#WengerIn chalks a win – read where it’s come from

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via @t0wey (instagram)E

I’m FURIOUS this morning.

Why? Rapha Honigstein told the Totally Football Show Tuchel wouldn’t come to AFC because we’re not CL contenders AND he said he’d heard AFC are going to give Wenger his final year.

To be totally fair, that’s the only news I’ve ever been told. That it’ll take something quite bad for the manager to go. We’re pushing into middling ground for performance. Ifsemi-final semi final of a European competition, which is looking pretty nailed on, Wenger will be able to call the season a success.

For me, I don’t quite understand how Stan K can jive with another year out the Champions League. But I suppose that massive cash pile has to be used for something, and why not propping up your bro for another year of absolute pish?

@JcDaGunner sent me this link about Stan’s Rams.

I wondered why the American billionaire would want to stick with a shitty manager over here when his new setup in LA is earning so much great press for being progressive.

Then it clicked.


Out of sight, out of mind people.

I mean, maybe if he hands over the keys to his son, ol’ Josh will jump in and make some tough decisions. That’s the only hope.

BUT COME ON. Are the club really going to let Wenger see out his final year, knowing what happened the last time around?

Totally possible. Wenger is Teflon. He’s Trump. He’s a cat with 18 lives.


The absolute apathy I feel for the club at the moment is so disheartening. Knowing I’ll likely have to suffer it another year, well, that’s top of a roof kind of chatter.

A weak owner. An impotent board. The most patient CEO of all time. A group of players who can’t even muck in to go properly rubbish to push the manager out.

Still, at least the Rams turned it around pretty quickly after they binned off their average 70 year old manager.

Also, there’s only so long the old bugger can go on. Sorry, I didnt mean old. Arsene, no, I was just kidding! COME BACK!

I did read an NFL pundit say that Stan had to make moves on his Rams team because in LA, you can’t be boring and shite.

That’s where Stan K is winning with the Premier League. We could be in League One and we’d still have 50,000 people in the ground everyweek. The Brits are just too married to their football clubs. Tribalism is a bitch, you know, because you can’t ditch your tribe unless you want to get seriously ostracised by the group.

In GREAT news. We’ve signed up Mo Elneney. Wenger had this to say:

“He is a fantastic team player and he is a credit to your country if you are Egyptian. He is a fantastic boy, we love him here.

“It took him some time to adapt to the intensity of the games and I think he was not aggressive enough for the Premier League [initially].

“But now he has added that to his game. People forget that Elneny is 25 years old.”

A lot of fans grumbling about this, but I think he’s a perfectly acceptable squad player. I’d take him over Xhaka any day of the week. Is he a world beater? No. But he does a job.

I listened to Wenger talking to BEin, advising PSG to keep Emery.

‘Personally I believe Paris St Germain need to have stability and that Unai Emery has suddenly been ejected by the whole media. But that decision is not to be made by the media but by PSG.’

You gotta love Arsene, sticking up for one of his own. Those comments right there are why he won’t ever work for PSG. The media haven’t decided to remove Emery, PSG have. Take a read of Carlo’s book. The whole reason the Italian chose the project was because he wanted to be there for ten years. He had a few bad moments, and he was out the door.

That’s how big clubs work. They don’t need stability, the idea that a constant state of ‘ok’ is acceptable just doesn’t rub. You get two years. 1 year to let your ideas settle, the second to show progress. Arsene Wenger critiques the lack of stability in football, yet the most unstable clubs are out there winning the biggest trophies in world football. Look at Chelsea’s trophy cabinet every year. Look at what Manchester City are doing this year. Look at Barca and Madrid.

They are not building their clubs based on stability. They are building them based on the best ideas, and progress measured over two years, not 22.

Right, that’s it. Back to the drawing board. By that, I mean, back to the #WengerOut banner design drawing board. I’ll send you the link to my Shopify when they’re ready.

Have a good day! x


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  1. Paulinho

    Maradona was more of an Iniesta,. Deeper line breaker.

    Think he actually makes the team play better through the lines than Messi, which brings a whole host of benefits not always immediately obvious.

  2. mysticleaves

    Basically admitting that Maradona has had the greater influence on success on the team, thus the better player.

    No, am saying that any success any era of the teams had would have been because of one man’s awesomeness. Not as a result of any of them making the team better

  3. WengerEagle

    ‘He has helped them add 3 more now against continental opposition being the architect more times than not.’

    4 more.

    He played a role in 2006 even if Del Horno prematurely ended it in the last 16.

  4. jasongms

    To clarify, no debate from me that Messi is that better player, vs fake Ronaldo. Just not the greatest of all time and certainly not by a mile like what was being stated here.

    also like the idea that if you needed a goal, you’d probably want the ball to go to Ronaldo over Messi, the lad has a penchant for scoring crucial goals.

  5. Paulinho

    WE – Yeah, as seen with Ramsey discussion, I appreciate off the ball movement more and more as times goes on. Ronaldo has no hang-up about plonking himself in the six yard box and scoring any way he can. Messi is an artist, a perfectionist, and often can retreat into a sullen state when things are not flowing for him.

  6. mysticleaves

    Paulinho I don’t know, it seemed to me both of them had exactly the same game. Messi can be placed anywhere in the front three but often times comes as far back as central midfield to pick the ball and waltz through midfields and defences

  7. WengerEagle


    His heading in particular is an aspect of his game that he has improved.

