Wenger’s PR team as tired as he is + Have we failed too soon for real change?

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Quick post today, mostly because I feel like my whole life is just making content. I write this in the evening, podcast once or twice a week, then make sweet branded content during the day to much internet applause. Sometimes, I can only lightly content you in the morning, this morning is one of those days, and I shan’t hear a word against the stance.

I’ll be mostly tempering you today. That means I am planning to elasticise your hardened view that Arsene Wenger is off this summer. The reason I do so is because we’ve been here so many times before with Wenger. Think back to how many instances there has been where we’ve dropped a…

‘Lads, it feels different this time’

It’s like meeting a super hot person at a nightclub as soon as you walk in the door, it’s happened too early, she’ll be going home with someone else in 6 hours time when you’ve drunk your weight in WKD Blue and vomited on your fake Burberry jumper.

That’s the #WengerOut debate. He’s shit the bed too early in the season. There’s simply too much time for this to get better. Even players get bored of being shite, look at Roberto Martinez back in the day, after 7months of being terrible, his sides would turn on the magic. That’s Arsene Wenger. He’s dead, they’re sealing the coffin… but wait, what’s that? A Milan team going through a rebirth under a new manager.

  • European team that is average in good form (A streak to break)
  • Young manager a wily old manager can teach a lesson (A reputation to tame)
  • The prestige of a Milan victory in the San Siro (A glorious PR moment for the fans to savour)

This game has Wenger comeback written all over it. The man is never dead. Nothing will stop him from taking the club from the self-inflicted depths of hell, all the way back up to the end of the season for a taste of rich, creamy, glorious failure.

Listen to the fools state that Gattuso’s organisation and passion will make it hard for Wenger. Never. The only thing we know that’s more compelling to our manager than a dry transfer window is sticking the middle finger up to the doubters. He’ll never tolerate anyone telling him that he can’t just about nearly achieve enough to survive.

I think it’s cute that some sleuthers think they’ve caught Josh Kroenke out by using his own words against him. Dan from this weeks pod dug out these quotes of JK talking to basketball ITK, THE WOJ.

‘We have a saying over at Arsenal, victory through harmony. ‘I think that victory through harmony can take a lot of different meanings, but for me victory through harmony comes from communication.

‘You got to have open and honest dialogue about the reality that we are on because if we are sugar coating anything about ourselves, about our team, about our direction, we’re only kidding ourselves and we’re only going to be worse off for it in the long run.’

We’re a little beyond being honest with ourselves at Arsenal. Our CEO has already told the fans the manager was accountable to US (fans, not me), he also quipped that the ambition was to be like Bayern, and the best one was last summer when he said,

“There is no complacency anywhere at this club,”

“Our ambition is to win the Premier League and other major trophies in Europe,”

“It’s what the fans, players, staff, manager and board expect and we won’t rest until that is achieved. Arsène is the best person to help us make that happen. He has a fantastic track record and has our full backing.”

“If you look across the world of football, you don’t find better candidates than Arsene Wenger. We kept coming back to Arsene.”

How he said those words with a straight face is beyond me, I’d have dropped them with a knowing Wenger smirk. You know the one, where we think he has something planned and he doesn’t.

Back to Josh, you know a close shave in the Europa League – by that I mean a close quarterfinal we lose heavily in the first leg, then make up for it sort of in the home leg, but still lose – will be enough for a new deal.

He’s so green he’s probably spooked by Arsene’s number one PR stunt:

‘PSG have put the feelers out about Wenger’

PUUUURRRLEASE. Sure they lost to Madrid last night, and yes, they need a change, but you think that change is Wenger? A guy whose first action will be to strip out all the fancy stuff like tech and preparation, followed up by a 30 minute silent meeting to motivate the players. No chance. Wenger is so far from being qualified for that job, it makes me weep a bit inside that someone is planting stories so outlandish in the papers.

