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The good news simply keeps on rolling in for Arsene Wenger. Matty Debuchy, forgotten right back, is on a storming run at St. Etienne. This from Matt Spiro.

‘Just five weeks after leaving , Mathieu Debuchy has scored two goals, lost no games, become cult hero at St Etienne, been nominated alongside Neymar for player of month award, and got himself back in World Cup contention for France’

He was never a bad player, and people behind the scenes spoke highly of him, but a few bad injuries and the Wenger shutout sent his career the same way as that of Thomas Vermaelen.

Tony Cascarino has been skim reading the situation at Arsenal. At the weekend, he was basically saying Wenger’s biggest issue was not pressing Stan K for enough money. Yesterday, he went big on what he thinks we’ll see the directors running for the SACK button.

“Forget your demonstrations and phone-ins,”

“There is no way that Arsene Wenger will survive; in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if his fate is already decided, though I would love for him to come out this week and say he’s walking away.

“Nothing scares the directors more than empty seats.”

Now Tony, let me explain, the number of empty seats is not the key issue. We’ve had empty seats for years. The concern would be seats sold, and we always sell out.

The thing that’ll make the directors run for the hills is another season out of the Champions League. Bonuses will start to lighten, sponsors will offer less money for our new kit deal, and someone will be burning Wenger effigies outside fancy north London homes.

… and even when all that happens, Stan will still have a hard time pulling the trigger.

There’s a good stats blog from Matias Karen that paints the season in a deep musky shade of brown. A few good ones include:

We’re on the hook for our worst ever defensive year. The record is 49, we’re at 41. We’re also at the lowest win ratio, at 44%. Finish 6th or 7th, and it really will be tears all around.

Finally, I’m gonna ride a Segway scooter into the latest podcast with this Thierry quote.

“Listen, I’m a competitor, you don’t back down from a challenge.

“We are hypothetically speaking before people jump ahead of everything, [but] I have never backed down from a challenge since I was young.

“If I had listened to people who were talking about where I was going to be, I would not have been here.

“When I arrived at Arsenal, they said to me, ‘Why are you outside of the box, you will never score goals?’ with my position being on the left or whatever it was. You don’t back down from a challenge, you always think that you can.

“When I came back to play for Arsenal, everybody, all my friends were saying, ‘It can only tarnish your legacy, why are you going back there?’

“If you love a place and they ask — I repeat, they ask — for help, you are always going to say yes. What I am saying to you is again, we are talking about hypothetical thoughts.”

Thierry is more thirsty than Wayne Rooney on Day 1 of a Benidorm Stag Do. He’s literally dribbling over the job, someone call HR, we have an awkward situation going off and we need paper towels.

Jump into our podcast to hear more about this, but my hot take on it is I’m not sure you should ever meet your heroes… or maybe I mean, never let your heroes take over the Arsenal job.

We’re all very much in the ‘ANYONE BUT WENGER’ boat, and look, I’ve been in there rowing like a pro for 10 years… but someone needs to be rational here.

  • You don’t give someone a burning dumpster as their first job in football, just ask Gary Neville
  • I’m not sure he’s that qualified. He hasn’t coached anywhere decent, and he’s been expsosed to Belgium under Roberto Martinez
  • I feel he’d be getting the job just because he’s mates with Josh K
  • But, you know, can Thierry do wrong? Surely he’s just naturally good at things?

NO, be rationa. I love the man, a dream of a player, but it’d be a helluva risk.

Phillipe Auclair did paint him as a football obsessive. When he landed at Arsenal, they put 3 TVs in his hotel so he could immerse in football. Let me tell you, when I land in a hotel, that’s not what I’m doing with 3 TVs. Elite discipline for a man so young. He’s also played under Pep and he speaks a lot about tactical flexibility and using the mind to win games.

Anyway, we covered that off in our excellent new podcats.

  • We talk about Wenger’s attempt at changing things up
  • We talk about whether the players downed tools
  • We discuss emotion in a world that doesn’t tolerate it: Namely, are tears ok in a sports work environment?
  • We then take on the three most likely managerial scenarios that could happen

It’s a cracker, thanks to @Topical_Storm (Dan from the comments) for joining me again. Also, thanks for joining in record numbers this year! It’s like you all suddenly woke up and realised this is great contentz.

