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‘It’s the history of Tottenham. They always create a lot of chances but they always miss out. We always believe in the history’ Chiellini

Spurs dropped an utter classic of a performance yesterday, totally dominating Juventus until a smart tactical switch in the second half saw two goals in 3 minutes washout out Spurs dreams of anything outside a marginal gains season.

If you’re not enjoying this, you need to pack up being an Arsenal fan and go hibernate, football and the surround counter-joys are not for you. Going out at the last 16 of the Champions League isn’t acceptable for Arsenal, it shouldn’t be for Spurs. Absolutely hilarious that even at Wenger’s worst, he’s still making Cup Finals.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be too noisy, we have to go to the San Siro tonight and make something happen. I mean, let’s be real, is there a more perfect place for an Arsenal away tour? Beautiful fashion, fine wine, stunning food, and the fact it’s totally acceptable to roll a hamper into the ground. Their working-class fans probably think we’re peasants, but who cares, let’s just enjoy being middle-class in the ground free from criticism.

Wenger has been in banterful mood. This is what he had to say about giving advice to Gattuso.

“I don’t give him much advice. He was a great player here and he’s doing very well at moment. I’m not doing well so maybe I can get advice from him!”

Gattuso returned the favour, with a funny comment of his own.

“When I go to bed I dream of Mesut Ozil and Wenger, not about my playing days. That’s in the past, this is something different. You can’t compare it.

“Compared to Wenger I’m in the children’s team, I’m just starting and he’s been coaching for 30 years. In that regard it’s not a contest.

“He’s won so much in his career. My path is still very long. It will be an interesting match, with more of a new philosophy like mine against him and his experience.”

So poetic.

Back to Wenger, who clearly knows this is his last chance to make it happen this season.

“This is an opportunity we have to take,”

“It increases the pressure on it even more on this competition.

“It is difficult when you go through a patch like this, but it is a good opportunity to show you have the quality and the strengths and you can only show that when it is difficult.

“It is a good opportunity to show we can deal with that – and in the longer term it will make the team even stronger.”

I’m not sure Wenger or the players have the guts to go all the way in the Europa League, however, I do think there will be a buzz around the camp after watching Spurs tank.

There’s also a weird way of the universe, and it’d make a pretty good headline if we beat Milan, especially juxtaposed against the failing of our north London rivals.

Gattuso also needs to make a good showing for the home fans. The top 4 race is a little closer for him, but still pretty unlikely. The Europa presents a very good opportunity for him to become an even bigger hero than he already is, and their form is strong heading into this unbeaten in 13, after just beating Lazio in the cup.

“We have definitely improved mentally, technically and tactically, but we can’t make mistakes and we need to keep our composure. We must not be afraid of the 70,000 fans that will be at San Siro and show our qualities, both technical and physical. We must make it very difficult for Arsenal.

“The Italian teams are doing well in Europe, yet, we can’t compare English football with the Italian football nowadays. Ten years ago it was the opposite, but today the top players go to the Premier League.”

What I love about the Italian is his presence. When an English manager is passionate, it’s almost a dog whistle for ‘a bit thick’, but reality is, passion goes a really fucking long way. People can laugh, but they’re normally the sort of people who hack e-mail accounts in their spare time. Energy, charisma, fire, whatever you want to call it, is something football players tune into. This is Gattuso…

“I don’t want to hear anything about fatigue, we have no excuses, we have to get on the field with a knife between our teeth.

Wenger has an aura about him, but he doesn’t exude the presence he used to. Can you imagine him saying the above? When you’re a young kid, what do you see when you look at Wenger? Why would you listen?

The other part about the Gattuso I like is that he hasn’t just appeared in the game because he’s a fan fave.

‘ This was no case of an entitled ex-pro being parachuted straight into the top level; Gattuso had done his time in spells with Sion, Palermo, OFI Crete and Pisa before returning to Milan as coach of the primavera (youth) side. “I’m not a great coach,” he said after the cup semi-final. “I’ve had to cut my teeth and learn a lot.” But Milan’s physical performance, in particular, has improved under Gattuso. They have conceded only one second-half goal in 2018 and approach Arsenal feeling upbeat when, two months ago, this would have resembled a broadside of blanks between two sinking ships.’

Now, he’s certainly been privileged, but at least he’s done the rounds and cut his teeth.

We know Milan are not a great squad of players, but we know they’re organised, tactically resolute, and they’re definitely going to know we can be ruffled. Our players don’t like it up ’em, especially at the moment.

We’re without Hector Bellerin, who amazingly picked up an injury after earning a well-earned ‘you’re dropped’ in the last game. Aaron Ramsey will be back, which is nice. My biggest concern is I have no idea what Wenger is going to do. What’s the surprise? What’s different? How is he raising morale? How do we win?

A lot of questions I don’t have the answer to.

A couple of interesting stories in The Times. Basically, one says Wenger has said he’s not leaving Arsenal, they’ll have to fire him. An interesting strategy, but one with solid grounds, because no one was able to fire him last season. The second one, from the same journo, basically states there’s unrest about the money being earned by Mikki, Auba and Ozil… because they’re delivering fuck all to the team. I can understand those feelings. I feel that way about the whole damn squad.

Finally, we’re being linked AGAIN to Joachim Löw. This time by ESPN. Firstly, I have a hard time believing Arsenal are leaking candidates to any people outside the trusted few, secondly, I just can’t get behind this. It’s like Ivan is purposefully trying to ruin my life, why would he do that? I’m just a blogger ffs…

So, Löw found his calling in life. He re-engineered the German FA, he helped make the greatest generation of German players winners, he saved children from bears. He’s done incredible things.