Great news is PSG

Right, that’s me, just a bit of a reality check. I need to temper your hopes, and keep you sane.

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  1. Pierre

    Personally, I think the outcome of tomorrow night’s game depends on how Milan approach the game.

    Milan could make it hard for Arsenal if they play the high press, high energy game and get in the arsenal players faces, we have shown that we cannot cope with that style of play especially away from home.

    However, if they play the normal Italian game and are happy with a 0-0 or 1-0 that will allow Arsenal to have an element of control in the game.

    Personally, I would play a solid midfield and leave out either mihkatarhan or ozil.

  2. Unathanthium

    The best we’ll get in Milan is a draw.

    Most amusing the amount of cognitive dissonance allowed to infect those at the top at Arsenal claiming that Wenger is the man to win titles. Do they actually know what position we are in the league? Can’t they see how dynamic Pool and City are and how far we are behind even bloody Spurs? Win titles, Wenger hasn’t done that for 14 years, surely that’s proof enough to get him out.

    As for Pedro’s claim that we’ll win the CL five years after Wenger leaves what’s he smoking? More like twenty if that cancer called Kronke is still here in 2040.

  3. OleGunner

    Ahhh welcome back to the “Wenger will get a contract extension” brigade Pedro.
    I’ve been saying this for ages, man is nailed on for 2 years renewal up to 2021.

    The only place I disagree with you is in the glorious failure aspect being a boost for that extension. Milan will tonk us but that wont stop Wenger getting a new deal.

    It’s so obvious Stan will not be convinced by Gazidis, his kid or the fans to get rid.

  4. Terraloon

    Interesting articles in both the Times and the Express today suggesting that one of the major current issues revolves around players wages and in particular the new Ozil contract and the disproportionate wages paid to the two major January signings
    The articles implies that Wenger hasn’t lost the dressing room but the problem stems from the huge disparity in wages and I guess the way in which others like Wilshire and Ramsey aren’t being offered rises that will close the gap and one case of Wilshire a pay cut.
    This in the main comes back to descions to keep Sanchez and Ozil and whilst the club have tried to mask matters ala Sanchez by the swap deal which as I pointed it will have cost the club a fortune Ozil team played a blinder and the club despite all the Billy big bollocks in the summer really are in a huge mess entirely of their own making.
    The wage levels for in coming players is now at a unprecedented level and the cost of the inevitable re build is going to cost an absolute fortune

  5. Guernsey gun

    An extension will take us to the next level alright, a relegation scrap. The club will get everything it deserves if they don’t move that fraud on in the summer. What an utter shambles the club is in. You can see multiple transfer requests going in if it looks like he’s staying on.

  6. Victorious

    Be interesting to see what a Victory against Milan could mean in the grand scheme,many posters seem to be confident a defeat is almost a certainty,not sure Milan are that good,more like our level actually,the boys might want to stand up and give it a fight,could go anyway

  7. Leftsidesanch

    Who’s going to score the goals to put Arsenal through the tie? We’ll get beat.

    I can’t see Wenger being offered a new deal but I can still see him being here in August. Not much has changed since he signed a deal in May, if they could offer him a deal then when we all could see how this would go, why would they “sack” him a year later?

  8. Leftsidesanch

    If most of us are sick of him what do you think most of the players feel? If he stays on this summer how many will want to run to the exit?

  9. Guernsey gun

    Milan seem super well organized at the back and as others have stated where are the goals coming from? The morale around the team must be dog shit right now. Whose going to drag this team to a win, the manager? The captain? I just can’t see it, but I’ve watched enough football to rule nothing out.

  10. Bamford10


    While I appreciate your desire to “temper” supporters’ hopes in a Wenger summer departure, I don’t think this is the correct message at all. Indeed, by saying this, I’d say you are making yourself an unwitting accomplice of the “Wenger PR Team”.

    Another season of Wenger would be completely and totally unacceptable on every level. Not only would it make for painful viewing, it would be terrible for the club — football-wise, business-wise, money-wise.

