Arsenal linked with most exciting manager in Europe + How to resolve the Sven M conflict

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KICKER have dropped the T word in relation to the A word.

Yes people, Le Grove’s favourite manager in Europe has apparently rejected the Bayern Munich job because he has eyes for the Arsenal role.

What do I think of this? Seems a bit weird. I mean, we landed Dortmund’s chief scout, Sven M, because he was hounded out by Tuchel.

However, let’s be real here. I’m reading Team of Rivals, the story about President Lincoln’s rise to power. If he can bring people together who f*cked him over royally on his way to the top, why can’t we believe in the ability of grown adults to be mature, bury the hatchet and make things great again?

As an expert in conflict resolution myself (LOL), this is how you’d resolve this issue if it were advertising:

> Step 1: Go have a beer and a sausage > hug it out

> Step 2: Set R&Rs (roles and responsibilities) upfront. More often than not, these blow-ups and power struggles come from the power vacuum created by a messy environment. If Tuchel and Sven fell out over player transfers, it’s likely because Thomas felt his opinion was marginalized (it was over the signing of Oliver Torres). There obviously needs to be a brain trust for player signings, someone needs to have VETO power, so it’s a question of how you set that up in the upfront so there’s no arguing after.

> Step 3: Make sure there’s always a mediator in the room. If you let two strong-minded folk battle it out to the death, they will go to the death. Raul would have to be an important 3rd set of eyes in the room so it doesn’t become a power struggle.

But here’s the thing, you can resolve these issues as long as the core problem isn’t that you fundamentally hate the pr*ck on the other side of the table.

Tuchel is a monster of a manager. There is only one way you can defeat Pep Guardiola, that’s better ideas. There aren’t many managers in the world of football who have better ideas than Tuchel. His issue was man management at Dortmund. He’s clearly on the spectrum, but when he started falling out with the players and the backroom staff, it was time to go. That said, he was new to a high pressured job. We all make mistakes growing up in our careers, as long as everytime you fuck up, you learn to rectify it and move on, then you’re in a good place.

If you don’t rate the German, take some time out to read up about him, his ideas, his passion for mesmeric football. Go and look at some highlight reels of the sort of build up play he encourages. His football at Dortmund was the next level, is the next level, is the next level. Look at the state of Dortmund since he left. It’s poverty football over there these days.

When I had the pleasure of working next to a sports CEO, he used to tell me he knew all the weaknesses of his manager. His job was to insulate his main man with the right hires that could allow his strengths to flourish. If you know that man management can sometimes be an issue, find an assistant who can take care of that. If you know he lacks defensive nous, hire a coach who is the best in the business at that part of the game, that can be seen as an equal (Steve Bould and about 10 others who used to play in great defences would be a start). The most important thing here, is you can tame, protect and nurture genius, you can’t teach it. You will not succeed without it.

I still think the signing is unlikely, but what I will say is the falling out is only relevant because it’s football and people see the game through the lens of a kids playground.

Before I go, one other interesting thing I noticed. The club hasn’t issued any sort of ‘we support Arsene’ statement. The rumours about a new hire keep intensifying. Stories about LA and thier success only add fuel to the notion that maybe, just maybe, it’s over for Wenger this summer.

Fingers crossed.

Right, I am back on the blogging full time this week. Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Micheal

    If Tuchel has been identified as the man to replace Wenger, my sincere hope is that this deal does not follow the appalling trend of our recent transfer history – i.e. hesitating over minor details and generally dicking about until someone else snaps up the player.
    It is worth emphasising that among the big clubs potentially in the market this summer are Bayern, Barca, PSG, ManUre, Chelsea, etc.
    If Tuchel is the man, get him signed up. Otherwise we face the tricky choice between Ian Holloway, Steve McClaren or Martin “Mad Dog” Allen.

  2. Michael24


    Same set of circumstances!!!!!!!!!


    You know, I know, everyone knows, that any clubs fanbase, with aspirations of there team competing at the highest level would not have allowed this shit to manifest.

    Football in this country changed for good when Abramovic came on the scene. Agreed, prior to his arrival, all clubs accepted the status quo. Chelsea won the lottery and wham bang wallop, their whole structure changed, as did the game we know.

