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Unreal footage emanating from up north, where the fans are more salt of the earth than a whole east end pub eating jellied eels in unison to an impromptu Chas & Dave gig. Jamie Carragher, top-notch Sky Sports pundit, with a leg so enticing Thierry had to touch it live on national television, gobbed on a fan goading him through the window of his car. The man driving had his little girl in the passenger side (where the said gob flew in), was driving down the motorway at great speed, whilst videoing the whole incident on his phone. Which means he must have unlocked his phone, delicately swipped the setting to video, all whilst transporting his child.

He landed his reaction. Pussied off to a rag like a weak school kid. As a result, Jamie Carragher has been suspended by Sky. It’s all an embarrassing mess.

What I can’t have are the folk who think Jamie Carragher shouldn’t be held to high standards. When you’re in a position of status in society, there are expectations that come along with that. In fact, when you’re in any type of position working for a reputable company, in most walks of life, the act of gobbing at car whilst driving would generally be met with the termination of employment (if caught on the internet). Jamie Carragher deserves his suspension for bringing the good name of Sky into disrepute (LOL). This is nothing to do with poor old footballers having to be nice people, it’s about doing something scuzzy (and being dumb enough to get caught).

The guy in the car filming? He should have his behaviour dealt with by the police. Incredibly irresponsible considering he was carrying a child in the car. A child that was telling him to stop. Unbelievable, dangerous, and a flagrant breach of the law.

The spitting thing is beyond grim. I appreciate there is a section of the fanbase that can’t understand why British people get upset with spitting. Well, how about I piss on your leg? What, you wouldn’t like that? But it’s sterile when it comes out? It is a cleaner act than hocking up hell from your lungs, so why would you not be equally breezy about that act?

Any ejaculation of bodily fluid aimed at another person in public, without written consent, is an abomination. For me, it’s worse than being punched in the face. I’D RATHER BE STABBED. Ok, too far. But spitting is disgusting. Don’t do it kids. It’s just not cool.

TOP Arsenal inside informational scooper, Sami Mokbel, has revealed Arsenal are thinking of letting fashion legend, Hector Bellerin, leave come the summer. He reckons we’ll take the £50m and invest it in a centre back, a holding midfielder and a keeper.

I don’t feel sexy about this, mostly because he’s 22 and one of the best prospects in Europe. If he knew a fantastical new manager was coming in, would he really be leaving? I have my doubts.

Also, our accounts recently revealed £140m in the coffers. Why do we need another £50m? Feels like an odd player to ship on. Especially if we were serious about kicking Wenger out.

Talking of new managers, Patrick Vieira showed that he is a respect machine, hinting that he’d love to move to Arsenal, but not until Wenger is well gone.

‘Let’s say that some day it might interest me. But one day,’ Vieira told French newspaper L’Equipe.

‘I cannot say anything more because there is nothing to say about it and I do not want to offend Arsene, whom I adore and for whom I have a lot of respect.

‘Because I know that he suffers a lot from the current results, even more than hearing what his former players say.’


That reads to me like he’d defo be interested in moving to Arsenal if Wenger gets moved on, he just doesn’t want to put pressure on his old boss like Theirry did.

There was also a very strong link from The Sun about Max Allegri wanting the Arsenal job if it came up. I think he’d be a very shrewd coach, he’d be one of the few who could mount a serious challenge on the Premier League. Check out the Juventus documentary that’s on Netflix (‘First Team: Juventus’). Fantastic to see how a club steeped in tradition and expectation deals with the pressures of professional football. Allegri comes across very well.

Right, I think that’s me done. Have yourself a fab day, and please, please, please, don’t aggressively excrete bodily fluids or solids at anyone.

Thanking you.

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  1. WengerEagle

    Gotze’s another one as far as fall from grace goes, had the world at his feet at Dortmund at age 21. Klopp maintains he’s the best player that he’s ever coached.