However, club football is a different beast. Some say I should respect an unorthodox hire, but I just can’t, especially if it doesn’t feel well thought through. Our mission is to topple the mighty Pep G, a guy whose ideas are so complex, it took his player a year to learn. That’s what we’re dealing with. We need a manager who is in club football, doing trailblazing things, ready to take over a big club and blow up the league. How can that be Löw? Club football and international football are so different.

Outside the simple difference of 6 weeks work versus a year-round slog, there are so many things an international manager doesn’t have to deal with. Day to day bitching, unmotivated players, disruptive agents, players wanting to move, and here’s the big one… substandard players. Not only that, managing fitness over a season, rotating a squad, dealing with a relentless schedule, not having time to plan between games, the aggressive press in your face every day, transfer windows!

Löw has been managing the Real Madrid of international football for 14 years. Before that, he was average in an era Wenger was dropping invincible seasons. In fact, had you even heard of Tirol Innsbruck? That’s the last club he managed in 2004. What do people think has changed in those 14 years that’s going to make him an elite club manager?

Do you really think the club is going to hire someone to motivate Ozil to put in a shift more consistently? What are the key areas of his management that we need at the club? Is he the best at those?

Can he out develop Leonardo Jardim?

Can he deliver a better pressing philosophy than Hassnhutl?

Can offer a more innovative approach to football than Nagelsmann?

Is he less of a risk than Arteta?

Does he do tactics better than Allegri?

Makes no sense, especially when there are so many talented managers that aren’t as risky. There are so many brilliant names doing innovative things that might topple Pep under a bigger budget. There’s no reason to go with a manager who has to adapt to so many things he’s never been good at.

I would be completely devastated. You might as well just hire Carlo Ancelotti if you want to do this. I am PRAYING it’s a terrible smokescreen.

Right, that’s me done. Exciting news if you’re a podcast fan.

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450 Responses to “Thoughts on Joachim Nöööööö | Wenger’s Board threat | Gattuso’s makes case for passion”

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  1. Redtruth

    How the fuck did Low end up managing the German National Side if his last club was Tirol Innsbruck..he must be a shit manager.

    If Low is good enough for Germany then he’s definitely good enough for Arernal.

  2. Arsnil

    “If you’re not enjoying this, you need to pack up being an Arsenal fan and go hibernate, football and the surround counter-joys are not for you.”
    Is this what it has come to Pedro? Laughing and smirking at the Spuds misfortune?
    I am sure this is what their following was at for years. They are down today. We are a lot further down.

  3. Victorious

    A bit puzzled by Pedro’s dressing down of Low’s ability,He is very tactical and level headed,must think he is been recommended by Minslitat,If he could bring the best out of Ozil,Mustafi,etc,then why not

  4. NorthernGoon


    ‘Laughing and smirking at the Spuds misfortune?
    I am sure this is what their following was at for years. They are down today. We are a lot further down.’

    Somebody obviously doesn’t understand football rivalries.

    As Pedro said, ‘you need to pack up being an Arsenal fan and go hibernate, football and the surround counter-joys are not for you’.

  5. Coach 15

    Peanuts the cunty…….your boys took one hell of a beating…

    I did enjoy that last night,superb viewing.

  6. Arsnil

    Northern Goon
    I think you completely misunderstand. I couldn’t give a monkeys what the Spuds are doing. Getting knocked out last night is irrelevant to me. I just look at them at present and they are light years ahead of us at all levels and this despite being out of their own stadium and a billion in debt.
    Surely laugh at their misfortune when they are in a worse situation. We have turned into a basket case of a club presided over by an American business man who knows nothing about football and a manager who if with any other club in the world would have been sacked long ago. What other club would put up with such mediocrity. So I certainly won’t laugh at any club when they are light years ahead of us in the league. Look around at your present predicament and weep instead.

  7. Bamford10

    Spurs may have dominated possession against Juventus, but they were never really all that dangerous.

    Juventus knew exactly what they were doing, IMO, and I think it would be wrong to conclude, as some in England will, that Spurs were the better team and got somewhat unlucky.

    Instead I think it’s more a matter of Spurs being out-thought by a more experienced team and manager, one missing a number of key players, it should be noted.

    Also, the much-praised Harry Kane was a non-factor last night. He was completely marked out of the game.

  8. Bamford10


    Spurs are better than us at the moment, and they are doing more with less money, but I don’t know about them being “light years ahead”. Let’s not get carried away.

    Replace Wenger with a smart manager, sign three or four good players, and we will be ahead of them again. Not a big deal.

  9. Ishola70

    Agree about Low.

    Very much an establishment figure like Wenger and his real desire and hunger to succeed at Arsenal would have to be questioned.

    Sure he would have professional pride to do a good job but that is not the same as being a really hungry manager.

  10. NorthernGoon


    ‘I couldn’t give a monkeys what the Spuds are doing’

    Again football rivalries are lost on you.

    ‘Surely laugh at their misfortune when they are in a worse situation’

    Don’t you really know what consists of a rivalry? Anything negative that happens you gloat, anytime they lose or concede you laugh. Why this has to be explained I’ll never know.
    They lost yesterday, we didn’t. That’s a good enough reason for me.

    ‘I just look at them at present and they are light years ahead of us at all levels’

    Thougt you didn’t pay much attention to what the Spuds were doing?