    Far from reconciling ourselves to such a possibility, it is imperative for supporters to stand up and make it clear that no more time can be given to Arsene Wenger. Enough is enough. Arsene Wenger is a dead letter, as is his time at Arsenal.

    Supporters must make it clear to the board, in one way or another, that Wenger must go this summer. Any other approach will be harmful to the club.

  11. Guns of Hackney

    It’s funny how in just a couple of days, the mood turns from “definitely going” to “probably staying” to “I actually can’t believe they gave him yet another two years to turn shit around”.

    Giving Wenger anything other than a kick in the arse, is utterly pointless.

    Forgetting about the last fourteen years would be like forgiving James corden for being an obese joke killer becasue he made you laugh once. Nah.

    Alas our fans are so easily placated, any result against a, and let’s be honest here, shitty Milan side will be greeted by the same jubilation as when Jesus moved that bloody rock.

    Arsene has laid low, and ridden out the storm. He’s a bastard but he knows how to work over our battered fanbase.

  12. Bamford10

    “Former Arsenal starlet Marcus McGuane set for Barcelona bow – becoming club’s first English player since Gary Lineker” – @MirrorFootball

    Former Arsenal youngster Marcus McGuane is in line for his Barcelona debut.

    McGuane made a surprise move to the Nou Camp in January for an undisclosed fee.

    He made one senior appearance for Arsenal in the Europa League earlier this season but could feature for Barca on Wednesday night.

    “In a short time he has already earned my confidence, and I hope he can become an important player for us,” Barca B coach Gerard Lopez said.


  13. Leftsidesanch

    Josh’s comments may suggest he doesn’t support Wenger anywhere near as close to as his father does. Hopefully he can get in his ear, all this defeated white flag talk that we have to accept Wenger being here is a big reason why Wenger has lasted so long.

  14. Bamford10


    That’s the hope. While supporters are long past “sugar-coating” things — 88% want him out — the younger Kroenke may be referring to the way Wenger is talked about at the board level. Hopefully he sees that that is all bullshit — bullshit that has done Arsenal Football Club no good, indeed has done and is doing it harm.

    Wenger out, Josh. Now.

  15. David Smith

    Keeping Wenger on for another year, makes no sense on any level, giving him another deal would kill the club, and seriously hit its value.
    This man is getting worse, relegation form in 2018, if the owner or his son want to risk that, and all the consequences, on their head so be it.
    The fans will show for the rest of the year they are prepared to desert the club, sponsors will have caveats and clauses, players are becoming demotivated – only an owner further up on the insanity scale than wenger would risk all that over the unconditional love of one man.

  16. Bamford10

    “Perfect 10 Casemiro rattled PSG from the get-go and never let up.” – @ESPNFC

    Casemiro is yet another example of why it is false to suggest you can only build a top side via £40-50m signings.

    Madrid signed him for £6m in June of 2015. Meanwhile we were preparing to spend £32m on (slow-as-granite) Xhaka.

  17. Guns of Hackney

    Wenger will point to the defeat of PSG and work an angle to detract the stupid fans from his mess.

    Wenger will always find supporters within the ranks. He is a cult leader. Like Manson and Koresh, Wenger has devoted followers who would rather see the club burn than their leader leave.

    This IS the Arsenal Wenger built. It is not my club.

  18. Guns of Hackney


    Nah, it’s called “super killing”. It’s when you kill something so much, it literally ceases to exist, even at an atomic level.

    Wenger is a genuine plague.

  19. Ishola70

    First it was he never misses top four last season. He will get top four.

    Then it was top four is guaranteed this season no problem.

    Then it was there will be a late surge to at least get close to top four.

    Now it is he will wipe the floor with Milan.

    And all this above from his “detractors”.

  20. Guns of Hackney

    If we were talking about the 1987-1995 Milan…this would be a bigger ag result than Bayern. 15-0.

