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Unreal footage emanating from up north, where the fans are more salt of the earth than a whole east end pub eating jellied eels in unison to an impromptu Chas & Dave gig. Jamie Carragher, top-notch Sky Sports pundit, with a leg so enticing Thierry had to touch it live on national television, gobbed on a fan goading him through the window of his car. The man driving had his little girl in the passenger side (where the said gob flew in), was driving down the motorway at great speed, whilst videoing the whole incident on his phone. Which means he must have unlocked his phone, delicately swipped the setting to video, all whilst transporting his child.

He landed his reaction. Pussied off to a rag like a weak school kid. As a result, Jamie Carragher has been suspended by Sky. It’s all an embarrassing mess.

What I can’t have are the folk who think Jamie Carragher shouldn’t be held to high standards. When you’re in a position of status in society, there are expectations that come along with that. In fact, when you’re in any type of position working for a reputable company, in most walks of life, the act of gobbing at car whilst driving would generally be met with the termination of employment (if caught on the internet). Jamie Carragher deserves his suspension for bringing the good name of Sky into disrepute (LOL). This is nothing to do with poor old footballers having to be nice people, it’s about doing something scuzzy (and being dumb enough to get caught).

The guy in the car filming? He should have his behaviour dealt with by the police. Incredibly irresponsible considering he was carrying a child in the car. A child that was telling him to stop. Unbelievable, dangerous, and a flagrant breach of the law.

The spitting thing is beyond grim. I appreciate there is a section of the fanbase that can’t understand why British people get upset with spitting. Well, how about I piss on your leg? What, you wouldn’t like that? But it’s sterile when it comes out? It is a cleaner act than hocking up hell from your lungs, so why would you not be equally breezy about that act?

Any ejaculation of bodily fluid aimed at another person in public, without written consent, is an abomination. For me, it’s worse than being punched in the face. I’D RATHER BE STABBED. Ok, too far. But spitting is disgusting. Don’t do it kids. It’s just not cool.

TOP Arsenal inside informational scooper, Sami Mokbel, has revealed Arsenal are thinking of letting fashion legend, Hector Bellerin, leave come the summer. He reckons we’ll take the £50m and invest it in a centre back, a holding midfielder and a keeper.

I don’t feel sexy about this, mostly because he’s 22 and one of the best prospects in Europe. If he knew a fantastical new manager was coming in, would he really be leaving? I have my doubts.

Also, our accounts recently revealed £140m in the coffers. Why do we need another £50m? Feels like an odd player to ship on. Especially if we were serious about kicking Wenger out.

Talking of new managers, Patrick Vieira showed that he is a respect machine, hinting that he’d love to move to Arsenal, but not until Wenger is well gone.

‘Let’s say that some day it might interest me. But one day,’ Vieira told French newspaper L’Equipe.

‘I cannot say anything more because there is nothing to say about it and I do not want to offend Arsene, whom I adore and for whom I have a lot of respect.

‘Because I know that he suffers a lot from the current results, even more than hearing what his former players say.’


That reads to me like he’d defo be interested in moving to Arsenal if Wenger gets moved on, he just doesn’t want to put pressure on his old boss like Theirry did.

There was also a very strong link from The Sun about Max Allegri wanting the Arsenal job if it came up. I think he’d be a very shrewd coach, he’d be one of the few who could mount a serious challenge on the Premier League. Check out the Juventus documentary that’s on Netflix (‘First Team: Juventus’). Fantastic to see how a club steeped in tradition and expectation deals with the pressures of professional football. Allegri comes across very well.

Right, I think that’s me done. Have yourself a fab day, and please, please, please, don’t aggressively excrete bodily fluids or solids at anyone.

Thanking you.

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  1. Akilan

    Arsenal can easily put in a performance and dump atletico. Similarly they could lose to the likes of Salzburg and sporting. It all depends on which Arsenal turn up on the day. And also luck, which every club needs in a knock out competition. I was sceptical of even giving us a chance but after this round, anything is possible.

  2. mysticleaves

    Jim, it’s amazing that Milan won only 1 scudetto with Ancelloti in what 7 years? He did win the UCL twice that shows they were a good team but how did he end up winning the serie A once?

  3. Ishola70

    Surely not Sporting Lisbon Akilan?

    I mean they boost Bas Dost. Plum missed a penalty tonight meaning his team had to win it in extra time.

    Even I would agree with Mystic on that one that Arsenal will take care of them.

  4. Barking Arsene

    “Arsenal can easily put in a performance and dump atletico. Similarly they could lose to the likes of Salzburg and sporting.”

    This pretty much sums it up for us.

  5. mysticleaves

    Ishola i didn’t have to be a sage to call it. Others did too, or accepted later on that Milan were not as good as they thought. Keep hedging on ifs and buts. Thats your problem not mine. Am done with you on that topic.

