by at least arriving on time.

  61. Marko

    In your expert opinion, looking forward to next season, do you think özil, lacazette, Aubameyang, and mkhitarayan should/could play together.If so, what type of midfield would you like to see behind them.

    They can play together they probably won’t because there’d be no rotation possible with all your forwards playing at the same time. We still need a legitimate winger. In midfield we need disciplined CM’s with the ability to retain the ball and sit. We don’t need another player bombing forward and being caught out of position (Ramsey) and we can’t play a CM who barely can tackle and has poor positional awareness (Xhaka). We finished the game yesterday with a front 5 with Auba, Lacazette, Ozil, Mhiki and Ramsey high up the pitch and Xhaka in midfield the idea that we could possibly get away with this against half decent teams in the future is beyond ridiculous.

  62. champagne charlie


    im not going to descend into another ozil debate mate. As I said, if you think we’re even remotely close to worrying whether Ozil is the best fit for CAM at Arsenal I think you’re kidding us on.

    The day we’re so finely tuned that we can look at Ozil and judge if we can do better is the day we’re in really good nick. Right now, to moan about Ozil is wilfully ignoring the major deficiencies with the squad/club. Much much bigger fish and all that

  63. Pierre

    The question I asked is do you think özil, lacazette, Aubameyang and mkhitarayan should play up front together and who would you have in midfield supporting them and you started prattling on about özil for some reason.

    Taking into account that those 4 will definitely be at the club next season would you buy any midfielders or who would you choose from the current bunch.

    Will be interesting to hear you give an opinion.

  64. Pierre

    I think it would be quite easy for those 4 to rotate.. Mkhitarayan and özil can play as the playmaker or out wide and Aubameyang and lacazette can play out wide or up front.

    I made the point earlier that we should copy the spurs model of 2 central midfielders who never get ahead of the ball and control the game from the middle of the park and protect the defence

    Forgive me if I’m wrong but it looks like, from your previous comment, that you are in agreement with me.

    2 holding midfielders is the way forward.

  65. gazzap

    Just watched that video from yesterday’s post about Rocastle and Wright. Fantastic to see all that footage again and to hear the way people spoke about Rocky and what the club meant to him and everyone at the time. when you compare that to how the hierachy at Arsenal treat the club now, it makes me angry. I bet Kroenke doen’t have a clue who David Rocastle is. He should be forced to watch every minute of that video. RIP Rocky.

  66. Michael24


    Either stay away or go, simple really.

    If you go, get their before kickoff and leave after the final whistle, irrespective of score/performance/ personal obligations.

    Even when things were not so bad, was always a huge embarrassment to see so many late arrivals and early departures.

  67. kel

    So lacazette plays well against one of the worst teams in the prem and we go on as he’s the real deal. ARE we to forget his noshow against better teams??
    He’s a typical arenal player under wenger; good against piss poor teams but crap against teams with a cm of quality

  68. Pierre

    Before….özil played with . Walcott, Welbeck, giroud, iwobi and Sanchez.

    Now…. Aubameyang, mkhitarayan and lacazette…… More, pace, more skill, technically better with better football brains….

    It’s what goes on behind them(central mid) that needs rectifying.

  69. Michael24

    Who the hell is the guy on the PA system?

    Needs to be put to bed. Boring, predictable and totally humourless. Arsenal disease.

    Incapable of drumming up an atmosphere.

    Need someone like Ian Wright to crank it up a bit.

  70. Michael24


    Lacazette has qualities. I rate him.

    The key to your post “under Wenger”.

    Messi “under Wenger” would underachieve.

  71. Marko

    The question I asked is do you think özil, lacazette, Aubameyang and mkhitarayan should play up front together and who would you have in midfield supporting them and you started prattling on about özil for some reason.

    I was talking to Charlie about Ozil jeez. I meant proper rotation I mean if you’re playing all your forwards all the time what happens if one of them gets injured then we’re down to Welbeck and Iwobi. Citing the Spurs model is all well and good but Ozil ain’t Eriksson and Mhiki ain’t Son. By that I mean rarely do you see Son or Eriksson as passengers in a game they’ll always put a shift in especially Son. Ozil as I’m arguing with Charlie about is an absolute passenger sometimes. As for midfield we need two starting CMS in the summer imo. Xhaka and Ramsey can’t be starters next season

  72. Marko

    im not going to descend into another ozil debate mate.