    But we’re not. Same name, different team and league. Victory over Milan will be heralded as “the proof Wenger still has it”…it ain’t.

    I hope Milan show arsenal no mercy and do the job it appears our gullible fans can’t.

    Forza Milan!

  21. Pierre

    First it was bullshit from you.

    Then it was more bullshit from you.

    And guess what, next it was even more bullshit from you.

    Do me a favour… Stop talking bullshit, your last comment was full of it.

  22. Ishola70

    Where is the bullshit Pierre?

    All those things I listed have been pronounced on this blog in the past and now.

  23. TitsMcGee

    It’s so funny how with 14 years of failure on one side he’s always one victory /tie away from convincing some idiots that he/we are “back”.

    Jesus at that level of naivete from adults.

  24. Guns of Hackney


    Stop. Ishola is saying what 88% of arsenal fans think.

    Wenger has been reframing himself forever…he’s a joke and represents everything wrong with arsenal and the douchebags that go to the matches.

  25. Guns of Hackney

    12% of arsenal fans believe in Santa…they also don’t think that wiping their own shit on their toast and eating it is wrong.

    12% of arsenal fans are mouth breathing jobless lunatics.

    12% of arsenal fans are mentally unstable.

  26. Victorious

    “Now it is he will wipe the floor
    with Milan.”

    Except nobody has said anything remotely of this nature,which means is you blowing stuffs from your ass again just to prove “you hate Wenger more”ridiculously stupid on your part

  27. Ishola70


    Somebody on here did actually suggest/imply that Arsenal will comfortably dispatch of Milan. Maybe not today but in the recent past.

  28. Marko

    Granted Milan aren’t Milan anymore but we’re in such poor form at the moment nobody is playing for this manager that I cannot see how he pulls a rabbit out of his arse on this one. Up front we’ll be depending on Welbeck to score against a very good goalkeeper and defence which I don’t see happening. Romagnoli and Bonucci are top defenders.

  29. Marko

    They’re not great going forward but as we seen with Brighton our defence is so bad that they can make any forwards look great. Expect Cutrone and Suso and Bonaventura to look world class. Expect Kessie to look like a beast when up against Xhaka

  30. Ishola70

    I just don’t understand how you can say with one breathe that the manager is done/finished and yet with another state all these things that were listed previously above.

    They don’t seem to add up.

    All those previous predictions proved incorrect. He didn’t get top four last season, he hasn’t got top four this season and they fell at the first hurdle at Brighton to see them make a late surge to close the points gap on fourth place.

    All wrong.

  31. Victorious

    “Somebody on here did actually
    suggest/imply that Arsenal will
    comfortably dispatch of Milan.
    Maybe not today but in the recent

    More likely is you making it up,going by your records on here

  32. Victorious

    @GoH : he probably eaten his own

    This indeed is a shameful comment equally very disturbing, not sure your mentally stable,might want go in for rehab or something? Wtf

  33. Ishola70

    Well maybe the poster who did actually state that Arsenal will see of Milan without too much problem will make themselves known.

    Everyone has their own opinion even if some don’t agree with it .

    Other poster(s) will more likely remember. It was quite recently.

  34. Bamford10

    That comment was made by NorthernGoon and was within the last week or so. I’ve been keeping it in mind as well. Wouldn’t be too hard to track down.

  35. Pierre

    “Wenger has devoted followers who would rather see the club burn than their leader leave.”

    You and ishola make a great double act.

  36. Bamford10

    I can’t track it down, however, as one, I’m quite busy and two, I am still working on tracking down another of one his remarks. It was definitely NorthernGoon, though, who said we would dispatch Milan without any problem at all.

  37. Ishola70

    Ah more than one poster then lol.

    As said people have their own opinions. Fair enough.

    The main point is posters who say he is finished but keep over-rating the man with their predictions in what he will do. Just seems very contradictory that’s all.