    Light years ahead lol. They won’t finish 2nd again so technically they’re regressing. They got knocked out of the CL at the 1st knockout, they haven’t won anything for 10 years. Finished ahead of us twice in what 22 years? But ok light years ahead.

  11. Akilan

    Loew may still be a top manager. But he’s been out of club football for a decade. Even if we does sign him, he arrives in mid July while most of our players are in vacation. The season starts in mid August. No way we go into the season fully prepared. First, he himself has to adjust to the day to day club management. By the time we get into the speed and the players grasp his tactics/Philosophy/style we will already be out of contention for top 4. We’ll be setting him up to fail at the least.
    My opinion is appoint a new manager immediately after the end if the season. Be it arteta, jardim whoever. Set the goals early and if the players don’t like him, move them on. We can’t go into the new season unprepared even after Wenger.

  12. zaco

    “Can he out develop Leonardo Jardim?
    Can he deliver a better pressing philosophy than Hassnhutl?
    Can offer a more innovative approach to football than Nagelsmann?
    Is he less of a risk than Arteta?
    Does he do tactics better than Allegri?”

    Pedro, any chance the board, Ivan G and Stan K all read Le-grove? if the answer is in the affirmative, I’m sure they sure they will change their mind from bringing Joachim Low, unless as seems the case they have all decided to deprive us of the joy we derive from supporting Arsenal

  13. Guns of Hackney

    I’m not sure peter was dissing Low’s tactical ability, merely stating that 14 years away from the daily grind of domestic football management is a long time. Things have changed dramatically in that timeframe, as we have found out with our own shit club.

    Low wouldn’t be my top pick but he wouldn’t be my bottom pick either. Arsenal need change. Period.

    All moot anyway…Wenger is in the bunker and the only way he’s leaving is in a box.

    All potential managers will be snapped up by progressive clubs with ambitious chairman. Our club is more than happy to carry on regardless.

    Fuck Arsenal.

  14. gambon

    I remember being in the San Siro for the 4-0 defeat, and at the end it was the first time ive seen genuine hatred for Arsene Wenger from large sections of the fan base.

    I am praying for a huge Milan victory tonight.

    If Milan win 3-0 for example, Wenger will be gone within days. I am convinced of that.

    I am hoping we lose every single game until that decision is made. I was actually cheering Brightons goals on sunday, as was my brother and my best mate, all of us lifelong Arsenal fans. Thats how bad it is now.

  15. Akilan

    Re spurs,
    I know they are doing well. But does anybody else think, they kinda reached their ceiling. They may actually challenge next season, but you kinda expect them to do a Liverpool rather than a Leicester. How do you upgrade their playing 11 with their budget? It’s pretty hard. I cant see them winning the league next year.

    That brings us to the next question. How long can they keep their main players without winning anything of importance? Poch could be gone this summer if not definitely the next one. Alderweireld is already moving. If he achieves success elsewhere, wouldn’t it make the other guys like Erikson to push for a move? Not to mention their comparatively low wages. Now they’re a regular cl team, how many EL campaigns can Kane tolerate? When is his breaking point?

  16. gambon

    I would like to see Wenger sacked in the next few days, and Ancelotti come in for a 2 year period to settle the club, with a ‘club man’ coming in as his assistant.

    Something like Vieira or Arteta as assistant, with Henry, Adams & Bergkamp involved at various levels.

    I dont think Ancelotti is going to be making any huge innovations in his late 50s but he will steady a sinking ship and get us into the top 4 no doubt, paving the way for a younger, more progessive appointment in a year or two.

  17. Akilan

    Is the above one, THE GAMBON? I can’t remember if he was “gambon” or “Gambon”. Those were the days.

  18. HighburyLegend


    Seriously ??
    That’s all we have to do for feeling better ?? Laughing about the Spuds ??

    PSG are in advanced contact with Conte.

    As a long time fan of Arsenal, I am totally depressed, as I can’t understand why we do not work like any other clubs.
    I don’t give a shit about Spuds, I am very, very tired of our situation, and I wish the worst to Wenger and Kroenke.

    And yes, I am f*cking serious.

  19. WengerEagle


    Lol hilarious that you live/work in Newcastle, poundland Ireland outside of Ireland pretty much as they love a piss up even more than we do and produce re.tards like ‘Gaz’ from ‘Geordie Shore’, you must be a high flyer to move up to that council ridden shit-hole from London, a place where everyone sounds like they have Aspergers and the birds resemble Phil Brown.

    ‘Delightful’, LOL.

  20. Bamford10

    It is hard to imagine them doing it, but I would love to see Wenger sacked and replaced by an Ancelotti. That is one Wenger press conference I would enjoy watching.

  21. GoonerInNY

    What’s sad is that I think Pedro’s assessment of Low as a potential hire is spot on, and yet, I am so desperate to end the Wenger-induced rot at Arsenal that I am willing to take Low if it means Wenger is gone. It can’t be worse, right?

  22. Bamford10

    Chiellini has said that he knew Juventus would beat Tottenham because Spurs “always miss something at the end”. Interesting.

  23. WengerEagle

    Did laugh at Chiellini’s comments, had to have stung to hear that for Pochettino.

    They were a couple of inches away from the QF though, Kane’s header trickles over the line and what does Giorgio say then?

    Just shows you how fine the margins are at that level.

  24. Bamford10

    With Montreal and Bellerin likely out, UptheArsenal’s predicted starting XI tonight is:


    Doesn’t inspire much confidence.

