Arsenal keep pace in the race for 6th

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Another day, another win. The good times just keep rolling for Arsene Wenger. The manager said that we’d gone from hell to heaven and he’s not wrong.

Nothing more satisfying than sticking it to Troy Deeney. It shows how low we’ve sunk that anyone cares what that clogger thinks, but reality is, we’re hanging out near the midtable these days, so he’s our level and it’s fine to find joy wherever you can under this regime. Not only did we beat the side he was captaining, he missed a penalty when they were still very much in the mix. I guess he didn’t have the cajones? Or maybe he’s just a bit shit…

There were other milestones, quite a few in fact. Mustafi scored Arsenal’s 1000th Premier League goal, making us only the second side to reach that number (United have 1066). Mesut Ozil joined the ‘I made it to 50 assists quickest’ club, nudging Eric Cantona out the way by nailing it in 141 games. Petr Cech finally landed his 200th clean sheet, an immense record for the legendary keeper. It was also Arsene Wenger’s 700th win of his career, an equally mega achievement, that’s been helped along by the fact he’s indestructible.

The game was pretty easy, Watford couldn’t get under our skin, and we pretty much flatlined them when Mustafi scored a really good header from an Ozil freekick.

Our second came from Aubameyang, Mikki slipped him in as he ran the line perfectly from the left, making no mistake on his second one on one of the game.

The third was a reverse of the partnership, Auba laying off the Armenian to bundle a scrappy shot past a keeper who looked like his view was slightly hindered.

I was very excited to see Mikki coming into his own. He’s had 4 assists and 2 goals in 6 games. Pretty good going considering the absolute state of the club at the moment, and it certainly bodes well for next season. Auba spoke after the game about finding his confidence, the guy is a very different player to the strikers we’ve had of late. He’s very much about hanging off the last man and sniffing out scraps in the box. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Lacazette comes back into the team. How well will he work with Mikki and a team finding their feet?

Nearly the perfect day, but Mustafi limped off injured. Hopefully not too much of a big deal, because it’d be great to have him ready for Milan at home on Thursday. I guess the other bit of good news is we managed to rest Koscielny and Ramsey without getting spanked. Having those two at their best for Europa League is essential.

The other black mark on the day was the fan protest. Empty seats were a real blight on the TV. Wenger had his say on that.

“There is a lot of negativity. It is like rain in England, it is easy to get,”

“Of course I worry because I want our fans to be behind the team, but after what happened in that week it is understandable.

“We want to have the fans on our side and we do everything to make that happen.

“I respect everyone’s opinion but I focus totally on my job.”

It’s always amusing when Wenger’s microaggressions come through. The lack of self-awareness around his part is staggering. The negativity is his baby. Arsenal fans aren’t unique to being fed up when they’re being fed utter dross. At least we don’t storm the pitch and try and fight players. Anyway, Wenger can call the current situation heaven, but a few wins until the end of the season shouldn’t fool anyone. We’re 12 points off the top 4, that’s the headline of the season, even if we do snare the Europa League.

Our Italian friends warmed up for that game with an away win at Genoa, they wrapped up the game in the 94th minute. Hopefully, a double away week will have them leggy on Thursday.

Right, the podcast is going to be Thursday this week, might as well do a big one after the Milan game.

See you in the comments!

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  1. champagne charlie



    “Th only way in which I’d be on “higher ground” from you is if you REFUSE the offer. Because in that case, you would be refusing to do the simple, fair and equitable thing. You’d look a little … I don’t know … petty?”

    No, see this is you being the control freak we all know you are. I don’t feel warranted to change the way I interact on here, so no thanks I don’t need to join you in that endeavour. If/when a number of posters comment about the way I engage with them I’ll take some stock and analyse how I’m communicating with people on here.

    Seeing as that’s whats happening with you, and not me, I’d suggest you treat matters a little more introspectively instead of trying to divvy blame now you’ve had more than one person comment on the nature of your input.

  2. PhD07

    Sorry dude,I have a life outside of this blog.

    My life or universe doesn’t revolve around Le-Grove.Nor does one seek validation from other posters-whom I’ve never met before,to somehow make me feel important,worthwhile or someone to be desperately respected,like some.

    I don’t have the hours you seem to have at your disposal to religiously dedicate your whole life to this blog.

    Your life must be that empty and shallow.
    It’s quite tragic and sad.Clearly there is a void in your life,that needs filling.

    Some people choose to pursue a hobby/ interest that is fulfilling,enriching and rewarding.

