New manager update | Wenger’s misery is self-inflicted | Watford preview

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Did I tell you? Great news on Joachim Löw is there’s not much meat to it. I have it on good authority from a few places that the rumour doesn’t carry much weight, and why would it? It’d be a daft decision. DAFT. Daft. Daft. Yer DaaaFT.

I think Conte’s agent said it best when he remarked that the smartest deals are done in the daft.

Wenger summed up the issue the fans have with him perfectly.

‘It’s not the person they hate, they hate the manager who doesn’t deliver the performance’

When fans say I personally hate Wenger, they’re so very wrong. People that know him have always told me I’d like him on a personal level. He’s charismatic, funny, intelligent, and loves to talk football. How could you hate that?

Do I hate his management performance? Heeeeell yes. If he turned that around, you think I’d be complaining? Heeeeeell no.

I really need to stop adding in these Americanisms into my writing… I asked someone if they could reach out to a person at work because they were butthurt yesterday.

Someone get British Airways on the blower, tell them I need a ticket back and my special food requirement is a marmite sandwich, some Jammy Dodgers and 3 pints of ‘GET IT TOGETHER SON.’

Back to the manager.

What you’re seeing here are the various stages of Wenger grief. First it’s not really a problem, then it’s a problem for the spoilt fans minds, then it’s a problem and the fans are to blame, then he realises that fans are important, then it’s about how sad he feels when there’s a problem and fans are right to be sad.

“But I’m just unhappy that we lose the games. I want to win, win with style even, so it’s very ambitious. When we don’t do it of course I’m suffering like everyone else.

“Arsenal is 30 million people, it’s not the suffering of one person, you want to make 30 million people happy and that’s what you care about.”

“It’s part of the job (a lack of sleep). It is surviving disappointments and finding solutions, it can make you a better manager to face crisis.”

I don’t care much for shared misery. When you control the situation soup to nuts, feeling sad about it is kind of pathetic.

… and that’s my issue, if Wenger truly cared about Arsenal winning, he’d try and solve the problems. He’d put his ego in Vik Akers store cupboard, he’d throw Boro Priromac and Gerry P in there too, and he’d seek help.

He doesn’t do that. He doubles down on his failing methods, and spends his time fending off attempts to help because they’re seen as attacks on his power structure. Remember, power is his drug of choice, that’s why he doesn’t go to Madrid or PSG. He can’t resist the buzz of a delicious line of authoritarian control. He’s the most important man at the club, he makes all the decisions, and he’s not accountable to anyone bar the guilt of Stan Kroenke.

He’s not serious about winning because he’s been trotting out lines like the above for 10 years. The fake end of season reviews, the ‘I’m going to make changes’ press, the war chest PR, and the occasional changeup of a formation. He’s needed ruthless backroom changes for years, he should have insisted on a new Chief Scout and DoF. He couldn’t handle it, it had to be forced upon him.

So as much as I feel for a man who is out of ideas, I can’t feel too sorry for him. We should be a fact-based football club and make data led decisions. Operating on sentiment is getting us nowhere, hopefully, the board carry out the difficult job of dispatching the manager this summer.

WE PLAY WATFORD TOMORROW. A player I will mostly be keeping my eye on Abdoulaye Doucouré, the Watford midfielder who is dropping stats like STATTO from classic TV series Fantasy Football League from back in the day (ahh, sweet memories).



Look at those numbers. He’s an all action hero! Apparently, Wenger likes him. Question is, could he make the jump to a solid midtable side like Arsenal (stole that joke from Twitter)?

The real eyes will be on Troy ‘I’m double aaaaard son’ Deeney. Watford sit 9 points behind us, which is comical really because they’ve been utterly shite since the last time we played them. Their season rapidly derailed BECAUSE NO ONE SLAGS ARSENAL, also, their manager fluttered his eyelashes at Everton, which rocked the squad’s interest in playing for him.

I expect we’ll take our scintillating form from Milan into this game and take them down. My main worry is Watford didn’t play midweek, so a slow start from a team that’s coming to bruise us could make things difficult.

Let’s see what happens. Arsenal need to course correct because the pack of crap behind us can smell an achievement. This won’t be as easy as Milan, let’s see what Wenger has in store.

