Wenger’s PR team as tired as he is + Have we failed too soon for real change?

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Quick post today, mostly because I feel like my whole life is just making content. I write this in the evening, podcast once or twice a week, then make sweet branded content during the day to much internet applause. Sometimes, I can only lightly content you in the morning, this morning is one of those days, and I shan’t hear a word against the stance.

I’ll be mostly tempering you today. That means I am planning to elasticise your hardened view that Arsene Wenger is off this summer. The reason I do so is because we’ve been here so many times before with Wenger. Think back to how many instances there has been where we’ve dropped a…

‘Lads, it feels different this time’

It’s like meeting a super hot person at a nightclub as soon as you walk in the door, it’s happened too early, she’ll be going home with someone else in 6 hours time when you’ve drunk your weight in WKD Blue and vomited on your fake Burberry jumper.

That’s the #WengerOut debate. He’s shit the bed too early in the season. There’s simply too much time for this to get better. Even players get bored of being shite, look at Roberto Martinez back in the day, after 7months of being terrible, his sides would turn on the magic. That’s Arsene Wenger. He’s dead, they’re sealing the coffin… but wait, what’s that? A Milan team going through a rebirth under a new manager.

  • European team that is average in good form (A streak to break)
  • Young manager a wily old manager can teach a lesson (A reputation to tame)
  • The prestige of a Milan victory in the San Siro (A glorious PR moment for the fans to savour)

This game has Wenger comeback written all over it. The man is never dead. Nothing will stop him from taking the club from the self-inflicted depths of hell, all the way back up to the end of the season for a taste of rich, creamy, glorious failure.

Listen to the fools state that Gattuso’s organisation and passion will make it hard for Wenger. Never. The only thing we know that’s more compelling to our manager than a dry transfer window is sticking the middle finger up to the doubters. He’ll never tolerate anyone telling him that he can’t just about nearly achieve enough to survive.

I think it’s cute that some sleuthers think they’ve caught Josh Kroenke out by using his own words against him. Dan from this weeks pod dug out these quotes of JK talking to basketball ITK, THE WOJ.

‘We have a saying over at Arsenal, victory through harmony. ‘I think that victory through harmony can take a lot of different meanings, but for me victory through harmony comes from communication.

‘You got to have open and honest dialogue about the reality that we are on because if we are sugar coating anything about ourselves, about our team, about our direction, we’re only kidding ourselves and we’re only going to be worse off for it in the long run.’

We’re a little beyond being honest with ourselves at Arsenal. Our CEO has already told the fans the manager was accountable to US (fans, not me), he also quipped that the ambition was to be like Bayern, and the best one was last summer when he said,

“There is no complacency anywhere at this club,”

“Our ambition is to win the Premier League and other major trophies in Europe,”

“It’s what the fans, players, staff, manager and board expect and we won’t rest until that is achieved. Arsène is the best person to help us make that happen. He has a fantastic track record and has our full backing.”

“If you look across the world of football, you don’t find better candidates than Arsene Wenger. We kept coming back to Arsene.”

How he said those words with a straight face is beyond me, I’d have dropped them with a knowing Wenger smirk. You know the one, where we think he has something planned and he doesn’t.

Back to Josh, you know a close shave in the Europa League – by that I mean a close quarterfinal we lose heavily in the first leg, then make up for it sort of in the home leg, but still lose – will be enough for a new deal.

He’s so green he’s probably spooked by Arsene’s number one PR stunt:

‘PSG have put the feelers out about Wenger’

PUUUURRRLEASE. Sure they lost to Madrid last night, and yes, they need a change, but you think that change is Wenger? A guy whose first action will be to strip out all the fancy stuff like tech and preparation, followed up by a 30 minute silent meeting to motivate the players. No chance. Wenger is so far from being qualified for that job, it makes me weep a bit inside that someone is planting stories so outlandish in the papers.

Great news is PSG

Right, that’s me, just a bit of a reality check. I need to temper your hopes, and keep you sane.

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  1. Ishola70

    Poor play from D.Costa.

    Gave ball away then conceded free-kick.

    No good in defensive areas. Keep him away from those areas.

  2. Ishola70

    “Fat bastard jogging around doing fuck all.”

    Talking of fat bastards Barzagli is an old fat one.

    That is not a serious player now.

    Imagine D. Costa up against him

  3. WengerEagle

    What’s with these European superheavyweights in PSG and Juventus having such thin squad options?

    Bizarre, Juve don’t have a single forward on the bench.

    Fatboy Hig scores!!!