    Now he’s not even in Dortmund’s top 3 and they’re shite compared to Klopp’s version.

  2. azed


    Juan Román Riquelme was one who under performed for me, you can call him the original Ozil. Had Xavi like on the ball skills but not the mentality to handle the pressure.

  3. Carts


    Ah man, Adriano was supposed to be the Next Gen R9 2.0. He had it all. Left peg was made from C4; upper body was capable of stopping a tank; but his mental strength would’ve had Wenger running for the hills.

    Falcao’s rebirth means I’ll refrain from grouping him with Adriano and Torres.

    Kaka was fox shit at Real

    Shevchenko’s move to Chelsea was an Uber disappointment. He was frankly shit.

    Rebrov joint Spurs was LOL.

    Baptista was an odd one for us. Just couldn’t cut the physicality, for such a big guy.

    Cassano once he left Roma didn’t amount to very much. But I liked him…looked like a gobby little weasel but he was class on his day.

    Turn arounds are quite tough. Aduriz? Cunt’s collecting his pension while badding-up La Liga and has been for a few seasons now.

    Forlan found good form at AM after flopping at Utd.

    As someone mentioned before Pirlo seemed to have him better years at Juve? Thought that’s debatable.

  4. champagne charlie


    Mario Gomez went from hero to relative zero double quick also.

    Hleb fell off the planet leaving Arsenal imo, think he acknowledges that also.

    Ryan babel had the world at his feet early.

    Robinho tanked from City onward.

  5. Up 4 grabs now

    I don’t get your point xhaka is a dog’s dinner of a player how can you suggest he’s good?
    It’s not a secret that the two seasons he’s been here as a defensive midfielder is the two seasons we’ve conceded the most amount of goals?

    It’s like having song back. Ok Alex as a defensive midfielder you protect the back four (well in our case back two since the full backs play like wingers)
    The next minute songs on the edge of the box looping one up for RVP. And the opposition are on the counter with a big hole in midfield where song should be, xhaka is just the same but without the assists.

  6. Carts

    Nah Gotze, to me, wasn’t shit. Always found him to be overrated. I just never got the hype.

    Didn’t Wenger try and break the bank for him but Gotze went to Bayern instead? We ended up with the other German kid

  7. champagne charlie

    Luca Toni and Di natale did little until their late twenties when they established themselves as golden boot material for about 5 seasons straight seemed like.

    Ian Wright must be worth a mention?

    What’s his face from Southampton that moved to Liverpool, target man striker. Can’t remember his name ffs

  8. WengerEagle

    Wouldn’t say that Riquelme or Ozil have underachieved actually.

    Especially Ozil, he’s won the World Cup and La Liga with Real Madrid.

    Riquelme made the most of his talents but he left Europe far too prematurely, partly down to mentality as you say.

    Was Villarreal’s best player and produced plenty of goals and assists for them lifting them to runners up in Spain and UCL Semi-Finalists, not exactly bad.

    If he had better players around him he’d have won more.

  9. mysticleaves

    Biggest turn around Pirlo for me. Always have to mention

    Okocha at Bolton. Was out of discussion after 2000 but turned it around spectacularly.

    Not a star name but Lucas Barrios fell from grace faster than a blink of an eye.

  10. Leedsgunner

    “Didn’t Wenger try and break the bank for him but Gotze went to Bayern instead? We ended up with the other German kid”

    Yep, the kid named Tomas Eisfield… like when we were scouting Hazard and ended up with the Forehead.

  11. champagne charlie


    That kind of logic is piss through, no offence. The past two few season have been the low point in our decline, think you’re on one if you want to chalk that up to any player frankly.

    Who has been Xhaka’s midfield partner in his time here, answer me that?

    As I say, sensationalised nonsense when it comes to Xhaka. Mustafi has been getting the treatment of late too. Both have had very good times, and very bad times in their careers with us. Pretty much indicative of the entire teams performance. You can single out players, but I maintain its systemic.