  25. NorthernGoon


    Attaboy weagle that’s more like it a bit of piss taking. Too many uptight Fanny’s on here. Give a bit take a bit that’s how it should work.

    I sense you didn’t pick up the sarcasm in the delightful.

    Don’t like Dublin too expensive and full of proper tourists. Know it’s the North but much prefer Belfast. Pal has a bar over mulingar, it’s a right night out 30 + bars and 4 nightclubs in a small town.

  26. NorthernGoon


    Still stands though you’re a quick shot and quick to assume after only one half of football.

    Game of 2 halves and all that.

  27. Buckhurst Gun

    Spurs ‘light years ahead of Arsenal ‘ – errrrmmm no – they’ve had 2 ok seasons let’s not get carried away – we’ve been handicapped by a bad manager and still won more than them , get a manager in who has his head in present day football and spurs won’t even be an afterthought

  28. DM

    All this “Loew is not good enough” reeks of a homeless man on the side of the road rejecting the burger being offered because he’d prefer a steak, as he slowly starves to death.

    Sure, if Wenger announces that he’s going to leave (or, even better, the club announce that he’s been sacked [lol, good one!]), then we can all play “pick the next manager”. As it is, our club is drowning and if Loew is the only raft being thrown out to us then sorry but I’m gonna grab it as fast as I can and try to survive.

    Here’s the thing, our next manager doesn’t have to be our salvation. He doesn’t have to be with us for 20+ years. We need a major rethink at Arsenal and that means give a new manager a chance, give him a couple of years, and erase the remnants of Wenger. During that time, we should be eyeing up the next big thing manager-wise, for if and when we need to move this one on.

  29. NorthernGoon


    ‘They were a couple of inches away from the QF though, Kane’s header trickles over the line and what does Giorgio say then?’

    They would have dispatched them in extra time or beaten them on pens so probably the same thing.

  30. Buckhurst Gun

    “A managerless Arsenal would be more prepared for the new season than a Wenger led Arsenal……and i’m very serious”

    Most sensible thing you’ve ever posted Redtruth

  31. NorthernGoon


    ‘+1 to everything Gambon says. He’s LeGrove royalty. This place has missed you.’

    Hang your head in shame you embarrassment.

  32. Bamford10

    I’m with DM. There may be better options than Loew, but he is a thousand miles ahead of Wenger, so if that is the direction we go in initially, fine.

  33. WengerEagle

    ‘I am hoping we lose every single game until that decision is made. I was actually cheering Brightons goals on sunday, as was my brother and my best mate, all of us lifelong Arsenal fans. Thats how bad it is now.’

    Don’t let Toon Goon see this, he’ll be forced to remove his right hand from his half-drained Blonde Star and his left one from whacking it silly to wittily retort how you’re a disgrace and could not possibly be a real fan.

  34. Buckhurst Gun

    Is a Low appointment to try and get the best out of ozil ? If so then the club really has gone mental – but I kind of agree with you DM – at this moment it’s anyone but wenger and to take the positives out of it , Low has destroyed the best international teams out there so there so it’s not all bad – we hope

  35. Akilan

    “RedtruthMarch 8, 2018 11:07:22
    A managerless Arsenal would be more prepared for the new season than a Wenger led Arsenal……and i’m very serious.”

    Considering he gives a four week vacation for players to rejuvenate, then they come back out of shape and get injured and in no way this objectively helps at the end of the season. You don’t have to write, I’m very serious.

  36. WengerEagle


    Belfast is a good night out, place is 20 years behind though, was only there in 2016 and beyond a chippy stand you cannot get food after the club finishes in the AM, incredible really.

    Yeah Dublin’s got its problems alright, plenty of shithole’s around here but it’s definitely improving. City’s come on a lot in the last 10 years in terms of places to go out and places to eat.

    Mullingar I don’t know much about, hosts a big festival every year called ‘Life’, other than that probably more famous for the Farm animals.

  37. WengerEagle

    ‘Still stands though you’re a quick shot and quick to assume after only one half of football.Game of 2 halves and all that.’

    Like I said, sometimes it works out and sometimes you look foolish, like I did last night. More like a game of 87 mins and a game of 3 mins though, Tottenham were the better side for the vast majority of the game, Juventus just were brilliant in how clinical they were for those few minutes the Spuddies dozed off.

    I called Real Madrid to beat PSG on Tuesday, I don’t always chat shit.

  38. gambon

    I never left, Ive just not been around much.

    So apathetic with Arsenal that ive almost stopped caring until we get a new manager.

  39. WengerEagle

    Couldn’t agree more with Pedro on Loew, he has done a great job with Germany but building and running a side at club level is practically a different sport to managing some of the best players in the world on a part-time basis at international 4 week tournaments once every other year.

    Nobody has mentioned his name but we should be looking at Marcelino who is in charge of Valencia, he has them punching well above their weight only 1 point behind Real Madrid in 3rd place, the right age and experience at 52 with a very successful spell at Villarreal behind him, his sides also play very good football and he has done a great job developing and bringing the best out of young players such as Guedes, Santa Mina, Gaya, he had Vietto looking every bit a potential superstar before he fell off a cliff following his move to Madrid.

  40. Akilan

    DMMarch 8, 2018 11:11:41
    All this “Loew is not good enough” reeks of a homeless man on the side of the road rejecting the burger being offered because he’d prefer a steak, as he slowly starves to death.”