    So many of his goals these last two years have been headers which just makes him that much more dangerous, teams tend to steer opposition out to wide areas to nullify a goal threat but Ronaldo’s unique in that his aerial game is as strong as a prime Chritian Vieri in addition to his ability to run behind and finish off of either foot so this just leads to Marcelo, Kroos and company whipping balls into the box at pace for Ronaldo to attack and score from.

    Bale’s the only comparable player in terms of all-round skillset, blows too hot and cold for me.

  8. Paulinho

    Mystic – Disagree.

    You can see for Argentina Messi struggles to light up a match as much without an Iniesta line-breaker behind him to open up space. Messi often drops deep for Argentina with two banks of four to deal with, and just passes it sideways because it’s too much to deal with by himself.

    Maradona had more spring, more bounce, with stronger legs, so he can spark into action in deeper areas more effectively than Messi. Messi needs someone to pass to first before accelerating after he gets the return ball.

  9. mysticleaves

    I don’t agree Paulinho I have seen Messi do those things you say countless times without needing to pass to anyone. Whether he is more successful with it in Barca as against Argentina is subject to perusal

  10. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘If I was going into the last ten minutes of a game – and needed a goal – I would pick Ronaldo over Messi. That says a lot for me.’

    This comes with an asterisk, you also need another player to pick out the perfect cross/pass.

    Whereas Messi could carry the ball past two banks of four and find the bottom corner.

  11. jasongms

    “Bale’s the only comparable player in terms of all-round skillset, blows too hot and cold for me.”

    yep, that’s mainly due to his injury problems and as I said earlier one of Ronaldo’s strengths that he has the capacity to stay injury free, which shouldn’t be understated.

  12. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Messi is an artist, a perfectionist, and often can retreat into a sullen state when things are not flowing for him.’

    Are you serious? Ronaldo is the one who has the reputation for being a bit of a drama queen.

  13. Paulinho

    Rambo – Disagree Messi would do that after having shocking game.

    He’s been impotent against Chelsea countless times when they’ve made it tough, and other matches like PSG when Neymar had tostep up. He only scored against Chelsea this year when Chelsea basically gave them the goal.

    If Barcelona are on top and Messi is on it, like against United in finals back in the day, then he will do all that.

    Ronaldo can make average crosses better than they are as well.

  14. Paulinho

    “Are you serious? Ronaldo is the one who has the reputation for being a bit of a drama queen.”


    So that’s more important than actual reality, which is him to continuing to be effective regardless of whether he’s throwing a strop.

    Messi goes into his shell against a well drilled low block. Always has.

  15. Rambo Ramsey

    Paulinho, that proves nothing. You could find countless examples of bad days for every player, even Ronaldo.

  16. jasongms

    So does Arsene stay until at least the end of his current contract or leave in the summer?

    Personally, I can’t see him leaving at all, unless in a wooden box 🙂

  17. Champagne Charlie


    Well there’s a thousand and one different criterion when judging a player.

    Because you don’t value hard work, or generalise about it being a given when considering elite players,doesn’t make it any less relevant.

    I’m a big admirer of mental fortitude in general. Ronaldo has gotten more outof his talent because of his mentality, drive, and hard work.

    Do all top players have to work hard? I wouldn’t say that. Do some get the maximum out of themselves because of an image drive? I think so. Ronaldo more strikingly than anyone that I can think of.

    I for one don’t care as much for medal count comparisons. That’s a more vague topic of discussion because of the team aspect. I rate Cristiano massively, but Ronaldo was a much better football than Cristiano yet won less.

  18. mysticleaves

    “Do all top players have to work hard? I wouldn’t say that. Do some get the maximum out of themselves because of an image drive? I think so. Ronaldo more strikingly than anyone that I can think of.”

    That’s a very wrong analog and a big discredit to Cristiano. He didn’t have top talent like Ronaldo but he worked had to get to the top AND stay at the top.

    Ronaldo on the other hand, has all the talent but didn’t work hard enough to maintain it. Ronaldinho was another top player who thought talent alone was eniugh


  19. gonsterous

    how is messi better than ronaldo? messi looks good playing for barca. can only play against the likes of China for the national team. ronaldo is a beast in any team. he’s like a zidane for the national team..

  20. DivineSherlock

    So many good opinions on Messi v Ronaldo. Legrove is on fire today.
    The one thing I disagree on is the last 10 min debate , Ronaldo with all his athleticism or Messi with his ingenious talent . I would prefer Messi every single time. 2014 world Cup , I believe it was against Iran (not sure) group match. Last minutes remaining , both teams yet to score. Messi just picks the ball up near the byline , cuts back inside surrounded by 2-3 players and let one rip past the goalkeeper. Wins it for Argentina . Also Champions League final against Man Utd comes to mind against Ronaldo. That too a header !

  21. Mark

    Bamford, I actually thought your account got hacked or something last night. A very abusive post, and one which you will be reminded of if you ever ask for another poster to be binned.

    ” the claim was made that I insulted you without your having insulted me. I was simply pointing out that that wasn’t true, that in fact, you were the one who first leveled an insult ”

    him saying you don’t know much about football, is an opinion he expressed ( rightly or wrongly) based on the opinions you expressed.
    You replied and started the insults in your rant.

    The more you wriggle the tighter the noose is getting…
    Just accept you were wrong on the insults & on Neymar.