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‘It’s the history of Tottenham. They always create a lot of chances but they always miss out. We always believe in the history’ Chiellini

Spurs dropped an utter classic of a performance yesterday, totally dominating Juventus until a smart tactical switch in the second half saw two goals in 3 minutes washout out Spurs dreams of anything outside a marginal gains season.

If you’re not enjoying this, you need to pack up being an Arsenal fan and go hibernate, football and the surround counter-joys are not for you. Going out at the last 16 of the Champions League isn’t acceptable for Arsenal, it shouldn’t be for Spurs. Absolutely hilarious that even at Wenger’s worst, he’s still making Cup Finals.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be too noisy, we have to go to the San Siro tonight and make something happen. I mean, let’s be real, is there a more perfect place for an Arsenal away tour? Beautiful fashion, fine wine, stunning food, and the fact it’s totally acceptable to roll a hamper into the ground. Their working-class fans probably think we’re peasants, but who cares, let’s just enjoy being middle-class in the ground free from criticism.

Wenger has been in banterful mood. This is what he had to say about giving advice to Gattuso.

“I don’t give him much advice. He was a great player here and he’s doing very well at moment. I’m not doing well so maybe I can get advice from him!”

Gattuso returned the favour, with a funny comment of his own.

“When I go to bed I dream of Mesut Ozil and Wenger, not about my playing days. That’s in the past, this is something different. You can’t compare it.

“Compared to Wenger I’m in the children’s team, I’m just starting and he’s been coaching for 30 years. In that regard it’s not a contest.

“He’s won so much in his career. My path is still very long. It will be an interesting match, with more of a new philosophy like mine against him and his experience.”

So poetic.

Back to Wenger, who clearly knows this is his last chance to make it happen this season.

“This is an opportunity we have to take,”

“It increases the pressure on it even more on this competition.

“It is difficult when you go through a patch like this, but it is a good opportunity to show you have the quality and the strengths and you can only show that when it is difficult.

“It is a good opportunity to show we can deal with that – and in the longer term it will make the team even stronger.”

I’m not sure Wenger or the players have the guts to go all the way in the Europa League, however, I do think there will be a buzz around the camp after watching Spurs tank.

There’s also a weird way of the universe, and it’d make a pretty good headline if we beat Milan, especially juxtaposed against the failing of our north London rivals.

Gattuso also needs to make a good showing for the home fans. The top 4 race is a little closer for him, but still pretty unlikely. The Europa presents a very good opportunity for him to become an even bigger hero than he already is, and their form is strong heading into this unbeaten in 13, after just beating Lazio in the cup.

“We have definitely improved mentally, technically and tactically, but we can’t make mistakes and we need to keep our composure. We must not be afraid of the 70,000 fans that will be at San Siro and show our qualities, both technical and physical. We must make it very difficult for Arsenal.

“The Italian teams are doing well in Europe, yet, we can’t compare English football with the Italian football nowadays. Ten years ago it was the opposite, but today the top players go to the Premier League.”

What I love about the Italian is his presence. When an English manager is passionate, it’s almost a dog whistle for ‘a bit thick’, but reality is, passion goes a really fucking long way. People can laugh, but they’re normally the sort of people who hack e-mail accounts in their spare time. Energy, charisma, fire, whatever you want to call it, is something football players tune into. This is Gattuso…

“I don’t want to hear anything about fatigue, we have no excuses, we have to get on the field with a knife between our teeth.

Wenger has an aura about him, but he doesn’t exude the presence he used to. Can you imagine him saying the above? When you’re a young kid, what do you see when you look at Wenger? Why would you listen?

The other part about the Gattuso I like is that he hasn’t just appeared in the game because he’s a fan fave.

‘ This was no case of an entitled ex-pro being parachuted straight into the top level; Gattuso had done his time in spells with Sion, Palermo, OFI Crete and Pisa before returning to Milan as coach of the primavera (youth) side. “I’m not a great coach,” he said after the cup semi-final. “I’ve had to cut my teeth and learn a lot.” But Milan’s physical performance, in particular, has improved under Gattuso. They have conceded only one second-half goal in 2018 and approach Arsenal feeling upbeat when, two months ago, this would have resembled a broadside of blanks between two sinking ships.’

Now, he’s certainly been privileged, but at least he’s done the rounds and cut his teeth.

We know Milan are not a great squad of players, but we know they’re organised, tactically resolute, and they’re definitely going to know we can be ruffled. Our players don’t like it up ’em, especially at the moment.

We’re without Hector Bellerin, who amazingly picked up an injury after earning a well-earned ‘you’re dropped’ in the last game. Aaron Ramsey will be back, which is nice. My biggest concern is I have no idea what Wenger is going to do. What’s the surprise? What’s different? How is he raising morale? How do we win?

A lot of questions I don’t have the answer to.

A couple of interesting stories in The Times. Basically, one says Wenger has said he’s not leaving Arsenal, they’ll have to fire him. An interesting strategy, but one with solid grounds, because no one was able to fire him last season. The second one, from the same journo, basically states there’s unrest about the money being earned by Mikki, Auba and Ozil… because they’re delivering fuck all to the team. I can understand those feelings. I feel that way about the whole damn squad.

Finally, we’re being linked AGAIN to Joachim Löw. This time by ESPN. Firstly, I have a hard time believing Arsenal are leaking candidates to any people outside the trusted few, secondly, I just can’t get behind this. It’s like Ivan is purposefully trying to ruin my life, why would he do that? I’m just a blogger ffs…

So, Löw found his calling in life. He re-engineered the German FA, he helped make the greatest generation of German players winners, he saved children from bears. He’s done incredible things.

However, club football is a different beast. Some say I should respect an unorthodox hire, but I just can’t, especially if it doesn’t feel well thought through. Our mission is to topple the mighty Pep G, a guy whose ideas are so complex, it took his player a year to learn. That’s what we’re dealing with. We need a manager who is in club football, doing trailblazing things, ready to take over a big club and blow up the league. How can that be Löw? Club football and international football are so different.

