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‘It’s the history of Tottenham. They always create a lot of chances but they always miss out. We always believe in the history’ Chiellini

Spurs dropped an utter classic of a performance yesterday, totally dominating Juventus until a smart tactical switch in the second half saw two goals in 3 minutes washout out Spurs dreams of anything outside a marginal gains season.

If you’re not enjoying this, you need to pack up being an Arsenal fan and go hibernate, football and the surround counter-joys are not for you. Going out at the last 16 of the Champions League isn’t acceptable for Arsenal, it shouldn’t be for Spurs. Absolutely hilarious that even at Wenger’s worst, he’s still making Cup Finals.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be too noisy, we have to go to the San Siro tonight and make something happen. I mean, let’s be real, is there a more perfect place for an Arsenal away tour? Beautiful fashion, fine wine, stunning food, and the fact it’s totally acceptable to roll a hamper into the ground. Their working-class fans probably think we’re peasants, but who cares, let’s just enjoy being middle-class in the ground free from criticism.

Wenger has been in banterful mood. This is what he had to say about giving advice to Gattuso.

“I don’t give him much advice. He was a great player here and he’s doing very well at moment. I’m not doing well so maybe I can get advice from him!”

Gattuso returned the favour, with a funny comment of his own.

“When I go to bed I dream of Mesut Ozil and Wenger, not about my playing days. That’s in the past, this is something different. You can’t compare it.

“Compared to Wenger I’m in the children’s team, I’m just starting and he’s been coaching for 30 years. In that regard it’s not a contest.

“He’s won so much in his career. My path is still very long. It will be an interesting match, with more of a new philosophy like mine against him and his experience.”

So poetic.

Back to Wenger, who clearly knows this is his last chance to make it happen this season.

“This is an opportunity we have to take,”

“It increases the pressure on it even more on this competition.

“It is difficult when you go through a patch like this, but it is a good opportunity to show you have the quality and the strengths and you can only show that when it is difficult.

“It is a good opportunity to show we can deal with that – and in the longer term it will make the team even stronger.”

I’m not sure Wenger or the players have the guts to go all the way in the Europa League, however, I do think there will be a buzz around the camp after watching Spurs tank.

There’s also a weird way of the universe, and it’d make a pretty good headline if we beat Milan, especially juxtaposed against the failing of our north London rivals.

Gattuso also needs to make a good showing for the home fans. The top 4 race is a little closer for him, but still pretty unlikely. The Europa presents a very good opportunity for him to become an even bigger hero than he already is, and their form is strong heading into this unbeaten in 13, after just beating Lazio in the cup.

“We have definitely improved mentally, technically and tactically, but we can’t make mistakes and we need to keep our composure. We must not be afraid of the 70,000 fans that will be at San Siro and show our qualities, both technical and physical. We must make it very difficult for Arsenal.

“The Italian teams are doing well in Europe, yet, we can’t compare English football with the Italian football nowadays. Ten years ago it was the opposite, but today the top players go to the Premier League.”

What I love about the Italian is his presence. When an English manager is passionate, it’s almost a dog whistle for ‘a bit thick’, but reality is, passion goes a really fucking long way. People can laugh, but they’re normally the sort of people who hack e-mail accounts in their spare time. Energy, charisma, fire, whatever you want to call it, is something football players tune into. This is Gattuso…

“I don’t want to hear anything about fatigue, we have no excuses, we have to get on the field with a knife between our teeth.

Wenger has an aura about him, but he doesn’t exude the presence he used to. Can you imagine him saying the above? When you’re a young kid, what do you see when you look at Wenger? Why would you listen?

The other part about the Gattuso I like is that he hasn’t just appeared in the game because he’s a fan fave.