    You choose to pursue a hobby that entails getting into arguments on a daily basis,and seeking the respect and validation of bloggers that you have never met.
    How enriching and substantive your life must be..??

    Once again,quite tragic.

    Don’t bother replying to me.As I won’t be replying back anytime soon.

    All the best in your endeavours.


  3. WengerEagle

    Carragher’s a blowhard, wasn’t even that great of a player really compared to the other bunch of English defenders of that era in Rio, Terry, Campbell.

    Spitting is nasty too, disgusting stuff from a grown man.

    The bloke in that video seemed like a bellend too though, clearly was the one filming the bit as he’s driving. And he didn’t react naturally like a father would in the heat of the moment after a bloke spat towards his teenage daughter’s window, was, entire thing was destined for the internet before Carra even opened his fat mouth.

  4. mysticleaves

    Lacazettte is waaaay more physical than Auba. Auba is faster, sure, more clinical? nope! And light as a feather. choices though, we live and die by them.

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    Mystic, Lacazette isn’t physical. Who have you been watching?

    The guy barely won headers, he struggles to engage in scraps with PL CBs so much so that he starts slinking away from his Striker duties altogether. He drops deep and plays the midfielder.

    Whereas Auba spends the whole game playing his role, contesting for scraps and headers, trying to run in behind CBs.

  6. Bamford10


    So you are refusing my offer that we both ignore one another and refrain from commenting about one another in order to keep the peace here?


    I have done what I can to pursue peace, Le Grove. I can’t really do much else.

    However, even though Charlie has not agreed to my offer, I will ignore him and not comment on his posts going forward anyways, just because that seems like the right thing to do.

    Cheers, all.

  7. mysticleaves

    Lol Rambo I’d ask you who you have been watching too. Auba rarely gets involved in games, chases down balls but it almost looks like he shies away physical duels. He is tall and good in the air so it’s natural but he should win balls on the air.

    Lacazettte gets into tussles with defenders in and around the box and is involved more that’s why he drops to look more for the ball

  8. Rambo Ramsey

    BTW this escapism from Lacazette is what the likes of Wallace praise as ‘Getting involved in team play’. Complete hogwash if you ask me.

    We don’t need a striker to do the attacking midfielder’s job. We need him to stretch/bully defenses and score goals. But Laca doesn’t have the strength to go up against CBs and he doesn’t have the acceleration to get away from markers.

  9. TR7

    When I see AMN play, I can’t help but think under a good manager who is serious about defense, he can become a top player. He has got good touch, looks comfortable on the ball, has got decent pace and athleticism. That he commits mistakes is quite expected for a player so young.

  10. Elmo

    “Carragher said. “No matter what the physical or verbal provocation, I shouldn’t have reacted like that I would like to apologise for any offence caused.

    “I was frustrated and did it without thinking in the heat of the moment. Anyone who has seen me play regularly will realise it was completely out of character but I’m not going to make excuses.

    “I was wrong and as a professional football player I should have known better. It’s a mistake I won’t make again.””

    Carragher’s comments today? Nope – they’re what he said after he chucked the coin into the crowd at Highbury in 2002 (was in the crowd in that corner where he threw it that day). Clearly he’s got a short fuse and has learned little in the past 16 years.

  11. Dissenter

    There’s an entire generation of former English players that have shirked management.
    All they want to do is get a pony coaching badge then seat down in a studio to play pundit.
    Carragher falls in that category, average and nasty defender who was no where n ear the top level. He only got his England starts when the better defenders left the scene.

    It’s cringe worthy when the likes of Carragher throw darts at Wenger, Mourhino or Klopp when they’be done finito in management.

    I hope he gets fired, maybe he can try his luck as a manager.

  12. Buckhurst Gun

    I only come here for the CC and B10 exchanges – – don’t stop now bamford , didn’t think you were a quitter , guy 😉

  13. Rambo Ramsey

    AMN appears a little overconfident and casual. Admirable qualities to have if you’re a striker but for a defender? Alarm bells start ringing

  14. WengerEagle

    I like AMN from a skill stand point, I do agree with RR that he appears a little too over-casual and careless though, not good traits to have for a young player.

    Definitely see his potential though and who knows, some of it could well be down to the hippy environment that AW’s cultivated at the club.

  15. WengerEagle


    Don’t run off to Pedro and get people banned/refuse to engage with posters- you’re better than that.

    It’s a footy blog ffs, don’t take everything so personally/seriously.

    You can hold your own from a debating perspective, so why sell yourself short.

