Wenger finished and he knows it.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the press pushed Arsene for answers, versus goading him into a reaction for the back page of a rag?

I don’t care what his opinion is on his review is, he’s hardly going to want to talk about that right now.

“My job is to perform, I don’t ask if your position is reviewed..”

At least he knows his job is to perform. Not sure how he’ll frame this year as that, but whatever. Point is, I want to hear his thoughts on the problems at the club, and get into specifics.

  • Why is there such a consistent thread of failure against top 6 teams?
  • What are you going to change the narrative this Thursday?
  • How do you react when players are walking on the pitch in a cup final?
  • How do you assess player motivation?
  • Are players calling in sick?
  • Do you think Ozil’s constant vacations are a problem?

I personally think the press give Wenger an easy ride when they goad him. This happens almost every year, it’s the same reaction every time.

“I’ve turned the whole world down to respect my contracts,”

“My position is the last worry I have at the moment. My worry is to get the team focused and ready for tomorrow’s game.”

Absolute nothing comments. The press coverage is now about his loyalty, not his lack of understanding when it comes to Arsenal’s declining ability to compete at the highest level. I think the sad part about the comments he’s making is I’m not sure even he believes in what he’s saying. He looks clueless and lost. It’s sad, but as fans, we can’t feel bad about seeing Wenger in this mess. He stole that new contract last summer and we all knew what would happen.

Wenger needs to start rethinking his loyalty angle. We plucked him from Grampus 8 and gave him a platform to succeed. Sure, there were some years he could have gone to Madrid, but he’d have failed and died off as a top-flight manager 10 years ago and he’d not be in an elite job right now. He’s done very well out of Arsenal. His last 3 contracts have been gifts, he’s lucky to be running a big club right now. Hopefully we won’t double down on our dreadful summer mistake. Hopefully this is the end game.

Also, I appreciate he worked some wonders back in the day, but let’s not pretend the Arsenal job hasn’t been appealing, even in the dark times. Wenger’s loyalty wasn’t linked to club survival. Even in the dark times, he’s was still blasting £100m wage bills. A lot of our poverty in the transfer market was linked to him spending all his money on a failed socialist wage experiment. Irony of all ironies, in the socialist experiment, there was always one man who had to be the richest.

Interesting to see that John Cross has now turned on Wenger, you know that if he’s changed his tune from ‘careful what you wish for’ it’s because he’s been given permission to do so. Also fantastic to read that we’re tracking Jardim and Arteta. Not quite so keen on Brendan Rodgers, he’s not a bad coach, he’s just a bit of a prat. Would want us to steer clear of Loew, such a yer da signing.

This is a pretty detailed overview of Leonardo Jardim, the career coach from Madeira. We’re going to need a manager who extracts 110% out of players, a Pochettino style hire. I think Jardim has consistently demonstrated his ability to take on challenging situations and win out. He’s a great defensive coach, his Monaco side last year were next level in terms of attacking style, and he’s capable of adapting his vision based on the assets he has at his disposal. It’d also be nice to keep the Monaco heritage in our DNA.

I’m just praying we don’t make a regressive crowd pleaser signing. Go for the smartest coach, with the most exciting vision for the club. Interview and meet people. Make them work for the best job in the world.

I cannot wait people. Wenger is could be on the way out.

Anyway, we have the issue of City tomorrow. Not often a mega game like this goes on general sale, but hey, not often a club that charges £95 a ticket keeps a failing manager on the payroll at the expense of success.

Right, see you tomorrow for a plate of masochism.

Also, I did this video for Ball Street. Take a watch. I was next level hungover, so apologies.


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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Leave it out, that’s a dispicable comment to say… he’s an arsenal supporter like us all, just cos he don’t share the same view as you , are those words needed ?

  2. John T.

    I had to laugh when the tv commentators before HT said that Wenger had to find some words. The only words I want to hear out of Wenger’s mouth are I RESIGN.

  3. thank you and goodnight

    Look at the cunts jogging back when shitty attack. There’s no discipline whatsoever. It’s like Wenger lets them take the piss so they can love him. Cunt doesn’t realise players are laughing at him

  4. Mark

    Why does our defender under no pressure head the ball back to s city player?? Instead of bringing it down & keeping possession??

    It’s schoolboy shit.
    Just look at our £350k man . Given up.

  5. Guns of Hackney

    Needless to say, Barcelona will not be knocking on Bellerin’s door.

    Shite player.

    This is a £500m rebuild.

  6. Guns of Brixton

    There 30 points ahead


    They ve steamrolled this league this year.

    Bloody bloody impressive

  7. mysticleaves

    “Why does our defender under no pressure head the ball back to s city player?? Instead of bringing it down & keeping possession??”