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  1. Marko

    I believe the reports that Wenger has no intention of stepping down either now or in the summer are true he’s honestly that shameless and I believe too that he doesn’t see what everyone else seems to see he doesn’t acknowledge that he’s finished now he’s no longer capable of being a manager. He doesn’t believe he’s that bad. I think the club are probably waiting to see if we can turn it around against Milan or continue this atrocious run before making a decision. I’ve been as frustrated and angry as anyone by the deafening silence from the club but it makes sense not to publicly say something on the eve of an important tie. Fuck that up and I assume they’ll publicly acknowledge this shit show

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Anyone heard any rumours about the bullying going on at the club that was in the press over the weekend.?

  3. Guns of SF

    Herbs Army
    Arsenal are too sentimental and have been abused by this attitude. While I appreciate some aspect of loyalty with the club, it has clearly been abused to a point of no return. We are not ruthless… we are not Chelsea, Barca Madrid esque. They put winning first above all. Look at how Barca tosses their sons away – coach after coach.

    This is a problem that is inherent in the culture of the team that needs to be vaquisehd when Wenger leaves. He has masked apathy and blind loyalty as “VALUES”

    Its nothing more than shit and quicksand. we have been stuck in this forever.

  4. HighburyLegend

    we beat Milan = 2 more years lol

    Those incompetents senile c*nts, of course, don’t know that it is “only” the last 16 of the competition.

  5. follow the money

    I will believe Wenger is gone when I see it. Stan K held on to Jeff Fisher as the Rams coach for numerous losing seasons with no playoffs on the trot. He finally got rid of him but it took years and years and he was completely unaffected by fan unrest.

  6. Akilan

    Re those Josh’s quotes,
    TBH it was from a podcast with an NBA presenter. The mood was obviously chilled regarding arsenal and he simply shared what he thought. The fact he said honesty in communication and sugar coating means that at least he understands something isn’t right. You’re not gonna say you’re not happy with your club in an irrelevant podcast. I’m not supporting him. I’m on the fence re Josh.
    The media says the board want to sack him. Lee Dixon just opened the gate for other legends to brutally criticise him. We lose at Milan and even more will follow suit. Common sense says Wenger leaves this season. But you know this is arsenal we’re talking about. Anything is possible.

  7. mysticleaves

    RSPC I am not sure that’s Arsenal. The bullying…No club was named but they said it was a premier league club

  8. TitsMcGee

    Wenger recruited some great players Kolo Toure, Sol, Thierry Henry. But Mustafi?

    “I spoke to Gary Neville who said Valencia couldn’t give him away.”

    🙂 lol

    I remember saying that we overpaid for Mustafi when we bought him and that he was just “okay” and got into an argument with Chigooner (or similar name) because he felt it was a really good signing.

    People put way too much stock into X player is a WC winner. Yes he might have been on the squad but….

  9. Akilan

    Also I don’t think we should get rid of Cech, yet. Ospina is gonna leave in all honesty. We’re not in a position to buy two goalies.
    As bad as Cech’s been this season. He’s one of the very few leaders we’ve got left. He took responsibility immediately after the game and was one of the only ones who thanked the away fans.
    Immediately posted an apology on twitter too. Guy’s a leader and is respected in the dressing room. He can be our no2 and be an influential figure in the locker room. Sell ospina and buy a keeper may be like Leno. This club needs to keep the leaders it has got.

  10. WrightIsGod

    Last season I stated that the job for the next manger will be hard. It’s not a matter of instilling “confidence” as the clueless Pierre puts it.

    I raised my concerns about that and the effectiveness of Gazidis and was shot down by Pedro last year, hence why I keep sending digs out to him re Gazidis but Pedro picks his battles well and won’t bite. Bless him. Well…..

    New manager needs to:

    1. Remove/demote a host of players
    2. Buy and integrate a host of players
    3. Sort out our wage bill
    4. Lose the coaching staff
    5. Hire coaching staff
    6. Change training (instilled for 20 years)
    7. Change the tactics ( “ “ “ “ )
    8, Change the culture ( “ )
    9. Deal/put up with our board and owner
    10. Win over Arsenal FC which has only known one way for 20 years.

    The Arsenal job, though well paid is hard now, everything scrutinised and criticised especially by the idiot Wenger in’s.

    It’s a job for a man with big shoulders.

  11. Akilan

    Also god forbid we need to bring in a new GK coach. Fabianski has been decent since he left us and chezzers is rocking it ATM in serie A.
    We can sign Cech’s former coach Lollichon. He might be available.

  12. mysticleaves

    media reporting a total breakdown of dressing room with Ozil (disappearing act), Miki (failure to track runners) and Mustafi (for blaming all others and not but not himself) pointed out.

