#WengerIn chalks a win – read where it’s come from

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via @t0wey (instagram)E

I’m FURIOUS this morning.

Why? Rapha Honigstein told the Totally Football Show Tuchel wouldn’t come to AFC because we’re not CL contenders AND he said he’d heard AFC are going to give Wenger his final year.

To be totally fair, that’s the only news I’ve ever been told. That it’ll take something quite bad for the manager to go. We’re pushing into middling ground for performance. Ifsemi-final semi final of a European competition, which is looking pretty nailed on, Wenger will be able to call the season a success.

For me, I don’t quite understand how Stan K can jive with another year out the Champions League. But I suppose that massive cash pile has to be used for something, and why not propping up your bro for another year of absolute pish?

@JcDaGunner sent me this link about Stan’s Rams.

I wondered why the American billionaire would want to stick with a shitty manager over here when his new setup in LA is earning so much great press for being progressive.

Then it clicked.


Out of sight, out of mind people.

I mean, maybe if he hands over the keys to his son, ol’ Josh will jump in and make some tough decisions. That’s the only hope.

BUT COME ON. Are the club really going to let Wenger see out his final year, knowing what happened the last time around?

Totally possible. Wenger is Teflon. He’s Trump. He’s a cat with 18 lives.


The absolute apathy I feel for the club at the moment is so disheartening. Knowing I’ll likely have to suffer it another year, well, that’s top of a roof kind of chatter.

A weak owner. An impotent board. The most patient CEO of all time. A group of players who can’t even muck in to go properly rubbish to push the manager out.

Still, at least the Rams turned it around pretty quickly after they binned off their average 70 year old manager.

Also, there’s only so long the old bugger can go on. Sorry, I didnt mean old. Arsene, no, I was just kidding! COME BACK!

I did read an NFL pundit say that Stan had to make moves on his Rams team because in LA, you can’t be boring and shite.

That’s where Stan K is winning with the Premier League. We could be in League One and we’d still have 50,000 people in the ground everyweek. The Brits are just too married to their football clubs. Tribalism is a bitch, you know, because you can’t ditch your tribe unless you want to get seriously ostracised by the group.

In GREAT news. We’ve signed up Mo Elneney. Wenger had this to say:

“He is a fantastic team player and he is a credit to your country if you are Egyptian. He is a fantastic boy, we love him here.

“It took him some time to adapt to the intensity of the games and I think he was not aggressive enough for the Premier League [initially].

“But now he has added that to his game. People forget that Elneny is 25 years old.”

A lot of fans grumbling about this, but I think he’s a perfectly acceptable squad player. I’d take him over Xhaka any day of the week. Is he a world beater? No. But he does a job.

I listened to Wenger talking to BEin, advising PSG to keep Emery.

‘Personally I believe Paris St Germain need to have stability and that Unai Emery has suddenly been ejected by the whole media. But that decision is not to be made by the media but by PSG.’

You gotta love Arsene, sticking up for one of his own. Those comments right there are why he won’t ever work for PSG. The media haven’t decided to remove Emery, PSG have. Take a read of Carlo’s book. The whole reason the Italian chose the project was because he wanted to be there for ten years. He had a few bad moments, and he was out the door.

That’s how big clubs work. They don’t need stability, the idea that a constant state of ‘ok’ is acceptable just doesn’t rub. You get two years. 1 year to let your ideas settle, the second to show progress. Arsene Wenger critiques the lack of stability in football, yet the most unstable clubs are out there winning the biggest trophies in world football. Look at Chelsea’s trophy cabinet every year. Look at what Manchester City are doing this year. Look at Barca and Madrid.

They are not building their clubs based on stability. They are building them based on the best ideas, and progress measured over two years, not 22.

Right, that’s it. Back to the drawing board. By that, I mean, back to the #WengerOut banner design drawing board. I’ll send you the link to my Shopify when they’re ready.

Have a good day! x


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  1. HighburyLegend

    “he said he’d heard AFC are going to give Wenger his final year.”

    So you’re furious, but not surprised lol

    (p.s. : the banners won’t save us, in fact nothing can save us anymore)
    (p.s. 2 : I can only imagine that all the akbs in the world are running out of champagne right now)

  2. Ishola70

    “If semi final of a European competition, which is looking pretty nailed on, Wenger will be able to call the season a success.”

    I don’t see how he can.

    Just getting to the semi-final of the second tier european competition.

    Thought it was bad enough when I read that getting through to the final but losing would be dressed up as success by Wenger but now this semi-final stuff very unfortunate lol

  3. OleGunner

    Flip Flop Pedro back at it again.
    I remember how last season and even this one Pedro was screaming into the void that Wenger was nailed on to leave lol. There has never been any evidence since 1996 that Wenger or the board are inclined to part ways.

    I’ve been saying it ever since end of last season, Wenger is NOT going anywhere and will get a contract extension next year until 2021. That’s the reality of our situation because Wenger can basically write his own contract extensions at a whim.

    I think every Arsenal fan needs to get over it and start accepting that.

  4. HighburyLegend

    I have accepted it @Ole, that’s why I almost totally stopped watching Arsenal playing since almost 2 years now.