‘ This was no case of an entitled ex-pro being parachuted straight into the top level; Gattuso had done his time in spells with Sion, Palermo, OFI Crete and Pisa before returning to Milan as coach of the primavera (youth) side. “I’m not a great coach,” he said after the cup semi-final. “I’ve had to cut my teeth and learn a lot.” But Milan’s physical performance, in particular, has improved under Gattuso. They have conceded only one second-half goal in 2018 and approach Arsenal feeling upbeat when, two months ago, this would have resembled a broadside of blanks between two sinking ships.’

Now, he’s certainly been privileged, but at least he’s done the rounds and cut his teeth.

We know Milan are not a great squad of players, but we know they’re organised, tactically resolute, and they’re definitely going to know we can be ruffled. Our players don’t like it up ’em, especially at the moment.

We’re without Hector Bellerin, who amazingly picked up an injury after earning a well-earned ‘you’re dropped’ in the last game. Aaron Ramsey will be back, which is nice. My biggest concern is I have no idea what Wenger is going to do. What’s the surprise? What’s different? How is he raising morale? How do we win?

A lot of questions I don’t have the answer to.

A couple of interesting stories in The Times. Basically, one says Wenger has said he’s not leaving Arsenal, they’ll have to fire him. An interesting strategy, but one with solid grounds, because no one was able to fire him last season. The second one, from the same journo, basically states there’s unrest about the money being earned by Mikki, Auba and Ozil… because they’re delivering fuck all to the team. I can understand those feelings. I feel that way about the whole damn squad.

Finally, we’re being linked AGAIN to Joachim Löw. This time by ESPN. Firstly, I have a hard time believing Arsenal are leaking candidates to any people outside the trusted few, secondly, I just can’t get behind this. It’s like Ivan is purposefully trying to ruin my life, why would he do that? I’m just a blogger ffs…

So, Löw found his calling in life. He re-engineered the German FA, he helped make the greatest generation of German players winners, he saved children from bears. He’s done incredible things.

However, club football is a different beast. Some say I should respect an unorthodox hire, but I just can’t, especially if it doesn’t feel well thought through. Our mission is to topple the mighty Pep G, a guy whose ideas are so complex, it took his player a year to learn. That’s what we’re dealing with. We need a manager who is in club football, doing trailblazing things, ready to take over a big club and blow up the league. How can that be Löw? Club football and international football are so different.

Outside the simple difference of 6 weeks work versus a year-round slog, there are so many things an international manager doesn’t have to deal with. Day to day bitching, unmotivated players, disruptive agents, players wanting to move, and here’s the big one… substandard players. Not only that, managing fitness over a season, rotating a squad, dealing with a relentless schedule, not having time to plan between games, the aggressive press in your face every day, transfer windows!

Löw has been managing the Real Madrid of international football for 14 years. Before that, he was average in an era Wenger was dropping invincible seasons. In fact, had you even heard of Tirol Innsbruck? That’s the last club he managed in 2004. What do people think has changed in those 14 years that’s going to make him an elite club manager?

Do you really think the club is going to hire someone to motivate Ozil to put in a shift more consistently? What are the key areas of his management that we need at the club? Is he the best at those?

Can he out develop Leonardo Jardim?

Can he deliver a better pressing philosophy than Hassnhutl?

Can offer a more innovative approach to football than Nagelsmann?

Is he less of a risk than Arteta?

Does he do tactics better than Allegri?

Makes no sense, especially when there are so many talented managers that aren’t as risky. There are so many brilliant names doing innovative things that might topple Pep under a bigger budget. There’s no reason to go with a manager who has to adapt to so many things he’s never been good at.

I would be completely devastated. You might as well just hire Carlo Ancelotti if you want to do this. I am PRAYING it’s a terrible smokescreen.

Right, that’s me done. Exciting news if you’re a podcast fan.

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450 Responses to “Thoughts on Joachim Nöööööö | Wenger’s Board threat | Gattuso’s makes case for passion”

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  1. Leftsidesanch

    All the talk is to pull out a result for Wenger. You’d think he’s the next coming of the Lord himself.