    Hardly a debate. I’m wondering though how you can complain about Ramsey yesterday but say nothing about Ozil who was just as bad. I mean if the game was irrelevant then again how come Ramsey is criticised? I’m just wondering why he gets a pass for performances like yesterday and there’s been plenty of those types of performances over the last two years especially. Like honestly. It’s not enough to say well other areas and players are much worse so why talk about Mesut. I mean we all know he’s a top player but why does he show he isn’t in so many games?

  73. Pierre

    I don’t think spurs attacking 4 are any better than ours.

    Kane, eriksen, Alli and son/lamella

    Aubameyang, özil, mihkatarhan and lacazette.

    Pretty similar in quality….

    It’s what behind them that makes them an effective unit

    2 attacking full backs…. 2 Holding midfielders….. 2 centre backs.

    The 2 midfielders are the key to making it work as they will fill in the holes that the full backs leave and you will never, ever see them ahead of the ball.

    Dembele, this season, no goals, no assists.
    Says it all really.

    City’s system is a bit more complex and not as easy to implement but a system similar to spurs or Liverpool’s when they had the fab 4 is not so difficult.

  74. champagne charlie

    “I’m wondering though how you can complain about Ramsey yesterday but say nothing about Ozil who was just as bad. I mean if the game was irrelevant then again how come Ramsey is criticised?”

    Read what I actually write instead of what you think I write for starters, I’ve explained this already.

    To try and make out like I’m giving Ozil a “pass” is rubbish. I commented on Bellerin and Ramsey because they showed me again they don’t have the tools to play in the roles they currently have at Arsenal. Bellerin has no end product, if there’s any likelihood he will get sold then I’m all for it. Ramsey again shows he doesn’t have the tools to play CM, he stifles any build up play, and makes poor decisions in circulating the ball centrally.

    Not one mention about their effort, purely their ability. I don’t question Ozils ability, and when it comes to effort in that game I have zero issue with ANY player playing in second gear. Doesn’t mean because the game is a waste of time that I can’t pick up on what I consider clear technical faults with players.

    “I mean we all know he’s a top player but why does he show he isn’t in so many games?”

    Your expectations have something to do with it I’d wager. Then behind that you’ll have to comment on whether you think this Arsenal side of the last half dozen seasons is anything close to one that players like Ozil are going to thrive in.

    I mean it’s a bit rich to be so outspoken about Wenger needing to leave and at the same time going ‘why are X and Y not performing?’.

  75. UTarse

    Little p,
    Are you missing me you flip flopping spineless troll ?

    Same.. Will be disappointed if there is not a decent crowd there.
    It will show how deep the apathy is within the fan base.”

    This says it all about you, you’d be “disappointed” if the fans hammer another nail in wengers coffin ?

    Showing your true AKB colours.

  76. Pierre

    Nothing wrong in a bit of flip flopping is there.

    I suppose you can’t wait for Thursday nights game, sitting there at home counting all the empty seats.

  77. Peter12

    What I think about Ramsey is similar to a few of you (not the majority) it is like trying to slot a round post into a square hole. It is all about Wenger wanting to play players where their natural styles don’t fit. Wenger is adamant about doing that to every single player. I know Henry ended up playing main attacker rather than a winger that he started off – yes there are exceptions but mostly it is a rubbish idea. Ramsey has been instructed to play as a defensive – that is not how he plays instinctively. The squad consists of (quite) talented players, but Wenger then ask them to play non-instinctively, rather than utilise on their strengths. E.g. Don’t play a natural left-back as centre back, likewise don’t play a right-back as defensive midfielder, etc, etc, etc. Don’t ask players to not-shoot if that is their natural tendency (say, in Elneny’s case). Let Ramsey continue to play creatively from the midfield as he naturally. Wenger should not force the team against his fancy system positions. Sorry that is my opinion.

  78. Emiratesstroller

    Ozil is most certainly not one paced. He has deceptive pace, but more importantly when on song he produces movement on pitch which few other players can match.