    Do you seriously think that any clubs fans would have stood bye and accepted what Wenger has done, irrespective of Kroenke, without serious consequences.

    No way!

    Stop ignoring the reality and admit the obvious.

  3. Micheal

    Incidentally, I am NOT Michael24. I mean no disrespect to Michael24 but to avoid confusion among those who spend their lives monitoring each poster’s output, my monicker is spelt differently.
    It is Micheal – the Irish for Michael and pronouced as Mee-hawl.
    Again, no disrespects Michael24.

  4. Biggles

    To those who ask would I go back to the days of Graham…


    6 trophies in 8.75 years, (including a European trophy) vs 10 trophies (none European) in 21.5 years.

    Maybe I’m a closet Newcastle fan or something, because the magpie in me is attracted to the shiny of winning things…

    (Didn’t count the shield, it’s basically not a competition)

  5. Leftsidesanch

    Wenger is a weasal of the highest order. When he was offering only 1 year extensions to players over 30 – wasn’t that age discrimination?

    Why does this man get away with making these inane ramblings. One can only hope he realises that the jig is almost up.

  6. Bob N16

    Biggles, I enjoyed loads of great times during the GG era but let’s be honest, Cups are great but our league form by the end was mid table.
    I suspect after 20 years people will be remembering the good times of Wenger in the same way and not dwelling on the bad ending just like you do with GG.

  7. Victorious

    “Wenger is a weasal of the highest
    order. When he was offering only
    1 year extensions to players over
    30 – wasn’t that age

    are you 12 or something?was that what all you could deduce from the interview?if it is just as I feared then you sure need lessons on comprehension and whatnot

  8. Victorious

    You can eliminate the last 3 FA
    Cups because it’s not competition
    So that’s 7 trophies in 21 years lol

    You are right my friend,the FA cups only become ‘worthy’ trophies when its won by other clubs,you’r a total hero,cheers

  9. Victorious

    GG had the team playing functional football along with an excellently well drilled defense but my God was it awful to watch,he had no playing style and we were so tedious and slow but the plus side was we had a remarkable winning mentality

  10. Leftsidesanch


    What are you, Legroves new resident tough guy? Typing to an imbecile like you back and forth makes me just as much of an imbecile as you.

  11. HighburyLegend

    “the old man is going to have to be physically removed from the building”

    the old vampire sleep in his coffin at night, so maybe it’s easier to do it in daylight.

  12. Leftsidesanch

    And secondly/lastly you mug (“Victorious)

    I haven’t seen anybody try to hound Wenger out on grounds of his age. Not on a single occasion. His age has been referred to when discussing his inability to change with the times and use a modern approach for improved results.

    People want Wenger out because he has failed to get the best out of his teams. We are underperforming and his good will/our patience has run out. Wenger knows this so he’s using emotional rational to stay in a job.

    What your excuse is for defending him blindly I’ll never know you annoying POS.

  13. Leftsidesanch

    If Wenger was good enough, even competent – then he could be 95 for all I care.

    Simple fact is, he isn’t good enough and hasn’t been for years. Able to coast by being the 4th best team in the league went up in smoke the minute Poch stepped to the plate and the “super managers” as dubbed were brought in.

    Hes now been royally found out by the majority, yet we were the ones calling it for years on here that he isn’t good enough.

  14. Redtruth

    The FA Cup lost all credibility when they played the Semi-Finals at Wembley in 1991 and ceased to be a legitimate competition 15-20 years ago when clubs began fielding second string teams.

  15. steve

    Wenger is such a disgraceful man. He probably thinks we’ve had an excellent season and the reason we’re in 6th place and went out in the first round in the Fa cup is down to bad luck. Such a devious conniving man. His recent interview is just him doing his usual shift focus routine with his drivel.

  16. Marko

    Those Wenger quotes range from pathetic to puzzling. Can’t wait until he goes. No accountability whatsoever at the club it’s never his fault the fraud

  17. mysticleaves

    Lucas Perez is coming back this season end. What to do with him? He didn’t live up to the hype at Depor so they won’t retain. Think he will be better than Welbeck as a no2 though…

  18. alexanderhenry

    The Tuchel rumour is just a rumour, but let’s be honest, if you’re an up and coming coach looking to join the elite, who would you choose to manage ?

