I just solved refereeing in the UK + Steve Bould talks up Wenger’s passsshuuun

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You ever wake up and feel you’re in a weird kind of purgatory? Like your life is representative of Arsene Wenger’s neverending contract situation? Everything is ok and swimming along, but also shite?

This my friends, is what happens in an international week when there’s nothing to write about.

Back to football. There are no British refs at this year’s World Cup. Is it because Russia hates us? No. It’s because our refs are terrible.

Here are some thoughts that I have had before, but will repackage for you because I am a solutions-oriented person with ideas.

Pay them the cash:

Why the fuck would anyone normal take up a job where everyone hates you and the crowning glory is £90k a year. That is pitiful cash, especially when you consider the money swirling around in the game. Give elite referees the money they deserve, £500k a year. The byproduct of this:

  • You get a better calibre of candidate coming into the game
  • You increase competition for the top places
  • You lower the possibility of bribery

Additional ideas:

Accountability: Refs hiding behind their PGMOL bullshit simply isn’t acceptable. They need to be accountable to the fans via the media. We need to know the thinking behind big decisions and refs need to have a voice in this.

Punishment: We have so many refs that are consistently shite. Yet they hang around. It’s like PGMOL buys into refs being part of the entertainment of football. For me, a ref should never be the star of the show. I don’t want to know someone’s name because of drama, because they consistently go to war against certain teams, because they are bafflingly poor. If you are shite, you should be moved out of the league.

Rotation: For the life of me, I do not understand how it is legal to say only British people can ref in the Premier League. It is a disgraceful policy. UEFA should rotate the best around Europe. It’d take away the clear regional bias that exists in football culture in the UK, it’d give our refs more experience in different leagues, it’d increase competition. It’d also make the job more exciting for young people coming into the game.

Guys and gals, did I just solve the UK refereeing challenge? I think I did. I’m listening to new opps at the moment, hit me up PGMOL.

Steve Bould dropped some Arsene Propaganda. The Arsenal manager, ill, or jetlagged from travelling to Qatar to chat shit on Ivan G, missed the prezzer.

“He is remarkable,”

“Behind closed doors, I’ve never known someone who’s as hungry and determined to win football games. It’s as big as I’ve ever seen, for sure.

“I admire him immensely. He takes unbelievable stick off an awful lot of people and he’s just one of the great managers. It’s a pleasure for me to sit next to him. I understand that he’s doing a great job, as far as I’m concerned, and has done a great job for an awfully long time.”

Come on Steve, we know the truth. You’re on the football equivalent of Fishbowl, dropping shit bombs on your boss.

‘I hear Arsene goes home at 4pm on Friday and he drinks on the job’

Here’s the thing with statements like the above (the real comment), we’re constantly reminded how much Wenger wants to win, but at the core of it, he doesn’t know how.

Who really gives a fuck about misguided desire? Sport is about producing. Wenger isn’t producing, so really, the emotional backstory is a total irrelevance when you’re looking at 15 years+ before we can win a major honour again.

Anyway, Stoke this weekend. EXCITING. We’ll be back on the pod trail again, sorry for the downtime.

FINALLY: Please put your hands in your pocket and give The Gooner Fanzine some upfront money so they can survive next year. It is essential we keep publications like this alive. Genuinely, one of the happiest moments for my family was when I had a piece in The Gooner. It’s iconic. An institution. DO NOT LET IT DIE. All you need to do is pay them £32 a now, to land 6 editions next year.


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  1. Michael24

    “Well actually I can’t stand the French bastard. He’s an arrogant little shit and control freak but as I’m on £40,000 a week, I’ll take all the garbage and continue to tarnish my reputation, no sweat”

    As if he would come out and say this

  2. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Hillarious comment from Bould – “It’s a pleasure for me to sit next to him. ”

    If i got paid what you are getting paid to sit beside that proverbial sack of shit, i suppose i’d say pretty much the same thing. Lets face it, Bould could never hold down a proper job if his life depended on it. Bottom line, he’s too fucking stupid to have a job.

  3. Michael24

    “Clark Kent, Gotham City Herald, Er yes Mr Bould, you say it’s a pleasure for you to sit next to Mr Wenger. However, when we see you pitchside, why is it you look like someone who’s got chronic constipation or been told you’ve only got 5 minutes left to live?