  16. Akilan

    I kinda like AMN. People criticised his casual way of playing and “arrogance”. I actually like those characters. We have way too many pussies in the squad, and God forbid he ain’t one. Arrogance is not always a bad thing. Bendtner and ibra were both arrogant. One is a WC striker and the other is well, you know ibra. Lol.

    Bam gave him a bit of stick for sticking his leg out. Deservedly. But you gotta factor in he’s 18. He is nowhere near a finished product. But more importantly, these mistakes don’t affect him. Played against Salah at the emirates and didn’t seem to wilt under pressure. Got the mentality. If he can hone his skill set both offensively and defensively and continue developing, he can be a valuable asset.

  17. WengerEagle

    Haha I’ll never forget the team psychologist coming out with Bendtner’s rating when asked about his self-confidence, 11 out of 10.

    Mental that he’s only just turned 30.

    Absoutely shit CF, just another example of AW performing a dereliction of duty by having this clown as a prominent figure for FOUR seasons, and as a starter in 08-09.

  18. Rambo Ramsey

    Lord Bendtner. He left but we are still burdened by another specimen- donkey Welbeck. This one should have become a wingback/fullback.

  19. azed


    NikkyB is a legend. He gave us things to talk/laugh about during our barren years.

    On a side note,

    Only Wenger can have players like Bendtner, Denilson and Alumunia in the same squad and not get fired.

  20. Akilan

    You said the footballing universe rate Auba more than Lacazette. I don’t know but a certain Someone’s atletico doesn’t. They wanted Lacazette and when the deal fell through they’d rather wait 6 months to get Costa than sign Auba for similar money.
    I’m not even saying Auba isn’t better than Lacazette. All I’m trying to say is 6 months of football at arsenal managed ( I should say rather mismanaged) by Wenger isn’t enough time to judge a player’s worth. And Auba hasn’t even done anything of note either.

  21. mysticleaves

    Akilan, Reiss is 18, Maitland is 20. All things being equal both those players will make it with us.

    Definitely worried for Zelalam, the Polish guy and Jeff. I would have thought Zelalam should have atleast become a squad player by now.

    Anyone catch what McGuane said about the Arsenal academy set up? He was that good to be poached by Barca but he said Wenger didn’t for one day talk to him nor acknowledge his talent all through his rise.

    Also said if you want to make it as a pro through the academy that Arsenal’s isn’t where to come to presently. I wonder how Reiss see all these and the more talented lad too.

    Was it Dissenter or Weagle that echoed that thought 2 days back?

  22. Pierre

    A couple of comments from ufraud trying to educate Bamford .

    “I find for someone who has played the game you are at best very dismissive of players that aren’t ready or the finished article and players that have changed clubs. The game is much harder than you make out for such players. Even the best in the game know to give a more complete and informed opinion rather than the dismissive stuff you spot re AMN and laca. My point is, even a player that would make you look like a cow pat in a field of play would be more “understanding” of such players whereas you just take the high and mighty dismissive attitude and add “we’ll see” to all your negative comments. It’s one thing to be right, it’s another to know what you’re talking about and being right. Show a little humility and temperance regarding your “views”.

    5 minutes later.
    “AMN on yesterday’s performance should absolutely keep his place ahead of bellend who has been utter trash for nigh on 2 seasons.”

    Just a little contradictory don’t you think…Bellerin is still only 22 and is being labeled trash by Ufraud but he is trying to lecture Bamford about showing humility and temperance in his views .

  23. Akilan

    I thought he was 18. Thanx.

    Read somewhere that reiss didn’t take not being introduced after getting called upon to warm up against Watford as well as he should. Reportedly threw a tantrum, throwing his bib out and hitting the bench. Not sure though. He hasn’t committed to us yet, has he?

    Almost forgot the next big thing from Poland, bielik. Also what the hell happened to Dan Crowley? I’m not sure. Apparently, Jeff is doing well in France, out on loan. Finished 11 dribbles this weekend. Also read, Under 17 WC MVP Nwakali of Nigeria is playing in Scandinavia? Why? Shouldn’t he be at somewhere like Spain or Germany? Genuinely worried about the state of our academy. At least we should try to be like Chelsea. Sell the academy players for profit. We’re so shite in every way possible, its not funny anymore.

  24. champagne charlie

    Zelalem is a nothing player, not close to good enough. Was a passenger at Rangers.

    Bielik has physical talents, but doesn’t seem good enough.

    Jeff is the odd one, capable of greatness and nothingness. Is that him or the academy letting him down?

  25. alexanderhenry


    Yep, that sums it up for me.