    Nobody wants another 20 year guy. Not arsenal. But the thing is the moment Wenger leaves, we’re not a homeless, starving, sick club. A shitty arsenal can sign players like Auba and Ozil. Managers like Allegri and jardim will jump at the first opportunity to manage us. Even Mou said something like Wenger has the best job. And on top of that, some ITKs say we turned down pep before he went to Bayern and city. I’m pretty sure klopp would’ve come to us before pool. In his last season with an underperforming BVB, he said something like he’s not sure Arsenal fans would accept him because of his poor season.
    If anything we’re a rich handsome young man stuck with an old ugly authoritative step mom who simply wouldn’t move out of home. She is thinking she didn’t marry other rich people to help us grow, so we should put up with her. The chicks think we’re weird.

  41. NorthernGoon


    Love Belfast and the only downside is EVERYTHING shuts down at 2am on a Saturday nite, no strippers, no casino, no after hours clubs.

    Coming up 10 years since was in Dublin, it’s not bad just expensive for what your getting with that fucking Euro.

    Mulingar is very gypsy heavy but cheap compared to Dublin and good crack. We were there in 2012 when Luke Campbell was fighting an Irish lad from a Mulingar gypsy family for the Olympic gold. Was
    Lively to say the least.

    I’m pulling your chain everyone gets shit wrong but that cliche (game of 2 halves) is used for a reason it happens so often. I stopped texting my mates definitive statements during games a long time ago cos of the amount of times it comes back and bites you on the arse.

  42. WengerEagle

    We’ve seen many cases where a successful NT manager has failed to make the successful transition into club footy, be it before or after.

    -Phil Scolari
    -Aragones (won La Liga with Atleti, his only managerial league triumph more than THIRTY years before Euro 2008)
    -Fernando Santos
    -Lemerre (French manager of the Euro 2000/Confed Cup 2001 winning sides)
    -Carlos Alberto Parreira

  43. Pierre

    You wouldn’t wanna be shaking hands with him would you.

    Makes you wonder what he’s like in private…. Weird.

  44. DM


    I agree with you to an extent, but my point is, while we’re all busy fussing over whether Loew is or is not good enough (or, for that matter, Brendan Rodgers, et al), the club will probably end up extending Wenger’s contract. Of course, in an ideal world, Arsenal announce that Wenger will be leaving Arsenal at the end of the season, and then we get our pick of the world’s best. But that just never seems to materialise. I am 100% sure that we could’ve got Guardiola a couple of years back – he’s always loved our style of play and the move would’ve made perfect sense. To everyone but our board.

    The point is, Wenger has to be removed from power. If the board think that the only way to do that is to bring in a Loew, that’s a start. I just worry that while we’re all debating that Loew is not good enough, we’ll end up keeping Wenger, at which point we will ALL be salivating over what could’ve been with Loew.

  45. gambon


    Staying central Dublin for 3 nights. Cant remember the hotel.

    It will be my 6th/7th time in Dublin and always been a riot.

    I think its ‘Pride’ weekend so will probably be a bit busy.

  46. WengerEagle


    Yeah it’s a crock of shit, silly me assumed I could get a bite to eat after the 2am lock-out, nope.

    Sketchy City even to this day, the sectarianism and post-Troubles still bubbles a bit at the surface and you do have to watch yourself if you’re from the South, we had a few dickheads give us a bit of hassle and we were only there for 2 nights.

    Re Dublin, yep price of things over here, primarily rent is obscene, if it weren’t for Lidl/Aldi I’d be on a Pot Noodle diet.

    Boxing scene in Ireland is very good, Andy Lee is Limerick bred and pretty sure John-Jo.e Nevin (pikey Olympic Silver medalist) is actually from Mullingar. Gary O’Sullivan’s a Cork native, bald fella who got the head taken off him by Eubank Jr.

    It does comeback to bite you on the arse alright but for me it’s part of the fun calling games, especially the bigger ones in the UCL.

  47. Akilan

    Give an arse sniffing Loew over a covered in his own shit Wenger extending his contract every day of the week. We’re too stinky ATM to turn down Loew.

  48. WengerEagle


    The Morgan Hotel’s always a good time, recommend you boys check it out even if you’re not staying in it.

    Yeah Dublin’s a great spot to head out in a crowd, restaurants/places to eat have vastly improved too if you’s want to make a day out of it.

  49. Bamford10

    “The Europa League is a chance for Arsene Wenger to salvage his season — and his fading legacy — at Arsenal.” – @ESPNFC

    Wow. “Fading legacy.” That’s not a Le Grove writer. That’s a major global publication. The defensive type will say, “they’re American; what do they know?”

    The rest of us know, though, that they’re correct. He will always have those first ten years, but those years have now been badly, badly stained by the last ten.

  50. WengerEagle


    As others have said, we’re a huge attraction for managerial candidates, no reason why it would be Loew or bust.

    Jardim, Marcelino and even Allegri imo would all jump at the chance to manage a sleeping giant based in London.

  51. gambon

    This summer will be interesting for a few reasons, not just because I believe there is no way Wenger will survive it.

    Financially, we are in big trouble thanks to both Wenger and the appalling commercial operation at Arsenal. Our revenue has taken a massive hit due to falling out of the CL, and commercially we are terrible, because we are incompetent, and I assume brands really arent queuing up to be associated with a failing club where the fans detest the management.

