City-pocalypse: Pep G just ended Wenger inside a week + NEW PODCAST

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There’s a rule in football management. It goes something like: ‘Don’t say mean things about other managers, because…’

Wenger, a man who has garnered more undeserved compliments over the years than Donald Trump in a cabinet meeting, decided to state that Pep G hadn’t made an impact on the game.


“Because you look at Barcelona, they are still the best team in Europe. I think you have to accept that the modern game has changed, because there is a re-groupment of the best players in a small number of clubs. And as managers, we impulse our philosophy. But I think this game belongs to the players, because the importance of the players has become bigger than ever before, because the re-groupment of the best players in very small numbers of teams.”

Not the smartest thing to say at the best of times when you’re rocking Wenger’s record of averageness, but particularly dim to take credit away from the best manager in the world mid-season when you’re struggling just before you play him twice in a week

Those comments didn’t age well. Pep pulled Wenger’s tracky-b’s down at Wembley and spanked his bottom, then did the same thing again last night, this time in front of his girlfriend at the school disco. It was unsettling how easily Arsenal were taken apart on both occasions. It’s difficult now to see how Wenger can come back from such a fucking disaster.

One of the NBC guys captured the mood perfectly, ‘my biggest issue is coming up with new ways to talk about the same problems’… amen to that brother, that’s been my life for 10 years.

I will say though, things feel very different this year.

We have a team in place behind the scenes that can look after transfers, contracts and player identification and recruitment.

Arsene’s blip last season is now a  pattern.

He’s damaging the business. Sponsorship deals are average, Champions League money is missing. Tickets against Champions elect are going on general sale and not selling. He’s spending the cash reserves. Wasting money on shite players. Wasting wages on a socialist wage structure. Costing the club a fortune with his own salary.

Fan apathy has reached new levels of depressing. It’s February and half the Arsenal end at the cup final left before the game finished. Last night, I’ve never seen more empty seats at an important home game in my life. Shocking. The aftermath of the game looked like the folk watching the coffin of a popular Royal rolling down the street after an untimely death.

The players are on their summer holidays and March 2nd just landed today. They don’t care. Jack Wilshere apparently involved in a prematch bust-up. Players on the pitch mooching about like they’re waiting for a shift at Maccy D’s to finish.

Wenger furious on the bench cursing like an old drunk.

John Cross telling everyone it’s over for Wenger. A man who was telling fans last year they should be ‘careful what they wish for.’ The regime’s most willingly subversive/obedient journalist. If he’s saying it’s over, it’s really over.

Josh Kroenke moving into the club to investigate a shite manager. Slipping into the abattoir, bolt gun in hand, because Dad doesn’t have the guts to pull the trigger.

It’s over. This is the end. Wenger is finished.

Don’t be sad about it. Ignore the bed wetters who’ve only just realised it’s over. It’s been over for 10 years. If you were reading content from people that said ‘careful what you wish for’, do the right thing and unfollow them right now. Remember the intellectual high ground they tried to command? Embarrassing. They’ve been enablers for a force that’s been clearly declining since he fucked the 2008 campaign.

Move on. Get excited about the next chapter. Pray that Ivan Gazidis is seriously considering Leonardo Jardim this summer, because that guy is one of the most exciting managers in the world and one of the few that could replace Wenger, and build a team for the future.

Don’t be sad about the City games. Be thankful that the opportunities for Wenger to reclaim a narrative from this awful wreckage of a season are drying up quicker than a cup of water spilt in a Kleenex factory. Damn, that was so bad, I feel like I have to apologise.

Right, listen to Dan (from the Le Grove comments @Topical_Storm) and me talk on this fine podcast (It’s a good one):

  • We talk about City
  • We talk about what’s changed this year
  • Dan goes into depth about some VERY interesting Josh Kroenke quotes
  • WE talk about our 10 favourite managers (not even sure it’s ten, but there’s a lot)


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  1. Pierre

    “t’s a means to a very important end for our club and the beginning of a new era we can all get together and support as we did 14 years ago and before”

    Oh, I see…. We have to be league champions to be united in our support…

  2. Pierre

    I would suggest that you and your ilk who want the club to lose, quietly sneak off and support city for a few years until their bubble burst and then move on to whoever is the flavour of the day.