  38. Guns of Hackney


    You know it’s true. The devotion to Wenger is scary.

    He has formed a professional cult.

    …and it only costs about £2000 a year to stay in the club. Not bad for the promise of eternal life.

  39. Pierre

    Ask Ruth for the proof , I’m sure he has every comment all nicely arranged in alphabetical order just waiting for moments like this.

  40. S Asoa

    The only thing we know that’s more compelling to our manager than a dry transfer window is sticking the middle finger up to the doubters. He’ll never tolerate anyone telling him that he can’t just about nearly achieve enough to survive.

    Kroenke still sticking to the deal with Wenger that he convinces old shareholders to sell to Kroenke and he will be the tinpot dictator for life or until the death of this Old Club, whichever is earlier.
    All fans should make it embarassing to both to continue here.( After all both Wenger and Kroenke ,both drowning in lucre , but exceedingly avaricious ).
    With this arrangement CC also comes on board since his stand also is included.
    As Bamford has said, no quarter or leaway to be given.

  41. Pierre

    “professional cult”

    Bullshit.. Your talking out your arse.

    All it needs is for kronke to do what he needs to do and Wenger will be a distant memory.

  42. Dissenter

    “I need to temper your hopes, and keep you sane“Actually that’s the reality distorted position
    The reality is that Welbeck is leading the line against Bonnucci and Romagnoli. Milan have Donnarumma in goal while we have Ospina
    We are playing them at our nadir of the last five years while Milan is playing their best football in six years

  43. Rambo Ramsey

    How does Welbeck have Manchester United and Arsenal on his CV? How has he even made a career as a footballer?

    If he wasn’t English and a silent, decent fella would any club even have looked at him?

  44. Dissenter

    Yesterday I commented that 12% of AST member want Wenger to stay even though the actual break down was
    88% want Wenger gone
    7 % want Wenger to stay on
    5% are undecided

    My interpretation of the undecideds are that they are either brain-dead zombies or just too scared out of their pants that their king is dead.

    I don’t have time for any “undecided”.
    They are worse than the Wenger in. They are the two-faced weasels like Pierre and loserious who use every chance to run interference for Wenger.

    “Undecided” after 14 years of no league title and 33-points behind the league leaders in 2017-2018 is equal to voting for Wenger to continue forever.

    That’s why I will insist that 12% “voted” for Wenger to stay.

  45. Guns of Hackney


    Stan is a paid up member of Wenger’s hypnotic failure cult.

    Wenger is like Medusa…you can’t look directly at him or you’ll turn to stone.

    We need Perseus.

  46. Leftsidesanch

    literally nothing but a coping mechanism to say we could we beat Milan over two legs because we’ve done it before. There’s no surprises we are regularly turning in dire performances with regulars such as Iwobi, Xhaka, a regressed Bellerin and Mustafi.

  47. zaco

    McGuane is about to make his Barca debut, Arsene wenger would rather play welbek for 89 minutes than give Nketiah the opportunity to play, if Rashford was an arsenal player he will still be playing for the U-23s

  48. Guns of Hackney

    Dissenter gets it.

    5%. I mean really? Undecided!

    Anyone who backs Wenger should have their name and address made public.

    Back in the day…they would have been tarred and feathered.

  49. Dissenter

    It was mystic that said we will dispatch Milan without any problem.

    Now you have to figure out what to do with “Nothern goofer”. He’s going to demand an apology with your beating heart presented by your cold hands

  50. Buckhurst Gun

    A poster suggested earlier that Milan are more like our level , so arsenal might put up a fight – if so then what level are Watford Bournemouth Swansea Brighton Nottingham forest and Östersunds – if Arsenal can’t go to Brighton and win what makes you think we can go to Italy and win ? Milan only need to look at our last game to see how to beat us – it’s very very simple – and I also don’t think this is nailed on for wenger to win like he always does when he needs to get out of the shit – we said that about the cup final – we lost – we said that about the game a few days later – we lost – we said that about Brighton – we lost ….. maybe there’s a pattern emerging here ….. and to top it all off those shit heads are actually moaning about the pay gap and wanting more money

  51. Leftsidesanch

    By coping mechanism, i mean most of us want Milan to progress for the sake of our club but by telling yourself that we’ll win, if we do it will temper your disappointment.