    I’ll watch again with some passion when kim jong will be in his coffin.

  5. Emiratesstroller


    Frankly I would take any feedback on what is going on at Arsenal with a pinch of salt and that includes Wenger staying at the club beyond this season.

    First you suggested that Tuchel is a done deal and then within 48 hours you say that he is not coming and Wenger is staying.

    Arsenal are notorious for keeping decisions about personnel close to their chest until deals are finalised and completed.

    My guess is that nothing has been concluded and will not be so until Arsenal are out of the Europa Cup. This is Arsenal’s last potential route to Champions
    League next season.

    I believe still that Wenger will leave this summer, because it is blindingly obvious that failure to qualify for Champions League will impact on club’s revenues and also the current squad is simply not good enough to compete at the
    top level in EPL let alone in Europe.

    Frankly it is inconceivable that we are going to spend another £100-150 million
    in transfer market to be managed by Wenger and the existing coaching staff.

  6. OleGunner


    Yeah everyone has to deal with Wenger being here for the long term in their own way. I also just watch less games lately, not because I don’t care about Arsenal of course but because it all feels rather pointless long as he’s here.

    You make a sound argument, but nobody within the club has the stones to sack him even if he’s losing money while destroying Arsenals reputation.

    Win/lose/draw in the league or Europa; he stays.

  7. Guns of Hackney

    What on Earth makes anyone think Wenger will leave in 12 months?

    He is only four years away from equalling Ferguson’s 26 years at United. No way does this parasite walk away when he is so close to the only record he’ll ever beat from Alex…stay another 5 years and he’ll have the “record”.

    We all know what’s going to happen.

    As for Elneny. Cunt. Useless, cunt.

  8. OleGunner

    Good call Guns,

    He’s pretty close to Fergusons longevity record which no doubt he is desperate to at least equal. It’s all he has left to go for really.

  9. Guns of Hackney


    I’ve been saying it for the last three years I think. Wenger will 100% want to get this ‘record’.

    He is as pathetic as he is demented.

    The Elneny signing is another fuck you to arsenal fans. He signs another joker up on a long term deal knowing that said player is SO happy just to be here, Elneny becomes another sycophant suckling at Wenger’s teat.


    All little good boys made rich by Wenger. Just happy to be there taking the money and paying lip service to the boss.


  10. OleGunner

    Yeah the Elneny extension is pretty meh too.
    Incredibly average player, but I guess it makes sense he plays for a team like us.

    We are an outside top 4 outfit so I can’t hate because we are at his level to be honest.

  11. Leftsidesanch

    All over the shop here Pedro. I’m not sure how Honigstein is privy to this information so I would approach it with caution. The same way I’d approach the rumours the other way with caution.

    If Wenger isn’t removed this summer in my view you can bet that he will get an extension. They had the chance to part ways amicably and naturally last year but chose to reward him with a new deal so I struggle to see how they get rid of him a year into that said deal.

  12. Pierre

    Maybe people will finally realise that it’s not the supposedly ” spineless and gutless” fans that are to blame for the clubs failure to change manager.

    The fact that we have had poor performances on the pitch leading to negativity and apathy from fans and empty seats plus poor contract negotiations amongst other things and it hasn’t made no difference whatsoever to the managerial position, shows that the power lies with one person and one person alone… Kroenke.

  13. Guns of Hackney


    Monday. Tuchel.
    Tuesday. Wenger stays.

    The only person who knows, is Wenger himself. He is the one who will decide whether he stays or if he errr…stays with another cheeky little pay rise. He has said it himself, many, many times “I decide when to leave, no one else”.

    Wenger IS the club.

    The Emirates will be his mausoleum. Cretin.

  14. Leftsidesanch

    As much as i’d like otherwise, in late March your not going to get a definitive answer on Wenger’s future. Our fixture last, bar United away is all set up for Arsene to have another ‘glorious failure’ run which still won’t get us within touching distance of his coveted 4th slot.

    I can’t see us winning the Europa league too. If he’s allowed to continue next season I’d advise to just not bother watching. It’s progressively getting worse but that shameless charlatan will have you believe its purely down to age that people want him out.

  15. Bamford10

    I’m not going to worry too much about these reports. We’re in sixth place, the stadium is half empty and there is little chance we will be in the CL next season. The only person who doesn’t see that Wenger needs to go is Wenger himself.

    I guess there is some chance that they let will him finish out his contract, but that would mean finishing outside of the top four again and losing out on another £40 million because of no CL football the following season. Three seasons in a row of no CL football would represent an opportunity cost to the club of £120 million. I don’t see how businessmen can overlook this.

    One thing is for sure, though: fans must continue to stay away from the stadium. There must be no ambiguity about how supporters feel about the matter.

  16. NT

    Pedro, you have been missing in action for a while now, so I stopped respnding to posts also for a while. But thanks for hitting the nail on the head. ‘That’s how big clubs work. They don’t need stability, the idea that a constant state of ‘ok’ is acceptable just doesn’t rub.’ I find it sickening and pathetic on the part of the board and Arsenal fans in England, who continnue to attend Arsenal EPL games, thereby continuing to pay Wenger handsomely for failures. But then again you rightly put it: ‘The Brits are just too married to their football clubs.’ Anyone who thinks Arsene can walk away from getting £10 million per year for free is out of their mind. In modern football, Wenger can never manage Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona or PSG.