  13. Guns of SF

    We need a coach that will break the culture
    The lies- masked as values- apathy, loyalty, penny pinching, stagnation, self sustaining BS

    The coach needs to understand that culture of demise they are walking into…
    PV4, Sarri? Henry and his firey temper?

    Kronke likes stability. It will be hard to find the right person!

  14. Marc


    You are so out of tune with what will happen when Wenger leaves it’s a joke. Out of your 10 points the new manager will have little or possibly no input into about 6 of them, dealing with the owner / the boardwell that’s being called an employee and as for winning over Arsenal fans I think we’re ready for a change.

  15. TitsMcGee

    Miki (failure to track runners)”

    I for one am shocked that a player that couldn’t feature for UTD has glaring defensive issues. Shocked . 😉

  16. Herb's Army

    Guns of SF

    A truly shocking state for any reputable business, let alone a big global brand like Arsenal.
    There has never been the ground-swell of anger and negativity surrounding Wenger as we’re seeing now, almost everyone is calling him out.
    Strange how he’ll respond to criticism from the likes of Neville and Keane, but is far less forthcoming when club legends Wrighty and Dixon speak up.
    I’ve never known any football club at any level to be in the incredibly unfathomable mess that Arsenal are in, and there’s not a hint of recovery on the horizon.
    Wenger has thicker skin than a herd of rhino’s and more brass-neck than Hitler, possibly the full backing of Stan too.
    You get the feeling we are reaching a tipping point of sorts, but it’s anyone’s guess as to how the dice will fall, I doubt it will be in our favour though.

  17. Marc


    Right so let’s try to keep a little positivity, Wenger’s gone and we’re putting together a backroom team that looks the part. Let’s try to give them the opportunity to show what they can do before we write them off.

  18. WrightIsGod


    Remember your comment this day 6th March 2018.

    This job is a four year job.

    Especially as there is now a top 6.

    I’ll be happy to wager it. I’ve never been wrong about Arsenal in 9 years. Here’s my resume, check the dates.


    I was a kid then and I could see the rot. Dealt with many naysayers, trolls and I stopped. But I saw this and it is in writing from 9 years ago.

  19. Marc

    My point was that it won’t be the new First Team Coach doing much of what you said. We’re putting in place a modern setup – will it yield instant results no will there be some area’s that improve quickly yes.

    As my comment above about trying to keep a little positivity once Wenger’s gone.

  20. Guns of SF

    The dilemma here is Kronke and his comfort with how things are “run” at Arsenal.
    He loves the status quo.
    He loves the bank balance
    I almost feel a big name coach can get in his ear more- to get him to understand the Wenger way is actually not the “way’
    He might listen to a tried and true big name…

    Im still hoping for Carlo and PV4 together.
    Winning experience and a strong personality and pedigree.

  21. TheBayingMob

    “Stan K held on to Jeff Fisher as the Rams coach for numerous losing seasons with no playoffs on the trot. He finally got rid of him but it took years and years and he was completely unaffected by fan unrest.”

    And to be honest, he’s only done that as he can’t put a mediocre franchise hell bent on staying mediocre into Los Angeles with a new shinny stadium on the horizon; the people paying for that stadium probably demanded that he make a stab at being relevant at least for a few seasons.

    No such stipulations or pressures at Arsenal, especially with a ground full of fucktards like the twats over at Untold who will spill out thousands of pounds per year to keep on celebrating nothingness terminal decline dressed up a ‘values’ preached from a moral high ground that really doesn’t exist …

  22. Herb's Army

    With all due respect, Marc, Wenger hasn’t gone anywhere, he’s still Arsenal manager.
    His position might become untenable and the sheer weight of protests against him may force action, but we’re not there yet.
    As I said in my previous comment, none of us know what relationship Kroenke and Wenger have.
    They may socialise and enjoy the trappings of their wealth with fine wines, etc. but even if they don’t, I would imagine they’re in regular contact, and I’d imagine it to be a warm, friendly conversation.
    Raul Sanhelli may prove to be a master-stroke on Arsenal’s part and we’re all in agreement in hoping that to be so, but if we’re brutally honest, Arsenal’s decision-making has been poor for many decades.

  23. WrightIsGod

    I wrote this is in 2010. In my teens. Notice the comments have all been removed.


    Marc. What were you doing then? I can prove I have more of a clue about this club then you can ever proport to have. I grew as a child going to games.

    I’ve seen the rot, I’ve prophesied it. What can you show to prove you have any idea of anything other than what you see in front of you?