  3. Victorious

    Tiny D

    Plonker types this:

    “We can only hope they do and
    Milan knocks us out of the EL cup
    in fine style.”

    Then just the next moment:

    I just want what’s best for our club
    and that is a club firmly without
    Wenger in any capacity.

    You are a plank mate!so much contradictory shite for just 1 post ehh,give it up,nobody is interested in reading your undiluted drivel and absolute misguided views,its gotten banal

  4. Pierre

    Are you still here Tony…I’m sure there are a few city blogs that you can give the benefit of your wisdom.

  5. thank you and goodnight

    Why’s that a dumb question? Your obviously an Arsene fan as opposed to an Arsenal fan.

  6. HillWood

    Ex chairman Peter Hill-Wood says Wenger has out stayed his welcome
    Let’s hope he still has some influence within the club

  7. Redtruth

    ARSENAL TRUTH February 28, 2018

    “As you know, I have long believed the majority of Arsenal fans are just as arrogant as their manager, and being proved wrong year after year only cements their stubborn, delusional thinking. Now the football’s shit and competing for major trophies is a long distant memory, they cling to championing tin pot cups that even League One sides field weakened teams in.

    A lot of it’s grounded in the fact that they think that both they and the club are somehow superior to other fans and clubs. When the bar reaches an all-time low, they resort to “we have standards” and “we do things the right way”, which is only one step away from being sectioning under the 1983 Mental Health Act.”

  8. HillWood

    Maybe Hill-Wood and his old chums on the board could meet up at their Gentlemans Club and start to sew the seeds

  9. UTarse

    Little p,
    Let’s get this straight, you are happy to progress in the europa league and win it knowing full well it would mean wenger stays ?

  10. Wenker-wanger

    I thought your question was so neatly concise. It really encapsulated the issue with wenger-love freaks.

  11. Vintage Gun

    Hill-Wood is speaking on behalf of the majority of the current board. And to no surprise as rumor had it the bulk of the board wanted him gone last summer hence the “He’s outstayed his welcome comment”

    Re which player cried during the rallying cry, my moneys on Mertesacker. For one he’s the captain and secondly. he’s always struck me as a player who generally cares about the club and wears the badge with pride.

    Whats telling is that this isn’t the first time in recent seasons that the players have called a team meeting ‘sans monsieur Wenger’ to discuss ways to improve.

    The end is finally nigh.

  12. Wenker-wanger

    Wengers-arsenal is akin to the last days of Hitler…….everyone knows he is dragging the club down with his demise….and until the crank dictator goes everyone is in limbo…unable to get behind the failing regime. Like many Germans at the end….they must be hoped the dictator went quickly, so a new era could begin.
    The irony that many fans want arsenal to lose and are called non-supporters is not lost on those intelligent enough to see it.
    This isn’t arsenal, it’s a club being held hostage by a demented deluded arrogant fckwit, that won’t relent his bony grip.
    We can’t support a club with that horrible situation continuing. It’s not about fairvweather support either….this is something else. If we were mid table but there was hope with a positive confident talented manager in place, we would be right behind the club. Because it had its priorities and ethos correct.
    Like I said, this situation is about a crazed dictator taking arsenal hostage……no one should support anything anywhere with that going on.

  13. Wenker-wanger

    @ redruth….
    Mental health act comment…..I had my first chuckle of the day.
    Yknow I don’t know why you get stuck on here…I’ve never found your comments inaccurate.

  14. Jackie

    thank you and goodnight March 3, 2018 07:32:11

    WHAT team you going to support when Wenger leaves?

    With his limited IQ,my money is on lil Spuds

  15. Pierre

    Wenker wanger
    Ruth copied /paste that comment from Arsenal truth… Any comment that’s more than one sentence long can never be attributed to Ruth.