  4. ArseneisaFraud

    Bould can’t turn back. That’s what money does to you: it eats up your integrity. I still remember watching games where Bould was unshaved and looked like a mess. Even at one game he had an Arsenal bobble hat but had it upside down as the crest was upside down. I think deep down he knows it is a total shitfest. But hey: the £££ in your bank account is what counts. Sad to see that Bould has gone down this path.

  5. englandsbest

    Stan is a Walmart-clone. Does it matter to us? Yes, and here is why. He broke his customary silence when he gave a seminar to a bunch of wannabee millionaires in Boston. He told them that the owner of a sports club whose priority is to win titles etc is not fit to be the owner of a sports club. By which he meant that the priority of a football club should be the same as any other business: PROFIT.

    Now the majority of fans want (rightly) for Wenger to go, for most of us, the sooner the better. But he was forced to operate a sell to buy policy, Stan’s bottom line is black.

    So lets dream and imagine Wenger bows out this summer. He will leave a collection of players who are simply not comparable with the players he inherited – the best defence in England, the best goal-keeper, Bergkamp, Merson…

    How much will it cost to get a team back to the elite level? Well Man U have spent half a billion, and they haven’t got there yet. Will the Walmart clone change his policy and help out? Well, he certainly didn’t in St Louis.

  6. Michael24


    Sorry, but don’t buy it. No one’s been forcing Wenger’s hand these past ten years. It is his own limitations when it comes to making logical and intelligent footballing decisions that have riled me.

    There has been more than enough talent at the club to have,at the very least, competed on a more consistent basis, but when you have a clueless buffoon in charge, you are always going to fall short.

    Happy Easter.

  7. mysticleaves

    Mbappe could be the young player of the world cup and France could be the dark horses for the tournament. It is amazing how good he is despite his age.

    His second goal against Russia was something else, though the goal keeper messed that up but how he deleted his marker with that step over skill was awesome.

  8. Michael24

    If you can’t be honest with yourself then how can you be honest with others?

    Bould is a product of the Wenger circus. A weak pathetic puppet, who sees financial gain as being far more beneficial than personal integrity.

    Good luck to the guy, but, just like Wenger himself, ZERO RESPECT.

  9. HighburyLegend

    “they win three or four games on the trot and everything is rosy again in the garden. ”

    lol Merson is so damn right!!

  10. Pierre

    Frankie coffeecakes
    “Bould could never hold down a proper job if his life depended on it. Bottom line, he’s too fucking stupid to have a job.”

    After a comment like that , the only person that appears to be f..ing stupid ,is you .

    Too be honest no one outside of the club really knows if Steve Bould is good,bad or indifferent at his job ..
    I know he was doing a pretty useful job previously with the youth /academy team.

    When you say “proper job ” ,what do you mean ….obviously you consider that playing football at the highest level is not a “proper job” or being the first team coach of a premier league side is not a “proper job or do you regard any football related job as not a “proper Job”.

    I would imagine that the number of trophies that he has won as a player and coach must be close to double figures…not bad for someone who’s f…ing stupid.

  11. Pierre

    Leg end
    3 league titles , domestic cups and a European trophy and an England international …..I would consider that as playing at the highest level…a quality centre half in my opinion , just the type of defender we could do with now.

  12. Akilan

    We could sign Max Meyer after all. Lots of rumours linking him with us. The president of Schalke basically confirmed that he’ll leave for free. Almost every twitter ITK is claiming that they broke the news first. Pool, spurs, Barca, Milan are all reportedly interested. He might choose us because he would be a first teamer, which nobody bar Milan else can offer(because we have shit mids). If true, he’s probably Jack’s replacement. Can’t complain.

    You’ve gotta feel for Schalke though. Meyer, goretzka to leave this summer, Kola the last one. All for free.

  13. Victorious

    The international break has been a tedious bore of epic proportions,feels like ages since I saw a good football match, club football should begin already before I poke my eyes out

    Obviously had a break from Legrovellers habitual regurgitations of same shit unending but whats this #Neymar gate#Never forget# all about

  14. DivineSherlock

    Why the Bould hate ?? He is hardly gonna slag off Wenger in front of the media is he ?
    People on here sometimes can be so dumb.