Outside the simple difference of 6 weeks work versus a year-round slog, there are so many things an international manager doesn’t have to deal with. Day to day bitching, unmotivated players, disruptive agents, players wanting to move, and here’s the big one… substandard players. Not only that, managing fitness over a season, rotating a squad, dealing with a relentless schedule, not having time to plan between games, the aggressive press in your face every day, transfer windows!

Löw has been managing the Real Madrid of international football for 14 years. Before that, he was average in an era Wenger was dropping invincible seasons. In fact, had you even heard of Tirol Innsbruck? That’s the last club he managed in 2004. What do people think has changed in those 14 years that’s going to make him an elite club manager?

Do you really think the club is going to hire someone to motivate Ozil to put in a shift more consistently? What are the key areas of his management that we need at the club? Is he the best at those?

Can he out develop Leonardo Jardim?

Can he deliver a better pressing philosophy than Hassnhutl?

Can offer a more innovative approach to football than Nagelsmann?

Is he less of a risk than Arteta?

Does he do tactics better than Allegri?

Makes no sense, especially when there are so many talented managers that aren’t as risky. There are so many brilliant names doing innovative things that might topple Pep under a bigger budget. There’s no reason to go with a manager who has to adapt to so many things he’s never been good at.

I would be completely devastated. You might as well just hire Carlo Ancelotti if you want to do this. I am PRAYING it’s a terrible smokescreen.

Right, that’s me done. Exciting news if you’re a podcast fan.

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450 Responses to “Thoughts on Joachim Nöööööö | Wenger’s Board threat | Gattuso’s makes case for passion”

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  1. useroz

    10m a year at stake…. or else when was the last time you saw Bould giving instructions to the players coming on???

    Wenger really fighting back…

  2. london gunner

    The AKB’s can celebrate Wenger’s contract extension and our further regression into a mid-table outfit!

    Slow clap for the AKB mandem.

  3. Champagne Charlie


    Yea that’s been your go-to when you’ve no desire to address a question. I’m mentally unwell but you can’t answer why Ramsey is judged on goals but Ozil shouldn’t be on assists.

    No agenda though

  4. Champagne Charlie

    Welbeck has bullied their Cb’s.

    Seems odd to say, but he’s had them on toast. They’ve no clue how to deal with him.

  5. Paulinho

    Charlie – I’ve never just judged Ramsey on goals.

    I judge him on his runs, which even if they don’t lead to goals, create space for others. It’s called ‘third man’ runs. Look it up. Also his work rate and general vision and intelligence is top level when fully fit.

    Unlike Ozil, Ramsey makes these runs against any opposition or at any venue, whereas the little fanny Ozil only goes completely missing against any top side away from the comforts of the Emirates.

    Funny how you were not so keen to defend Ozil when he proved me completely right against Spurs a few weeks ago. Quiet as mouse then. One assist against an awful Milan and Ozil is great again. Suppose that’s what happens when you haven’t got a clue about football and effectively rely on stats to give you an opinion.

  6. UTarse

    I never said our value was going up, just saying that for now Stan will show loyalty to the “man” that was instrumental in his investment being £500m in the money.
    Your analogy of the home you own is irrelevant here I’m afraid. Totally irrelevant.

  7. S Asoa

    Gatuso should start socking socking up his forwards. Atrocious.
    Even Charlie C come out from the woodwork

  8. Champagne Charlie


    You’re a literal child, don’t try and belittle my football knowledge you fucktard. I’d put good money on you being a perennial observer.

    Ramsey has great vision and intelligence when full fit does he? Probably the only player in world football that needs to be fully fit for their head and eyes to work. Moron.

    Ozil has two assists tonight, keep up. Here comes the where were you arguments. Where was Ramsey? Since Ozil joined us he’s been the best creator in the league, that’s his remit unless you want to shift the narrative to suit. Ironically though you talk up Ramsey’s vision and intelligence but downplay our best player in that department. Banter.

    Most folk can judge players with balance, Ozil has his faults but he’s unquestionably different gear. You out yourself entirely with those pathetic rants about players just because you dislike them. So off the pedestal because you’re not even close to being well versed in football clearly.

  9. Bamford10

    Again, Wenger is not going to keep his job simply because he manages to make the Europa quarterfinals.

    Relax, people.

  10. Samesong

    Ozil Ramsey debate forming. Sometimes guys you need to relax! Who’s right, who’s wrong. It really doesn’t matter people. We are all just speculators.


  11. Elmo


    Agree that Welbz has had a good game once you accept that he’s never going to finish chances. The press from Welbz, Wilshere, Mkhi has been MUCH better than what the team has managed this season.

    The question is can we get that kind of workrate, physicality and willingness to run the channels out of either of our CFs who can actually finish, namely PEA or Lacazette, or have we bought players who don’t quite have the range of skills we need?

  12. Paulinho

    Charlie – I will belittle your knowledge, and I just did.

    You’re completely clueless.

    Get schooled repeatedly(Xhaka, Ozil in tough away games) and yet learn nothing.

    Nothing intelligent about a player going missing and hiding to the flanks when a he doesn’t fancy it. Of course, you think Xhaka is smart and intelligent spending the whole game deep passing sideways, so no surprise really.

  13. Champagne Charlie


    I get schooled? Hahaha you are 12.

    Have a look at Arsenal’s away record at ‘tough’ places in general the last 5 years. If you had a clue, clearly you don’t, then you’d see our troubles are managerial.

    But no, you’d rather get out the sock to Ramsey’s third man runs and pretend he offers a shit load more when reality suggests otherwise. All the while lambasting a player in the team who has buckets of what you praise Ramsey for. Sublime stuff all around

  14. DaleDaGooner

    thank you and goodnightMarch 8, 2018 19:51:26
    Fucking Milan. Wanted to see le cunt squirm.

    ah…sorry, they got you squirming instead…

  15. DaleDaGooner

    Wonder if you lot were supporting AC Milan, how you would feel… compare Milan fans to Arsenal fans these days, you’d see what cunts look like.

  16. gazzap

    The last time Milan lost a competitive game was Saturday 18th November away against Napoli. they have won a shit load of games since then. Milan are NOT a bad team or in poor form. Arsenal just got it right tonight and turned up for once. credit to arsenal. but this is far from won yet.

  17. Paulinho

    Ha ha.

    ‘managerial’ issues.