  24. Marko

    Apparently there’s so little demand for the Milan game that a travel company who’s done all our away games in the Europa League this season has ceased doing it

  25. Akilan

    I was very interested in the appointment of Raul Sanllehi. For Barcelona, he was the chief negotiator. In that he doesn’t get involved in running of the club or scouting the players. He negotiates deals with the players. If barca want to sign someone, they send this guy and he gets it done, as simple as that. He’s brought in guys like neymar, a real coup and Suarez. Our guy has a reputation of one of the best negotiators in the game. He has extensive contacts in south america. Now he’s a proper replacement for Dein. I imagine no more dilly dallying and penny pinching.
    However I’m not convinced with the title Director of Football Relations. He was not a DOF for barca. He was their Chief negotiator. Does that mean we need a DOF on top of that? Or Raul, Sven and Huss are enough with Ivan as CEO? Can anyone clarify?

  26. mysticleaves

    If any of you here have not taken at most 5 mins to send a mail to that address posted here then you are an AKB and you deserve what you are getting

  27. Black Snake

    The only sponsor loving the negativity of this situation is Ladbrokes on Arsenal Fan TV. Robbie is loving it too…. kaaa-ching

  28. TitsMcGee

    If as I believe, Wenger had played a significant role in helping Kroenke to buy the club and acclimatise to everything Arsenal, it may well be that it is emotionally impossible for Kroenke to ever sack Wenger.”

    Recently I have also been convinced of something similar. It’s the only explanation for Wenger being so bullet-proof.

    18 points back of Chelsea , 5th place, 13 straight seasons no EPL title, embarassment at the hands of Bayern. Wenger gets not only gets an extension but a pay-raise. * mind-blown*

    There is something Wenger has over Gazidas/Kroenke that makes him untouchable. Either that or as you say it’s an emotional decision.

  29. Alex Cutter

    “Not sure what the Meg is all about.”

    Ask your grandkids to explain the reference the next time they’re over changing your adult nappies and emptying your spit cup.

  30. Guns of SF

    Wenger has been around so long that the new gen of fans only know shit in the last decade or so.
    How this man is untouchable is beyond comprehension for a billion $ company.
    Its like we are a facist government with the untouchable dictator.
    no matter what rebellions happen, nothing changes and he stays in power.

    Its really mind boggling if you take more than a minute to analyze it

  31. Marko

    Rabiot is such an enigma. Perpetually moving but still positionally disciplined. Like the opposite of Xhaka

  32. WengerEagle

    Kovacic has been very good alright, like the way he can pass his way out of trouble when he’s hard pressed rather than cede possession like every midfielder that we have.

    Fancy Real Madrid to win this, PSG will be forced to become more adventurous as the game goes on and they will leave gaps that I see Real exposing, especially Bale off the bench.

    PSG have nobody besides Draxler to shake things up while Real have Modric, Kroos, Bale and Isco.

  33. alexanderhenry

    Baying Mob

    ‘..especially with a ground full of fucktards like the twats over at Untold who will spill out thousands of pounds per year to keep on celebrating nothingness terminal decline dressed up a ‘values’ preached from a moral high ground that really doesn’t exist …’

    Very well said. I hate Arsenal’s moral high ground.

  34. Pierre

    Alex cutter
    As per the urban dictionary.

    One of the most beautiful, caring and compassionate humans on existence on the planet. Being a ‘Meg’ normally entitles greatness throughout life and brings success in the future.”

    And there I was thinking Steve was being his usual obnoxious self about me.

  35. Marko

    Verratti is a fucking idiot. Stuff like that isn’t showing passion it’s fucking cowardice bottling it instead of showing fight

  36. Tomtom

    Madrid are top class and I’d be surprised if they don’t win the champions league again this season.
    They know how to win big games and have players with bottle

  37. PK

    Complaints can be submitted via Email to feedback@arsenal.co.uk or alternatively in writing to the Arsenal Contact Centre. If it is felt that a complaint cannot be resolved within 5 working days, an acknowledgment of the communication will be made as an interim measure. If the response to the complaint is deemed unsatisfactory by the complainant, the matter can be escalated to the Customer Services Manager; Anita Crowley. This can be done either by letter or Email (feedback@arsenal.co.uk) marked for her attention.
    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/the-club/corporate-info/the-club-charter#t4Sku9qKCyqK6jmV.99
    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/the-club/corporate-info/the-club-charter#Q3JyT50G9DO7ishs.99

  38. Marko

    Also anyone who lights a fucking flare at a football match is literally a fucking neanderthal. Just as they’re about to pick up the pace another stoppage in play. Dumb fans

  39. Marko

    PSG should not be starting with 3 DMs in midfield it’s not necessary. Why Motta still plays a key figure for them is beyond me

  40. steve


    You obviously didn’t get the reference. Don’t worry I’ll give you some time to see if you can figure it out.