See you in the comments.

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  1. useroz

    Welbeck you can sit back down. Thank for your interest in our affairs.

    Auba cool goal.

    AMN ceded a pen. Not the most obvious but… the almighty TRUY

  2. Zfree

    Far too soon to call Mikki a bust. He’s got what 5 or more assists already, the goal against Milan, just should’ve earned a pen.

  3. Elmo


    Yeah, that was poor from AMN, but is he really a big step down from current Bellerin; they are both suspect defensively. I’m not so sure, and if we need money to rebuild the spine of the team, it’s a risk worth taking.

  4. Bamford10


    Agreed re Mkhi. He makes some errors, but he also definitely adds something to what we do in the attacking third.

  5. useroz

    What an irony. Cech may get his long long awaited 200 th clean sheet at the expense of TROY-the-almighty …lolll

    Hindsight, TROY should have let his mouth take the pen.

    that’s a pen with Mikki felled in the box, right ankle caught.

  6. Victorious

    Chavs cunt
    “Wenger must’ve really missed
    playing shit teams at home.
    Nothing better to buy more time.”

    Every “genuine” Arsenal fan would enjoy this victory, not you though,a gumless Chavs wanker

  7. Bamford10

    While Aubameyang hasn’t had a ton of touches, it’s good to have pace up front. Makes a difference. No question.

  8. useroz

    Agree this team needs a Mikki as long as he turns up more (way more)) than Ozil and willing to do some defending.

    Mikki should have released earlier but Auba looked running offside??

    Need to thank TROY for firing up the physical side of our team. Look more than babies today.

  9. Bamford10

    And like clockwork, Bob comes on with a Wilshere comment. In truth, though, I think Elneny might be a better option at the moment than Wilshere.

  10. Victorious


    Since you don’t think the 13:30 lunch time kick off is a factor to the low turn up,what do you then suggest might be the cause

    Would go in details later why the stadium seems to be scanty but genuinely want to hear from you fountains of knowledge first

  11. Bamford10


    I’m not sure if you read all of the comments — doing so might help you — but no one here shares your view of the empty seats. Nor do any of the match’s commentators.

  12. raptora

    Both Bellend and AMN are average. Hector is no good for an offensive team like Barca because he has next to no skills in attack, and he is no good for a more defensively oriented team like Juventus or Atleti, or Man United atm. Not good under pressure for a team like say Burnley. Could be a decent fit for a West Ham or Everton, Sevilla type of club. Average player under Wenger at least.

    AMN is bound to make mistakes because he just suddenly switches off. Done it before and will done it again.

  13. Guns of Brixton

    Wenger in or out (out btw lol)

    Nothing beats the feeling of watching a confident Arsenal team Pick a team apart.

    Really is beautiful

  14. useroz

    I suppose Ozil only gets ill not injured so may be fine to play full 90 today.

    Actually why even put Welbeck on? Isn’t he starting Thursday??

    Weird Wenger decisions. But we all want you to stay….several more months.

  15. Bamford10

    Wenger on Lacazette: “Alexandre has his first run today, but won’t be back until after the international break (home to Stoke on April 1).”

  16. Dissenter

    “Since you don’t think the 13:30 lunch time kick off is a factor to the low turn up,what do you then suggest might be the cause”

    Oh dear, give it up, will you?
    You’re just being tediously annoying now with the pseudo-positivity crap.
    You know why the attendance is down.

  17. steve

    The only good thing about the nonce getting CL football next season is to watch him humiliate himself yet again.

  18. Dissenter

    ‘”Actually why even put Welbeck on? Isn’t he starting Thursday??”

    This would have been the game for Eddie to come on and get some minutes. .

  19. Bamford10

    The first leg of the Europa quarterfinals will be April 5th, so Lacazette should be back for that.

    Do people agree with Dissenter? That with him back, it’s game on? With him, are we a match for Atletico?

  20. useroz

    C’mon Welbeck…if Wilshere can lay that ball in front of you he ‘d be Messi not Wilshere. Still a good shot. Cud go for the far corner.

  21. Dissenter

    If we have a number nine that had a goal scoring threat we might be able to make a good run.
    It all depends on who we draw on Friday though.

