Wenger admits he’ll decide if it’s time to go

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The Arsene Wenger international break propaganda machine has clicked into overdraft. That he needs to earn even more money at his age on his salary shows how much the man lusts for money. Even more than money? Power. Listen to this carry on when talking about the famous summer review.

“We sit down at the end of every season & see where we go from there. I have a 2-year contract & will always try to (reach) the end of it. But I always have the honesty to sit down with BoD & to see where we go from there. If I see no progress, we can terminate it.”

Can I just zoom in on something?

‘If I see no progress, we can terminate it’

He actually runs the club. A massive bitch slap to our neutered CEO. He’s confirming the horror rumours of Honigstein and Laurens… he is actually the one who decides the outcome of his review. Arsene Wenger is marking his own scorecard, and he’s dropping this in his interview with BEin to shut you the fuck up. And to shut Ivan and his band of merry men up as well.

That my friends is why Arsenal fans don’t turn up at The Grove. That is why fans hope we’ll lose all our games until the end of the season. The man is absolute poison.

Anyone who thinks he’s going to be looked back on fondly when he leaves might want to review that notion. The last time he produced anything of interest was 15 years ago. He’ll be remembered as a man who abused his reputation to hang on and ruin everyone’s football experience. I’ve had pops of fun, the FA Cup’s have been great, but be real… have you really enjoyed the gushing river of predictable averageness that’s surrounded each season for his post-greatness tenure?

I haven’t. There’s so little joy in the Arsenal experience these days. Watching a madman steer your club ever further into realms of Liverpool like mediocrity is sad to watch.

We kind of knew where this would head. Wenger has 8 or so pretty easy games, he’ll probably decapitate Jose Mourinho when we play his sorry team at home and he’ll no doubt make a heroic effort of not winning the Europa League.

Our CEO is gutless, we’ve witnessed this for years. Josh K is likely the same as his dad. How utterly miserable.

Well, that’s if Laurens and Rapha are correct. They tend to be. So, you know, don’t get your hopes up. Wenger had more to say on his future…

“Yes, of course [I want to manage after Arsenal], as long as I have the physical strength and the desire to do it. I know that depends on my physical status and how well I am mentally. It’s a decision I’ll have to make at some stage.”

“At the moment I live in the present and I just want to do as well as I can for my club and I don’t worry too much what happens to me.”

There’s always the hope that he’ll pack it in of his own accord, but that’ll only happen if the fans turn on him. No chance we’ll protest him if he wins all his final games. We’ll be singing his name in the ground, doubling down on our long-term history of Stockholm syndrome.

“You don’t stay 22 years at a club the stature of Arsenal without a total complete commitment and the sacrifice of your life.

“That will not change today until the end of the season, until the end of my contract, if I can I will do that. After I don’t know what I will do.”

… and we finish on a biblical crescendo of the Lord Jesus Wenger, giving his life for the greater good of the world.

Wenger’s talk of sacrifice is both embarrassing and completely devoid of self-awareness. The man is dropping £10m a year and he talks about sacrifice. Try working in a factory for 15 hours a day, or being a nurse, or having a really fucking boring job in front of a spreadsheet using a Windows 1998 operating system. Working in football is a massive indulgence, the only sacrifice you make is a selfish one.

Anyway, enough bitterness. If our club go down the path of ‘let Wenger decide’, we’ll have absolutely no recourse as usual. Everyone at the club stays rich as hush money. We are the forgotten child to the LA Rams… who, by the way, are hoovering up the cream of the crop in the offseason. Unreal. Not only that, Stan’s stadium is going to cost more than $4billion. We’re a portfolio piece, maybe used as leverage to fund that deal with the banks. I wish we could just boycott the club to prove a point, but the English don’t operate that way.

Right, that’s me done. Happier times tomorrow.

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  1. PhD07

    Michael24March 29, 2018 13:11:10
    PhD07THE LIFE OF BRIAN!!Got to get into the spirit of things.“What have the Romans ever done for us?”


    Oh cool

    Apart from Liar,Liar.

