New manager update | Wenger’s misery is self-inflicted | Watford preview

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Did I tell you? Great news on Joachim Löw is there’s not much meat to it. I have it on good authority from a few places that the rumour doesn’t carry much weight, and why would it? It’d be a daft decision. DAFT. Daft. Daft. Yer DaaaFT.

I think Conte’s agent said it best when he remarked that the smartest deals are done in the daft.

Wenger summed up the issue the fans have with him perfectly.

‘It’s not the person they hate, they hate the manager who doesn’t deliver the performance’

When fans say I personally hate Wenger, they’re so very wrong. People that know him have always told me I’d like him on a personal level. He’s charismatic, funny, intelligent, and loves to talk football. How could you hate that?

Do I hate his management performance? Heeeeell yes. If he turned that around, you think I’d be complaining? Heeeeeell no.

I really need to stop adding in these Americanisms into my writing… I asked someone if they could reach out to a person at work because they were butthurt yesterday.

Someone get British Airways on the blower, tell them I need a ticket back and my special food requirement is a marmite sandwich, some Jammy Dodgers and 3 pints of ‘GET IT TOGETHER SON.’

Back to the manager.

What you’re seeing here are the various stages of Wenger grief. First it’s not really a problem, then it’s a problem for the spoilt fans minds, then it’s a problem and the fans are to blame, then he realises that fans are important, then it’s about how sad he feels when there’s a problem and fans are right to be sad.

“But I’m just unhappy that we lose the games. I want to win, win with style even, so it’s very ambitious. When we don’t do it of course I’m suffering like everyone else.

“Arsenal is 30 million people, it’s not the suffering of one person, you want to make 30 million people happy and that’s what you care about.”

“It’s part of the job (a lack of sleep). It is surviving disappointments and finding solutions, it can make you a better manager to face crisis.”

I don’t care much for shared misery. When you control the situation soup to nuts, feeling sad about it is kind of pathetic.

… and that’s my issue, if Wenger truly cared about Arsenal winning, he’d try and solve the problems. He’d put his ego in Vik Akers store cupboard, he’d throw Boro Priromac and Gerry P in there too, and he’d seek help.

He doesn’t do that. He doubles down on his failing methods, and spends his time fending off attempts to help because they’re seen as attacks on his power structure. Remember, power is his drug of choice, that’s why he doesn’t go to Madrid or PSG. He can’t resist the buzz of a delicious line of authoritarian control. He’s the most important man at the club, he makes all the decisions, and he’s not accountable to anyone bar the guilt of Stan Kroenke.

He’s not serious about winning because he’s been trotting out lines like the above for 10 years. The fake end of season reviews, the ‘I’m going to make changes’ press, the war chest PR, and the occasional changeup of a formation. He’s needed ruthless backroom changes for years, he should have insisted on a new Chief Scout and DoF. He couldn’t handle it, it had to be forced upon him.

So as much as I feel for a man who is out of ideas, I can’t feel too sorry for him. We should be a fact-based football club and make data led decisions. Operating on sentiment is getting us nowhere, hopefully, the board carry out the difficult job of dispatching the manager this summer.

WE PLAY WATFORD TOMORROW. A player I will mostly be keeping my eye on Abdoulaye Doucouré, the Watford midfielder who is dropping stats like STATTO from classic TV series Fantasy Football League from back in the day (ahh, sweet memories).



Look at those numbers. He’s an all action hero! Apparently, Wenger likes him. Question is, could he make the jump to a solid midtable side like Arsenal (stole that joke from Twitter)?

The real eyes will be on Troy ‘I’m double aaaaard son’ Deeney. Watford sit 9 points behind us, which is comical really because they’ve been utterly shite since the last time we played them. Their season rapidly derailed BECAUSE NO ONE SLAGS ARSENAL, also, their manager fluttered his eyelashes at Everton, which rocked the squad’s interest in playing for him.

I expect we’ll take our scintillating form from Milan into this game and take them down. My main worry is Watford didn’t play midweek, so a slow start from a team that’s coming to bruise us could make things difficult.

Let’s see what happens. Arsenal need to course correct because the pack of crap behind us can smell an achievement. This won’t be as easy as Milan, let’s see what Wenger has in store.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Wenker-wanger

    I get the impression he(Vicki) is a bit immature…
    Ykjow my son used to think everything arsenal was great when he was 12…. At that age they are fanatical but with no balanced outlook.

  2. Victorious

    Oh look at them plonkers!Like moth to a flame,surely Wanker you didn’t imagine you’d get away with such utter tripe,go get a lay down and quit embarrassing yourself,you poor old sod

  3. Emiratesstroller

    I did not go to today’s game because of family commitments, but watched it on tv.

    It is very clear now that there are large numbers of empty seats at the stadium for the second consecutive home game and on this occasion the club cannot use the weather as an excuse.

    Wenger may still be in cloud cuckoo land about the empty seats, but I am sure
    that Messrs Kroenke, The Board and Gazidis cannot be under any misconception about what is going on nor for that matter can the Sponsors and TV Companies.