    Marko this is one of the things that can be taught and not bought; awareness. I am ready to wager that should we buy De vrijs and Manolos they will be worse than Mustafi within a season

  8. Guns of Hackney

    KDB hasn’t even shown up today.

    A lot of praise should be given to Pelligrini. A lot of this squad is his. Good manager who was a bit overlooked.

  9. David Smith

    The players will have heard things and are doing there bit for the cause.
    If Wenger announced he was off in the summer, their performances would go through the roof , for several reasons

  10. Guns of Brixton

    “A lot of praise should be given to Pelligrini. A lot of this squad is his. Good manager who was a bit overlooked..”

    Hmmm. Pellegrni was underrated a lot

  11. mysticleaves

    azed you can put your house on that and won’t be homeless lol. Pep is a radical human being.

    He made the GOAT to turn up to trainings only in clubs cars. The whole players under Pep are treated like children. Thats why you see these performances from his teams.

  12. Marko

    Marko this is one of the things that can be taught and not bought; awareness. I am ready to wager that should we buy De vrijs and Manolos they will be worse than Mustafi within a season

    Eh sure

  13. Elmo

    What makes it worse is this isn’t like the old days where we always had two or three key players long-term injured; this is pretty much a first choice XI, and we’re losing 3-0 at home, and staring down the barrel of 3 embarrassing defeats in a week, including against a pub team from Sweden who hadn’t played a match in months.

  14. Guns of Hackney

    Minute one: Wenger sits cramped up
    Minute thirteen and 3-0 down: Wenger in same place.
    Minute seventy five: yep…like a wax work.


    Hasn’t moved. Hasn’t changed the team. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  15. Bamford10


    “Mustafi is easily good enough as a CB for a team looking to win the league.”

    Mustafi has been poor in the majority of games he has played for Arsenal. Unless your claim is that the issue with him at the moment is he isn’t getting proper instruction, I don’t know how you defend this claim. His positioning is atrocious. Think about his positioning on the Aguero goal this past weekend. And that was in no way his first boneheaded error for us.

    Please explain how anything about Mustafi’s performances for Arsenal suggest that he is a title-winning caliber CB.

  16. mysticleaves

    Pep deserves and is fully getting his praise. Neither Mancini nor Pellegrini played anything close to what we see now.

  17. Marko

    City have been in second gear all game but I still maintain if they wanted to they could have scored 10

  18. E54_

    (If it ends 3-0)

    “Well er the 1st half was very disappointing but in the 2nd half it was a draw”

    Wenger logic

  19. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger-‘ If you watched this game, we almost beat the Champions in the second forty five minutes’

  20. Mark

    Wenger can’t think of any changes to affect this match ? He’s happy with how the game is going??

    Wenger has no plans, the team have no plan. Which is why we are so easily outplayed, by those teams that do.

  21. mysticleaves

    Unless your claim is that the issue with him at the moment is he isn’t getting proper instruction, I don’t know how you defend this claim.

    that’s his claim and I support it. I bet Mustafi doesn’t know that one can’t be offside from goal kicks. Thats shameful.

    However what’s more shameful is that Wenger doesn’t know.

  22. Bamford10


    “Xhaka is quality.”

    No, he really isn’t. He looks the part, but his level is playing CM for a 6th place Bundesliga team. No better than that.

  23. Champagne Charlie


    Otamendi went from calamity to sensation this season. Gary Cahill is a title winning Cb. Mustafi was mustard in his first few months with us, and has been massive in some games since – mixed with absolutely horrible.

    Like I’ve stated previously, arsenal are shit under Wenger these last two seasons so analysing any player is a waste of time. Some aren’t at the level, whilst others are the product of our ‘management’. Mustafi is in the latter.

  24. Guns of Hackney

    Pep has got the engine that Pellegrini built, purring.

    Arsene did the same to a George Graham team. Back in the 1880’s…

    Good managers get the best out of bad situations and then build on it.

  25. mysticleaves

    WE true that. That result really announced city to utd and made them take notice. Was it the season Aguero won it for them in extra time?

  26. Bamford10


    I don’t know about him ever being “mustard” for us — though I do remember him playing well at times — and I don’t know when he was good this season, but I’ll grant you that there is at least the chance that his poor play can be attributed to Wenger and poor coaching and not to him being a poor CB. Time will tell, I guess.

  27. gazzap

    I actually believe Pep wants to keep wenger in a job so he told his players to take it easy second half. keep the ball etc. All the other top managers want wenger at arsenal so that we continue being no threat to them.

  28. Guns of Hackney

    Why did arsenal build the Emirates?

    If they are playing to 10,000 why didn’t they just pitch up to Highbury fields?

    Waste of money.