    Elneny’s movement on pitch is pedestrian and more importantly his passing is
    predictable i.e. almost always square or backwards. You can count on one hand the number of occasions in any game that he makes an incisive forward pass.

    Clearly Arsenal are not going out and buying three or four central midfield
    players. We know that Cazorla’s career at Arsenal is over and most probably
    Wilshire’s as well despite Wenger’s attempts to keep him.

    Also Ramsey will be in his final season at Arsenal. Will the club allow him to
    stay without signing a new contract and then leaving on a Bosman?

    Arsenal need realistically 4-5 central midfield players on their books. At moment we have just two likely to be at club next season in Xhaka and Elneny.

    Maybe Maitland-Niles can play there but he has very limited experience in
    that position having played mainly full-back.

    So this could be a major problem area for Arsenal next season particularly with other holes in squad which need filling.

    Frankly I don’t see Arsenal spending more than £100 million in transfer window unless either a] we can make substantial sales or b] we qualify for Champions League and our commercial and tv revenues are increased substantially.

    One thing is for sure Kroenke is not going to dig in his own pocket as perhaps Abramovich might do in similar circumstances.

  79. Dissenter

    “One thing is for sure Kroenke is not going to dig in his own pocket as perhaps Abramovich might do in similar circumstances.”

    Actually it would be dumb for any billionaire that’s not an oil state to “dig into his pockets” and do what you’re asking. Even Abrahmovich has stopped spending his own money. He won’t spend his money to fund their stadium and they will rather have Conte resin that sign him to avoid paying him off.
    No one is digging into any pockets, got that?. It’s so annoying to read you keep wishing for the same goddam wish that will never happen.
    The Arsenal self-sufficiency policy preceded kroenke and it’s not going to change now. It was celebrated by gooners in the 2006-2010 period after we switched stadiums.
    It seems you’re trying to have it both ways; you shamelessly dissed the Uzbek Billionaire who wanted to spend his own money and preferred the American who embraced the policy that precludes “digging” into personal pockets. Now you’re acting like we just got here on a time machine; there were no preceding events.
    Enjoy the ride, enjoy the products of your choice and stop whinging.

  80. Dissenter

    ***He won’t spend his money to fund their stadium and they will rather have Conte resign that sack him to avoid paying off his contract***

  81. Michael24

    I would be optimistic about next season, if I knew Arsene Wenger was no longer holding onto the reins.

    The current squad, although in need of investment in some areas, would improve markedly if someone other than Wenger was calling the shots.

    The doom merchants amongst us, those who feel we need to spend massive amounts to rectify the problems created by Wenger, are forgetting one simple thing, which is –

    The players, just like the fans, crave change and when this finally happens, their individual and collective desire and motivation to succeed, will rise to the surface.

  82. DaleDaGooner

    Le Grove…ha ha…Elneny was miles above Wheelchair…and Aaron Zidane isn’t good enough for what we need. Elneny isn’t top classs, but he presses better and does what is required for a defensive midfield. I remember the Coq hate here too. These types of players keep it tidy! Matic keeps it tidy! It’s the Wilshere’s and Ramsey’s and Welbeck’s that make us uninteresting…especially yesterday. It was so blatant how ordinary Wilshere looked., as well as Welbeck

  83. DaleDaGooner

    Wilshere takes what’s on offer and expects he’s nothing more than a bench player, we bring in better holding midfielders and scrap Ramsey to the bench as well, cause lets face it, it’s either Ramsey, Wilshere, Mkhitaryan or Ozil…i know which players are starting in the number 10 for me.

  84. Danish Gooner

    Cant wait to get shit kicking that cunt Mark Hughes down a division,not really interested in the CSKA game much more looking forward to relegate that vile bastard,sorry nothing personal Southampton,actually always liked Southampton but not with that average cunt as manager.

  85. David Smith

    Kroenke certainly won’t be putting his money in, not sure there is even a mechanism any more without the dodgy sponsorship deals at City, and Stan certainly isn’t going there.
    All Stan ever does is rubber stamp a deal for a failing manager , let’s hope he knows and cares when to stop doing that
    But, if you believe a certain journalist, Wenger and stan are thick as thieves, and Wenger is complicit in making Arsenal a money vehicle for stans other projects in return for effectively a job for life. If this is true , hope it comes out , and a man who espouses values, but cheats on his wife, and is mates with a bunch of guys who run a slave state gets seriously found out. Why aren’t the media being a it more robust with him?