  12. WengerEagle

    Kaka was actually good for Real Madrid, not Ballon D’or Kaka good but he put up excellent numbers.

    Just didn’t have that scary pace that made him the best.

    Baptista another great shout, as is Shevchenko and Rebrov.

    What is it with Eastern Europeans being shit in England?

  13. mysticleaves

    Ronaldinho didn’t actually fall from grace to grass but he declined pretty quickly from the top top. Ronaldo too. I expected both of them to last longer at the top than they did. Though injuries limited Ronaldo but Gaucho has no excuse really

  14. Carts


    he never made my shit rise like others have…and I’m not talking about Asa Akira, either, you dirty swine. Lol. Get your head out of the gutter, Pal!

    We’ll see. I mean, you can see how much he’s giving his all for BVB this season. Had a torrid with that strange illness, last season.

    I’m sure he’ll get back to that form that had a lot of people excited

  15. mysticleaves

    Recoba didn’t really get going. He was great in the Olympics or was it the under 20s but I wouldn’t say he “starred”anywhere at club level

  16. WengerEagle


    Babel was so frustrating, remember being devastated when Liverpool signed him in 2007, looked every bit the next Henry.

    And he started like a house on fire for them.

    He’s had a weird career, blown hot and cold but looks to have finally found a home in Besiktas now, a refuge for the troublesome ballers. (Quaresma, Talisca).

  17. champagne charlie

    How about Sebastien Frey.

    That’s a name previously linked more than Benzema himself, where did he go?

  18. London gunner

    Talking of eboue, apparently Galatasaray have offered him a job as youth team assistant coach under 14’s

  19. WengerEagle

    Yeah agree with that, Ronaldinho was still class at Milan but he was just stupid good at Barcelona from 2003-2006.

    23-26 years old, would be like Neymar falling off the planet in terms of Ballon D’or discussion next year age-wise.

  20. mysticleaves

    As for Sheva, when he came to Chelsea he was already 30 and in decline. I didn’t expect big things from him. And he looked like shit in that Chelsea blue. That contributed.

    Also special mention to Andy Townsend, was the best winger in the world for a whole 2 weeks lol

  21. champagne charlie


    yea I loved young babel which was hard when he turned out for that lot. Makes you consider that where a player decides to go has a profound impact on their career trajectory.

    Think Wenger said as much last summer actually, which is spot on tbf.

  22. WengerEagle

    ‘As for Sheva, when he came to Chelsea he was already 30 and in decline. ‘

    He just turned 30 at the time of the move and was coming off his best season from a numbers pov, 28 goals in 40 games.

    He stank the gaf out at SB, was probably Abramovich’s most disappointing signing ever given his massive hard-on for him.

  23. WengerEagle


    He was streaky but he gave some memorable performances for Inter Milan, jaw-dropping at times. Inter fans still speak very highly of his talent.

    He pulled a Carlos Tevez too in that he single-handedly saved Venezia from the drop on a loan spell scoring 11 goals in 19 apps for them in Serie A.

  24. Leedsgunner

    Who could forget one F. Torres when he went to Chelsea from Liverpool… £50m?!? Took flop to a brand new level. 😉 Thankfully for us.

  25. Up 4 grabs now


    No offence taken, and I wouldn’t say the last two years are down to xhaka, Wenger takes a huge chunk of the blame for how he sets the team up and not strengthening the defence properly.

    I like mustafi but centre backs Need two solid players there, not chucking him in alongside a youngster like chambers or holding or playing him alongside a full back, all wengers fault there.
    Back to xhaka though, if your “supposed” to be a defensive midfielder but can’t defend, tackle, or have any pace to get back which is pretty much the three main parts of your job. also not giving the ball away which leads to goals doesn’t help, how can you rate him? I don’t think that’s sensationalized?