    Just happy to see arsenal win trophies thanks.
    He’s not staying whatever happens between now and the end of the season.

  16. Jeff

    Wenger’s alleged end of year review:

    So, Arsene, how do you think you did this season?

    Well, err, it was difficult but we gave absolutely all…

    Arsene, can I just interrupt, this isn’t a press conference.

    But do I ask you about your review – no.

  17. Victorious

    “Like I said, this situation is about a
    crazed dictator taking arsenal
    hostage……no one should support
    anything anywhere with that going

    It then begs the question why you and your ilk don’t fuck off until he’s gone?wonder why you’d allow yourself go through something so frustrating and depressing yet you persist most especially when its so easily avoidable

  18. Wenker-wanger

    “they shoot horses don’t they”….. Sparing the 3 legged brain damaged donkey Wenger from the bullet is nothing short of wicked.
    There is a duty of care from kroenke to his employees.
    Kroenke allowing this deranged donkey to continue is heartless.

  19. Wenker-wanger

    Victorious or should that be sap that likes arsenal to be abused?
    Why don’t you fuck off when your bottom buddy Wenger goes.
    What will happen is that we will get right behind the club when this crazed dictator goes. We are close…….and we will be in many ways victorious.
    Bon voyage to you when you follow your leader back to France.

  20. Ben

    I’m told from an Arsenal employee Weng was called to a meeting on Thursday lunchtime, the entire board was there waiting. I m told this has never happened previously. We all know what happened later that day. It looks bad for Arsene

  21. Victorious

    “I echo Arsenal Truth’s comments.”

    That’s exactly Pierre’s point,
    Ruth copied /paste that comment
    from Arsenal truth… Any comment
    that’s more than one sentence long
    can never be attributed

    Your failure of ever constructing anything sensible but to chip in with the odd negative 2 lines jabs

  22. HillWood

    On Thursday Arsenal played the League Champions at a half empty stadium and were booed off the pitch
    The lack of attendance wasn’t all down to the weather
    The owners and board must be able to see the fans have lost interest

  23. David Smith

    As Jim Morrison would have said “This is the End”
    They have to get Wenger out ASAP, there are still good players who need rescuing and given hope
    We do not have the resources to build a new squad, so these players have to be given faith, hope and a reason to stay.
    PHWs words are welcome , as are the Josh words about not sugar coating things.
    Wenger needs taking as far away from the club and players as possible so the rebuild can begin. It should be announced ASAP, Josh implying Wenger has pulled the wool over eyes, of so, more fool them, but all that matters now is that he is removed, he isn’t going to change for the better, this season has shown quite the opposite.
    I am sure there are psychological reasons for his behaviour, added to burnout, but the way he has run this proud club down should never be forgotten. No final lap of honour for what he did well over a decade ago. Even the latest cup triumphs were probably managed by the team, and maybe club captain.

  24. Wenker-wanger

    David Smith,
    The momentum is picking up, can’t see the despot lasting another 2 weeks.
    The end is nigh !
    Jim Morrison! Now there was a rock icon.

  25. Wenker-wanger

    Yknow if one of the wenger-outs organises a celebratory drink in north London, I think i would make the 70 mile journey.

  26. UTarse

    Little p,
    You do like a flip flop don’t you ? So you think that if we win europa, Arsene wenger would still leave / be sacked come the summer ? You should know better by now…… or should you ?

  27. Redtruth

    Victorious only started supporting Arsenal when he got his first glimse of Wenger. It was love at first sight and the beginning of a passionate love affair………umm yummy

  28. Confidentgoner

    Again, Wenger’s refusal to quit reminds us of his Monaco tenure. The same ring to it until he was let go and we bought off a little Japanese club.

    He is a pathetic excuse of a decent human being, hiding under “I respect my contract” and saying rubbish like , “I could have taken other offers but stayed loyal”. Bullshit! This guy has no shame whatsoever!

    City is top of the league, but Crystal palace almost beat them at home. Burnley got a draw, and the mighty Arsenal got killed two tines consecutively after being beaten earlier at City.