  15. PhD07

    VictoriousMarch 30, 2018 08:50:43
    The international break has been a tedious bore of epic proportions,feels like ages since I saw a good football match, club football should begin already before I poke my eyes outObviously had a break from Legrovellers habitual regurgitations of same shit unending but whats this #Neymar gate#Never forget# all about

    Omg,you missed a Le-Grove Classic.

    See link below(start from the end of page 1 at around 20.47) .12 hours of pure unadultered comedy gold.


    Seeing a certain repugnant poster,be shown up for the charlatan that he is.
    Exposed,humiliated,bent over and double tag teamed..His questionable character (or flaws) on display for everyone to see..

    It was long overdue,but it arrived in a beautiful way.Exposed as a fake and a total manipulative,disingenuous douchebag.

    Anyway,Happy Easter..

    Still laughing..

    #Neymar gate
    #Never forget

  16. Pierre

    I suppose you would call it a bit of online bullying towards Bamford (though some would say he deserves it)… He said something like” Neymar is not a big game player ” and Wenger eagle and marko took exception to that remark and a few others have jumped on the bandwagon.

    I suppose a few will more will turn on me now as they think I am defending Bamford (which I’m not)…..just saying it as I see it.

  17. Bamford10


    I like Mbappe too, and I agree that that second goal was sick. I don’t think France are good enough for Germany, Spain or Brazil, though.

  18. steve


    Using the term “le-grovellers” while inhabiting that same website himself. Couldn’t make it up. Dumb as fuck.

  19. PhD07

    PierreMarch 30, 2018 09:08:56
    I suppose you would call it a bit of online bullying towards Bamford (though some would say he deserves it)…
    Online bullying…???

    You’ve got to be freaking kidding me -right?
    Do tell me you are joking??

    All I’ll say is you reap,what you sow.

    Your take on things is somewhat unique..
    Bizarre and unique..

    Either way,Happy Easter

  20. PhD07

    March 30, 2018 09:16:28
    Cheers, Pierre. That’s how I see that little incident as well.
    The man has no shame..The audacity of this guy knows no bounds..

    He rocks up,seeking allies..

    So,now he’s the victim..

    Couldn’t make it up..

    The resident clown..

    What a cheap disingenuous guy…

  21. Bamford10


    You didn’t miss much. I said that Neymar, IMO, has not yet demonstrated that he can be the decisive player on the field in the biggest games and on the biggest stage.

    A couple of my detractors reduced this claim to “Neymar is not a big game player,” gave us a few examples of big matches when he has scored and then claimed they had won some massive, Le-Grove-defining battle. It was quite silly and revealed little more than that a couple of people here have a good deal of animus towards me.

    If you review the record of the discussion, I think you’ll see that my position is actually fairly reasonable — indeed is probably the view of most pundits, writers and observers. Neymar is a fantastic talent, but he has yet to show that he can be the decisive player on the field in the very biggest of moments in the way that a Messi or Ronaldo have. Not IMO, at least.

  22. Bamford10

    And for the record, btw, one of the posters I disagreed with in that discussion said that Neymar had been PSG’s best player in that first leg match against Madrid, but that too is false: Adrien Rabiot was PSG’s best player that night.

  23. Victorious

    lol lol lol lol lol.. That was an embarrassing read,Banford disgraced,bullied,embarassed,mock,run-ragged,shamed…oh dear! truly lost for words

    Even as deserving as this is you’ve got to feel for the lad,all smidgen of credibility left thrown to the dogs,that was truly some passage of disgracefully inept and utter clueless of post upon post from Binford,at a stage I was seriously in doubt if he was truly an adult,more like a 12 year old been thought a bitter lesson for been a spoilt brat on-line,truly sad to witness

  24. Victorious

    Binford I would advise you drop the shovel already,your stance on that argument holds no water whatsoever,Neymar is a big game player who is just a level below Ronaldo and Messi

    felt like you belittled him all through the argument and those curse words? come on man, not your best moment at the slightest of imagination

  25. raptora

    God bless that our community always provides, else I’d die out of boredom. This international break made me realize the point of some non football people saying that they wouldn’t watch a football game even if it was played in their backyard.