    Bunch of emotional soft people talking about this is a result for Wenger. What about the fans taking annual leave to travel to Italy, the expenses racked up? How can a man and team who get paid regardless of result be the recipient of everybody’s sympathy. Joke.

  2. ArseneisaFraud

    I wonder whether the players are going to handle the pressure. With what is currently going on and an AC Milan who will be up for it, will we?

  3. S Asoa

    Milan seem to be going balanced with an attacking nous maintaining a discipline back line.
    Forced 3 corners in 3 minutes.
    Wellbeck use is only as cardiac trainer. Missed to put it in

  4. S Asoa

    Milan players per se slightly inferior to our personnel.
    Ozil, Ramsey and Wilshere are definitely better players. But how the tactics play out depends

  5. Carts

    How can I be in the Maldives on one of their many island but homeboy Abu is telling me they don’t have any footy on in any of their half a dozen spots ? Tragic!

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    Wow, that’s amazing. How is it possible to score a goal when you shoot? Surely it would be better to walk the ball into the goal. I wonder if they have told Wenger to stick the fines up his arse for shooting.

  7. ArseneisaFraud


    The game is yet to finish. Let’s see how we fare.

    We’ve still got a fair few games ahead in the EL for AW to fail.

  8. Champagne Charlie

    Ozil sliced them open.

    So far, the arm waving pashun from the sidelines is doing fuck all. Washed up geezer with the nose ahead.

  9. Carts

    S Asoa

    On paper our MF should be offering much more than we’re getting. Sadly I attribute our lack of cohesion to Wenger.

    You literally don’t know what you’re going to get with this lot. We could well walk this game 0-4 Or we can easily lose 3-1

  10. useroz

    AC Milan looks a shadow of former self Not surprised if Guttuso comes on eventually…

    Welbeck doing very well…for Milan as their 3rd CB ffs. Rubbish player.

    Still too many side/back passes tbh.

  11. Paulinho

    Mikhi is such an awful dribbler in tight spaces. Noticed it at United.

    Everything has to be first touch with him.

  12. Rambo Ramsey

    I still can’t believe there were people here who sneered at Walcott but rated Welbeck. Dumb cvnts

  13. Champagne Charlie

    As limited as Chambers is you have to feel for him being played at RB constantly.

    Why the fuck did we pass on Aurier for peanuts in the summer with only Bellerin at RB is beyond me. Not the full ticket, but easily better than anything we have at RB aside from Hector.

  14. ArseneisaFraud


    I know what you mean but you have to take into account that we have reached a new low this season. It can only go downhill if AW stays as manager.

  15. steve

    I said it before just like last season the bad form happened to early. There are still enough games left for the kiddy fiddler to turn it around. The team will probably go on a run now to the end of the season just to save that maggots job.

  16. S Asoa

    Bould seem to be allowed to get involved. Follows from Le Imbecile press that today defense would be main tactic

  17. Paulinho

    He lowers the bar year on year so ironically he doesn’t have to do as much to keep people off his case for a bit.

    League is gone so no one really cares about that. Win tonight and Wenger can relax for a few weeks.

  18. Champagne Charlie

    Oh here we go, ‘Bould due praise for taking over’…

    The guy is woeful. Being good at something doesn’t mean you can teach it, wish that idea would die a necessary death.

    Same fans picking and choosing when to assign responsibility. He puts the cones out, that’s it.

  19. gazzap

    Chambers isn’t any worse than any of our other defenders. he needs to gain more experience but he is not a ‘bad’ player by any means. Better than Stepanovs anyway

  20. Victorious

    “Lol its over folks, 2 more years for
    Victorious ‘s granpa.”

    You really are a daft cvnt,your stupidity is unravelled on here,why don’t you stfu and halt been a nuisance

  21. UTarse

    It not only can, it will. Stan is desperate for his mate wenger to at least recover from this bad run, that’s all it will take, a recovery… no need to win fuckall or finish in top 4…. it’s his way of saying thanks to the old senile cunt for being one of the main reasons he’s made £500 million on his investment in 10 years….