    The guy is simply incompetent. No attention to details, just sends out players to play. In 90mins, no sub’s, nothing, just sat glued like a lamb on it’s way to the slaughter slab.

    A couple of ex-posters here had always known that Wenger was a pretender since 2007/8. Geoff, being one and later Gambon who doesn’t post anymore.

    To get us back to anything good, we just need to get rid of Wenger, appoint his assistant as a caretaker till the summer. Anything less may see us struggling to stay in 6th.

    It’s quite unfortunate that we have an unambitious owner. I remember when Usmanov was rubbished by so many here and in other blogs. But the ownership is the hardest to change. Let’s hope that Josh Kronke will do the needful and lead Daddy to cull the cancer. I am sure he is best friends with Thierry etc and he would gave seen a lot and heard an earful.

    Wenger has no clothes on again. Sad, it had to be Monaco mark 2. History, they say is in cycles!

  29. Wenker-wanger

    @ confident.. well said… cheers my spirit to hear snippets of positive plausible rumour coming from influential people at the club.
    Wenger is a charlatan…..he has no genuine management ability. He got lucky simple as that.
    Perhaps his innate knowledge of his own failings is what drives him to keep proving himself. Any reasonable person quits when they are ahead.

  30. Jay

    Think I’d make the 200mile round trip for a celebratory wenger fucking off piss up. Maybe legrove should oraganise something.
    Little penis, vicky and goof can have their own tea party with their wenger blowup dolls.

  31. kristoman

    March 3, 2018 08:25:21
    ARSENAL TRUTH February 28, 2018
    “As you know, I have long believed the majority of Arsenal fans are just as arrogant as their manager, and being proved wrong year after year only cements their stubborn, delusional thinking. Now the football’s shit and competing for major trophies is a long distant memory, they cling to championing tin pot cups that even League One sides field weakened teams in.
    A lot of it’s grounded in the fact that they think that both they and the club are somehow superior to other fans and clubs. When the bar reaches an all-time low, they resort to “we have standards” and “we do things the right way”, which is only one step away from being sectioning under the 1983 Mental Health Act.”

    dammn and they say you sprout nonsense. now that is some real sense there man. absolutely spot on

  32. Raggerty

    The end is nigh, big high fives to all those brave souls who protested both inside and outside the ground, to all those who held up ‘wenger out’ banners at a multitude of locations, to those who posted online and received a tirade of abuse from blind fans who still believed in the manager even when his failings were obviously damaging the team and the brand. You are the heroes, the ones who stood up and wanted what was best for out club, the ones who were the true visionaries and had the balls to say so. I doff my cap to you guys, and give each and every one of you my utmost respect. True fans of the club

  33. Jay

    Hear hear…eight years I’ve waited for this, eight fucking years. He has 1 get out of jail card left, the europa.

  34. UTarse

    Now you can believe it or not, but many of my non Arsenal mates (a spud, 2 Chelsea and 1 manure) all would like to see us win the europa if it means wenger staying…. does that not tell the apologists anything ? Did we hurt when Rafa won it for Chelsea or Maureen won it for manure ? Well I didn’t give a flying fuck, it’s a 2nd tier cup for europes 2nd tier clubs…..

    I think even the 12 year old can understand this thread……

  35. Leedsgunner

    Wenger and his ineptitude has made this season pointless.

    The Board can redeem it by gathering some “cojones” and firing the same for gross incompetence.

  36. Pierre

    Obviously your friends are winding you up as they know how much you hate Wenger.

    Whenever a spurs mate decides to wind me up about arsenal, I just look at him and say one word… “trophies”…. That soon shuts them up.

  37. Leedsgunner

    So by now I’m sure everyone has read or seen the amazing Guardian article that reports the players having a team meeting without Wenger — where the players have reportedly said — “We need more help from the coaches…”

    So Arsene doesn’t coach.
    So Arsene doesn’t motivate.
    Arsene hasn’t changed his training for years.
    Arsene has shown tactically, again and again he is behind the times.
    Players under him, do not improve.