  41. Marko

    Defensive minded definitely WE. They needed more creativity in the midfield. I’m guessing they were hoping DiMaria and the full backs were going to be enough to open up this Madrid side

  42. WengerEagle


    It’s weird how thin their options are, just looked at their bench and besides Draxler who they elected to leave off for Pastore weirdly, they have nobody else.

    Only Neymar is out.

  43. Marko

    Yeah WE it goes to show for me even with all the money they spent they’re still some distance away from competing legitimately for the champions league or being considered a powerhouse. Man City are closer to a champions league than them imo

  44. WengerEagle


    Agree, their first XI is great with Neymar but soon as he goes down they entire game drops a couple of levels, he’s that good.

    People forget that they dominated large spells in the Bernabeu and it was a bit of a smash and grab from Real, only been one team in it tonight.

  45. Marko

    Credit where credit is due Zidane was staring at being sacked when this tie was made all the pressure was on him and he came out on top. And playing Kovacic, Vasquez and Asensio who all had good games instead of Kroos, Isco and Bale was a smart touch.

  46. mysticleaves

    Zidane just pulled a Wenger on the Madrid board with this qualification. He would have been sacked had he lost the tie over 2 legs.

  47. mysticleaves

    Neymar definitely underwhelmed in Spain. Psg are not ready. Smashing teams 7-0 doesn’t mean they are super powers yet. Neymar won’t be taken seriously in the conversation for Ballon d’or if he remains in that joke of a league

  48. TitsMcGee

    Zidane just pulled a Wenger on the Madrid board with this qualification. ”

    He’ll be sacked if he doesn’t win the UCL. Doesn’t matter that he won it recently. He’s 15 points off Barca in LA Liga.

    Heck he could get the sack even if he won it. Madrid are the anti Arsenal lol

  49. Marko

    PSG need to get rid of DiMaria and Cavani make Mbappe their go to striker and invest in a number 10 or two. Hazard could make the difference for that team. Fuck take Ozil

  50. TitsMcGee

    PSG looking like a club made for Wenger.”

    If they make him an offer I’m sure he’ll accept now.

  51. Marko

    Not saying Hazard is a number 10 per say but he’s the type of big money signing they like and capable of playing the role behind a front 3

  52. WengerEagle

    Job is way too big for Emery, amazed he wasn’t replaced at the start of the season.

    Hard to imagine him commanding the respect of somebody like Neymar who’s won it all at Barcelona.

  53. mysticleaves

    Mbappe still too young to shoulder PSG. Cavani still elite for them.

    For his selfish ambitions I hope he realises that.

    Absolutely correct about Madrid being anti Arsenal

  54. WengerEagle

    Hazard would be great for them.

    As phenomenal as Cavani is at domestic level, he can only take you so far in Europe.

    I’ve never been impressed by him in a big UCL knockout tie, constantly missing big chances and does fuck all else as he’s a penalty box CF.

  55. Marko

    Zidane just pulled a Wenger on the Madrid board with this qualification. He would have been sacked had he lost the tie over 2 legs.

    Ah be easy on Zidane he shouldn’t be in the same sentence as Wenger like that. Wenger has been pulling the hood over people’s eyes for far longer.

  56. mysticleaves

    If they make him an offer I’m sure he’ll accept now.

    What? Weng ALWAYS respects his contract. He will turn down the world again to see out his last year

    Hazard currently will feel soo stifled playing behind a front 3. He wants to either be a part of the front 3 or the foil in a front 2. Greedy bastards Neymar and Hazard lol

  57. Marko

    How is he ever going to end up at Madrid unless he runs his contract down? He cost 200 million what is he going to go for 400 million?

  58. WengerEagle


    You cannot underestimate player power in 2018, would not at all be surprised if there was a clause in there.

    Do you really see him being happy to play Dijon, Bastia and Angers away for too long?

    He already looks totally disinterested and has missed a fair few games with spotty reasons, PSG aren’t going to force an unhappy player to stay when they can squeeze hundreds of millions out of Real Madrid to get nearer the UCL elite.