  86. Bamford10

    The most economical thing to do is to keep Ramsey, play his as the advanced midfielder in a three-CM midfield and shift Ozil wide right. Ramsey has contributed to more goals this season than Ozil — despite playing in fewer games — has a better engine and can play both sides of the ball.

    Doing this would mean we only need to go into the market for two CMs — the two behind Ramsey — whereas a lot of people here have us in an inflated transfer market for three. Add a GK and CB and we’re solid.

    Replace the manager, obviously.

  87. Bamford10

    Sorry, most people have us signing two CMs, but sticking with what is essentially a two-man central midfield — Ozil doesn’t contribute to central midfield play — a huge disadvantage IMO. They also have us going into an inflated market for a wide player, a CB and a GK. That’s five first XI players. My plan would require only four, and if you think Xhaka is good enough for the XI, only three (a CM, a GK, a CB).

  88. Bamford10


    Yeah, except that I wasn’t talking to you; I was talking to Pierre.

    And I didn’t say you were the “biggest problem” here; I said you were a bigger problem than I’ve ever been. There’s a difference.

    Cheers, though.

  89. Emiratesstroller


    I am certainly not advocating that Kroenke spends his own money on transfers and have never done so.

    I have pointed out that Arsenal’s current problems are unlikely to be solved overnight in the summer, because the club is not going to spend unlimited
    sums of money in transfer window.

    What I highlight is that other clubs like Chelsea might do so in that situation as they have done in past.

  90. Emiratesstroller


    I stick by what I wrote about Usmanov. I think that there is enough evidence
    elsewhere to suggest that he is not someone who should own the club.

  91. Bamford10

    Reading Le Grove, you might get the impression that Aaron Ramsey is not a good footballer. I am posting a few statistics and quotes below in an attempt to re-balance this discussion a little.

    “Aaron Ramsey is directly responsible for 34.4% of Arsenal’s league goals this season (per 90 minutes) compared with Ozil, who has contributed to 28.4%.” –

    “He can go from the first minute to the last and has the engine to do both sides of the game and that is what we want.” – Arsene Wenger

    “I’m an admirer of Aaron Ramsey and Arsenal must try to secure his long-term future at the club. Like me, he makes late runs in the penalty area and he showed that with aplomb for the second goal at AC Milan last week … On the other hand, I accept there maybe doubts over whether he performs consistently enough. He is class when at his best [however] and I do feel there is another level for him to strive for.” – Frank Lampard, this week

    “[Wilshere’s] performances this season, compared to Ramsey’s, surely make a firm case for why Arsenal should be doing everything to keep their Wales international at the club by offering him the contract he deserves.” – Chris Wheatley,

    “The Welshman [Ramsey] had spent much of the evening playing a deep midfield role with impressive discipline, but with the clock ticking down on the first half he spotted a hole in the inside-right channel and ran straight through it. Ozil once again provided the pass and Ramsey rounded Donnarumma, tapped home and wheeled away as the San Siro fell deathly silent.” – Ed Malyon of the Independent on Aaron Ramsey at AC Milan

    Impressive discipline. Interesting …

    Others who would like to offer Ramsey a little bit of support here might help add to this counter-argument with their own contributions. I feel like Le Grove is treating him a little unfairly at moment.

  92. Bamford10


    Given that we do not have unlimited funds, and given that keeping Ramsey would cost relatively little, why are you suggesting a scenario in which we sell him? Don’t you agree that signing a comparable CM will cost more or less what we get for Ramsey? Or do you just not think Ramsey is good enough?

  93. Michael24


    Personally, I feel that any player under the tutelage of Arsene Wenger should not be treated “unfairly” by any of us.

    Remember, it is not their fault we have such an incompetent manager.

  94. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    Please read carefully again what I have written.

    I have not advocated selling Ramsey, but he is moving into the final year of his current contract and has sofar not signed an extension.

    Do you want us to be in same situation as we have been in with Ozil, Sanchez
    and Wilshire?

    If he refuses to sign a new contract on realistic terms then of course we need to sell him and not lose him at end of season on Bosman.