    However, you have to wonder:

    1- Why we brought Raul Sanllehi in
    2- Why he agreed to join

    This is Barcas ex Sporting Director, the guy that signed Neymar and Suarez.

    There is no way he would come to Arsenal to scrap for shite players in the Norwegian second division.

    Although we will sell more players. That isnt something that you can do constantly because you run out of players to sell.

    If you look at the finances, we cant really go big this summer, but I cant see how that isnt exactly the plan.

  52. Dissenter

    Asking Joachim Löw to take over Arsenal is like Asking Mo Farrah to take the place of Hussein Bolt in the Jamaican 4X100 relay quartet.
    International football is very very different from club football.

    Besides, Joachim Löw is already 58 years old. How much hunger is left in him?

  53. WengerEagle


    Do you not think that the likes of Lacazette, Bellerin, possibly Ramsey, Mustafi could all still fetch decent money on the market?

    I mean we got £20 million for a 29 year old Walcott that’s going to likely lose what’s left of that pace withi the next couple of years.

    Citeh are proving that you can still sign top quality players in the £30-45 million bracket, it’s all about smart investment rather than spunking on names like United have done.

  54. Guns of Brixton

    Who is better?

    Allegri or Conte?

    Wasn’t there a thing early one this year about chelc getting allegri?

  55. Dissenter

    We have one more throw of the dice to get it right properly.
    It just feels like the window for actionable change may end this summer. Allowing Wenger to stay till 2019 will set in motion decadence that even a very good manager will,find it hard to reverse.
    The high earners (Ozil, Mykhi and Auba’s) will be halfway through their contracts
    The club’s finances would have settled into the second class Europa league mode by then.
    The fan apathy and disdain may turn into a longer term malaise. It’s like younger people not voting in Western democracies – they won’t give shit after a while.
    Wenger has to leave this summer and the decision can’t be left until the summer because it may be too late by then
    The majority share holder, Gazidis and the board have to make an announcement by April 1st to shower the dictator out with confetti till the end of the season.

  56. Danny

    I just realized that tonight’s match is starting 2 hours earlier than usual, fuck, I’ll still be at work.

  57. WengerEagle

    Well Conte certainly built the foundations for the great Juventus domination of this decade, won their first 3 consecutive Scudettos, brought in the likes of Pogba, Vidal, Pirlo and Tevez.

    He always underachieved with that quality of players in Europe though and that’s where Allegri has taken them to greater heights.

  58. NorthernGoon


    ‘That’s a major global publication.’

    It’s fucking ESPN.


    Who the fuck is Hussein Bolt?

  59. WengerEagle


    Yeah it’s shit and what’s worse is that they’re switching UCL kick off times from next season onwards to mirror EL ones, half the games will KO at 6pm and other half at 8pm.

  60. gambon


    No doubt we can raise a lot of money, but most of them players need replacing.

    We should certainly sell:


    But if we do that we will need to replace most of them.

    For me, as a bare minimum, we need:

    2 x CBs
    Wide AM

    So thats at least 8 players, and that will cost a LOT of money.

    We need a significant amount of investment to get back up the league, and I cant really see us doing that, but I say again, I dont see why Mislintat and Sanllehi would have joined if we werent prepared to do that.

    I would do the following:

    – Sell Ospina and Martinez. Sign Oblak in a straight swap for Lacazette, and let Cech see out his final year as a sub.

    – Sign a quality RB like Sidibe.

    – Sell Mustafi and Chambers, replace with 2 CBs such as Manolas and Koulibaly.

    – Sell Kolasinac and sign a quality young LB.

    – Sell Xhaka and Elneny. Sign Fabinho and another CM,maybe Meyer. (For me neither Wilshere or Ramsey are good enough to start)

    – Sign a quality wide player. Bailey, Malcom, Insigne etc.

    – Sign a striker to replace Lacazette. A young, exciting striker that can play back up to Auba.

    So that would be minimum £100m net, if not more.

    We really wont be in a financial position to do that but its either that , or sit in 6th for the next 5 years.

  61. Akilan

    Exactly mate. And I actually don’t believe we’re in for him. May be one of the candidates. But not “the candidate”.
    I know at this point, even BR looks better than Wenger. Anyway, according to you, Who should be the one? Only one name.

  62. Danny

    That’s bad news.
    If I’d noticed say yesterday then I would’ve told the office that I’d leave early but now its too late.
    Oh well I’ll have to see the highlights of our 4 nil thrashing later,,,,,,,,

  63. Dissenter

    “Who the fuck is Hussein Bolt?”

    C’mon man
    You know it was autocorrected from Usain Bolt.

    Thanks for the correction though.

  64. WengerEagle


    Just one name for next season? Tough one, depends on what direction we’re looking to go in.

    Ancelotti with Vieira as the assistant could work well for a couple of years, I’d nearly prefer us just to have a complete rebuild from scratch tbh though so one of Jardim or Marcelino, wouldn’t say no to Allegri either if he’s interested.

  65. Dissenter

    Is there anyone here that agrees with Wenger that Mhyki and Ozil can play together in the same team?

    They shouldn’t be on the same team unless it’s a testimonial game for Mertesacker on the Jumeirah beach in Dubai.

  66. Akilan

    Mate, Oblak has a RC of 100m euros. And I’m pretty sure atletico wouldn’t accept a single penny less. PSG and Real are looking for new goalies as well.

    Top Goalies likely to move include, DDG, Courtuois, Donnarumma, Oblak. Teams in for them Real, PSG, Milan, Chelsea and Man utd(if they sell). I for one would love to sign the very best though.
    My bet is we are looking at Leno, Horn and maybe Lafont(mystic’s man).