    Yet Ramsey can still score away from home at Anfield in 2015 with the same run he always makes. And away against Spurs as well.

    Has Ozil scored or even created a chance at Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, White Hart Lane, or Anfield, in the five years he’s been here?

  18. gazzap

    wenger hasn’t got out his seat for about 8 games. then Xhaka shoots from distance and wenger gets ridiculously angry out of his seat. says it all about why we don’t ever shoot.

  19. champagne charlie


    Well fuck me, Ramsey scored against Liverpool in 2015? Why didn’t you say?

    HERO. All hail Ramsey, welsh Gerrard

  20. Paulinho

    Nearly five years in English football.

    That’s a lot of footage to pick through. Liverpool away, Spurs away, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge.

    See if you can find a single chance Ozil created in any of those games and get back to me.

    Toddle on now.

  21. Wenker-wanger

    Thoroughly deserved win.
    Just hope loew comes in and takes over…..then we can really get behind the team.
    Jeez even the defense looked good!

  22. Paulinho

    We will get more nonsense about us being inconsistent now.

    No, we played against a side that let us turn and defended like statues.

  23. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Whoopdy Shit, its like trying to paper over cracks the size of the Grand Canyon. Arsenal are still shit and the fact that they managed to subdue an even shittier team than them…whatever. The sooner that Wenger is gone the sooner that real football can return back to the supporters.

  24. NorthernGoon


    Wins always belong to the arsenal supporters.

    Why would we not be happy about winning any game? I want The Arsenal to win every game.

    Told you we’d dispatch these lot. Their football is too slow and they haven’t the quality in the dangerous areas.

    Good disciplined performance from the team, Ramsey and Xhaka consciously stayed in front of the back 4 and didn’t go wandering as usual. Jack worked back from the 10 position and Miki put in the work needed on the left with Ozil the only one not to have as much responsibility defensively.
    Welbeck played well worked their back line and they struggled with his movement and chasing down.

  25. BacaryisGod

    Welbeck had a good performance. If Thierry Henry and Yaya Sanogo had a baby, that baby would play a little like Welbeck. Recently, Sanogo’s genes have been more dominant in Welbeck’s play but tonight he showed up.

  26. Wenker-wanger

    Wengers rare victory………..even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day!
    Teflon cockroach lives on!

  27. mysticleaves

    Ac Milan have been shit for 6/7 years. I said their 11 game unbeaten streak was not a sign of them turning a corner, it was just a run. How shit were they today? Very!

    Like I said last week, Everton, Leceister are their level not us 7/8 times out of 10 we will beat them over 2 legs

  28. Paulinho

    Northern – Chances, not goals.

    Charlie has framed it as Ozil’s chances created versus Ramsey’s goals.

    I’m even giving him a helping hand by not using assists as a criteria.

  29. Victorious

    You know Arsenal has won a match,when the comment section is awfully quiet like tonight

    These are the small victories fans should enjoy but not the Wenger obsessives(pumpous pricks),they would rather shy away tonight after fantazing for a Milan win and made to look like the mongs they truely are tonight

  30. champagne charlie

    Have a glance and then rewrite the requirements for Ozil while you get a fresh sock ready for Ramsey. I’m sure you’re going to hit me with ‘how many of those were with the outside of his right foot though?’.

    Here’s a boringly vague statistical comparison of Ozil and your hero Ramsey (whoscored), since 2014 when Ozil joined in the PREM and EUROPE:

    Rambo: 8,428 minutes. Goals: 22, Assists: 23 Pass %: 86%, Motm: 6

    Ozil: 11, 577. Goals: 29, Assists: 46, Pass %: 86%, Motm: 14

    So via WhoScored that has Ramsey scoring a goal every 383 mins, and assisting every 366 mins. Ozil scoring every 399 mins, and assisting every 251 mins.

    So I’ll reiterate……don’t wax lyrical about Ramsey and state his third man runs are fucking mint, then turn the tables on Ozil for no other reason than you dont like the German. Even the painfully dull and simplistic stats tell you Ozil is far more productive than Ramsey that end of the pitch – and nothing ive cited covers chance creation etc which everyone knows Ozil tops since he’s arrived in England.

    Not even close to perfect, but Ozil is leaps and bounds better than you spout.

  31. DaleDaGooner

    So much different when Ramsey decides to stay in the middle, made Xhaka look less awkward in this game….someone needs to keep Ramsey playing his position, the occassional glory will still come.

  32. champagne charlie

    “Has Ozil scored or even created a chance at Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, White Hart Lane, or Anfield, in the five years he’s been here?”

    “Scored against the yids at shite hart lane.”

    “Northern – Chances, not goals.” , “From open play of course.”

    Pretty much sums up any engagement about Ozil when talking to Paulinho. Forever moving goalposts like a child.

  33. DaleDaGooner

    Ozil: 11, 577. Goals: 29, Assists: 46, Pass %: 86%, Motm: 14


    I swear I thought Ramsey has scored more goals than Ozil overall, the way Ozil goes about missing and we’re always waxing about Ramsey bombing forward to score…

  34. Paulinho

    So no addressing of my main criticism of Ozil; notably his performances against the top league sides away from home?

    Deflect. Deflect. Deflect.

    And what surprise, in almost parody-like fashion, Charlie quotes from WhoScored, not at all backing up what I said earlier about him forming his whole opinion on players via stats……….

  35. mysticleaves

    Lols. ain’t that some humble pie there? The argument for Ozil and Ramsey though is as awkward as it gets lol. Ozil all day long. Ramsey is a baller too

  36. Pedro

    Victorious, what narrative were you hoping for? One where the fans champed up 7th place Milan as better than Juve and applauded a hard fought game?

  37. champagne charlie

    “So no addressing of my main criticism of Ozil; notably his performances against the top league sides away from home?”

    I literally linked a whole article that stated his returns against top 6 opposition (as answer to your question about him in ‘tough games’). What did you want me to add? He’s played against the top six 31 times and has 5 goals and 8 assists as of last season.

    “And what surprise, in almost parody-like fashion, Charlie quotes from WhoScored, not at all backing up what I said earlier about him forming his whole opinion on players via stats……….”