  59. Elmo

    I think Dani Alves would immediately have a potential PSG appointment of Wenger blocked by tipping off Neymar that he is zhite.

    Did you see his comments about Arsenal the other day? Described us as the team the dressing room at Barca always liked playing against because we could always be easily ‘dominated.’

    “Well we definitely liked to face Arsenal.
    They were a team we dominated and had control over. Every time we faced Arsenal in the Champions League, we’d have a good result or a good performance.”

  60. WengerEagle

    Remarkable that we could see 3 English teams in the QF, how long has it been since that happened?

    Providing Man United and the Spuds both do the business at home and you’d have to strongly fancy both to do it.

  61. Marko

    Oh hey northern goon is here. Thank the lord. I personally would class the midfield 3 of PSG as defensive minded for sure certainly lacking creativity. You could drop Motta and have Verratti or Rabiot play there for sure no problem. They miss Matuidi a bit in the sense that at least he drived forward at times and had pace but again wasn’t a creative midfielder. Anyway good to see you…I’ll go back to boiling my potatoes and drinking my guinness here laddy

  62. WengerEagle


    You really comparing La Liga to Ligue 1?

    Nobody takes the French League seriously when talking about the Ballon Dor, Neymar happens to be an egomaniac so hard to imagine he isn’t concerned with this fact.

    With the numbers Messi and Ronaldo have put up in La Liga he would have to put up unprecedented numbers in the French league to even be in the conversation.

    He would get stupid money anywhere for exactly that reason, he’s the most marketable player on the planet. Real would pay out the ass for him given half the chance especially as Ronaldo only gets older.

  63. UTarse

    Thanks for making it idiot proof to send an email of complaint. Now let’s see, who has sent in a complaint to back up their wenger out views ?

    I have.

  64. kc

    Kroenke didn’t just leave Fisher in charge of a losing Rams team for years for no reason. Stan did that on purpose in order to trigger a loophole in the teams contract with the city. He kept the team bad for years so that fan apathy would set in further, and no vote for fixing up the stadium would pass. He wanted that team in LA the minute he bought it.

  65. TonyD

    It doesn’t make any sense, though, because Wenger has never won a European trophy. Still the old fraud should qualify for the CL each season there and maybe win the odd title in the inferior league.

    Hopefully he’ll take Xhaka, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Welbeck, Elney, Kos and Mustafi with him.

    According to reports Bellerin wants out to Barca, so good riddance to him, too. Apparently he threw his toys out of his pram when Wenger dropped him for the Brighton game.

    Then the new manager will have an easier job brining talented players he wants instead of having to try to improve our dross.

  66. GuNZ

    I write to inform you – belatedly, because it’s now 9:35 pm at night here – that the news of 80% Arsenal supporters wanting Wenger sacked, made the running news banner in New Zealand’s super breakfast programme ‘The AM Show’. I have been out and about today but the streets were not molten with the same ‘read all about it’ fervour. Sad to say, our new Prime Minister, Jacinda ‘Every Ivory Hunter’s Fantasy’ Ardern greeting her father, the NZ HIgh Commissioner to Niue, made a bigger splash here than what I hope is the herald of Wenger’s imminent demise. I shall call Nougat Boy later on tonight (because of the time difference, you see) to get his take on the situation. He is very lonely at Chelsea, by the way, doesn’t think the royal blue brings out his eyes in quite the same way the red of Arsenal perfectly complemented the ruddy bulge of his musculature.

  67. GuNZ

    Ahhh, Frank Mc.

    Good mate. Looking at the arse end of a cheeky little bottle of Sauv Blanc and feeling mighty fine for it, but good, yeah good.

    I’m seriously beginning to feel, hopefully like the rest of us, that the end of the flabby-lipped one’s reign is finally in sight. I mean, fuck me, if he were a Roman Emperor some cunt would have knifed him at the Emirates arena by now. ‘ Et tu, Boulde’ and all that.

    Anyway, how you going mate?

  68. Frank Mc

    Yeah the bony arsed fuck looks like he’s finally on his way… can’t wait for the season to end and someone who’s got half a clue to start to get this team ticking again! A few exits and a few hires… BOOM!

    All good in my world mate.

  69. Dissenter

    “I need to temper your hopes, and keep you sane“

    Actually that’s the reality distorted position
    The reality is that Welbeck is leading the line against Bonnucci and Romagnoli. Milan have Donnarumma in goal while we have Ospina
    We are playing them at our nadir of the last five years while Milan is playing their best football in six years.