  6. Jim Lahey

    @mysticleaves –

    “it’s amazing that Milan won only 1 scudetto with Ancelloti in what 7 years?”

    Yup sure is!

  7. mysticleaves

    UTarse, maybe, maybe not. Atleast I gave my reasons as to why I think him a good coach. You can give your reasons as to why he’s not if you so desire. It would be your opinions too.

    Seeing as he has achieved things previously unachieved for a while wherever he went I won’t write him off because I don’t like his face or because he didn’t sell Suarez to us

  8. Jim Lahey

    “Seeing as he has achieved things previously unachieved for a while wherever he went ”

    Not trying to be antagonistic here, what are those achievements?

  9. champagne charlie


    Rodgers get stick for being a shit coach, period.

    What players are you blaming for letting him down exactly?

    He had the best front three in the league, Gerrard, Coutinho, Lucas, Allen, Henderson in midfield. Skrtl, Agger, Kolo, Glen Johnson, Moses, Sakho, Cissokho in defence. Mignolet in goal.

  10. UTarse

    Fair enough, that’s your opinion. Mine is he is tactically inept. And at prem level or any other big league or club, he’s out of his depth. Scotland is perfect for him

  11. Jamie

    We’ll draw Atletico in the quarters and get knocked out. Wenger’s nine lives are spent. We’ll finish in 6th in the league with no silverware, Wenger will ‘respect his contract’ and see out his final year, trophyless and missing out of CL qualification yet again. His reputation will rightfully end up in the toilet.

    Everything changes if lightning strikes and we manage to win the EL. There wouldn’t be a better time for him to walk.

  12. mysticleaves

    Well, he got Swansea to the PL for the first time, qualified Liverpool for UCL after a bit of time, contested for the league after a long time and won the treble at Scotland. Not too shabby.

    Anyways I have to stop now about Brendan but y’all know I like him and won’t be mad if he were to be appointed.

    Let y’all also know he’s not my first choice. He’s fourth choice. After Simeone, Allegri and Jardim in that order. Brendan though is higher up my list than Viera, Arteta and Henry in that order. Ancelloti is my last choice. Cheers all

  13. Relieable Sauce

    IG report due soon.
    Clinton Foundation under investigation…again.
    Should be serious this time.
    NK deal done.
    Iran next.

    Then EU?…Hopefully.

  14. Relieable Sauce

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    by Thomas Paine
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  15. Guns of Brixton

    Charlie Nicholas kept talking about possible resignation announcements today or this weekend.

    Listening out now … still just a deafening silence atm

  16. DivineSherlock

    I saw some pretty damning stat that out of 26 knockout matches between Laliga and Epl sides 22 have been won by LaLiga sides. 22 !
    EPL is certainly overrated.

  17. mysticleaves

    I nter Milan midfielder Marcelo Brozovic is furious over claims of an alleged affair with Wanda Nara, the wife of teammate Mauro Icardi .

    It comes after several media outlets claimed they had access to an audio recording, which proved Wanda was cheating on Icardi with Brozovic.

    Lol. What goes around comes around right? Maxi Lopez would be laughing like a child now

  18. mysticleaves

    “I saw some pretty damning stat that out of 26 knockout matches between Laliga and Epl sides 22 have been won by LaLiga sides. 22 !
    EPL is certainly overrated.”

    If it’s true then Arsenal have two of the four; Celta Vigo in 2003/4 and Real Madrid in 2005/6

  19. kristoman

    “I saw some pretty damning stat
    that out of 26 knockout matches
    between Laliga and Epl sides 22
    have been won by LaLiga sides.
    22 !
    EPL is certainly overrated.”

    please get your facts right before spewing rubbish here

  20. kristoman

    I for was happy of what I saw yesterday. doing everything within your power to win. I.e diving to win a penalty. kuddos to you guys.
    No moron should come here saying, we are class, we win the beautiful way, we are the angels of football, calling others cheat

  21. mysticleaves

    Lols. Villarreal in 2006 too. Then Chelsea against Barca in 2012.

    So Man utd haven’t win in knock out rounds against Spanish opposition? Liverpool? I find it increasingly hard to believe

  22. kristoman

    “I saw some pretty damning stat
    that out of 26 knockout matches
    between Laliga and Epl sides 22
    have been won by LaLiga sides.
    22 !
    EPL is certainly overrated.”

    Celta Vigo in 2003/4
    and Real Madrid in 2005/6, arsenal vs Villarreal in 2006, Chelsea vs barca in 2005, manu vs barca in 2008. should I go on.

  23. mysticleaves

    And as it’s not limited to UCL MaN utd beat celta in Europa last year.