    Considering the whole debate was why Ramsey gets valued for his goals and Ozil doesn’t for his assists, you’ve got to laugh at the piss poor attempt to suggest I’ve done any of the above.

    You’d sooner fixate on the non-measurable because Ramsey doesn’t return much in terms of goals and assists despite the hype about it. You stated Ramsey has ‘top level intelligence and vision when fit’, so how is it you’re arriving at that conclusion? Does Ozil not have those traits? It all comes back to you dismissing one player and blowing smoke up another. Nothing consistent about what you say at all.

    Also, I dont rely on stats by any stretch and even stated how weak they were when quoting them. Fact is a player like Ramsey should be returning stellar numbers with the way he gets talked about by some on here including you. The demonstration was Ozil returns as many goals as he does without those epic third man runs everyone needs to go ‘look up’.

  38. Paulinho

    “I literally linked a whole article that stated his returns against top 6 opposition (as answer to your question about him in ‘tough games’). What did you want me to add?”

    Maybe add to the actual subject, which were his performances AWAY from home? AWAY.

    None of that garbage article actually differentiates home and away.

    It’s not me fixating on the ‘non-measurable’, you’re just threatened by the subjective, which all stat nerds are. Get tetchy and argumentative when you can’t understand a non-linear observation, and then retreat back to the solace of the objective as a response.

  39. Akilan

    Asking ozil’s away stats is not the proper way. We know he doesn’t play well away from home against big teams. Our entire team underperforms away.

    By the same logic how many goals have Ramsey scored away from home in big games. The pool one. That’s all I can remembers. Ozil scored at OT and Shite hart lane. It doesn’t mean anything.
    Remember, our entire squad is underperforming. I believe both Ramsey and ozil compliment each other. We need a coach to get it right.

    I don’t rate xhaka and jack though. They’re physically incapable of cutting it in the Prem. We can’t afford them with ozil in the team.

  40. champagne charlie


    I just stated I’m not a stat junkie, and even rendered the stats I posted as “boringly vague”, but your insistence on determining a creators value on the half dozen away games we face each season is fucking myopic at best. Can you not see how ridiculous that statement is?

    Away from home against top opposition has always been about a string defence. We didn’t buy Ozil to go to Old Trafford and have a party, what nonsense. He’s there to create and assist, which he does in spades.

    Here’s another linear response because thats all I comprehend apparently:

    In the meantime you can address why you think Ramsey has vision and intelligence, and why Ozil doesn’t. Feel free to be as linear or non-linear as you please, wow me with the subjective. You have the floor.

  41. Paulinho

    Akilan – It’s more about runs with Ramsey. I said that right at the start. He makes the same runs regardless of opposition, so the intention is there. He’s been far too injury prone to build up momentum to be the scorer he should be.

    Has Ozil ever once attempted to what he did against Liverpool at home earlier in the season, away from home at Anfield or Stamford Bridge?

    No. He just stays wide, keeps it simple, throws his hit and hope crosses. Never does anything to make the opposition weary of him.

  42. Pierre

    I gave up trying to educate Le Grove on özil’s qualities a few months back..

    Except for our previous few games, özil has been our best and most influential player this season which most choose to ignore.

    It’s only when he has a couple of dodgy games that all the abuse comes his way and yes he is a liability when he is below standard but his assist /chances created record is there for all to see…

  43. champagne charlie


    I’ve tried that sensible argument mate, he’s not listening to it. Laughed off my idea that our top 6 form is managerial. He’s hell bent on creating a narrative about Ozil, and tonight I’m annoying the shit out of him by pressing for a coherent reply as to what makes a player in Ramsey but not in Ozil.

    As of yet, he’s had a shocker.

  44. Mark

    Good win tonight, the team played for pride Cos of all of the negative press that’s been going round. Which motivated the players. When we’re not clear favourites the complacency isn’t there and they perform better as the underdogs. We need a manager who can instill a winners mentality so that complacency problem is resolved.

    Welbeck still can’t finish to save his life, would have liked to have seen Eddie get 20-25 mins up front in a match like this cos he will put it away if he gets s chance & has good movement.
    Wiltshere was too easily dispossessed and was unable to get away from his man all night, he needs to be stronger. Mustafi was not convincing & makes me feel he’s one second away from a mistake. His decision making isn’t the best ie weak headers into danger areas.

    Overall tho a much improved performance which was a better spectacle to watch and we at least looked like a team
    Gives you hope for when Wenger’s gone, cos a proper coach could get so much more out of this team.

    I’m not gonna lie, I wanted us to get spanked to hasten ‘ el desperados ‘ departure. But found myself willing the team to win it and hold on. Oh how we’ve been starved of good football & a consistent team attitude you can get behind .

    The win changes nothing with regards Wenger, he is so far from the right man for the job. 2nd leg still to come, even if we beat Milan, there’s no way we win the EL cup. Wenger may be lucky , but it will take a lot more than luck.

    Wenger out .

  45. Pierre

    Paulinho on Ramsey
    “He makes the same runs regardless of opposition,”

    And you think that’s a positive do you….

  46. champagne charlie


    For the records nothing im saying is to big up Ozil, he isn’t faultless. But how that translates to garbage is beyond me.

    Its pure and simple and argument as to what makes Ramey the bollocks, and Ozil shit in the mind of Paulinho. I’m curious, I rate both players in their own right.

  47. Paulinho

    Charlie – You’re too thick to get anything subjective.

    Xhaka is a case in point. Ability to deal with the press is subjective isn’t it? And we all know how clueless you were in that regard.

  48. champagne charlie


    Deflecting again?

    Back to me being mentally unwell or stupid because you can’t argue a point of view you have?

    Xhaka features in a debate about Ramsey being good and Ozil being shit? hmm…odd.

  49. Paulinho

    Pierre – Yes, I will take that over Ozil taking a rather odd fondness for the touchline when the going gets tough.

  50. Akilan

    If ozil grow a pair and start to shoot more often, he’d have more goals and his overall game could improve. He passes the responsibility in front of goal. For some who has a good shooting technique, he rarely shoots.