    I find myself asking, what does he actually do for his £10m a year?
    Really, what does he do?

    Isn’t he a puppet, a lightning rod to take upon his shoulders the bulk of the criticism and flak from the Board?

    Is that really worth £10m a year?

    He is the world’s best paid PR spokesman.

    Heads must roll from top to bottom.

  38. Leedsgunner


    As you know, you and I are on the opposite ends of the Wenger spectrum. You’ll probably dismiss me as a Wenger obsessive… but hats off to you sir for the following:

    “Whenever a spurs mate decides to wind me up about arsenal, I just look at him and say one word… “trophies”…. That soon shuts them up.”

    Very very true. Very very funny.

  39. UTarse

    Little p,
    Maybe that’s your experience, but I know my friends pretty well and it is not about a wind up, it’s genuine that many fans of other teams would be ecstatic if wenger stays. They all know 100% we will never win the premiership nor champs league with him and pretty much anything else is not worth the “wind up” they would get back if we won it….. Europa, coconut, fa….. it just prolongs and confirms our demise as a big club.

    Whilst I acknowledge that spuds and Liverpool want any trophy for now to stop the drought, they have higher ambitions, they are on an upward trajectory and feel they may just get a shot at the league title next year or maybe the year after…. we cannot even dream of such ambition at present….

  40. Leedsgunner

    Talk about trying to have your cake and eat it…

    In the face of bad result Wenger continually says, “Let’s not look to the negatives and focus on the game but let’s look to the next game for the response.”

    When the next game comes… and the team tanks again (like the did on the weekend and on Thursday) he says…

    “”[City] took advantage of our lack of confidence,” Wenger said. “We’re going through a difficult period, they’re going through a period where all goes well for them.”

    So having asked the fans to look to the next game, he uses the fact that the team is low on confidence as an excuse to dismiss their response.

    Whose fault is this?

    What’s he doing to motivate his team? To help them get it right mentally? What preparation is he doing to make sure the mistakes do not happen again?

    Excuse after excuse after excuse.

  41. Marko

    Pierre with all due respect if he pulled the Europa League out of his scrawny arse he’d stay on for the final year. In fact he’d have the audacity to seek a new contract he’s that shameless. Luckily I don’t see us winning the competition. Whether it’s Milan or a team in the other round we’re getting knocked out sooner rather than later

  42. David Smith

    Not sure what Wenger actually does. Hopefully Josh K is finding out just that, along with Colney based IG.
    I would imagine by now it’s Perry clear Wenger has pulled the wool over Stans eyes. Maybe not difficult when it comes to this sport, but I would expect the Kroenkes to be ruthless in these events nonetheless

  43. Marko

    David the only thing I can think of surrounding the deafening silence from the club is that no one wants to say anything right before the Milan ties. Still technically in Europe and no one wants to undermine that. I keep expecting to wake up and see him get the dreaded vote of confidence from the board but that’s the only reason I can think of surrounding the silence from the club. That and they’re all giant pussys too. Lose in embarrassing fashion to Milan and they MIGHT publicly say something

  44. Buckhurst Gun

    Honestly , It hurt to watch Arsenal get battered by city on Thursday – it was like watching Barca or Bayern turn up and do whatever they liked , but I took comfort in the fact that it will help the club get rid of wenger – whilst I didn’t cheer the city goals It still brought some sense of relief that the club is now entering its final days with wenger in charge – most of us can get on board with that and use it to feel better about the situation – not sure why it’s such a hard concept to understand for some ? We have previous experience to go by , where , if Wenger so much as puts a run together , his position isn’t questioned – if he wins a cup , all humiliation is forgotten and he is rewarded – Red truths link was spot on – probably hurt a few on here to read it – they are tin pot cups , end of . When teams that haven’t won anything can still banter you about how shit your team is that tells you all you need to know about what regard the fa cup is held in – it’s somethjnh nice to win , but in the grand scheme of things , for an alleged big club , it’s simply not enough to justify the level Arsenal has sunk

    The board can’t be trusted to see or hear any support of the team and to do the right thing and get rid of wenger – the 2 can’t mix in their eyes – they attribute any cheers or positives that come from the fans , as support for wenger – we know this , they have proven as much ….