    We have no further significant Home Games in EPL so there is every likelihood that what is now going on will continue until end of the season. Wenger
    may not be concerned, but I am sure that the club is, because it sends a clear
    message that unless the club changes the Manager they could land up with
    many supporters cancelling season tickets next season.

  4. Bamford10


    Sorry, but I don’t agree with any of that either. Harry Kane is not better than Karim Benzema. Scores more goals, yes, but doesn’t have nearly the polish or class.

    Again, some of you lot think he can shine at a Madrid or PSG. I don’t. Let’s see what happens.

  5. Bamford10


    You were full of praise for Ainsley Maitland-Niles this morning — even calling for him to be our starting right-back — but you went kind of quiet when he committed that really dumb foul that gave them a penalty.

    Care to tell us whether you think of AMN — his future, his potential as a RB — along with what you thought of that foul?

  6. Dissenter

    I’m not sure Charlie called for AMN to be our starting RB. He said it would be a waste of talent but that he was better than Bellerin.

  7. UTarse

    Ffs mate ! Since when was success measured in polish and class ?! It’s about goals B10…. like I said yesterday, you don’t make it easy for yourself…. let’s see what happens indeed.

  8. Marko

    Care to tell us whether you think of AMN — his future, his potential as a RB — along with what you thought of that foul?

    Definitely a better prospect at RB than Mustafi.

  9. jasongms

    Bamford, it’s time to re-appraise your judgment of Kane. You got it wrong and there’s no foul in that. Most of us did, hell I thought he would be a busted flush after his break out season.
    Thing is Kane isn’t the quickest player nor most pretty’, but what he does have is a footballing intelligence that only the very best have. His ability to read the game and therefore his positioning makes him a step to two in front of his peers. I’m not a big fan of stats, but they do add weight to the argument that the lad is very close to being world class. He’ll need to leave Spurs to attain that status IMO and obviously win some silverware.

  10. jasongms

    Also, the Lacazette hate on this blog is astonishing, the lad is quality. You put him in a team that is organised and in a formation that plays with width and he’ll start scoring for fun. He’s like a fish out of water in our current formation and with Arsene’s anti-tactics.

  11. Dissenter

    Stop trying to convince Bamford about his several obvious mistakes.
    The dude’s pigheadedness is legendary and sadly embarrassing.
    He will wear that silly Kane’s appraisal like a decomposing albatross around his neck.

  12. jasongms

    @ Dissenter

    Yep, he has become the epitome of identity politics, which is sad because earlier on (on this board) he made really valid arguments.

  13. Rambo Ramsey

    So Bamford thinks Kane doesn’t have what it takes to shine for the biggest clubs in the World. Get over it already, we are all entitled to our opinions. Every effing match day its the same shit on here- Kane, Kane, Kane.

    Why don’t you fangirls seek a Spud forum if praise is all you want to see of Kane? Maybe add in your good words as well, as Arsenal fans. They’ll love it.

    Its embarrassing, the number of cunts on here that continually ride a Spud player’s dick.

  14. Dissenter

    Why are you so obsessed with the dicks of spuds players. People are just disagreeing about football stats and players.
    What’s with the repeated phallic-driven shaming?

  15. Wallace

    dream scenario – Wenger destroys le grove love object Simeone in the Europa League final then walks away.

  16. Bamford10


    Thank you. It is hilarious that my rather mild take on Harry Kane produces such opposition here.


    Given that Harry Kane has never contradicted anything I’ve said about him, I fail to see how I’m being “pig-headed”. And as I’ve said, if he shines for one of the best clubs in Europe and in the biggest matches, I will gladly admit that I got him wrong. Until then, I haven’t been proven wrong about him. So, no.


    “Identity politics”? What the fuck are you on about?

  17. Bamford10

    Also, I think some of you need to re-watch AMN’s performance yesterday. He wasn’t very good, actually, and his foul in the box was abysmally bad defending. People hyping him are in the wrong.

  18. Pierre

    Alex cutter
    ““Champagne Charlie” is also a term for a gay man who likes to insert champagne bottles into his anus. Don’t be so sure he’s referring to Charlie Nicklaus.”

    are you talking from personal experience ?

  19. Bamford10


    One, he proposed selling Bellerin and replacing him with AMN, so yes, that would be making him our starting RB.

    Two, yes, he added that this might be “wasting AMN’s talent,” but that just makes the remark even worse, because no offense, but AMN hasn’t really shown all that much yet. He looks a decent player but the hype is a bit much, especially after his unconvincing performance yesterday. I recommend re-watching his bits and asking if this kid really deserves that kind of hype. I say he doesn’t.

    Three, I really don’t get all of this defensive work you’re doing for Charlie. The guy is a complete jerk.

  20. Bamford10


    I would say the jury is still out on Lacazette at this level, but if you believe in him so much, do you think it was wrong for us to go out and spend £60m on a second CF (Aubameyang)?

    If Lacazette is what you say he is, wasn’t that sort of a waste? Do we really need two starting-caliber CFs?Wouldn’t that money have been better used on other positions?

    Further, when Lacazette returns, what do you propose doing with him and Aubameyang? Who do you see as the starter? Or do you see them somehow playing together?