    Atletico may not even get to the semi finals, someone else may knock them out.

  22. Victorious

    2 wins in a row,comment section still stucked in the 3rd page,been a torrid week for the Wenger obsessives,nothing to gloat about and all that,heart goes out to them

  23. useroz

    Was it Holding who made two bad passes in a minute?? C’mon. Don’t pass it out. Put the foot thru it and it’s done. Auba and Welbeck can chase.

  24. Bamford10

    Henrikh Mkhitaryan for Arsenal: Goals: 2 Assists: 6
    Alexis Sanchez for Man Utd: Goals: 1 Assists: 2
    – @BWIN

    Pedro will like that little jab.

  25. raptora

    Atleti, as good as they are, might lose to another team. It’s not an all in cup for them anyways, and anything can happen in a cup tie. Not like we are bound to play a final either. If a tie between Arsenal and Atleti is to happen though, they will be favorites to win it.

  26. useroz

    I’d say Mikki has way fewer turnovers/ wayward passes per game.

    Surely Cech has his 200th clean sheet in his hands now…

  27. Dissenter

    “2 wins in a row,comment section still stucked in the 3rd page,been a torrid week for the Wenger obsessives,nothing to gloat about and all that,heart goes out to themæ

    Why don’t you write posts after post to make up the deficit in comments.
    You really cant bet 12 years old, more like 10-year old.

  28. Bamford10


    I agree that it will help to have someone (Lacazette) who can score goals. Welbeck doesn’t give us that. But I’d still prefer to have Aubameyang (rather than Lacazette) and I’m not convinced our midfield and defense are good enough to beat an Atletico. We will see.

  29. steve

    Lol Vicuntious gloating after two wins after the team being shit for pretty much the entire season. Hilarious.

  30. Dissenter

    ” Say no more,your rage at this win has never been obvious, good to see the humble pie splashed in your wrankkled face,now jog along”

    Oh Dear
    Don’t make me change my estimation of your developmental age.
    It used to be 12, now 10…It’s going dooownnnnnnn.

  31. Bamford10

    To celebrate a decent win, some of that new jazz sound coming out of London (by way of West Africa). Sons of Kemet, “Inner Babylon”. Check out their other stuff as well as The Comet is Coming, if you like this. Cheers, all.

  32. Dissenter

    I think the comments section was mainly respectful
    We all know the season is done, regarding the league.
    We just tried to enjoy a game that just keeps us away from Burnley for the SIXTH place.

  33. London gunner

    Couple thoughts Welbeck isn’t skilful or dynamic enough. We need a more talented player on the wing.

    Jack is beyond flat he is too one-paced and seems to slow done the team never seems on beat with the rest and has a habit of underpassing. What does he tangibly bring to the side, as he doesn’t dictate play doesn’t enforce the middle nore is a workhouse or a creative outlet. He doesn’t have enough about his play enough “identity”

    Miki got lucky with his goal today was a poor finish right in the middle of the goal

  34. London gunner


    To celebrate a decent win, some of that new jazz sound coming out of London (by way of West Africa). Sons of Kemet, “Inner Babylon”. Check out their other stuff as well as The Comet is Coming, if you like this. Cheers, all.”

    You’re such a new yorker.

  35. Bamford10


    Actually, I’m a Californian (though I reside in Florida, at present). I did live and study in NYC for four years or so, though.

  36. TT

    You are on the wrong website Victorious. Untold Arsene is more like where you belong, with Champagne Charlie and the rest of the Arsene cheerleaders. Thats where you can jerk off in peace with the rest of the AKB’s.

  37. Chika

    So according to Bumford, Kane is a good goal scorer while Rashford is an excellent goal scorer.

    Another gem from Legrove’s chief prick.

  38. Bamford10


    What a silly little cheap shot. Two different adjectives in two different contexts. I obviously think Kane is leagues above a Rashford. Good to know you’re studying my every word, though. How petty.

  39. Carts

    Operation Milan 2.0

    two game winnng streak. Mentality on a hundred.

    Quite frankly Arsenal should despatch of Milan with consummate ease.