  26. WengerEagle


    Hahahaha Asa or Koulibaly/Diawara is the question for you? 😉

    Not sure about that one, Gotze’s a pudgy little git now, muscle disease apparently, feel for him.

  27. Akilan

    Xhaka has gifted a lot of goals, that will sure stay in the minds. We actually think something’s always gonna happen with him EVERY GAME.

    Even at Milan I think, in the dying embers of the game he turned a throw near the halfway line into a counter attacking situation. That was ineptitude of highest level. He always has a brainfart moment even when he plays well. Guy sometimes completely switches off all of a sudden. He does these regularly. These are not AWs fault. And he is one of the worst I’ve ever seen at fouling. He makes them look hopelessly blatant.

    And tactically speaking, he should not play alongside Ozil. Not in the Prem anyway. He doesn’t bring that much offensively to accommodate him. Sell him for 10-20m and sign an actual DM instead.

  28. champagne charlie


    Sebastien frey was the hottest GK property on the planet for a few seasons…

    racking up 2 international caps then living the dream at Fiorentina before being turfed to Genoa at 30 is pretty much the definition of decline imo. (thanks google, that’s where he’s been)

  29. Carts

    Sebastian Frey looked like he used to rub shoulders with Rocco Sifreddi.

    One of my regular buys on footy manager.

  30. WengerEagle


    His time at Nice suggests that he’s a very good CF at a certain level.

    He’s clearly better than his time at Liverpool indicated but for me he’s nowhere near the player that he was fabled to be at Citeh/Inter Milan.

    Lies in-between, would be a very useful back-up if he opted for another shot at a top club.

  31. Bamford10


    No offense, but I don’t need to slowly work my way through that list of questions to know that Aaron Ramsey is a much better footballer and a much better midfielder (of any kind) than Granit Xhaka. He is better in every way, even if they play different midfield roles. I am actually a little shocked that anyone would even question this somewhat self-evident claim.

    Ramsey is better on the ball, a better athlete, covers more ground, is more intelligent, is a better defender, a better tackler, better in close spaces, and better under pressure. The only way in which Granit Xhaka is superior to Aaron Ramsey is in his long passing, but even then, Xhaka is only capable of this when he is given space and time, something he won’t have against the best teams.

  32. Carts

    Pagliuca was my guy. Like Frey used to cut the arms off his jersey. Boss shit, that was!!!

    For some reason I just had a flashback of that Calvin Klein model Steve Ogrozovic

  33. champagne charlie


    This is where nuance comes into play. I don’t consider Xhaka a DM, he’s a holding midfielder or deep CM. Him and his CM partner should have a shared role in anchoring the centre of the park imo.

    I expect Xhaka to screen the back four, use the ball well, be disciplined to shape, spot danger, and use his passing range where appropriate. He’s not Kante and Arsenal don’t need a Kante. Is he a polished Cm? No. Does he have a good skillset for being a CM for Arsenal? Yes.

    He’s the best equipped for CM we have, and Fernandinho for instance has very similar numbers to Xhaka but is held in much higher regard. He’s a well coached version of Xhaka, and 7 years his senior.

  34. Carts


    You’d remember International Superstar Soccer, then.

    Poor sods never got the rights to use the proper names so had to get all creative. Man, what a game though.

    I was a massive pro evo head. Didn’t real buy into FIFA till somewhere around 2010

  35. Bamford10


    Exactly. Xhaka does two things a good holding midfielder should never do: one, he gives the ball away in dangerous places when under pressure; and two, he commits really stupid fouls. A lot of them.

  36. Bamford10

    Fernandinho is an athlete; Xhaka is a slug. To compare the two as if the latter could ever be anything like the former is ridiculous. Ridiculous. Sorry.

  37. WengerEagle

    What about biggest hype-jobs?