  4. Marko


    Spurs wilting away like the giant pussies they are. Serious bottle job on the cards now.

    Pro Spurs get knocked out. Con Bamford is likely to be on an utterly insufferable later

  5. Elmo

    Gotta give credit to Allegri. He’s completely changed the game with his tactical and personnel changes.

    Imagine that from Wenger.

  6. Ishola70

    lo the strength of the EPL.

    Spurs may go out to a pack of old age pensioners and a couple of good uns in their team.

  7. Marko

    Gotta give credit to Allegri. He’s completely changed the game with his tactical and personnel changes.

    Dunno about that. He was the one who started with who he started with and without a recognisable RB/RWB too. More a bottle job than a tactical masterclass.

  8. Thanos

    Elmo I was just saying that to my mates on my WhatsApp group, Alegri has changed it up gone 4-4-2 and completely changed it, master tactician, wenger would never do that.
    Please bring this kind of manager in please

  9. Marko

    Subs have made a massive difference. Lichtensteiner on and moving Sandro further up with Asamoah at LB has added much needed width and paid off. A 34 year old RB has been the difference here

  10. Thanos

    Wengereagle juve have hardly any money their tv rights are a tenth of spurs tv rights, hence looking for freebies like emre can and jack

  11. Samesong

    More a bottle job than a tactical masterclass.

    Don’t agree at all with that assessment Marko Spurs are a headache to play against. That extra man in midfield is making a huge difference. They looked dead and buried, spurs fans are quiet and now it looks like anyone’s game.

  12. Ishola70

    I wonder if anyone has Dybala’s strike to goal rate.

    This guy has clinical all over him.

    He was like the invisible man for most of the match then killer run…. then bang.

    Scored last minute at Lazio weekend just gone as well.

  13. Thanos

    Marko I think he started out that way due to not knowing how spurs would come out, can’t see them throwing away the lead now

  14. Marko

    That extra man in midfield is making a huge difference

    That RB and LB has made the huge difference. Asamoah and Sandro are playing left side

  15. Samesong

    Marko no one knows why Allegri started his team the way he did. But what Juve have good experience. I would blame the players for their application for the first 50 minutes rather then their manager.

  16. Ishola70

    “I think he started out that way due to not knowing how spurs would come out, can’t see them throwing away the lead now”

    He should have known Son causes all sorts of problems on the left wing. Does it every week with Spurs.

    And he put Barzagli there lol

  17. Marko

    Allegri shouldn’t have started Barzagli at RB.

    Yes. But credit where it’s due he changed it and it worked. Still a major bottle job though. For 65 minutes Spurs were coasting and then a 34 year old RB comes on and they crumble? Shite club

  18. Marko

    I would blame the players for their application for the first 50 minutes rather then their manager.

    That’s fair

  19. Marko

    Costa and Sandro have been the only ones to play well all game with Chielini MOTM for me. He’s mustard

  20. Thanos

    Marko agreed for me Chiellini is the best cb in the world, shame he is getting on, proper old school cb

  21. Thanos

    He is so good he would have got into the Milan team that had maldini and baresi for me. Baresi the best sweeper cb In the last 50 years for me

  22. WengerEagle

    Haha have to eat my hat on that one, fair play Bam and RR you both saw through the Spuds mental fortitude.

    Happy to know that they are still even bigger bottlers than we are.

  23. Marko

    A lot of people say Ramos is the best defender some will say Pique some Thiago Silva but for me it’s always been Chielini. The best defender since Nesta imo

  24. Elmo


    The beautiful thing about Chiellini’s performance was that he was getting roasted by Kane in the first 10 mins, but hung in there by being relentlessly competitive, being shown up for lack of pace here and there but always finding a way to block the opposition.

  25. Ishola70

    tbf to Allegri I think it was always in his game plan to bring in The Licht later on regardless of them trailing 1-0 at the time.

    Plan was most likely to keep the score-line tight then make the switch Barzagli-Licht. Turned out the score-line was tight enough for them at HT.

    Licht used to be a bit of an animal in his younger days up and down the wing now he’s an old day he is used in shorter burst periods.

    The old fat bot Barzagli did decent when switched to CB. Much more to his lliking than RB of course.

  26. WengerEagle

    Juve are that wily old fox, what they are lacking in quality they make up for in sheer street smarts.

    Also helps to have players in Dybala and Hig that can provide the matchwinning moments after largely anonymous displays.

  27. Ishola70

    Ze strength of ze EPL.

    The two teams in the league that actually had decent teams/pedigree teams in the knock-out draw have been/will be knocked out.