  17. NT

    The think of age is a clever ploy! We have been asking for results for 14 years and we are nowhere near winning the EPL soon, let alone UCL. Wenger has disgraced Arsenal and made the club a laughing stock of Europe! We are not among the elite clubs of Europe, the league table tells you that.

  18. HighburyLegend

    “The Emirates will be his mausoleum.”

    In this case, we’re going to need an exorcist to bless the stadium once he’ll passed away.
    (although I have doubt that it might already being cursed)

  19. Bamford10

    Lacazette is back in training. Wenger had previously stated that he could be available for Stoke and it looks like he’ll definitely be available for Thursday night. I had relatively high hopes for him when he arrived, but I have been a bit disappointed with his game. As a number of people here believe in him, it will be interesting to see what he gives us going forward.

  20. mysticleaves

    Ibwould be very surprised if Wenger isn’t pushed out this season either directly or indirectly.

    In other news, I can’t believe Lautaro Martinez will (most likely) go to Inter Milan for €22m and we did not go in for him…

    Our scouting network is so one sided.

  21. loyika

    @ Bam

    I like how you use the word “they” as if there is an actual BoD at Arsenal.

    The Arsenal BoD is made up of only 2 people, Stan and Arsene. Whatever they decide is law.

    We like to paint things as if Ivan and others get their way…the reality is that they can only get their way when Stan K approves which renders Arsene’s objections null and void.

    Arsene like a good politician knows how to play the game and buys his time in terms of “pushing” or holding his cards close to his chest.

    The sooner everyone gets it that only Stan (and slightly) Arsene will decide when this ends the better.

    I doubt Stan K really gives much thoughts to fans. He might get feed back from Josh and Ivan, but my opinion is as long as Arsene assures him he is willing to take the heat/hit and Arsenal don’t fall like say Everton have this season, all will be “Peaches and Cream.”

    Eitherways, 2 months to go before we know whats up.

  22. Marko

    AND he said he’d heard AFC are going to give Wenger his final year.

    What’s one more wasted season I suppose. Well if this news is true then honestly the quicker we don’t win the Europa League the better. Such a shame I’ve a feeling that we were an embarrassing defeat to Milan away from finally being rid of the fucker

  23. Marko

    I’ve a feeling though all this is hysteria about Tuchel to be honest. I’d take him but he’s not the only option and if he goes to PSG then we’ve got to stick with Arsene. Enrique, Ancellotti are still out of work. Absolutely Jardim and Marcelino and the Leipzig and Hoffenheim managers are attainable.

  24. mysticleaves

    It’s quite amazing that in the last 3 world cups, Germany has knocked out Argentina. And Messi has not scored in the knock out stages since he debuted in 2006.

    It will all change this year I suspect. If Argentina and Germany ever meet, Argentina will win and Messi with score.

  25. Bamford10


    Yes, in the end it is Stan’s decision to make. However, with Josh in London, I think there is good reason to believe Josh will be providing input on the question. Also, given that Gazidis was allowed to hire a DOF despite Wenger saying he had no idea what a DOF is supposed to do, I think it’s clear that Gazidis now has more influence than he previously did.

    None of which is to say it is not completely in Stan’s hands or that Stan won’t allow Wenger to serve out his contract, but I think things are different now from what they were twelve months ago.

  26. Bamford10


    Yeah, I disagree with that take. Germany simply have too much all-around quality. Argentina have good pieces here and there — and Messi obviously — but they don’t have the same quality throughout the XI. I don’t see anyone other than Spain really challenging Germany.

  27. Kay

    Article that sums up our dire state. Looking at the below excerpts, the way we are portrayed, its very sad.

    “the claim that Tuchel would prefer the job of managing the highly-functioning Bayern Munich over the hilariously dysfunctional Arsenal certainly has a ring of truth to it.”

    “Thanks to Wenger’s zombie reign, Arsenal lack the mobility or flexibility to pull off a managerial coup of this kind, and Tuchel is just the latest example.”

    “Wenger’s desperation to cling to power isn’t just holding Arsenal back now, it’s making the whole process of replacing him that much trickier too. In the absence of any decisive leadership from above, it’s not a problem that is going to go away any time soon.”

  28. Champagne Charlie

    I like Tuchel, just not convinced he has the presence to take on the job after Wenger.

    After such a long tenure I genuinely think there needs to be an interim type appointment whilst a full scale redesign goes on behind the scenes.

    I’d love a Jardim, but I do wonder whether his managerial output is predicated on the fact behind the scenes everyone (in the main) has a strong forward-thinking football philosophy.

    Get the impression in Sven and Raul we’ve only just recruited a couple of guys that have a modern approach. I think a figure head that can drip feed that way of thinking would be better served than a young dynamo. Hence my preference in Allegri/Ancellotti, men of stature, presence, authority.