    Thing is that Arsenal is half my life and no matter how dire things are or will be, not watching my team is even worse. See even if we lose or play like sh*t there is still something to look forward to, something to talk with other fans about, #wengerout banter etc. If the team doesn’t play at all it’s not easy. Plus summers are all about speculations and transfers, and team related news come every day. Euros and Worlds are another way to fill the football calendar while refreshing skysports and bbc sport news. But the shitty international break for friendlies or even qualifications is such a waste of time. It seriously makes me hate the game.

  26. PhD07

    PierreMarch 30, 2018 09:41:54
    Leave it Bamford, leave it..


    When your one and only remaining allie,(who one has openly mocked in the past),is imploring you to leave it.To swallow some humble pie,salvage what shred of pride (if any) is left and disappear for a bit.You know the game is up.No comeback.
    Totally finished!!


    #Neymar gate
    #Never forget

  27. loyika

    Most on here are just online trolls.

    Talking shit on Bouldy but if given a chance wouldn’t dare say it to his face.

    Damn 90% of posters would piss in their pants if they came face to face with Arsene…..much better when its in a mob setting.

    Saying Bouldy has sold his soul for money!? Whereas a lot of us are in jobs where we “toe the line” because of our pay checks (I know there are those that have their own businesses though), some of us might have even done things over the course of our proffessional lives that would seem as unethical practices to meet the “bottom line” but yet have the nerve to talk about “Intergrity!?” on a blog?

    What were you expecting Bould to say? So what? If he resigned his job would we all do a “charity gig” to raise money to take care of his family? I mean he would prove he had Arsenal supporters at heart and all innit? Fcuk outta here!!!

    Thats the thing with the internet…it makes most people feel bigger and better than they really are in real life, whereas quite a few couldn’t walk in Bouldy’s shoes.

    He was showing loyalty at a Presser (rightly or wrongly) to his Boss, nothing more and nothing less. Nothing more to see here.

  28. raptora

    Heard good things of Shakhtar Donetsk’s midfielder Fred. Today I learned that our very own Gilberto Silva is his representative. Looks a bit similar to Fernandinho whose profile is what we really need in our midfield tbh.

  29. loyika

    @ Raptora

    You know the Arsenal Scouts would have stopped listening at ” heard good things” (Lol)

    It seems our recruitment policy might be more geared to the Bundesliga? (well thats the vibe I am getting) and getting players from there.

    I feel the GK and Defence should be of opt most priority this summer, (followed by sorting out contract issues of Jack and Rambo) then we can sort out the MF and also need at least 1 more Striker.

  30. loyika

    @ HL

    Thats the point, no one knows best.

    Slagging of Bouldy (on a blog) for doing what is his job is stupid. Especially when 90% of us wouldn’t have the nerve to say it to his face and couldn’t walk in his shoes.

  31. Ishola70

    Wenger Out.

    In other news where to put New York sh*t?

    The Alabamians don’t want it. No more New York sh*t they say.

    For decades New York sh*t used to be dumped into the Atlantic Ocean but this practice was banned in 1992.

  32. alexanderhenry


    Fair points, but I think after the tedium of the international break and arsenal’s damp squib of a season – Europa aside- we’re all just bored.
    I know I am.

    I get the feeling that most arsenal fans are in a state of near suspended animation until wenger goes.
    In the meantime, all we can do is speculate until someone vaguely senior comes out and says something of actual substance.

    That hasn’t happened yet. Instead we’;ve had the usual opaque statements from arsenal. Like this:

    ‘We have a saying over at Arsenal, victory through harmony.

    ‘I think that victory through harmony can take a lot of different meanings, but for me victory through harmony comes from communication.

    ‘You got to have open and honest dialogue about the reality that we are on because if we are sugar coating anything about ourselves, about our team, about our direction, we’re only kidding ourselves and we’re only going to be worse off for it in the long run.’

    Make sense of that if you can.


    I think you must remember my post Bandyford.
    Seems i got you right then.
    In many years on here it was my first time ever to say something to a poster.
    You are narcissistic and rude but most of all you are EEL like.