  95. mysticleaves

    Bamford, having Ozil on the wide right means having Mkhitaryan on the left side, these two players naturally play in the centre and would spend most of the 90mins drifting in these places.

    If you watch Liverpool and Man city closely what you will see they have that we lack is one touch passing through the lines and then proper width out wide.

    I would rather we break free of Ramsey and Wilshere buy two CMs on a free then get a proper winger. That way we can play two proper CMs and Ozil behind ahead of them. It will be more interesting than your suggestion.

    Xhaka/New CDM – Meyer(my choice)
    Miki – Laca/Auba – New Winger

    El Neny and Ozyakup can be our other midfielders.

  96. mysticleaves


    out of curiosity can you mean another CDM in any team in the world that their main characteristics is to thread through balls forward? That is, CDMs that don’t retain possession or generally keep it safe with sideways passes?

  97. Pierre

    No one is saying Ramsey is a bad player, he is obviously talented… The question is, is he what Arsenal need at this present time taking into the equation that he has been in Arsenal’s midfield l a number of years and during that time has never formed a good partnership with another central midfielder… Arguably, our best partnership during this period was cazorla and coquelin which tells you something.

    Bamford, I would ask you to look at the last 15 minutes of the Stoke game at the weekend.
    We had on the pitch lacazette, özil, Aubameyang and mkhitarayan as our attacking 4 and the midfield consisted of xhaka and Ramsey.

    During that last 15 minutes Ramsey was in the opponents area or thereabouts probably ten times in a desperate effort to get on the score sheet.
    There are 2 ways of looking at this..

    1)well done Ramsey for trying to put the game to bed and we did go out on and win 3-0
    Or you could say

    2) why the fuck was Ramsey vacating his midfield position time and time again leaving us open to the counter attack if we lost the ball
    We had 4 attacking players on the pitch who were more than capable of scoring the necessary goals.
    There was at least 2 times when the ball came into the box that Ramsey was standing no more than one yard away from Aubameyang so was occupying his space

    If you are happy with the first option then you follow the Wenger line of attack with no discipline.

    The fact is that during the last 15 minutes Ramsey was playing for himself, he wanted to improve his stats.. If he had been playing for the team he would have made sure we were not open to the counter.. Remember we were only one nil up at the time.

  98. Michael24

    CSKA fast approaching. Interesting game in so many non-Footballing ways.

    How will the Russian fans behave over here?
    Will Putin put his spoke in?
    Exactly what will happen in the return(off the pitch)?
    How many Arsenal fans will travel to Moscow?

    The eyes of the world will be on this tie for so many reasons and although we all know that VP can’t afford to tarnish his reputation (?!?!?!)any further, I have a feeling that this game may be remembered more for the goings-on off the field of play, rather than on it.

    I hope I’m proven wrong.

  99. mysticleaves

    Emirates stroller

    All these players are CDMs. Is there anyone renowned for treading through balls to strikers or scoring goals or being the creative fulcrum of their team?

    All these players more often than not recycle possession with sideways passes. If you want to knock El Neny atleast do it like someone that knows what they fuck they are talking about.

  100. Emiratesstroller


    I am not advocating that Elneny never passes sideways or backwards, but there
    are occasions when a forward pass is more appropriate.

    That seldom happens in Elneny’s repertoire.

  101. Pierre

    I get your point but in fairness to elneny, up until we scored the first goal, Stoke closed down all the channels through to the attacking third so Elneny was more inclined to keep possession… .. Xhaka then came on and was able to utilise the extra space as the game opened up.

  102. Emiratesstroller


    The real problem at Arsenal at the moment is that there is a lack of balance in
    our midfield.

    Xhaka is supposed to be our starting DMF with backup in Elneny in that position. Ramsey and Wilshire are vying with each other for CMF position. Ozil
    and Mkhitaryan are AMF.

    There are questions about mobility and recovery of our DMF. The two CMF
    on our books are both injury prone and have propensity to attack rather than
    defend when required to do so.

    In an ideal world I would choose to rebuild our Midfield, but for the reasons
    outlined in earlier posts that is unlikely to happen. My view is that Arsenal are
    unlikely to recruit more than one CMF this summer even if we lose both Cazorla and Wilshire.