    I don’t even like the Emirates. The angle of the stands is all wrong so it feels more like a cricket ground.

    It’s also provided the club with a perpetual and seemingly bullet proof excuse. Gazidis trotted it out yet again at the fans forum.
    Also, remember the stadium won’t be paid off until 2031.
    Where will arsenal be then?

  26. Do One Gambon

    champagne charlieMarch 12, 2018 15:19:28
    “Yes, I played my whole life. Club, US youth national team (u-17, u-18) and at university. You?”

    We call that Sunday league in England”

    Haha comment of the day.
    I don’t care for the fighting bitching and moaning but that retort, in isolation, was brilliant

  27. mysticleaves

    Crowley already left the club. Nwakali is playing in Holland second division last time I heard. I really just want to see the place settled enough for our players to start coming through.

    The whole system is a mess now for the academy to be prioritized. Only if the board could see all these..

  28. BacaryisGod

    I think we have to view the Aubameyang/Lacazette situation in much the same way as Chelsea have Morata and Giroud. All similar players who don’t naturally belong outside the CF position.

    The way to handle both of them is simple. The player in the best form starts at CF. The other player can prove he belongs elsewhere on the team while fighting for the CF starting position.

  29. Thanos

    The handful of childish rude bloggers on here everyday of the week is seriously annoying, why can’t you just be polite,it’s so tedious

  30. Akilan

    If only….indeed.
    What about Lafont of Toulouse mate. You mentioned him the other day and I’ve been tracking him. How high do you rate him?

    I personally think we’ll sign Horn of koln. You know for 6 odd millions. This club will never pass a cheap signing.

  31. champagne charlie


    Jesus Christ, get over yourself. You’ve thrown a paddy because I said you played Sunday league level football. Good lord.

    Hilarious timing of your post also, following Pedro stating he’s going to get on top of rude bloggers.

    Oh the binning irony.

  32. champagne charlie


    Pep is a master. To think he still has detractors makes me smile, best manager on the planet by a distance.

  33. azed


    You can also say they have a coach who says more than “express yourself”. A lot of our team members would improve if they played under a coach who gives them specific instructions.

  34. Wallace


    “Anyone catch what McGuane said about the Arsenal academy set up? He was that good to be poached by Barca but he said Wenger didn’t for one day talk to him nor acknowledge his talent all through his rise.Also said if you want to make it as a pro through the academy that Arsenal’s isn’t where to come to presently. I wonder how Reiss see all these and the more talented lad too.”

    while I was very disappointed to see McGuane leave the evidence doesn’t really back up his remarks. currently there’s Bellerin, Iwobi, AM-N, Nelson & Nketiah all in and around the first team, and Willock’s had 4 or 5 starts. we’re having a shit season, but the kids are getting opportunities.

  35. Bamford10

    I’ll let Pedro review the record, Charlie. I’ve made an effort to be nicer when I disagree with others, and you are the only poster I have a continuing issue with. You’ve made it clear that this is because you “don’t like me,” and you have also made it clear that you have no interest in agreeing to a truce. Your comment was not just one harmless bit of humor — you are thoroughly humorless — but of a piece with your longstanding condescension towards American fans, American football. That you can’t even be honest about this is very you.

  36. Guns of Brixton

    . “A lot of our team members would improve if they played under a coach who gives them specific instructions”

    ^ This.

  37. Bamford10

    Apologies, Pedro, for that bit of language above. I find Champagne Charlie incredibly irritating, but I will try to keep my disagreements with him to a minimum.

  38. champagne charlie


    I think that’s your belief because you’ve seen such a disconnect at Arsenal. City are the embodiment of team responsibility, they don’t need a destroyer to destroy etc.

    They’re potent in attack, but arguably their biggest strength is how well tuned they are without the ball. Defensively they all know their role and that’s so obvious seeing them fall into shape and squeeze zones across the pitch. They dictate where the ball can go, its really impressive to watch.

  39. azed

    “I believe Xhaka would be bloody fantastic under a decent manager”

    If you are going to play a Xhaka, you need an all action midfielder next to him ala a prime Yaya Toure / Viera to do all the running while Xhaka stays back and dictates play.

  40. Wallace

    champagne charlie

    “They’re potent in attack, but arguably their biggest strength is how well tuned they are without the ball. Defensively they all know their role and that’s so obvious seeing them fall into shape and squeeze zones across the pitch. They dictate where the ball can go, its really impressive to watch.”

    yes, love watching them. no need for a brute in the middle of the field, just everyone knowing where to be.