  34. loyika

    @ Alex

    Great points and it does make sense, however what doesn’t is people taking cheap shots at someone like Bould

    One could say you felt his comments at the presser were wrong (wondering what people wanted him to say!? He even pleaded to the Journos present to keep the topic football related) Its when people start throwing words like “Intergrity” and how he is in it for the money? Do’h its his job and most would do the same thing if in his shoes (some even worst)

    As for Arsenal as a whole, my thoughts are that even the rest of the folks at the so called BoD level are sick and tired of the whole charade, but unfortunately only one person’s decision matters and that is Stan K and so they are riding things out hoping that either Arsene hangs himself with his own incompetence on football matters (giving Stan a way to pull the trigger on his tenure) or decides its time to move on for the best of the club.

    As per what we as fans can do? I have said the heat should be turned on to Stan K as well (including the low attendances at games) that (I feel) will get his attention especially if/when picked up by the press/media.

    My honest thoughts are that Arsene will serve out his contract and be done with it. But guess we will have to wait and see Bro.

  35. Victorious

    The silence is deafening in all things arsenal the moment,no senior official is bold enough to come out and enlighten us all on the fvck is going on,half full stadium,Wilshere,s deal on a deadlock,Wenger seeing out his last year or not,Josh visited London for sight seeing,silent Stan in his yatch wanking off,Gazidiz and pedders having a bromance somewhere,nobody seems to care enough to save this sinking ship that is Arsenal,truly sad

  36. alexanderhenry


    Regarding Wenger, it’s in the balance- largely depending on the Europa which we could actually win- but next season will be his last.

    The problem is this: Can Arsenal football club just remain static or worse for another year?

    When wenger leaves I worry that we’ll be so far off the pace it’ll take years for us to get back into the top four, let alone win a PL or CL.

    Spurs and Liverpool are back, no question. Also, both will benefit from their new or enlarged stadia.

  37. Akilan

    What does the Le Grove think of Max Meyer? I think he’s an upgrade on Jack.

    Apparently he’s been playing as a DM this season behind goretzka. I thought he was gonna become a draxler type player, a pacy winger/AM hybrid. His defensive numbers look excellent(which may be misleading), though what impressed me more is he covers almost 12km per game.

  38. Akilan

    He’s quick, mobile and can tackle. Now if we replace Xhaka with a proper DM, our midfield can finally compete.

  39. loyika

    @ Alex

    I agree with Pool but not Spurs (Stadia aside) However they still have to win something in the next couple of seasons (but they are definately going in the right direction)

    I think if Poch and the core group leave (and they will if they don’t win anything this or next) Spurs might have to start from scratch. Just that Levy is a shrouder operator than Ivan G.

    As for life after Arsene? Well everything will depend on whom the BoD appoint when Arsene is gone (be it an appointment for the long term or one for a short term fix). That will eventually determine if the ship is steadied or not.

  40. loyika

    @ Akilan

    Max Meyer seems good. But i feel Jack will eventually sign up. Doubt he will want to leave his comfort zone at Arsenal and London.

  41. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Pierre, between you and Wenger many would be hard pressed to identify which of the two of you is the most disingenuous prick.

  42. raptora

    Painful truth is that the way things are shaping up, we are shaping up as the new Liverpool re the long wait for an EPL title. At the moment especially it looks like Pep will reign over the league for as long as he wants to. There were so many chances over the years where the eventual champion was not a dominant team that we could have used to get that one title and stop this decade and a half drought. But we didn’t. Sadly I don’t really see a light in the tunnel in the following years either.

  43. Michael24


    What’s your definition of a good coach?

    Irrespective of his playing prowess, Steve Bould has proven over these past few seasons to be competent at only one thing and that’s TAKING ORDERS from an incompetent and deluded fool. The same happened with Pat Rice.

    At his level and based on his experiences in the game, you would expect Bould to show some balls. Of course, he won’t come out and ridicule Wenger in public, but at least he should have the audacity to show that he’s his own man and capable of leading and motivating from the side.

    Wenger may have told him not to do this but, based on what I remember of Bould as a player, it is not what I would expect of him. This in itself riles most fans and shows, no proves, that Bould is failing the club.

    This has nothing to do with attacking Bould, it is all about highlighting yet another major flaw in an already shite system.