  103. Akilan

    Thing is Ramsey thinks he is no 10 or an attacker first. He has shown time and again that he can contribute offensively. Presuming we sell Jack, we have 3 no 10s with different attributes. If we bring in a proper winger (Malcolm, Mahrez or Martial(dream), we have 4 players for 3 positions which offers different combinations.

  104. Akilan

    Would anyone like another swap deal with united. HB + money for Martial. Martial has 1 year left in his contract(with an option of 1 year extension). Both are 22 and there are already rumours of manure interested in HB. HB has 5 years left in his contract. Martial isn’t playing much these days. He was given only 15+ minutes against Sevilla. Considering Alexis played well this week, he may never get his place back before the end of the season. HB + 10-20m and manure may sell him to us after all. Right now they don’t see us as their rivals.

  105. Emiratesstroller


    Actually you make a point which is part of the problem at Arsenal at moment.

    We have three Strikers on our books in Aubameyang, Lacazette and Welbeck.
    The first two cost a lot of money and expect to play in starting lineup. Welbeck
    is treated as a utility player.

    The club has in reality four number 10s [attacking midfielders] in Ozil,
    Mkhitaryan, Ramsey and Wilshire.

    There are two average DMF in Xhaka and Elneny.

    The only winger is Iwobi and some might argue he is better suited to play as an AMF.

    So when you look at our squad we lack a genuine top class CMF or a specialist

    There are at the moment too many players on our books who may be versatile
    but lack genuine specialisation.

  106. Goobergooner

    As a form of sort of ironic protesting,

    Could we somehow make a chant to go around the crowd that would be like it was his sending off season. Just like make the last few home games a farewell for Wenger. Surely he couldn’t stay after the fans have already sung him farewell haha

  107. Goobergooner

    It would sort of be respectful because we give him a send off, but it also lets the board know that we want him gone.

  108. mysticleaves

    “My view is that Arsenal are
    unlikely to recruit more than one CMF this summer even if we lose both Cazorla and Wilshire.”

    It is quite likely that Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsey will leave. That’s what I want anyway but it’s also possible. If that happens we are left with only Xhaka and El Neny and AMN. Absolutely no way only one CM comes in in this scenario.

    Our sqaud is soo imbalanced it’s funny. Our CM options are AMs and our winger options are AMs.

  109. mysticleaves


    Your suggested deal is a bad one. HB plus 10-20m for Martial? HB has 4years left while Martial has 1 year left? Lets not get desperate here. If Man utd wants HB we should be in a driving seat so it’s more like Martial plus 10-20m for HB

  110. Emiratesstroller

    Mystic leaves

    You make the point I have just made.

    Lack of variety and specialisation in our squad. The same also applies to full
    back positions as well.

  111. Akilan

    Against spurs and city, we played Xhaka and 4 no 10s behind Auba. I say release Jack and bring in Max Meyer(could very well happen). Bring in a winger and rotate with Ramsey, Mkhi and Ozil.

    Meyer has been playing as a DM this season. May be he could play along side Xhaka after all. Meyer is fast, mobile and has shown this season that he can sit in front of the defense. He is press resistant too(has a bit of Cazorla in him) and is ambidextrous. He lacks height, long range passing and long distance shooting, which Xhaka has in his locker. May be they could form a decent partnership. May be.

    Remember I used to think Xhaka is useless. He still hasn’t done anything to change that. But the fact is there is not a single rumor out there that says he’s leaving. We might as well accept that he will be a starter for another year after all.

  112. mysticleaves

    Full back positions is better. Just need cover for RB. Not just a cover but someone that can actually challenge HB and take his place of found worthy. HB is not big enough or good enough yet not to accept bench places.

    I like our left side, Monreal and Kolasinac. Kolas failure is more on Wenger not knowing what to teach him than him being better suited to LWB.

  113. Bamford10

    Honigstein is saying that Tuchel has not been approached by Arsenal because Wenger is staying. Fans absolutely must stay away from the Emirates.

  114. Bamford10


    That’s a really good idea. A farewell and thank you song to be sung to Wenger at the final four or five matches. Not ironic at all, though. It would be a way for the fans to say: “Thank you, Arsene, but it really is time to go”.