    Need not worry, this Arsenal squad don’t have it in them to produce, especially with Danny Welbeck leading the line.

  52. Marc


    The 5% undecided are the ones (probably with the ones who want Wenger to stay) who believe this bollocks that we can’t get anyone to replace him. They ask “but who is there” well when Conte goes in the summer will Chelsea get a quality manager? When ManU sack Mourinho in the run up to Christmas will they get someone perceived to be a quality manager? When Poch joins Madrid in the summer will the press cream themselves over who ever the Spud’s replace him with?

  53. Sky

    Why do you defend such mediocrity, winning all our matches now before close of season, will that be enough to repair all the damage done already in the season, arsenal used to have some honour, Wenger and People like you sold it off years ago, it’s so sad!

  54. Guns of Hackney

    …and the communist apologist, Corbyn and his anti Semite party are for the people?

    Labour are terrorist loving lefty parasites.

    Corbyn is also a Wenger fan. Surprise surprise.

  55. Biggles

    I figure the 5% were probably asked “What would you prefer, for Wenger to stay as manager, or to get a cavity search from a gloating Spud wearing sandpaper gloves?”

    Tough call.

  56. Carts

    Good chance we pull something out the bag v Milan. Cue the resurgence in confidence by Wenger.

    Realistically I think Milan will turn it on and make us look like shit again

  57. Andrew Hyndman

    Ozil had us over a barrel, with Sanchez leaving, same as Walcott did after RVP went, £300k+ a week for ozil is utter madness, no manger will get more out of him, he is not equipped to deal with the PL, he needs to be in a “bully” team, like Madrid, we can’t be that in England.

  58. Leftsidesanch

    First leg is away from home Carts, by the time we valiantly make the tie somewhat respectable at the Emirates, I suspect it will be too late.

  59. Zfree

    Danny Welbeck should be given 45 minutes. If it’s what we all expect, a display similar to what we’ve seen from him over his last 4-5 appearances, Eddie should replace him for the second half. But master weng is our leader so his call.

    3-0 Milan

  60. Dissenter

    Why don’t we just start with Nkettia?
    I thought Wenger was supposed to be the ardent believer of using the youth,

    Why waste 45 minutes with Welbeck?

  61. Frank Mc

    Danny Welbeck should be given a one way ticket to Fuckoffsville…. a striker that doesn’t score goals, winner!!

  62. Elmo

    “This current Arsenal side can count themselves fortunate that other teams have underperformed this season. Had Everton or Southampton, for example, performed to the levels they have reached in recent seasons, Arsenal’s position in the top six would surely be under threat. At this stage of last season, Everton had five more points than Wenger’s hapless team has now. Arsenal’s statistical rating is unsurprisingly at its lowest since we began calculating them, with a score 6.88 a significant drop off, again having fallen year-on-year over the last four seasons.

    This Arsenal side is crying out for a change from top to bottom. Wenger’s departure would signal the dawn of a new era that is imperative if the club are not to be left further behind. ”


    As has been said many times, we are now what Everton were for many years. Above mid-table, vaguely hailed as being one of the better teams in the league, but absolutely nothing to do with the competition for the top 4, let alone the title.

  63. Danish Gooner

    Bonucci against welbeck you couldnt make it up our only non scoring englishman since wally against one of the finest italian defenders in generations.

  64. Guns of Brixton

    “Rich,creamy,glorious failure is a cumshot that fails to hit Scarlett Johansson in the face”


    Ai what????