    Arsenal, Chelsea or PSG?

  19. mysticleaves

    PSG. Loads of money for transfers. Assurance of winning trophies. But its harder now cos what they want is the UCL so in that case Arsenal becomes the next best thing.

    Chelsea will be the last to consider honestly

  20. steve

    Elneny apparently signed an extension. Great let’s keep the dross players. Welbeck up next probably. Joke of a club.

  21. alexanderhenry

    Wenger’s comments are peculiar.
    He’ll be 69 when his current contract runs out. He’s too old now but around 70 is surely too old for any manager.

    Only men of a certain age can become this stubborn.

  22. alexanderhenry

    Mystic certainly wouldn’t be arsenal, unless we offered the manager a significantly higher salary.

  23. HighburyLegend

    Elneny signed a new deal ?? Awesome!!

    No needs to buy this summer for Le Great Tightwad in charge!!

  24. mysticleaves

    Signing up El Neny is very good news. Capable performer when called upon and is in modest wages. perfect squad player

  25. mysticleaves

    Alex, offering a Tuchel say 4 million a year, I suspect, will still be higher than what he received at Dortmund so yea…he would want to come. Also he won’t have the mandate of delivering the league in 2 seasons too, just maybe bring us back to the UcL or sustain a title challenge. So it’s easier than Chelsea and would now be less demanding than PSG even with assurance of French league

  26. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Today is March 26, 2018. Wenger is no closure to leaving than he was on the same day for the last 20 years. We will have a similar discussion on the exact same date one, two, five or even ten years from now and Wenger will still be in charge.

    There is a level of consolidated dementia at Arsenal that only someone with dementia can truly appreciate.

  27. Champagne Charlie

    “Signing up El Neny is very good news. Capable performer when called upon and is in modest wages. perfect squad player“

    “Very good news” is a stretch.

    He was due to be sold to Watford last summer for 7 mil. Bit odd after a campaign of nothingness he’s offered a new deal.

    Could have been firmer in seeking his exit this time and brought in Max Mayer on a free. More capable player in and some cash for other areas.

    Alas, it’s not major either or. Just not particularly indicative of the ruthless rebuild there’s been murmurs of.

  28. DM

    I have to say I really like Elneny. He’s not a world class player by any stretch of the imagination but he puts in a shift and almost-always impresses me. Does he solve our DM problems? No, of course not. But he’s a really good squad player to have and, to be honest, at the moment he’d probably be in my preferred XI instead of Xhaka, with the only caveat being that he needs to stop drifting to the wide right and make sure he holds his position in the CDM role.

    Of course we need to sign a quality DM in the summer, but I do think keeping Elneny around is a smart move.

  29. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “Signing up El Neny is very good news.“

    Sums up the malaise of Arsenal supporters where they view general mediocrity as something very good to build upon.

    FFS, no wonder AFC are a shit club. Shit Manager and a block of supporters lining up to eat said manager’s shit.

  30. HighburyLegend

    “Signing up El Neny is very good news. Capable performer when called upon and is in modest wages. perfect squad player”

    @mystic : if it’s humor, it’s not funny, even at the 30th degree.

    If you’re serious, then you need to consult asap.

  31. Bob N16

    Frankie, your anger to other Arsenal fans comes across pretty badly.

    Also, are you saying in your comment of 14.54 that you have dementia, as you imply that you ‘understand it’and by your own argument you are suffering?

    My Dad died of dementia last year and by the end he just needed to be humoured, worth trying with you?

  32. Bob N16

    Agree DM with your sentiments re. El Neny…an ideal squad player who gives his all. Could he be upgraded? Yes, of course but with all the other changes our squad needs, I reckon a player who is a 100%er, runs prodigious amounts and is a team man, should be kept.

  33. HighburyLegend

    lol Bob we’re certainly don’t talk about the same “shitty wenger average player”.

    So much fans have been wengerized, it’s scary to say the least.

  34. DM

    Bob N16

    Exactly – he’s by no means perfect but everyone knows that, but he delivers pretty much what’s stated on the box, so to speak.