  41. Guns of Brixton

    “They’re potent in attack, but arguably their biggest strength is how well tuned they are without the ball. Defensively they all know their role and that’s so obvious seeing them fall into shape and squeeze zones across the pitch. They dictate where the ball can go, its really impressive to watch”

    Spot on.

  42. champagne charlie


    You’re still talking? Just stop. The anti-American sentiment bollocks is pathetic, you might share personal details on here but I haven’t. Don’t pretend you know a thing about me. Talk at someone else, it’s boring.

  43. azed

    Also, Pep doesn’t mess around. Bought Bravo when he came, wasn’t up to standard, he went and got Ederson(helps when you have deep pockets) but Ederson has been a big factor in their success this season.

    He composure on the ball and kicking ability helps City when facing teams that press.

  44. champagne charlie


    That’s it, one guy maybe has more responsibility (Fernandinho) to protect that side of play, but everyone can play.

    Remember Sane I think talking about how much he’s learned about pressing the right way and limiting the options for the opposition passer, spotting his options, then closing them down to force errors. Mentioned it took time to understand and implement as a team, because its a characteristic that needs to become a subconscious action – but safe to say they’re getting it down handily now.

  45. Bamford10


    I don’t need to know anything about you to know that you’re condescending towards American fans, American soccer. I only have to read your comments. You’ve made it clear that you hold such views, and anyone who reviews your comments towards me and others will see this. That you continue to dissimulate about this is very you. You’ve done this (i.e., dissimulate, be dishonest about your own views) several times before.

  46. champagne charlie


    American soccer is a comparatively shit standard, that’s a fact. Same way I’ve talked about the SPL as being a shit standard during discussions about Brendan Rogers. It’s not a hard concept, but you get insecure and claim racism. I must hate the Scots too by your logic, best not tell my folks.

    Not sure when American fans have ever been a point of discussion, maybe armchair hero’s that talk about what game-goers should do whilst never going themselves. But that’s not an American thing. More likely you’re inventing a narrative to attack a persons character on here. As I’ve stated, you know nothing about me – one of the only things one shared was a couple of days ago when I said I lived in Cali for two years.

  47. kc

    Fucking embarrassing how footy is the number one sport in England by a landslide and yet English players and the English National side are completely shite on a Worldly level. One single World Cup win to the Country that supposedly invented the game. Pathetic. Maybe more Sunday League needed????

  48. mysticleaves

    Akilan, lafont could go either way for me. He could turn out great or could be the next almunia. It all depends on the coaching he gets moving forward. The talent is there. A very good shot stopper and has a good command of his area, is good in the air too. His best attribute is his reflex though.

    The only area he could improve on is his presence and his penchant for punching the ball back into danger zones. He’s still young, very young 19 buy has been number 1 since 17.

    We should buy him really

  49. champagne charlie

    “One single World Cup win to the Country that supposedly invented the game. Pathetic. Maybe more Sunday League needed????”

    I’d value an adequate coaching structure and philosophy with competent people running the show instead of a white mans cigar club approach that is the FA.

  50. champagne charlie


    Keep going. Why not paste such examples? you’re well versed with the archives on recent evidence. Otherwise pipe down and not pretend you have a clue about me on a personal level.

  51. champagne charlie


    How’s resisting talking at me going?

    Heard that one before, ‘so many examples’ but obviously so many you can’t find any. wink wink, nudge nudge.

    Give it a rest, I’m bored having to respond so id imagine others are exhausted with the tit for tat. Tit

  52. WengerEagle

    Did a 1-3 on Stevie G, Lamps and Scholesy the other day, interested in who people are taking in a 1-3 on Xavi, Iniesta and Pirlo?

    1) Iniesta
    2) Xavi
    3) Pirlo

    Without hesitation for me.

  53. Wallace


    “Did a 1-3 on Stevie G, Lamps and Scholesy the other day…”

    nobody had Lampard at the top, did they?

  54. champagne charlie


    I’d second that. More difficult than the other three imo.

    1) Iniesta (most talented and has ability to make others better)
    2) Xavi (him and Pirlo dictators, Xavi just edges him in that regard)
    3) Pirlo

  55. WengerEagle


    England are pretty damn average, how shite are Mexico considering?

    Footy mad population of 130 million strong.

    Most impressive nation given their size is undoutedly Uruguay, 3 million people and producing players of the class of Luis Suarez, Cavani, Godin, Forlan, Recoba, Francescoli (Zidane’s idol growing up) not to mention winning 2 World Cups and FIFTEEN Copa Americas, more than Brazil or Argentina remarkably.