    I think for that statement to be true there has to be a very recent time frame attached to it

  24. Pierre

    I haven’t seen much of Rodgers coaching at Celtic , although he has obviously done pretty good, but in regard to Liverpool I thought he played a very good system and I was impressed with the quality of their football ….the season they nearly won the league surpasses anything that klopp or pochettino have done since they arrived in England and they seem to receive all the plaudits from most on here and are highly regarded so why not Rodgers..
    The system he used is complimented the players perfectly ..he played Gerard in a much deeper roll and he often dropped in to make it a back 3 which allowed the full backs to push into a much more advanced position , this basically meant they didn’t need wingers and allowed Sturrige, sterling and saurez to rotate their position plus they had coutinho pulling the strings .Their football was of the highest quality..

    Personally I think that it is wrong for people to think he is tactically inept.

  25. Bamford10

    I don’t really have an opinion on Rodgers, but I agree with Pierre: that Liverpool team was well-organized, they employed an innovative system, and they played excellent football. Clearly Rodgers knew a little bit about what he was doing.

  26. DivineSherlock

    It says in the last decade. So maybe from 2008-18. But even then it doesnt make much of difference because they are mostly won by Madrid and Barcelona. Stupid fb pages. Gotta unfollow them.

  27. DivineSherlock


    Problem with Rodgers is that he is not a sexy choice. Jardim , Allegri , Ancelotti compared to him are popular choices. I was surprised he took on Celtic job because he could’ve taken a tougher job in LaLiga or Serie A ?

  28. raptora

    Funny stat is that Jose Mouninho has as many Premier League Manager of the Month wins as Brendan Rodgers and Alan Pardew – 3. Ferguson (27) and Wenger (15) miles in front of the rest of the pack. Funnily, third is Moyes with 10.

    Not that it matters but it’s a nice stat that mouninho would probably not want to look at.

  29. Bamford10


    I’d stick with a single important data point at the moment: Sevilla beating United at Old Trafford, knocking the latter out of the CL. Sevilla are in 5th place in La Liga, are 19 points behind Atletico Madrid, and spend far, far less money than United. And yet they very much outsmarted Mourinho and United.

    That tells you something, IMO.

  30. mysticleaves

    Exactly my point re Rodgers. He seems to have a modern system in place and adapted greatly to the players he had. He did this at Chelsea and is doing it now at Celtic. He had a domestic 69game unbeaten run (invincible season in between them). Clearly why he is shit for many fans is that he is Brendan Rodgers, many people would lose if they critically analysed him as a coach.

    Hassenhult and The Hoffe coach, and Fonseca at Shaktar that has been linked, Brenda has shown he can do same as them or more so why not?

    As for Carlo, definite NO! Paul Clement was his miracle lately and he is at Swansea now. He doesn’t have the modern football we need and always needs money. That he couldn’t outthink JUve more than once in serie A is a proper indictment of what he could do when there’s competition. Last choice for me

  31. mysticleaves

    Bamford, yea, it tells that Jose is becoming a busted flush. And am so happy with it. Now he can’t constantly put his money where his mouth is.

  32. DivineSherlock


    I know , Mourinho the supposedly great Champions league manager , getting knocked out after spending over 300million to a side 5th in La liga . Mourinho crashing and burning is always a treat to watch.

    Atletico are favorites no doubt in Europa. But we have a chance now, especially when there’s no Dortmund.

  33. raptora

    Truth be told about Rodgers is that he was given time at Liverpool. He managed them for 4 summers. That is a long time in nowadays football. In those 3 full seasons and a bit, his team finished 7th (2012/13), 2nd (2013/14), 6th (2014-15) and 10th (2015-16) in October 2015 when he got sacked after winning 1 in 9 games and 5 in 6 games that they had taken a 1–0 lead only to have the game end in a 1–1 draw. In Europe he reached round of 32 twice, one being a drop from the UCL as a third placed team. In the 2013/14 campaign Pool had no European games, and in the end of the campaign Suarez wins Player of the Year, Golden Boot and all. Also a run of 11-straight wins for Liverpool left them three points clear at the top of the Premier League with just three matches to play. However, they then suffered a 2–0 home defeat to Chelsea. This result handed the advantage to Manchester City in the title race. In their next game away to Crystal Palace on 5 May, Liverpool led 3–0 with 11 minutes to go, but the game ended 3–3 with Pool finishing second on the final day, behind champions Manchester City by just two points.

    Two things that stand out after this data input:

    1.It doesn’t look like he managed to achieve consistency in the long run, but just one almost unbelievable season.
    2. Possibly the reason for this almost unbelievable season could have been having absolute prime Suarez (that one season he was maybe a bit better than RvP and on par with Henry, surely one of top 5 best EPL goalscorers).
    3. Bottling capabilities.