  28. NorthernGoon


    ‘Bridge too far for Juventus, would take a bottle job of Wenger proportions even for Spurs to give this up now’

    ‘Fuck me they only have full backs to bring in, dreadful stuff.’

    ‘Juve like PSG going out with a whimper it seems’

    ‘Dunno about that. He was the one who started with who he started with and without a recognisable RB/RWB too. More a bottle job than a tactical masterclass’

    The banter brothers at their finest here.

    Too much Guiness and champ in ya boys.

  29. Thanos

    Alegri is on 2m a year and a 10m transfer budget at juve he would run to London to manage us please bring dybala with you

  30. Marko

    Yeah let’s be honest here outside of a 3 minute period Spurs were cruising. But that’s European football for you you’ve got to be turned on for the whole 90 minutes

  31. Charlie Nick

    Gunners shirt waving in the Juve end! Out in the last 16 and praying for an fa cup to save their season. Sound familiar?

  32. Victorious

    Imagine WE,Moan-arko and Ishola would hang their fat ass head in shame right now,was so irritating to see them sucking off the spuds all through the match,disgusting

  33. Marko

    Not like you to cherry pick what people say Northern Goon. Anyway great to see you again wonderful input. Your opinions are always very good.

  34. Ishola70

    “Imagine WE,Moan-arko and Ishola would hang their fat ass head in shame right now,was so irritating to see them sucking off the spuds all through the match,disgusting”

    wft you on about you fvcking idiot? Where do you live?

    To say Spurs are a better team than Arsenal is sucking them off?

    I rejoice in Spurs defeat tonight you fvckin plum. And anyone who bothered to read the posts would know that.

  35. Marko

    WengerEagleSpare us the running commentary for tomorrow night’s game

    Gotta say that actually made me laugh Red. You have a problem with people commenting during a game while you yourself are such an abnormal poster. Couldn’t make it up. The things that annoy you

  36. WengerEagle


    Least I actually put opinions out there at the risk of looking stupid like tonight.

    You’re a coward waiting in the wings with nothing proactive to say. And the rare time that you do you make a complete tit of yourself like calling Aguero a headless chicken the night he bangs in a hat-rick vs Bayern Munich or saying Messi has shot his bolt before he goes on to win the treble, LOL.

  37. Marko

    Imagine WE,Moan-arko and Ishola would hang their fat ass head in shame right now,was so irritating to see them sucking off the spuds all through the match,disgusting

    Christ you’re an absolute thick cunt. Did you watch the game at all? Or read any of our comments after Spurs bottled it? Just answer the two questions the thick cunt comment is a mere statement of fact

  38. Bamford10

    I told you Juventus would win in London. I should’ve made that wager with you, WengerEagle.

    Separate point, but many of you — and many English pundits — have overrated Spurs. They’re better than us, but they’re not really all that.

  39. Marko

    Weird how Victorious and Northern Goon always seem to show up backing up each other all the time. They’ve gotta be roommates or lovers or something. I don’t judge but victorious is definitely on the bottom 100% catching not pitching. Pillow biter all the way

  40. WengerEagle


    Honest opinion, having watched the 180 mins would you not agree that Spuds played the better football for the vast majority?

    UCL separates the men from the boys, which we’ve seen in this case but from a talent perspective, you have to admit that Juventus rode their luck big time.

  41. Guns of SF


    Maldini is on record saying “if I have to make a tackle, Ive already made a mistake”

    Timing and positioning and reading the game was superb

  42. Ishola70

    WE as said before I really think that Allegri was always going to make the Barzagli-Licht switch.

    The plan was to keep it tight to half time and then switch it.

    Paid off big time.

    It was a sucker punch by Allegri right on the Spurs jaw.

    Poch is a better tactician than Wenger most are but the EPL as a whole is still lacking in real cute tactics.

  43. Thanos

    Samesong cigarette paper between baresi and maldini having seen them both play live in their prime I have to say maldini was a better footballer of the 2 more a physical specimen baresi was smaller, Baresi was a more out and out sweeper cb than Paolo,
    They conceded 25 goals in 200 games together

  44. WengerEagle


    They also slither away into the woodwork until somebody lets something slip before they scuttle back out, NG with his IQ depleting Paddy slurs and Victorious with his simple bollocks.

    Christ forbid either put forward a coherent pro-active thinking post.

  45. Bamford10


    I actually haven’t watched tonight’s game yet. I just saw the score. You might be right, but I do think there is a know-how to some of the European teams (like a Juventus) that Spurs simply do not have.