  45. Dissenter

    If Wenger found out the player that made that comment, the said player is a goner.
    That’s what’s happened to Theo Walcott, Wenger never forgave him for making that comment after th Crystal Palace game last season.

  46. thank you and goodnight

    Wenger has been found out. He was always an average manager but the class of players at his disposal and GG’s defence helped him massively as his ineptitude was disguised. The only thing I give him credit for is identitifying the players e.g petit and viera etc etc. Everything else was the players, they won in spite of Wenger

  47. HillWood

    Laca won’t be available for Milan
    Auba is ineligible
    That leaves the Striker That Doesn’t Score Goals

  48. useroz

    Revealing commentary (+analysis) from Dickson before the Man City game, covers his views on Wenger and Bould as well as issues of the defence :

  49. David Smith

    Dissented, if one supposed ITK is correct, and I am not saying he is btw, the player involved in the leak is one of wengers firmest of favourites .

  50. Marko

    Definitely not Koscielny the lad hasn’t said a word on the pitch in years. Probably a mute for all I know. No way he grows a pair and attacks the coaching staff

  51. Pierre

    Unless your friends are city supporters then I’m afraid they have nothing to shout about unless they regard 4th place as a trophy….. They ain’t winning the league or champions league for a few years that’s for sure.

    Teams like city and psg will buy every top talent in the world and will offer fortunes to talented kids who have potential to succeed…

  52. Batistuta

    There’s one player in particular leaking information to the press.. the club know who. There seems to be a feeling majority of the squad have lost faith in wenger.. certain players have actually spoken out about the direction of the club. #AFC

  53. Batistuta

    The same player who leaked info to the press also questioned wenger on appointing a proper captain.. had an argument with kos hence why reports he was in tears and why wenger took so long. Believe it or not wenger said nothing in the dressing room after the game.

  54. Batistuta

    Wenger has always believed to keep words minimal before and after games to stop confusion until properly analysed. Players spoke out after the game and it got very heated. Steve bould was also involved. Was told wenger looked completely defeated in the dressing room.

  55. S Asoa

    The player leaking info has to be totally indispensable. Otherwise Le Tinpot Dictator would have benched him. Either Kos or Ozil

  56. Pierre

    “Whilst I acknowledge that spuds and Liverpool want any trophy for now to stop the drought, they have higher ambitions, they are on an upward trajectory and feel they may just get a shot at the league title next year or maybe the year after…….”

    Or the year after or the year after or the year after….

    Looks like it’s the fa cup or nothing for Liverpool, spurs, Chelsea and man United for the next few years if you ask me.

  57. Moray

    “Wenger has always believed to keep words minimal before and after games to stop confusion until properly analysed.”

    Haha just go out and play how you do for your clubs!

  58. Akilan

    S Asoa,
    Going by batistuta’s comments, it sounds like Ramsey? Wasn’t he the one who argued with kos? Anybody?

  59. Moray

    I think Wenger will be out soon. Even our clueless BOD of non Football people can see the writing on the wall.

    Perhaps Bould will stay to the end of the season. Bring in a proper manager then and make it a three year project to get back in the CL places. Our squad is almost a complete write off and needs rebuilt from the spine out but some decent coaching and a couple of defensive signings could see us on our way. Signing 28 and 29 years olds won’t cut it as we need a project, a recognisable way of playing and a man with a plan. Only then can we look to the possibility of a top two finish and some decent silverware.

  60. useroz

    Supposedly 2 players did the talking in the player only gathering before the game. The first guy choked (like on the pitch?) up… and his children asked why Arsenal plays so bad? Who has kids… probably Mert?

  61. David Smith

    Hmmm…..not seen the leaky players name mentioned in connection with this yet, but pretty sure what I have read is along the lines of what Batistuta is saying
    This player may care about the club, but not sure he is enamoured with playing under Wenger , clearly….good player as well, probably really good away from Wenger.
    Surely they have to announce something, Wenger has lost the players. Even Stan can’t go against that, can he?