  65. Emiratesstroller

    The key worry is that the Kroenke family still believe that Wenger has what it
    takes to turn the club around when virtually everyone at the club, pundits, journalists plus supporters believe otherwise.

    Second the reality is that since the start of the year we have lost games not only to Man City but to the likes of Notts Forest, Bournemouth, Swansea and Brighton.

    Every club who plays against Arsenal knows how to beat us. You don’t need to
    be a tactical genius to recognise this. The club is rudderless both on and off the pitch and that is clear for all to see.

    The tactical game that Wenger plays over the past 20+ years is now so predictable that it is hardly surprising that we are losing to all and sundry Nothing changes, because there is no discipline at the club. It sounds like there is
    just a free for all.

    The problems at the club are not just restricted to the first team. The Academy
    programme has also suffered from the same malaise over several years and
    what is of serious concern is the number of youngsters who are refusing to
    extend contracts with the club.

    The loyalty to club and Manager is clearly a busted flush. Most of the first team will agitate this summer for a move if the opportunity arises. That will
    include Bellerin, Wilshire and Ramsey.

    So you have to ask a serious question who will take a grip on what is going on
    at club?

    What the management of Arsenal need to consider very carefully is the impact on season tickets sales if Wenger stays at club. My guess is that they
    could see a drop of up to 20% in renewals if Wenger does not leave.

  66. Ishola70

    “The key worry is that the Kroenke family still believe that Wenger has what it
    takes to turn the club around when virtually everyone at the club, pundits, journalists plus supporters believe otherwise.”

    No they don’t. They don’t have real sporting interest.

    As someone else said overall Wenger has done very well for Kroenke financially and that was his main objective when acquiring his position. That is his loyalty to Wenger. Nothing else.

    Shame that Kroenke jumped on board and shame that Wenger jumped into bed with the money men a long time ago.

  67. David Smith

    What was it Wenger reportedly said to the players and coaches after he was summoned to a board meeting after losing so badly to City – something along the lines of:
    “If we are not in the Champions league next year, there will be big changes this summer”
    The players who dont want him have the opportunity to do him home and away to Milan, will be very interesting to see how the team perform, only takes two of three saboteurs to ruin a team. Even if they get round Milan, others await. A heroic loss over two legs in the semi isnt going to reassure Stan that wenger will carry on bringing him what he values the most.
    This will most likely be the first year Wenger does not deliver top 4 or a trophy.
    Kroenke will ultimately only back him if he brings in money, lose in the Europa, he wont be bringing in money, will make it very easy for a man like Stan to dispense of him, even if he does have to use his son to do so.

  68. Marko

    No they don’t. They don’t have real sporting interest.

    I also believe this notion of loyalty and or friendship between Kroenke and Wenger to be a bit fair fetched especially the notion he’d take Wenger’s input over that of his son. He’s a vacant owner he’s probably met Wenger a handful of times over the years and isn’t likely to be in communication regularly with him. I’m sure his son is witnessing what’s going on and relay everything back to the old man

  69. Marko

    Bellerin ruled out of tomorrow’s game with a “knee injury”. No word on whether Ozil has another “illness” yet. In other news the club has a private jet on stand by to go to Ibiza. Coincidence I’m sure

  70. Ishola70

    “I also believe this notion of loyalty and or friendship between Kroenke and Wenger to be a bit fair fetched especially the notion he’d take Wenger’s input over that of his son”

    Well he could have loyalty in the respect that Wenger overall has made him a nice profit.

    As long as there enough fans like Moh on AFTV who feel Wenger cannot be dismissed under any circumstances and must be shown respect then people like Kroenke will take advantage of that.

    As said before I don’t think Kroenke can save Wenger by the end of the season. Wenger’s position will become untenable and Kroenke will not be able to bail him out. This will be despite fans like Moh from AFTV.

  71. Pierre

    You need to forget about moh from Arsenal fan TV he is not relevant to the conversation or the future of the club.