  46. Thanos

    WE dark art lol I like that they so do

    Juve are not winning cl with that squad, it’s only alegris genius that has got him to 2 finals

  47. Ishola70

    Pedro will have to quell his over-rating of the EPL now.

    But as it involved Spurs I am sure he is very happy to do that.

  48. WengerEagle


    Maldini has won 5 UCL trophies, after that great Real Madrid side of the 50’s/60’s, that’s got to be a record.

    Messi and Ronaldo have both won 4.

  49. WengerEagle


    Agreed, for definite.

    Real Madrid showed it in the Bernabeu vs PSG too after being dominated for most of the match, it’s those intangibles that can only come with experience and big game temperament/bottle.

  50. Marko

    They also slither away into the woodwork until somebody lets something slip before they scuttle back out

    Yeah I notice that. They rarely give any insight whatsoever it’s more they check out what negative anti Wenger thing is being said and argue against it and then fuck off. It’s very weird. They’ve like AKB sleeper agents

  51. Thanos

    Bamford, basically spurs dominated until the 59 th minute Juve did not have a shot on target and spurs were cruising, Alegri took off matuidi and the lb put on asamoah and lickSteiner went to a 4-4-2 and scored within 2 mins and again in another 3 mins, spurs could not handle the width the changed formation brought and folded. Masterclass tactical change by Max

  52. WengerEagle

    Yeah don’t see Juventus beating either of Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, Barcelona seem to be their most favourable match-up of the heavy hitters left.

    They could well sneak through if they draw one of Roma-Shakhtar or Man United/Liverpool but no way they go beyond the SF.

  53. NorthernGoon


    Had juve to win from the start @ 12/5 was a joke so laughing.

    If you’ve watched arsenal for long enough, and I’m taking about when we were really good, it doesn’t matter how many chances you create and how dominant you are it you don’t take them you get fucked by wily old pros.

    I’d suggest you actually watch the game and comment afterwards instead of consistently looking foolish for prematurely ejaculating during it.

    You’ve been conversing with Bamford too much.

  54. Carts

    Couldn’t find one gaff in Dubai airport showing the football. Fucking pathetic!

    Must say, having been reading the commentary, I’m surprised Skids didn’t pepper Juve. As someone deviously said, there’s level to this shit.

    That Juve pedigree came through at just the right moment; and Allegri showing his tactical astuteness

  55. Thanos


    just checked Maxwell is the most decorated with 36 trophies, Giggs 2nd with 35 trophies Alves was 3rd with 34 trophies.
    Maldini has 27 still would have him over them 3 though

  56. WengerEagle

    Maldini: Won 7 Scudettos and 5 UCL trophies, also 1 Copa Italia and 1 Club World Cup.

    Pique: Has won 6 La Liga titles (soon to be 7) and 3 UCL trophies, 5 Spanish Cups and 3 Club World Cups.

    Pique has also won the World Cup and Euros for Spain, Maldini was runner up in both.

    Imagine Pique will surpass him from a medals POV, not in the same class as a defender though imo.

  57. WengerEagle


    I’d say you were supremely confident of that bet landing after 55 mins of the game am I right? You shit-spouting shyster. Any particular reason you didn’t care to share that prediction before the game? Lol.

    Not going to apologise for posting during the match, tonnes on here do it and end up looking foolish on occasion, it happens so don’t come on here acting all Billy big bollocks when you’re too much of a gaping vag to make any sort of comment during matches other than to handpick out someone else’s with a twatty retort.

  58. Bamford10

    Commenting (and reading comments) during games is fun. It’s one of the things that makes Le Grove Le Grove. And it provides a good record for others who can’t watch this or that match.

    Comment away, WE.

  59. Danish Gooner

    Allegri out thought Poch.spurs were by far the better side but when you have cobras like Dybala and Hig in your side you are never lost.we have Welbeck.

  60. Bamford10

    Juventus definitely should’ve been given a penalty at 17 minutes in, when Vertonghen tackled Douglas Costa in the box. Could’ve been 1-0 at that point.

    Yes, Spurs had a couple of shouts of their own, but those were nowhere as clear penalties as that silly Vertonghen tackle.

  61. David Smith

    Allegri just shows how far behind Wenger is. And we could have had him and other managers had it not been for wengers fear of retirement and Stans fear of no Wenger .

  62. Barking Arsene

    Paulo Dybala: “If Milan win the Coppa I will shave my head.”

    Gennaro Gattuso: “If Juventus win the Champions League I will cut my balls.”

    Gotta Love Gattuso.