    Happy Easter.

  44. loyika

    @ Micheal

    Please mention any club where a No 2 challenges a No 1.?


    Unless what you are expecting is for Bouldy to reaign?

  45. loyika

    Only few teams (both at Club and Int levels) i can remember had No 2s who were really out there and seemed to hold their own.

    Keane with Paul Lambert at Villa and with Martin O at Int level comes to mind.

    Maybe Fergurson and some of his number 2s also can be referenced, but most times you would be hard pressed to find a vocal No 2.

  46. Pierre

    “Pierre, between you and Wenger many would be hard pressed to identify which of the two of you is the most disingenuous prick.”

    That’s a little harsh on Wenger .

  47. loyika

    And i don’t think Pat Rice fell into that? The feeling was that Pat was someone all the players felt comfortable with and was a bridge between them and Arsene.

    He was also someone that Arsene respected and depended on a lot (hence how Arsene wanted him to stay on beyond his decision to leave that position)

    As mentioned, No 2s. don’t have to be vocal and put out a show for the punters for us to know they are working behind the scenes.

    When things are working, most time we don’t notice or know who the fcuk they are just that when things are bad (especially with Arsenal as concerns defence) then we talk.

    Let me give you an example, we all know Gary Neville is brilliant with his analysis in the studio on game and tactics, but not only did he fail woefully as a number One, i would dare say he did even more as a No. 2 with Engurland. (despite being a vocal presence) So lets put Bouldy’s contributions in perspective shall we.

    Talks a good game in the comforts of the Sky Sports studio though.

  48. HillWood

    “But the shitty international break for friendlies or even qualifications is such a waste of time. It seriously makes me hate the game.”

    So you think any country that fancies it should just turn up at The World Cup or Euros even though they have never played together as a team before ?
    That’s an interesting concept

  49. Michael24

    This week has highlighted once again that cheating is rife in all sports.

    Be it Cricket, Cycling, Football, Tennis, Athletics etc, the fine line between gamesmanship and cheating no longer exists.

    Of course, we all know that money plays it’s part, but the real problem is that the rules and regulations have far too many grey areas, that are being abused and exploited by players in all sports.

    Sport mirrors society. What punishments are actually truly enforced when someone breaks the law. Very few.

    Cheating has always gone on and always will because the authorities allow it

    The Australian cricket team/ Bradley Wiggins/ Novak Djokovic/Rafa Nadal/C Ronaldo/Numerous Athletic stars etc have all cheated and yet, because of the so called RULES, they have been allowed to get away with it.

    Punishments should be severe and final, then, and only then, we will have a fair and level playing field.

    Could have opened a can of worms here.

  50. Michael24


    Happy Easter.

    You don’t seem to get it.

    Ferguson was a vocal and motivational #1 but even his #2’s showed they were at least alive.

    Wenger shows practically nothing, as does Bould.

    Result = predictable failure.

  51. Pierre

    Michael 24
    “Pierre What’s your definition of a good coach?”

    Pep guardiola.. Although his title is manager, he is far and away the best at coaching players.

    What you do not seem to grasp is it is the manager who defines the style of play, the tactics, the defensive and offensive system.

    Steve Bould and his ilk are there to implement the manager’s wishes.

    Do you seriously think that Arteta and Brian Kidd have the authority to go against guardiola’s wishes…

  52. Michael24


    I asked “What is your definition of a good coach” not, who is a good coach?

    What skills are required to teach others how to perform at the highest level?

    We all know that Pep is an excellent coach, but why?

    His #2’s see PG everyday doing what is required, so in many respects their jobs are made easier.

    At Arsenal though it has never been like that.

  53. Champagne Charlie


    Have a word with yourself over that “online bullying” comment about the interactions Bamford had the other night.

    If that’s your take on it I do wonder what you were reading.

    It was a football debate about Neymar and one person (Bamford) was insulting, vulgar, and generally unpleasant/dismissive because more than one poster debunked his claims.

    Your bullying call is woefully misinformed, or dreadfully judged. Not a good comment by you at all.

  54. Michael24

    Coaching and Managing are two separate identities.

    I bet Pep doesn’t have his fingers in as many pies as Wenger.

    Hence, he can concentrate on what he’s good at.