    Sadly, I think the pressure oven, controlled by Per, will be our downfall. You know: go out there and contain the game; don’t give away any stupid fouls…

  40. Marko

    I thought Mhiki and Ozil (particularly in the first half less so in the second) were good today. The back and midfield is still so blatantly obvious a problem cause Watford had a lot of the ball and chances today and they’re kind of shite tbh. Our forward options were always going to get us the win today. 4 home games in a row 3 left to ease the pressure off the manager but the likelihood of finishing higher than 6th or a Europa league title is very slim so a decision will have to be made at the end of the season instead of sooner. Unfortunately

  41. Marko

    The empty seats do look like a worrying trend. But that’s been that way for months and they still shamelessly announce sell outs so I’m not sure they give a shit

  42. Champagne Charlie


    I like California less knowing you’re from there. That’s a damn shame, you must’ve been driven out

  43. Champagne Charlie

    You know Arsenal are poor when the takeaway from a match is bantering off an average premier league striker in Deeney.

    Oh well, Tiger is back so there’s excitement in sport again

  44. Bamford10


    California wouldn’t like you at all. Trust me. Indeed, allow me to say, on behalf of the good people of California: “Fuck off, you dumb, semi-literate, humorless dickhead. You are never welcome in the Golden State. Thanks.”

  45. Champagne Charlie


    Lived there for 2 years, so unsurprisingly you’re not the spokesperson for an entire state. Mug

  46. Carts

    Kane and those reaccuring ankle injuries.

    Haven’t seen the incident but from what I’ve read it was self inflicted. If so then he needs to be more aware of his land stance

  47. Wenker-wanger

    Fckin wanker akbs out in force, creaming themselves over a flat track bully win.
    Akbs pathetically happy with crumbs, when wobs expect a decent meal.

  48. Carts

    Milan kept a clean sheet and got a last minute winner away to Genoa.

    Bouncebackability and all that.

    Let’s see what they can do in the return leg

  49. Marko

    Haven’t seen the incident but from what I’ve read it was self inflicted. If so then he needs to be more aware of his land stance

    By self inflicted you mean trying to score a goal then yes self inflicted. I mean he wouldn’t have got injured if he stayed at home.

  50. Bamford10

    By the way, because Charlie continues to be such a pleasant peach, I would like to share with everyone a couple of Charlie gems I found this morning while looking for a different discussion from the Le Grove past.

    This is Charlie back in August getting all huffy and offended that not everyone was on the Alexandre Lacazette bandwagon:

    “The jury is out on Lacazette? haha christ you talk some bollocks. Aside from the new signing settling in period theres absolutely no doubts what he brings. Amazing to see the rhetoric you peddle to keep your sect bubbling over mate.”

    I think that was directed to Pedro. The below, however, was directed to QNA:

    “All in all your assertions hes our defoe and a backup player will be shoen up during thr season. He’ll be our best striker by a distance and, depending how he adapts, can challenge for the golden boot.”

    Lacazette will challenge for the golden boot! I love that. Yeah, the golden boot, in the Swiss League maybe.

    Indeed, Lacazette was so impressive in his first few months at Arsenal that Gazidis and Mislintat decided to fly to Germany and spend £60m on another CF.

    Good call on that one, Charlie. We all look forward to seeing Lacazette challenge for the golden boot. Of course he’ll have to do so from Arsenal’s bench, as there is no chance he’ll start as long as Aubameyang is healthy.

  51. Bamford10


    Glad you’re not in California anymore. I would hate to think of you there, ruining the mood, and spoiling the atmosphere.

  52. Marko

    Bam he used words like setting in period and depending. He was vague in his assertions which is okay with a new signing. I don’t know why you start these types of things cause you’re leaving your own past statements up for criticism too. Your opinions on Harry Kane for one border on the ridiculous

  53. Champagne Charlie


    Wow, some gems there indeed. He’s been our best striker and was top goal scorer for the side before injury.

    He’s not adapted as much, coupled with our further regress in form, so no challenging for the golden boot. Almost like I said as much!

    Gems though……

  54. Wenker-wanger

    I like bamford…. He may argue the toss, but his significant mindset is spot on.
    His general logic is unquestionable.

  55. Dissenter

    Nitpicking on previous comments aren’t a good strategy because we’ve all posted things we wished we could take back.