  62. Leftsidesanch

    Kind of winds me up when people say we should give Wenger a send off he deserves. He’s getting what he deserves full circle.

    He’s the one who cited the home atmosphere as a reason for us underperforming in Leicester’s title winning season. Never mind that Giroud went almost half a season without scoring, never mind Ozil productivity declined drastically when the going got tough. Sanchez by the standards set in his maiden year didn’t have a great year at all either.

    He’s the one who’s dismissed the heart of the club which is the fans on numerous occasions. Wasn’t it him stating he will never forgive the calls for his head last season which were justifiable. The fans never went over the top, they don’t have it in them to. All because of this phantom respect for a man who doesn’t respect or value any of us.

    I’m loving what’s happening in his last throws as an Arsenal manager.

  63. UTarse

    Little p,
    “Looks like it’s the fa cup or nothing for Liverpool, spurs, Chelsea and man United for the next few years if you ask me.”

    I’ll be sure to remind you of this when one of the above win something more worthwhile.

  64. Batistuta

    Peter Hill-Wood “I clearly am not very happy about what is going on. I think there probably ought to be a change of management. He has done fabulously well, its just he (Wenger) has overstayed his welcome” #Arsenal

  65. Moray

    This is the problem we have. Our players are more likely to sit around crying on each others’ shoulders than actually putting a game plan in place themselves (or submitting a transfer request). Wenger has bred this softness into them. In my working career I’ve seen many women sobbing at work for some perceived slight or injustice but never a man. They should be ashamed at themselves. Tears are the result of their own ability to take control of their fate.

    We have some very experienced players in this team. I would expect more leadership from them on the pitch, but we don’t have any leaders there. This also has been rinsed out of our squad. Chelski almost won the CL with Avram Fucking Grant as manager.

    The role of the manager in Football can often be overstated, but maybe Wenger’s been there so long he’s tarnished everything like a creeping cancer and the internal rot is now visible from the outside. I remember so many cynics last season talking about how overrated Guardiola was because he wasn’t walking the league with a team he inherited, but look how quickly he turned things around…and look at the football they play. The money helps for sure but he could do it with less money available (over a longer period if need be).

  66. HillWood

    According to The Sun it was Kos who broke down while delivering his speech
    Apparently his kids had asked him why the team were so rubbish

  67. Herkules

    Pedro – I’m sure you know but you’ve got the Andriod virus scam popping up on your site again (I seem to remember it happening 4-5 years ago as well)

  68. Bamford10

    Atletico are 5 points behind Barca and 10 points ahead of Real Madrid.

    I guess a club with more modest resources than the biggest clubs can in fact compete with them — if they have the right manager and DOF.

  69. Vintage Gun

    “Laca won’t be available for Milan
    Auba is ineligible
    That leaves the Striker That Doesn’t Score Goals”

    Surely we’re beyond calling Danny Welbeck a striker these days?
    I view him more as a…Errmm…Player? Or sportsman perhaps?

  70. Marc

    The comments section on here really is a mix of posters with something worth listening to and a bunch of clowns who don’t know shit about football, the club or any of it’s history.

    Some idiot earlier posted a link to a review of the match where Lee Dixon was analysing the performance and referred to him as Dickson.

    Think we need to comment sections one for the adults and a kindergarten version.

  71. David Smith

    If reports to be believed, we have an Arsenal man wo will leave for nothing because lesser players are on much more than him. A very decent in the right hands , if injury prone MF who saw what Ozil did and is copying, he has a year on his contract. A talented young right back who wants out.
    Then, two 35 million players, and a 52 million striker being miss used to the point they are useless to the team.
    How in the hell is Stan letting this carry on? This is bad, even for a Stan club, all these players will need replacing , probably this summer.
    Kroenke plus Wenger must be the most inept combination at the higher levels within the game

  72. Pierre

    I’m always very sceptical of any negative information written in the tabloids that then gets regurgitated through other media outlets.