  67. WengerEagle


    Yeah that could work, like the player suggestions although think you are really reaching for an Oblak-Lacazette swap, we’re talking about arguably the best GK on the planet that’s still has his best years ahead of him and is a kid in GK terms.

    Sidibe’s a great shout and wouldn’t cost much as he’s not a sexy name like an Alves or a Walker.

    Also don’t fancy Max Meyer, overrated for me. I’d much rather someone like Sabitzer.

    It all depends on how much we raise for the selling pieces really and how shrewd our investment strategy is, Lemar for example I reckon could be got for significantly cheaper than last summer because he’s had a ‘bad season’, same as Fabinho. Even though they both haven’t, the perception is that they have.

    Sanhelli you’d hope will be able to wheel and deal a bit.

  68. WengerEagle

    Can see Donnarumma to Juventus, Courtois to PSG, DDG to Real Madrid (inevitable) and Oblak staying at Atletico Madrid or possibly following Simeone wherever he goes.

  69. WengerEagle

    Tell you what though, if DDG to RM materialises I would jmp at the chance to sign Navas, criminally underrated.

    United would likely be smart enough to include Navas in the deal mind, just like before it collapsed.

  70. Redtruth


    You’re not bright enough to judge what constitutes a good player.

    Don’t make me dig up past comments should you dispute the claim.

  71. Akilan

    Sorry mate. Your firmino call was bang on. Have never seen anyone with a prediction like that. It’s easy to get it right with the likes of dybala and griezmann. But firmino was a tough one. That’s why I asked for one name.

    I’m not sure about don Carlo TBH. Unlike many here, I’m not holding his Bayern stint against him. But he was never a strict coach. Man is so good at managing the egoes like in Madrid but can he deliver with Wenger’s babies? Bringing Paddy V as an assistant may work though. I for one would love a robotic disciplined uber fit approach. Having seen Wenger’s arsenal all my life, would love someone like Simeone.

  72. Hitchy

    Spotify link for the podcast, BIG IN THE GAME PEDDERS! 🙂

    I listened to the Smudger one that was very interesting, but not been a regular listener as I just spotify music stuff in my car journeys…. you sir have a new listener.

    Lów whilst totally uninspiring is still a moderate step-up, anything to be finally finished with the malaise and borefest that Arsenal have become over the last 5 years. WENGER OUT

  73. Akilan

    What about Lafont of Toulouse, mate? Another teen GK like Donnarumma. Has already made almost 100 appearances. Next French no1.

  74. Redtruth

    “We’ve seen many cases where a successful NT manager has failed to make the successful transition into club footy, be it before or after.”

    Del Bosque lol

  75. WengerEagle


    It’s a fair point, Ancelotti has always dealt with seasoned pros, even at Chelsea he was dealing with leaders of men in Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Ivanovic, Ballack, etc.

    Far cry from our bunch of limp wristed nancy boys.

    He may not be the man to revolutionise the state of the club and rebuild, that’s why Marcelino in particular intrigues me when you look at how he has 180’d both Villarreal before and now Valencia in a short space of time.

    Re Lafont, haven’t watched him mate as I dont get to see too much of Ligue 1, hear he’s very good?

  76. WengerEagle

    Yeah Del Bosque and Lippi were both great at club level too, what about the huge list of names that I did provide that have been poor at club level?


  77. Elmo

    “Yeah it’s shit and what’s worse is that they’re switching UCL kick off times from next season onwards to mirror EL ones, half the games will KO at 6pm and other half at 8pm.”

    Disgusting, though I suppose it’s only really bad for those in the UK, where loads of fans simply won’t be able to be ready for a game at 6PM, whereas for most Europeans the early games will be no earlier than 7PM.

  78. Redtruth


    You’re daft, only 8 Countries have won the World Cup since it’s inception in 1930, which kind of narrows down your ‘huge’ list


  79. Akilan

    I for one am happy about timings. A normal UCL game stars here at 1:15am. It ends around 3 o’ clock in the morning. I watch most arsenal games but I can’t watch other big games. I save it for really big ties like Real PSG. Couldn’t watch yesterday’s game. Also when arsenal go big in Europe, like 2 nil Bayern and 1 nil at BVB, you’re too buzzing to sleep before 5. I know tuning in for a football game at 6 o’clock is difficult for you guys, but I couldn’t be happier.

  80. Biggles

    I’d take Loew over another season of Wenger, that’s for sure.

    I know he didn’t have a great club career, but I don’t think that tells the whole story. You can be a great coach, with great tactics and training methods, but blow it all with terrible recruitment. Since we already have people to handle that now, it means Loew can’t screw up on that, since he’d never have the same level of say that Wenger does.

  81. Akilan

    I’m not gonna lie, watched him only once against PSG and some YT clips. Was excellent against PSG, lost 1-0. 19 years old.
    Tall, athletic, agile. But looks a bit skinny. Caught well.

  82. HighburyLegend

    I have the bad feeling that Milan will let us down…

    Anyway, I really hope we’ll play Atletico before the final lol

  83. NorthernGoon


    ‘C’mon man
    You know it was autocorrected from Usain Bolt.’

    Take the broom handle out of your arse and lighten up ffs.

  84. Akilan

    Arsenal will turn up tonight, put in a dogged performance and come away with a result.

    I hope I jinxed your feeling mate.