    I would like to see how he reacts with a coach that would make him the leader of the attack. In real, he would pass it to CR7 and Benz/higuain and they would score at a very good rate. Here, he was never our leader, alexis and giroud were always the main guys. Him opting to pass actually decreases the scoring chance. If a coach can make him shoot more, he can reach another level. Ozil even in 1 on 1 situations with GK, looks to pass rather than shooting. And he got the worst coach to develop that side of the game. Would love to see what he’d do in a pep/klopp team. Under them if he’s willing to adapt, he’d become a 15 goal 20 assists player.

  51. Paulinho

    Yeah Charlie, don’t think I didn’t notice you desperately trying to change the topic earlier on from Xhaka to Ozil when Ozil wasn’t even mentioned by me.

    Of course, when Ozil goes completely missing against a top side away from home you will be disappear as usual, like you did after Spurs a few weeks back.

  52. Paulinho

    Not even top side. Burnley away is even too much for him.

    Took Ramsey’s heroic run to bail us out then with the penalty.

  53. champagne charlie


    More deflection. I chirped up at another one of your Xhaka bashes because they’re so commonly place even when uncalled for, same with Ozil hence I stated exactly that and thus the debate began.

    You’re now slinging mud because you’ve nothing to say about why Ramsey is good and Ozil bad. You’ve had arbitrary stats prove otherwise, and anyone who watches Arsenal will attest to Ozils influence as a creative force.

    You’re in your happy place now though, ignoring the questions asked of you about football and attempting to shift discourse to some personal slight. Now I disappear? even though I’ve been present since we signed Auba and our form has been hilarious. Total sense.

    Still no answer for Ramsey having top level vision and intelligence, that Ozil seemingly lacks? All ears.

  54. Elmo

    Reading the Italian reaction on Gazzetta, the line seems to be that even a crisis stricken Big Weng had too much experience and tactical nous for Gattuso, and that Milan cannot compete against this calibre of opponent because they lack a player of the guile and technique of Ozil.

    Funny to read the comments, though, to see Juve and Milan fans bickering over who is worse between Spurs and Arsenal.

  55. Colin

    I sat and watched the game with my son and even though I can’t wait for Wegner to leave, must give credit to the team,the manager and the fans,but let’s be honest ,Milan were poor ,so poor that Danny Welbeck looked decent but what really struck me was clear visible evidence that Arsene Wegner has a problem with players shooting from distance ,because against Brighton the team were losing he stayed in his chair yet you’re winning with a few minutes left and granite takes long range shot and he gets angry ,this man is stifling the players ,the club and it causes confusion in the boardroom and amongst the fans .This monster has to leave .WEGNER O UT.

  56. Bamford10

    For the record, I’m with Paulinho. Ozil only plays well when we play against inferior opposition. When the going gets tough, he disappears.

    This cannot be explained away by saying we are poor against the best teams or poor away; a player who is supposedly one of the best #10s in the world should be influential in the biggest games and against the best teams, regardless.

    Ozil simply isn’t.

    And Pierre, please spare us that tripe about trying to teach Le Grove about Ozil’s qualities. Everyone here is well aware of his quality: the question is whether he has any scrotum, and the answer is he doesn’t.

  57. Marko

    It’s only when he has a couple of dodgy games that all the abuse comes his way

    Have to comment on this Pierre. It’s been more than a “couple” games that Ozil has gone missing in. Prior to tonight it’s been 4 defeats in a row 3 he was involved in. 8 defeats in 2018 alone so again more than a couple. When he’s good he’s good but when he’s not he’s anonymous. Point to his stats all you like but in big games when big players are supposed to show up more often than not he doesn’t. I find it funny how there’s only an Ozil discussion whenever he has a good game. Where was this after City after Brighton?

  58. Marko

    For the record, I’m with Paulinho. Ozil only plays well when we play against inferior opposition. When the going gets tough, he disappears

    That’s not even true either. We’ve seen him in games against Brighton and away to Swansea and West Brom this season for example where he’s done fuck all. The fact is he only turns up when he wants to simple as he literally only shows up when he wants to

  59. BacaryisGod

    It was almost exactly 10 years ago that we went to AC Milan with a young side built around Fabregas and shocked them with a 2-0 victory. It’s interesting to look at the changes in the two teams:

    Arsenal: Ospina (Almunia), Sagna (Chambers), Clichy (Kolasinac), Gallas, (Koscielny) Senderos (Mustafi), Diaby (Xhaka), Fabregas (Ramsey), Flamini (Wilshere), Eboue (Mkhitaryan), Hleb (Ozil), Adebayor (Welbeck)

    Subs in 2008 included Walcott, Gilberto, Lehmann, RVP (probably back from injury), Denilson, Bendtner and Hoyte. Today we had Cech, Holding, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Iwobi as primary bench options.

    In 2008, we were missing Kolo, Rosicky, Alex Song, Eduardo among others
    Today, we were missing Bellerin (injured), Monreal (injured) Lacazette (injured) and Aubameyang (cup-tied)

    Comparing our teams, I would give the edge to the current squad but not by much.

    But now look at AC Milan: The only class players they have right now are Donnarumma, Bonnuci, Rodriguez and arguably Suso and Bonaventura.

    Here’s some of their squad from 2008: Maldini, Nesta, Ambrosini, Pirlo, Gattuso, Pato, Kaka, Gilardino and Inzaghi. They all played in the 0-2 defeat against us.
    They were missing Cafu, Seedorf and the original all-time great Ronaldo.

    We may be weaker than we would like but how tough must it be to support AC Milan when you used to have that squad?

  60. Pierre


    This is how I see it… For özil to show his qualities arsenal need to have a good percentage of the ball, which is normally against inferior opposition. therefore when we play stronger sides our possession percentage invariably goes down which means özil is not as effective or you could say ineffective.

    It is down to the manager to recognise that say, away to man city we have 30% possession which renders özil ineffective, so why start him in these type of games, keep him on the bench until the game opens up or the high press from the opposition is not as strong….

    So when people say he is not as effective against stronger opposition, it is true but not solely özil’s fault.
    For instance, when he plays for Germany, özil is always effective whether it’s against weaker or stronger sides, this is because Germany are a strong side and will always have a good percentage of the ball whoever they play, unlike arsenal.