    Sorry to hear about your dad. I don’t have personal experience of dementia (thank G-d) but it must just be the absolute worst. So sad.

  35. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Having also lost a parent to dementia a number of years ago, you and i as well as others similarly know, you live it with them to their last day. I trust you understand this?

    Yes, supporting Arsenal these days feels eerily similar to many of the feelings i experienced years ago, a hopelessness if you will. There is something very abnormal about Arsene Wenger and those who continue to enable him through some sort of blind loyalty.

  36. WengerEagle

    Rating Elneny at all is completely nuts.

    He makes me yearn for the Arteta days again, I’d even take Denilson over him as he scored the odd screamer at least.

  37. Dissenter

    I just read that Elneny has signed an extension.
    I guess all that talk about “kissing the logo” paid off eventually
    Why are we so risk averse?
    Why are we so bent on reinforcing mediocrity into the fabric of this club?

  38. TR7

    I have always liked Elneny’s game, can’t complain about him getting a new contract.My only gripe is he hasn’t really raised his game a bit which I think he is well capable of.

  39. Dissenter

    This new regime of Sanllehi et al is so overrated that it’s not funny.
    There’s no ruthlessness, no cutting edge and so far they have done nothing special.
    Getting a man United reject, uncontested transfer from Dortmund and renewing the cheap-wage contract of Elneny aren’t special at all.

  40. Bob N16

    Cheers DM, fortunately my Dad smiled his way through it, not so easy for everybody else.

    I do think a lot of people on here exaggerate the support that Wenger enjoys. He is deluded, clearly but I don’t think the fan base is. It seems to me those who hate Wenger with a passion, make the wrong assumption that if your not spitting blood about it that you are, in some passive way, a Wenger fan.

    I believe there are many Wenger haters, loads who just want him gone and relatively few who would happily see him continue past the summer.

  41. TR7

    ‘This new regime of Sanllehi et al is so overrated that it’s not funny.’

    The whole idea of a Director of football is a big sham. I rarely agree with Wenger these days but he is spot on regarding his views on DoFs. A manager should be the ultimate boss in a football club.

  42. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “I do think a lot of people on here exaggerate the support that Wenger enjoys. He is deluded, clearly but I don’t think the fan base is.”

    Yeah, they are Bob. Don’t delude yourself of this fact.

  43. azed

    ” A manager should be the ultimate boss in a football club.”

    I disagree. UTD after Fergie is enough to justify why you need a DOF. A manager should be responsible for the football only, someone else should be responsible for the infrastructure and supporting cast.

    People will come and go but you need to have seamless transitions and that cannot be handled by the manager.

  44. Victorious

    Highbullshitleg End
    “So much fans have been
    wengerized, it’s scary to say the

    you have flogged this particular line to death,almost as if you’ve got nothing else programmed in your pea brain to type on here, wtf

  45. Bob N16

    Frankie, the evidence points to major disillusionment. I choose to use my season ticket but incredible numbers haven’t been. Almost all the blogs I read are against Wenger. The amount of apathy and shrugging of shoulders at recent games, illustrates the resignation that fans are now feeling, virtually anaethatised by the ‘ground hog day’ of performances.

    I suggest the delusion exists with those people who want to point blame at everybody and everything for the continued employment of Wenger.

    Then I could be deluded….

  46. Victorious

    Elneny signs on,smart move I think,he is respectfully a decent midfielder who does the basics so well,there goes the slot for a squad CM

    definitely one or two of Xhaka,Ramsey and Wilshere now needs to be let go for a world class CM to come in.

  47. Champagne Charlie


    Would you not have rather seen a player like Meyer join on a bosman and take Elnenys place?

    Elneny is a good pro, keeps his head down, isn’t flash, but he’s very very ordinary for me. Not just his output, but his general potential and ability. He’s an extra body and no more, which is a bit odd in our current climate.

    A bid of 7 mil was accepted for him last summer. Can someone tell me what he’s done to warrant a new deal?

  48. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I dont think you are deluded, Bob. I think you want what many of us want, our Arsenal to move forward towards winning titles again. Equally, we also know this will never happen again under the current Manager, who seems to believe otherwise.