    Freddy Adu
    Di Santo
    Leandro Damiao
    Gael Kakuta
    Fran Merida (remember people saying he’d be better than Fabregas)

  38. Akilan

    I don’t think Ramsey is better on the ball than Xhaka. Technically speaking, Xhaka is miles better than Elneny and Ramsey. But he’s just that. Nothing to show for it. Not intelligent enough. Ramsey is the worst midfielder technically speaking, IMO. Even Elneny looks cultured compared to him. But he’s been our best CM, not a compliment though. Our CMs are shite.

  39. London gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    I got one for you, whose a player who was underrated who never got the opportunity they should have whether thats the transfer to a big team or playing time of they were at a big team.

    Mines Zola think he was far to good for that Chelsea

  40. WengerEagle


    Haha do you remember they used to have to call Manchester United ‘Manchester Red’ or something ridiculous like that?

    Yeah it was the shit mid-noughties, game-play was levels above FIFA. Champions League edition was pretty cool too in 2008 or 2009.

    FIFA caught up around 2010, think FIFA 10 was first FIFA I bought since 2003 myself.

  41. Carts

    That Freddy Adu hype train was mental!!!!!

    Do feel for the kid: he had the whole USMNT pressure on his shoulders. Just never happened for him.

    Isn’t he in Cyprus or div 1 MLS?

    Michael Johnson from City. Fuck me, he wrote his whole career off, didn’t he. Played under Sven Goran.

    He was touted as the next Steven Gerard. He put on mad weight then knocked it on the head. Heard he opened a cab office and has no regrets. Fair enough.

  42. Carts


    It was painful for Konami. I remember one player called El Capitan. Fuck knows what it meant back then.

    Next day went to school and asked my Spanish or French teacher and she said it meant “the capitan”.

    I lost my head that day. Lunch time my appetite went out the window.

  43. Akilan

    Except Elneny all our CMs are third midfielder in a 3 man midfield. None of them can be trusted to protect the defense in a 2man MF. Xhaka and Jack are physically not fit for the PL. You want to keep at most 1 of the lot. Ramsey is a bit of leader, turns up in big games and importantly is made for the PL. Keep him and sign a new entire midfield.

  44. Bamford10


    “Xhaka is miles better than Elneny and Ramsey [technically].”

    No offense, but you’re out of your mind. Not about Elneny, but about Ramsey.

    Xhaka is OK with the ball at his feet; don’t get me wrong. But there is no chance he is more technical or better on the ball than Aaron Ramsey. No way.

    As I say, there is one thing he is better than Ramsey at technique-wise, and that is the long pass. Other than that, no, no, no.

  45. WengerEagle


    For transfer to a big side, one of Le Tissier (Xavi’s idol), Di Natale, Pablo Aimar (could argue Valencia were a big side when he played for them alright, he was every bit good enough to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona though imo).

    For subdued game time at a big club, Kovacic, Coman, Arshavin with us, Willian, Martial at United.

  46. champagne charlie

    “Fernandinho is an athlete; Xhaka is a slug. To compare the two as if the latter could ever be anything like the former is ridiculous. Ridiculous. Sorry.”

    Should be clear as day between them even with a basic statistical analysis then, but it’s not. So just you pushing an opinion as per, nothing more.

  47. WengerEagle


    MJ was a sad one, mental health issues for sure. Was snapped at a chippy looking about 75-80 lbs heavier than in his playing days, virtually unrecognisable.

    Remember he looked very good for pre-Sheikh Citeh, the Barton/Shaun Goater/Geovanni/Musampa/Mpenza/Vassell days LOL.

  48. Terraloon

    Leeds Gunner
    Torres is an interesting one for whilst he obviously didn’t reach the levels he did when at Liverpool, the only senior trophies he has won at club level was the FA cup, CL and EL all whilst at Chelsea and scored 45 goals for them which is just 6 less than Welbeck has in his time at Arsenal and Man U put together.

  49. azed


    David Bentley, the new Beckham. He did have the skills but not the mentality and the work ethics to really push forward.