  29. Bamford10


    No chance. See Wenger’s remarks on the “DoF” role. No chance he supported such a move. He was clearly forced to accept it.

  30. mysticleaves

    Yea, Bamford. There was no rationale for going with Argentina to win Germany, just law of averages. I think this world cup will be an interesting one. I am rooting for Argentina though. Call it the Messi effect

  31. mysticleaves

    Redtruth is a closet AKB so would want to cling to any hopes that Wenger is still in charge. Clearly he’s no longer fully in charge and his power will further reduce if he stays on next year

  32. HighburyLegend

    “Success is not about age,it’about action.”

    Dixit the old man who didn’t had an erection since 10 years at least…
    (although some rumors says that he has one from time to time, mostly when he take a look at his salary slip)

  33. Micheal

    The power at Arsenal rests solely in the hands of one man – the secretive, silent Kroenke. If Wenger is a bad manager well past his sell-by date it is because Sleazy Stan allows him to be a bad manager and to stay well past his sell-by date.

    If Wenger stays another year it will be because Kroenke wants him to stay.

    The depth of the crisis at Arsenal and the abject ownership is so bad that apparently our flimsy hopes for salvation rest on the slim shoulders of Josh. From the cosy vantage point of the directors’s box and lubricated by a fine claret with his roast beef lunch, Josh will be able to provide all the answers to the deep-seated problems facing OUR football club. A man with no knowledge, understanding or interest in OUR club who takes orders from his absentee father is perfectly placed to solve all our problems. Wonderful.

    It shows how far we have fallen that Josh is regarded as our best hope.

  34. HighburyLegend

    “If Wenger stays another year it will be because Kroenke wants him to stay.”

    It will be because Silent Stan don’t give a single shit about our club – we are just another entertaining way to make money for him.
    (yep, a strange way for being entertained…)

  35. Carts

    ““But now he has added that to his game. People forget that Elneny is 25 years old.””

    LOL. I remember when Wenger used to eulogise about the fact that our average age was so low, back in the day. No one gave a fuck back then cos it was the go-to soundbite when ever we were comfortably beaten.

    Now he wants to remind us Elneny is 25. Again, who the fuck cares; and who forgot?

  36. Carts

    I think it boils down to the following:

    * Wenger keeps his job, and possibly a new deal if he wins the Europa League and/or makes top 4

    *Wenger clings to his job if he doesn’t win the Europa League and finishes outside the top 4

    I just don’t see how anyone but Stan will be able to get Wenger to vacate, especially with that last year on his deal. We fucked up by giving him a 2 year deal.

  37. Micheal

    “I just don’t see how anyone but Stan will be able to get Wenger to vacate, especially with that last year on his deal. We fucked up by giving him a 2 year deal.”

    True. But who gave him another two years – Kroenke, the invisible man who is never around to answer questions or be held accountable.

  38. useroz

    “The most patient CEO of all time.”

    Well, any of us will have all the patience in the universe when paid c. 2.5m pa….

    If the old fool ain’t going to walk, he is begging to be hounded out in disgrace… eventually

  39. Leftsidesanch

    Kroenke made a short-sighted, emotional decision to hand over a new two year deal but here’s hoping that Jr’s trip to the capital and being in his ear will see him cut this deal short. At this point, all we have is hope.

    If we keep appeasing this old man, he will sink this club.

  40. Carts


    There’s no debate who’s responsible for his contract, But maybe Stan was lulled into giving him the 2 year based on the fact that Wenger played it off as a blip, and that things will better in season 17/18

  41. Micheal

    “There’s no debate who’s responsible for his contract, But maybe Stan was lulled into giving him the 2 year based on the fact that Wenger played it off as a blip, and that things will better in season 17/18”

    I totally agree with anaylsis. My point is that Stan K is answerable to no one. He takes decisions which have far-reaching consequences for this club and is never held to account. Placing our faith in his son to rescue us from the swamp Stan created demonstrates how far this club has fallen.

    I want Wenger out. But also want Stan to fuck off back to Trumpland.

  42. Samesong

    I think we will see a new improved Lacazette I for one should not have hounded him so much, surely hes been playing in the red zone.

  43. Bamford10


    If Lacazette was playing with an injury in the first half of the season, that might explain why he didn’t look as quick or mobile some of us were expecting him to be. But I don’t know if this is what the club is saying about his injury.

    I guess we’ll see. I’d be psyched to see a quicker, more effective Lacazette.

  44. Micheal

    I have always felt that we have not got the best out of Laca. Our slow build-up, tippy-tappy crossfield passing does not play to his strength of finding space in the box.
    His scoring record is too good to be dismissed as one-off. He deserves a fair crack ofhte whip.

  45. HighburyLegend

    “if Lacazette was playing with an injury in the first half of the season”

    Only at Arsènal FC.

  46. Danny

    As for Elneny. Cunt. Useless, cunt.
    Yup, gotta agree with this.
    Even Denilson and Song were better than him and they were shit.

  47. Danny

    We could be in League One and we’d still have 50,000 people in the ground everyweek.
    Sorry Pedro but no on this one.

  48. WengerEagle


    You don’t see Brazil or France giving Germany some trouble?