  63. Biggles

    It’s just amusing that the Spuds are out of Europe before us.

    I genuinely thought Kane was going to score an injury time equaliser… And yet it didn’t happen.

  64. Rambo Ramsey

    As I predicted, Spuds got booted out. If only I had saved some of the fangirly comments from after the first leg, a bit of name shaming might be warranted 😉

    EPL clubs= Wank

    None of them will even make the Semis

  65. TonyD

    For tonight’s game

    “Much is expected of young striker Patrick Cutrone who scored Milan’s opener in the last round against Ludogorets.

    He and experienced defender Leonardo Bonnuci will be pivotal to Milan’s solid spine and with Gattuso expecting the visitors to look to dominate possession, his stars need to be switched on and efficient when they have the ball.

    ‘It will be an interesting match, with more of a new philosophy like mine against him and his experience,’ the Milan legend said at his press conference. ‘He likes to play a style based heavily on possession.

    ‘Arsenal is a technical team that doesn’t like defensive transitions. We’ll have to do well not to suffer from what they do, and then make them run when we have the ball.

    ‘We can’t be afraid of the 70,000 crowd [at the San Siro], we need to play with great technical and physical quality. If we can do that we can cause them a lot of problems.’

    Both sides have flattered to deceive domestically and see the Europa League as their only viable entry to next season’s Champions League.

    Milan are currently seventh in the Serie A title, some eight points off the Champions League places, but have reached the final of the Coppa Italia, where they will play Juventus on May 9.

    Wenger’s side however sit sixth, 13 points adrift of north London rivals Tottenham in fourth and the Frenchman is believed to need to win the Europa League to salvage the season and his job. ”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5473937/Milan-stars-paces-ahead-Arsenals-Europa-League-visit.html#ixzz598BytgaN

  66. TonyD

    From Wenger:

    He says we’ve had a bad week. Guess he’s forgot the previous losses.

    And that he’s going to turn his back on his attacking principles, so he’s realized Welbeck can’t hit the broad side of a barn and sounds like he’ll park the bus.

    No Bellerin, which may actually help unless Chambers is at right back.

    So usual process? Strong start to peter out into a whimper?

    ‘It makes me think a little bit about last year. Last year with the FA Cup, we made 75 points in the league and missed the Champions League by one point only,’ said Wenger.

    ‘Seven-five points is still a very good score what we will not reach this season. This (the Europa League) is an opportunity we have to take.

    ‘It increases the pressure even more on this competition. It is certainly difficult when you go through a patch like we are but I believe it is a good opportunity to show you have the quality and strength.

    ‘You can only show that when it is difficult. It is a good opportunity to show we can deal with that and as well, on the longer term, it will make the team even stronger.’

    And Wenger says he is prepared to turn his back on his attacking instincts in an effort to spark a reaction from his struggling stars.

    ‘In life, you forget quickly how good you are,’ said Wenger, who also revealed right back Hector Bellerin has been sent for a scan on a inflamed left knee.

    ‘When you have a bad week, players change their mind about their own quality. We have not to forget we are good football players. But as well to fix reachable targets.

    ‘Be practical, pragmatic – focus on what you can do better and analyse well what you didn’t do well and not be scared too much about the consequences of a bad result.

    ‘Focus on defending better, playing quicker and doing more things together. Reachable targets to improve the team.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5474205/Arsenal-win-Europa-League-insists-Arsene-Wenger.html#ixzz598EBZ053
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  67. TonyD

    Line up?

    ARSENAL (4-3-2-1): Ospina; Chambers, Koscielny, Mustafi, Kolasinac; Ramsey, Xhaka, Wilshere; Ozil, Mkhitaryan; Welbeck.

    Wilshire and Xhaka potential red cards?

  68. TonyD

    Young philosophy or experience?

    From humble or is it wily Gattuso?:

    “Milan manager Gennaro Gattuso relishing chance to pit his wits against Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger but admits: ‘Compared to him I’m in the children’s team!’

    Arsenal are set to face Milan in the last 16 of the UEFA Europa League
    First leg takes place in the San Siro on Thursday, with return a week later

    Milan coach Gennaro Gattuso is relishing the chance to take on Arsene Wenger
    San Siro legend admits it will be his philosophy against Wenger’s experience”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5473373/Milan-manager-Gennaro-Gattuso-relishing-chance-face-Arsene-Wenger.html#ixzz598RFaMqf

  69. Rambo Ramsey

    Tony D, serious question: Do you have shares at the Dailymail? Gotta be a reason why you give us three-four links for articles on that site on a daily basis.