    It is normally in the away games that özil will struggle, his performances at home are of a high level, again because we normally have a high percentage of the ball. Also teams are not as physical towards arsenal when we are at home as the refs give more protection, however, Away from home they offer no protection and özil is too weak a player to withstand the physical side.

    To say özil never plays well in big games is wrong as he had a very good games in the fa cup cup finals which are big games plus I would say Tonight’s game was a big game(though not top class opposition) and he played well especially in the first half, again when we had good possession of the ball.
    I have learnt to accept that özil will disappoint in certain games but I know he will show his quality in other games… It’s the manager who should understand when to leave him out of certain games for the sake of the team.

  61. rollen


    Wenger did it again.
    If we beat Milan and maybe get to semis he will be allowed to stay one more year.

  62. Marko

    It’s the manager who should understand when to leave him out of certain games for the sake of the team.

    Leave him out in big games against good opposition but play him against weak ones? Is that why we paid 42 million and gave him wages of 350,000 a week so that he could hide when the going gets tough in big games? That doesn’t explain performances against teams like Brighton or Swansea or West Brom for example this season. But sure such is the life of an Arsenal supporter these days

  63. champagne charlie

    “All ears but no brains unfortunately.”

    Yea, not on your level of analysis clearly. Ramsey with his top-level intelligence and vision only WHEN FULLY FIT as you claim. Hilarious.

    No answer from you then, as expected. Absolutely fuck all to offer when a point of view is challenged. Straight to the keyboard warrior ‘I’m better-er’ antics. What a legend.


    Not much chat from you today about Milan and their superior players defensively. Thought Gattuso’s job was easier because he has Bonucci, Romagnoli, Donnarumma and co.? Surprisingly quiet, as if they made your statements seem utterly futile.

    Quick sweep under the rug will do the trick.

  64. champagne charlie


    Disagree about leaving him out, but your other points are valid. Away from home Ozil is the type of player we need because the chances come few and far between, and he’s gifted enough to make them count with the right pass.

    That’s certainly the idea, but our overall big game approach has been woeful for years now and he’s another player thats been fucked by it. If you’re judging Ozil by how much he rolls up his sleeves and carts about the place then yea, he’s wank. Then again if you have a balanced football team Ozil can be judged for doing exactly what his role requires: creating moments. When he’s anchored by a balanced midfield and we’re not all over the show vs anyone half decent then we can talk about those coming up short.

  65. UTarse

    Little p,
    Leaving Ozil out of games whereby we may expect less possession ? Don’t play him when we may expect a physical game ? Are you serious ? What an idiotic viewpoint.

  66. Marko

    Not much chat from you today about Milan and their superior players defensively. Thought Gattuso’s job was easier because he has Bonucci, Romagnoli, Donnarumma and co.? Surprisingly quiet, as if they made your statements seem utterly futile.

    I wasn’t on a bit like you after Brighton sometimes life interjects. I mean these things happen prior to tonight they hadn’t conceded in 500+ minutes of football whereas we haven’t had a clean sheet in 10 matches or something. They’re still kind of shit though even though they were on a decent run recently much like we’re still kind of shit even though we won tonight

  67. Champagne Charlie


    So are you going to deduce Milan are only good in small games under Gattuso? Or is that getting chalked up as a fluke?

    You did state their better defensive players was reason for their solidity. Curious what you’d put that showing down to. Because their defence was being toyed with by Welbeck of all people.

  68. Marko

    Charlie legitimate question why is that Ozil was able to play so good tonight but in two big games against City for example he was so non-existent but also in games against supposed weaker opposition like Brighton and West Brom and Swansea he was also equally as bad. He doesn’t show up in big games by and large but also some easy games too. It’s almost like he shows up when he wants to

  69. Marko

    These things can happen Charlie like I said. England’s 6th place team beat Italy’s 7th place team. Welbeck can play like that occasionally but he’s still not scored since September so I wouldn’t gloat too much. Have we turned a corner? Maybe

  70. Marko

    This is honestly why Arsenal have arguably the most fickle fans around. 4 defeats in a row 3 abysmal performances in there by Ozil and one win and a performance by Ozil and the praise comes flooding in and all is forgotten? Come on perspective and hindsight please

  71. Champagne Charlie


    For me Ozil is the marker for how we’re setup/playing. If he’s afforded the ball often we’re in the game and dictating things enough for the team (through Ozil) to creat chances. When he’s absent typically it’s because we have no foothold in the game.

    Being outclassed is only one way of doing that, against City we were abject and they were toatally in control. Ozil and the rest of our forward like were null and void. Against those lesser sides where we’ve lost our, it’s not been ability but other elements like organisation, fight, carelessness, inability to deal with pressure. You’ve seen the games and made the criticisms of X and Y for being shit.

    Ozil still lacks hunger and strength at the best of times, he can be infuriating to watch. But as an orchestrator you’d do well to find better. I’m talking, movement, spatial awareness, touch, vision. Not a great deal that leaps out at you, but he doesn’t create the rate of chances by accident.

    Bottom line is this with Ozil for me: he will never be the player to ‘grab a game by the scruff’ as many hope to see. His ability is turning control into chances. You see him be erratic because Arsenal and control are like night and day these last few years. I’m not making a case for him to be given a statue, I’m just stating how his creative abilities are seriously undervalued by some folk emphasising other facets of the game. You want the full package? Don’t we all, but Ozil doesn’t bring that. He’s a crazy good creator when given the platform to do so. That’s fucking hard btw, so maybe he’s due some slack instead of the constant put downs. Arsenal and are a demanding bunch.

  72. Champagne Charlie


    You’ve missed the point entirely if you think eulogising Ozil is the point of discussion today. Have a seat for Christ sake.

  73. Marko

    If he’s afforded the ball often we’re in the game and dictating things enough for the team (through Ozil) to creat chances. When he’s absent typically it’s because we have no foothold in the game.

    I’d argue it’s more that he rarely gives a shit and lacks consistency. I mean we’ve had games where we’ve had plenty of possession like even against City I’d say we had more than them but he’s still anonymous. He’s easily the most frustrating player we’ve got. Price and calibre of player you expect more and better from him. You definitely don’t expect people like Pierre to make excuses for resting him in big games and away games but play him against inferior opposition.