    I’ll probably watch”What goes around ,comes around”
    and “Karma”


  2. Champagne Charlie


    Didn’t need my two cents, valid points were being made and embarrassingly shot down so just say and chuckled. Will be fondly remembered haha – 27.03.18 – Neymargate

    Work trumps Easter for me, but I’m ok with that because I should be able to swing some free time to watch the Masters as a result. You doing much?

  3. Gunner2301


    What these cunts dont realise is that moaning eventually leads to empty seats and this is something the club and owners will take notice off. Its a pity we have to give them amunition in order to sack Wenger but if they need a reason they will have one eventually.

  4. Marko

    That was something. This was my favourite part

    Granit Xhaka scored a penalty for Switzerland and put on a fine display in his country’s latest (admittedly easy) victory. But instead of saying the lad has had another very positive game, the negative comes out. Yes it was just Panama – (but they have reached the world cup finals).

  5. Marko

    Neymar or Ronaldinho- Who was /is better to watch?

    I think Neymar will end up more successful (trophy wise maybe not Balon D’or wise) but I preferred to watch Ronaldinho. He made football look sexy

  6. alexanderhenry


    I think you’ll find there’s an awful lot the people you’re referring to don’t realise.

  7. mysticleaves

    “…And German media BILD reports that the German international’s deal carries a buyout clause set at €25m – with the option expiring on April 30.”

    Talking about Bernad Leno here.

  8. Champagne Charlie

    Neymar vs Ronaldinho?

    I’m a massive Ronaldinho fan, for me the only thing that eliminates him from best of all time chat is his longevity performing at that level. But about 2004-2007 he hit all encompassing levels I’ve barely seen from players before. Total football from image to execution.

    Neymar will be more efficient, win more, and perform at a better level over the duration of his career – but when judging who peaked the highest Neymar has about 5/6 levels to attain before he warrants a comparison to Ronaldinho.

  9. PhD07

    MarkoMarch 29, 2018 14:04:54
    Neymar or Ronaldinho- Who was /is better to watch?I think Neymar will end up more successful (trophy wise maybe not Balon D’or wise) but I preferred to watch Ronaldinho. He made football look sexy
    Both awesome players-Neymar &Ronaldinho.

    At this stage-will have to say Ronaldinho.Exciting,entertaining,played with a smile on his face.Made it seem like he was playing beach volleyball with friends,with the samba music playing in the background..Like carnival time..

    Miss watching him play football.

    Still laughing…I’ve haven’t laughed this much in years on Le-Grove.I mean with the situation at Arsenal rendering one to be indifferent at best,to not having any emotional attachment to the club at worst.In addition to having a degenerate,upstart,know-nothing manchild pollute this blog daily with horse manure,it’s a welcome relief to enjoy Le-Grove again.Like back in the old days..


    Still laughing..Classic…

  10. mysticleaves

    That article on untold is the first one I have ever read from beginning to end. And it’s safe to say it will remain that way for a very long time.

    Ah yea, the rainbow moves…got it. Please how are rainbow moves performed? Am not privy to named skills though I know rabona and the step overs

  11. PhD07

    Your Champagne CharlieMarch 29, 2018 13:19:39
    PhDDidn’t need my two cents, valid points were being made and embarrassingly shot down so just say and chuckled. Will be fondly remembered haha – 27.03.18 – NeymargateWork trumps Easter for me, but I’m ok with that because I should be able to swing some free time to watch the Masters as a result. You doing much?

    Sounds good.
    As for me,visiting family over the weekend.

    Oh the Masters-who do you think will win?


    Still laughing..Classic…

  12. HighburyLegend

    Ok, I must admits I couldn’t resist… And I’ve read the comments, also.

    Don’t know what to say, except those people don’t live on the same planet than us.

  13. Champagne Charlie


    I mean I’d love to see Tiger win, but that’s asking a lot even for him.

    I’ll be hoping Rickie Fowler can step up a level this season, but JT and Rory are both playing well right now so there’s threats everywhere!

    Augusta rarely disappoints though, I’m sure it’ll be a nice reprieve from whatever shit Arsenal are likely producing haha

  14. Chitom

    “The home fans’ negativity is bringing the players down “, according to the expert psychologists from Untold.
    I wonder why the away form has been the biggest problem two seasons running then, culminating with Arsenal getting 13 points from 14 away games at some point in February and putting Arsenal in 10th place in the away points table.