    Wenger gets away with it because he also makes the teas and scrubs the toilets.

  55. Michael24

    CC/ Pierre

    Unfortunately, Political Correctness now consumes society.

    If you go on a blog, expect the consequences or go and join an arts class at your local college.

  56. mysticleaves

    Oh no, Pep is a control freak. It was mentioned at Barca and at Bayern. But hes just very good at what he does.

    And, no need to worry, there will be no Man city domination in the PL even with Pep. The resources and managers the PL can draw makes it almost impossible to have a one team championship.

  57. mysticleaves

    Pedro, by the way, nice suggestions about the ref situation. If implemented it will solve a great deal of the performance related problems.

  58. mysticleaves

    Akilan, since the reinvention of Meyer, which has this season I haven’t watched him much so I used YouTube and actually, he’d be close to a perfect replacement for Santi in the way he players. He was a CAM/winger so he has that drive, eye for a pass, deceptive pass to evade markers to make that CM spot his own. And now he has added more awareness and defensive nous to his game.

    I would sign him and play him beside a decent DM in the first team.

  59. Pierre

    Basically Marko and WE were having a bit of fun (belittling Bamford) for his Neymar remarks and a few (not you) jumped on the bandwagon,though PhD tried to get you involved.

    Harmless bullying I would call it… Nothing serious…I get it all the time as my views don’t coincide with the norm on here… It’s quite amusing when the vultures come out to put their two pennies worth in.

  60. PhD07

    Michael24March 30, 2018 13:16:56
    CC/ PierreUnfortunately, Political Correctness now consumes society.If you go on a blog, expect the consequences or go and join an arts class at your local college.
    Hi Michael24,

    I’m assuming you must be new to this blog?
    I don’t think this has anything remotely to do with “Political Correctness”.

    It goes beyond Neymar-Gate.Neymargate was the tipping point for some posters,who duly decided to respectfully,politely and with good cause to question the validity of “said” posters claims or viewpoints.In addition to questioning -“said”poster’s pronouncements of being”a student of the game of three decades”.

    In light of “said”posters utter contempt for anyone remotely disagreeing with him,and trying to get them banned as a result.Combined with his inane horse manure(drivel) comments posted over a considerable length of time..

    There is a history to the set of circumstances that transpired the other day.

  61. Dissenter

    “And, no need to worry, there will be no Man city domination in the PL even with Pep. The resources and managers the PL can draw makes it almost impossible to have a one team championship”

    I agree
    Everyone is losing their shot over Pep. Last season he was the pretender and now he can do no wrong. The big teams (except for Arsenal) will make adjustments and even out the city advantage next season.
    However if City get Isco and Fred (as is being rumored) then it’s going to be difficult for anyone to match them.

  62. Akilan

    City’s season have been near perfect domestically. Probably the best side the PL has ever seen. But the only way from the top of the hill is down. They will probably win the league next year but it won’t be a walk in the park. Liverpool, spurs(if poch stays) and Chelsea will all be much better. I can’t see city edging a lot of games in the last minutes next season too like they did in this one. The gap will surely reduce.

  63. Akilan

    I’m kinda optimistic, mate. Max brings atleast legs to our current slow, immobile Xhaka – Jack pivot. Only worry is he looks a bit lightweight and in all honesty, is a midget.

  64. mysticleaves

    Dissenter, agreed. City getting Isco will be massive. I don’t really know Fred but I hear he’s doing good things. Chelsea with a new manager will always be a threat though.

    In another discourse, have we dug ourselves in a hole by getting Aubameyang and Miki? I know they are quality for the now but age isn’t on their side. And us being us, it might limit or put us off from spending on those positions at least for 2 years.

    All these young and exciting attackers that seem to be on the market (Martial, Bailey, Icardi, Martinez etc) will probably pass us by…

  65. mysticleaves

    Akilan, midget, maybe but Santi is a midget too, Messi is, Insigne is, Shakiri is. As far as his football brain and application is a giant on the field i don’t really mind. I really want us to get him.

    Looking at our midfield options (including El Neny, who I endorsed his extension) getting Meyer, especially on a free, should be a priority for us.

  66. Michael24


    I get it.