  29. mysticleaves

    If Jones and Smalling have been regulars in a title winning team I don’t know why Mustafi can’t be that. Surely he’s not worse than those two? Morgan won the league also. Cahill David Luiz? And many other average defenders. Its in the coaching and organization of not just the defence but the whole team.

  30. Barking Arsene

    Easy Guns – that was very close to a compliment for Wenger lol.

    Watch that charlatan say “we almost win the 2nd half!”

  31. WengerEagle

    Did Pellegrini build it though?

    KDB and Otamendi are his only signings on show. Sterling too in fairness but he didn’t explode under Pep took him under his wing.

  32. Jay

    Really really hope this result doesn’t affect wenger too much and he can properly focus on the next game…

  33. BillikenGooner

    I get the feeling even the Man City players feel bad for the Arsenal players and don’t want to embarrass them too much.

  34. Marko

    You’d be embarrassed stating that the official attendance for that game is 58,000 wouldn’t you? The most obvious and brazen lie about an attendance of people since Trumps inauguration. Or since Arsenal’s last home game I suppose

  35. E54_

    On the attendeance. See they’ll blame the snow.. but if fans stayed away loke this just 4 or 5 times. It would make such an impact the board and wenger would not be able to ignore it. The sponsers and commercial partners would be on the blower demanding an explanation.

  36. Marko

    Really really hope this result doesn’t affect wenger too much and he can properly focus on the next game…


  37. mysticleaves

    WE was it you or Dissenter the other day talking with me about Higuain been a big game bottler? After Aguero scored against us in the carabao I read a stat that said it was his first goal in a final match of any kind since he turned pro but club and country.

    No wonder he celebrated the way he did that day.

  38. Mark

    These guys are supposed to be pros and they don’t know how or when to press ???

    How they stand and just watch one of their team mates press is unreal ! FFS it’s not rocket science , you just cut off the options!!
    This team have not been coached properly at all.

  39. WengerEagle


    Yeah Aguero isn’t renowned for the big stage just like Higuain, his Agueroooooo moment overshadows this fact though.

    Don’t think he’s played in too many Cup Finals though.

  40. TitsMcGee

    Hasn’t moved. Hasn’t changed the team. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”


    He’s completely out of ideas. He has no clue how he’s found himself in this position.

    Too many years on easy street just trodding out any old squad (how many summers did he not address needs because he didn’t have to in order to make 4th).

    Now that there are two more dynamic managers to compete with he has no idea how to do manager stuff to actually compete.

  41. ArseneisaFraud

    This game should have been 6-0 if Citeh had kept up their first half tempo in the second half.

  42. E54_

    Let them have it lads. Full on unfiltered. No mercy. This has been one of the biggest con jobs in football. The lies, the penny pinching, the unfulfilled promises. They are not on the fans side.

  43. mysticleaves

    I can only dream of Arsenal announcing tomorrow there will be an emergency press conference by Saturday

  44. TitsMcGee

    If Wenger survives this season he’s a snake oil salesman.

    No effing way that there aren’t major questions being asked of this man behind closed doors. No way.

    Signed a two year extension on a pay rise to be further behind the leaders than the season before.

    Can’t wait for AFTV.

  45. Guns of Hackney

    How are professional athletes still gassing 10 mins after the match has ended?

    Not a good look.

  46. GoonerGaz

    For the life of me I cannot see how we can go to Brighton on Sunday and get anything!

    I don’t remember it ever being as bad as this, I was born in 83 and my earliest memories start from 1989, apart from a dodgy season with Rioch, this has got to be the worst.

    It’s not so much the league position or the lack of quality, it’s the fight that we never seem to show for years now, probably a decade I’ve wanted Wenger out.

    Why didn’t someone go through Sanes legs a couple of times to let them know we are here and we mean business! Take a fkin yellow card for it.

    Why don’t we do shit like that?

  47. Guns of SF

    Ivan where r u you dirty little rat.
    Kronke you dirty miserly roach.
    Do what is right. FIRE HIM TONIGHT

  48. Guns of Hackney

    No way is Wenger going in front of the camera tonight. No chance.

    Sack everyone tonight. Start fresh next season.

  49. Wenker-wanger

    That must be the last nail going into the Wenger coffin!
    He has had so many nails in that coffin, they have doubled its weight.
    But this nail is different……the focus was significantly on le fraud to at least make a fist of this game. But this was almost as dire as Sunday….in 4 days we have lost 6-0 in 180 minutes. Absolute failure. This Has to be the end. Goodbye arsehole wanker, you useless turd. Thanks for the memories pre2005.

  50. Barking Arsene

    He will be in front of the camera. He has no shame at all.

    Weather, lack of support, 2nd half performance – anyway to squirm out of it.

  51. Barking Arsene

    They have had to open an account at the local Screwfix as they have run out of nails for the coffin.