  56. WengerEagle

    Yeah Xavi tends to largely get the props and rightly so, he was the heartbeat of those all-conquering Barcelona and Spain sides.

    He was definitely the most influential midfielder but Iniesta edges him out for me due to his all-round ability (could play literally anywhere) and the match-winning spark that he provided/still occasionally provides (Chelsea assist for Messi couple of weeks back) on the biggest stage.

    Remember Rijkaard saying that when Iniesta was only breaking into the side that he played him everywhere from CDM to behind the CF and he was great in every position. Torres is also on record as saying that he’s yet to see him play a poor game and they’ve played together since they were 15.

    Love me some Pirlo but do feel that he got a little overrated towards the end of his career, the whole internet hipster squad have pretty much made it cool to eulogise over himself, Buffon and Alonso as if they were the best thing since the wheel, (could be a subconsious homo-erotic love for their beards).

    That said, he was a great player and really was fantastic for club and country.

    Difference between him and Xavi for me is I don’t think that Pirlo could have fit in to that Pep Barcelona side with the heavy emphasis on pressing as well as Xavi did, Xavi could have been as great for Juventus/Milan or any team IMO.

  57. champagne charlie

    Any Southampton players noteworthy? They seem like relegation fodder this season…

    Manager axed after 1 win in 17

  58. WengerEagle

    David Silva having something of a mini-rebirth under Pep this season, he hasn’t looked this good in years.

    Playing some of the best stuff of his career at 32.

  59. Marko

    I’ve said that to you and Marko previously, then reconciled more with Marko of late even though we can go at each others throats at times.

    #best mates

  60. WengerEagle


    Lemina is good, Tadic/Redmond/Bertrand are all much better than what they are showing lately too and are good on their day.

    After that it gets pretty dire.

    They have arguably most out of form CF in the league in Shane Long, toss-up between him and Berahino.

    BPL history as far as it goes tends to point to having a goalscorer as crucial to survival, you know you’re in big trouble when your top scorer is Charlie Austin with 6 goals in mid-March.

  61. WengerEagle

    ‘I’ve said that to you and Marko previously, then reconciled more with Marko of late even though we can go at each others throats at times.’

    Get a room you two.

  62. champagne charlie


    blows hot and cold Lemina doesn’t he? Remember Garth Crooks, I think, waxing lyrical calling him an Arsenal player.

  63. WengerEagle

    Still remember that Mantis looking dickhead sticking a hat-rick (might have been a perfect one-or was that Andy Carroll’s one? Lol) past us when we were smashed at Anfield bout 10 years ago now, think it was 4-1 on the day.

  64. Marko

    I only come here for the CC and B10 exchanges – – don’t stop now bamford , didn’t think you were a quitter , guy

    I thought this was good.

    Iniesta, Xavi and Pirlo sounds about right with special mention to Xabi Alonso and prime Schwini too. He was immense for bayern and Germany for years

  65. WengerEagle


    Yeah don’t think he’s that good, as you say too inconsistent.

    Has a nice skillset when he puts it together though, I do like a CM that dribbles well and is good on both sides of the ball.

    Eurosaver Moussa Dembele.

  66. WengerEagle


    Schweini was very good, doesn’t come close to those 3 gentleman though imho.

    Alonso was great, special kind of player that gets better by the move and with age, probably played his best stuff at Bayern Munich, Pep loved him.

  67. champagne charlie

    Continuing the top 3 theme…who would folk offer up as their ‘best’ 3 players outside the big 6? Best being most suitable Arsenal targets.

    1) Mahrez
    2) Doucoure (though I have a flicker of doubt about him)
    3) Butland

  68. kristoman

    I only come here for the CC and
    B10 exchanges – – don’t stop now
    bamford , didn’t think you were a
    quitter , guy

    well, stop trying to make them go at each other again. these two people have their on flaws, one took offences when the other criticise the people he love and the other wants everybody to see things his own way forgetting that people are bound to different opinions contrary to his

  69. Marko

    Of Southampton only really Cedric and maybe Hoedt look decent. Maybe Lemina as the new Elneny? Other than that there’s not much left. Used to like Forster emphasis on used to and Bertrand is a back up LB for a big club at best. Tadic? Nah he can be good though

  70. WengerEagle

    Lol, let’s do a list better than Iwobi outside top 6, that will be fun.

