RIP Rocky + Wenger ready to Stoke the fires of his end of season revival

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There’s so little to talk about, these breaks are literally torture.

Word to my post yesterday, quite an outpouring of ignorance in the comments section. If you feel threatened by fair representation, that’s cool, just be honest about it. Football is a very backwards industry, Arsenal is one of the shining lights in progressive thinking/acting and we should be proud of that.

However, status quo isn’t acceptable. We should always be pushing our club to be better. We should always push for the game to be better. Racism is still rife in the stands around Europe. We still don’t have an openly gay footballer in the Premier League. Female representation at board level is very low. Coaches of colour struggle for chances in a white male-dominated game.

If you don’t talk about these things, nothing changes. Part of being a progressive society is to be open to self-reflection and to make positive moves that bring everyone forward. And look, that isn’t just about color, gender or sex. It’s about making sure the staff that keep the ground going get a living wage. It’s about making sure kids from underprivileged backgrounds get a chance to make something of themselves at corporate level without a degree from Oxford. It’s about looking for ways to support people who struggle with mental health issues in a game that categorises such issues as a weakness.

If you’re not about those things, cool, just don’t tar people who are like it’s a crime to have a positive outlook. The game has a long way to go, but we’ll get there.

Right, back onto football and a less positive outlook.

Arsene Wenger is about to win another game as he claws his way back to the end of season ultimate of:

‘One Arsene Wenger, there’s only one Arsene Wenger’

I mean, if there ever was a moment I’d like to curtail freedom of speech, it’s putting a #WengerOut banner in the mouth of anyone considering that song at any point until the end of the season.

Stoke are another team, a bit like Milan, that come with more fear than they deserve. Wenger knows this outfit gets the crowd going, and there’ll be nothing better for him than sticking it to their scuzzy players as they bend over and present themselves to the relegation gods. Their form is shocking. 3 draws and 2 losses. 27 points in the league. A total loss of character. It’s looking bleak.

That said, we’re always capable of caving to shite teams, so you don’t know what will happen. At home, I kind of fancy us to stick 4 past them. Our form is hardly glittering in the league, losing 3 of the last 5. It’s amazing Wenger is surfing a ‘good form’ wave at the moment when you consider how awful we’ve been in 2018.

Steve Bould was in fine spirits in the prezzer. He says there’s no such thing as fatigue when you have things to play for.

“I don’t think there’s any fatigue. Fatigue is when you’ve not got anything to strive for. We’ve still got an awful lot to do and I think there’s a bit of excitement actually. Training has been really lively this week with the 10 or so boys who have been here. I don’t think they’re just looking towards the end of the season for a holiday.”
Steve, be real, there should be no fatigue because our players have been playing one game a week all season! Still, good to read he thinks the players are motivated.
Finally, it’s that time of the year again where we celebrate the life of David Rocastle. He was a little bit before my time, so it’s difficult to really tune into the wavelength of many fans, like my dad, who adored him. I was sent this youtube video that captures a lot of the love people had for the great man.
Enjoy the game.

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  1. TheBlaster

    I think Cech has been worth several places difference in our league position. Of course all goalies concede now and then, but prior to Cech (recently anyway) our defence never had the solidity and composure that comes from having a reliable keeper behind you. There was a time Mert and Kos, with Cech behind, were the best defence in the league . That said, everyone gets older, and footballers have finite careers.