    I’d say the English media over hypes lots of this youngsters early in their careers when they’ve accomplished nothing(Wilshere prime example) and the hype gets into their head and they never really push forward.

    The next generation of English stars would be the ones currently playing abroad. Less hype, won’t be able to get away with anything (Dele Alli) so they’ll really have to prove they belong.

  50. WengerEagle

    Mental to think that it was less than 10 years ago that Middlesbrough stuffed Man City 8-1 in the Premier League with Afonso Alves running riot and Aliadiere even getting on the scoresheet.

    To put it into perspective, that’s 4 years more RECENT than our last Premier League title.

    On course to end the season with the record in Premier League wins, points, goals scored playing some of the best footy I’ve ever seen.

  51. BacaryisGod

    I love Vieira’s comments (except for him arguing that Arsene should decide when he leave. No other business would tolerate that).

    When you look at former Arsenal players, only Vieira is even remotely appealing but not directly after Arsene.

    For me, there are two elite candidates.

    Luis Enrique and Antonio Conte.

    Ancelloti is likeable but uninspirational . His last job at Bayern was widely seen as a failure with the squad he had. Why was he fired at Bayern? According to Jonathan Wilson in SI, he was ‘relaxed to the point of decadence’. Not exactly who we need.

    -Brendan Rodgers: Not sure if I need to make an argument here.
    -Joachim Low: Just uneasy about this position.
    -Diego Simeone: Who doesn’t love him.? It just doesn’t feel like it will be the right fit.

    Antonio Conte checks a lot of the boxes, but he’s shown an emotional fragility this season which doesn’t bode well. His handling of Costa killed the season before it started. If Chelsea sack him and bring in Luis Enrique, then he would be a top quality manager with something to prove against one of our fierce rivals.

    Luis Enrique checks every possible box. The question will be if we can recruit him above teams like Chelsea and PSG. What a coup he would be. I have no idea how good is relationship with Raul Sanllehi is but I’m guessing if he were to commit for next season, Arsenal wouldn’t make the same mistake they did with Klopp, Guardiola and Pocchetino. They would have to act immediately.

  52. WengerEagle

    Were it not for Chelsea’s fluky UCL win in 2012, Torres’ trophy cabinet at club level would be pretty damn bare.

    Euro 2008 Final was his finest hour along with making Gary Neville pop-shoot all over the mic at the Nou Camp.

  53. WengerEagle

    Eh, don’t really rate Enrique.

    2014/15 was much more down to having the best trio in football history than any sort of managerial genius on his part.

    And last season he underachieved badly, oversaw two UCL QF exits in consecutive seasons too which for a club as huge as Barcelona isn’t good enough.

  54. Akilan

    I don’t know mate. Ramsey never impressed me with his skills. His ball control and dribbling(fucking half turns) are pretty dire. He has an excellent shooting technique, an eye for pass and most importantly a good football brain. He rarely gets involved in the build up play, I mean maintaining the tempo and all. He’s more interested in getting at the end of moves than actually creating. Another 3rd man MF.

  55. champagne charlie

    How do people compare the respective back 5’s of United and Arsenal?

    Position for position who’s better?

    Overall who’s better?

    Are they better because of tactics or personnel?

  56. Carts

    I think I saw tht image of MJ looking like he’d just pushed down Cod & Chips x 15 in one sitting.

    The Shinawatarra Citeh were a weird lot lol.

  57. Pierre

    A Stoke reject because the crowd were on his back because he wanted to pass the ball and wasn’t chasing around like a blue arse fly .

    Nzonzi best player on the pitch …playing how a central midfielder should play.

    Hasn’t wasted a pass , won everything in the air against fellani, cool ,composed , technically sound…

  58. champagne charlie


    he’s been different sauce so far hasn’t he? Looks like Spain has been very good to his technical side of play and intricacy. Would do very well in our midfield I must say.