    Brazil are my tournament favourites provided that they have a healthy Neymar back by then.

    They waltzed through the toughest World Cup qualification region on the planet beating Argentina, Uruguay away (first team in nearly a decade to achieve this, smashed them 4-1), Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and finished 10 points ahead of 2nd placed Uruguay with a GD of +30 compared to +12 for Uruguay, +3 for Argentina and +2 for Colombia.

    Neymar has vastly improved since the last World Cup, then you have the emergence of players such as Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, Casemiro, Firmino, Douglas Costa and Allison.

    Germany are always a side brimming with quality but only Sane has emerged since their 2014 winning side really along with Werner who’s still relatively untested at the highest level, Schurrle and Gotze have both drastically declined, both crucial to the last winning side coming off the bench. Ozil for me was a better player in 2014 too.

    France have the quality and players to win it, I’d question their mental fortitude however with their choke job in Euro 2016 still fresh in my mind. Tonnes of quality but a very young side lacking in characters and leaders, which Brazil have in spades in Neymar, Dani Alves, Marcelo, Casemiro.

    Spain are an interesting one, could cause teams problems but I just don’t see them having the firepower to advance all the way through to the end. Costa’s a brilliant player but he struggles to adapt to their style of play and if you’re relying on Morata or Aspas/Rodrigo to score you crucial goals then you’re in big trouble.

  49. David Smith

    If wenger were to be given next season, why wouldnt they just announce it?
    Lots of conflicting reports and rumours. It was recently reported via a leak i believe that wenger told players and staff they were playing for their future and that there would be big changes this summer if they didnt qualify for the champions league.
    Agree with ES, just cannot see him staying but guess it would be wise not to underestimate Stans stupidity when it comes to wenger.
    If wenger stays or even worse , gets a new deal , then it is surely time to say goodbye to this club, no point investing anything in a club run by one man purely for a failing manager should that come to pass

  50. HighburyLegend

    “If wenger were to be given next season, why wouldnt they just announce it?”

    Because they always judge him in may ??
    Because they are praying for Europa League glory ??

    Both ??

  51. Samesong

    Spain are an interesting one, could cause teams problems

    I hope Asensio has a good world cup rate him highly

  52. loyika

    @ David!?

    Why would the club make any announcement on whether Arsene would be seeing out his last season or not? You really feel Arsenal FC regards us supporters that much to carry us along in things?
    Regardless of where we are, lets not forget the way our club operates (and have always done).

    We have always been a club that deals in “Smokes and mirrors” Its been that way for yonks and i doubt things have changed or will change that much.

    More recently Technology and Social Media has helped in us getting the gist of things that might happen, but usually Arsenal have always been a tight ship where nothing gets leaked.

    Secondly, I don’t think Arsenal generally do “We are standing by the Manager” press thingys on the regular.

    Arsene has already said “they” (more like he and Stan K) would have a review of the season (and his position) regardless of results, so don’t hold your breathe in expecting the club to make any announcements on someone that has one more year left on his contract.

    Prepare for the outcome that he stays for one more season (as he generally sees out his contracts), or the worst that he is given a contract extension (Heaven forbid). Or just be hopefully he decides to call it a day season’s end.

    But if you are tearing out your hair on the club making a statement when that has never been the club’s de-facto way of doing things, i think you should chill Bro.

    Life is too short than to get worked up over a club that frankly does what it wants regardless and don’t care about the supporters.

  53. Pierre

    “. The only person who doesn’t see that Wenger needs to go is Wenger himself.”

    So are you saying that Kroenke does see that Wenger needs to go..

  54. Emiratesstroller

    As I wrote previously nothing will be said or done so long as Arsenal are still in
    Europa Cup, but that does not mean that the Board and Senior Management are
    not planning for life after Wenger.

    I still think that Wenger will leave this summer.

  55. Michael24

    Actually the most amazing thing at AFC is not the fact that we have a “secretive silent and sleazy” owner, it is the fact that we have a manager who has limited self awareness and absolutely no shame.

    Intelligence comes in many forms. The Australian cricket team thought they were clever, but got found out. Hence they were made to look stupid. They cheated. In a way, the same can be said of Wenger.

    Wenger thinks he can do no wrong and is untouchable. He genuinely believes he is respected and admired and that he is above the law(just like the Australian cricketer’s). He, in his own way, has cheated us all.

    He ignores criticism, patronises those who question him and is blind to his many flaws. We have, have we not, all met people like this in our working/personal environments. Totally devoid of reality, consumed by their own self importance,with zero self awareness.

    Any NORMAL human being would feel responsible for his mistakes and make the correct decision to rectify matters. Walking away though is not an option as far as Wenger is concerned.

    Power,as we all know, corrupts, but when we, the fans, sit back and accept things as they are and become slightly blasé about the whole thing, then it doesn’t take an Einstein to work out the consequences.

    Everything at Arsenal is staged managed with military precision. The AGM’s, the Media, the Press conferences etc,all for Wenger’s benefit. Kroenke is not the initiator of these things. This is all down to Wenger.

    You can blame Kroenke for our predicaments if you want, but I think the vast majority of supporters realise the real problems stem from Wenger. Those that still find joy in following the team under Wenger are only kidding themselves.