  52. David Smith

    Directors conspicuous in their absence, a bit like John Major with his dentist appointment when they did the dirty on another megalomaniac dictator whose best days were behind her.
    March now, not long to go. Will still have Stan , but baby steps.

  53. Elmo

    So our record in 2018:

    P13 W4 D2 L7 GD-2

    including playing Swansea, Palace, Bournemouth, Forest, Ostersunds x 2.

  54. HighburyLegend

    “You think Wenger will still be in charge nxt season?”

    Well I must say it will be much too difficult to find a better man for the job.

  55. David Smith

    Was hoping Wenger would be in charge of France next season, but they can’t be that stupid.
    Just hope Kroenke doesn’t send him upstairs, especially now we have a DOF anyway.
    Wenger looks like he needs a long holiday a long way away from this club
    But, it will get worse as wengers resentment builds, and the players mistrust turns to despising him

  56. NorthernGoon

    W easel

    Where from what I said did it say I support the regime?

    Outwardly celebrating when we concede posting your joy goal after goal is fucking embarrassing.

    You can want change without hahahahahahahahahahaha after every goal you cretin.

    Jonny come lately cos you’re about 12.

    Try visiting the stadium before telling people that actually go to boycott the 2nd half. Why don’t you put your hand in your pocket and try it one day? Ireland’s hardly Indonesia is it?

  57. Wenker-wanger

    Aubameyang missing a penalty seems appropriate in the overall depression of Wenger’s arsenal. 30 points behind city. I can’t believe the massive gulf in class.

  58. Guns of SF

    Then the Board needs to do it. Josh K needs to tell daddy as well.
    Someone needs to do something from within the club

    All are cowards

  59. David Smith

    Wenger locked in the dressing room late for his sky interview.
    He only needs to tell his players one thing to make it all better

  60. Akilan

    Pep: “(arsene) knows his club, his players, his situation and I’m sure he’s going to take the right decision for the club.”

  61. Elmo

    Carra asking the question on Sky Sports: should Arsenal fans want the club to win the Europa League or are they best served in hoping that doesn’t happen to give the best chance the manager is removed?

  62. Carts

    So Wenger didn’t even make his customary 68th minute substitution. Fucking hell, he’s changed. I want the old Wenger back.

    How utterly toilet was our front 4 of Welshit, Aubamecrap, Mhkickian, Mercenarozil. And Wenger said he wants to give Welbeck a new deal lol.

    Anyone know what time Elneny is going to tweet?

  63. Carts


    for the sake of Arenal and the fanbase, it’s best we exit the Europa League. Even if we were to somehow win it, that shouldn’t be justification for Wenger to retain his position.

  64. alexanderhenry

    There was something ominous and even eerie about tonight’s game. A half empty stadium and apocalyptic weather only highlighted the sorry plight Arsenal fc are in.

    I’m beginning to think that Wenger will not be arsenal manager next season. The only question that remains is exactly what form his departure takes.
    Will he jump or will he be pushed?

    Both wenger and the club are to blame for this. Wenger should have seen sense and not signed and Kroenke and co. shouldn’t have offered him a new deal in the first place.

    It could have been dealt with so easily.

    Wenger has shown himself to be a fool . He could have walked last season with at least some of his reputation intact. Instead, he’s destroying his own legacy.

  65. Bamford10

    In a way it’s sad, but Wenger has no one to blame but himself. I would extend him some sympathy, but he’s been such an arrogant, petty and pompous prick along the way, I have no feeling for him — save the desire to tell him to fuck off, forever.

  66. David Smith

    Wenger looks dreadful in that interview .
    If they really want to win the Europa, they will call Don Carlo now

  67. leftsidesanch

    Wenger not even making his subs is the definition of meekly surrendering. It’s over, he knows it, the board knows it, we know it (a few planks still believe). Milan will be the final straw.

  68. ArseneisaFraud

    We are indeed not United as a club. Why is that?

    Wenger if you have any decency: Get the fuck out of our club.

  69. Carts


    Steve Bould, that fucking gnome deserves a Life Time Award, How he manages stay in character every fucking week is something that can’t be taught.

    Is he even allowed to get up other than at half-time and full-time. What a waste of a resource I know Wenger is finished and has been for years now, but Bould is something else.

  70. DaveB666

    The half year results comments, what Gazidis said at the end of last year before being buttf**ked by Stan and Arsene, the recent (good) appointments, worse performances since, terrible cup final and then tonight a few days later – you have destroyed any good legacy you ever had with the fans Arsene. Go back to your multi-million pound shed on Totteridge Lane and wait for the France job – everyone hopes you no longer have one at Colney.

  71. Wenker-wanger

    22.25 and Wenger hasn’t announced his resignation.Maybe he is writing his speech which will defend and praise himself and lay the blame on everyone else, including the fans.