    This saga will continue, we are not even half done in the downfall of our club.

  22. Paulinho

    Xhaka’s probably thinking he could get used to this. Brings back memories of playing in the Bundasliga.

  23. Marc


    Kronke hasn’t made £500 million from Arsenal in 10 years, his share holding has appreciated over that time but he’s only made the money when / if he sells up. As it stands the shares could dive tomorrow and he would’ve lost money.

  24. Champagne Charlie


    Quick, deride Xhaka by putting the opposition down or league he’s played in down. What a hero you are.

    Ramsey not suited to the Bundesliga or Serie A on current evidence then by your logic?

  25. UTarse

    What team are you watching mate ? AC Milan are NOT the quality team I am seeing. They’re piss poor.

  26. Champagne Charlie


    Chambers isn’t as good as we have in terms of defenders. A crocked Kos is twice the player

  27. Elmo

    The press has been better than most games this season with Welbz, Wilshere and Mkhi closing down in sync.

    Ozil is leaving Chambers to be overloaded every time.

    Ospina is rubbish. Constantly makes poor decisions.

    We’ve had chances to have scored 4+. Milan could have scored a couple.

  28. Paulinho

    Oh no he scored didn’t he.

    Scrap that.

    Ramsey is timing his runs well today. Picking his spots, unlike before.

    That’s the narrative when he scores.

  29. S Asoa

    Not a question of Bould capabilities, but today looks like Le Cunte allowed him to take some charge – naturally for Wenger’s survival.

  30. ArseneisaFraud


    I totally agree with what you said. It’s what makes watching The Arsenal that much more difficult to watch as you just know that the longer AW stays, the worst will it get.


    0-2!! AW will be proud of Ramsey. He actually walked the ball into the net. AW’s tactics finally vindicated.

  31. UTarse

    His “mark to market” says he IS up £500mm up. He has been offered that and only a matter of 4-5 months ago. Saying something like ” it could go down” says what you know about asset valuation. Furthermore, do you really think Arsenal will go down in valuation by over 50% ?

  32. Champagne Charlie

    You’re always nibbling at Xhaka, Ozils heels. It’s boring, when they’re shit it’s open season, when they play well it’s always down to something else.

    Curious to hear Marko’s thoughts about Milan defensively?

    Waxing lyrical about them having Bonucci and co. Guess it’s not simply a personnel thing, Gattuso can act the hard man on the side but he doesn’t look like he’s got the mind for tactics.

    Basically, everything I think Henry would be for Arsenal. Glorified cheerleader/motivational coach. No thanks

  33. Paulinho

    If you allow our players to turn and face the play then they can punish you.

    Milan are just letting us turn, not realising we only turn to crap if you press to point where our players are constantly on the half turn.

  34. S Asoa

    1 year extension
    Correction – Le Pimp has make up on !
    Must have wanted to look nice to Kroenkledoodledoo when he goes for his extension

  35. Champagne Charlie


    As Ramsey’s social media manager what is it fans should be so thankful for? Seems to simply be his goal threat.

    Ironic then that you deride Ozil so much when he’s literally the best creator in Europe. Seems a bit blurry what you rate a player based on.

  36. Wenker-wanger

    Milan aren’t what I expected….. Short of ideas, no goal threat and a defense that ozil can unlock at ease.
    Having said that this is a strange performance by arsenal…’s as if they have nothing to lose…no pressure…. Just looks like a high quality training session.
    Ramsey scores with ease…..a while back he would’ve been under pressure and over-thought it and stumbled.
    At the back they are passing inside the box….. Most peculiar.j

  37. Marc


    No I don’t think Arsenal’s value will collapse but I wouldn’t put money on it constantly going up either. Another season out of the CL and the new TV deal isn’t as much as before.

    My point was that people constantly make statements on here as if they’re fact when they’re miles away from that. I’m I richer today than I was 5 years ago because my house has appreciated in value?