    Matt Phillips

  71. Marko

    Outside top 6? Mahrez sure Lanzini is decent yeah probably Zaha with a shout out to Doucoure and I think Ndidi looks a prospect. Not mad on Butland especially for us. I’m calling it now if we don’t replace Cech with one of Leno, Horn, Lafont, Sergio Rico or Oblak (not a chance of him) or a stretch someone like Onana of Ajax or Keylor Navas (for when Madrid move for DeGea or the Bilbao keeper). Leno’s clause stands at 22 million apparently. Makes a world of sense

  72. Marko

    With respect to Iwobi I actually don’t think he’s the god awful player a lot seem to think he is. I just think that he’s done absolutely nothing to earn his spot at this club. For the amount of game time he gets you’d think he was at the very least scoring or assisting. He should have been loaned out imo and he’s still in need of proper coaching as in shooting and a couple other things but there’s still a teachable player in there.

  73. WengerEagle


    I wouldn’t even necessarily look for a young up and comer although obviously that’s the aim if you can pull out a DDG or an Oblak. Unless it’s Donnarumma who looks different class (could be legs to him leaving, reports of Pepe Reina passing a medical with Milan ahead of a summer move).

    Handanovic is still class, 33 ain’t old for a GK either,

    Leno as you mentioned, Allison from Roma options too outside of the wet dream that is Oblak.

    That fella for Juventus is pretty good too, Polish bloke who’s name escapes me.

  74. Josip Skoblar

    “In a column in the Daily Mail in 2015, Jamie Carragher wrote: “I was spat at once in my career. It came during a Uefa Cup game against Celta Vigo in 1998 and the player in question was a Russian midfielder called Aleksander Mostovoi. I was shocked more than angry when he did it because I couldn’t believe what had happened.” (The Guardian, 12 March)

  75. Wallace

    that best 3 players outside the top six is hard! outside of Mahrez, and VVD would have been the obvious other…

  76. WengerEagle


    Nope, can’t agree on Iwobi.

    Our kids this past half decade have been so shit outside of Bellerin that we’ve basically been numbed to what a decent prospect even looks like.

    If Carlos Vela was breaking through this season I guarantee that he would have been raved about by Arsenal supporters and would have been putting up numbers not far away from what we saw him achieve in Spain if he was given proper game time, difference was he was competing for a place in a very strong offensive Arsenal side compared to Iwobi who’s competing with cans.

    I’m not even a big Rashford fan but you look at how far ahead of Iwobi he is and he’s a year younger.

  77. Wallace

    81pts with 8 games left and +64 goal difference, City are utterly dominant. if they just keep on playing their game they must have a hell of a shot at the CL.

  78. Champagne Charlie


    I jest when it comes to Iwobi, he has talent but no direction at present. I simply dump on him because he’s in our first XI more often than not and there’s a truck load better than him for right now.

    I rate Butland outside the top 6, don’t change the fucking rules and bring Leno and Horn into the mix! They ain’t in the prem lol

  79. Marko

    Handanovic is still class, 33 ain’t old for a GK either,

    Wanted that cunt signed about 10 years ago. We were linked with him when we had Almunia ffs. But seriously just pay the release clause of Leno and be done with it. He’s a top class goalkeeper and still what 25/26 max. He’d be our number one for years to come.

  80. David Smith

    I would imagine the coaching setup is about to be massively revamped, I would judge Iwobi and others after they have had a few months with proper coaches allowed to do their job

  81. WengerEagle


    Extremely surprised that Klopp never bothered to pursue Leno, with his experitise of the Bundesliga he must rate him. Instead went for the cheap version in Karius.

    He’s always cheaped out on shite to fill the defence and GK up until VVD in January, and who knows if that would have happened were it not for selling Coutinho for double the money.

  82. Champagne Charlie

    One thing I always find hard to gauge with keepers is their ability to step up to a club that will see them (typically) have less shots in goal.

    Notice most of these players are at lesser sides where they’re getting peppered week on week.

    You’re different gravy if you can go all Spider-Man after 20 mins ball watching. How many of these can?

  83. Marko

    81pts with 8 games left and +64 goal difference, City are utterly dominant. if they just keep on playing their game they must have a hell of a shot at the CL.

    I’m picking them or the two Spanish teams. Barcelona are red hot and you can never discount Madrid

  84. WengerEagle

    Yeah City will be right up there in Europe, I am interested in how they would fare against Real Madrid though, think that would be their toughest match-up stylistically and would fancy ZZ’s men over 2 legs with their UCL nous and champion mentality to go with their embarrassment of riches in quality.

  85. Champagne Charlie

    “I’m picking them or the two Spanish teams. Barcelona are red hot and you can never discount Madrid“

    That’s half the teams left in it ffs haha

    If I had to stick my neck out I’d say it’s one of the Spanish sides, City, Bayern, or Juve personally….