    It is also somewhat hypocritical to support and cheer for the team when it’s so called leader continues to fcuk it up for us all.

    This is not being a “Wenger obsessive”, this is being realistic.

  56. mysticleaves

    France could exit the world cup in the group stages. I dont see Spain doing much either, SF at best. They don’t have the strike force and their middle and defence have peaked and are going down.

    Germany, Argentina, Brazil and a dark horse…

  57. alexanderhenry


    Interesting point on Kroenke caring or not. He must have put a bit of extra effort into the rams when they moved.
    If you look at their record, he certainly didn’t before that. I think they’d broken a club record for consecutive seasons of not qualifying for the play offs.

    He obviously understands that level of failure won’t go down at all well in LA. No one would turn up.

    With Arsenal, if the stadium is sold out every week Stan is happy. I’m not even sure if being out of the CL is such a big issue for him. At the moment and I’m terms of kroenke’s philosophy, there is no crisis at arsenal.

  58. WengerEagle

    Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France.

    Don’t see a winner outside of those 4 teams and even at that, I’d be very surprised if Brazil did not win it with a fit Neymar.

  59. alexanderhenry


    …also, are you really surprised a top coach would want to work at arsenal? I’m not.

    It’s a little naive to think arsenal will just snap up the next best coach that comes along, and with some new tactics, extra training for xhaka and Bellerin plus a couple of signings, arsenal will be genuine PL and/or CL contenders.

  60. TR7

    Spain and Germany the favorites for me.

    Brazil and France are overhyped, don’t see either of them winning it.

    Argentina? Their fate overly dependent on Messi’s form.

  61. WengerEagle

    Don’t see Argentina beating Brazil or Germany if I’m honest.

    Their 2014 team was as good as it was getting, Messi was in his physical prime and they had a peak Mashcerano/Zabaleta from a defensive standpoint.

    Don’t see how they are any better now than they were 4 years ago.

    Dybala is the only real addition and he plays in Messi’s position so he will likely be on the bench.

    No matter how many world class attackers they have they alwas end up looking disjointed and top heavy too, with Messi forced to play deep near his own half far too often.

  62. TR7


    If you run through their results including friendlies they drew against Columbia and England, were defeated by Argentina and had to share the spoils against Bolivia. They haven’t been too impressive against good teams. Besides I don’t think we should read too much in to their WCQ run.Let’s face it -the heavyweights of football are Germany, Spain, France and other European teams. In South America, Uruguay and Paraguay are on a decline, becomes all the easier to go on a unbeaten run like they have. They will flatter to deceive in the World Cup I reckon.

  63. TR7

    Diego Costa will play as a striker for Spain, with him in their side they are a firm favorites for me along with Germany. France midfield too one paced and uncreative to win the WC.

  64. WengerEagle


    Even given his struggles in their system?

    Costa’s great but he’s not a natural footballer in that he doesn’t thrive in the 1-2, passing combination football that Villa did. Height definitely comes into it, he’s a unit of a man whereas Villa was 5 foot 9.

  65. TR7

    De Gea, Carvajal, Piqué, Ramos, Alba, Thiago, Koke, Iniesta, Isco, Asensio, Diego Costa.

    WE you reckon this team doesn’t have a chance?

  66. WengerEagle


    They smashed Argentina 3-0 in WCQ, also beat Uruguay 4-1 in Montevideo, beat Colombia, beat Chile, Peru.

    Not sure how you can say that isn’t impressive, let’s not forget that Argentina needed to get bailed out by a Messi hat-rick to even qualify for the World Cup.

    South America has by far the most difficult set of teams given the altitudes and difficulty of playing away from home.

    Friendlies mean nothing, I wouldn’t bother read into those.

    You say Uruguay are on the decline, I would disagree their best three players are in their prime in Suarez, Cavani and Godin.

    Peru, Ecuador are no mugs, we’ve seen how good Chile are last few years and Colombia too.

  67. WengerEagle


    It’s a quality side but doesn’t hold a candle to prime Xavi and Iniesta sides spearheaded by Villa.

    Iniesta is way past his prime, Costa is a square peg in a round hole, rest of the midfield are talented but have ultimately achieved little as of yet internationally.

    Goals will be a problem.

  68. WengerEagle

    Balance also an issue for me.

    Spain’s 2010 winning side worked great as everyone has clearly defined roles, Alonso being the anchor, Xavi being the brain, Iniesta the spark of inspiration/ingenuity, Pedro the outlet, Villa the spearhead anf goal-getter.

  69. mysticleaves

    De Gea, Carvajal, Piqué, Ramos, Alba, Thiago, Koke, Iniesta, Isco, Asensio, Diego Costa.

    This team will be easy to defend against. No outlet whatsoever. All the midfielders want to play in the central areas. And Costa is not just a threat in the Spanish set up

  70. mysticleaves

    For Argentina, the hopes I have for them is totally reliant on Messi sparkling and Aguero/Icardi finally coming good in NT colors. They have a decent midfield controller largely by Banega and also have some young guns coming through all over. I have no idea who is in their defence though

  71. TR7

    Not sure Suarez is still in his prime WE. Godin has always been a monster of a player, so nothing new there. Uruguay have had a mixed run in last 12 months.