  15. Rambo Ramsey

    Mystic, rainbow flick? Its the hardest and riskiest dribbling to pull off but there’s no way to defend against it. Leaves defenders for dead.

  16. Champagne Charlie


    That looks like a high school team, absolutely no defending by anyone. Not at all impressive lol

  17. Rambo Ramsey

    Its insanely difficult to pull off. Not a lot of videos you can find.

    Everyone does a step over or rabona, by comparison.

  18. Leftsidesanch


    That’s the first article I’ve read from Untold in about 5 years – they really are a “special bunch of people”. They’re also quite hypocritical from memory, seeing as they moan about everything but the actual circumstances or person (pointing at you Mr Wenger) that is holding back Arsenal football club.

  19. mysticleaves

    Oh, yea Neymar does it a lot and its insulting to opposition tbf. I remember Okocha did it a lot too among other skills hr pulled off, like the outside leg step overs. A bit why he was not taken seriously in world football. Largely talented but little application, Okocha.

    Ronaldinho perfected the snake bite though and used it to devastating effect. The one against Milan’s Nesta stands out because he ended up scoring with it. Nesta for a few seconds looked like he had seen a ghost lol

  20. Michael24

    Re: Untold

    Dr Billy McGraw is a plank.

    Moaning is a part of life and, in particular, British culture.

    The thing is, moaning is a great release, especially when it is relevant.

    Those, like myself, who harp on about the visible deficiencies at AFC, do so out of necessity and the greater good of the club.

    I feel healthy because of it. In fact, I know I’d feel terrible if I was actually going to games, because that would eat away at my honourable conscience.

    As for the AST continually highlighting the negatives surrounding Wenger, a couple of things spring to mind.

    1. The AST are a totally ineffective body.
    2. Wenger never reads/cares about their input.

    There is a massive difference between moaning and highlighting the fucking obvious, so I’m therefore more than happy to continue with my regular communications.

  21. azed

    “Don’t know what to say, except those people don’t live on the same planet than us.”


    When Cesc was sold to Barca, Untold put out an article that said Wenger sold Cesc to bankrupt Barca and I swear I didn’t make it up.

  22. Michael24

    Sometimes you have to feel pity for those so called fans, who still attend games at the Emirates.

    Gluttons for punishment comes to mind.

    The expressions on their faces often beggars belief, ranging from-

    ” look at me, I’m still following the team” to the all too familiar-

    “what the fcuk.Why do I put myself through this”

    Silly silly people.

  23. Michael24

    Has anyone on here ever tried to communicate with the complaints department at Arsenal FC?

    Good fun isn’t it?!?


    Of course you do.

  24. Micheal

    Reading Untold and the comments reminded me of something but I could not figure it out for a while. Then it struck me.

    It was like listening to Rees-Mogg or Boris Johnson telling how wonderful everything will be as they lead the nation over the cliff edge singing Rule Britannia.

  25. PhD07

    Champagne CharlieMarch 29, 2018 14:41:47
    PhD I mean I’d love to see Tiger win, but that’s asking a lot even for him.
    Hmm..I wonder why Tiger is still playing?His best years are behind him -non?

    Still laughing..LOL




  26. Michael24

    @ Micheal

    Some get the two of us confused on here, mainly those who don’t pay attention to what others have written.

    Yeh, Untold is like the TWILIGHT ZONE.

    Sort of creepy to think that there are those people out there who think like this.

  27. Micheal

    @ Micheal

    “Some get the two of us confused on here, mainly those who don’t pay attention to what others have written.”

    Yes, sorry about that. I blame the parents ! Mine is pronounced Mee-hawl – the Irish for Michael.

    And of course there are some nameless sad characters on here who spend their waking moments tracking everything each individudal says in search of sementic arguments, pats on the back, needless apologies or a plea to have them binned by Pedro.

  28. Charlie Nick

    I find Untold to be like listening to the likes of blair, clegg and cable on Brexit. The organisation is corrupt, past its useful shelflife and run as a dictatorship but we cant fathom a future beyond it. You, the plebs/fans dont count a jot but can we please keep receiving your money.
    Thank you for your intetest in our affairs.