  56. Bamford10


    He had Lacazette challenging for the golden boot. And he’s now arguing that he had been playing well until he got injured. The first claim is utterly hilarious; the second claim is just false.

    As for my claims re Harry Kane, none of those are ridiculous: some of you lot think he’s good enough to shine for a Madrid; I don’t. I think he’s very good, but I don’t think he’s THAT level. There is nothing ridiculous about that view at all. When Harry Kane plays at that level and shines, I will be the first to admit that I got him wrong. Until then, though, Harry Kane has not demonstrated that he is that caliber of player, and that’s true regardless of his number of PL goals. Sorry.

    Finally, Champagne is a complete and utter dickhead. He deserves no one’s sympathy whatsoever. And HE started the antagonism today (and on previous days, btw) not me.

    I’ll try to ignore him going forward, though.

  57. Wenker-wanger

    Lacazette is the following: quick and reactive. Good in tight situations. Accurate shooting generally.
    He has quite a lot of limitations to be considered a top striker.
    Personally I would rate him in the £25 million bracket.
    Supporting that view is the fact that giroud is above him in the French national team selection.

  58. Dissenter

    I don’t understand why you’re so dismissive of Laca when he never had the service that Auba has had recently.

  59. Bamford10


    BTW, if you re-read his remarks, you’ll see that he was actually quite confident and quite bullish when it came to Lacazette. The only thing he actually “hedged on” was the golden boot bit.

    And again, the whole reason he was writing these breathless posts — look at his frantic typing/misspellings in the second one — is because he was so offended that Pedro and QNA had said that Lacazette was unproven as of yet.

    “Unproven!” Charlie roared. “How dare you!” Then he gave us all of that blather, the vast majority of which has turned out to be totally false.

    Whatever. I just thought it was classic Charlie. We can move on to other things. Cheers, all.

  60. TheBlaster

    It’s good to take a moment from the repetitive zombie Wenger Out mantra to enjoy watching Troy Deeney forced to chew on Cech’s cojones. It doesn’t make WO any the less correct. Just relieves the depression for a moment.

  61. Wenker-wanger

    Hate to say it, but rashford is more valuable than all our strikers combined.
    He is awesome.
    Its strange how mourinho only rates him as a good squad player….not a certainty to play. He is better than lukaku( who is a great player) and martial ( who is nowhere near as lethal).
    Shame he is a manc.
    Mind you its kind of karma to see how Sanchez the mercenary is not happy.
    Life is full of ironies

  62. Champagne Charlie


    Was Lacazette not our top goal scorer before being injured? That would suggest he wasn’t ‘backup’ as I was arguing.

    I also didn’t state he’d be the golden boot winner. Marko even pulled you up for that dishonesty. I said depending on adaptation he can challenge for golden boot.

    Basically everything I said was as has turned out.

    Gems though mate, proper gems. From the hero that claims Kane is merely good, Icardi was Italian, and Bernardo Silva would prove himself one of the best CM this season…..

  63. Marko

    He had Lacazette challenging for the golden boot.


    He wasn’t playing well prior to injury but he said he was top scorer and the best striker we had which is correct.

    As for my claims re Harry Kane, none of those are ridiculous: some of you lot think he’s good enough to shine for a Madrid; I don’t.

    He’s currently better than Benzema and Benzema starts for Madrid. You also claimed he’d fetch something like 40 million in this climate which is ridiculous.

    Harry Kane has not demonstrated that he is that caliber of player,

    Outscored Aguero in the last two (soon to be three) seasons and the season prior to that finished second behind Aguero. Has been playing and scoring with regularity for nearly 4 years.

    I’m not sticking up for Charlie but come on you’re both so much like each other its silly now. The constant shit talk. All I’m saying is that if YOU start going back and picking out past statements others can do the same to you. Don’t open that can of worms

  64. Wenker-wanger

    Harry Kane? Even better than he looks on the field.
    Deceptively quick, deceptively fast, very accurate and strong with challenging defenders.
    Very good in the air.
    Great striker.
    Son is also a very effective striker.
    But spuds do not have that winning mentality.
    They do buckle under pressure that they seem to put themselves under.

  65. Wenker-wanger

    Why that name?
    Surely you should call yourself horrible little piece of excrement.?