    As for your point regarding altitude, I would say Bolivia away poses a real challenge, other teams not that much.

    I completely forgot David Silva in that Spanish starting line up. Will probably start ahead of Asensio. I will take their midfield over Caseimero, Paulinho and Renato midfield all day long 🙂

  72. Michael24

    If the WC goes ahead, I would have to put my money on either Brazil or the Germans. I also have a sneaking suspicion that Belgium may get it right this time.

  73. TR7

    ‘This team will be easy to defend against. No outlet whatsoever. All the midfielders want to play in the central areas. And Costa is not just a threat in the Spanish set up’

    Mystic it’s all subjective really and you could well be right but Spain thrashed Italy 4-0 playing with 6 midfielders in Euro 2012. Granted that team was something else but I remember many people were apprehensive about their goal scoring capacity even then.

  74. WengerEagle


    Brazil have the best dribbler/creative force on the planet in Neymar, Spain can’t even come close to matching such a player. And their front options are scary, far exceed Spain’s.

    Jesus, Neymar, Coutinho, Willian, Douglas Costa, Firmino.

    Peru away is certainly no walk in the park, Uruguay were unbeaten at home for nearly 10 years, Bolivia, Ecuador. Chile all tough.

  75. WengerEagle

    Think 2012 Spain were the exception, you’re talking about a side with the 2 greatest midfielders of their generation at the peak of their powers.

    Huge difference to one with Koke, Thiago and Isco as much as I like them.

  76. David Smith

    Ishola, I didn’t make myself clear, was implying that if someone like honigstein is getting such sensitive club info, and he is not exactly Ornstein or Wilson in terms of being close to the club, then they may as well announce it to all and sundry. And be done with it.
    While not underestimating what has so far been for us and his other clubs, a pretty shit owner , just not convinced Honigstein knows anything.
    I still think he is off, he is failing on any metric, including, now finances, I cannot think of any good reason for him to stay, except a shit owner

  77. WengerEagle

    Casemiro is a top player, arguably the best CDM in Europe.

    Fernandinho and Paulinho aren’t exactly bad either, one starts for a Pep side and the other a Barcelona side that are walking to the title.

    Not the best midfield by any stetch, but that’s just not how Brazil do it. Their 2002 WC midfield was shite.

  78. mysticleaves

    Jesus, Neymar, Coutinho, Willian, Douglas Costa, Firmino.

    Just wow. Different devastating combinations there.

    TR7 yea, even with the deeming lack of width Spain could still pass teams off the park and score.

    WE, I think Higuain is downhill now. I actually meant Icardi. He has got a few NT appearances without offering much at all. But he’s been hot for the past 2 seasons now so this could be his tourney.

    I also think Asensio is overrated.

  79. TR7

    Fernandinho doesn’t get in to their starting 11 if Caseimero starts, does he unless Brazil play with 2 CDMs. Besides, none of those 3 is a creative player. And then you have Coutinho and Neymar – both like to play left wing, I guess Coutinho will have to play through middle which means poor angle for those free kicks that he often scores.

  80. UTarse

    And the most docile fans in football will still do fuckall if the fraud stays on….. too busy calling each other cunts and claiming they hold the higher ground rather than uniting as Arsenal fans and trying to hound THE cunt out of our club, and no, that’s not Stan, it’s Wenger.

  81. WengerEagle

    Neymar is a hugely creative player, when you have a player of that quality it throws the neccessity for a naturally balanced side out the window. Also Coutinho, who i expect to play at the head of midfield anyways.

    Brazil 2002 solely lacked creativity outside the front 3, they didn’t need any past that.

    Brazil scored 41 goals in 18 matches in WCQ, 9 more than Uruguay and 22 more than Argentina.

    I don’t think scoring goals will be their issue.

  82. Marko

    “You don’t see Brazil or France giving Germany some trouble?”lol to France.

    Are you for real? The talent pool in France at the moment is outstanding. Fekir, Mbappe, Pogba, Dembele, Varane, Lemar, Griezmann? This generation reminds me very much of the German one of the last few years and the Spanish one not too long ago as in very much capable of winning world cups and European championships. One of them Germany and Brazil are on course for next summer and then again for the one in another 4 years time.

  83. Marko

    If you mean Asensio is overhyped because of the limited play time he gets then okay I might agree with that but otherwise if you have ever seen him play you’d see this kid is the real deal. He’s top class. He’s the reason why Bale will likely be finally fucked off this summer. He’s the reason why they don’t need to sign Hazard. He needs to play way more.

  84. Bamford10

    It’s not about talent. It’s about how well-organized, cohesive and balanced the team is. The Brazil team Germany dismantled 6-0 was “talented”. That was irrelevant. As for Neymar, remind me what he did for PSG against Madrid in the CL? Nothing. Zilch. And he was criticized for immaturity and for not showing up in a big game afterward. Neymar has yet to show that he can be the best player on the field in the biggest games against the best players. Great talent, but he won’t be a decisive player in the WC, IMO. He’ll generate a lot of talk, undoubtedly, but in the end he’ll come up short in the bigger games.