    All I am saying is that, sometimes, PC becomes too much.

    Many on here use vile and abusive language, especially the ‘c’ word.

    I find the use of this word totally disgusting, especially when the English language can be used in so many different and more appropriate ways.

    I am more than prepared to listen to constructive arguments to my own points of view but when and if someone shows total disrespect by making things personal and vile, then I also will react.

    So I do understand.

    Easter Greetings.

  67. mysticleaves

    By next season we could be down to just two senior CM options in Neny and Xhaka. Not many people’s cup of tea. I believe they can improve in a system but I also believe we can do better than Xhaka seeing as we signed him for DM (regardless of Wenger’s B2B bullshit). I don’t mind El Neny at all as a squad player but it’s increasingly becoming obvious that the CM areas will need to be worked on massively this summer regardless of whether Wenger stays or goes

    Left for me I would withdraw the contract offer made to Wilshere, sell off Ramsey and get two proper CMs and a DM if possible and look to sell Xhaka too. If that won’t work, give him an extra year and see how he does.

  68. Frankie Coffeecakes

    A Pier Six brawl erupted and Bamford was the cause of it? Sounds like a normal day on LeGrove.

  69. Dissenter

    I’m not fully convinced about Auba, which is why I’m still banging on the Laca drum.
    We should have gone out to clear the midfield and give Laca the tools to succeed, instead we replicated the same expensive problem with Auba who’s a lot older.
    Ozil should have been allowed to leave on a free, the 300k weekly wage has disorder any change we could have made to our wage structure. We now have a played that no one else wanted on wages that will cause dissent in the dressing room.
    Mykhi should have been one of the replacements for Ozil. We don’t need to have two luxury players in the squad.

  70. HillWood

    Apparently the word “cunt”is derived from the Old Norse word kunta and first appeared in the Oxford Dictionary in the year 1230
    So it even pre-dates Wenger

  71. PhD07

    HillWoodMarch 30, 2018 13:59:16
    It seems Banford 10 has caused quite a stir on here
    Merry Easter

    I kind of liken it to an upstart novice boxer,coming up against two seasoned
    accomplished professional boxers-veterans of war,one could say..

    Crowing,that he will knock seven bells out of them,show them who’s boss.Run rings around them and prove he’s the ultimate alpha male.That’s he’s a force to be reckoned with.There’s a new sheriff in town-type of thing.

    Only to be given a master class by the season pros,tactically outsmarted,bludgeoned,pummelled into submission.Toyed with for 2 x12 Rounds=24 rounds.Each seasoned boxer taking it in turns to playfully deliver uppercuts,jabs,etc,etc.

    What ensues-nose bleeds,cracked ribs,broken nose,black eyes on show.
    Coach throws in the towel,novice upstart throws the towel back out of the ring,and continues to march forward into the onslaught.

    The audience in the camp,left aghast.Some watching the car crash in motion,behind the camp sofa.
    Some wincing,some shaking their head in disbelief.Some trying not to laugh.

    A carnage,if ever I saw one.

    Then upstart novice,revisits the scene of the crime,or event after a few days,battered and bruised(black eyes,arm in a sling,cracked ribs,broken nose and all).
    He’s asked “What happened..?”

    His reply:
    “Just a liitle mishap.I fell down the stairs(hence the bruises)..”

    Up there with the David Hayes comment when he lost to Klitschko-“I lost because I stubbed my toe”.


    Happy Easter to you also.

  72. PhD07

    HillWoodMarch 30, 2018 13:59:16
    Forgot to add this,in the analogy..
    *Coach throws in the towel,novice upstart throws the towel back out of the ring,and continues to march forward into the onslaught.

    Audience implore the trainer/coach to stop the carnage.So the audience members,take it upon themselves to grab the white towel from trainer/coach and throw it into the ring.To save upstart novice from further humiliation.

    What does upstart novice do?Proceeds to pick up the white towel,spit on it and throw at the audience with utter contempt..


  73. Champagne Charlie


    See what you mean, the word just automatically evokes a certain tone/intention with me I guess.

    There wasn’t any wrong-doing the other night besides a certain guy getting typically precious about being challenged. This time was an exceptional circumstance because what was said was sooo outlandish and irrational however – thus the humour lol