  59. Carts

    I like Correa and Lenglet. Sevilla have a weird squad. Healthy in numbers but so inconsistent. 12 pts of Valencia, atm.

    They lose this game and I think Montella might not make the season.

  60. Carts

    I can’t fathom why Utd don’t play he high press – especially with the pace they have in attack.

    Lingard, Sanchez, Rashford and Lukaku bearing down on you would be enough to shit bricks.

    Then simply have Feillani or Matic step into the whole – pivoting.

    This counter attacking doesn’t bode well with anyone, especially the 70-odd thousand in attendance

  61. Bamford10

    Lingard is a good player. Looks comfortable and confident and clever on the ball no matter where he’s played.

  62. Carts


    Was just about to say the same thing. He’s. Very good player: direct, quick, good interplay and an eye for goal.

  63. Bamford10

    For those impressed with N’Zonzi, he was signed for like 7m in 14-15. Another example of how you can build a good side without spending 40-50m on every player.

  64. champagne charlie


    Transfer market is a different place now than in 2014, and nobody suggested you need to litter the squad with 40-50 mil players.

    In fact much of the talk today was why 50mil for a RB would be good business in order to strengthen the squad as a whole.

  65. Carts

    Fucking knew Yedder would score.

    There’s too much tinkering going on in their squad.

    Can’t wait for Mourinho to blame the lack of noise in OT

  66. Bamford10


    I wasn’t referring to today’s discussion,there are people here who do talk as if all of one’s signings need to be 40-50m, and relatively inexpensive gems can always be found (even if the lines drawn by the market shift).

    This is also an ongoing point I make from time to time to counter those who do in fact think you have to 45m signing your way to the top.

  67. champagne charlie

    Yedder was another we could’ve poached for peanuts at the time. Much better option than Welbeck, Iwobi etc

    No idea what happened to our grasp of Ligue Un

  68. Bamford10

    He should’ve taken out Lukaku, not Lingard. Lingard has been great.

    2-0. Good to see. Don’t like United or Mourinho.

  69. Elmo

    If United finish 2nd and go out tonight in CL R16, while their cross-town rivals are winning it all playing great football, could Mourinho be sacked and be replaced by a manager who plays exciting football like Jardim?

    If I were United I would make that move.

  70. Danny

    All those cunts saying it’s great that Arsenal aren’t in the champions league, give other teams a chance, well The Scum and now Man U are out, Chelsea to join them tomorrow, fuck ‘ém all.

  71. champagne charlie

    Not been impressed with correa, very wasteful.

    Nznozi and the CB have been fantastic though. Yedder showing his quality also.

  72. Paulinho

    Sanchez looking like the little child I always suspected he would on that big Old Trafford pitch. Hasn’t got the legs or power to run in behind so just drops deeps and gets in the way of everyone.

    No surprise Rashford has reverted to type as well.

    Lukaku only one in that team that doesn’t let his head drop.

  73. Carts


    “He should’ve taken out Lukaku, not Lingard. Lingard has been great.”

    Irrespective of his consolation goal, absolutely no way did Lukaku deserve to be dragged

  74. Elmo

    N’Zonzi is 30 in December. Looked class tonight, but worth activating his EUR 40m release clause at that age? Would we just be setting ourselves up for another big crunch in 2-3 years as Ozil, Mkhi, PEA, N’Zonzi all tail off at the same time, with no sell-on value?

  75. Carts


    “hasn’t Mourinho just signed a new deal? baffling if so…”

    I could’ve sworn I read or heard that he did. This being in the midst of the supporter not particularly liking Mourinho’s style.

    Seems like Utd are looking for stability – at all cost – as opposed to a managerial merry-go-round.

  76. Dissenter

    Mourhino should be sacked tomorrow morning.
    United should be reaching the quarters at the very least.

    Sanchez must be having a good laugh on that mega pay check.