    Germany and Spain, for me.

    Unless Brazil find a cohesiveness we haven’t seen from them in some time, as they do have a lot of talent.

  85. Bamford10

    Just got home to see that Brazil have beaten Germany 1-0 and Loew says Brazil have “reinvented” themselves. I may have to revise my view. Maybe Brazil are a favorite. 😉

  86. Bamford10

    Potential Brazil XI—

    Dani Alves
    Renato Augusto
    Gabriel Jesus

  87. Bamford10

    Potential German XI—

    Ter Stegen

  88. Bamford10

    As talented and athletic as that Brazil side are going to be, I think I might still give the advantage to Germany on account of their organization and tactical intelligence.

  89. Marko

    As for Neymar, remind me what he did for PSG against Madrid in the CL?

    He missed the second leg at home unfortunately. Also he has actually showed up in big games for Barca besides he’s a difference maker for Brazil in that he actually gets the thumb out for his home country. Surprised by your assessment of him considering he’s the major reason for PSG playing “prettier” football this season

  90. Marko

    Just got home to see that Brazil have beaten Germany 1-0 and Loew says Brazil have “reinvented” themselves. I may have to revise my view. Maybe Brazil are a favorite.

    Why should someone else’s opinion on Brazil change yours? You’ve only to see them for yourself to come up with your own opinion

  91. WengerEagle

    ‘As for Neymar, remind me what he did for PSG against Madrid in the CL? Nothing. Zilch. And he was criticized for immaturity and for not showing up in a big game afterward. Neymar has yet to show that he can be the best player on the field in the biggest games against the best players. Great talent, but he won’t be a decisive player in the WC, IMO. He’ll generate a lot of talk, undoubtedly, but in the end he’ll come up short in the bigger games.’


    Where to even start with this.

  92. WengerEagle

    ‘Just got home to see that Brazil have beaten Germany 1-0 and Loew says Brazil have “reinvented” themselves. I may have to revise my view. Maybe Brazil are a favorite.’


  93. Bamford10


    Yeah, he’s Joachim Loew. Why should I care what he thinks? Having watched a bit of the match, I think he has being partly truthful and partly generous. In the end, I think Germany’s intelligence and organization will be too much for Brazil.

    As for Neymar, no, he is not the reason PSG play pretty football; they’ve been doing that for several years now. Let’s talk again about Neymar when he shows up in a big game against the best players. I have yet to see that.

  94. Bamford10


    I’ll add you to the list of people to talk to about Neymar. Hasn’t proven himself in the big games. Sorry.

  95. Bamford10

    And by the way, I didn’t say “the favorite,” I said “a favorite”.

    However, I’ve already rescinded that and have returned to my original view: Germany and Spain are the two favorites, for me, with Brazil a very talented third.

    Just my opinion, though.

  96. Bamford10


    “Where are Spain’s goals going to come from?”

    Is there some rule against midfielders scoring goals?

    No one told Isco about this rule tonight, apparently.

  97. Bamford10

    “We sit down at the end of every season & see where we go from there. I have a 2-year contract & will always try to (reach) the end of it. But I always have the honesty to sit down with BoD & to see where we go from there. If I see no progress, we can terminate it.” – Arsene Wenger

    Just saw this on Twitter. That sounds a little more promising.

  98. Marko

    I have yet to see that.

    Yeah we’re aware of that. I’d wager a guess you haven’t seen him play for Barcelona.

  99. Marko

    Just my opinion, though.

    You’re likely to revise it though so let’s wait until just before the world cup before we start with the guesses

  100. englandsbest

    Last week up in the clouds, today down in the depths. Still a season ticket holder? Nobody to blame but yourself then. Stay away if you want REAL change at the club.

  101. Bamford10

    Southgate seems to be selecting Lingard over Alli. And Lingard continues to play well. Smart play from him tonight in that quick re-start pass to Vardy.

  102. Bamford10


    I never saw Neymar play for Barcelona? What a silly remark. Remind me of when he was the decisive player in an El Clasico. Maybe he was, and maybe I missed that El Clasico, but I definitely don’t remember that occurring.

    As I say, I have yet to see Neymar show up in the biggest games against the best competition. Maybe he’ll do that this summer. We will see.

    But he was poor against Madrid in the CL. About that there is little dispute.

  103. Bamford10


    Except where Wenger is being defensive, arrogant or vain. When he speaks in these veins, you can trust the he is being honest. When he was asked about the appointment of a DOF, he responded defensively, because he rightly regarded such an appointment as both a criticism of him and as a threat to his absolute power at the club. Therefore his remarks on the role of a DOF were his honest opinion.

  104. Marko

    But he was poor against Madrid in the CL. About that there is little dispute.

    In that one leg sure. I’m guessing that because that’s the second time you referenced it that your basing your opinion that he doesn’t show up in big games on that. It’s funny I don’t even like the player and I think he’s probably a little prick but I know enough about the lad that he’s one of those types of big players who has shown up in big games. He’s definitely showed up in more than a couple el classicos