  86. WengerEagle

    ‘You’re different gravy if you can go all Spider-Man after 20 mins ball watching. How many of these can?’

    Well it’s sort of a catch-22 when you consider that if you’re playing for a weaker side, chances are you’re going to be on the receving end of much more shot attempts at your goal than the other end.

    Suppose GK’s coming from a top 6ish team are a good indicator as they dominate the majority of teams that they play, DDG for example coming from Atleti when they weren’t a top class side yet.

  87. Marko

    One thing I always find hard to gauge with keepers is their ability to step up to a club that will see them (typically) have less shots in goal

    To be fair to Leno generally speaking Leverkusen are one of your better defensive type of teams over there and he wouldn’t be as peppered as they say. But a fair enough point when you look at Ter Stegen at Barca for example. He’s doing alright but has lapses in concentration

  88. WengerEagle

    I’d back either Real Madrid or Bayern Munich at this stage, still feel that Citeh are too green and lacking in UCL experience regardless of Pep’s himself, don’t see them overwhelming these sides either based off of pure ability.

    You’d have to edge it to Real Madrid based on last season and they way that they dispatched PSG over 2 legs, the form team in the competition.

  89. WengerEagle

    Stegen’s gotten much better for that, currently enjoying his best season.

    He’s saved their ass on so many occasions where they nearly gave up a clean sheet with sloppy defending.

  90. Bamford10

    City are excellent, obviously, but until they actually face Barcelona or Madrid, I think it’s difficult to say whether they have reached THAT level.

    Barcelona and Madrid really are another level, and it’s just not clear to me that City — as good as they are — are there with them.

  91. WengerEagle

    They definitely are, Bayern Munich of 2012/13 are the only side that have been superior to Real Madrid/Barcelona since 2008/09, nearly a decade long in the Champions League.

    2010 Inter Milan and 2012 Chelsea as great as their achivements were, you could not call either better teams than Pep’s Barcelona sides. Took a combination of defensive masterclasses and huge slices of luck, especially for Chelsea to see them off in the SF both years.

  92. Bamford10


    I’ll admit I don’t watch a lot of Bayern, but it’s interesting to me that you see them as up there with Madrid at the moment. Do you think Bayern are better than Barcelona, though? That seems like a fairly bold claim to me.

  93. WengerEagle


    I think that Chelsea of late (would be silly to totally write them off on Wed even if Barca are overwhelming favourites) and Juventus/PSG last season showed that this Barcelona side are human if you can execute a gameplan to stifle Messi (obviously easier said than done but not impossible by any means.

    Coutinho’s a huge player for them now with Neymar’s departure and he’s ineligible.

    Dembele has huge amounts of raw potential but he’s still very unpolished and inconsistent.

    I know that they’ve been great in Spain but UCL is a different kettle of fish entirely. Real Madrid just seem to raise their level in this comp and Bayern Munich have more weapons for me than Barcelona do.

    Jupp has Muller looking back to his best, Robben and Ribery both looked great at the weekend reminding us of old times and then you have Lewandowski, James, Coman.

    They’ve regained their swagger which they clearly lost under Carlo.

  94. Marko

    That’s half the teams left in it ffs haha

    Been a while since an English side has been in the conversation though.

  95. Thanos

    To be fair wenger has not been able to improve a youngster for years so I dread to see any of them go until a manager like alegri or jardim comes in and says ” this kid is not god enough” who knows what a great coach can get out of iwobi bellerin amn

  96. Marko

    Hamburg are shite tbf. Also very hard to properly judge Bayern since they win their league at a cantor every year. They’re clearly better under Jupp though. And James on a two year loan was genius

  97. Carts


    Sounds bout right to me. Iniesta all round game is & was a joy to watch. It looked all too easy for him most of the time.

    Xavi was the master orchestrater. Little athleticism but his movement, touch & inter-play trumped athleticism and physicality all night long.

    Ive always liked Pirlo. He used to strut his stuff like a don. Never looked like he broke a sweat and seemed to just caress the ball so peacefully.

  98. Carts

    That Foussani Diabete kid at Leicester looks like he’ll be a real handful in a few season.

    Leicester plucked him out of nowhere and he already looks FAR more accomplished than that narcoleptic-looking shit, Iwobi!

  99. TR7


    Iniesta for me has been the second best player behind Messi in the last decade. Absolutely phenomenal ! I think Xabi Alonso should also be talked in the same breath as these 3.