  74. Champagne Charlie


    We’ve had less possession than City in every game we’ve faced them this season, akin to 60-40.

    Also, our big game competency is basically nonexistent. We don’t play technically or with a purpose so how much of the ball we do in fact have is debatable in terms of whether it’s in attacking thirds. I imagine a large chunk of our ‘play’ is along the back line as we are scared shitless of playing between the lines against good sides.

    I don’t agree with Pierre’s comment, but I agree with him that our team play negates any influence fans are hoping to see from Ozil. As I stated, you can have certain expectations about being a leader etc but that’s not him. Never had been.

    Ozil will turn your control of a game into production. That’s his gift. Whether that’s enough for some it’s the reality. I don’t think price tags dictate things quite how you’re suggesting either for the record. Ozil is paid highly because 1) he ms profited from our own ridiculous business dealings 2) he’s gifted at one of the hardest things in elite football (difference making).

    If arsenal get their shit right behind him, Ozil will deliver. I’m plenty confident about that. Less so on us getting our shit right however.

  75. GuNZ

    Didn’t get a chance to watch the game this morning, dammit! I’ll catch a replay soon as I can.

    I love the fact we beat Milan away at the San Siro but realise it offers a lifeline, like a horrid little boy hesitating before bringing his hobnails down on an insect, to the flabby-lipped, jammy one.

    I hope, at least, that someone took Wenger clothes shopping in Milan.

  76. TonyD

    Looks like the press are all back on the Wenger gravy train after last night’s win.

    I stayed up until the early hours to watch the game and wished I hadn’t.

    To begin with I can’t remember watching a worse Italian in my 55 years of watching football.

    Milan were static, incredibly slow paced, which was a trade mark of Italian football 20+ years ago, but they had players who could keep possession and switch into electrifying pace at will then slow the game down again to frustrate opponents.

    It was like watching a training game the day before a big match from both sides for me.

    The amount of times Milan gave the ball away begged belief; their running off the ball was non existent and they basically made a very average Arsenal side look far better then we actually were.

    Milan’s slow pace allowed us to press collectively and appear better defensively organized.

    For my it was like a glimpse into the future of how we can become if we continue with Wenger as manager and possibly Stan Kroenke as owner.

    The great team Milan once was has been reduced to a bunch of relatively young and inexperienced players. Whatever talent, and I use the word very loosely, the young Milan players have to have been on an unbeaten 13-game run still mystifies me this morning.

    This is how I see our club becoming in the future and the thought sickens me.

    Make no mistake, Forrest, Brighton and probably WBA would have beaten the Milan team last night. Tranmere would have given them a real game.

    Last night Wenger papered over the cracks, which is his usual trait and once again he got lucky but then Wenger is a master of playing the percentages.

    No way I can see us, on last night’s and this season’s performances winning the EL cup.

    Let’s see what happens Sunday because Watford will be a far different prospect than Milan were last night.

    What was glaringly obvious last night was that we only scored 2 goals against a very, very poor kids’ team.

    That in itself shows that we looked far better than we were for al our domination because we should have scored 4+ goals.

    It’s going to be interesting to see of Gattuso and his creche of players and the odd over-the-hill pros can bright a game to us next week?

  77. Akilan

    Paulinho & Charlie,
    No point in arguing about Ozil & Ramsey. They’re our best 2 MFs. I’ll leave Mkhi out until next season. They can play together and compliment each other.They should be in our team. I would say Ozil is WC when he fancies it. Keeping him in the right frame of mind is in the hands of the manager. Similarly Ramsey can be excellent when on song. He is an all action midfielder that can make a difference at both ends. I doubt we have seen their best yet.

    Now onto their weaknesses. Ozil’s biggest weakness is his mentality. He sometimes doesn’t turn up and proceeds to be anonymous all game. He’s a bit of a pussy in front of goal too. Can be really frustrating. Ramsey isn’t technically good enough for us. He has got may be weakest technique in our squad among MFs. Man is also injury prone. But he more than compensates with his athleticism, stamina and intelligent runs. He’s a bit of a leader and a man for big occasions. I believe both are good enough to be in a title winning team. The fault lies with the manager.

    They need two good guys behind them. Both Ramsey and Ozil shouldn’t be given defensive responsibility. Xhaka, Jack and El neny have been abysmal this season. It has really affected our game in both defense and in attack. Attacking wise this team is crying out for a dribbling winger. We’re too one dimensional and predictable.

  78. Akilan

    Does anyone rate AMN? Thought he was excellent yesterday. May be he is our best full back bar nacho, shows how poor Hector and kolasinac has been this season. He should be a full time first team player. Nelson and Eddie deserves a place in the squad next season. I would’ve loved to bring Eddie on in the last 20 minutes.

  79. Moray

    If somehow we win the Europa Cup and qualify for the CL, do we push out the 4th placed team in the premiership?

  80. Batistuta


    You dont have to go over the top to bash Arsenal by saying West brom would have beat Milan, they were poor on the night but are a decent enough team

  81. mysticleaves

    Akilan, I rate AMN previously would want him as a CDM, he has all the attributes. But it seems he was a winger that tried playing at RB and the CDM. For now I don’t know why he will play but he needs to pick an identity. If hes going to make a career as a full back why not start it, as a CDM, clearly state it too let’s know what’s up

  82. mysticleaves

    March 7, 2018 21:51:22

    Now you have AKB’s taking the piss out of you lol.

    Lol. Red doesn’t even try but he’s so witty. caught this from the old piece I didn’t have time to read. Sorry I had to sight it WE

  83. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Make no mistake, Forrest, Brighton and probably WBA would have beaten the Milan team last night. Tranmere would have given them a real game.’

    ‘What was glaringly obvious last night was that we only scored 2 goals against a very, very poor kids’ team.’

    You just love making yourself look the fool, don’t you Tony? Le Grove’s very own humpty dumpty.

  84. Rambo Ramsey

    So who is capable of stopping the old man from lifting the Europa League trophy?

    Athletico? Who else?

    If Arsenal players could find within themselves a performance of the season like in the FA Cup Final last year, what’s to say we can’t beat Athletico?

  85. TonyD

    Says a guy who uses a very average player as his blog name.