  85. Micheal

    Watching Juve last night made me nostaligic for the days when a manager made tactical and player changes in the middle of game. And the changes worked a treat.

    Can’t remember the last time we adapted tactics or personnel before the 70th minute.

  86. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Disgraceful comment,shame on you.
    Yes, shame on you it should have been “I am praying for a huge Milan
    victory tonight and Wenger to resign in the after match interview.”

  87. steve


    Why is that a disgraceful comment? He wants Wenger out and that means sacrificing results unlike you who wants Wenger to stay as long as possible regardless of results.

  88. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    If a run of LWLWLLLL doesn’t get Arsene the boot it seems only a run of LLLLLLLL will.

    Forza Milan!

  89. HighburyLegend

    “David Ospina replaces Petr Cech in goal for Arsenal, while Aaron Ramsey and Danny Welbeck replace the cup-tied Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alex Iwobi, who drops down the the bench.”


  90. Zfree

    Don’t know why Pedro and a few others (though not many) think it’s the same old and Wenger will pull one out of his ass today. Things are different now, this current arsenal team sucks dick and hate playing for master weng. They’re embarrassed by it all.

    No way Wenger escapes today looking good. His best case scenario is probably 2-1 nicking an away goal, which he’d probably hail as a wonderful result, progress, etc.

  91. Micheal

    Ospina, Chambers, Mustafi, Koscielny, Kolasinac, Ramsey, Xhaka, Wilshere, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Welbeck

    Subs: Cech, Holding, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Iwobi, Nelson, Nketiah

  92. Akilan

    Arsenal are away in a big European tie and this place is quite as fuck. Don’t give me this is an UEL bs. It is arguably the biggest game of the season and folks can’t be arsed to care. The club is dying and it’s soul is being ripped out. The sooner the cancer(Wenger & Stan) goes, the better the club will get.

  93. Danny

    Great bench we have there………………
    Only Wenger knows why he agreed to Giroud switching from our bench to their bench…………

  94. Zfree

    Ozil is so easy to catch in a foot race, how many times per game do you see him just hold up, protect the ball, and try to get shoved over from behind. We’ll see this pattern play out at least 3-4 times today.

  95. Carts


    “Don’t make me dig up past comments should you dispute the claim.”

    I can’t lie, the way you pop up makes me laugh.

    We’ve all been guilty of suggesting certain players who’ve now turned out to be shit.

    I’ll be honest, Gambon was the first poster to ever mention Chambers as a signing. When we signed Chambers I was convinced Gambon made a drink off of the deal.

    3 seasons on and Chambers is out here making Danny Simpson look like he taught Danny Alves all he knows.

  96. Carts

    I’m expecting a shit show from all 3 of our MF.

    You look at them all on paper and you think, yeah…there’s a little something there. You start them and they look like utter gash.

    Then after 93 mins, some fanboy will say “wiLSHerE wOZ dA ONlY wUN shOWiNG pASHun” all because he got bodied in a 50/50 but still managed to get up with his ankles intact and get in someone’s face while getting held back.

  97. Leftsidesanch

    Keep saying it, this isn’t Arsenal of a few years ago who at least liked each other, liked playing for Wenger and had a bounce back result in them when it mattered.

    This Arsenal team isn’t good at all, our bench is poverty aswell. AC will probably put the tie to bed today.

  98. UTarse

    Calm it there cowboy, this is wenger you are talking about, it ain’t over till it’s fucking over…. if he manages to pull a rabbit out his arse (which he has done many times) all this momentum will be forgotten….

    Just pray the bad run continues….. don’t call it or bet on it

  99. Carts

    Anything to hasten Wenger’s departure.

    If after losing to Milan, Stan still refuses kick the chair, then to me, it’s clear as shite that both Stan and Wenger are in a homosexual relationship.

  100. alexanderhenry


    Agreed on your assesment.

    Arsenal need a massive overhaul. It won’t be a case of the club making one or two signings and then we just stroll back into the champions league.

    Liverpool are back definitely. They spent a long time out of contention and they have shown that they intend to push on from their current position.
    Spurs are about to move into their new stadium which will double their revenue from ticket sales, and I can’t believe Chelsea will stay in their current state for long.

    Arsenal fc need to show a lot of ambition if they are serious about being a top four club again, let alone actually winning the PL or CL.

  101. Up 4 grabs now

    Down to ten men already with Xhaka playing.
    How the hell have we got to the stage where that’s almost our best side and that pile of shite on the bench.

  102. Akilan

    Guys I’m optimistic. Our biggest goal threat tonight is Ramsey, our cm. I can’t see us troubling the scoreboard. Just hope Wenger doesn’t get lucky with penalties and deflections. LOL even if we do win a penalty(mkhi) we can’t trust anyone to score it.

    Who is the penalty taker in this side. Welbeck won’t. Mkhi and Ozil won’t even ask for it. Ah Ramsey it is. The irony if Ramsey keeps Wenger in job. You couldn’t make this shit up.

    I would’ve been shitting my pants if Eddie was starting. Now let’s hope he gets managed by an actual coach and he bangs them in next season.

  103. Leftsidesanch

    Arsenal win ratio with Danny Welbeck starting this season: 31%.

    Arsenal win ratio without Danny Welbeck starting this season: 59%.

  104. WengerEagle


    Yerp unless you fancy an old hearthy scrap over the Christianity divide outside a boozer, a lukewarm Chip Butty as post-club munch and a harsh northern accent on your birds, each to their own!