    To me they are just adding fuel to the fire to create more unrest inside and outside the club.

    Many people on here feed on bullshit and they are certainly getting their fill of it this week.

  73. useroz

    HillWoodMarch 3, 2018 13:46:26
    According to The Sun it was Kos who broke down while delivering his speech
    Apparently his kids had asked him why the team were so rubbish

    Kos speaks little aside, thought he got marry a year or so ago so presumably wouldn’t be him even if he has kids…

    On another note, if Auba and Laca can’t play, rather send Eddie (or Monreal?) out to try his luck than watching the pathetic Welbeck up top

  74. Carts

    I can’t lie, the post by Champgane Charlie on whether Arteta, Henry or Pat.V taking over Arsenal is solid.

  75. Elmo

    If it’s Ramsey who is the one leaking, you can guarantee that he plans to leave in the summer.

    I agree that a lot of the stuff popping up in the tabloids is bs, but these stories usually won’t be run in the broadsheets, or in the unlikely situation they are, the story would be run as “it is rumoured that…” etc. Every single broadsheet has run with the story, which only happens when there is a quality direct leak from a verifiable source.

  76. Carts

    I’m convinced it’s either Wilshere or Koscienly, as previous stated. They’re both as senior as it gets.

  77. Marko

    It was carts even though I somewhat disagree with him implying that Henry a pundit and number two or three with Belgium and Vieira a manager in the MLS were taking an easier route to management than Arteta who’s only real experience is number three at City. All verbatim I think that was what he was saying. I think of the three Vieira obviously has the more experience. The idea that Arteta could be a Pep mk2 is fanciful at best at the moment considering he’s been a coach for a year and a half and Pep’s had coaches with him for longer wouldn’t it stand to reason they’d be more likely to make a better coach since they’ve been with him longer. One thing’s for sure I wouldn’t want Henry as manager. Great player and legend but he’s got feck all character or charisma

  78. Marko

    Elmo Pierre doesn’t read or believe the negative stuff he only reads the positive stuff. He’s a glass half full type of guy. It’s not 7 defeats in 2018 it’s more like 4 victories in 2018

  79. HillWood

    I might be wrong but I would expect Brighton to really go for it from kick off tomorrow
    They will know it takes Wengers team 15minutes to realise they have left the changing room

  80. UTarse

    We will beat Brighton tomorrow, this week the players have been destroyed from every outlet and I think for at least their own pride and not anything to do with the shirt, they will turn up tomorrow and if they actually play as a team we should have too much in our locker for Brighton.

  81. Peter12

    I am thinking: Much as names like Henry, Viera or Arteta appeal to me (as they know ‘the Arsenal Way’, this might be a mistake precisely because they know the Arsenal Way (and we know them) that would make them ineffective, imo. Would you not think somebody who can ‘Kick-Ass’ likely to be more effective with the existing ‘cost/primadonna’ players that are here at the moment? As it would be financially impossible to bring in 22 new players, which is what we actually need, the new manager have to make do with 6 or 7 new players and ‘kick-ass’ existing 15 ‘may be’s. Contraversial it may be, but a total outsider is more like to take fireworks to the club and players. No room for putting arms around those with ‘hurt feelings’, no respect for huge egos, that is what I think. What about a Simone type, perhaps?

    Lastly, please, please, no room anywhere for AW, anywhere, anywhere near North London, better still anywhere in the U.K. I think it is unforgivable that over the last ten years at least he left the squad bare, continuously depleting (remember proudly declaring the Arsenal was the only team in the Western World more or less, not to signed an outfield player). When he is eventually driven out, kicking and screaming, Arsenal will be left with ‘scorched earth’ in terms of squad. And for that I could never, never forgive him; not for not winning major trophies in the last 15 years but for the destruction that has been caused to the squad. I will jump out of the window if he is given any position in the club.

  82. Samesong

    Auba should be grabbing that ball out the net after he scores instead of all happy and smiling that he scored.