    Very insightful name Rambo Ramsey.

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Obviously intelligent is out of the question.

  86. mysticleaves

    Ramsey, just like you said, it’s only Atletico (all things being equal). They are the only team in it that have comparable players to us. Others are really a level or two below like Milan.

    Though, because of that, it’s not a certainty that we might win Salzburg for example if they go past Dortmund

  87. TonyD

    “If Arsenal players could find within themselves a performance of the season like in the FA Cup Final last year, what’s to say we can’t beat Athletico?”

    Keep dreaming Rambo

  88. mysticleaves

    Last season the talk of the town was Andrea Belotti of Torino. He was so hot that any team that didn’t buy him won’t amount to much this season and 100m was mentioned.

    Fast forward a bit and he has the just 2 goals above Danny Welbeck in twice the minutes in league play; 5 goals in 18 matches,8 in 23 all comps.

    Talk about one season wonder.

  89. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Keep dreaming Rambo’

    Is that what your missus told you when you unbuttoned your shirt?

    But seriously, you had similar scepticism last year as well. You were so certain of a Chelsea victory, you predicted a 4-0 thumping. Just saying.

  90. Steveyg87

    Serie A must be really fucking shit if this lot are anything to go by, lets hope Arsenal get complacent after this result and get f**ked up again in the league, yes I want us to lose

  91. NorthernGoon


    ‘ let’s be honest ,Milan were poor ,so poor that Danny Welbeck looked decent ’

    Just like against Chelsea in the fa cup final? Maybe we actually played well and made them look bad?

    ‘what really struck me was clear visible evidence that Arsene Wegner has a problem with players shooting from distance ’

    No Colin. It’s called keeping possession in the last 2 minutes stopping your opponents counterattacking you by not giving the ball away cheaply. Shooting from 35 yards isn’t killing the game or wasting time it’s called been stupid and an amateur.

  92. NorthernGoon


    ‘You’ve missed the point entirely if you think eulogising Ozil is the point of discussion today. Have a seat for Christ sake.’

    Doesn’t sound like Marko at all.

  93. NorthernGoon


    ‘I stayed up until the early hours to watch the game and wished I hadn’t.’

    You do know we won last night? Do us all a favour and stop watching us completely if you couldn’t appreciate that performance last night you cretin.

    ‘Make no mistake, Forrest, Brighton and probably WBA would have beaten the Milan team last night. Tranmere would have given them a real game.’

    But Roma and Lazio to name a couple and 11 other Italian team s couldn’t recently. Change your medication.

    ‘No way I can see us, on last night’s and this season’s performances winning the EL cup.’

    Wow you really are in a hopeless place aren’t you? We have a professional disciplined performance EXACTLY the kind you need to be successful in Europe but this leads you to believe we can’t deliver these performances more than once? Wow.

    TinyD you’re a clown.

  94. Emiratesstroller

    Defensively we were as poor as ever in first 10 minutes of game, but somehow as game progressed and more importantly we scored the first goal they calmed down and Koscielny in particularly started playing better.

    However, I cringe with the selection of Chambers alongside Mustafi. Chambers is not a fullback and often left Mustafi exposed. Against a better team than Milan I think this combination would struggle.

    Maitland-Niles when he came on improved our defensive cover on other flank
    and played very well.

    I am surprised that so many pundits and posters rated Wilshire’s game. Personally I thought he was average and collapsed too often on the ground. We
    need a physically stronger and better player than him.

    Offensively we had a decent game in first half.

    Let us hope that we can maintain or improve on this performance at Emirates.

    Frankly it changes nothing as far as I am concerned about the Manager, Coaching Staff or the overall balance and quality of our team. This is a one off
    performance against a mediocre team.

  95. HighburyLegend

    This is THE day.
    THE day of joy and celebration.
    THE day of all the Arsènal false fans, Victoriousofnothing, Champagne, Pierre and Co….

    Today Le Grove is Untold.
    Today the real fans didn’t belong here.

    In Kim Jong Weng they trust!!

  96. Paulinho

    Charlie – Quite clearly nothing that your simple mind can compute.

    Unlike you I don’t fill my posts up with pasted links, that have nothing to with my point, and then admit as much during the actual post. That’s all your crappy posts have been.

    Of course you do that because you have f-all to say, so bring in the old straw man, the age old tactic of the clueless.

  97. HighburyLegend

    Is KJW has masturbate himself live in front of the cameras after the game last night ??
    Oh I forgot, he’s too f*cking old for that, and his “thing” don’t work anymore since a while…

  98. Pierre

    I know I labeled you the geriatric goon ,it was more in jest but after your recent comments I’m afraid the geriatric goon is what you are .

  99. Pierre

    “Little p,
    Leaving Ozil out of games whereby we may expect less possession ? Don’t play him when we may expect a physical game ? Are you serious ? What an idiotic viewpoint.”

    Is it ?

    I said the manager needs to recognise that there are certain games away from home that ozil is ineffective because for ozil to produce his best football , the team needs good possession of the ball …I see nothing wrong in leaving him out against city and Liverpool away from home as they are two high pressing teams and he can be used as a 2nd half sub to utilise the extra space as the game slows down .

    I never mentioned leaving him out of physical games ,they were your fraudulent words.

  100. gambon

    Terrible result for Arsenal FC last night, great result for Arsene Wenger.

    Already seen some articles suggesting one result proves he hasnt lost it.

    Which completely ignores the absolute abortion of a season we are having.

  101. Bamford10

    Plenty more bad results and performances are to come, and there is very little chance we win the Europa. One win against a very mediocre AC Milan will not save Arsene Wenger.

  102. Bamford10

    “When you have big disappointments you forget quickly that you have some qualities. In one week, you do not become a bad team or a bad player.”
    – Arsene Wenger after last night’s match

    What a fraud.

  103. gambon

    “In one week you do not become a bad team”

    Yes Arsene, and one win doesnt make you a good team.

    We are 6th, we have conceded more goals than all the top 5, more than Burnley and Brighton. We were humiliated in a cup final, we were beaten in the FA Cup by Notts Forest. We havent won the PL for 14 years and havent gotten past the R16 in the CL for 7.