    He is the type of fan who would still wear all the arsenal clobber, would still be going to every game, would still talk positive about the club whoever is the manager even if we were playing non league football.
    Fair play to him, he will remain loyal to the club and will always defend the club as it is his life and he obviously enjoys going to the games win or lose.

  72. Pierre

    David Smith
    Allegedly…… Newspaper talk if u ask me, it makes a good story…
    Look at all the “stories” that are coming out of Arsenal at the moment…

    So who is doing it now to conte

  73. Ishola70

    “Fair play to him, he will remain loyal to the club and will always defend the club as it is his life and he obviously enjoys going to the games win or lose.”

    There’s loyal and being daft.

    Much like Wenger is Moh being loyal to the club itself or someone else?

    He is showing loyalty to one man Wenger not the club itself. Or is Arsenal FC indeed Arsene FC?

    Every indication shows that continuing to back this man will do the club itself more harm than good.

  74. Barking Arsene

    Still think Wenger might just squeeze one last season out of Stan, even if Josh gives negative reports.

    I don’t say this from a fans perspective, but from a business one. Wenger has delivered financially for Stan and his business during his ownership, whatever we may think of him.

    Also, although this season has been an absolute car crash, he might be given one last shot at turning it around.

    Remember he overachieved (for the board) when the club budgeted for a couple of seasons out of the Champions League a while back. It’s a fairly strong bargaining chip to have when asking for time to put things right.

    Would be a disaster if he did stay on but not impossible.

    Wouldn’t make it beyond that though.

  75. Marko

    Wenger has delivered financially for Stan and his business during his ownership, whatever we may think of him.

    I would like to put this once and for all to bed Arsene Wenger isn’t the only man capable of turning profits at Arsenal. Once he fucks off finally it’s not like we’re likely to cease making substantial money. There exists not one sponsorship deal because of the manager and if he were to go they’d go. In fact if he were to go and we start challenging again it would stand to reason that we would make more money. The club is the club no matter who’s in charge it’s a cash cow

  76. thank you and goodnight

    He did not over cunting achieve in the years after we moved stadiums ffs. There were only 2 genuine title challengers and that was Chelsea and United and the other teams were playing catch up. We still had 3rd or 4th highest wage bill and he was coming in 4th, hardly fucking overachieving ffs

  77. Elmo

    What a coward that official behind the goal is. The ref might have missed it, but there’s absolutely no chance that guy could’ve missed seeing the foul for the pen. A coward without any force of personality who’s just there for a paycheck; the sort of guy who is never going to make a big decision under pressure and will just hope to keep a low profile and appear to be busy by making meaningless small actions.

  78. Marko

    The officials behind the goals are the most useless cunts I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen them get involved or make a decision. They do fuck all

  79. WengerEagle

    Matuidi is so overrated just like Khedira, their industry masks their lack of quality.

    Only Pjanic can ball for them in midfield and he’s unfortunately one-paced.

  80. Elmo

    Were we ever ahead in a CL R16 tie in our last 7 attempts? As far as I remember, having lost every first leg by at least 2 goals, we were never on track to go through at any point in any of those ties.

    This isn’t jizzing over Spurs, but why can the other English teams (Leicester, Spurs etc) at least be vaguely competitive and even beat quality CL R16 opposition, while we have been an absolute laughing stock in Europe.

  81. Ishola70

    “This isn’t jizzing over Spurs, but why can the other English teams (Leicester, Spurs etc) at least be vaguely competitive and even beat quality CL R16 opposition, while we have been an absolute laughing stock in Europe.”

    Because you need a certain standard of tactical approach in these sort of games in Europe something Wenger very rarely provides.

  82. Ishola70

    “Poch is what wenger once was”

    Poch much better tactically than Wenger once was. Ever was.

  83. Samesong

    I said to a spurs fan you still have won anything.

    His response was goodun

    We have won over the fans.

    I was thinking then put a fan in your trophy cabinet then.