  38. DaleDaGooner

    I was beginning to say thank goodness Ramsey is playing his role…then he bombs forward to score.

  39. Bamford10

    Relax. Beating 7th place AC Milan in the Europa round of 16 will not save Arsene Wenger. He’ll need to WIN the Europa, and that’s not going to happen.

  40. Paulinho

    Best creator against garbage sides.

    Fortunately he comes across quite a lot of them, so he can pad his stats up before he plays against some decent sides and goes into hibernation again.

  41. Victorious

    Walk in the park,what crisis?Milan have been a joke so far,wonder why they were so over-hyped leading to this tie,its even now more ridiculous seeing how shit they are

  42. Champagne Charlie

    “I’m I richer today than I was 5 years ago because my house has appreciated in value?“

    You’re obscuring the reality though. Arsenal is literally a financial investment for Kroenke, so the fact it’s appreciated so heavily it’s fair to say he’s richer from us. The house comparison is nonsense.

  43. DaleDaGooner

    As much as this team deserves a lot of stick, a lot of you here are as much cunts ….if the owner knows any better, this season will play out and Wenger is gone after….let the damn season play out and stop gloating/moaning all day everyday or find something else to do in your life ffs!

  44. steve

    It looks like that cocksucker Wenger saved his get out of jail card for this game. The only way Wanker leaves Arsenal is in a pinebox it seems.

  45. Champagne Charlie


    There you go with your 12 year old logic, that Steve shares (good company there).

    You avoided the question. What are fans supppsed to judge Ramsey on, if it’s goals as you’re suggesting then why is that not the criteria for Ozil in terms of his creative numbers?

    Just sounds like you don’t like him and you’re picking at him 24/7. It’s sad

  46. Wenker-wanger

    For 10 minutes I was thinking if only Wenger weren’t here….some of our players look very good tonight. We are not short of talent……just a manager that can get the very best out of this squad and instill some fight at away grounds in the prem.

  47. Wenker-wanger

    Ramsey is quality…..always believed that….you don’t captain a decent Welsh team if you’re not good.

  48. Paulinho

    Charlie – I didn’t even mention Ozil’s name before you did.

    You have neurological issues mate.

  49. mysticleaves

    I hate to be right but I called this shit and got into an argument with ishola because of it.

    Milan smh

  50. steve

    How shit is this Milan team? You know you’re shit when even Arsenal can come to your house and be 2-0 up at halftime.

  51. useroz

    Replay shows welbeck tried taking it around the keeper whereas better strikers would flick it over the keeper. Sell him.

  52. Bamford10


    Ramsey has been pretty darn good this season (and last). I get that he has his flaws, but given how poor our midfield is, I really don’t get why people harp on him so much.

  53. Champagne Charlie


    I’m not just talking about today you moron, but keep deflecting from the question.

  54. Leftsidesanch

    Even if we progress we still prob won’t win the competition. We’re just delaying the inevitable.

  55. Paulinho

    Bamford -I do.

    Modern fans have been brainwashed into thinking a limited carthorse with a high pass percentage is better than a throwback that can read the game and know the runs to make to open the opposition up.

    Ramsey is bit infantile at times and maybe lacks the grit and edge that central midfielders had back in the period when they could attack and defend, but anyone with a clue knows he adds more to the team than he takes away.

  56. london gunner

    Ramsey has his qualities but he isn’t good enough for a title-winning side and there are attenable improvements on that position out there.

  57. Dissenter

    Today belongs to the following
    Northern gooner

    They kept hope [and maybe perspective] alive
    They deserve to gloat for as long as possible if we go through.

    Pedro’s post was also cogent as well.

  58. DaleDaGooner

    I am not sure this team can go to to toe with Atletico Madrid…beter forwards and defenders compared to what we’re seeing with Milan

  59. DaleDaGooner

    agreed Dissenter, and if only others would just accept that we’re not up to scratch but lets just enjoy what we can till the owner can make the better decision….